Seta Araz Shahinian is a highly gifted healer and channel who writes very special, customized prayers that can help a person overcome any set of limitations. During this fascinating interview, Seta and Irene discuss what transpires spiritually during a funeral, who hears us when we pray, why it is important to pray for a soul that has deceased, the burdens a soul carries forward from past lives, what is “Multiple Soul Syndrome,” what is an enhanced superlative timeline, Seta’s 7 steps to abundance, and more. Tune in for an incredibly enlightening and insights filled interview with a truly remarkable healer!


  • Why we should pray and who hears us when we pray.
  • Why it is important to heal our souls.
  • The ailments Seta sees in people who have a deceased soul attached to them. 
  • Seta’s 7 steps to abundance.
  • Why many cultures have significant spiritual and religious practices in place to assure ascension. 


  • What inspired you to leave your grounded professional career and become a healer?
  • Why would a soul not be able to cross over into the light after death? 
  • Why is making sure a deceased soul goes to the light akin to preventative health care?
  • What burdens does a soul often carry forward to this lifetime from past lives?
  • Are there certain places or times when people are more susceptible to having Earth bound souls attach to them? 

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Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Seta Araz Shahinian | Crossing Over After Death


We often contemplate the mysteries of existence, pondering the journey of the soul beyond the veil of life. Yet, what happens when a soul does not cross over to the light after death? Join host Irene Weinberg and guest Seta Araz Shahinian on a profound exploration of soul connections, healing, and protection through prayer. Seta shares her journey of seeking alternative healing methods and emphasizes the transformative power of prayer in dissolving negative soul patterns. Gain insights into abundance, healthy boundaries, and energetic healing, empowering you to embrace transformation and live fully in the present moment.


  • The power of prayer and spiritual healing
  • Mind-body-soul connection
  • Reincarnation, soul evolution, and earthbound souls
  • Multiple Soul Syndrome
  • Energetic healing


  • What inspired you to become a healer?
  • Why should we pray?
  • Is there an overarching reason that people should heal their souls?
  • What ailments or symptoms can be seen in people who have a deceased soul attached to them?
  • What are the seven steps to abundance?

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Seta Araz Shahinian: Why Would a Soul Not Be Able to Cross Over to the Light After Death?







I could not be more delighted to have the pleasure of interviewing Seta Araz Shahinian, a gifted healer and channel who writes very special customized prayers that can help a person overcome any set of limitations he or she is experiencing. When Seta empowers her clients with tools and resources that help them develop a personal relationship with God, they become able to actively participate in their healing journey.

Seta began her professional career as a graduate of NYU Stern Business School and she quickly developed an interest in and keen ability to study and apply various kinesiology-based techniques, alternative care modalities, homeopathy, psyche, past life regression, and more. She also has her healing techniques and methods that have been channeled to her by source, namely two hands to heal and the diligent application of medicine of deliberate intent.

She shares these two powerful self-healing modalities with her clients to provide them with the specific tools and resources they need to address ailments that afflict and burden the mind, body, and soul. Other modalities that have been channeled to Seta by source include freedom from codependency as well as some multifaceted seven steps of abundance, which are often used to address and resolve obstacles that can prohibit a person from receiving and enjoying the bounty of God’s divine abundance.

Set this passion and goal, which is to help heal the mind, body, and soul to educate and prevent disease mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually, and needless suffering is highly in sync with the mission of the show, which is to enlighten, educate, and provide healing resources that can transform lives and full disclosure. I have been healing with Seta’s loving gifted help for years. In many ways, the show is a result of the tremendous healing I have done over time with Seta.

The name of this show, “Grief and Rebirth,” was channeled to me by Seta during one of our healing sessions. What an amazing blessing, and I am so very grateful. I’m looking forward to talking with Seta, who will be speaking to us from Wyckoff, New Jersey, about what transpires spiritually during a funeral. Who hears us when we pray?

Why is it important to pray for a soul that has deceased? The burdens a soul carries forward from past lives. What is multiple soul syndrome? What is an enhanced superlative timeline? Seta’s seven steps of abundance. Add more for what is surely going to be an incredibly enlightening and insights-filled interview with a truly remarkable healer.


Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Seta Araz Shahinian | Crossing Over After Death


Seta, a warm heartfelt welcome to the show.

Thank you so much. You don’t know how much it thrills me to see you with this show reaching thousands of people every week all over the globe, internationally. I want to also say congratulations to you. Thank you for your wonderful award. Irene has received first place in two categories in the International 2024 Speak Up Radio Positive Change Award. You are worthy of this award.

Thank you.

I’ve worked for years to spread your word, your message of loving kindness that we all know, and your experiences and how much you’ve learned from it. Every soul has an obligation to learn and then share their gift, only sharing your gift. I’m so proud of you.

Thank you, Seta. I would not be sitting here talking with you if I hadn’t done all that healing work with you, which is why I have such a passion to introduce people to mediums, healers, and trauma specialists, and all because I’ve been there and it made a huge difference in my life. I want to help other people, too. Thank you for that.

I believe it’s the shortcut that we need to heal. I cannot even imagine how much people suffer needlessly when they don’t have access to these resources. Thank you for spreading the word.

Thank you for helping me and giving me the fuel and the healing to allow me to do this. Let’s talk about you and what you can do because I’m living proof of a lot of that. Let’s start from the beginning so that people get to know you. What inspired you to leave your grounded professional career, and I know you’re such a bright lady, to become a healer?

Necessity is always the mother of invention. My children suffered very poorly after being vaccinated. My eldest was placed on the autistic spectrum. He lost complete speech and verbal regression at around the age of two and that lasted for two and a half years. There was no internet at the time. I remember I had waited almost eleven months for an appointment to see the top physician who wrote textbooks on autism in Manhattan. She looked at me. At the time, my son was almost four.

She said to me, “Your son is never going to speak. If I were you, I would learn sign language.” I said to myself, “I don’t believe that God would not provide us with a solution. I have to search.” That’s what propelled me forward toward looking at homeopathy, energy healing, alternative care, and everything that was outside of the typical physician’s world. Miracles abounded and my son spoke beautifully. Thank God, he drives. He’s doing wonderfully.

He’s functioning and he’s fine. He’s okay. Isn’t that marvelous? That’s wonderful. Talk about the testament to healing.

Living in a world of silence, it was four and a half by the time he started speaking. It’s devastating to not be able to communicate. Where energy flows, health ensues. It’s about identifying all of the blockages that prevent energy from flowing fluidly. When you’re able to resolve those obstacles and blockages, you can see that the body has its natural ability to heal. We have to find the resources and know that God has given us many tools. There are so many healers and each has their modality or technique to contribute and each speaks their own language. Each has channeled their gifts. It’s a community and we have to access all of these multiple resources to heal.

It’s such a blessing to know that these resources are available to us. It’s not a one-size-fits-all or one-modality-fits-all. What I’m trying to bring forward on this show is to bring forward all these wonderful modalities. Listen to the person and see what healing modality resonates with you. I know you’re a healing modality. You do many things but you do a lot of healing through prayer.

I do.

The Power Of Prayer

Please explain to everybody because people get brought up praying and being told to pray. Who’s hearing us? Why should we pray? Who hears us when we pray? How do you perceive what you call God? There are also many different interpretations of that word. Would you explain that to us?

I’m going to go back and speak first about the fact that we are comprised of mind, body, and soul. Everybody knows that they have to take care of their bodies, eat well, sleep well, perhaps exercise, and bathe. This is part of our daily activity. We also educate our minds, we go to school, and then eventually we learn a profession or a trade. We go to work and we use our minds to provide for ourselves and our families. That leaves the soul.

We are comprised of mind, body, and soul. Share on X

Many people don’t pray and don’t understand that it’s so important to nourish and nurture the soul. The soul is probably the most important aspect of the trinity of mind, body, and soul because when this incarnation is over and we pass on, the only thing that survives us is the soul. The question remains, “Did you evolve or did you devolve?” How can we ensure that our soul is going to evolve? Yes, we can do good things and be good.

To be honest with you, we need God in our lives because prayer is part of a daily activity that if we cultivate it, creates ease in our lives because we’re not alone and we are receiving the support of the Divine. When I pray, I see that it rains light on us and it resembles a kaleidoscope of all different colors falling from different geometric shapes. I feel that the Divine, God, source, the Universe is light. This light comes into us and we are in alignment with the source.

We receive what we require to heal and move forward. When we’re praying, what I observe are blockages dissolving and disappearing. Imagine for example that you have persistently entertained a negative thought, and that negative thought each time you think something, you are planting a seed in your future. As time elapses, that seed will come to fruition.

If you think in the same negative fashion with repetition and intensity, you plant many negative seeds. They are the same so they will congeal and solidify. When they spread everywhere throughout our essence and being, we will have truly cursed ourselves. I know that sounds like a very dramatic word but all I’m trying to say is that we will have coaxed into existence through our negativity, a patterned state or condition that represents a significant obstacle.



Are you saying that if you’re constantly being very negative and you’re planting the seed all the time, every time you think in all, you’re watering it? It grows bigger and it blocks out the sun from other parts of you in a way.

Yes. Imagine being so entrenched in that negativity. How can we now dissolve it? Do you know how difficult it is for that person to do it by themselves?

They’re not always conscious of it.

No, we talk about complaining. There are some people who love to complain and talk about their problems. They do so to almost every listener that they can find and what they’re not understanding is that with every complaint, they’re planting the seed to receive even more to complain about. We are ultimately responsible for the life that we create because our thoughts dictate our reality as well as our actions and words. One of the greatest gifts is to develop an ability to be self-aware, have control over our thoughts, and indulge in the positive. If we understood the degree to which every negative thought will come to fruition, we would be shocked, to be honest with you.

It’s shocking because I am sure, and I’ve seen it myself, that very negative people have no one wishes for disease or illness but if you’re doing nothing but feeding your body in a way of negativity, where’s that going to go?

It creates blockages within us as well. Ultimately, it’s a push and pull. People say, “God isn’t answering my prayers.” The question I’m going to ask is, “Are you praying correctly or are you complaining to God?” If you’re complaining in your prayers, I’m going to say that’s akin to self-harm. When we think of something, it has a particular strength. When we speak it, it’s a little bit stronger. When we write it, it’s even stronger. When we pray for something and we pray with complaints, then I will tell you unequivocally that the Law of Attraction will be reflecting even more to complain about.

Instead of saying, “Man, I need more money or God, why aren’t I making more money or whatever,” the better way to do that would be, “Thank you for the gift of bringing me abundance.” Is that the proper way?

Yes or, “Thank you for clearing the path towards abundance.” I haven’t even said anything negative but I know that there is a path towards abundance. “Thank you for ensuring that I am open and receptive to receiving. Thank you for ensuring that I am in alignment with the source.” This is the showerhead. If you are not standing underneath that shower head, you’re not going to receive it.

There are some prerequisites but the important thing is that God can facilitate all of these changes and transformations necessary for you to be in alignment and be receptive to abundance. It’s imperative because once we’ve established these negative patterns, we create containers and become embedded, entrenched, and anchored into these containers that hold all these negative patterns.

It’s an energetic container. In other words, it’s a big instant container.

We truly contaminate our structure and make it very difficult for us to move forward but you have a crystallized negative belief system. You have to pray to be able to release yourself from the chains and shackles of that belief system.

That’s the basis of healing.

How can we do that without God? It’s impossible. Even go to therapy and discuss it, have an awareness of what my issue is, and talk about the patterns that I have created in my life. To undo a negative pattern, you would have to think in a positive manner with more frequency and intensity than you did initially when you were creating that negative pattern. That’s hard. The shortcut is prayer because the minute we pray, light comes down and it dissolves those negative patterns, states, and conditions. We experience freedom as a consequence.

Part of that healing is that you have to be aware of what your issues are and some people are not quite. They know they’re having problems in their lives but they don’t know if it came from a past life issue or something that they need to heal or what’s going on. You’ve got two people praying and they’re praying for two directly opposite results. Who here is what gets answered?

It’s the Super Bowl. Half of the stadium is unfull and half together. I love that question because there is an answer and it’s mathematical in nature. Everyone’s prayer does not have the same impact. Why? Think of a megaphone. What would allow me to raise the volume of my prayer so that it is heard more readily and loudly, and is amplified? It’s the frequency of love that you have within you. It’s how much faith you have inside of you.

How much have you prayed in the past? There is a path. Is it a well-worn path in your communication and relationship with God, or is it very sparse and highly almost unnoticeable? It’s how much gratitude you have. How much are you able to surrender? How much peace do you have within you? How much are you in service?

You can imagine that all of these variables and even more impact the frequency of the energy emanating from you. All spoken words or thoughts are energetic in nature. If I’m praying for my team and I have all those things going for me but the other person is angry, complaining, and cursing out at the player for making a mistake, I’m sorry but my prayer is going to win. The other one is, how much humility do you have?



If your team wins, maybe they won on that last winning touchdown on the wings of angels to get the right message got through.

You have hundreds of thousands of people praying for their team to win and it’s the total of the frequency of one versus the other and the players themselves.

They’re praying too, for sure.

How worthy the person feels. It’s a complicated answer but at the same time, it is cumulatively the total of all the energies emanating from you. If those words are amplified, they’re very diminished in volume because you have a diminished frequency.

Reincarnation, Soul Evolution, & Earthbound Souls

Seta, I know that we’re touching on it but for everyone reading this, aside from the fact that they have blockages, they want to accomplish things, they need to heal, and all that, is there an overarching reason that people should heal their souls to be aware, go out of their way, heal, and do this in this lifetime as much as they can. Is there a great reason?

Yes. First of all, I believe that the only reason we incarnate is to evolve. It is the soul’s evolution that I am referencing and the soul’s ability to fulfill its life’s purpose and soul’s mission, which is always to learn lessons, master a gift, and share that gift with others, which is for example, what you are doing with your show or what I do in my healing practice. What happens should we devolve? I have to say that I do believe in reincarnation. I have seen many things and experienced many things myself. I would say that my belief in reincarnation is at 100%. This is very important.

Let’s say, in this lifetime, I felt powerless about something and I felt guilty. If my powerlessness and guilt are on the level of a curse because I indulge that negativity to such a degree that I have placed a chain and shackle and I have mummified my soul with the frequencies of that curse that correspond to my guilt and powerlessness, for example, and I die. My soul ascends so my soul will carry that information and in my next incarnation, as a contractual limitation, it will carry it forward. It will be located within a time capsule. The time capsule will be located somewhere throughout the physical body creating an energetic reason.

It’s an energetic time capsule.

Guilt oftentimes impacts the thyroid. What are the emotions that impact the thyroid? Emotional instability, expectations, indecisiveness, guilt, and complaining. Let’s say I have all of these curses and each curse has its individual time capsule because it didn’t just go away. It didn’t disappear after I died.

It follows you onto the other side and sits with your soul. When you incarnate, it’s coming back with you because it’s a part of your soul until you heal it.

It’s a mandate. I have to experience it. I’m obligated. I cannot escape that contract. What happens is that eventually, because it takes up space, it creates blockages. Even pathology can develop because of that. I can develop a particular disease that has an affinity for the organ that is carrying the time capsule or the limitation. If I’ve had it for twenty lifetimes, I will be able to detect in that time capsule all of the lifetimes wherein that contractual limitation was evident.

You can see that. When you’re healing someone, you are able to access all of that.

The body has a computer. If you know how to read the language or the computer of the body, you’re going to be able to detect that. It’s important because the soul is what defines the personality. Why is it that we see some of our children play a temperament or have characteristics or virtues and others are so different? It’s because we’re already born with all of these programs active in our souls. When we strive to evolve, learn, and nourish ourselves, we are helping not only ourselves in this lifetime but in our future lifetimes as well.

Here’s the other very important matter. When you have a curse of individuation, meaning this is something that you’ve imposed on yourself because you indulge that negative emotion, for example, guilt or powerlessness. Should you conceive a child, you don’t just pass on your physical attributes or virtues. You will pass on the energetic patterns as well. It’s highly likely that you will have passed on as a generational curse, guilt, and powerlessness too. That is mentioned in the Bible and that will last for seven generations. Talk about an incentive to nourish and care for your soul. It’s a big deal.

Not only that especially because you’re passing things on. They would say in psychospeak, you’re passing on the ancestral pain. In your case, we would call it karma but you’re passing on the ancestral pain to your offspring and the future.

They are condemned to experience it as you have because you inherited it.

If you heal it, then it heals all the way around.

Everybody talks about ailments of the mind or body. Few recognized that something can be an ailment on the level of the soul. If we’re condemned to re-experience these negative patterns over and over again, it’s because our soul carries it forward from our past. The soul then influences the mind and the personality. If we could address these burdens of the soul, we release all of that negativity and evolve, which is the purpose of each incarnation.



Your soul is so happy, I’m sure.

Prayer is the shortcut. It’s true that without God, to me, it’s impossible because it comes down to, in the end, invoking God’s merciful grace.

This is when you’re talking about the energy of the universe and all that is available to us in the form of God. I know that you heal so much through prayer and you work with Archangel Gabriel. What role does he play when you’re healing souls? You also have a book. You use the title Prayers for Your Soul: Your Life and Beyond with the Intercession of Archangel Gabriel. Tell us all about that.

The soul fascinates me and matters of the soul. I’ve come to focus on this so much because I feel like that’s the core issue for every single person. That’s where our freedom is, to be the best version of ourselves that we can be and attract the best that love and life have to offer. All of it comes from liberating the soul. I have observed an epidemic of sorts in my private practice. I feel that very little significance has been given to the soul, especially in the younger generations. We have an epidemic of souls not going to the light for a number of reasons. It could be because they are in co-dependent relationships with their loved ones and they’re too attached and entangled.

They don’t want to leave.

Their loved one isn’t letting them leave and is imploring them to stay. It could be because they are mummified or surrounded by evil that doesn’t allow them to ascend. They’ve indulged in so many negative traits that have come to fruition and have occupied so much space in their energy body that they cannot ascend. They’re too heavy.

It could be because they might think that they have sinned or have committed so many wrongs against others that they’re going to go to a very bad place so they don’t want to leave it at risk leaving. Some of them don’t even know that they’ve died. They may have died in a state of shock. There are many reasons. In this book, I have a prayer that lists 60 or 70 different reasons why souls might not ascend.

Is that what we call a ghost when they don’t ascend, that they’re earthbound that way?

Yes. There’s a difference between souls that linger in the gray zone and souls that have been able to penetrate this realm or have never left this realm. Here’s the biggest problem. They can attach to somebody alive. When they attach to somebody alive, it drives the person crazy. I honestly believe that probably 70% of people in mental institutions have more than one deceased earthbound soul attached to them that has depleted them of energy. The first thing I sense is tremendous exhaustion and fatigue, irritability, impatience, atypical behaviors, mood swings, and depression.

It’s atrocious. You see, they occupy space and block energy. We know that when energy becomes blocked, we become sick. It’s something that is so overlooked, the people who have it, I have to say have been to so many doctors, and the doctors will say, “We don’t see anything wrong.” This is the primary issue. I don’t think the week goes by at this point and I am not seeing this problem. It could be that God is sending me all these clients.

People that you can help to heal this. I can imagine if you’ve got 2 souls, you’ve got 2 conflicting agendas inside of you calling upon you. I’d be moody too if I had so much going on inside of me, and I didn’t understand what that was with differing impulses and messages.

I want to read you one. This was after we did one session where two earthbound souls were released by this boy. I was able to muscle-test the exact date because it’s a computer and a language. If you’re able to go in and find that date, you can muscle-test them. I said, “This happened when he was thirteen years old.”

She said to me, “Seta, my son was in the hospital that day getting a tonsillectomy.” He was vulnerable. He was under anesthesia. Where do people perish? Where do they die? They die in hospitals. If the soul probably got stuck in the hospital, it didn’t know where to go. This young boy was there and he took advantage of the opportunity and enmeshed into this young thirteen-year-old boy.

What were the symptoms this boy was showing?

She said, “He was this boy who had suffered for seven years. My twenty-year-old son has had chronic stomach issues since he was a young child. We’ve tried everything to help him including probiotics, avoiding gluten and dairy, supplements and probiotics, and nothing worked. His stomach issues were debilitating to the point where he would sometimes miss his classes in college because he couldn’t leave the bathroom.”

“After one session with Seta, where she uncovered two earthbound spirits attached to him through his umbilicus, his stomach issues have disappeared. She even pinpointed the exact date of when this happened. When I looked back, this was the day he was in the hospital getting his tonsils removed. In addition, his anxiety has significantly decreased and his overall energy is lighter and brighter. We are so grateful.”

It would be the last thing anyone would come up with. Your medicine certainly doesn’t have any clue about that.

I remember I had another client who was in the hospital for kidney surgery and she was the director of her department. She said, “Seta, I could not even formulate a sentence. I couldn’t think any more or direct anybody. I went on disability.” I saw her two years later. In one session, we removed the deceased earthbound soul. One week later, she was back at work. She said, “I have all my mental faculties back.” I want to give a few more examples because people cannot quite believe that this thing can happen.

I’m hearing this from you and I’ve heard this from you before but a lot of people are hearing this for the very first time. I could have two souls or someone I know who’s troubled could have more than one soul in them.

It depends. In this case, this boy, and the two souls attached to him were complete strangers. Sometimes it’s your loved one that you’re not letting leave or won’t leave you or both. I will say that the person usually at that point is in a state of grief. They will feel a tremendous heaviness on their chest. Grief, depression, and weeping are common depletions of energy and fatigue. They cannot move on. They’re constantly thinking about their loved ones. They cannot let go or process.

People are saying, “It’s been so long already. I cannot believe you haven’t adjusted to this yet.” It’s because the soul is sitting on them. I had a woman whose husband was present. She hated crime shows. She never watched the news or read the newspaper. Right after he died, she said, “All I did was everything he wanted to do. I found myself watching every show that he would watch and doing everything that he would do.” The minute he left, she stopped. He was impacting her daily activities.

I had another one. She said, “You know my parents died. I adjusted well but my brother, I cannot let him go. I think about him all the time. He loved Porsches. I even bought a Porsche for him.” Can you imagine? The minute the soul was gone, she said, “I hate that damn Porsche.” Probably the scariest thing that I had heard, to be honest with you, and this does happen, was I had a session with a mother who was calling on behalf of her daughter, who was in a behavioral program down in North Carolina, and it was an all-girls program. She had been very active sexually with boys prior to this therapeutic boarding school.

Like an intervention.

Exactly. Her mother went to visit her three months later and she said to her mom, “Mom, I want you to know that I’m trans, finding my breasts. I’m going to have them removed. I’m a lesbian.” Her mother was shocked. She said, “How could this be? I’ve only known you to be boy-crazy.” She said, “No, I’m a completely different person.” The mother went silent and took it in but we happened to have an appointment that day coincidentally, how God works.

I said, “Let me scan her. Let me see what’s going on.” I have to say that I saw a man. If I’m going to describe him, he was lascivious. I cannot even tell you how many demons of lust and perversion he had on him. He was embedded in her and had taken over to the point where he impacted her sexuality. Listen to this. It’s the next day. Let me tell you, it was a challenge.

You were praying the whole time I can imagine.

She said, “I’m going to take you to the mall because I know you need some undergarments.” She doesn’t have a telephone while she’s in this therapeutic interschool. She was utilizing her mother’s phone to call her girlfriend in New Jersey. She said, “This place has so many cute guys. This guy is checking me out. He’s so cute. I’m going to have to come back and see if I can talk to him again.” Then she said, “Wait, what am I saying? I’m supposed to be trans. How is this possible? I guess I switched back.” That’s crazy and dramatic.

The mother was just smiling because she knew what it was. Do you know how many mothers would even think that that might be the contributory factor to such a drastic decision? It’s not the first one that I’ve seen where sexuality is impacted, not just in preference of gender but overall activity and behavior. We have to understand that if we’ve undergone a sudden change, a dramatic change, or we’re battling something inside of us that’s very atypical, perhaps it must be within our vocabulary to assess, “Could it be a deceased soul or an earthbound soul that is attached to me?” That’s the question.

It doesn’t hurt to go to someone like you and find out for sure. If they’re not, go to do whatever else you need to do but if they are, it could be a one-stop.

You might be surprised to see where they show up in hospitals, funeral homes, and cemeteries but they love the ocean too. I would strongly recommend a prayer of protection. I’m going to come back to why Archangel Gabriel. I have a dear friend who has a beautiful business selling wallets and handbags on Amazon. She’s like, “I’m interested in creating a religious statue.” I said, “If you’re going to do something like that, could you create Archangel Gabriel?”

Here’s a picture of the statue and it’s under the brand Divinely Blessed and also available. I said, “I want to get some prayers out. People need resources.” If they even feel this heaviness or this grief, they don’t necessarily know how to release it. They don’t know how to send an earthbound soul to the light.” Archangel Gabriel not only delivers souls to expectant parents but also upon death. Archangel Gabriel is one of the archangels that will help escort the soul to the light and help that soul receive the blessings of last rites or the holy sacraments, absolution, forgiveness, redemption, and all of the things.

It doesn’t matter what religion you are, however it is.

Every religion and culture has traditionally had a ritual or a spiritual practice that addresses the passing of the soul and helping that soul facilitate their transition from earth to heaven or whatever word you want to say denoting the final sanctuary or resting place. I will tell you that in America when we have so many people celebrating the death of a loved one, they have a celebration a live ceremony, or a memorial service. It does not take the place of a funeral.


Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Seta Araz Shahinian | Crossing Over After Death


In a funeral, I see that the person is surrounded by their loved ones and is bathed continuously the entire time in light. They’re being washed and prepared. There is a process that is taking place. I happen to be Armenian. In the Armenian church, I see that they receive Holy Chrism. There are so many steps that have to take place to prepare them. Forty days after death, we have another special service to ensure that that soul goes to the light.

What if a person is killed in a war or something and there’s no funeral? What happens to that soul?

It’s a problem. Sometimes they go to the light but sometimes I count these amongst some of those ghosts that are not able to ascend because they don’t have anybody to pray for them and help the soul transition beyond death.

If you’re somebody who dies as that but people get together and they know this happened to the soul, even though they don’t have the body, can they pray and help that soul go to the light, even if it’s a disastrous thing that’s happened to that person? I have spoken to people who have been in areas visited like a concentration camp and they said there were many souls there and they prayed and helped them to go to the light that they were still around all those years.

I did the same from the Armenian Genocide in 2012. I went to a church that was going to be celebrating divine liturgy for the first time in a hundred years. I went specifically to help the souls go to the light. Even with all of the turmoil around this world, it’s one of my constant prayers that God sends the angels and the divine beings of love and light to help the souls transition and lead them home. It’s not an automatic thing. Everybody assumes that it happens automatically but it’s not. All you have to do is look at our cultures. In the Jewish religion, how many days do you sit Shiba to perfect?

Minimum 3 to 7.

This is not a coincidence. These things exist because there’s a need. In the same way in the Armenian church, 40 days afterward, we’re praying again for the soul. I heard that the Indians pray for twelve consecutive days. I have a friend from Slovakia. She said they pray for three days consecutively. There is an entire process of ritual that has to take place. Nothing is happening in America. It is an epidemic because the souls are not going to the light.

They are not receiving the nourishment and nurturance that they need. For whatever reason, perhaps they did not nurture their souls towards their evolution. Maybe they didn’t pray. Maybe they didn’t know they were ignorant. These things have to be taught. Somehow there is such a disenchantment with religious institutions but maybe we’ve thrown the baby out with the bathwater too.

I hear you. In that prayer book that you have with Archangel Gabriel, do you have prayers that can help someone send their soul to the light?

I do have an entire section devoted to that for the bereaved, as well as sending souls to the light and general prayers of protection. I wanted people to have the resources and tools at hand. Archangel Gabriel is such a support. He’s so amazing and can help alleviate these burdens. We have to learn how to ask for help.

I want to move on to talk to you about this multiple soul syndrome that you talk about. If someone is dealing with someone in their life, what kind of ailments would you suspect to see in people who have a deceased soul attached to them? Are there certain common symptoms that identify that there’s this particular problem? You say you find a lot of them in mental hospitals but how about walking the streets in your daily activities?


Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Seta Araz Shahinian | Crossing Over After Death


Exhaustion, fatigue, mental dullness, mood swings, anger, irritability, and impatience. They don’t even understand. It’s like an uncomfortable feeling in their body, a complete lack of peace. Let’s not forget that if a person cannot go to the light and they are surrounded by evil, then they contaminate the living soul with that same evil. The frequency of the living soul deteriorates and eventually, they feel sickly in some manner. It’s on the mental plane, the physical and emotional. It’s all of the above.

I’m going somewhere new and I want to make sure my soul is going to remain unattached to nothing untoward is going to come at me. What can I do to prevent an attachment from happening aside from running to you and getting prayed over?

You can pray for protection in advance.

There are prayers of protection too, I know in the booklet.

Yes, multiple prayers of protection. It’s about having a sound energetic structure. I do have a series of webinars coming forward that spirit told me, and it’s entitled Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Relationships, and Healthy Life. If we have stronger boundaries, the deceased soul is going to be less likely to attach to us.

If we have stronger boundaries, the deceased soul will be less likely to attach to us. Share on X

Do you create that boundary with prayer?

Yes. I ask Spirit to do it. I’m not going to be able to do it. The person cannot do it themselves. This is when you have to believe, have faith, and have to ask. You can say thank you as well. For example, I had a friend who had surgery and I know that hospitals are areas of concern. I asked for the angels to line her hospital room and the entryway, escort her, be with her everywhere she went in that hospital, and keep her safe. I know that I asked and then I rest knowing that it has been granted because I have the faith that I’m heard. I know that I’m heard.

You’re helping them prevent something negative from happening to them. It’s almost like a prophylactic in a way.

To give another example, I had a client who came and was complaining about his son. He said, “My son has not laughed. He has not smiled in two years. He’s in a deep depression. What do you think this is?” It was a woman in her 50s who had died and was attached to him, giving him very unusual thoughts and taking over. Even before we were done, his wife texted, “He’s smiling, laughing, and playing with the dog.” It was such a big deal that even while he was still here, this young boy’s mother was texting the father. That’s sad. We have to be aware. It’s all about creating awareness. That’s why I’m so grateful that I have this opportunity to express this ailment of the soul that can take over one’s life.

It’s amazing but nobody talks about it. I’ve spoken to a few people who are aware of this but it’s not commonly known. There’s another thing I’d like you to explain to people because you talk about timelines. People are not aware that there’s any such thing as a timeline in our lives as souls. You say that you can, and I’ve had this happen with me with you, create an enhanced superlative timeline. The inferior life path is eliminated. Please start in the beginning and explain this to everyone.

We’re all living on a trajectory. It’s a timeline and a life path that has certain characteristics that are likely to transpire because that’s the path that we’re on.

We set that up before we incarnate.

It’s constantly fluid because it depends on your thoughts. There will be a timeline that will take precedence above all. Imagine, for example, that you have a deceased soul that latches on to you. Your timeline went sideways because you are no longer the total of the energy emanating from you. Somebody else is also interfering in your timeline, making you moody, making you irritable, becoming angry with people, fighting with people, becoming depressed, and grief-stricken. There are so many different words, to be honest with you, but the trajectory of your life is no longer the same as it once was.

Part of my job is to understand timelines that are interfering with you. For example, if somebody has an evil eye on you or is very upset with you and directs a lot of negative energy to you, if your boundaries are not strong, that negative energy will penetrate and will also impact your timeline because you’re going to abide by that negativity. You’re going to adhere to this new mandate of somebody else’s evil eye imposed upon you.

How does someone know if their boundaries are strong or how do they strengthen those boundaries?

I believe it’s through prayer and purification. You have to pray to be purified of that which has contaminated you or the negative energy that’s present and then you have to ask for shields. We have three levels of shields. We have boundaries for everything to be rectified, repaired, regenerated, and recreated. I say to God’s specifications because I don’t know what’s perfect but God knows what’s perfect for us.

It’s whatever is for our highest good.

Multiple Soul Syndrome

I wanted to talk very briefly about multiple soul syndrome because it also has everything to do with a soul, perishing and not going to the light. There are times when a person will be pregnant and for whatever reason, the pregnancy will not culminate in a live birth. That soul must also be prayed for, released, and taken to the light.

If a mother is worried about her miscarriage, and she surrounds that soul with the negativity of worry, perhaps she’s had an abortion and she feels guilty, or perhaps she had multiple IVFs that have failed and she has a fear that it’s going to fail and it’s not going to culminate in a live birth, whatever the negative emotion is, if it surrounds the soul, it is highly likely that it will prevent the soul from ascending.

Should the mother become pregnant again, that soul wanting to leave the maternal womb stuck within the maternal womb will find a way to embed within the newly developing fetus. The newly developing fetus will experience this more often than not unless it’s a failed twin. As a violation, it will cause tremendous anxiety and there is a battle for control over the subconscious and conscious mind.

This is something that I see often in people diagnosed with bipolar disorder, people who are confused about their gender, and people who have tremendous mood swings as well. They cannot make a decision regarding their career or a partner. There are many complications. I do go into detail on my website at for a description of many of the ailments that will prevail.

To give you an example, I’ll never forget, it was right after I had discovered this to be true that a mother came to see me and said, “You won’t believe it. I went to see a psychic and that psychic told me that my daughter has two souls.” She had gone to the psychic the same day that I was told about this matter.

No actions.

It was confirmation. Her daughter was anorexic. She had been hospitalized for trying to kill herself and anorexia. She was in rehab for many years. She was very depressed. She had told her mother the prior year that she was gay. Her mother didn’t believe it because she said, “It doesn’t seem like it’s my daughter. She had very short hair. She was a very beautiful young lady.”

I said, “I feel that she has a male inside of her and she is a product of IVF.” There were five embryos placed in the mother simultaneously and she was the only living child that was born of that gestation. I will say that as the soul left, he said “I didn’t let her eat because I didn’t want her to have breasts. I wanted her to be as flat as possible.”

He was very happy to leave because he thought that he was going to be trapped inside of her and he felt that the only way to escape from being trapped within her was through death, which is why he had wanted her to commit suicide. Two months later, the mother joyfully recounted that her daughter had gained 25 pounds. She was happy. She wasn’t suicidal.

She was no longer anorexic and she had a boyfriend. It was a miracle. What happened was there was a very dominant soul of the opposite gender that had imposed his will upon her but at the same time wanted her to die so he could escape. This is one brief example. It’s been several years that I have been working with hundreds of cases of multiple soul syndrome and it is life-altering.

That soul that didn’t belong there, he couldn’t opt just to leave on his own? He opted to enter on his own.

Yes, but once he entered into her, the soul becomes enmeshed in the flesh of the developing fetus. It’s like a Siamese twin surgery. It takes hours and hours. It’s very delicate. If you think two souls are difficult, you can imagine what 3 or 4 souls are.

Is that what makes someone schizophrenic sometimes?

Yes. A borderline personality disorder is more than three souls, generally speaking, from my experience. This is what I’m talking about when we’re talking about ailments of the soul. Imagine if we learned how to honor the souls of the deceased, even if it’s a brief time intrauterine, we can avoid so many of these problems. That’s the message that I want to convey.

That’s a beautiful message.

Pray for the souls. You would be doing such a favor for all of humanity if you could pray for the souls that exist outside who don’t have family members praying for them who may have been stuck or earthbound for hundreds of years. That’s true. Although we cannot be 100 % certain. I’m told that if a soul is in purgatory, they cannot pray for themselves.

Praying for the souls of the departed is a thoughtful act that benefits all of humanity. Share on X

People have different ideas about purgatory. It’s a plane of existence. It’s not a punishment.

To me, it’s a lost soul. Purgatory or limbo is a gray zone, whatever you want to call it, but it’s a soul that cannot ascend and cross over to the light. I was told many times that I asked multiple other people because it seems so sad to me that a person cannot pray for themselves once they are no longer incarnated within a physical vessel but it appears to be true.

I pray that we understand how important it is to pray for our souls, pray for our loved ones, incorporate God in our daily lives, and have a relationship with God so that we can create greater ease in our lives and overcome these obstacles with light pouring down upon us as we’re in alignment with source. It doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think it does. Please, refrain from complaining so that the universe doesn’t send you more to complain about.

If you hear someone who’s complaining, you could feel sorry for that person because they’re not doing their soul any favors. You are the souls around them.

Here is something that I’m going to say too. A lot of times, people feel like as a friend, you should listen to your close friend complain. You should allow them to air their grievances so that they can feel heard. This is a very delicate matter because the more you give into that, the more they’re going to bury themselves with that negativity. You can say very briefly, “I’m going to allow you to say 1 or 2 things but I love you too much to let you complain at nauseam because you’re only going to attract more to complain about.”

That would point to the uselessness of creating so much drama in your life, wouldn’t it, which a lot of people like to do so that they cannot complain.

I wanted to offer people an opportunity to partake in a webinar where I’m going to be talking about invoking God’s grace to help souls cross over to the light. If the person feels ill-equipped to handle it themselves, and I’m sure that many people are, you can always go to your religious institution, a spiritual leader, or a healer to receive assistance as well. If you have an awareness after the episode that it might be an ailment of the soul that you are contending with, then perhaps this will be helpful.

The Seven Steps To Abundance

I want to ask you two other things also. You were talking about Archangel Gabriel. Could you explain to people who is Archangel Gabriel? I know he’s represented in different religious cultures. We still haven’t talked about the seven steps of abundance and we cannot conclude this interview without telling everyone with Archangel Gabriel’s help. What are those seven steps of abundance, please?

Archangel Gabriel is known in all of the three major religions. He explained Daniel’s visions and messages of those visions to Daniel the prophet in the Old Testament. He also announced to Mother Mary the coming of Christ. He also went to Mohammed and he is venerated as the angel of revelation and has been given several chapters in the Quran. He is recognized by all of the major religions. I feel that he has the Book of Life in his hand. He’s supposed to be the one who has a trumpet and the one who announced it on judgment day if the soul’s name was written in the Book of Life. Archangel Gabriel is a tremendous force.

He’s quite a messenger.

Yes. He explains visions and helps with our intuition. He helps so much with the soul in general and with fertility for parents who need help in that area as well. There are so many things. You can read out upon Archangel Gabriel but he was the one that I wanted to start with specifically. The title is Prayers for Your Soul: Your Life and Beyond because it’s that beyond that is of such high importance to us all if only we understood. The real report card comes afterward.

The seven steps of abundance is actively the book that I’m working on. There is a process to abundance. The first is gratitude. Imagine you’re a mother and your son messages you, “I love the dinner that you prepared, Mom.” What’s the first thing that you do? You make a mental note of it. You say in the future, “I’m going to prepare this again because he was grateful.”

There’s no difference. God is the parent of your soul. When you say thank you to God, God says, “Seta said thank you. I’m going to give her more of the same and develop this path of communication.” The more grateful you are, the more you can receive. The second step is to understand what is your intention. You have to monitor your thoughts because your thoughts, words, and deeds become the intentions that reflect from you and that the universe reflects directly back to you based on the Law of Attraction.

If you are careful in thinking good thoughts, then you’re going to manifest abundance far more easily than if you complain about all the struggles you are enduring in life. The intention is the second thing. The third is surrender. You’re not in control. If you want to be in control, what I find is generally the person is going to feel very powerless because the more control you want, the less likely it is that it will come about. If you have unrealistic expectations of what you can or cannot control, this differential of what you cannot control leads you to feel powerless.

If you are careful to think good thoughts, then you will manifest abundance far more easily than complaining about life's struggles. Share on X

The more you can surrender and say, “Thy will be done,” let God orchestrate everything. When we pray, this is the beauty of it. We’re saying to God, “We are open to receiving.” I know that you can see the big picture far more than I can and you can take away all of the little obstacles in my path, things that I don’t even know are there.

When we surrender, we are entrusting God. Isn’t it the same thing? What does a little child do? A child entrusts their parents that they’re going to have food on the table, a warm bed, a home to live in, and a roof over their heads. We’re in trusting and surrendering to our parents. Yes, our parents are able to take care of us for the most part and in general in the world that we live in.

You pray, please.

After surrendering, we have been receptive, being open to receiving. The next step is to retain. A lot of times if we see something fleeting, we cannot utilize it. You cannot hold on to it but you have to be able to retain something to then create something to utilize it and then manifest something from all of the resources that God has given you. When your dreams have come to fruition, you must sit and enjoy them. The seventh step of abundance is to enjoy. It’s the pause that allows you to feel repeated and satiated with all of the abundant gifts and blessings you’ve received.

It’s an emotional and energetic enjoyment. It’s not about going out and buying the next Porsche or something.

It’s whatever the person wants and what their definition of abundance is, unlike his sister purchasing a Porsche. Yes, this is about enjoying something and then we come right back to the beginning of the cycle, which is gratitude. When we’re enjoying something, it should be right there and then lead us to declare gratitude. These are the seven steps of abundance as dictated to me by the source.

Healthy Boundaries And Healthy Relationships

Seta, you were talking about an upcoming event you’re having. Are there other things going on you want to tell everyone about? You’re offering a lovely gift to the members of our show’s audience, which you and I recorded together. You want to tell everyone about that and tell everyone a little more about how they can get ahold of you, what you’re doing, your, and all that you’re involved with.

My email is and my website is I have a library of webinars that I’ve pre-recorded, where I address so many of the issues that I commonly observe, including unburdening the soul, structural deficits, and so many different things. In the future, I probably have around twelve webinars.

If people sign on, they will get notified about the webinar and can become a part of that.

To be brief, in the Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Relationships, and Healthy Life series, it’s a series of five, we have to understand that when we are overly concerned about our loved ones, like for example, our children, we can impose our negativity upon them and alter their timeline. If we’re constantly worried about our children, fearful for their well-being, health, or future, we are harming them. Fear is a negative emotion. If you’re constantly directing negative energy towards a loved one, especially if it’s apparent, that child cannot avoid that negativity because we have hard chords.

You’re saying that child takes in the negativity inside of them, as opposed to being positive and saying to the child, “I know you’re going to be fine, I love you,” casting it in a positive light.

What happens is that we impose these negative patterns on the child and the child suffers as a consequence. One of the webinars is about addressing the removal of the negativity from others that we’ve imposed. One of them has to do with removing the negative energy that others have imposed upon us. Probably the most difficult thing is taking on the karma of other people. When you worry for somebody and you are not detached, you can take on their problems. This is a tremendous burden because it will alter your lifetime, timeline, and entire life path. You won’t even understand what hit you.

It’s like a co-dependent thing.

That is separate but it can be related. I have a lot of clients who are psychologists and people in health-related services. They worry about their clients or their patients. If they worry too much and they want to help so much that they are no longer detached, they will take on the negativity from the client. That will be so burdensome for them.

One of them, we were going to be working on structure and shielding so that if we can incorporate stronger boundaries, we’ll be less likely to take negativity on. We will also be addressing codependency. Codependency is 100% a derivative of a structural deficit wherein the person is embedded and entangled in the other person and there has to be an energetic separation that takes place.

I know quite a few people who are very codependently entwined. If they cannot heal that in this lifetime, what is the consequence of that? Will they cross over or not?

They will not be able to cross over. It’s one of the primary reasons why people cannot cross over. There are too many cords attaching them to the living. In the end, they siphon that energy and cause tremendous heaviness. It’s very sad but it can be addressed. It’s a structural deficit. If a person has a strong structure, they can be rooted, grounded, and anchored in their energy body.

It’s when their structure shatters and they have these identity strands that normally are embedded in the center above and center below, which are aspects of your energetic structure. If there is no structure, the identity strands have to find a home and they’ll find somebody else. They will embed through one of the chakras to somebody that they feel very close to. They will go into their center above and center below. They will be continuously siphoning energy from that person.

The reason why the person that they are attached to becomes abusive is because they feel suffocated. They feel that you are taking blood from a stone so they become abusive to push you away. Meanwhile, there is no way because you feel that you need that person to survive. It’s not about love. It’s about survival. What we do in this webinar is recreate the structure, pull our cords and identity strands out of the other person, and then embed them in our newly reconstructed structure. It’s life-altering as well.

You can do this by being part of a group and coming on to one of your events. You don’t have to be private to do this.

Even if it’s in the library and it’s not addressed the first time, they have access to listen to it over and over again. It remains in their library for as long as it is high.

Seta, you want to tell everyone about the prayers that you recorded in the Live Your Most Evolved Life Summit that they will get for free from this graciousness.

It had to do with timelines because I know that when people are entrenched in a state of grief, they’re living in the past. They cannot move on and they’re living on an expired timeline. It’s a vicious cycle. It’s a hamstring. What I wanted to do was afford the person the opportunity to leave that timeline and live in the present because change and transformation can only take place in the present.

Change and transformation can only take place in the present. Share on X

The bottom line is that we don’t perish with the diseased. We have a life on earth and God allowed us the grace of life because we’re supposed to evolve. We’re supposed to live life in the present, which is a present in and of itself. I pray that it will be beneficial for those people, especially those people who want to alter their timelines. Not only the grief-stricken but also people who are living on perhaps an inferior timeline or an alien timeline that has been intrusively embedded into them and so forth.

What is the Seta Araz Shahinian personal tip for finding joy in life?

This is what I asked Spirit, “What do you want me to say?” It’s about service. When we know that we can help somebody and make an impact on somebody else’s life, we can create ease or alleviate a problem for them as an instrument in service to God. That is going to create a great deal of joy within us, knowing that our existence made a difference and that our actions made a difference for the betterment of somebody else’s life.

You described what you and I are both doing in our lives and it’s beautiful. I do feel tremendous joy. I also feel joy by having you here, Seta. I want to thank you from my heart for helping so many people to heal their minds, bodies, and souls. You educate and aid them to prevent disease mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually, which means that you help to end needless suffering.

I also want to thank you from my heart for this healing, insights-filled, and truly divine interview on the show, for which you played such a huge part. Thank you so much. Here’s a loving reminder, everyone. Make sure to follow us and like us on social @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and wherever you get your podcasts, including YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued. Thank you so much. Much love to you, Seta.

Thank you. It’s an honor and a privilege. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to share.

Thank you. Many blessings everyone. To be continued and bye for now.



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