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Sharon graduated with honors from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst in 1983 with a BA in Sociology. She has been a massage therapist since 1989 and is also a reiki master and a reflexologist.  Sharon has studied mediumship at the famous Arthur Findlay College in England, as well as with renowned US, UK, and Canadian mediums. She is the Author of an easy-to-use, empowering book titled Choosing to be a Medium: Experience & Share the Healing Wonder of Spirit Communication, in which she shares her amazing story of becoming a medium through study, not birthright, and reveals how each of us can also become a medium.



  • You do not have to be born a medium and it is something you can learn.
  • Mediumship is like changing stations on a radio.
  • The difference between a soul and a spirit.
  • Unborn children and people who have passed by suicide still go to the Other Side.


  • Is there such a thing as evil spirits?
  • Why did you choose to specialize in teaching mediumship?
  • How is mediumship healing for us and how does it also help to heal those on the Other Side?

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Sharon Farber – Becoming A Medium Through Study + Mediumship Healing On The Other Side





I’m delighted to have this opportunity to interview medium, author, and mediumship mentor Sharon Farber, who will be speaking to us from Barkhamsted, Connecticut. Sharon graduated with honors from the University of Massachusetts and Amherst in 1983 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. She has been a massage therapist since 1989. She’s also a Reiki master and a reflexologist. Sharon has studied mediumship at the famous Arthur Findlay College in England, as well as with renowned US, UK, and Canadian mediums.

She’s the owner of a spiritual center in Pine Meadow, Connecticut, called Dragonfly Healing Arts, and the author of an easy-to-use empowering book titled Choosing to Be a Medium: Experience & Share the Healing Wonder of Spirit Communication, in which she shares her amazing story of becoming a medium through study, not a birthright, and reveals how each of us can also become a medium. Sharon is also an award-winning artist. Her specialty has been realistic nature and wildlife landscapes. She’s also creating spiritual paintings that are filled with vibrant passion, light, and healing. I have many questions for Sharon about her book and much more.

Sharon, a warm welcome to the show.

Irene, thank you so much for having me here.

It’s such a pleasure to have you here. I hope all of you are watching this through YouTube. She’s got the most beautiful necklace and jacket on. I’m a fashionista. I always notice those pretty things.

Thank you.

Let’s begin our interview with this question. With a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, what prompted you to turn to massage, energy healing, and later mediumship as a vocation?

I used my degree in Sociology and working with elderly people. I was a Medicaid case worker in Charlotte, North Carolina for social services. That wasn’t a lot of fun. I was working for the New Jersey Y Camps. I was taking senior citizens to Florida in the winter and running their camp in Pennsylvania during the summer. That was okay but I wasn’t passionate about it.

Somewhere along there, I gave a couple of people what we called back rubs back then and it helped so much. I realized that massage therapy was a real profession. I went into it and felt like I could do more, working one-on-one with people, helping them relax, get out of pain, and feel better. That led to the energy healing work. I went to a school called The Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences and worked in the energy field.

People have heard of Reiki but I’ve taken a lot of other extensive energy healing classes. Reiki is just the one people have heard of. That was wonderful and I was passionate about that. It’s been many years. In the past several years, all my focus and energy have gone towards mediumship and the occasional massage, painting, and healing.

What inspired you to choose to be a medium without having had prior contact with the spirit world? Why did you choose to specialize in teaching mediumship?

I was invited to a small group demonstration of mediumship by a friend who said, “Do you want to go to this?” I said, “Sure, that sounds interesting.” I had no compelling desire or passion for it. I went to this small group. There were about ten people. The medium was phenomenal. She connected with a close friend of mine and my firstborn dog. I got to see her give connections to everyone else there. I thought that was amazing. This is real and it’s healing.

What I did was invite her to come to my massage therapy office, where I had an extra big room. She came once a month for about a year and did small group readings. I was the host. I got more connections. I saw more about how healing it was and I thought, “I wish I could do that. I want to do that. The world needs more mediums.” I ignored all the people who said, “I didn’t think you could learn to be a medium. I thought you had to be born that way.” I read books and took classes. That’s a long story.

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You proved them wrong because they believed you have to be born a medium and it’s not something you could learn. It sounds like it was something you could learn.

I figured I’d find out so I immersed myself. I also talked to one of my mentors. She was the one who taught The Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences, Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville. I asked her about it and she said, “If I didn’t think you could do it, I would tell you.” She told me to immerse myself in the subject, find a mentor, and go for it. That was on a Wednesday afternoon in August 2012. It’ll be coming up. That night I got my first link. I was massaging a client who said I could practice with her. I connected with her father and got some evidence. It was amazing.

After that, I was jumping up and down, “I can do it.” She thought I was crazy because I was jumping up and down. She said, “I’ve never seen you act like this.” I’m like, “I did this thing.” That’s how I chose to become a medium. The book makes sense because no one told me, “If you want to learn to do this, you can. Let me hold your hand, mentor you, and take you through the steps. Here’s a journal where you can document your whole journey.”

The book came for two reasons. One practical thing is that I wrote a book that would’ve helped me immensely to help all the people who want help or the people who don’t think they can do it. I get emails all the time saying, “I found your book. I cried when I heard that somebody else chose to do it and became a medium. It’s not like you had to be that way.” I wrote a book that would’ve been amazing for me instead of me having to learn the hard way.

The other thing is I was guided and compelled to write the book by people in the spirit world. I don’t go around saying, “Spirit is telling me this and that.” In the case of the book, it was not my idea. I had no aspiration to write a book. I’m not somebody who wrote things. I was resistant like, “What?” It was almost embarrassing how early I was in my mediumship career that I was being guided to write a book. I would’ve been embarrassed if any of my teachers knew that but they had it right. They helped all along. They found me an agent and a publisher. Everything else was magical. That was twofold in why I wrote the book and how I became a medium.

How did you get the messages you were supposed to write a book? Did it just plop into your head?

It was in the morning while I was trying to sleep repeatedly three days in a row. I worked until 2:00 to 3:00 in the morning to do stuff. I try to get my eight hours so I’m not a morning person. Three mornings in a row at 6:00, 7:00, and 8:00 in the morning, I have these thoughts of a book, outline, and what I would write. I’m like, “What?” On the third morning, I gave up and said, “Okay.” I went up to the computer and started writing an outline. The thoughts felt like they’d never go away and I’d never get to sleep in the morning anymore so I wrote an outline.

You said something in your book that mediumship is like music. How do you liken mediumship to music?

People have this idea that if you’re not 3, 10, or 12 years old and seeing spirit people, you’re not a medium and you shouldn’t bother being a medium or you might be able to learn it a little and you’ll never be very good. If you compare it to music, people like Mozart, are writing symphonies at five. Some people have perfect pitch and have this beautiful ability to be musical but that doesn’t mean that other people can’t. It doesn’t mean that somebody can’t spend hours practicing the piano and become good.

We don’t tell our children in school, “If you’re not in beautifully, musically inclined, don’t bother.” Instead, you support them. You give them a flute or a violin and lessons. If you’ve ever been to an elementary school band, it’s horrendous. You don’t say, “You are not gifted. Don’t bother.” You support people in their desire to learn how to create music. With mediumship, some people have this weird idea that if it’s not spontaneous and happens by itself, don’t bother. You’re not a medium. Whereas some people have it happen spontaneously and it flows but they still need structure, ethics, and mechanics.

Some help would be helpful, whereas other people can start at the beginning and learn how. That’s how it’s like music. Some people have an initial capacity and other people might have to work harder. Also, you’re going to succeed based on your devotion and passion if it brings you alive and you want to do it. That passion, intensity, and desire to do it can more than overcompensate the fact that someone else saw spirit people when they were six without asking for it. They might have no interest.

Mediumship is like music. Some people have an initial capacity and other people might have to work harder. But it's also, you're going to succeed based on your devotion, your passion, if it makes you, if it brings you alive, and if you want to do it. Share on X

You’re a wonderful role model for people who want to do this. You’re mentoring them through your book. It’s marvelous. Speaking of that, what are some of the ways an aspiring medium can enhance his or her abilities to connect with spirit? How is the process like changing stations on a radio? Give us some technical.

First, the radio station thing because that’s quick and easy. We’re here. Spirit people are in the spirit world, which isn’t a different location. It’s more of a different energy and vibration. They’re around us. They can connect with us sometimes. They do their thing. They’re evolving and doing their spiritual evolution. They’re with their loved ones in spirit.

The radio analogy is I use my intention to connect with them and they want to connect with me. We reach out to each other and then you fine-tune it. We don’t summon them. They didn’t come because I made them come. We want to. It’s a matter of using intention like the dial on the radio. Use your intention. They use their intention and we work together to connect. That was the radio part.

What are ways people can enhance their abilities to connect? I think it is to go through exercises and things that you have in your book.

A beginner class is probably the best thing you can do. The book is great and people do it but the thing is, you need people to work with. The book has 65 exercises. It explains step-by-step. There’s a lot of reinsurance because I wrote the book with reassurance. It’s the, “If I can do it, you can too,” attitude. For example, I teach a five-hour online beginner class. Once the pandemic is over, I’ll go back to teaching weekend retreats and 2 to 3-day classes and travel around to do that but not necessarily with me.

A beginning class is where you have a live teacher. You’re on Zoom and you can ask questions. They can go over the foundation and everything about the spirit world, how to do it, the step-by-step mechanics, and address people’s fears. “What if this happens? What if I have to be afraid of it?” In a beginner class, people sit in circles in person or on Zoom. It’s a place to practice. You’re in a group led by somebody experienced and then you practice and practice. You’ve got the group energy to support you.

The other thing is to give practice readings to other people. You didn’t ask this but so many people are telling me, “I’m having a hard time.” I’m like, “Are you giving readings to other people?” They’re like, “No.” People are trying to do this on their own and connect with their own people. You can’t get much-validated evidence when you’re working with your own people. Whereas a sitter is a person you give the reading to or somebody you don’t know well, not your close family or best friend.

I can help people with getting sitters. I know a thousand or so people who want readings. You need to practice by giving readings to people you don’t know. Tell them what to expect and how to respond. You then give reading after reading, even if it’s 10 or 15 minutes. Move to 20 and 30. That’s how you practice. I did 118 free practice readings to start.

It’s a great way to believe in yourself too because as you get better and better at it and you’re hitting the mark, I’m sure it’s very empowering and exciting. There are different types of mediumships. People often ask the question of what’s the difference between a soul and a spirit? Sharon, can you tell us about that?

Evidential mediumship is the umbrella of giving mediumship where you validate that the medium is connecting with a specific loved one in spirit. You get evidence to do that. Evidence is important. It’s not like a horoscope. Under the umbrella of evidential mediumship, there is mental mediumship, which is what my book is all about. I’m primarily doing this at this time. The medium is present, coherent, and able to speak with the sitter. They give information in the third person about the spirit world.

GAR Sharon Farber | Medium

Medium: Mediumship is the umbrella of giving mediumship where you validate that the medium connects with a specific loved one in spirit.

“I have a man here. He’s tall. He used to wear a uniform. He is a grandfather. He smokes a pipe. He had eight cats and rode a bicycle.” You got your person there. You want specific evidence, not just like, “Tall, dark man here. Do you understand?” The person says, “Yes, I understand.” You then have this conversation. That is mental mediumship where you give information and the sitter listens.

Trance mediumship is when the medium goes into a deeper altered state. They blend so closely with the spirit world that they let the spirit person speak through them. In the first person, their manner, inflection, and body motion may change. They’ll speak directly. In a very evidential and accurate trance, the person might speak a different language.

Instead of being evidential mediumship, sometimes trance mediums connect with spirit guides, giving philosophy and uplifting information. Sometimes it’s evidential because they have an actual loved one in spirit person who they’re connecting with. The person speaking in the first person through them is giving them enough evidence so that the spirit person knows who they are.

Tell everyone the difference between a soul and a spirit.

Some people use them interchangeably. In my understanding, the soul is the part of us that may have hundreds of lives on the planet. It evolves. You come here. You have your life. You go back to the spirit world, evolve, and choose another life. The spirit, in my terminology, is the person whom you know in this lifetime, like a friend, relative, or acquaintance you know. It’s their personality, character, and memories of their interaction with you. That spirit person is only a part of the soul. When they physically pass, they can incarnate into another life and you can still connect with them as a medium, through a medium, or directly because it’s only part of them. It’s the personality, the person that you knew.

The soul is the part of us that may have hundreds of lives on the planet. It evolves. Share on X

The spirit of Sharon and the spirit of Irene are connecting. Our master souls or oversouls are on the other side. What is the role of spirit guides in each of our lives? How do they work with mediums?

Some people have no knowledge or awareness of their spirit guides. They do take a much more active role with mediums. I’m not sure to the extent that mediums are aware of their spirit guides more because we work with them and we’re aware of the spirit world as opposed to that we have a more active role with them but we’re more aware of them. Some mediums have no connection with the spirit guide. I know a wonderful medium here in Connecticut who says she works directly with God, in source Noah. Nothing about spirit guides. Not all mediums have any awareness of the spirit guide.

I know mediums who have their team. They call this one that. You got a gatekeeper and protector. They have them blind people up and tell them what to do. Sometimes, they have them interpret. They say things like, “The spirit guides help the spirit people also.” There are people on that other side. We all, especially mediums, have spirit guides but you don’t have to see them. You don’t have to have an interaction, talk to them, or get their name.

This idea of letting your spirit guides teach you and meet your spirit guides is a little overrated. If I was waiting to meet my spirit guides and have them tell me to be a medium, I don’t know if I would’ve ever gotten here. I had embodied teachers teach me to be a medium. I’m somebody who has yet to have concrete one-on-one interaction and verbal things with a spirit guide.

However, I’ve had several of them validated many times through other mediums and psychics with the same information over and over. Now, I know them. I can feel and recognize them. I can ask them for help. This idea that you should know their name and hear them directly might make people frustrated. If they think that the first step is to meet their spirit guide before learning to do mediumship, they may never get to the mediumship.

Here’s the thing. With all the things going on in this world and all the people who have unfortunately passed with COVID and the tragedies we’ve been witnessing, how soon is too soon to connect with a deceased loved one on the other side after someone passes?

There is not too soon based on the spirit person. They go to the other side. There’s no waiting period or limbo land. If they pass, they go to the other side. They can generally communicate with us almost immediately but the embodied people left behind are often not ready. If somebody has a very close person like a spouse, parent, or child, they may be in a state of raw grief and too needy and desperate to be open to it because they’re too raw. They might need a few months to process their grief before they’re ready for a medium.

GAR Sharon Farber | Medium

Medium: There is no too soon based on the spirit person, they go to the other side. There’s no waiting period. There’s no limbo land. They pass, they go to the other side. They can generally communicate with us almost immediately.

Some of them go to a medium and get immediate help right away. It helps them with the raw grief. There’s no rule. We had a circle where I had 8 people for 90 minutes. They read for each other. One woman connected with an aunt for the student who was there. After the ten-minute reading, he confirmed that she just passed. A couple of 20 or 30 minutes later, another person connected with the same aunt. She came through twice in a circle for her nephew.

She’s a busy lady. She didn’t miss a beat.

She’s very excited about him and connecting with him. That can happen. My mom passed and I haven’t heard from her yet. When my father passed, even though I’m a medium, I was desperate to hear from him through another medium. It took months before somebody got him through. Since then, he’s come through many times. There’s no guarantee that anybody’s going to come through. If your loved one doesn’t come through, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you, not around you, or anything like that. Sometimes people come through easily and sometimes, they don’t.

Don’t they match their personalities in a way? I’ve heard that if people were reticent on this side, they often are reticent when they go to the other side. If they’re very lively over here, their personality is going to transfer over there and they’re going to be eager to let you know, “Here I am.”

When they come through, they come through with their personalities, which can be outgoing, talk a little bit, or quiet but the quiet ones are as likely to come through. Even if they’re quiet, they’ll come through and you might say, “I have someone and he seems a bit quiet. This is a man with few words but I know that he has a big heart.” They’re not less likely to come through but the ones that are quieter will come through more quietly.

Like in the real world, perhaps they’ll take a step back and let the lively ones go first. They’ll then wait for their turn or something, which would be in keeping with their personalities. Could you tell us about connecting with unborn children and people who have passed by suicide? Do they still end up on the other side? Like kids who are miscarried, stillborn, and all different kinds of things, stillborn.

Yes. They have to come through with different evidence. They can’t talk about their life, personality, and all that. What they generally do is come through with support and healing for their family, the parents, and maybe the siblings. Their evidence usually has to do with their family and that they’re bringing through love. The siblings might still be aware of them and might spend time together. It’s a different type of evidence but it can be very healing for the parents who’ve had the loss.

I’ve been at a gallery where there were three women who had all had miscarriages and those children came through. Those women cried. It was such a relief and so healing for them.

Everybody who physically passes goes to the spirit world. It doesn’t matter if you take your life or you are killed quickly. Nobody gets left behind. Nobody stays here because they have unfinished business, they’re not ready to go, other people aren’t ready to go, or they take their life. They go to the same healing spirit world. They’re able to connect with us the same as everyone else. They get healing and support.

That doesn’t mean that suicide is at all encouraged or recommended. It is not the way out. It is not a good thing just because you end up on the other side. There’s often regret, apologies, and remorse about the pain they cause other people. They’re not in limbo. They’re not thrown back into this lifetime to learn the lessons they didn’t learn. They’re in a healing, supportive spirit world like anyone else.

I know this from firsthand experience. A close friend of mine took his life and he has come through more often. Sometimes, it seems like everyone else put it together for me. He comes through loving, supportive, with humor and laughter. He’s a close friend on the other side and took his life. I’ve connected with hundreds of people in spirit who took their life. The reason I hear from more of them is that their loved ones need to hear from them more than people who have a grandparent who passed from a heart attack or something like that.

The people left behind are in such need so the spirit people who’ve taken their lives come through more often to meet the need of the people to say, “I’m sorry. It wasn’t your fault. There was nothing you could do. I was loved and supported,” and maybe give an idea of why they did it. Almost always, when I connected with them, it was like, “It wasn’t your fault. There was nothing you could do.” They want their loved ones to be happy. They want them to move on, let go, think of them with the good times and the laughter, and move on.

I’ve been told that there are healing places on the other side. I would imagine that suicide probably gets a lot of healing on the other side.

Anybody who needs any healing on the other side gets it.

GAR Sharon Farber | Medium

Medium: Anybody who needs any healing on the other side gets it.

What about evil spirits, Sharon?

I don’t believe in evil spirits.

You don’t think anyone’s coming through who’s not a nice person on an Ouija board or anything like that?

Ouija boards have bad PR. I’ve never used one so I wouldn’t recommend them because they have negative connotations. If people think Ouija boards are going to have evil spirits and you use your imagination and you can draw yourself any scary thing, it is not a great idea. I don’t believe in Satan, demons, entities, or evil spirits. People who do terrible things when they’re here like people who kill, rape, and do awful things while they’re here don’t become Mother Teresa when they go to the spirit world but they don’t become evil spirits.

They go to the spirit world and have to have a life review. They have to look at the results of their actions. There’s remorse and work. There’s the evolvement of their soul. They’re not evil spirits. No one in the spirit world has any control over any of us. They can’t say or do anything. They can’t attach to people or possess them. Some of the reasons people might think someone is an evil spirit might be because, say somebody was a cranky old, maybe even a nasty old man or woman.

If they go into the spirit world and you connect with them, they’re going to show the personality they had when they were here. They have to come through presenting as if they were this nasty old person. If everybody came through and said, “Here’s the medium. I have a being of love and light here,” you’re not going to know who they were. They come through and present that nasty personality. You can say, “I have someone and I’m aware that they had made poor decisions. They treated people poorly and there’s remorse. There might be apologies but they’re not an evil spirit.” Hollywood is Hollywood.

What do you think of ghosts? Hollywood is very big on ghosts.

That’s because you make a lot of money. I don’t believe in ghosts. Ghosts are supposed to be spirits who are stuck. They’re not in the spirit world. They’re here. They’re earthbound. There is no earthbound. This is my opinion. There are no earthbound spirits. Nobody needs help crossing over. You physically pass and go to the spirit world.

People might think they’re ghosts because they don’t realize that people can be in the spirit world with their loved ones doing their growth. We might still see, hear, and feel them. If people don’t know that mediumship is a thing and that we can be aware of spirit people and they see one, feel one, or smell their perfume or their smoke, they might think it’s a ghost. There are a whole lot of other explanations for hauntings and why people look at things as such. I can explain evil.

I would love to hear your explanation for hauntings and all that. That’s fascinating. People will say they go to a cemetery and they feel all these spirits around, like their haunted houses and all that kind of thing. If you go to New Orleans, there’s a place where they say it’s haunted and they provide proof. You don’t believe in any of that.

The quick explanation is that I believe in residual energy and energetic imprints. You walk into a room where two people have been fighting. Can you feel something when you get there? You’re like, “It doesn’t feel good, does it? Are you aware of that?” Think of a place where there have been a lot of death, suicides, battle, murder, or trauma. It leaves an energetic imprint. Embodied people like us go there. You feed all your energy into this energetic imprint and you build it up so you get this place that feels haunted or all this energy.

There are houses where things move and all that. Phenomenon happens. There are examples of things moving around. There are energy and things but it’s not spirit people trapped there. They’re doing it. It’s energy. Spirit people are using our kinesthetic energy to move things and put lights on and off to make us aware of their presence but it’s not like they’re here or are stuck here.

I can understand that. After my husband passed, for 3 months, every Monday night for 10 minutes, the Monday Night Football flipped on this TV I had and flipped off. I don’t know how he did that. There was no remote control, nothing. He was playing with energy.

They can play with energy but they can’t take you over. They’re not there. They’re not stuck. They’re not ghosts but they can be definite. I’ve had plenty of experiences where my friend, the one I’ve heard from the most, can play with energy. He’s done things to make me aware of them. He plays with my computer. He did some computer programming. He’s done some obvious things technologically, as far as I think.

That’s very cool. I hope he saves you money and fixes stuff for you.

It’s not quite like that. It’s more of doing something that’s like, “That must be him.”

How do you handle the different types of skeptics? You’ve got to run into people who say, “I don’t care what you’re doing. I think you’re crazy.” It’s baloney and all that. I was one of them once.

I don’t worry about the skeptics. I don’t need to engage. It’s not my job to prove anything to anybody. I have family people and some friends who don’t believe it. It’s awkward if it’s somebody who’s close to you in some way and they don’t have that belief system. The alternatives are I’m lying and people know I’m not lying or that I’m crazy. They’re less likely to know that I’m not crazy or even worse, I’m making it up or something.

It’s awkward but it’s not a problem. The skeptic isn’t likely to come as a client because if they’re skeptical, why bother? The people in my life who don’t believe in it, it’s like choosing to have different beliefs. The people who do come to a medium, if they’re at least somewhat open-minded, they’re likely to have an experience and no longer be skeptical.

They’ll find out when they cross over anyway.

A lot of women will bring their husbands, boyfriends, or somebody to a group reading. Very often, it’s the husband’s spirit people that’ll come through first. It’s amazing. We had a skeptic come to a guest circle years ago. One guy who’d been there before brought a friend who was a skeptic. He got most of the unbelievable, evidential, and strong readings. He didn’t come back. His mind was blown but there was no way he could not know that had happened.

Everybody wants to get in touch with you. How about telling us about your medium companion journal, online medium mentorship, and the online classes that you offer?

GAR Sharon Farber | Medium

Choosing to Be a Medium: Experience & Share the Healing Wonder of Spirit Communication

First of all, here’s the book, Choosing to Be a Medium, and the journal. You know all about the book. The journal is a place where you can record your progress if you are developing. The book is appropriate for anybody who’s interested in mediumship and wants to know about it.

You provide so much information about what it’s about and everything. It’s interesting to read.

The journal is for those who want to do this. It’s got prompts. “What have I experienced? What is my experience with that?” It’s a place to document 50 practice readings, connections with your spirit guides, hopes, fears, and thoughts. When I was doing this and I did my 118 free readings, I had them in different notebooks, probably 6 different notebooks. Later on, I started doing them on the notes on the computer. It’s a mess. It’s all over the place.

It gives you a place, like if you are losing weight and you want to track your weight, what you eat, what you drink, and your exercise. The companion journal can keep you on track. You write it down. You did a reading and what you got. You have this validation. Later on, it’s like, “I can’t do this.” You look back and you’re like, “I guess I can.” That’s the companion journal.

My website is There you can find everything about the book, ordering the book, mentorship classes, and circles. I’ve been doing tons of online classes in 2020 for obvious reasons. I teach a five-hour Zoom online class. It’s still $68. It’s not going to stay that way forever because it’s been that way for years. It used to be $69 and my daughter had a problem with the class being $69 so I changed it to $68. I probably didn’t need to give you that information.

The 5-hour class is limited to 10 people. It’s the foundation of mediumship. What is it? What isn’t it? How to do it and step by step. The last 90 minutes to 2 hours are everybody having a chance to give a reading. I can hold their hands. I have people who’ve never connected with spirit people. By the end of the five-hour class, they have their first connection and they’re glowing, “I did it.” There’s that. I teach 5 circle classes and five 90-minute classes a week.

They’re mostly full but there are people who leave and then there are occasional openings. I might add another one. I just added the fifth one on March 1st, 2021. If you want to get in, you can probably squeeze in. There are circles and beginner classes. What I like to do is weekend classes, 2-day classes, and 3-day classes. When we can get out and about, I’ll be doing that again. I’ve got one in Canada that was rescheduled three times and we’re aiming for October 2021. It was spring and then it was fall. There’s COVID.

This is exciting. I like to go to places that have beaches, oceans, and mountains. I’m willing to travel. If people want to host me, once we can, to teach a class in their area, this has worked well. If you have to have a host, I can work together to promote it. If you can get a dozen people together who want to do it, especially if it’s somewhere nice like by an ocean or the mountains, a nice pretty desert or something, I’ll come out and teach a 2, 3, 4, even a 5-day class. The host takes it for free and we work it out. I’m willing to travel. I’m passionate about teaching in case you haven’t noticed.

I don’t blame you. Why not? Arizona, Florida, or by the oceans. I can see that.

Hawaii or Colorado. I have students in my circle who are in Hawaii and California. One of them we’ve already mentioned. I was able to go out there, not all the time but I’ll do some.

People can understand how mediumship would be so healing for all of us because it gives you the opportunity to not be so afraid of death and move on. Does it also help those on the other side? How does it do that? I have a story about that too but I’d like to hear about that from you.

We know that it’s healing for us for a number of reasons but people on the other side may have unresolved issues also. They’re in a place of love and healing but the spirit part of them that was connected to us can be thrilled when they finally have an opportunity to connect with a loved one and say, “I love you. I’m sorry. Forgive me. I knew you were there even though you weren’t. It was enough that you were there with me every day on the phone. I knew you were holding my hand.”

Somebody who was unresponsive might come through and say, “I knew you were there holding my hand.” They are evolving as souls on the other side. Sometimes, the opportunity to resolve a relationship can be beautifully healing for them also. Lightning, healing, and making them happier on the other side also. It’s not just about us.

I want everyone to know that I had that experience. I had a father who was very wounded in this lifetime and he was abusive. After my husband passed, I did not want to hear from my father at all. I never asked for him. I always wanted to hear from my husband or whoever. Lo and behold, when I would see mediums, my father would start coming through and the message was, “I was a bully. I was mean. I am so sorry. I’m on the other side and I’m around you. I’m learning.” He always apologized.

I would say, “You have proof of survival.” I was never looking for him and that was amazing. He would come through with evidence about what he was witnessing in my life and all of that thing. It helped me to forgive him and let it go. He’s healing and it helped me too. That’s a real perk to me of mediumship. We’ve already talked about You have a special offer for members of our audience.

For the audience, I’m offering 10% off my private mediumship readings, 30-minute, 45-minute, and 1-hour readings for 2.

Sharon, what is your tip for finding joy in life?

My tip for finding joy is to be grateful and appreciate what you have. I have an abundance of things to be grateful for so it’s easy for me. Even if you don’t have tons of things, there could be just the smell of fresh air, a smile, or a connection. I do a gratitude list at night in my head before I go to bed. “I’m grateful for this and that.” I count my blessings and I choose joy. I chose to be a medium.

What I suggest to people is whenever possible, choose to be happy and smile. If you smile, it changes your energy neurologically and makes you feel better. Try as much as possible to thrive instead of survive. Choose joy and make joy a priority as opposed to, “I got to do this. I’ve got to work. I got to take care of other people.” Consider that being joyful and peaceful is beneficial for you and everybody else. Take care of yourself first. Make yourself happy. Bring yourself joy.

Choose joy, and make joy a priority. Consider that being joyful and peaceful is beneficial for you and everybody else. Take care of yourself first. Make yourself happy. Bring yourself joy and thrive and the healing you need to do. Share on X

Do the healing you need to do.

You’re automatically going to bring more joy, healing, and help to other people. This is so cliche but be the light you want to spread and feel the joy you want to share with other people. Start with yourself.

Sharon, this has been a wonderful interview. Your information is so enticing and interesting. People are going to want to read your book. Some of them are probably thinking maybe they’d like to learn mediumship. Everyone, I recommend Choosing to Be a Medium: Experience & Share the Healing Wonder of Spirit Communication because it will enlighten you if you’re interested in learning about mediumship. It will also educate and transform anyone seeking to become a medium.

I have no doubt that many in our audience are inspired to read your book and learn more and develop their mediumship skills. Thank you so much, Sharon. Here’s a reminder, everyone. Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued. Many blessings. Bye for now.

After we signed off, Sharon and I were chatting. She told me that she has a YouTube channel. We can’t let this interview go on without finding out about her YouTube channel. Sharon, go ahead and let us know all about it.

You can find the channel by looking for Sharon Farber Medium. I have a series of maybe 12, 13, 14, or 15 videos called Everything You Need to Know About Mediumship. “What is it? How to do it?” The best one I’ve done is called Seven Steps to Giving a Mediumship Reading. There are all kinds of ones. There are also interviews. If you want to hear me talk about mediumship free YouTube series, go check out Sharon Farber Medium.

Everyone, make sure you get on and enjoy that. Thank you so much, Sharon.

You’re welcome. Thank you.

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