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Sandy Alemian utilizes an impressive array of modalities to help people heal. She is a Spirit Medium, an Inspirational Speaker, a Certified Bereavement Facilitator and a Certified Hypnotherapist. Sandy is also the author of two books:  Congratulations…it’s an angel and What Was God Thinking?



  • How Sandy consciously prepared to help people with loss.
  • Sandy’s spiritual awakening when her infant daughter died and how Sandy was able to connect with her daughter’s soul.
  • God speaks to each person in a language he or she understands.
  • Why past life information is important to an understanding of a person’s current life.



  • Does Spirit have a sense of humor and do you have a cute story illustrating this?
  • What is a medium’s different view of death and grieving?
  • How do you access the wisdom of God and the perspective of Spirit to help people, which you call Crossroads Coaching?




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Sandy Alemian: Spirit Medium, Inspirational Speaker, Certified Bereavement Facilitator, Certified Hypnotherapist And Author






How are you guys doing? I hope well. I’m here in the hills of West Orange, New Jersey, where we flattened that dreadful COVID curve but we’re still being very careful and vigilant. In this episode, our special guest, Sandy Alemian, is coming to us from Wayland, Massachusetts. I’ve been looking forward to getting Sandy on the show because she was so highly recommended to me by Carolyn Parrs, whose dynamic interview called Women as Game Changers, is episode number eight. Ladies, be sure to give episode number eight a read. That one’s for you.

Sandy Alemian utilizes an impressive array of modalities to help people heal. She’s the author of two enlightening books, plus she’s a spirit medium, an inspirational speaker, a certified bereavement facilitator and a certified hypnotherapist. I’m also delighted to add that Sandy is trained to perform stage hypnosis, which enables her to heal people through laughter. That’s what I call a thoroughly well-rounded girl.

Sandy has a passion for bringing people a different view of death and grieving from a medium’s perspective. We’ll soon talk about all of that and much more. Everyone, meet Sandy Alemian. This is surely going to be a special interview that will bridge heaven and earth. It will also contain some much-needed humor. Sandy, welcome to the show.

Thank you, Irene.

Let’s begin with this question. Please share with our readers what your life was like before you were prompted to begin opening to spirit. How do you consciously prepare for your future mission, which is to help people with loss?

I love the word conscious but I couldn’t say that I consciously prepared. Before I started opening to spirit, I was pretty stressed out like most people in the world. This goes back many years ago.

Did you have a traditional job?

I did. I was working at Child World and then when I left, I was working as a buyer. I then was in sales in the toy industry. I was also teaching Dale Carnegie. I was teaching public speaking, which I love doing. My daughter, Ariana, was little. After I had Ariana, I had two miscarriages. Growing up the youngest of five girls in a pure Armenian family, we were all very close.

We were spiritual but not too spiritual. A lot of the concepts that I came into were new and foreign to me. I didn’t know what was about to happen in my life. My second daughter, Talia, was born. Talia, come to find out, was born with a one-in-a-million metabolic disorder. She never came home from the hospital. She was there for 31 days. She spent most of her life in the NIC Unit, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. They were trying to figure out what was going on with her because I couldn’t nurse her. She wasn’t waking up very easily. She was having what they found were seizures.

Through all of the 200 different blood tests and the EEGs that they did and everything that they did, after 2.5 weeks, they said to my husband at the time, “We don’t know what’s going on with her but all of her blood tests are coming back normal.” What we are seeing is her EEG patterns, the brain patterns are showing that she’s having these seizures and then there’s no normal brain activity. In essence, her brain wasn’t able to tell her body what to do. She had no suck reflex or gag reflex. They think she was blind and deaf.

At two and a half weeks of her life, they said to us, “If she survives this newborn period, she most likely will never be able to walk, talk, eat, breathe, communicate, smile and laugh.” No one ever used the words brain damage. In essence, her brain was damaged and we never knew why. She was beautiful. She was 6.8 lbs. Being a very positive person, I knew that if we got enough people praying for her and if I sent enough positive energy and love toward her, I knew I could make her better. I had visions of being on Oprah with my miracle baby.

This is the power of positivity. The toughest lesson for me was I couldn’t make her better. Talia ended up dying at 31 days old. To say that it was an awakening is probably an understatement because it broke me open at first. It was the hardest thing I had ever gone through in my entire life. There I was feeling fat because I had a baby but there was no baby to show. My entire life felt like it was so empty.

There were many moments when I would lay on my bed in a fetal position, crying out to a God with whom I didn’t have a relationship with this idea called God. I would lay on my bed crying out to God saying, “I can’t do this. It’s too hard.” The pain was too hard. I did that while she was in the hospital and after she passed.

This had to be terrible for your other children.

I just had Ariana.

How old was Ariana?

She was two and a half at the time. She was little. Luckily, I have a big family and we’re all very close physical proximity wise. They helped out taking care of her and all that. It was such a whirlwind of emotions. I have to back up and say that five years before Ariana was born, I started this thing of writing with my angels. I didn’t know who my angels were but I would do angel writing. It would be automatic writing and I would get these messages but not once was I ever warned, “Sandy, this is what you’re about to go through. You’ll have Ariana, two miscarriages and then Talia’s going to die in a month.”

I was never warned and I understand why we’re not warned about these major life experiences. Looking back I can understand it. It’s because there’s so much growth that is meant to happen. When Talia was in the hospital before she died, I was starting to get messages through my writing that was saying, “Death is not the end. You’re going to do something very powerful because of this experience.” I remember reading that and thinking, “How am I going to do that? I can’t even help myself. I’m a mess.” The messages kept coming in like, “You’re going to do something powerful with this.” This is all happening because your soul agreed to it. I’m like, “Why would my soul ever agree to lose a child?”

What’s amazing to me is you’ve been getting these messages and you were writing them down. If someone else had gotten out those messages, they would’ve said, “What is this? What am I listening to? I must be losing my mind.”

At times I thought that.

You paid attention to the messages.

I did. I created this space for receiving them. The interesting thing was anytime I would go into this conversation with the energy that I refer to as God’s energy, the peace that it brought me was indescribable. When you somehow connect to a truth that you know is true, it brings peace to it. That was what was happening in my life. After Talia died, one of my dear friends said to me, “Sandy, I’m in awe of the growth that you’re going to experience from that.” Hearing that from her, it did something inside of me.

When you go through grief and loss, everybody says to you, “I’m so sorry.” It adds to your sorrow like, “I’m sorry for me too.” Sally came in with the idea that you could grow from it. On some level, that brought in the thought that I can grow through this and that became my focal point. I have goosebumps. “How can I grow through this? I don’t want to just go through it. I want to grow through it.” After she died, I became not obsessed.

It wasn’t an obsession because I was still going through my grief but I had a deep desire to understand what is death. What happens after you die? Is there this thing called spirit? If there is, how do you connect with it? I’m a Sagittarius and we’re curious people. I went on a journey. I started learning about spirit and sitting in Spirit Circle. My first message from Talia was two and a half weeks after she died through my writing.

What did she say?

First of all, it was the worst day ever. It was a day that I didn’t want to be here anymore. The pain was that bad. I thought, “If I am not here anymore, I’ll be with Talia.” I had that idea that when you die, you know everything. I sat down. I had nothing left inside of me. One of my sisters was a little bit concerned about my mental health. She’s like, “Sandy, why don’t you sit down and write because you’re writing has always been a source of peace for you?” I sat down and wrote. At first, I sat down and was like, “I got nothing.”

I have no inspiration. I have nothing I want to write about. I heard a little voice inside of me that said, “Mommy.” I thought, “I’m going crazy.” I took my pen out and wrote, “Mommy, mama.” My pen started writing. It was my first message. I knew it as truth because I knew what it felt like. I knew what truth felt like because I had been receiving these messages from my angels. It was powerful.

That’s what’s called automatic writing, would you say? I’ve tried to do it. I get more to the quiet. “Do you got something for me?”

I see that my soul and Talia’s soul agreed to come into this life together for the work that she inspired me to do. It changed my entire life. It didn’t take away the grief altogether. I still had to go through the grief and the grieving of the dreams and the hopes and what I thought my family was going to look like. It helped tremendously. Exactly 1 year and 1 day later, my son Austin was born in the same hospital, doctor and nurses. I’ve been a spirit medium for many years. It’s been a powerful journey.

No wonder you’re so motivated to help people you seem to comfort yourself. When did you write your book, Congratulations…It’s an Angel? How much after this happened to you, the whole journey of Talia’s life and death?

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Congratulations…It’s an Angel

It took me three and a half years to write it. While she was in the hospital, I was told I would be writing a book from it. It’s 1994 to 1999. It was five years after. I would start to write it. I got all the notes and everything from her hospital stay.

It was like automatic writing again.

Part of it was. As I was writing it, I was hearing stuff from God’s energy. That became part of the book. It was interesting because I thought I was writing a book for moms who have lost a child. Some of the emails I would get back were, “Sandy, I just lost my job. I can’t tell you how much your book helped me. I just lost my mom. Your book saved me.” It’s about the journey of loss and the healing that you can receive from it.

We’re talking about your book, Congratulations…It’s an Angel. Are there important insights that you’d like to share? They want to go to the book in general but is there anything specific that you talk about?

It’s about the power of being able to listen for God’s voice and spirit’s voice, knowing that none of us are ever alone. When we lose someone, the hard part is the physical loss. We don’t have them. We can’t hug or touch them. We can’t see their face physically. In the work that I do, I teach people how to tune in to the spirit energy. What I describe in the book is you will know that you’re never ever alone here. That’s so important.

We might be separate from their physical body but we’re never separate from their spirit. We’re also never, ever separate from God. This is not a teaching book. It’s more of my journey in the conversations that I started having with God and spirit. Part of what I teach when I’m working with people in grief is that heaven is not up there or out there somewhere.

Heaven is here. It’s an energetic space. It’s not even a place. It’s an energetic frequency. That’s available to all of us. You don’t have to call yourself a medium to tune in, connect and receive messages from your loved ones. I say to people all the time, “You don’t need me but I’m happy to be here for you until you realize you don’t need me.”

Heaven is not up there or out there somewhere. Heaven is here. It's an energetic space that's available to all of us. Share on X

You teach people how to tune in. It’s fabulous. Is that through your workshops? Do you do individual classes? What do you do?

I do individual one-on-ones and also classes. Probably the greatest gift that I could ever give to someone is the power of knowing that we are all connected to the spirit. We are spirit. We happen to have this clunky thing called a body. Certain things are fallen where they shouldn’t be. The body is like the car that we ride around. The car can get dinged but our spirit is that part of us that can’t be harmed, does not get damaged and doesn’t ever die. I love helping people tune into their spirit through meditation because they’re able to tune into the part of them that is peaceful. Our spirit holds peace. It’s helping people tune into their spirit and then teaching them how to tune into the spirit of their loved ones.

Is it a guided meditation you do for them where you teach them how to tune in on their own or whatever it was?

I do both. I’m not big into, “You have to do it this way.” I work with my clients and we see what works for them but it’s simpler than people will ever realize. Life has conditioned us away from tuning in because we’re so out there focused on the news, media and everything that’s so sensationalized. It gets our attention. It gets us wobbly. I say to my clients all the time, “Stop, take a break from out there and come back home in here.”

“This is your true home here. Your home and peace are inside of you. Heaven is within you. When you go there, you can tune into the God within.” That is the energy of peace. People are looking for peace out there. You can’t find it out there. You might find a glimpse of it or you might have a fleeting moment of it but if you want true peace, it’s in here. That’s the last place that people tend to look.

When you think about meditation, there are so many different meditation modalities. You got it this way. You got to sit down for 20 minutes this time of the day and 20 minutes another time of the day or listen to it this way. What I love about it is you teach people to tune in according to their particular style. For people who are like, “Can I do this thing,” you’d be an ideal person because it’s not an ABC-structured thing. You teach them.

Structure and I don’t always get along very well. I need some structure in my life but I’m more free-flowing and responsive to what my client needs. When I teach people how to receive messages through their writing, get a napkin or a piece of toilet paper. It doesn’t matter what you do or where you do it. God is within you and you can tune in. Spirit is connected to you through that connection.

That’s all based on your first book. Your second book is What Was God Thinking?!. I love that. There’s nobody reading this who doesn’t say, “What is going on here?” Your book contains down-to-earth channel messages, which I can see knowing you now that it would be down to Earth channel messages, a conversation between you and God. You explore loss, relationships, money and fear, amongst other critical life issues. You got it all covered, Sandy. How did this book come about? What are some of the important insights for this book that you can share with us?

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What Was God Thinking?!: I Wanted to Know…So I Asked. a Heart-Warming Dialog for the Journey Back to Love

I didn’t think I was going to be writing this book. It was not my plan. I wanted to sit down and channel a letter from my family and friends to usher in the new year. I don’t remember what year that one came out. It was in December that I started this writing. All I wanted to do was to sit down and channel a loving message to my friends and family to say, “Let’s welcome this new year.” I sat down. I was with my laptop. I started writing a message, asking God, “What do you want me to know?” This message came through and it became this dialogue and conversation.

About a month into it, one of the messages I got from God was, “This is going to be a book.” I said, “It’s not.” What I was writing about was very personal. I was in a relationship with this guy at that point. I had gotten divorced. It’s a long story. I’m like, “Why do I keep getting triggered?” Insecurity was coming up and God was giving me these messages. When God said, “This will be a book,” I’m like, “Seriously?” This is the crap in my writing. I’m processing all my stuff with God. I don’t want people to know this stuff about me.

God said, “This is exactly why we’re writing the book because people will see themselves through you, Sandy.” I was like, “I’m taking on the team.” It’s a conversation. It’s very funny. I said to God through the book, “You are so down to earth. You’re very funny.” God said, “I will speak to each one of you in a language that you can understand.” I said, “Thank you for not talking to me with these thousand shouts because I don’t understand that.” God said, “Would you rather I speak to you in German?” I’m like, “You’re so funny.” It brought me so much understanding about how life works and unpacking my insecurities, worries and fears.

No matter what I was going through, I would go to my laptop. I’m like, “God, can you help me with this?” I loved every time God said, “Let’s look at it together.” I’d be like, “Thank you.” I knew the way I was looking at any problem that I had was part of the problem. Anytime God would say to me, “Let’s look at it together,” I’d be like, “Thank you.” God would give me a higher perspective. No matter what I brought into the conversation, God would say, “Here’s a different perspective.” It’s brilliant.

The title came from one of my client sessions. She was talking about all the challenges she had in her life. She said to me, “What I want to know is what was God thinking?” I heard that. I was like, “Book title someday.” I didn’t know that this was the book I was going to be writing but it’s a fun book. My dad had passed away while I was writing it. There are parts of what I went through and the messages that I got from my dad that are in the book. It’s cool.

When you talk about God, God represents different things to different people. What is your concept of God? Is it the source?

It has changed over time. When I was a kid, we were brought up Protestant. I was taught God was this man in the sky sitting on a chair. God was watching everything that you did. I was afraid of God. Why would you want to have a relationship with a God that you’re afraid of? It didn’t have any personal meaning for me. As I grew, I have a relationship with this energy that I call God. To me, the energy of God is love.

It’s a source of energy. It’s what we were created as and we blend back into when we die. We choose to have this life. We bring that energy with us but then we don’t know that it’s there and we go searching for it out there or some semblance of that energy of God. We have cheap substitutions. I know I did. I had many cheap substitutions for God. It wasn’t until I came into this like, “This is what this energy is for me.” Anytime I go to that, it’s instant peace.

You get messages from God, angels, loved ones and spirits. How do you know who’s who? How do you see an angel? What is that like for you?

I graduated from the angels and I go direct. The reason why I connected with angels first was I didn’t dare go to God’s energy because I didn’t know God’s energy. Using the angel in the angelic realm felt safe for me. It was like, “I need the biggest energy possible.” You’re asking me how do I tell the difference. It’s a feeling. Although, when I’m tuning into someone’s loved one in spirit, I will still get parts of their personality. Whereas if I truly connected with their soul, their soul would feel like God’s energy to me. It’s love. God to me is the purest wisdom.

Do you also get past life information when you channel for people?

I do. As a hypnotist, past lives were part of my specialty. Doing past life aggression with someone is so fascinating and powerful. When we only look at our lives from this one-lifetime perspective, we’re looking at a teeny tiny snippet. We’re looking at one sentence out of the whole page. When you start exploring past lives, you go, “I get it.”

It helps give you an understanding of why your relationships might be the way they are and why your fears might be there. You can bring healing into it. I’ve seen in past life work that I’ve done on myself, that I have lost children in other lifetimes. There was one that I had seen that I had lost a child. I didn’t have very good coping tools and I took my life.

In a lifetime after that, I went through the loss of a child again. I chose to stay after losing a child but I saw that I died as an old angry and bitter woman. Something struck me after Talia died. I was like, “I’m doing a do-over.” I must have said, “Coach, put me back in.” On a soul level, that’s what we do. “Pick me. I want to go through that experience.” We forget the pain. We want to see how we can do it differently. This lifetime has been different. I understand why it’s difficult for people going through loss sometimes. It’s a tough thing.

You have to have such a well compassion to work with people like this. Sandy, it’s so admirable. Does spirit have a sense of humor? You and I love to laugh. We like to go off and get some stories about this. Oftentimes people make spirits so serious. Do they get us? Do they laugh sometimes? What’s going on?

Laughter is healing and will raise your frequency. It depends on who I’m working with. Spirit loves to come in with funny stories because that’s how they can connect with me. I thought this was so cute. There was one time I was working with this young girl and her uncle was coming through. She said to me, “Sandy, can you ask my uncle if he gets the music that I sent him?” I thought, “That’s an interesting question. That was an odd question.” I tuned in with the uncle and he was laughing.

The story was she would visit her uncle at the graveside, take her earphones with her iPod, put the earpieces on the grave and play his favorite music. He said to me, “Can you please tell my niece that when she’s kneeling on the ground having her earphones or her headphones on my grave playing my music that I’m standing right there next to her saying, ‘What are you doing? I’m not in there. I’m here with you.” It’s so cute.

Spirit shows me all kinds but they have such love and compassion for us. We’re bumping around here doing the very best that we can. They know that this is a tough place to be sometimes until you start tuning in and you go, “This is truth. I’ve been living and telling myself these lies all this time.” When you get the truth, it does set you free. That’s what spirit comes in with me. They work with every medium very differently.

I tend to go on a deeper level with spirit because I can. With me, everything is about healing with spirit. When you go to a medium, they might say, “Your dad’s telling you not to feel guilty.” With me, you might get that message but then I’ll help you to remove the guilt. I don’t just say, “Your dad wants you not to feel guilty.” You’re like, “How do I do that?” That’s the extra steps.

In your case, instead of sending your person to someone else who can maybe heal that, you can help them heal. That’s the other part of that equation.

We do a lot of forgiveness and completion work. It’s beautiful.

Forgiveness is not about letting the other person off the hook. It’s about you letting go. It’s not stuck inside the problems. It’s stuck inside of you. That’s wonderful that you can help people to do that. As a bridge between heaven and earth, you bring people a different view of death and grieving from a medium’s perspective. What is that? You have a channeled poem about death I understand.

Let me back up and say that when I was younger, I was terrified of death. I would cry myself to sleep when I was a kid so many times because I remember thinking, “What would I ever do if I lost one of my parents?” Death to me back then seemed like this big black hole that you disappear into. It was scary. Once I started understanding death differently, it became something different for me. It became a powerful experience.

Spirit, a few years ago, gave me this acronym, which I love for the word death. DEATH stood for Divine Expansion And Total Healing. That’s a different perspective on death. I don’t see death the way other people see death. I’m not afraid of it. Am I afraid of loss? Yes. I don’t want to lose anyone that I love but I’m not afraid of this idea of death because I know there’s something after.

I was doing a lot of writing. I wanted to write to death. I wanted to give death a voice. I wrote, “Death, you are a great teacher. You are a catalyst for truth. You are in a no-bullshit zone. You come in and you clear out. You leave what is no longer needed. You help us to see what really matters.” That was more from the perspective of if somebody has a loved one that you know is going to die, things get quick.

Death, you are a great teacher. You are a catalyst for truth. You are in a no-bullshit zone. You come in and you clear out. You leave what is no longer needed. You help us to see what really matters. Share on X

I wrote, “You’re so feared because we were taught to fear you. You represent the end but you also represent the beginning. You represent total union with God and awareness of the soul’s perfection. You are beautiful decondition releasing one from their painful stories. You are a welcome respite from emotional and physical pain. You seem to be a separator separating people from their loved ones.” That’s the fear of separation. I gave the energy of death a voice. I let it have a voice.

I wrote, “You have feared me but in truth, what you are afraid of is your story about me. You live in fear of separation, separation from worthiness, love, money, time and especially God. That is what scares you. Loss touches that fear of separation. The truth is I am a great connector, a reconnection to God, source and soul. Watch the I Will Never… stories that pop up when I am present. None are true. I am here as a reminder of love. I am here to bring you home.”

That is fantastic.

Thank you. I have a great honor.

I would love for you to send that to us and those wise words. That’s wonderful, Sandy. What a gift you have to bring that forward to all of us, truly.

A friend of mine and her husband was diagnosed with stage four cancer. I had connected with her mom in spirit. She asked me if I would come and talk to her husband. I did. I would go there every single week, work with her and her husband and help him connect with spirit. It was so beautiful because when the idea of death is present, you start to have real conversations.

You start to talk about the things that matter. You start to forgive and heal. My invitation to people is to practice that every day. If you could say to yourself, “If I knew I had 90 days left to live, what would I be doing with my life? What would I be saying? What would I be forgiving?” Live that way. It helps you to find your truest self.

I’ve known that from my experience of what happened to me. I term that as being conscious that there’s a cosmic importance to your behavior and life as I like to put it, in a funky way. Do you want to come back with the same turkeys over and over again while you’re here? The other thing I love about you, Sandy, is you’re a rare blend of a spirit medium and a life coach, which we can all hear here. I must say to you, I had two people to perform the function that you do as one person.

When I was healing from the loss of my husband, I had a transition life coach. I also had a wonderful energy healer. They both brought different pieces to help me to heal and move on. How do you do that? You call this blend that you do crossroads coaching. Can you tell us about that? There are people here reading who are going through things or having losses. What can you do by blending those two abilities to help them?

We typically always will bring the energy of spirit and the energy of God because it’s a higher perspective. A lot of the work that I do as a coach and healer is helping people to move emotional energy and helping them to shift the heaviness of the stories that they’ve been carrying. Sometimes we go back to childhood too because a lot of times when people are going through grief or loss or they’re at a crossroads, they’re grieving about the thing that’s in front of them.

They may be but then it’s usually connected to all kinds of stuff back there. We do a lot of clearing, cleaning out and updating of stories. For every single person that I’ve worked with, the most common thing that I hear after they work with me is, “Sandy, I never thought to think of it that way.” I help people learn how to think from a different place or tune in to their truer selves and what that means.

I do a lot of manifestation work with people. If they want to manifest a soulmate or a new job, to me, it’s all energetics. We find the frequency that we want to be, whether you call it the future self. I believe our future is inside of us. It’s not out there ahead of us. It’s inside of us that we’re birthing. I’m like a birthing coach, whether I’m helping someone rebirth back into the spirit or birth their most authentic, joyful self.

That’s the premise of this show. Grief can be a growth experience and you can fix it in your life, which I’ve experienced. What exact modalities would you say that you use to help people free themselves? People are repeating stressful, painful and fearful patterns. They’re going to you so that they can experience life more fully and harmoniously. You’re channeling.

Sometimes, I’m channeling. Sometimes, I bring them into a channeled space so that they can truly feel and sense. We do inner child work. Sometimes I’ll bring past life. It’s always different. Sometimes I’ll bring past life work into it.

Do you do this online as well as in person?

Yes, it works both ways. I have clients all over the world and the wonders of the internet bring us all together so quickly.

I have to ask you why in the world this fabulous medium helps people heal and move forward from grief of all kinds, written two books and everything. What in the world possessed you to learn how to do stage hypnosis?

First of all, I don’t make people think they’re chickens. That’s the most common misconception. No, that’s not what stage hypnosis is about. Not at all. It’s about a lot of fun. This was going back several years ago. I always pick a word for my year. Sometimes doing this grief work gets very heavy. You’re hearing people’s sad stories. I want people to feel better and I can’t do it for them. I do it with them.

My word of the year was fun and I decided to write down all the possible things that I could do that would be fun. Stage hypnosis and comedy hypnosis were one of them. I love being on stage because I’ve been a professional speaker and teaching people how to communicate more effectively. I thought, “Could I do this?” I was already a hypnotist. I’d been trained. I flew to Las Vegas and I went to three different training.

You flew to Las Vegas and took lessons on how to do this.

I took it in New Hampshire first and I didn’t do anything with the training. I was too scared. I didn’t have the confidence because I thought, “What if I’m on stage, everyone’s looking at me and no one gets hypnotized?” That was my fear. I didn’t do anything with it. About a year later, I went to Las Vegas and got trained by Cat Hickland. She was on One Life to Live. She’s amazing. I did her hypnosis training. My confidence was getting there. I went and got trained by Marc Savard, who was a huge hypnotist in Vegas. I loved their styles and Cat’s style also.

You learned three different styles.

I had different styles and I had to find my style. What I realized was as soon as I faced my fear of, “What if I couldn’t get anyone hypnotized,” it started working. What I realized was I love making people laugh. I was doing a show one time. It was a fundraiser for a group out in Western Mass. It was one of the funniest shows. It’s not because of me. It’s because of the volunteers that I have on stage. I will add them stuff and play with them.

How do you pick the volunteers?

They volunteer. There’s a series of ways that I bring them into different experiences and then I can weed them out and only keep the best of the best. This happened to be one of my best. It was the funniest show. A woman from the audience came up to me and said, “Thank you so much. I’ve had a tough time in my life lately. You have no idea how much I needed to laugh.” All of a sudden at that moment, it dawned on me. The healing work and grief that I do is healing. Laughter work is healing. I thought I’m not a crazy person. I get why I’m doing it. It’s fun.

Why is it important for them to heal in this lifetime before they cross over?

First of all, I want them to know that they’re doing the best that they can with the tools that they have. Sometimes you might need a guide to help you through it. I have blind spots, mentors and coaches that I go to support me. Why is it important to heal? Life will get easier when you heal. Things start flowing. The things that we don’t heal don’t go away. They go underground. It’s like an infection that doesn’t get treated. It gets smellier, stinkier and bigger. Before you know it, it’s going to hit the organs.

GAR 80 | Spirit Medium

Spirit Medium: Life will get easier when you heal. Things start flowing. The things that we don’t heal don’t go away. They go underground.


It’s going to manifest into disease and all different kinds of things. People realize they compartmentalized whatever this thing is and it’s been festering.

I don’t know that we’ve done a very good job in our culture to teach people what to do with their feelings. We’ve perhaps been taught big boys don’t cry. “Be happy or take a pill. Shove it down. There’s no space for your grief. Hurry up and get over it.” It’s like, “What do you do with it?” I want to help people dig it all out. “Let’s dig and clean it out.” Have you ever gone through this experience when you have a closet or a drawer that you know you need to reorganize and clean out? The first thing that happens is it looks like crap because it’s going to get messier before it gets better. You take all the stuff out of the closet.

This happened to me one time. I took everything out of the closet. I’m like, “What do I do with all of this?” You realized, “This doesn’t belong in the closet. I’m going to get rid of this and throw it away.” Before you know it, as you’re putting stuff together, you go, “I’m glad I went through it.” It’s not always fun going through it but I make it fun for people because I do bring some humor in. It is an important work because we keep coming back. Not because we’re being punished but to work on similar things. Even in this lifetime, I’ve seen my repetitive patterns. “I guess I need to look at that one again.”

For me, finding my voice and honestly expressing what I’m feeling in relationships is something that I’ve been working on. I have a great grasp of it. I’ve got a wonderful partner. He’s amazing. It took me a long time to learn that one. It was interesting because I could be a great public speaker but in a relationship at home, it was very difficult for me to bring that forth. I’m feeling angry or sad. That was hard for me.

It’s the opposite of most people. Most people are more comfortable in their privacy and skin and then they’re getting on a stage and you are comfortable on a stage.

Give me a stage of 10,000 people, that’s my dream. I’d love that. Do you know why? When I’m on stage, my prayer is, “God, use me.” It’s like I get out of the way and I show up in my heart. A lot of times after I’m done speaking, I’m like, “What did I even say?” I just get out of the way. God does the work through me.

I love your analogy with the compartment or closet. There are things that you haven’t worn in ten years and it’s still sitting there. It’s like, “It no longer serves me. I need to get rid of this.” That’s a lot of what people need to heal, things that no longer serve them and they’re holding onto.

A big part of the work that I do is validating people. It’s okay that you’re sad and angry. Sometimes you need to feel that and not push it down. I want to bring that forth from people. I can hold the space when people are unpacking their stuff. I’m good at that and I ask good questions to help people find their truth and true selves.

Would that be your tip on finding joy in life or do you have an additional one to that?

My biggest tip and this is going to come from one of my dearest friends who is in spirit, Susan. This was when she was in spirit. She gave me this message. She said, “Sandy, you’re there to help people find their path to joy. The way that you do that is to help them reconnect with God’s energy.” That’s where joy is.

Everybody wants to buy your books, help you with healing and learn how to meditate through you. Tell them all the ways they can reach you, Sandy.

They can get the books on Amazon. They can reach me through my website, If anyone wants to do some work with me, like some coaching work, I do a free intro call to see if we would be a good fit. They can book a private spirit session with me online too. I want to thank you, Irene, for doing this work. You are such a beautiful bright light here. You are this adorable little pixie fury energy. You have such a powerful voice in this world. Not just that but you help amplify others’ voices that are shining a light in some of the darkness that we have here and some of the pain we have. Thank you for the work that you do.

Like you, this work grew out of my tremendous loss, the way I’ve rebirthed myself and how I want to pay it forward also. That means a lot to me. Thank you so much, Sandy. I think of myself as a bridge also for all the healers and everyone to help alleviate some of the sufferings on our planet. Thank you so much for that.

You’re welcome.

I appreciate your joining us. I got as much from talking with you as everyone else got from this to us. You are such a terrific resource for healing and transformation. Healing laughter is so important. This is such a pleasure.

Thank you, Irene. God bless you and everyone who’s reading.

Thank you. Make sure to follow us and like us on social @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. As I like to say, to be continued. Many blessings. Bye for now.


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