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Rose Henry is a Reiki Master, a spiritual coach and the Founder of Intuitive Holistic Services. She was born in the Welsh Valleys and has lived in Africa, Australia, and now Northern Ireland. After she left her secure corporate job in Australia and came back to the UK, she began her work as a spiritual coach, utilizing her deep understanding of energy, balance, and healing. She offers her clients valuable insights about their physical lives while helping them to enrich their souls, tying a logical, real-world approach to her spiritual one.



  • The emotional pain and life challenges Rose has faced that taught her not to be nervous about being in a state of change.
  • What inspired Rose to leave great success in the corporate world to become a Healer and Founder of Intuitive Holistic Services.
  • The two gifts each of us is born with and not taught to use.
  • The 5 simple techniques for finding contentment and balance.



  • What are healing crystals and how do they help a person to heal?
  • How do your Energy readings help a person understand him or herself from past life issues to this current life?
  • How do you help a person step into their soul’s purpose?

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Rose Henry: What Does It Truly Mean For People To Look Inside And Illuminate Their Inner Selves?






I’m delighted to have this opportunity to interview Rose Henry, who will be speaking to us now from Northern Ireland. Rose is married and has two sons. Rose, who is a Reiki Master, a Spiritual Coach, and the Founder of Intuitive Holistic Services, is passionate about helping beautiful souls heal themselves with compassion, love, and accountability.

She has also trained hundreds of healers to help people heal using hands-on healing and the use of crystals. Rose was born in the Welsh Valleys and has lived in Africa, Australia, and Northern Ireland. After she left her secure corporate job in Australia and came back to the UK, she began her work as a spiritual coach utilizing her deep understanding of energy, balance, and healing.

She offers her clients valuable insights about their physical lives while helping them to enrich their souls, tying a logical real-world approach to her spiritual one. Sharing spiritual wisdom is paramount to what Rose does. Her mission is to always honor, respect, and reflect back to her clients an image of who they truly are.

Rose’s work has been featured on ABC, Fox Network, NBC, and CBS. Now it is being featured on the show. I’m looking forward to an inspiring and wisdom-filled interview with Rose, who is an absolute delight, I must say. Rose, welcome to the show. It’s so fun to meet you. Let’s begin our interview with this question, when did you become spiritually aware? What are the emotional pain and life challenges you have faced that taught you to not be nervous about being in a state of change, which is huge because most people are so resistant to change?

I’m so excited to be here with you and with everyone. I believe that we all have this beautiful sunlight to share. My actual beginnings, until I was eleven, I connected with spirit. I thought everybody could see spirit. I didn’t realize that not everybody could tune in. I see our soul is a radio channel and we tune into it. At eleven, I had a life-changing event. That created conflict because there was a huge heart-wrenching change when my mom and dad decided to move from Wales in the UK to South Africa because my nan was left in Wales and she was my mom’s mom. I was so close to her. She was a tea leaf reader.

No wonder you got the gift from her.

When I went to South Africa, I missed her so much because we had this spiritual connection that I used to astral project. I didn’t realize it until I was in my 30s, but every night for the first six months, I would travel and lie next to her because my granddad had died when I was about four. We moved when I was 11, so it was 7 years before.

I used to snuggle into her and she always had this long white cotton dressing gown a nighty on. Every night, I used to go there.

She was aware that you were doing that?

She was aware. When I was eleven and a half, my mum and dad told me I must be imagining it. I got to that age where I switched it off. As soon as I switched it off, I felt like I fitted in. I fitted in with my family, which was very important, then I arrived at her. It wasn’t the same as going to her because when you go to sleep, your energy goes to your soul and you can go anywhere you want to go. I only learned that, as I said, after my 30s because at 29, I got switched back on again.

When you go to sleep, your energy goes to your soul. You can go anywhere you want to go. Share on X

I want to ask you, how did your grandmother respond when she knew you were tuning in?

She loved it but my mum and my dad weren’t that spiritual like me.

They were not comfortable with it.

We went to a Methodist church. My parents were quite into church and this wasn’t something that you want to go down.

Your grandmother understood.

She did and that changed. I only realized when I was an adult, it affected me because she was my go-to person. There are four children in the family. I was never alone but I was alone because she wasn’t there, spiritually. When I was 29 and anyway, I always had an interest in energy and healing. I was always a healer. I went to work and I was working with networks.

Can you believe this? I ended up working for a big company in South Africa. I was the network manager. I was setting up moving from dust to windows, teaching thousands of people, networking them the same way that a soul networks with its physical lifetimes. I loved it. When I was 29, my roof disappeared when I was sleeping at 2:00 in the morning. My husband was right next to me and he was fast asleep. I thought I must be imagining it.

I hid under the blankets then I looked again and this beautiful white light switched me back on and said, “Fear night for God is with you.” I didn’t realize at the time until I went for a lot of work with my guru, I had a guru over there. Once that was switched on, I went to somebody that taught me. When I went to him I said, “Why do I get the words, fear not for God is with you?”

He said, “Don’t you know in the Bible when an angel appears, people are scared and they hide? God’s angels say, ‘Fear not.’” He said his name is Archangel Gabriel. He was a pure white light with a golden hello, absolutely beautiful. From that day on, it was my life’s mission apart from my work because you still believe in your head, you’ve got to do the work.

Make a living and all that good stuff.

I used to work during the day and in the evenings, teaching meditation, doing readings, and my passion but it was my hobby more than my belief in myself.

Was your husband 100% behind you with all this or did he like to tolerate it? It’s your thing.

H always had what he called a voodoo room in my house. My crystal room, it’s got crystals and feathers. I always have feathers.

It’s your woo-woo place.

He always respected because he is not very spiritual himself. When some people switch their lights on, their partner gets a bit nervous because they’re not understanding it. I was good because he realized that there needs to be respect. I respect what he does and he respects what I believe in. There’s no argument. It’s just my belief.

No judgment. You work together. In searching for your own balance across the world, I wanted to ask you one thing. What taught you not to be nervous about being in a state of change?

It all leads back to the two gifts you’re born with. I have to bring that in because it matches. I’ve always been a believer in breath leads you to your free will. When we shut down our breath, we give power to panic or anxiety. When we release our breath, which I could do from a young child, even though I was going through change, I never was scared of coming out the other end because whatever was going to happen, I was in control because I never panicked about it.

GAR Rose Henry | Inner Self

Inner Self: When we shut down our breath, we give power to panic or anxiety. When we release it, we gain control.

I went where I needed to go with my breath. I had the free will to choose at that moment if I wanted to push forward. If I wanted to get stuck, stay stuck for a while. If that’s what you need to do, there’s no pressure but at the end of the day, isn’t it wonderful? You have your breath and your free will. When you push yourself into this world after nine months of learning if you want to even be here and you emerge through the pain of birth, you’ve come here to learn pain and happiness. As you are born, all your past lifetimes are ripe. What do you end up? A beautiful baby filled with breath and free will. They’re the two gifts you’re born with.

That’s a fascinating way to see that. I’m never going to see a newborn baby the same way again. In searching for your own balance across the world, you allowed yourself to find your own sense of ease. What was that process like? What inspired you to leave the corporate world to become a healer and Founder of Intuitive Holistic Services? That was a big deal. You were in the corporate world for a long time. That’s a huge shift.

It’s such an interesting story as well because I love people. I’m a hug bug. If you ever come to my home, everybody walks in the door and says, “We love this,” because they step into themselves. They give themselves permission to be in a space where they’re invited. I worked in corporate. I was the managing director of a company in South Africa that asked me if I wanted to work in Sydney, Australia to build a company there too.

I had 55 staff. I had eleven branches in Africa, South Africa, and Sydney in Australia. What I found was in a few years, I started to realize where my balance was, where my dis-ease was setting in. I wasn’t breathing 100% correctly. Even when I went to Australia, it wasn’t with ease because I was so in a habit of following the raft race. I cannot just follow it blindly without considering if there was a different way.

I sat in dis-ease for a few years. I made the choice. I did a Reiki-like investigation. I went to Australia three times before we moved there. We moved lock, stock, and barrel. We took our pensions of twenty years from our other jobs as well. We moved to Australia and after two years, I had a mouth done. I went home and found my husband. I said, “Jim, something has to change.” He was so good. We spent all of our monies going there and living there. My son was with us. He was nineteen at the time. It was the wrong move. I felt it instinctively. That change created even more dis-ease.

You’d already seen our change with Gabrielle, right?

I moved to Sydney and then I called Trevor. I said, “Please, we have to talk.” He was so good. God sent me Trevor because he was so good. It was a great country. It just wasn’t my energy. I don’t know how to explain that to him. He said, “If you don’t want to be in this space, there’s no explanation. Where do you want to be in the world? Do you want to go to Canada?”

He was portable that he could move.

He’d given up a twenty-year career in South Africa to go to Australia. He said, “Where do you want to be in the world?” I said, “I want to be in Northern Ireland. I want to be in your hometown.” When I came here, I felt like I was a soldier in the 18th Century on the cliffs. Within a month, we finished our work and within the next month, we moved back. Within three years, we bought a house. We’ve been here for many years and we haven’t looked back. We love it.

You’re home.

It was a lot of change because when we moved back, we didn’t have the same monies that we had when we went. We had to start from scratch.

That takes a lot of courage and faith.

That’s changed at its best. When you know you are growing is when you are being challenged. People are nervous about change because change makes them look in their mirror. The mirror of their life shines back at them and what are they seeing and feeling? Your feelings dictate anxiety, happiness, and contentment. It’s not about the mind giving you the thought. The thought is the prisoner in the mind. It’s about how you feel.

You know you are growing when you are being challenged. People are nervous about change because it makes them look in their mirror. Share on X

I could have sat in that job in Sydney because I’d been offered shares in that company. It’s growing huge at the moment but it wasn’t making me happy. Something had to change. You create your own happiness. I’ve always believed that from when I was a little girl. You’re always good enough and I’ve always believed that. I had my happiness. As long as I had my husband then attend, I would live anywhere. I wasn’t scared to move anywhere.

You found a peach. You’ve talked about one of them but tell me the two gifts each of us is born with besides breath and are not taught to use. What are your five simple techniques for finding contentment and balance?

With your breath comes free will. Nobody should give their breath or their free will to anybody else, first of all. A lot of us do because we are trying to please Mom, our partner, or our dog.

You were pleasing your parents. It’s what happened to you.

We please everybody then we lose ourselves. You are born in your soul’s image. The next time anybody looks in the mirror, what you see looking back at you is the warmth of your heart and your soul. You look at your child. If you haven’t got a child, you look at your pet, your cat, or your dog and you have those eyes of adoration and love. When you look in that mirror, your soul is seeing you and thinking, “This is my creation.” It’s amazing.

Free will is having the capacity when you are playing the same story in your mind to press the stop button. Stop right there, take a new breath, and the breath is a breath of five. 5 in the pelvis, 4 in the tummy, 3 in the heart, 2 in the throat, and 1 in the mind. Shift the tar and the sludge from the emotional stuff you go through and breathe it up and out. As you breathe back in, Archangel Michael, he’s the blue sky above you. He comes and cloaks you in his blue energy and he gives you balance. Your free will is a big tool in finding your balance.

Free will also feels like your ability to choose. You choose your thoughts, your reactions, and all of that. What are those five simple techniques for finding contentment and balance that you talk about?

Change is very good. Change is cleansing, which is crying, healing, and new growth emerging. Change is growth, and growth is change. It’s a mirror. Breathing and tuning into your frequency is one of them.

You five techniques for contentment and balance.

I use crystals. I would keep amethyst. I would usually wear amethyst as a ring or as a piece of jewelry because amethyst brings balance. Amethyst is from Archangel Gabriel. She works with a series of females even though a male came to me when I was 29. She works with clearing the mind, putting in clarity, and removing mind blocks so those doors aren’t locked anymore. When you open your mind and those doors that have been locked, you suddenly have a spring clean in your mind. You open new doors for new adventures.

Also, meditation. Meditation doesn’t have to be lying down like a zombie. I’m very logical. I have time constraints. I would meditate as I’m driving. I would sit at each traffic light. I would think about the last two hours and what created anxiety, sadness, or upset. What changes am I going through? Small changes can mean big things.

With COVID, you could have lost a job or gone through trying times, so breathe it up. If you’re sitting on the bus, on the train, or in your car and at that stop, breathe, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. As you breathe and let it go, guess what comes back in exchange? Balance. Your crystals and your breath. I would also use writing and I don’t journal. I work with my soul. If I have something that I need to bring balance, I would write a little question to my soul and ask a sign.

I do that too sometimes.

It’s wonderful because what you’re doing is taking dis-ease of a situation or an issue or a relationship out of your body and relaying it onto a page. When they made you write lines in school where in my day they did, “I am a naughty girl.”

That’s terrible when they did that.

“I shouldn’t talk in class.” They’re repeating it. What are you doing when you are asking your guide this question? When you do that, give 4 to 6 weeks. Remember, your guide will get back to you as soon as you start to trust, which is another one, to release, and enter your soul totally. This is hard to do because we’re so used to being conditioned.

Trusting is a huge one. Also, being present. I’ll give you an example. If you had to play COVID 24/7 and you continuously played it. To me, it would drive me cuckoo. It would drive me up the pole because I want to choose what I listen to motivates me. I don’t want to listen to that same channel playing. We need to press stop on the channel in our minds the video from that thing from years ago with love and gratitude. We went through it. It was our lesson. Let’s press stop and let’s put a new channel on. What channel do we choose now? We use our trolley.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of that but I teach that. When we wake up in the morning, say, Irene, you’re in COVID and you said to me, “Rose, I can’t get to the shops. Can you maybe do some shopping for me for the week? Thank you so much because I’m so busy with all my work, my show, and everything.” I say, “Yes, Irene.”

I quickly come to you and you give me the back and I go down to the shops. I come home and you’ve got a bottle of Captain Morgan’s rum, a bottle of Coke, crisps, ice cream, and all the good stuff. You look at this and you say, “Rose, where’s the food?” I’ll say, “If you didn’t give me a list, why’d you expect what you like? I don’t know what you like.” If you’re not giving the universe a list, then how can she possibly decide what to give you?

Do you have to be very specific with them?

You have to have this pie chart. On the first of each month, you split it into the different areas of your life. You have to say, “What did I focus on?” We tend to focus on what we are good at. For many years, I was good in my career corporate. I didn’t look at what I was missing out on. I was missing out on the fun and spending time with my family because I was a workhorse from 6:00 in the morning until 9:00 at night.

I never thought anything of it because I thought I was giving them the best private schools and they were giving their car on the 18th. It was all materialistic. Only when you look back, you think, “What did I do?” I know it sounds weird. Now I teach everybody in the morning, either put an empty wine bottle, because a lot of us have empty wine bottles, next to the bed, or a brick with a Brillo Pad on the top.

To get into the habit of doing it, you turn and you see this thing looking at you in the face, which isn’t normally there. You lie back down for five minutes of breath and free will. What do you want now? What are you writing on your shopping list? Are you first in the trolley? If you’re not first in the trolley, you’ll end up last like you normally do. You’ll always think, “I’m running after everybody. What about me?”

If you are not the first on the shopping list of life, you will run after everybody else and worry too much about yourself. Share on X

What is all of this? How is this connected to the cloak of our spiritual superpower and turning on our sixth sense?

I’ll ask everybody to think about this when there are sad times. Irene, you’ve been through sad times and I’ve also experienced quite sad times myself. When we go through these sad times, we can end up having this gray cloak of energy around us because we are sitting in a feeling of sadness. A lot of us don’t protect our own energy with the energy of the angels. The angels are light, so the blue sky is Michael. He laughs because we’ve given him a name and wings.

He’s like this big warrior and he is wearing these wings but he’s all right with that. He says, “However you want to see me is fine. I’m just a blue light.” Imagine taking the gray cloak off, allowing yourself the emotional being of, “I’m very sad but let me cloak myself in the blue beautiful energy of Archangel Michael and feel his protection and strength.”

We need to be aware when we are walking out of the house, what are we wearing? Pink for happiness, purple for balance, or blue for communication? What color would you wear? If you’re not paying attention to what you’re cloaking your energy in, if you’re not asking Michael to protect your energy, you’ll come home with those twenty people from work carrying them.

You’ll come home with the three kids that have been screaming in the back of the car. Why are they screaming in the back of the car? Let me tell you something. It’s because you’ve got into the car irritated and dumped all that awful energy into the whole area. When your children get in, instead of receiving balance and breath, they’re receiving irritation and frustration.

A lot of people would come for healing and I would take them to my front door. I would say, “Before you leave, we spoke about this beautiful healing cloak. Choose a color in your mind. Drop the cloak that you were wearing when you walked in, a relationship breaking up, losing a loved one, losing a pet, just as traumatic, and drop that cloak with compassion for self and kindness. You are allowed to have the feeling because feelings equal healing.

GAR Rose Henry | Inner Self

Inner Self: You are allowed to feel. Feelings lead to healing.

Don’t carry that until you are ready to feel it again, maybe in a quiet moment when you’re sitting and writing and you’re getting stuff out. Be aware of when are you playing that because you could be playing it 23 out of 24 hours. Slowly with Michael’s help, you can start to play pink, a little bit of contentment and happiness, even though you’re allowed to still feel.

I’ve experienced that where I’ve gone into difficult situations and mindset that I’m protecting myself with a golden light and a rainbow. It works. It’s the vibration.

The rainbow stands for all the angels. The blue is the power and strength communication of Michael. The white is the clouds above us. It’s Archangel Gabriel. I haven’t got it on now but she’s quartz crystal and amethyst. She clears ears, nose, and throat. The green is Raphael, where you stand with your feet in the grass. The red is the passion of Uriel. Chamuel is yellow. He’s letting go of knots in the stomach and letting go of dis-ease, IBS.

When people come to you, do you help them to let go of these things?


You’re like an energy guide. I know about crystals and you work a lot with them but there are people who are reading who see crystals but they don’t have a clue as to what they are, what they do, or whatever. Could you give us the beginner’s guide to crystals and the crystals that you prefer for healing the spiritual? Is this how you use them?

The wonderful thing about crystals is that crystals have been used for millions of years beneath the Earth’s surface to heal Mother Earth. I’ve got big chunks of crystal. When you turn them over and you could be sitting at your beach on this lovely slab of rock, when they cut into the rock, there’s all this beautiful amethyst, so you are sitting on balance.

GAR Rose Henry | Inner Self

Inner Self: Crystals have been used for millions of years beneath the Earth’s surface to heal Mother Earth.

Crystals are embedded in the Earth.

They’re underneath the Earth’s surface so that Michael protects us but the crystals heal us. What happens is that a massive chunk of crystal is here because we have billions of people walking the earth. A lot of them are sad and there’s a lot of sadness going into Mother Earth. The crystals replenish it with motivation and inspiration. One tiny piece of crystal that you wear on your finger or neck can provide for your body what a massive chunk provides for Mother Earth because you are one cell in the universal body.

It’s amazing. When I do the healing, I do healing online as well. I would have a physical representation of a body if I’m online. I’ll explain this if I’m doing it online. If somebody’s here, I would lay the crystals on their forehead, on their throat, along the midriff, on the knees, and at the feet. Why? It’s because when you’re born, you’re born from that painful place. If you have a vulnerable first 0 to 7 years, you can use crystals to heal the pain because you will carry vulnerability then from 7 to 14 years to the pelvis where self-confidence and self-esteem left.

From 21 to 35, you carry all the breakups, going through changes of jobs and university. Maybe you didn’t go to university and you feel like a failure then you succeed. You carry all of this emotional sludge in your tummy. You put a bit of citron in your pocket and crystals start to release the knots that hold you prisoner in your tummy.

They’re like a cheat sheet. They’re right there to help you do that. While you’re doing all this work with the crystals and all, don’t you also help people identify their soul’s purpose?


How does that work? Many people who don’t know who they are or why they’re here. In my case, I had to be bounced around in a car to understand. You got an appearance from the heavenly realms but not everybody’s doing that so they go to someone like you. What’s this lifetime of mind about? How do you help them to identify why they’re here?

First of all, I want to say that, I believe that everybody, every single person is the infrequency. Anybody that would come to me, I cannot take any credit or anything for healing themselves. Even though they say, “Send me all these lovely messages.” At the end of the day, I’ll send it back and reflect it back to them. What they’ve done is take the cloak call, put a new cloak on, or step into a different frequency.

We are born but we have something called past lives. This is my belief. It’s not everybody’s belief, which I explain to everybody that comes to me. Imagine a library. That’s the best way to think of it. All the books. Imagine now above your head, a crown. You know the gold crown is circular. A gold wedding ring is circular. It represents a circle of love. When you wear the circle of love, the circle of love is a library above your head that holds the wisdom of your past lifetimes.

You carry the energy from those past lifetimes. I agree. I know this because I’ve done this. You carry the energy from your past lifetimes into this lifetime. Sometimes, you’ve got maladies or things going on, but it’s not a physical thing in this lifetime. It’s coming from carry-on trauma.

There’ll never be another Rose or another Irene because we are given one lifetime to taste the adventure of every breath. Don’t waste any because when you go back and the light bulb has to be changed because we are a light bulb for the soul, we think, “I should have tried that.” With all of those books, you can call in when you’re going through terrible pain, stress, and upset.

You can imagine this lovely warm golden chakra above your head. It’s a golden crown. You can imagine this library filled with wisdom. It’s not knowledge. Knowledge is learned here. It’s the wisdom of your soul. You are born with it but if you don’t invoke it, you can’t tune in to getting that advice. You need to trust. I did it, believe me.

I’m very logical. I went through many years of testing and experimenting with it. I did meditation for months and I laughed my head off then I heard laughter is the best medicine. Maybe I needed to. Anyway, say somebody’s going through a stressful change. Maybe they’ve lost a beautiful person in their life, a job, a business, a house, or a child.

You can close your eyes. I’m sitting in a nice quiet space and light a candle to call in Michael to protect the space always. As you sit there, you can put your feet in the grass. Imagine standing in a beautiful meadow with the blue sky. Michael is looking down on you. The sun is on your face. It feels very warm. You lay a blanket out and you sit there. In the distance under another tree is your guide.

Your guide is this librarian of your beautiful acacia record your library, which sits in your crown. You call across very gently and say, “I’m struggling. For the past weeks, this happened. I am going to ask you, can you give me the wisdom of my soul to help me deal with this?” You have invoked one of those past or more than one of those past lives becoming your guides, coming down and offering you signs.

Signs are very important. Suddenly, that person that didn’t bother is now contacting you three times a week and saying, “We are going here. Are you going to join us?” You’re getting annoyed but then you’re thinking, “Maybe I should get out.” It’s a little sign that you are learning the language of your soul. Your soul speaks a language that you need to learn. You learned English because your parents taught you or you’d be sitting here with no communication. You need to learn how your soul speaks with you.

GAR Rose Henry | Inner Self

Inner Self: Your soul speaks a language that you need to learn.

While you’re learning this, how does the soul tell a person who feels lost? As much left brain as you got, you were here to work with your right brain and all that. How does a person who doesn’t know? What happened to me was the car accident. I got a spiritual awakening at the moment. For people who don’t get that, how do they find out that they’re on the wrong path, or here’s a path they can choose to go on, which is what their soul intended for them?

Every single experience that you have in your lifetime, you’ve chosen, first of all. Let me explain it before you are born. Before we are born, we look at our library and our soul decides that maybe we need to learn more patience. Maybe we’ve always been the more masculine energy because we’ve been male and female. We might have been more logical. We’re coming in to be the female energy.

Maybe we’ve never had children, so we’re going to come and try and have children. They’re the gifts that we’ve chosen which I can give you an update on. It is quite nice because it resonates or it doesn’t but 99.9%, it resonates. When I read your energy, I read what your soul is showing you. When you are born, because you are given free will, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will choose that path. You could come back 10,000 lifetimes to learn one lesson. When you think about that but the soul laughs at us because one lifetime to them is a drop in a big ocean.

When you are born, you are given free will. But it doesn't necessarily mean you will choose that path. You could come back 10,000 lifetimes to learn one lesson. Share on X

That’s why we have something like the Grief and Rebirth show because we’re encouraging people to do their healing work. They don’t have to come back 10,000 times to learn that lesson.

When you heal, then it’s comically attuned. Everybody will go through hard times and easy times. You might be in a group of friends and the one person has the most wonderful laugh and you think, “What are they doing that I’m not?” Nothing, but maybe they had your life in the last lifetime and they’ve decided, “In this lifetime, I’m taking a break.”

I can relate to that. Rose, give us an example of one of your many clients who you’ve helped to heal by teaching her to heal herself the way you do. I’m sure you have 1 million stories. You teach people to heal themselves with compassion, love, and accountability. You have someone who came to you who was screwed up and worked with you and it turned the direction of his or her life around.

I have a lot of male clients. I would say the male clients come here full of stress because feminine, we are more open to investigating things. We’re quite nosy but males tend to be very closed in. They don’t like anybody to know their business. I work with quite a few counselors that would send people to me that say, “We think that you could do this.”

I’ve got a little house in Carrickfergus. I’ve got a healing room and people find me. I think God sends them to me. That’s it. I had one gentleman in particular that came to me and he calls me a faith healer but I don’t know about that. He walked in and he had a lot of problems with his youth. He was maybe in his early 40s. Those problems had led to hectic psoriasis all over his body.

He came for a few sessions and I explained to him about the healing properties of crystals and how if he worked with different crystals, he could heal himself. After that first healing session, he said he felt like his soul rose out of his body. I was healing the physical, the ailment that he was healing his soul. He was going back to his dermatologist the week after he was here. I got this long message from him and he said he’s been on medication for many years and the dermatologist took him off 70% of his medication.

All his skin had nearly cleared itself. He’s never in his life had that because when he left, I had to wash everything. It didn’t bother me because if he’s receiving healing, it’s not coming from me. It’s coming from his own energy. He started to use his crystals and I didn’t hear from him, which was great because then I thought he was healing himself. This is all good. He looked at himself differently. That’s what it’s all about. You see yourself in a different newer version. It’s like upgrading your phone.

Would you still be walking around with one of those big block phones or would you have your latest model? He got his latest version of himself. A few years later, I got another call from him and he said, “I don’t know if you remember me.” I said, “I remember you.” He said, “I had such a shock. My brother passed away suddenly. I’m not coping.” He’d had alcohol and a lot of issues when he was younger. He said, “I’m not coping and my psoriasis has come back 90%. It was going so well and I’ve gone back to the old me.” I said, “That’s fine. We all stumble and fall back into feeling upset. You’ve had a major loss. It takes two years to grieve.”

I said, “Come back.” He came back and he sat. I used a specific sheet and I showed him what he could work with his ages and what he could put around. I put crystals on the doorways. He came back to me about two weeks later. He hasn’t been back to me since. He said he’s feeling in a great sense of place. He’s got a good place in his mind. He’s been back again to the dermatologist because his skin was flaring up and everything. It’s gone down maybe about 50%. It hasn’t gone down because he was still very stressed and that he would come back to me when he needed me again.

There are many people out there that will say that you need to come back every week. I’m sorry, you go back when you have a need and no healer should tell you otherwise. People say, “Should I come back every week for this?” No. If you feel good and you understand the lesson of using that crystal, then walk with it and come back when you feel your balance is a bit off again. You can do it yourselves, which is what the reiki one teaches you, self-healing. It’s amazing.

GAR Rose Henry | Inner Self

Inner Self: There are many people out there that will say that you need to come back to healing sessions every week. However, you should only go back when you have a need, and no healer should tell you otherwise.

It also shows that you’re not working this for your own gain. Sometimes, there are people in this world who don’t want their talk. I’m glad to hear that. This is great for people to hear truly because then they can figure out within themselves, who is the right person with integrity to go to for the healing.

Respect the soul.

You’ve got eBooks and you have a new SoulMap app. Do you want to tell us about that SoulMap app?

I’m so excited. First of all, I’d love to give your beautiful people and your beautiful souls two eBooks. They’re welcome to have them. I’ll send the downloadable versions to you. They can pick them up from your site, I suppose. You know how you were talking about being switched on and finding how to so a show? I find it so interesting how like you’d never thought of a show and suddenly, there it was in your mind. You thought, “I’ve got to find out how to do this.” I love that because this is what happened with my app. I don’t know anything about apps. I’m old.

My nephew is in South Africa because my one sister now lives in Australia. My other sister lives in South Africa. My brother lives in England and my son lives in Germany and my niece lives in Hawaii. We are the gypsies. My nephew in South Africa said to me, “Auntie Rose, in March, I’m busy making an app.” The minute he said that word, his talking went low. In my head, his voice was saying, “You’ve got to create an app. It’s got to be a SoulMap app. It’s got to help people shine a light so deeply that their soul gives them their intention, goal, and destination in a much easier way than trying to do it on their own.

Do they subscribe to the app?

They subscribe. It’s a monthly subscription. It’s $97 a month. The app, if you sign up, you get the full challenge, which is normally like $500. I’m giving it away for free. My first twenty clients paid that but I told them that I want everybody to be able to shine this light. I’ve been talking about it now. I take you through it. I’m your spiritual coach in your pocket. If you want to understand crystals, angels, and guides, I take you to a guide. I do all my own meditations. I take you to the fire pit for forgiveness, to your guides and I get you to chat to them. Every week, I take you to 1% better. We did guard energy again because a lot of people are enjoying the guard energy. It went live. I’m so excited.

That is so fabulous.

It went live on Apple and Google Play Store. It’s been in the test phase since.

What’s the name of it? How do you identify it? Is it called the SoulMap?

SoulMap and it’s if you want to find it. You can find it if you go to the Play Store.

Tell us about your coaching packages and spiritual workshops. Especially, what is your Reality Meet Spirituality Coaching? I’m assuming you offer all of these online.

I work a lot in America with a lot of clients, male and female. I work a lot with clients in Europe, South Africa, and in the UK. I am very logical because I come from corporate and I’m spiritual. I’m more spiritual. What I thought was there is a lot of confusion because Western civilization hasn’t caught up with Eastern in terms of spirituality. My coaching is a six-month program that takes you through two lessons a month, which is an hour lesson each time. The first lesson to take you through the first two sessions would be meeting yourself.

This is an individual session. It’s not part of the group, right?

These are the single ones. Who am I? What are my strengths? What are my values? A lot of us don’t know that. The next sessions are meeting your guides, what are the angels and the universal laws, and then bringing it all together and having a look at your wheel of life. The chat session is good. A lot of my clients have given me feedback, which you can go and look at on the website.

They gave me feedback to say what was interesting was they had time to absorb what they’d cured and went through it in their minds and their daily lives. I give them a little bit of homework. They come back after weeks and they talk to me. They challenge me or I don’t mind being challenged. There’s no such thing and nothing phases me.

They say, “What about if this happens?” It’s great because now, they’re untangling that hard coding that’s gone on in their mind. I love it. The group coaching now is all on the app. That app is $97 a month. I get on live every week on a Wednesday and it’s Zoom recorded. It’s put onto the private Facebook group. I get on live because some people can’t do it Wednesday and the fourth Sunday of every month. There are five live sessions with me where you can ask me anything. Plus, there are weekly lessons and a challenge.

You say that healing starts with healing. Tell our audience the importance of healing in general and the concept, that healing starts with healing.

We have two points of alignment. We have our minds and we have our hearts. The mind is usually the male and it’s the logic. The heart is the feminine emotional energy. The heart has liquid, blood, and it has to pump that blood through our body to feed us the oxygen, which we all know to breathe, to give us our free will, to find our balance.

The heart holds four chambers. It holds earth, wind, fire, and water. Imagine having a car with four cylinders and one of the cylinders isn’t working. You’re driving down the street and it keeps misfiring because one of the cylinders is off, then the engine blows up. We have a panic attack because one of the emotional parts of us, our heart, isn’t working properly.

The Earth is to get your feet in the ground. If you are feeling vulnerable, felt lost in the last while, or are all over the place because you can’t quiet your mind, go to a big high, beautiful hill and go do a roly-poly down that hill. Connect with Mother Earth again. Let her put her roots around you as you roly-poly in the mud. If you get dirty, what you’re doing is reconnecting and she will take away all vulnerability.

GAR Rose Henry | Inner Self

Inner Self: If you are feeling vulnerable or lost because you can’t quiet your mind, reconnect with Mother Earth and let her put her roots around you.

The water is to cry. Some of us are so stubborn. I have men here in my room and in my coaching sessions that cry because they’ve never been given permission to show emotion. Some women as well because some of us can be pretty stubborn too. Water is necessary. God sends the rain. If you believe in God or the universal flood, God sends rain to the earth, which grounds us to get rid of the negativity that we have walked into the land as we’ve walked our day, frustration, irritation, and anxiety.

The rain has to cleanse that. The tears have to cleanse this tiny body that is part of your soul. The fire is to give you passion. If you ever feel you don’t have passion for life, then you’ve switched your fire off, which comes from your pelvis, which is Archangel Uriel. We need to get that reignited. The fire will give you back your self-esteem and confidence. The last thing is the wind. The wind has to knock the leaves off the tree so that the new birds can spring out in springtime. If we are not prepared to go through change and shake off the old and bring in the new, when will our blossoms come out?

If you are not prepared to go through change and shake off the old and bring in the new, when will your blossoms come out? Share on X

You may have to wait for another thousand lifetimes and who wants to wait?

Those four are your healing chambers and your mind will try to keep you locked up in your mind while your heart is begging you to pay attention.

That makes total sense to me. Tell me all the ways that everyone can get ahold of you for your coaching services, workshops, booking, energy healing, and everything. Tell us all the ways that they can connect with you. Your name is very easy, Rose Henry.

Rose Henry is my Instagram handle, @Rose.Henry.TBR but my website is

What is the famous Rose Henry tip for finding joy in life?

You have to be in the moment, breathe it, live it, feel it, and taste it.

What if it’s not a pleasant moment that you’re breathing, feeling, or tasting?

It doesn’t matter. Be in the moment, own it, and feel it. Feeling equals healing. If you ignore it, guess what you’re doing? Creating dis-ease. Dis-ease sits on your back and your backpack gets heavier.

It forms lots of physical illness within you.

You’ve got to bring your body to ease by feeling. You’re allowed. Irene, it’s so important, isn’t it, that we aren’t given permission, or maybe when we were younger, to feel? We weren’t allowed to say how we felt. We had to suck it up and get on with life. Sometimes, some of us are very sensitive. We feel like we have to heal the world and look after everybody. We don’t. At the end of the day, your core mission in this physical is one purpose. Find your contentment, whatever that means to you. That’s your purpose. Everybody’s looking for purpose. It doesn’t exist.

People have different purposes. A lot of times, people are looking to everyone else and it’s about what you’re finding inside of you.

Many people come into my room and say, “Are you always like this?” Yes, I choose it.

Rose, I can truly say from my own healing experiences that healing facilitates an incredibly rewarding and transformational journey of self-discovery. I love that you coach your clients by offering them valuable insights on approaching their physical lives while allowing them to enrich their souls. Thank you from my heart for the wonderful healing work you contribute to our world and this inspiring and wisdom-filled interview. It was marvelous. Here’s a reminder to everyone. Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. To be continued, many blessings, and bye for now.


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