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Shauna Domalain is a transformational medium, a Grief and Death Expert, a Reiki Master, a Life Coach and the author of an easy to read and informative e-book titled I CAN SEE DEAD PEOPLE AND SO CAN YOU.  Her specialty is relaying messages from children in heaven and her passion is teaching mothers how to also connect easily and effortlessly with their children so that they can have peace in their hearts and become inspired to live a life filled with meaning and purpose.

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Shauna Domalain: Relaying Messages From Children In Heaven Is Her Specialty. Teaching Their Moms To Connect Easily And Effortlessly With Them Is Her Passion






I’m delighted to have this opportunity to interview Shauna Domalain, who is a transformational medium, a grief and death expert, a Reiki master, a life coach, and the author of an easy-to-read and informative eBook titled, I Can See Dead People and So Can You! Shauna lives in Alberta, Canada, with her daughter Emma. Her son, Jack, is on the other side.

Shauna’s specialty is relaying messages from children in heaven, and her passion is teaching mothers how to also connect easily and effortlessly with their children so that they can have peace in their hearts and become inspired to live a life filled with meaning and purpose. I’m looking forward to interviewing Shauna about her heartbreak when she lost her son, Jack, and how she is now watching Jack learn and grow on the other side, her soul coaching lessons and spiritual workshops, her medium mentorship, her eBook, and more. This is sure to be a moving and enlightening interview. Shauna, a warm, heartfelt welcome to the show.

Thank you. I’m so excited to be here. A big shout out to everyone who will be joining us in spirit, here reading and joining in with all their love and all the energy. Can you feel that? Do you feel the energy?

I can feel it. It’s amazing and they’re all excited because it helps. We’re helping a lot of people. What a blessing. Let’s begin with this question. You describe yourself as a lifelong medium. What made you aware of this gift when you were a child?

When I was a little girl, I saw spirit everywhere, and I talk a little bit about this in the book. I saw spirit everywhere, and I called them the see-through people. They were all over. I would see my family, my friends, and teachers and then I would see these faint outlines, and I called them the see-through people. Those were from the spirit world.

I saw crossover loved ones and crossover animals. I saw angels, spirit guides, and different energies all over. We went to a Catholic school. I remember starting to ask questions of the different teachers of my family and started to ask different questions around, “What is this? Are you guys experiencing this as well? Did you hear that? Did you see that? Did you see that guy? He said something.”

It terrified people. What I found is the more I talked about it, the further people pushed me away. It was interesting because, after a while, I thought, “I want friends to have lunch with me. I want people to play with me.” I stopped talking about spirit as much, but it was always there in the background. It’s fascinating because you fast forward to now.

We’ve got movies and TV shows, and everyone is talking about spirit communication. I love it because it is a real gift in capacity. I always tell people it’s a radio dial. You can tune into the angelic realm, the energy, the Sacred Geometry, and then mediumship is its own special dial. That’s where I specialize in connecting into that specific frequency to communicate with those on the other side.

What a blessed gift you have. Where did it come from? Is it this particular to you?

I have two sisters who are also beautifully gifted. My grandmother used to read tea leaves. There was always something there. It was interesting, too, because she always knew stuff but didn’t come out and say where it was coming from or what was happening for her. She was religious. She said her rosary every day, and she went to church. When I first started to open up, it was my grandmother that came through first and foremost. She was like, “You’re here. What’s going on?”

My grandfather then came through and he loves to help teach classes. He’s got a wicked sense of humor. He loves to come in and help teach classes. He’s jovial and fun. My grandmother is 100% pure, unconditional love. I always knew that there was stuff going on around me, but I didn’t quite understand what it was. I had panic attacks and anxiety, and I couldn’t go into big crowds. I knew stuff. It freaked me out, let alone the people around me.

You were young and you were being bombarded with energy. You didn’t know how to manage it.

When my grandmother came through, then I started to work with different teachers and mentors, and it was like, “I can do this. If she’s here connecting with me and I see her, there’s something real to this. Working with those early on teachers started to help me connect with my heart and know what was true for me, regardless of the naysayers, regardless of people making fun and, “You’re crazy. It’s the devil.” I got to the point where it was like, “I know it’s true for me.” Hollywood has done this fantastic job of depicting what mediumship isn’t, that it’s scary.

We’re sacrificing goats. We’re doing this and that. It’s the work of the devil. When we look at it from an energetic perspective, sure. Is there light energy that we focus on the planet? Yes. Are there darker energies that are maybe not as supportive? Absolutely. We’re aware of it. We don’t focus on it. We focus on the light. The light will always beget more light and love. The premise of the work that I do is realigning people with their true, authentic selves. When you are connected with your true, authentic self, you are that beautiful expression of why you’re here, why you are incarnated, and what you’re here to share. It helps us to connect with everyone that we’re meant to connect with.

It’s so freeing when you finally get there. Throw up that backpack. Now this I love because if I was going to redo my life again, I would probably take spiritual psychology. Tell us about your spiritual psychology and coaching background, as well as your personal growth journey that began over twenty years ago.

Thank you. I have always had a fascination with personal growth and how I can be the best version of myself. What does that look like? Before my daughter was born, I was working on my Psychology degree. About a year after she was born, I was in an accident.

Car accident, Shauna?

I rode a zip line and my parachute didn’t open. It was crazy. We didn’t know the extent of the injuries right out of the gate. It took about six years to figure out what the injuries were and what was happening. It was interesting because as I went to specialist after specialist, they would say, “Accept it. We’ll give you pain meds. You’re not going to recover fully.” I had a spinal cord injury, and I kept thinking in my mind, and I kept hearing, “There’s an answer. You will heal.” I kept coming at it from that perspective.

It was through the healing journey that I met my first Reiki master. I met people that did body talk. I met people who were medical intuitive. I met people that knew more about my body than any of the specialists I’d ever seen put together. It was like, “What happened?” It was through my healing that I met my Reiki master and in one of the sessions, she said, “You are going to start offering sessions for people.” I said, “I’m not touching people. I’m learning this for myself. I want to heal.”

She looked at me, laughed, and said, “We’ll see where you are in a couple of years.” Sure enough, I had the nudge to go get a bed. People started asking, “Can you do Reiki for me?” I thought, “I’m new. I don’t know what this is.” Pretty soon, I had hundreds of people booking in Reiki. The kicker, Irene, was that at this point, I was aware of my spirit guides and my loved ones on the other side. They were on the back burner.

It was through the Reiki sessions with clients. The loved ones started to come through. I was like, “Nicely played, Universe.” One of my dearest clients, I call her one of my golden oldies. She’s been with me from day one. She was in to see me for a session. I looked over in the corner and there was an older gentleman sitting there. He had suspenders on and glasses.

I said to her, “There’s someone here. His name is Harold. He’s showing me the factory and the farm. He’s somehow connected to your family. Do you know who this is?” She said, “I have no idea.” I said, “He’s telling me to go home. Someone that you are close to will know who he is.” Sometimes, as a medium, it’s like puzzle pieces. We don’t have all the answers. It’s like charades. Let’s figure this out.

She goes home and she messages me the next day. She says, “Harold is my husband’s grandfather. My husband went white as a ghost. He said you can’t make this stuff up. You can’t google that stuff.” That was the start of it. It was like we were onto something. For me, it was fantastic to be able to be a part of that. It was like, “That happened. I was a part of that. It was fantastic. From that day forward, I was open for business.

What a blessing. What a gift. That’s fantastic. Tell us about how you lost your precious son, Jack. That’s such a big part of your story. Please share what your life was like for you after you lost him. Tell us about the first time you experienced him on the other side, and explain how you’re now able to watch Jack learn and grow on the other side. That’s amazing.

Thank you. He’s my sweetheart. My daughter Emma is sixteen in 2022, and it was several years ago. My husband at the time and I had talked about having another child. It was funny because up until that point, about a year before that, Emma would always say to me, “Why don’t I have a brother? I’m supposed to have a brother. Why is he not here? Is he going to come in your tummy? What’s going on? How come he’s not here?”

She was getting the message. She would be in her room playing. I would hear her in there having conversations. I would open the door and she was sitting there with a little boy. I thought, “What is she doing?” She then came downstairs and said, “My brother’s name is Jack. He’s coming in and you need to go to the doctors and make this happen.”

At that point, we needed to go through in vitro. We had started to go through in vitro, started the process, and get everything set up. Things didn’t go according to plan. Things didn’t work in our favor. It was such a shock. Up until that point, there was about a six-month window where we had been working with the doctors and moving through everything that every night Jack was in my dreams.

He was in the house. It was like he was already a part of our family. Our family’s complete. He’s coming. We just have to get everything lined up. The day that they told me that it wasn’t viable and that things didn’t go according to plan, I was instantly catapulted into shock. I couldn’t even process it. One minute, he was there and Emma had her big sister T-shirt on. We were so excited and we told our family. His name was Jack and he was already a part of our life. I can still remember the day, the time when they said, “I’m sorry, it didn’t work.”

Instantly, I was in shock. It brought me to my knees. There’s no other way to describe it. As a medium, people were like, “What’s the big deal? Just communicate with him.” What I teach people is that when you have such a loss, everything is energy. For us to be able to connect with the other side, we have to bring our energy up as high as we can. Grief weighs it down. It’s like a hot air balloon that’s being weighed down. For 2 to 3 years, I was weighed down. I threw myself into volunteering at the school. I worked on different projects. I put the mediumship on the back burner. I couldn’t even experience Jack.

When you lose your child, grief weighs you down. You have to bring your energy again as high as you can. Share on X

I have to backtrack a bit. It impacted every aspect of my life and impacted my marriage. It impacted how I parented. Emma would come home and I’d be bawling and I’d be, “I’m sorry. I’ve got the watermelon. Let’s go to soccer.” It impacted every aspect of my life. About three years later, I was guided to have a reading with another medium.

In that reading, she said, “Shauna, have you talked to Jack?” I said, “No, Jack’s gone. I can’t reach him. I don’t feel him. I don’t hear him. He’s gone.” To this day, it still gets me emotional. She said, “Look up. He’s right there.” I looked up and I could see this beautiful majestic angel walking into the room. She was holding this little boy’s hand. He walked right over to me and I instantly started crying. He was like, “Mama, it’s me.” By this point, a 3-year-old or 4-year-old boy is what I saw.

Which he would’ve been if everything had worked out.

Exactly. There’s this little boy standing there, and he’s calling me, “Mama, I’m here. It’s me. I have something for you.” I don’t have one right here on the desk, but he reached out his little hand and he gave me a heart rock. I froze. I said, “Is that for me?” He stood there. At that moment, that connection was re-established. For whatever reason, it wasn’t there. It was disconnected, whatever we wanted to look at it as, but, at that moment, it was re-established. He stayed a little bit longer. I could see the guides. When I see the energy connections, they look like fiber optics to me. I could see them working on the connection between Jack and I.

I was flooded with emotion and I could feel him and sense him. He would come in to visit me all the time. It was the sweetest thing. He went to leave with this angel. He turned and he came back and he said, “Next time I come in, I’m going to bring more heart rocks and you’re going to find them everywhere. We’re going to count the freckles on my nose.”

He was the cutest little thing. He looked at me as a little girl. He was the sweetest thing. He left. From that moment forward, I was able to start grieving him. I was able to finally start. I finally understood that he’d been there the whole time. It was my grief that was preventing me from connecting with him and experiencing him. I gave myself permission to fully grieve and mourn him.

I’ve lost loved ones. I’ve lost pets. I’ve lost family members. I’ve had lots of loss in my life, as many people have. Losing a child, you’re grieving what could have been. You’re grieving the dreams. You’re grieving how that child would’ve fit into your life. You’re grieving watching that child grow up, watching them find their strength and their calling. You’re grieving so many what-ifs. It was such an incredible heartbreak. I thought it was going to kill me at one point. I thought, “I can’t live like this. This isn’t how I’m meant to live.” That moment gave me permission to grieve and feel it and work through it.

GAR 78 | Dead People

Dead People: When you lose a child, you’re grieving the so many what ifs. It is such an incredible heartbreak.

I always tell people, “There’s no way around it. You have to go through it.” Coming out the other side of it, I have a greater capacity for love. I am reconnected with my son. I connect with him every day. He was here. It’s funny, I moved and I joked because the movers were like, “What is in these boxes?” I said, “Those are my heart rocks. Those are fragile. Be careful with them.”

It’s funny because, to this day, I find heart rocks everywhere. Those are from my son Jack. In all of my readings, the classes, and the groups that we do, I always like to tell everyone what their sign is from their loved one on the other side. That is a sprinkling of love from heaven that we have here in the physical with us. That gives us hope and meaning to go on knowing that our loved ones are on the other side and that we can connect with them.

That’s a beautiful thing. When people talk to you, you can tell them what their loved ones’ sign is for them.

Yes. I love it. A lot of times, people will be like, “It might be butterflies.” If you’re thinking it is, then it most likely is. For some people, it’s repeating numbers. For me, it’s heart rocks. I’ve met several other moms that have heart rocks as well. Even anything in the shape of a heart. Sometimes it’s the shape of a heart. You can see them. There’s a cloud that was the shape of a heart or it’s crazy. Feathers are huge. My grandfather leaves dimes. I have a jar full of dimes. I find dimes everywhere.

Tell me, because you’re going to educate me, how is a transformational medium different than an experiential medium? I know what an experiential medium does. We talked to many, but how is it different from what you do? Do both adults and children decide as souls when they are going to die? Was this something that Jack knew was a plan? Do we each have numerous exit points?

I’ll start with the second part of your question there. We have several different exit points throughout our lives. I have read for so many families where they’ve called me in. The doctors have given their loved one hours to live and they call me in. They’re preparing for their loved one to leave, and then they stay for whatever reason. There are several different exit points. That is all part of our soul’s journey. I will never say to someone who has lost a loved one, “This is the way it was meant to be. Sometimes things like this happen.” No, this was part of their soul’s journey.

Sometimes I have the knowledge and the awareness as to more of why that happened. Sometimes more often than not, I don’t. It’s part of their soul’s journey. We’re all connected. We have our soul family. It is what I refer to it as. We have our soul group, our soul family. With Jack leaving the physical with my soul family, it helped catapult me into helping other people.

I always look for the blessing in everything that happens. Losing him impacted everyone in my soul family, in my soul group. It helped us all to show up differently. To show up in a different way of sharing our love and experiencing that unconditional love and spreading it out into the world. I find that the exit points are predetermined.

There may be a few of them because my husband died in a car accident next to me, but he had about 4 fender benders within the 6 months before that happened. One way or the other, that was the plan. It was time. Those were his exit points.

Those were the exit points. Sometimes when a soul doesn’t take that first exit point, perhaps they’re waiting for a child to grow up, or there’s a soul contract that they’re waiting to complete. They’re still connected to their job. They want to leave a legacy behind. They’re like, “I’m not ready to go yet. I want to finish this.” They’re connected to someone.

This happens a lot. They may give up that exit point because they know there are babies coming into the family. There are souls coming in, and they want to be here to experience those souls here in the physical. There is a myriad of different reasons as to why they don’t activate it, take it, or step through it, whichever way you want to look at it. When they do, it’s on a soul level. They have completed what they set out to work on and complete an experience in this lifetime. Sometimes there’s a soul contract. Sometimes they wanted to come in and create something and they’ve created it. It’s done on a soul level.

There was someone I read for years ago and she said it’s comforting to know that my dad is so sad that he left the physical. I said, “He isn’t, sweetheart. When we leave the physical, we are back home. We’re back where we came from. We are surrounded by unconditional love. They become your greatest fan, your greatest support. They will help you through the grieving process, but they’re not in any pain.” I ask loved ones to show themselves to me at their happiest. Sometimes we have to piece together who it is. I did this one.

GAR 78 | Dead People

Dead People: When you leave the physical, you are back home and surrounded in unconditional love. Spirits become your greatest fan and offer the greatest support through the grieving process.

That’s great that you do that. I loved that.

It’s so cool. There was this one reading where this beautiful soul, this beautiful spirit came through. She was gorgeous. She had fiery red pin curls. She had this beautiful green flowing dress. She was dancing. I’m describing what I’m seeing and what she’s telling me. The people that were here for the reading had no idea who I was talking about. I said, “Her name is Ruth. Would you please go home and ask your family members? She’s connected to your family.” They went home and it was her great-grandmother whom she hadn’t met before. They pull out pictures and there she is. They send me the pictures and I’m like, “I can’t make this up.”

I love giving things. I always tell my guides, “You need to give me things that I can’t google.” There’s no way I could know this information. We’ve got social media. People are sharing their stories. You need to give me the evidence, the validation that they need to hear so that we can give them that moment where they can see the possibility of it being real. It’s not my job to convince people. I give them the possibility, the opportunity to see that it’s real and to experience something more.

Part of the work that I do is transformative in that for the people that are guided to come and work with me. I have a grief counselor background. I’ve lost my own child. I know everything that encompasses. I know firsthand what that feels. It can be relatable for people. They feel safe. I love to take them through a transformation. If they’re willing to come in and meet me and set into the energy, we can shift and change things depending on what they’re comfortable with.

Can you give me an example of that? How have you changed something for someone?

I had a mom that came to me and any stories that I share, I always like to tell people I have permission to share. Everything is confidential.

You can change a name if you need to or whatever.

I always tell people, “I have permission for people to share the stories and whatnot. I had a woman whose family had reached out to me and she said her sister would reach out. She said, “I don’t know what it is. My sister isn’t right. We’re not sure what it is. We’d like to buy a session for her as a gift and maybe she could have some Reiki or maybe you could help her. We’re not sure but is that something that you could do?” I said, “If she’s open to it, for sure.” They got the session for her. We booked her in and she came into my room.

At that point, I said to her, “Okay.” I’ll tell people it depends on the spirits and how the energy is working that day, but oftentimes there are names. They tell me who’s here. I said, “There’s a Raymond here. There’s a Tyler here. I’ve got a Simone here. Looks like there’s a pup here. You lost a dog when you were little. There’s a dog that’s here.” I said to her, “There is a Sampson who is here.”

As soon as I said Sampson, she started crying and she cried for about half an hour. In my training and background, when someone is crying, you let them cry because if you stop, you’re blocking whatever healing is available at that time for them. I stood back and I let her cry and release. She looked up at me and she said, “That was the name of the baby that we lost. We hadn’t told our family and friends yet.”

She said, “I miscarried at about four months. No one knew his name. No one spoke of him. No one knew. I’ve been utterly lost ever since.” In the second part of the session, we were able to give her messages and confirm with her that if he had come into the physical, he would’ve had different illnesses or disabilities or there would’ve been something bigger. He didn’t want to live like that. As part of his soul’s journey, he chose not to come in.

It was about 2 or 3 days later. Her husband called and said, “I don’t know what you did, but you gave me my wife back. I don’t get the voodoo that you do.” I said, “Whatever you call it, I don’t care.” That was amazing. She’s had five babies and she’s gone on to become a teacher. I see her. She usually comes in once a year. Her husband has come in.

He’s not calling it voodoo anymore?

No, he’s not calling it voodoo. He jokes. He’s like, “I need to come in and get some voodoo. I said, “Okay. Tuesday at 5:00, I’ll see you.” I have fun with it. That was one of my most memorable special moments. For women who have lost children, whether it was stillborn, miscarriage, IVF failure, or whatever that is, I love to give them the dignity and the honor that they experienced a loss. Just because that baby wasn’t here physically doesn’t mean that love wasn’t real. You gave birth to that love already. You gave birth to the energy you. You’ve given that child life here in this reality. They just didn’t have the physical body to go along with it.

Just because you lost your baby and not with you physically doesn’t mean your love wasn’t real. Share on X

I love to give women that comfort and that knowing and that healing. The work that I do is transformative. I’m able to see exactly where that soft spot is sitting, and we’re able to look at that. Whatever they need to heal, to shift it, to honor its sacred work. I always say that to people. Is it fun to tell someone that Uncle Charlie’s still a bit of a pervert? Yes. He’s on the other side, still a bit of a pervert. He’s cheering with a rum and coke. Yes. Is it fun to give little snippets of information that get people howling? Absolutely, but the work that I love is opening up someone’s heart, helping them to heal, and helping them to find hope, meaning, and purpose in their life again. Our loved ones are at peace on the other side, and they want us to live.

They’re still them in a lot of ways. They have healing to do too. I know that they go through a lot of healing, also. That’s probably a choice in some ways too. You’re talking my language because this is about healing and rebirth, and you helped that woman to rebirth herself. She had a whole new transformative life. She transformed her life. That’s wonderful.

Thank you.

Tell me what inspired you. I’m starting to understand. What inspired you to specialize in connecting moms with their children in heaven? What a blessing that you do that. Please also describe your Growing Up in Heaven Program with the seven steps you created that help mothers learn how to connect easily and effortlessly with their children on the other side. Can people use this for other people in their lives besides children also?

They can. I’m in the process of putting together a generic program that anyone can use. You can connect with an animal. You can connect with a loved one. I do a guided meditation. We usually do them every couple of months where we come together and it’s whoever you’d like to connect with. It’s a child. It could be a loved one. It could be an animal. It’s the same process that we take them through and we journey them and we cross them over, and then they experience their loved one.

Are you going to have a link to all that? I would love to send that through. A lot of people would value that.

I will send you that link for sure. I’m not sure if we have the next date set up, but I can get you that information for sure.

Work it out. It’s such a blessing to be able to get that and for people to be able to do that. Not just with children. If they lose a husband or wife or whatever.

A beloved pet. It opens up to anything. What I always tell people is, “You don’t need to be a medium to go to connect with your loved ones on the other side.” Oftentimes, we reach for mediums like what I did when I wasn’t able to make the connection. I wasn’t able to experience Jack. I needed help to facilitate my healing and my connection. For the longest time after I lost Jack, I didn’t want to talk about it. It’s something that happened and we move on. I then started to get clients that were booking in who had lost children.

“Universe, nicely played.” They started to bring in all these different moms and parents that had lost children. Moms of lost children became 99% of my clientele. There is something special that I am blessed to be able to share with mothers. I’ve lost a child. It’s not just a book on a shelf, a course I’ve taken, or something I’ve trained in.

I’ve lived it. I know what the heartache feels like. I know that you feel you’re heartbroken. You don’t know how you’re going to go on. You’d rather be in heaven with your child or whatever that looks like for you. I understand firsthand what that feels like to experience the loss, go through the grieving, and then rebirth, rebuild, and create a life that I love without my son here in the physical.

We started to do the meditation nights. We go through group meditation and I journey everyone across the Rainbow Bridge, and they experience a loved one depending on how their gifts work. We go through all of this in the evening. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be neat to teach people how to do this?” I started to get people asking me, “Can you teach me?”

I started to do one-on-one sessions and little group sessions. I thought, “What if I were to put together a program?” It’s seven separate modules, and it starts with your soul connection. Your connection with self is the first and foremost. That’s the most important connection. We then introduce you to your spirit posse. We start to look at a little bit more of your healing.

Is spirit posse also guardian angels? Are they your relatives? Is it the whole team? Are they specific guides?

The way I see it is we all have this team. We can have hundreds of angels, benevolent beings, and energies. Our spirit posse is specific to mediumships. For example, I work with Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael is one of my main guides. I also work with Archangel Azrael. I also work with Archangel Jophiel and Archangel Raphael.

My work is heavily supported and loved with angelic energies. Through the program, we help you to understand who your main spirit guide for mediumship is. We have spirit guides that specialize in different aspects of our life. When I’m doing accounting, it’s, “I need the accounting guide, please.” When I’m cooking my grandmother’s cookies, usually, she’ll come through and help me, but I’ll say, “I could use some help here.”

We have different guides that specialize in different aspects. We have specific guides that will help us with mediumship and help us connect. Through the program, we have a guide that will come in and help bridge the gap with the connection with your child. They will be helping on the other side to enhance the connection. I also teach the importance of raising your vibration. I tell people, “If you imagine when you turn the light on, you flick the switch, how quickly that current travels to illuminate the light in the room. That’s how fast spirit moves.” We have to raise our vibration as much as we can. When we’re sitting in grief, those are heavier emotions. It’s a denser energy.

GAR 78 | Dead People

Dead People: If you imagine how quickly light travels when you flick the switch, you see how fast the spirit moves.

It’s a dance.

I teach people how to raise their vibration. We raise it up as high as we can, and then it’s easier for the spirit to connect and make that connection and for us to experience them on the other side. We take them through a seven-step process. I know firsthand that it works. We have yet to have anyone say, “It didn’t work for me.” If you follow it step by step and go through all seven steps, you will experience your child on the other side. We also help people understand how spirit connects. How is your child going to connect with you? How do your gifts work? Which one is your strongest?

They’ll know, “I’m clairvoyant. I see things.” Your child is going to utilize that to let them know that they’re with you. You may see them. You may see repeating numbers. Their sign for you might be feathers, dimes, ladybugs, or dragonflies. You’re going to start to see them everywhere. I help people to understand how the spirit communicates with us. They know what to look for.

There’s a piece on grieving that we bring in the angelic to help with the healing. The big main event of module seven is journeying across the Rainbow Bridge to experience their child. It’s so amazing to hear from people. They’re like, “I did it. I didn’t think I could do it. I experienced this and I saw this.” What’s amazing is that we’ve made that connection. Once you’ve made that connection, spirit is going to interweave into your world in so many beautiful, magical ways. To this day, I’m still honored and blessed to be a part of the sessions and the groups. To be able to make that connection lights me up. That’s my purpose.

That is cool. You’re empowering people all over the place. That’s fantastic.

Thank you.

You’re taking them right out of their deep distress, giving them hope and everything. You’re so balanced, and you’ve got such balance and simplicity also in your easy-to-read and understand eBook titled, I Can See Dead People and So Can You! Here are three questions that are inspired by your eBook because I enjoyed reading it. How does the spirit world make the connection with mediums and others? Who are the members of our spirit posse, which you answered, and how do they help us in our lives? What else would you like everyone in our audience to know about your eBook, I Can See Dead People and So Can You! so that they’ll be sure to get a copy?

GAR 78 | Dead People

I See Dead People And So Can You

Thank you. The shortened version is, how does the spirit world connect with us? We have main spiritual gifts. We’ve got clairvoyance, which is clair seeing. We’ve got clairaudience, which is clair hearing. We’ve got clairsentience, which is clair feeling, and we’ve got claircognizance, which is clair knowing. I may see spirit. As I said earlier, I may see a see-through version. I may hear, “Mama,” and I know it’s Jack. I may feel like I heat up or I get gooses I feel in my physical body. When It’s Jack, I feel my heart warm up. With the claircognizance, I know. I don’t know how I know. I just know. It drops.

There are four main gifts. There are other spiritual gifts way that the spirit communicates with us, but those are the four that we like to focus on. Spirit will find any number of ways to connect with us. If you can imagine, you know in the CSI show where they’ve got the interrogation room and then that mirror. Behind the mirror, the detectives are listening to what the guy’s saying. That’s the analogy I love to give people about spirit because they can see what’s going on in our world. They’re watching. They’re our greatest fans. They’re at the birthday parties. They’re with us. They’re holding us when we’re grieving. They’re looking for ways to connect with us.

It could be through our dreams. Dreams are huge. Our logical mind isn’t running through its lists of all the stuff that needs to get done. Anytime that my guides will communicate through clairaudience, again, I’ll hear Jack. I’ll hear different messages. I’ll hear, “You need to turn the radio on.” I’ll turn the radio on and there’s my song playing. I need to turn the TV on, and there’s the exact show I need to be watching at that moment. The claircognizance, “I need to go get that book.” I’ll pick up that book. Many people have this happen. I pick up this book and I open it right to the sentence I need. There it is. There is a myriad of different ways that they will connect. Once they make that connection with you, watch. It will start to perpetuate.

There was a client of mine. She went out one day and she said before she went out, her sign for her daughter was feathers. She said, “I would love a feather, baby girl.” She went out and she got in the car. There was a feather on the seat. She went to the bank, and the bank lady had feather earrings. She was blown away by it. Once you start to open up to the possibility of the spirit world, they will start to come in more and more, and they’ll find different ways. We have free will. If we decide, “It’s a bunch of Bs and it’s voodoo,” they can’t come into your world as much.

When we have that open heart and the idea that, “What else is possible?” with the naysayers, it’s interesting. They want me to talk about the naysayers a bit. With the naysayers, again, I’m not here to convince people. I’m not here to make people see that my way is the right way. Your way is wrong. Follow what’s true in your heart.

I had this one gentleman that came in with his wife and he sat there with his arms crossed and looked at me. At the end of the session, he said, “Were there any messages for me?” I said, “Yeah. You’re too hard on yourself and you need to let go. There’s nothing that you could have done differently.” I swear, it was mind-blowing to see a 300-pound man breakdown crying because he had such grief and guilt that he should have been able to do more to save a son’s life. I love to be able to watch people experience that. I love to be able to watch people connect to something that is real for them. I love for them to feel it and be open to the possibility. That’s it.

Tell us about your soul coaching sessions and how they coach your science to heal. We’ve learned a little bit but go ahead.

It is funny. Years ago, I said to my girlfriends, “I wish I could take pictures of clients before they came into their session and then take a picture of them after.” After the session, I would always look at people and say, “There you are. You’re all sparkly again.” I could see the sparkle in their eye. It’s illuminating their soul. It’s reconnecting them with their truth, their authentic self, and what works for them. I find that whenever we are struggling, we’ve come out of alignment with that all-knowing part of us. The premise of the work that I do along with the mediumship is realigning people with what’s true for them and reigniting them.

What are those dreams and hopes in your world? What is it that you’re working toward? Is there a legacy you’d like to leave behind? What are your spiritual gifts? There’s not going to be anyone else on the planet like you, Irene. You are here making this incredible impact on people, which is fantastic. I like to tell people, “There’s not going to be anyone else like you on the planet. What would you like to share with the planet? What gifts do you have? What are the callings in your heart?” That’s what I help people to recognize and gain clarity around.

GAR 78 | Dead People

Dead People: There will be no one else like you on the planet. Identify the gifts you can share with the planet and the callings in your heart.

One of my favorite teachers is Tony Robbins. He says, “If you’re not making progress in one area of your life, you’re not living.” I always find at least one area of their life where they’re making progress, and we start to build on that. It doesn’t matter how small it is. It doesn’t matter how insignificant they think it is. We’re going to start building that. We’re starting to train the neuro pathways. We’re starting to look at the conversations they’re having. I give mantras and I always tell them, “Spirit gives homework. Sorry.”

I tell people, “I’m going to give you the homework. If you do the homework, then the next time we get together, we can start from a different vantage point. If you don’t do the homework, then we’ve lost that window of opportunity and we have to start from square one. Come along for the ride and continue to work with me.” I love to give people the tools and empower them. I call it their spiritual toolbox. During the session, we are filling their spiritual toolbox so that when they don’t have me there with them, they can still find the tools and use different techniques. It gives them a recipe, if you will, to handle things that come up.

We’re always going to have difficulties. We’re always going to have stuff that happens. It’s also how we choose to navigate and how we choose to rebirth. I love that we’re rebirthing and choosing. I always tell people, “Suffering is a choice. You can get up in the morning and choose to suffer, or you can get up to choose to plug into some delicious energy.”

Suffering is a choice. You can get up in the morning and choose to suffer, or you can get up and choose to plug into some delicious energy. Share on X

Before our interview, Jack was here and I was all giddy, bubbled up with his energy. It’s all energy. I love to teach people how to connect to it, how to experience it, and how to allow it into their life. A lot of the naysayers are like, “It’s not real.” I always say to them, “How do you know you’re breathing oxygen? Can you see it? Can you touch it?”

That’s a great analogy. Do you teach people online by Zoom and all of that thing?

I do, yes. We’re starting to look at opening up classes and doing a little bit more. I miss my in-person. I’m a hugger. I miss seeing everybody in-person. I have clients around the world and I’m grateful for Zoom because we’re able to connect and see each other and experience the energy with one another. I tell people, “The energy is the same no matter what. If you’re sitting here in the room with me or you’re in New York, the energy is the same. The energy is exactly the same.”

Tell me about your workshops. You’ve got one called Sacred Geometry and another called Unlock Your Mediumship. We’ve touched on the Unlock Your Mediumship. What is Sacred Geometry? There are a lot of people who do not have a clue. What does that do for people?

Sacred Geometry is fantastic. I am a Sacred Geometry nerd. I will say that. If any of you have seen the movie Dr. Strange, it’s the most recent Dr. Strange. I can’t remember his last name. He was an actor. He was on Sherlock Holmes, a fantastically gifted actor. Anyway, if you have a chance to watch Dr. Strange, that is what Sacred Geometry is all about.

Sacred Geometry is energy. As an example, if you take a ball, in Sacred Geometry, the shape of the ball represents getting the energy moving. A ball represents movement. If we add different colors to the ball, we’re adding different aspects of it. For example, in my healing work, if I have a sphere or a ball that we’ve colored fuchsia, that’s the energy of joy. That energy is infused into the aura around the person and is facilitating the healing.

As we do with Reiki, Reiki is all about energy. I’m the channel. I’m channeling in Reiki. I’m filling up and topping up everyone’s energy. When we’re stressed, we’re in the midst of a pandemic. We’ve lost a loved one. Maybe we’re going through a divorce. We’ve got all sorts of different things happening in our world. Our energy is depleted, whereas Sacred Geometry and Reiki fill people back up.

The Sacred Geometry, we do grids. We do chakra grids. We utilize the Sacred Geometry energy with our chakras. Those are our seven main energy centers. We then do manifestation grids with Sacred Geometry. We can sell a property. We can magnetize more money. We’ve magnetized mates. We’ve done all sorts of fun stuff. It’s so much fun.

The Unlock Your Mediumship is a foundational class. I love to teach foundational classes and give people the foundational tools to connect with their mediumship in their own way. I’m not like any other medium on the planet. I don’t try to be. I teach people the foundational pieces and how it works, and then we start to look at how it works for them, how to tweak it, how to enhance it, and then start to develop their confidence to know that they’ve made that connection. That is so rewarding to be able to know that people are making that connection and that the connection is real. If they can do it on their own, it’s fantastic. People always say, “You’re not going to have a job if you keep teaching people how to do it.” I’m not worried about that.

With all the trillions of people on this planet, there’ll always be new people who want to learn.

It’s so funny that people say that because there’s no one like me and there isn’t anyone going to do mediumship the way I do it. I said, “I honor everyone else, every other medium on the planet. It’s a beautiful gift and capacity. We’re all different and unique. You’re guided to whoever you’re meant to work with.”

I always tell people, “Follow what’s true for you. Follow what’s true in your heart. If it feels light and bubbly champagne bubbles in your heart, then that’s a yes from the spirit world. Follow that. If it feels heavy like a no, then you need to maybe listen to that as well.” It’s an invitation. It’s not just Sacred Geometry, Reiki, or mediumship. There are so many other aspects and avenues to spirit communication and universal energies. It’s all about connecting to those universal energies.

Follow what’s true in your heart. If it feels light and bubbly like champagne bubbles in your heart, that's a yes from the spirit world. Share on X

Tell me what your message is. Why should people in our audience care about getting healed and about the importance of healing? Why should they do that while they’re here this time around?

I can speak from my personal experience. I know about staying stuck in grief and holding onto the story that I lost my son. I find a lot of people, myself included, can get stuck in the story of, “I could have done something different.” There was guilt and anger. I was angry at God. I was angry at my husband. I was angry at the doctors. I was angry at everyone. There came a point where I thought, “I don’t want to feel pain anymore. There’s got to be something else I can do with this.” That was when I started to work through it. In working through it, I rebirthed a different version of myself. I remember people saying, “You’re different. Something shifted with you.”

It’s going through that. I came out of the other side of it and have a closer connection with God. I have a closer connection with myself. I know what’s true for me and what’s possible for other people. I know that we’re not meant to suffer. Our divine birthright is joy. We’re meant to experience joy and love. People used to always joke and say, “Are you on something? You’re always so happy. What are you doing?” I’d say, “I’m choosing joy. I’m choosing to find beautiful things to focus on. Whatever we focus on is what’s going to create more in our life. I don’t want to create pain and suffering.”

I love how you call it rebirthing. I always say to people, “When you work through the grieving process, you’re no longer healing. You’re no longer feeling heartache and pain. You’re able to connect with your child on the other side or your family members on the other side. You’re able to create a life you love with them alongside you because love never dies.

GAR 78 | Dead People

Dead People: When you work through the grieving process, you’re no longer healing. You can connect with your loved ones on the other side and create a life you love with them.

Shauna, that’s so beautiful. Tell us all the ways that the members of our audience can connect with you and get your eBook.

Thank you so much. I’m on Facebook, Shauna Domalain. I’m on Instagram, Shauna Domalain Medium. My website is Those are the main avenues that you can connect with me. You can reach out, email, call, or whatever that looks like.

How do they get your book?

The book is on the website, It will be up on Amazon, so you can look for it there as well. I always tell people, if you have any questions, reach out. We’ve got different meditations coming up. I work one-on-one with people. We’ve got programs. We’ve got all sorts of different resources. If you have a beautiful story you’d like to share with me, I would love to hear it.

What is your tip for finding joy in life?

My tip for finding joy in life is to focus on what lights you up. Find what lights you up in life. You hang onto that and cultivate it. For me, it’s my connection with the other side. It’s those beautiful moments and it’s gratitude. It’s about what lights me up. It could be something as simple as some chocolate and a coffee. It could be spending time with my girlfriends, with my love bugs.

What lights me up is the energy. When you find the energy that brings you joy, whether it’s the Philharmonic, going to the theater, or spending time with your loved ones, what is that magical energy that you can connect into that is so uplifting that lights you up, that helps you to feel peace in your heart? That is what I tell people to strive for. You find those little snippets of time and everybody has them. People say to me, “I don’t have anything.” We can find something.

It could be a pet. Some people get so lit up with their pets and with helping people or being a Secret Santa or singing and dancing. We are here to express our souls. When we are not creating and expressing our soul’s expression, we’re not living. It’s about finding ways to express your soul. Again, there’s no one you. We need you. The world needs you. The world needs your energy. My energy is different than your energy. Cultivating all of that beautiful energy, we come together and we can create such magic. We can create such possibilities.

The world needs your energy. By cultivating all of your energies, we create such magic and possibilities. Share on X

Especially when you hear so many things that are downers and here is such an uplifting message for everyone. That’s fabulous. Shauna, what a blessing truly to know that your precious son, Jack’s soul is in a state of growth and expansion as he continues to learn and grow on the other side. Thank you for paying this forward by teaching grieving mothers to connect with their children easily and effortlessly. You teach many people to do this, not just mothers, thereby helping them to move from grief to relief so that they can experience peace in their hearts once again.

My heartfelt thank you for this incredible healing work you contribute to our world, for your insightful and informative eBook, I Can See Dead People and So Can You! and for this truly moving and enlightening interview. Here’s a reminder, everyone. Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued, many blessings, and bye for now.


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