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Seta Araz Shahinian is an energetic healer and conduit of healing and transformation for people throughout the world. She can perceive the energetic template that encompasses a person’s mind, body and soul and identify the patterns, states and conditions that define our current lifetime. Through prayer, she focuses on releasing curses, evil eyes, hexes and jinxes we ourselves have created, inherited or ones that others have imposed upon us and she also attends to ailments of the mind, body and most importantly the often-neglected soul. As she is often known to quote, “An intention plus prayer equals a healing. Another favorite quote is “When energy flows, health ensues.” Her priority is always to help release the various blockages and impediments that obstruct energy along energetic pathways and within organs and systems.



  • How Seta evolved into a healer and the group healings she is planning.
  • How prayers benefit us and heal us.
  • The common ailments we can attribute to multiple soul syndrome plus true stories of people who have healed from multiple soul syndrome.
  • The benefits of coming to terms with our grief.



  • Why is it important to pray and is there a correct way to pray?
  • What are alien negative energies and why do they need to be purified?
  • What does it mean to “let go?”

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Energetic Healer Who Prays For Us To Be Released From Curses, Evil Eyes, Hexes And Jinxes We Ourselves Have Created, Inherited Or Have Had Imposed Upon Us By Others






My very special guest, Seta Araz Shahinian, is coming to us from Wyckoff, New Jersey. Seta is an energetic healer and conduit of healing and transformation for people throughout the world over the past years. She was the first guest on the show and is returning because she wishes to share some of the tremendous knowledge, understanding, and experiences she has gained with all of us.

In the spirit of transparent full disclosure, Seta has been my energy healer since shortly after my husband transitioned to the other side. Therefore, I know from personal experience that Seta can perceive the energetic template that encompasses a person’s mind, body, and soul, and identify the patterns, states, and conditions that define our current lifetime.

Through pair, Seta focuses on releasing curses, evil eyes, hexes, and jinxes we ourselves have created, inherited, or ones that others have imposed upon us. I have personally experienced this. Seta facilitates purification from alien negative energies, entities, and soul attachments. She attends to the ailments of the mind body, and most importantly, the often-neglected soul. She has channeled her own modalities called Two Hands to Heal and a diligent application of deliberate intent amongst other healing techniques, uniquely her own. She often individualizes prayers for her clients and shares from her own healing arsenal of prayers.

These are just a few of the tools Seta teaches and passes on to her clients to further their healing process. Although Seta is well-versed in many modalities, including homeopathy, her go-to modality is prayer, both in English and Armenian. She is often known to quote, “An intention plus prayer equals healing.” Another favorite quote is, “When energy flows, health ensues.” Her priority is always to help release the various blockages and impediments that obstruct energy along energetic pathways and with organs and systems. Seta always encourages people to develop their own relationship with the source through prayer, which she believes is fundamental to receiving the blessings of divine intervention that make for an easier, more balanced, and healthy life.

I’m looking forward to interviewing Seta about why she focuses on prayer, what alien negative energy is, the types of emotional, physical, and spiritual issues she helps people to heal, the new focus of healing that spirit has revealed to her, titled Multiple Soul Syndrome, and More, This is going to be a very enlightening, insights-filled and fascinating interview about emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. By the way, in the spirit of open transparency, Seta channeled the name of this show, Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life. What a tremendous blessing.

Seta, sweetie pie, my remarkable healer and wonderful friend, welcome once again to the show.

Thank you, my dear.

What a pleasure, Seta.

It’s such a pleasure to be here.

I know. All these years we’ve been working together, and here we are. I am a living testament to the wonders of your healing. Let’s begin our interview with this question. Please tell us what your life was like before you became a healer. How did you happen to evolve into being a healer?

Soon after I graduated from NYU Stern with a degree in Accounting, I married my husband, Dr. Paul Shahinian, and we started our own optometric practice. He’s an optometrist. I took care of the business end, all the buying, selling, and accounting. He is the physician in Fort Lee and Westwood under Linwood Optical. Everything was running beautifully. We were quite successful early on and very happy. God blessed us with children, unfortunately and fortunately. Unfortunately because it created these difficulties with my children, but fortunately because it was a tool for progress and evolution. That’s why we’re here on Earth, is to progress and evolve as souls. Sometimes from the greatest heartache comes the greatest lessons and the greatest momentum toward our own evolution.

My first son started regressing in his speech but over a short period of time, meaning over 6 or 7 weeks. I attributed it to vaccinations at the time. The doctor poo-pooed it and said it was impossible. My second son, it was a month before his second birthday, we were at the doctor’s office and he gave him his shots right after he had his first ear infection. That night, he started screaming, ranting, and waving. By the following morning, he was mute. He had maybe a 200-word vocabulary at the time.

It was very drastic. I almost felt like God said to me, “You weren’t paying close enough attention. I wanted to make it abundantly clear that the vaccine was dangerous.” For people who are curious, it happened to be oral polio and DPT. Already my elder son now, at the age of almost four, was mute. He hadn’t spoken for over two and a half years or two years. It was a very painful time.

I have two children and both are mute. At the time, both were placed on the autistic spectrum. I prayed and said, “God, as a mother, I’m willing to do whatever it takes, but please guide me.” During my journey in healing them, I will tell you that my second son went to a regular kindergarten class with the benefit of homeopathy and wonderful healers all over the world. My elder son also started speaking close to the age of five. The top neurologist in Manhattan who I remember charged me $950 in the early 1990s said to me, “Your son will never speak. Just learn sign language.” He has an impeccable vocabulary, so I have to say that it’s a godsend.

Anyway, so we have tools out there. The important message for parents who have difficulties with children is it’s easy to go into a state of grief, helplessness, self-pity even, or feeling so lost that there is no way out. If you can have the courage and if you can put forth your best effort, investigate, and explore, you can find solutions to help your children more than you can possibly imagine. At the time, the internet didn’t even exist when I needed help. Imagine how much more information we have at our disposal nowadays.

It's easy to go into a state of grief, helplessness, or self-pity. But if you can put forth your best effort and explore, you can find solutions to help your children more than you can possibly imagine. Share on X

Where were you looking to get this help for your sons? You had to be frantic.

I had a cousin in Brazil who ended up doing some hair analysis with Doctors Data Lab in Chicago. I remembered that this was a lab that did very alternative kinds of testing. When my son was prescribed massive doses of Vitamin B6, I said, “How do I know if he’s even deficient?” I ended up asking and got a prescription and sent the blood to this biochemist, a world-renowned biochemist, which I didn’t know at the time. He told me, “You have to take your son off of dairy and meat.”

At that point, he had been truly mute for two and a half years, not a word, nothing, zero grunting at best. Within 24 hours, he was babbling. Within one week, he was speaking in words. Within a month, he was speaking in sentences. Do you know how things work? It was exactly the same month that I was prescribed a homeopathic remedy from a doctor in California that I found. It was tools like these. I understood that he had allergies.

I ended up working with Dr. Doris Rapp in Buffalo, New York. She said to me, “You seem to be a very open-minded mother.” She said, “I’m only managing allergies, giving you inoculations. I was injecting shots every day.” It turns out that they were allergic to every single thing they ate, everything. They had a leaky gut. The food was leaking through the intestinal wall, going into the bloodstream. If they ate anything, they were developing antibodies against that food.

The reactions were atrocious. Different foods would evoke different behaviors. Sometimes screaming, crying, sleeping, whining, and fighting. One of my greatest regrets is not having a camera with me during that week that we went to see Dr. Doris Rapp because you could see she did something called provocation neutralization, where she would provoke a response and then give an infinitesimal dose of whatever they were allergic to and neutralize it. It was personalized homeopathy. It was wonderful. On the way out, she told me about this healer in Canada. I ended up taking my children there sixteen times for a week at a time over the next four years. I ended up studying with that gentleman, Dr. Harvey Steele and Dr. Larry Steele, originally in Chatham, now in Guelph, Ontario. They are a godsend, truly.

We have choices, we just have to search, and we must never ever give up hope. My son ended up graduating from Drexel. He’s doing wonderfully. The other one is driving. Nobody would think at this point where our beginnings were. Anyway, I ended up understanding that I had an affinity for healing because I could feel what all of these healers were doing with my voice. I studied the modalities that they were teaching and began my private practice and left my husband. He was devastated because we had been in partnership for over a decade together. Literally, within three months’ time, I was working full-time in my private practice and I haven’t turned back. That was many years ago.

What a testament that you started to learn this thing and already you were building a clientele. I can tell you’re very gifted, Seta.

Thank you.

This man you were learning from, did he focus on prayer? I know you focused on prayer.

This is very important. Let’s say you get very angry about something and you think that it’s in your mind, you cool down, and it just fades away. In reality, that anger went directly to the liver. All emotions have an affinity for a particular organ. If we indulge the same emotion repetitively, we block that organ. We block the meridian that nourishes and sustain that organ. Eventually, we’re going to have some kind of pathology developed in an organ that is lacking energetic sustenance and nourishment. We do that because we think incorrectly.

GAR Seta Araz | Power Of Prayer

Power Of Prayer: All emotions have an affinity for a particular organ. If we indulge the same emotion repetitively, we block that organ.


Our bodies react to what we’re thinking and hold on to it.

They hold on to it for so long that you can’t even imagine. As I was working, let’s take an emotion of guilt where I saw the emotion of guilt in the upper part of the body, in the center of the body, and below the body. It was everywhere. In the beginning, I used to work with hands-on healing. At one point, the spirit said to me, “Seta, sit down because you can’t possibly remove the energy from everywhere. Sit down and pray. As you pray, you’ll be the conduit. You’ll hold the space. The prayer has intention, but the voice also.” One of the ways in which we heal is through voice, not just through energy. God said, “Let there be sound.”

The sound actually precedes even light. The sound, frequency, and vibration of the prayer, whether it’s in Armenian or English, there are different benefits. Sometimes the person needs to hear all the words and understand all the words. Sometimes you don’t want the person to concentrate on the words. I’ll then switch to Armenian because it just flows over them. They just go into a trance without paying attention to every word. It’s a different vibration. It’s interesting. It’s a Proto-Indo-European language. It’s one of the oldest and most ancient languages. Then English, the other language is one of the most widely spoken languages. I feel like it’s no coincidence.

Is there a correct way to pray, Seta?

Yes. You cannot ever complain when you pray.

You don’t say, “God, I don’t want this. I don’t want that.” That’s not the correct way to pray.

Prayer is a Law of Attraction multiplied a thousand-fold. Let’s say you think anything you think. A seed is being planted in your future. Eventually, as time elapses, we come to that manifestation of that thought in our reality. When we pray, we are invoking the divine. Once the divine is involved, it amplifies that prayer. If we prayed incorrectly and we complained about we were praying, we harm ourselves.

Would you say that the divine takes everything literally as to what we say? If you have a fight with your father and say, “I hope he dies,” 10 or 15 years later, even though you don’t mean it anymore, that’s still inside of you?

Let’s say if you didn’t consciously attempt to nullify that seed that you planted, then you’re a little bit in trouble. It’s true. The important thing is that you declare what you want in a positive manner. Let’s say if I’m not working, “Thank you, God, for my current employment, for this lucrative position with a wonderful team around me.” I don’t even want to say the negative. I don’t even want to complain about not having a job, for example, because it’s not appropriate.

It’s very important to pray properly. I’ll tell you what else. When we make mistakes, unless we pray and we ask for God to correct those mistakes, we create more difficulty for ourselves. It’s much harder for us to undo the consequences of our errors. If we pray, we forge ahead and God helps us to wipe that slate clean, which is very important.

We pray in a very positive way. I know that you help the people. You have an arsenal of prayers and you have events coming up. I know that. How exactly do prayers heal us? Is it that they’re hearing us on the other side and they’re helping to change the conditions that are going on within us? How does that happen?

God miraculously created an amazingly intricate energy body around us. We are seven levels and layers of the energy body. We have an entire template. We have trillions of manifestation loops. We have meridians, which, for example, acupuncture works with. We have so many energy highways. When we pray, what I see is I see a kaleidoscope of geometric shapes of all different colors. From those geometric shapes constantly spinning and twirling, I see that light falls upon us. Our energetic receptors receive that light that has a very specific frequency, vibration, and energy that delivers healing to us.

Imagine if we have something that’s locked. That light will come and it will shave off that darkness one step at a time until it disappears, and then we experience freedom. Whereas, if we don’t pray, how are we going to get rid of this darkness here? It’s very difficult because you created it. That means you believe this to be true. We need a third party to come in and help us unravel and unwind the mistakes that we’ve already perpetrated against ourselves.

The divine on the other side do hear us. They really are helping us.

Do you know why? It is because we have a soul. We have a higher self, which is the aspect of us that is not incarnated. We are an aspect of God. That’s why you can have a trillion people praying at once, and God will hear every single one of us.

We are an aspect of God. That's why you can have a trillion people praying at once and God will still hear every single one. Share on X

For people who don’t know, they’re walking around with all these negative messages that they created for themselves or other people who have foisted upon them. They could go through life and just cross over with all of that. What are the reasons that we should heal, process our wounds, and correct these misconceptions of beliefs? What does this do for our soul in future incarnations for this future or in this life we’re living?

Let’s say somebody complains incessantly. When you speak, you’re planting a seed in the future. If you speak in the same manner over and over again, those seeds congeal, solidify, and spread out. When it becomes pervasive, we call that a curse. Your will at one given moment can’t undo the curse because it’s 1 thought versus 1,000 negative thoughts. That’s why we need God’s intervention.

I do believe in reincarnation because I can see the burdens on infants that are newborns. They haven’t lived yet. You’re going to say, “Maybe they inherited something from their parents, or maybe it’s a generational curse, or maybe it’s an intrauterine response.” Yes, granted, but still, that soul carries its own karma, which I can detect and interpret.

I have to say you certainly can because you’ve detected quite a few times on me.

What happens is that if you don’t address the problem in this lifetime, you are condemned to experience it again in your next lifetime as a contractual limitation and from the moment of birth onwards. It behooves you to address the ailments of your soul. Everybody talks about ailments of the mind and the body, and they don’t even understand that the driving force is ailments of the soul because the whole reason you’re on earth is to evolve. That’s it.

My children had difficulty. I am sure that I arranged for that to happen and they graciously volunteered for that to happen so that I could learn and that I could help. It is exactly like you do. You’re helping people from your pains because you’ve learned a lesson. That’s part of our life purpose, which is to learn something and then share it with others.

Seta, besides curses, and I know you do so much and you’re so gifted, what types of emotional, physical, and spiritual issues do you help people to heal? If someone’s reading this and saying, “Maybe I should go see Seta. What does she do exactly?”

One of my favorites is altering timelines. Somebody is on a trajectory, but they were thinking negatively, and they’ve attracted all this negativity to their lives, or obstructions and blockages. They have colliding timelines, timelines that conflict. They are conflicted in their choices, passions, and everything else. If we can take away the less desirable timelines and create one trajectory or one timeline that’s superior, I can’t tell you what a relief it is for that person. That’s only one of the things. There are so many things.

For example, people jinx themselves all the time. There are many ways in which we jinx ourselves, but one of them is when we place a limit on the good in our lives. Believe it or not, the average person, on a scale of 1 to 10, the limit is a 3. When things get good beyond the level three, they begin to sabotage themselves because they feel uncomfortable with it. It’s too good to be true. They can’t allow it to happen, or they feel like there’s some unforeseen, horrible event that’s going to follow them, best and pull the rug out from under their feet, best that they curtail the blessing themselves so that they can feel comfortable and control the negative that’s ensuing.

We jinx ourselves by placing a limit on the good in our lives. When something is too good to be true, we feel uncomfortable and start to sabotage ourselves. Share on X

There’s a part of them that wants it, and there’s another part that’s holding them back. You also heal a lot of physical issues with people.

Yes. I work with allergies, migraines, whatever.

You help people with all kinds of things. Anything specific you want to talk about spiritually now before we get to these alien negative energies and all of that?

I will tell you that there is an epidemic of people not going to the light. Apparently, only 24% of people who pass even receive religious rights. Oftentimes, people are just having memorial services, where they’re talking about how wonderful that person was. I’m sorry, but it’s not helping the person go to the light.

If that person had certain negative energies on them, had certain curses that prevent them from ascending, or maybe they had a fear of leaving this plane, and they’ve attached to their loved ones, they need a funeral. At the funeral, I can see with my third eye that the person is bathed in light, their sins are washed away, and they are escorted to the light. In fact, in Armenian, the word funeral means, “To direct.” People need help going to the light. It’s like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. There’s a reason why religious institutions came into existence. Part of it is for these rights of passage. One of the very important ones is funerals.

GAR Seta Araz | Power Of Prayer

Power Of Prayer: If a person had certain negative energies or curses preventing them from ascending to the next life, they absolutely need a funeral. A memorial service will not be enough.


We have a problem these days because people are dying of COVID and everything. They’re in hospitals and their loved ones can’t be around them. Does that mean that everyone who’s died that way is wandering around?

No, you can pray for a soul without having the body in front of you. Just like you can pray for anybody.

If their loved ones are praying for them, they’re going to help them go to the light?

They’re going to help. If you don’t know how to pray for someone who’s passed because you don’t follow a religious institution or you don’t have any religious or spiritual education, it’s not even necessarily religious. It’s spiritual education. People are dumbfounded. They have no idea how to pray or to ask somebody to go to the light, which is why I’m working on a project with somebody and creating a universal angel of bereavement that’s going to be sold on Amazon and hopefully other places, too, under the company named Divinely Blessed. It’s going to come with a number of prayers that people can use to help their loved ones go to the light.

That’s interesting. Now, let’s talk about alien negative energies. Everyone reading this is scared out of their minds, “I’m not going to the light. I’m filled with alien negative energy.” Why do those alien negative energies need to be purified? Once we’ve purified them, can they say, “I like this host, and I want to come back?” Can they come back to the person or they’re done? How does that all work?

There are a few reasons that I see that the person doesn’t go to the light. Sometimes it’s a shock. It’s an unexpected death. The person wasn’t prepared and they don’t even know that they have passed. They’re in a state of shock. Sometimes they don’t want to leave their loved ones and they attach to them.

I’ll never forget this. I had a client who said, “My parents passed and I did quite well with their death. I maintained my balance, but my brother died. I can’t get him out of my mind. He’s with me every day. I even purchased a Porsche because it was his favorite car.” I looked at her and scanned her, and there was her brother just sitting on her chest. He had told her to buy the Porsche. Anyway, after the soul was separated and sent to the light, she said, “I hated that Porsche. I can’t wait to get rid of it. It was so not me.”

This is what happens. People don’t understand that, sometimes, when they have difficulty letting go of their loved ones, the loved one feels obliged to remain behind and doesn’t separate. It’s like you’re holding them back from going to the light. Sometimes it’s because they have demons. Think about somebody who’s overdosed.

GAR Seta Araz | Power Of Prayer

Power Of Prayer: People doesn’t understand that when they have difficulty letting go of their loved ones, the loved one feels obliged to remain behind and doesn’t separate, holding them back from going to the light.


I had an occasion where the mother of a young woman who overdosed. She was right with her mother. She was attached to her mother. She couldn’t go to the light because she was cocooned in negative energies. Until those negative energies were exercised from her, was prepared for her journey to go to the light, had a heavenly escort of divine beings and angels, and Mother Mary was with her too, then she was taken to the light, but it took over two hours of prayer. If a person is stuck in this realm and can’t go to the light, it does take a considered effort with faith.

Is this the same thing as when people talk about ghosts where they’ve been unable to go to the light?

Yes, sometimes.

They probably need help to go to the light.

Yes. It’s an epidemic proportion. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had people just go to the hospital. Let’s say they were under anesthesia. They were vulnerable at that time. Sometimes a person who died in the hospital will just attach to them right there and they’re going to come home. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say, “My mother went in for an operation and she’s not herself. Something drastically is different.” People will tell me, “It’s been five years since my kidney operation. I’ve never been the same since.”

It’s because they have a dead soul attached to them. That’s what happens. You then pray. Each and every time the person would say, “I’m back to where I was,” here you can go to a million doctors, especially those who are energetically sensitive and can feel the presence of somebody as pressure and they can go to a million doctors trying to figure out what’s wrong. It is not an ailment of the mind. It’s not an ailment of the body. It is an ailment of the soul.

I’ll never forget the first time I realized that this happened was a woman who had been in a coma for 30 days in the hospital. She had been hit in the head by the huff of a horse. It was a traumatic injury. She was barely in her body when I saw her, meaning her soul was barely up to the neck. It was years afterward. Her husband went to the restroom, and she whispered to me. She said, “If you can’t help me, he’s going to send me to a mental institution because I am hearing voices and I’m seeing things.” While her third eye was open, she could see and hear all the five dead souls attached to her. By the time we were done, she was a brand-new person. It saved their marriage. It saved her life. It was pretty amazing.

You also helped five souls go to the other side.


That was a blessing also. Another thing I wanted to ask you is this. Were there other common issues or problems that are often overlooked as a cause of disease where the things that happen within a soul are causations for things in people’s bodies?

When an alien soul is attached to you, at the point of attachment, the person will feel heaviness. It will block energy. No doubt, some kind of pathology will ensue. They won’t understand why. It does correspond to a physical ailment eventually. It’s not just something that’s attached to us and burdening us without a physical manifestation. Eventually there is a physical manifestation. The person feels themselves crazy, too, by the way.

I know that so many people are in mental institutions that this is why they’re in mental institutions, except that the third eye is open and they can hear and see what the voices are saying. Everybody assumes that it’s a hallucination when it’s not actually. It can of course be that sometimes, but certainly there are cases when the person is perfectly sane.

There are people who only believe in Western medicine, and they’ll go to their doctors and all, but they don’t know that someone like you, in addition to what the doctor’s doing, can approach it in a different way. Sometimes there are solutions that you find that Western medicine is not cognizant of. They’re not conscious of it at all.

I have a menu and I ask, “Is this on the physical level? Is this energetic? Is this spiritual? Is this foreign?” We have to take into consideration every possible contributory factor.

Here’s another one. All we ever hear about when we are doing our spiritual work, whatever is going on in our lives, is you’ve got to let go. That’s one of the hardest things in the world, which is to let go of whatever is bothering you. They always say that there are consequences of not letting go of our grief and the benefits of coming to terms with our grief. Could you tell us about the emotional, physical, and spiritual consequences of all of us who are free to let go of our pain, issues, and stuff? We’re holding on to our grudges and whatever is going on. Why should we work on that? That’s a big challenge to work on, but why is it worth it to work on that?

If we don’t work on it, it curtails the blessings and abundance in our life. Think about a grudge or a grievance. If gratitude is the first step of abundance, which it is, “Here I am, thank you, God, for sending me all of these beautiful blessings,” if I take into consideration the Law of Attraction and begin to complain, not even when I’m speaking to God, but in general, “You know what he did? Do you know what he said? You know what happened?” All of these things. How can I attract good into my life when all I’m doing is complaining? I can only expect to receive into my life that which emanates from me. It’s the Law of Attraction. It is exact and precise, whether we want it or to be or not. When we complain, we are only inviting more things to complain about. I wanted to talk a little bit about grief.

The Law of Attraction is exact and precise whether we want it to be or not. When we complain, we are only inviting more things to complain about. Share on X

Go ahead, please do.

My cousin, for example, unexpectedly lost her husband to a heart attack. I saw her spiraling downwards, as I have witnessed many people. It’s very difficult for people to overcome the loss of a loved one or a spouse, as you very well know. What I see is that there was a timeline that she was on. At one time, that timeline had her husband, but it no longer has her husband. Now, she’s on a different trajectory at a crossroads. She turned, but what I find is that the longing for her husband ensures that she jumps backward in time and that she jumps off of the current track and goes back to an alternate timeline, which has come to an end. There is no future in that timeline. It cannot move past a certain point on a certain date.

What she does is continuously moves backward. Instead of moving forwards, she’s going back in time because only in the past does her husband exist. It assuages the wounds by living in the past, but there’s a big problem because your energy will shatter. Your entire construct will shatter because we have an energetic structure, and paralysis will ensue.

Are you talking about physical or emotional paralysis?

Everything. The inability to take action will then come and become so disempowering that the person is halted because she’s on another timeline. We have to make sure that a person who is grieving understands that they have to go back to their current timeline so they can live. We have to give them the tools to be able to cope with that loss. It’s so important. I’ve seen people, ten years afterward, still in a state of prolonged grief.

It’s because they’re still living in the past timeline and they don’t know how to dissolve that timeline and come here. There’s also the issue of negative energy. You can’t think about something negative like grief all the time and not imagine that there are energies in the universe that will come and attach to you. We’re in a dynamic situation. We’re constantly growing and evolving, or we’re stagnating and devolving. That’s why it’s so important for us to do the work that we do because it’s such an investment for our higher self to send us down. What if we incur more karmic debts? What if we devolve? We are harming ourselves. You can’t imagine how much God wants to help us through this journey. What happens when we don’t ask for help? We get stuck, and then we’re in a state of mourning that’s endless.

GAR Seta Araz | Power Of Prayer

Power Of Prayer: You can’t think about something negative like grief all the time and not imagine that there are energies in the universe that will come to you. That will attach to you.


That becomes your life story. Instead of moving on, being there for other people in your life, being a role model, and moving forward in your life, that becomes your hanging out. That’s where you are. I’ve seen it so many times, and it’s sad. Seta, could you introduce our audience to this new focus of healing that you discovered? Tell us how you receive this information. This is my fascinating friend, Seta, everyone. Give a read.

Thank you, honey. It had been some time since I hadn’t been taking some courses, only because I have a lot of gifts and modalities at my disposal. When the spirit says something to me, I’m like, “What?” I obey without even asking a question. What happened was that my friend, Catherine, mentioned a course called Psych-K. My guide said, “You’re going to go and take your daughter.” I didn’t even look it up to note what it was about, nothing, zero. I signed up and registered without asking a single question.

How old was your daughter?

At the time, she was nineteen. It was 2018. Psych-K approaches healing from the perspective of the subconscious mind. I’m sure you know, but perhaps our readers don’t. Only 5% of our behavior is controlled by our conscious mind, and 95% of our behavior is controlled by the subconscious mind. Unfortunately, for us, the subconscious mind can be as easily educated by dreams and fantasy. It’s an amazing amount of influence that anything other than reality has on the subconscious mind. I said, “I’m going to go.” I took her.

Only 5% of our behavior is actually controlled by our conscious mind. 95% of our behavior is controlled by the subconscious mind. Share on X

At the time, we were having some issues with her complexion. I thought that perhaps it was something emotional on the level of the subconscious mind. I said, “Sometimes it’s best when it’s not the mother working on you all the time. It’s nice to get other people to help.” I always pray before the course because I want to receive the most that I can out of the opportunity that God has orchestrated for me to benefit from. I have to say it’s not always Jesus, but it was Jesus at this time. He said, “She has to process her intrauterine grief from losing her twin.”

She was originally a twin. At around eight weeks, the second twin stopped developing. Soon after she was born, she developed severe eczema. Within 48 hours, her body was covered with eczema. Her pediatrician was ready to call on me because I refused to use corticosteroids. I said, “Her vital force is strong enough to exteriorize the disease. If I suppress it, her skin’s going to look pretty, but the disease goes into the level of the organs.” I knew there was a problem. She was born in December. I said, “I’m going to wait. She’s a newborn.” I waited until February.

I went back to my healer in Canada. He touched the eczema and he muscle-tested it. The arm goes down. He said, “Intrauterine.” He said, “Eight weeks and three days, fear of losing someone you love.” He said, “Her whole life, she would’ve been so afraid of losing people that she loves to death. You would’ve never known why, but this is why.” When he cleared the emotion out, within two days, she never had eczema again, and it never came out. It was gone without any cortical steroids or any other intervention other than clearing the shock and the trauma of fear of losing someone you love.

This was when she was in the uterus?

Yes, in the uterus. People don’t understand that your baby experiences everything that you do. We have to be very positive while we’re pregnant because the baseline neurotransmitter of the child, whatever we are, becomes the baseline level of neurotransmitters in infants. If we’re overly anxious, we’re creating a tendency for that baby to be more anxious than not.

We went to lunch, and I suggested this to her. She said, “Mommy, don’t be silly. I never even think about my twin. It doesn’t enter my mind. I haven’t thought about my twin in years.” I said, “I know, but we’re working with the subconscious mind and the time here. This is the perfect opportunity for you to explore this.”

Lo and behold, 5:00 came and she came over to me and the tears were just running down. She said, “Mom, you have no idea how much grief I endured intrauterine when my sibling died. It was so painful.” She said, “I’m devastated.” It was so interesting. Talk about an intrauterine wound becoming a childhood wound.

The next day, I’m praying again. This time, Jesus said to me, “The second soul, the soul that died, is within your daughter. Your daughter is hosting her sibling.” I was like, “What?” It so happened that it’s a course where there’s a lot of muscle testing. I ended up going and asking the instructor. I said, “Can you just muscle test how many souls my daughter has, please?” He muscle-tested it. He said, “For sure, she has two souls.” I said, “Okay.” I prayed that day.

I dropped her off at college. I went and came home. I prayed and Jesus said to me that it was done. When I called her and told her it was done, she said, “Mom, I was sleeping the entire time.” She said, “I didn’t feel anything.” I said, “I love you.” She then started crying. I said, “Why are you crying?” She said, “Because it’s the first time that you told me that you love me. I didn’t hear her voice inside of me saying, ‘It’s not true. She doesn’t mean it. She doesn’t really love you.’”

What happened was that the twin felt very rejected because, my husband, knowing that autism is quite prevalent in twins, was very fearful. It took that we would have difficulty with our unborn child again. It had taken me years to convince him to try because I knew I had such faith and I had heard that I would have a perfectly healthy daughter, which is what God gave me. He was so panicked when he found out that I was pregnant with twins that he completely regretted it 100%. That second soul had no permission to stay. That second soul felt very rejected.

What I was told afterward is that, in this case, she had survivor’s guilt and she invited her twin to come and merge with her and live with her. He came in through the root chakra. It was very interesting because she had horrific cramps. The soul meshes into the flesh of the person. As you can imagine, it creates a barrier. When she had to release from the menstruation, she couldn’t do it because he was blocking her. She would be on the floor in excruciating pain. Until afterward, it was done. When it was gone, the whole thing resolved itself. It was fascinating.

There are so many people who have this issue because it’s not just after a twin failure to thrive that causes this issue. We have people trying for IVF that have failed pregnancies. We have abortions. We have miscarriages. Anytime wherein the fetus fails to develop full term into a baby and be born, if, for whatever reason, the soul is not able to go to the light and there is another viable pregnancy, it creates the scenario in which Multiple Soul syndrome can arise. I had a case and many cases not so long ago too. Talk about life-altering.

It’s shocking when you think about people who are walking around with more than one soul within them. Are there common ailments that people were like, “Do I have Multiple Soul syndrome?”

Mothers don’t know if they’ve had a miscarriage because some miscarriages happen early on. I will say that many times, people know. The mind seems to be very busy. The first thing that I hear from everybody afterward is, “I feel so much lighter.” That’s what I hear all the time. The person can be erratic, meaning they have a lot of difficulties with relationships and maintaining relationships. You can have a sibling, but it doesn’t mean you have the same taste in a man or a woman.

This is the explanation of how people become transgender. The primary soul is the soul that originally was assigned to this body. The secondary soul is the one that came afterward. If the primary soul is very submissive and the secondary soul happens to be of the opposite gender and they come in, they will feel as though they are in the wrong body because it’s not their body. It’s their sibling’s body. They will impose their choices and decisions on that body.

It has to do with enmeshment. This doesn’t happen until we’re at 85 to 90 points of enmeshment. Any level of enmeshment below that, I find that there can be sometimes a combative relationship. The closer they are to dominance, the more combative the relationship will be, the more vigilant the person will be, and the angrier the person will be. They constantly feel as though they can’t let go. They can’t relax because if they relax, the second soul is going to take over. If the primary soul is 75% in control versus 25% in control, it seems to be a little bit easier to manage just because the person has preferences even with profession, education, interests, or love.

GAR Seta Araz | Power Of Prayer

Power Of Prayer: The closer couples are in dominance, the more combative the relationship will be. They constantly feel as though they can’t let go. They can’t relax because they feel the second soul will take over.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard somebody say, “I was committed to a student relationship and, all of a sudden, I just knew that it wasn’t going to work.” What happens is that there’s a vacillation in which the soul is in control. Let’s say soul A liked you and chose to be in a committed relationship with you, but soul B, at one point, ended up taking precedence and says, “Get lost. I’m not interested in you anymore.” It creates such disharmony.

I can’t even tell you, bipolar disorder, and every single person who’s dyslexic. I know you’re going to say, “How could she say such a thing?” This is what I’ve seen. Every single person who is dyslexic has Multiple Soul syndrome. It depends on where the entry point is. If the second soul came in through the third eye or crown chakra, over here in the back, then the brain, learning disabilities, and different things become problematic. If the person came in through here, the chest, a lot of times it’s tremendously anxiety-inducing. They feel very powerless. They might have asthmatic issues versus colic in newborns.

I had a fascinating case where a mother had multiple miscarriages. When the baby was just a few weeks old or a month old, we ended up doing the removal of three souls from the baby. The father, not knowing anything at all, said, “Did you notice how the baby is completely crying differently? This baby doesn’t even sound like our baby, like a completely different cry.” It’s fascinating. I can’t express to you the level of freedom that the person feels afterward when that second soul is released.

That’s so amazing. How many steps are involved in this healing process to get a soul to exit? Is there a way that any of us can prevent Multiple Soul syndrome from occurring?

Yes. First of all, we have an energetic structure. You have to imagine intrauterine, oftentimes. Unless it’s a twin soul and there’s familiarity between the souls. Oftentimes, there is not. The secondary soul invades and violates the boundaries of the person. The whole intrauterine experience becomes one that is anxiety-ridden and fear-ridden. It’s a violation.

To be honest with you, even autistic children are much more likely to have this occur because the autistic child will pull out and doesn’t even know how to get back in because the secondary soul begins to dominate and take precedence. Also, borderline personality disorders, dysmorphic disorder, and people who don’t like the way they look. It’s almost a foregone conclusion in my mind when they have such rejection of themselves that it’s probably a secondary soul rejecting the person because they’re the opposite gender.

How do you prevent this? Do you know that there are groups of women who know that, after a miscarriage, they still feel pregnant? If you are a woman who still feels pregnant after a miscarriage, you have to know that that soul has not gone to the light. In fact, I’ve worked on people afterward releasing that fetus, and it’s the first time they cry. One of the telltale signs is that they don’t even go into grief so much. If you have suffered a loss of a pregnancy due to an abortion, a miscarriage, a failed IVF, whatever it is, you have to pray for that baby’s soul to go to the light so that you can avoid the scenario of Multiple Soul syndrome arising.

Do people need to pray through a healer like you? Can they create their own prayer and then have this not happen? A lot of people don’t know that they have this problem.

When they hear me describe this, they’re going to say, “I know.” It’s going to be like, “This is the crux of my mission. This is what I have.” That’s why I’m doing the angel bereavement because I want people to have some prayers. I’m going to be doing some group healings specifically directed toward this because there are multiple stages. 1) It’s the removal of the soul. It’s like an intricate surgery because it’s true enmeshment. They’ve developed and grown together. The soul is enmeshed in the flesh. It’s not a light procedure. 2) We have to rebuild the structure because when the person was invaded, it destroyed an aspect of the person’s structure. It developed an area of vulnerability that has to be.

I work with intrauterine re-scripting. We have to go back to the intrauterine and look at all of the times in which the subconscious mind drew a conclusion that has curtailed abundance or burdened the person. For example, I did mine. I had guilt. Intrauterine re-scripting is not just for people with multiple souls, but anybody can use it. My sister and I are less than a year apart. We’re eleven months in change apart. She had just given birth. She wasn’t ready to be pregnant. When I did my intrauterine re-scripting, I realized that I had guilt for existing, for example.

Talk about working with that. On a generational curse level. My father is an amazing man who has to always be on the surface and he has to always do good. He had guilt for inadequacy because he has such high expectations of himself. As a generational curse, I inherited guilt from him. It then was an intrauterine guilt for existing. My own karma or my own contractual limitation from my past lives was guilt.

You can see how God orchestrates this perfect medley of guilt, for example, in my case or for all of us. It’s not haphazard the parents that we pick. It’s because they further extend our own contractual limitations. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to do intrauterine restricting. There are many things that have to happen and we have to work on the level of the subconscious mind. I have to say that when I look at people who’ve overdosed at this point, every single one of those people who’ve overdosed has multiple souls, without exception.

Say a child is overdosing or has been into drugs and now they’ve pulled themselves out of it. What happens to that multiple souls if they get rid of those toxins and they clean themselves up?

The change has to happen on the level of the subconscious mind. This is what happens. The person feels powerless, and then they go into drugs. When you lose control over your body and you become an addict, you’ve lost control over yourself. You are powerless. The tendency for a person to go down the route of addiction I find occurs in people who have. It’s not only people with multiple souls, but a large majority of them have multiple souls. From an intrauterine experience, already felt powerless. We have tools. We have to get the prayers out, and that’s what I’m working on. I’ve been working quite diligently in writing those prayers so that I can record them and have people have access to them.

When you lose control over your body and become an addict, you've lost control over yourself. You are powerless. Share on X

This led perfectly to my next question. Please tell us about the group healings you’re planning. How can people sign up for your group healings, and when will they take place?

September 29th, I believe it’s a Wednesday. I’m going to start every other Wednesday from that point onwards in working with specific healing. The first one is going to be with death vows. I observed that in people who are hospitalized and in very bad shape with COVID or who are dying of COVID, the subconscious mind is geared towards death. What does that mean? It’s the same thing with every single person who has cancer. It’s the same thing with anybody who is suicidal or who has self-destructive addictions.

Sometimes the subconscious mind takes us literally. When we say, “I can’t live like this anymore,” or “I can’t stand my life,” it says, “How do we get rid of this? The best escape or the only thing that I can think of is death.” Imagine if you have multiple souls. What happens oftentimes then is that the soul knows that the only escape is through death. They are incarcerated within this sibling’s body until that sibling dies. For example, I had a nine-year-old who was suicidal.

For any physical reason or just that depressed?

No, that depressed, “I want to die. I don’t want to live anymore.” She had a twin who died. He knew very well that the only way out was for her to die. After we did the second soul separation, she didn’t have any suicidal longings anymore. It wasn’t her that wanted to die. It was the twin that has no identity. He’s trapped in her too. He has no identity. He has no name. Nobody knows that he’s there. It’s a very painful existence. You can imagine how powerless they feel, how much they want to escape that reality, and why they go towards drugs more. It’s not just this one person who is plotting their own self-destruction through the abuse of substances or making very poor decisions.

It’s so adorable when I hear somebody who had two souls. They left my home and, right on their way home, they called me back. They said, “Guess what?” I said, “What?” She said, “I ordered takeout.” I said, “You ordered takeout? What does that mean?” She said, “I have to go look at the menu for 45 minutes before I can ever decide what I’m going to eat,” because there were three souls in her and they could never decide on even the simplest things, on what they were going to order. She said, “I knew what to eat. I could order takeout.” This was a miracle for her.

Here is one of the most telling things, and you know how coincidences are never coincidences. It was the Tuesday after my work for the first time with my daughter. I knew the mother coming in was somebody who had multiple IVFs. Her daughter was suicidal. She had body dysmorphic disorder. She was anorexic. She was hospitalized for suicidal tendencies. She had come out a year before by saying that she was gay. She was very depressed. She said, “Guess what? I went to a psychic in Manhattan. She told me that my daughter has two souls.” Can you imagine? What confirmation that was. We did the session. I want you to know that she had a brother in her. Do you know what he said to her? I heard his voice say, “I wanted her to starve because I didn’t want her to have breasts. I wanted her to be as flat as possible. If she ate very infrequently and in little quantities, she would remain very slim like a man.”

He didn’t want her to have curves. She had very short hair. I want you to know that two months afterward, I saw the mother and asked her. I said, “How’s your daughter doing?” She said, “She gained 25 pounds. She’s not suicidal. She doesn’t have body dysmorphic disorder. She’s dating a boy. She’s happy. She’s studying.” It was a miracle.

That’s why I want to give people hope. I know that it’s not the easiest thing to do, a separation of souls. I hope that with the proper prayers and the right way, we can bring relief to a lot of people. Most importantly, if somebody’s pregnant, like if you’ve had an abortion, if you sit there and you think about all the guilt. If you’ve had a miscarriage and you’re fearful of another miscarriage, or you’re worrying or you’re anxious, any extreme emotion can cause that soul to not ascend to the light. Please pray and ask God to help take that soul to the light. This is what it’s all about. We can’t do it alone. That’s why we have to pray.

GAR Seta Araz | Power Of Prayer

Power Of Prayer: If someone suffers a miscarriage or undergoes abortion, pray to God and ask for help to take that soul into the light.


If you’re having a group healing, what are the different subjects that these group hearings will be dealing with? How can people sign up for them and get themselves on your list so that they can partake in this?

The first healing is going to be about death vows because people don’t even know that they have them. Every single person with cancer, if you ask the subconscious mind, “I want to live.” That hand will go down like this. If you say, “I want to die,” it’s strong and solid. Here we have the person fighting for their life. Meanwhile, their own subconscious mind is driving them to death. This is anybody with addiction who’s suicidal.

The first thing I’m going to do is I want to work on death vows. I’m going to do it working with the subconscious mind and prayer. While I pray, the person’s going to be saying and repeating a statement in between my sentences in order to be able to create the change we need on the level of the subconscious mind, as well as invoking God to dissolve those negative patterns externally. We’re going to go from the inside out and the outside in, and that’s the best way. Within the next September to October, I’m going to be working on addictions, suicide, and taking back our power. Every two weeks will be a different subject.

Where do they go to start to sign up for this, Seta?

Is there anything we haven’t covered you would like people to know about? Have we covered everything you want people to know?

I’m 99% sure I’m going to do an eHealing with Seta Podcast. I’m going to announce probably a week and a half before each group healing the subject that I want to talk about and I want to heal a little bit more at length and then feed into that Wednesday night healing that comes. Too many people are suffering needlessly, Irene, and we have to help them.

That’s wonderful. Is the best way for people to connect with you?

Yes, please. If they connect with me, please also have them mark their cell phone.

It is very important when you connect with Seta to give her your cell phone number.

Thank you.

You’re welcome. Seta Araz Shahinian, what is your tip for finding joy in life?

It has to be gratitude. The more grateful we are, the more God blesses us. Think about it. When you made your favorite meal for Matt, and he said, “Mom, that was delicious,” what was the first thing you thought of? You said, “I’m going to make a note of that and I’m going to prepare it for him again.”

That’s true.

If you are the parent of your child’s physical body, God is the parent of our soul. God wants us to be happy too. When we say thank you to God, “What else can I give her? What else can I do for Irene?” I always say, “How can I serve you, God?” It is because I know that God uses you as an instrument.

Here we are. What a blessing. It truly has been. How much more of a pleasure could it be to once again, share you and your incredible healing gifts with our audience? Thank you from my heart for this amazing interview with so much valuable new healing information for all of us. Here’s a loving reminder, everyone, to make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued, many blessings, and bye for now.


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