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Spiritual teacher Rohini Moradi is an Akashic Records specialist, a healer, and the creator of the Magic Inclined community, a private community for people who want to learn to access the Akasha. Rohini was born in Tehran, Iran, when her father ran the only Hindu temple in the city but a massive religious-military upheaval in Iran altered her life path. After her father’s temple was seized, her family fled to the United States in 1989 as refugees. This uprooting disrupted Rohini’s connection to her higher self and evaporated many deep understandings from her childhood. But a short stint in jail in her late twenties served as a wake-up call and soon after, Rohini stepped into her journey toward self-healing and rebirth. 



  • Rohini’s journey from bartending to owning a bartending school to becoming a spiritual teacher 
  • Rohini’s out-of-body experience during her daughter’s birth 
  • We are conduits for our children who are beautiful souls on their own journeys 
  • We all have our own personal magic, these different energies that gets dimmed when we try to be like each other 



  • What was your out-of-body experience about? 
  • What did you experience when you started to heal? 
  • What do you mean when you speak of peace beyond understanding? 

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Rohini Moradi: Did You Know That The Akashic Records Are Like A Spiritual Database Where Every Thought That Can Be Used As A Guide For Life’s Toughest Decisions?






I hope this finds each of you very well. I’m speaking to you from my studio in West Orange, New Jersey, feeling truly very grateful and happy to introduce to our audience the spiritual teacher Rohini Moradi. She is an Akashic Records specialist, a healer, and the creator of the Magic Inclined community, a private community for people who want to connect with others, learn to access the Akasha, become an Akashic practitioner, and teach the art of the Akasha.

Rohini will be speaking to us from Nevada City, California. She is happily married to her husband, Luke, and they have three children, Pele, Rishi who is on the other side, and Donovan. Rohini has trained thousands of students, leads large meditation events for corporations, and has extensive training in the metaphysical arts. She has studied meditation with many teachers, attained Reiki Levels 1 and 2 attunement, and has a yoga teaching training certification.

She has also completed clairvoyance training, breathwork training, and hypnotherapy training, and she is an accomplished Akashic Records practitioner and teacher. Rohini was born in Tehran, Iran when her father ran the only Hindu temple in the city. During her formative years, her family traveled throughout India devoted to the yogic life full of spiritual studies and meditation. However, a massive religious military upheaval in Iran altered her life path. After her father’s temple was seized, her family fled to the United States in 1989 as refugees.

This uprooting disrupted Rohini’s connection to her higher self and evaporated many deep understandings from her childhood. She navigated through adolescence and early adulthood by trying to fit in and numb the pain. A short stint in jail in her late twenties served as a wake-up call. Soon after, she stepped into her journey toward self-healing and rebirth.

We’ll learn much more about Rohini during our interview in this episode, including her out-of-body experience when her daughter Rishi was delivered, and the profound grief Rohini experienced when two-month-old Rishi passed away in her sleep. Losing her precious Rishi led Rohini to find the Akasha healing and greater self-knowledge. To say that this is going to be a fascinating and enlightening interview is an understatement. In the spirit of full disclosure, I am currently healing some of my own issues via the Akashic Records. Rohini, a warm and truly heartfelt welcome to the show.

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Thank you so much for the beautiful intro, Irene. It’s my absolute honor to sit with you now. Thank you for having me.

I so admire you. I’ve been following you for so long and you’re doing such great work helping people. I’m going to help people get to know you better because you’ve got such an interesting story of your own, aside from what you do. Let’s start by sharing your juicy journey from bartending to owning a bartending school to becoming a spiritual teacher. That’s a little bit of an unusual path.

It’s a weird jump. To be honest, I’m still doing that. I still own my bartending school. It’s been enlightening for me. The way that it all happened was during my disconnect from myself, I had to cope with the discomfort of not having my soul in my body. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that. When your body is in pain, depressed, or full of anxiety, it’s an uncomfortable vessel for your soul to be in.

Your soul expands out or hovers in a way. That’s what was happening to me. I started self-medicating with alcohol, but I also started bartending, which was good for me because I got to view what it’s like to be seen under that type of medication. It activated a part of me that goes back to my lineage. One of my ancestors is Abu Siyab and he is the first physician who introduced the use of alcohol in medicine, which changed medicine itself. I didn’t know this at the time, but I started looking at alcohol in that way. I’m watching people take these sugary drinks and harm themselves. I could watch them change. I started putting more healthful ingredients in there and changing my concoctions, my potions, or whatever you want to call it.

Did they know that or did you do that on the QT?

They knew that because I’m like, “I came up with a new cocktail. Try this. It will be an herbal supplement. It’s something great for your digestive system or for your mood or for your memory.” It’s these little medicines, the way alcohol was intended. Before my husband and I got married, I realized that I didn’t want to continue bartending, so I opened up this bartending school. I taught these fundamentals to up-and-comers so that there is a healthful aspect and something out there that’s changing people’s responsibility instead of only memorizing a whole bunch of drinks. That’s where it came from.

It makes sense because now, you have all these people also doing all kinds of herbal remedies, even psychedelic remedies. It makes a lot of sense.

I feel like I had a tiny hand in that. I am claiming it. I was doing that this whole time but that depression or that feeling inside of not belonging and not wanting to be a part of this world lingered even through all this. I was giving and giving. I was depleting myself more and more. Once my spiritual awakening happened, which was when my daughter Pele was born, I started coming back in my body wanting to go back to that essence that I came to the world in.

I feel like she healed me in that way and she brought me back. I was watching her grow up and watching myself grow up at the same time. I’m sure you know that feeling as a mother. You’re like, “You are my greatest teacher and I’m learning and healing so much about myself.” Through that, I realized I wanted to step away from the libation industry and went through a whole journey of slowly coming back to myself. It wasn’t until the biggest blast or trauma happened that forced me into it quickly. That’s how I went from a bartending school owner to a spiritual teacher.

Are you still involved with it now even with everything you’re doing?

I’m hands-off now, but I feel like it was an important contribution to our society in a way. I have such wonderful people helping me and working with me. They’re flourishing through it and it’s wonderful watching that and being a witness to their greatness. It’s off in my hands now, but it’s still in existence and a part of my life.

Do you teach them? Do you have formulas with your libations and everything? Do you teach them and they take it away with them wherever they’re working and all?

Absolutely. We have great instructors now who do that. They’ve gone through the program and they have found that inner light. They have found that confidence. We’re watching them present it now and watching that impact and the ripple effect going out into the world. It’s beautiful.

When you’re recommending people who can help people with the Akasha, you also have people who can help them with libations. You are a truly multifaceted healer.

I always say I’m half in this world. It’s the heart connection or the portal. I have one foot in this world. I’m not totally out of it. It’s planted and grounded. The other part of me is floating.

To say the least, you’re never going to be a boring company. Let’s move from that to tell us about your out-of-body experience during your daughter Rishi’s birth, which brought you the insight of interconnectedness, which begin to be part of your opening, and her tragic passing when she was only two months old, which brought about an incredible journey of healing for you.

Thank you. This is where the implementation of spiritual healing or spiritual awakening was planted for me because I woke up. I started being more aware. I started coming back into my body, but I had a lot of resistance throughout this time. It wasn’t until my daughter Rishi was born that it expanded more. A quick backstory to that too is a part of the healing through my first daughter Pele and going back to my true essence, which I feel like a lot of mothers do and are confronted with, I wanted to take Pele to where I grew up.

I wanted to take her to Iran but it’s difficult for Americans to go to Iran. We decided to take her to my second home, which was India. I spent half of my life in India and half of my life in Iran growing up. We went to India and this is where the idea of Rishi came about. I had an astrological reading who told us about this person that may or may not come. If they do, they’re not going to be here very long. This is where the thread started being pulled. We came back. We decided, “We’re going to have a baby girl.”

You were told she wasn’t going to be with you that long.

We didn’t understand what any of that meant, to be honest with you. When you’re in a reading, he didn’t say, “She’s going to die,” or anything like that. He was like, “I see a faint line and this faint line looks like it may be a girl, but the line doesn’t go long. I don’t know what that means.” I didn’t know what that meant either.

What that did was wake up the desire to add to our family, which was dormant. It was non-existent prior to that. We cried all night after the reading and we realized that’s what we wanted. We called her in that night in Rishikesh. We came back and decided to bring her into the world. The pregnancy was amazing, but I felt myself change inside when I started connecting with my lineage. I don’t know where.

Was her purpose to bring this to you?

She wanted to shake me awake like, “We had a plan and you’re not following through.” I was like, “I don’t want to. I’m comfortable being in my depressed state.” That’s when I started taking the yoga certification classes and stuff like that. I grew up doing yoga asana. I didn’t use to do that, but it forced me to get back into it.

You also had an out-of-body experience. What was that about?

We went to the hospital and the day she was due, because in my head I’m like, “She’s coming now.” I started doing yoga breaths before I went into labor hoping and praying. I was going up and down the stairs constantly. I was like, “Come on. We’re doing this today.” At my mother-in-law’s house after I got back inside, my water broke and we’re like, “We are going today. Yes.” We went to the hospital.

She was listening.

We dropped my daughter off with my parents and we drove to the hospital. As we were driving to the hospital, my contractions got intense with every little bump. It wasn’t a gradual progression. It was very quick. By the time we got in, I was in a lot of pain. They were telling me I can walk around and try to get comfortable but I was in so much pain. “It’s going to be okay,” but it was intense.

About maybe 20 or 30 minutes in, I was laying in bed from a lot of pain. I was begging the nurse for some type of pain assistance at that point. She’s like, “Let’s wait until you’re dilated more. Give it a moment.” I’m like, “Okay. Thank you,” because I wanted that. At the moment, you lose sight. As soon as she’s calming me down like, “Just wait a little bit,” my mother and my mother-in-law walk into the door. As soon as they walked in, something happened where I stopped being able to breathe.

I was trying to say hi to them and I couldn’t breathe and air wasn’t coming up. Luke looked at me and was like, “Is there something wrong?” I was like, “I can’t breathe.” The nurse was sitting by the dials and everything. My heart rate had dropped way below where they’re comfortable with and so did Rishi’s. Her face dropped from being happy like, “We’re going to welcome baby two,” to “Holy moly. This is an emergency.”

As soon as my mom walked in, she had to watch me get rushed into an emergency C-section. They wouldn’t let Luke in. They wouldn’t let anybody in but I couldn’t breathe. I probably didn’t breathe for a few minutes. I was conscious, but it was fading away. As this is happening, the nurses are yelling at me to move from the bed. They rolled me into the other bed for an emergency C-section and I couldn’t move my body. It felt heavy and lifeless. That’s when I feel like I was not in my body anymore. I didn’t even realize it because it was a very stressful situation, but I remember seeing myself laying there and not being able to lift up and move. They’re trying to move me and I’m not in my body.

The pain must have left when you got up there.

I didn’t feel anything, but it was the most surreal thing because all the stress that was with me and the pain that was with me went away. I was looking at myself with so much love. I was like, “You are here. I love you.” I looked around and I’m like, “I love everybody.” It wasn’t a thought. It wasn’t like I’m thinking, “I love you.” It was this knowing of I love you. I don’t know how else to describe it.

You were part of the universal stream.

It felt like when thunder or lightning hits, there’s the point and then you see it all spread out. It felt like I was the top point and I was like, “I’ll spread it.” We were all the same thing. Eventually, I was in my body and it was surreal. This is in a span of fifteen minutes but it felt like a long time. They couldn’t find an anesthesiologist. They’re yelling on the phone. There is all this stuff happening and I’m like, “Oh.” I’m back in my body.

At this point, I’m back in my body. I was so in love and so happy when there was chaos going on around me. Luke is not in it yet. He’s standing outside the door freaking out, “Is my wife going to die? What’s happening right now?” I was just laying there. Finally, the anesthesiologist comes and Rishi is born. Luke is inside at this point too. She touches my heart and I’m like, “You’re here. You’ve come,” but it was like I’ve known her for so long. Of course, I had. She was in my belly, but it was a different kind of I’ve known her. It was like, “You’re finally here.”

I remember one of the funniest things though was when we were in the recovery section. I was still in that state of “We’re all so connected” feeling. Luke is holding Rishi and she is passing stuff coming out of her body because they didn’t put a diaper on her. He’s like, “Oh my God.” I’m like, “It’s okay. We’re all connected.” He was like, “What kind of drugs did they give you?” This happened before the drugs.

That’s such a happy and interesting story. Two months later, you have this incredible tragedy. In a way, you were given a heads-up. It reminds me of my story about how I was told Saul has to go. Many lessons will be learned from his death. What is this about? Now, you get the message that she’s going to be born but not a long life. All of a sudden, two months later, you tell everyone about that and how the process of accepting the tremendous traumatic grief started to lead you to heal and greater self-knowledge.

I feel just like you had a premonition. The events were a premonition, as well with her birth, and losing her breath. Throughout her two months of life, she lost her breath often. One time, I was holding her and she stopped breathing. I had to shake her and be like, “Hello? What happened?” It was terrifying, but the doctors are like, “Don’t worry. It’s not a big deal. It’s normal.”

It didn’t seem normal to me. It seemed weird and scary. Eventually, she stopped breathing when I wasn’t awake or able to help her. That was the worst day of my life. During that time when they finally pronounced that she was not going to come back, there was this small hope though where I was bargaining with the universe. I was going back to the prayers I used to say as a child. I’m like, “Just give me this.” They’re like, “No. It doesn’t work that way.”

Once they pronounced that she was not coming back, I left my body again because of the pain. I was above watching myself on the hospital floor crying. Our friend picked us up and we went back to the house. We tried to be normal, but there was no way. When a small child passes away like that too, you have all these different agencies coming to your house and interviewing you. It was a full day of that and investigation and things like that.

The grief was tremendous to the point where I wasn’t in my body again. I don’t know where I was, but two weeks passed and I don’t remember anything. I think I cried for two weeks. I barely ate. My friends and family tried to feed me a few times, but it barely happened. One thing I do remember is the first day after she passed, I was sitting on my couch and we were so lucky to have so many friends and family come and sit with us. I remember thinking we have to go back to Rishikesh. That’s where we have to go and surrender her ashes. That day, I booked tickets, and a lot of our friends and family came with us as well. That’s when the actual healing and acceptance.

Were you going back to where? Was this in India?

Rishikesh, India. That’s where the conception of her came to be.

It’s where you had the reading. It’s where you got the premonition and the heads up.

We all went and during that trip is when the healing started. Before we went, there was this beautiful full moon about nine days up after she passed where we prayed, and it was maybe a moon spell. Who knows what it was? We didn’t know what we were doing. We were just driven to talk to her that night. We asked her to show us that she was okay. We want to open up communication somehow. We’re worried about her, “Let us know that you’re okay.”

That same night was when the actual magic behind it started happening. There’s one thing that a friend of mine told me about her father passing. Her brother was able to communicate with her father after he passed. She said that her father kept trying to go to the mother to give her messages that he was okay, but the mother was in too much pain to be able to perceive her.

It reminds me of my situation too where when you’re in that much pain and when you’re in that much grief, it’s hard to communicate with something that subtle. That’s what was happening to me. That’s why this full moon begging came into play because that night, a woman I don’t know started having dreams about our family and bringing us messages because we were in too much pain to have it.

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Was this woman in this community?


Is it someone else in your life?

This woman is my husband’s sister’s husband’s coworker. We were very far removed. I had no idea about this person. She heard about Rishi’s passing, but that’s all she knew. She’s very connected where she’s a conduit. The magic came through to her because she was the closest connection.

She wasn’t as emotionally involved.

She had her first dream that night. They didn’t tell us about this dream. We went to India and it was Mother’s Day when I received word of this first dream and the second dream. Before we left, we saw a healer who told us that there were going to be messages coming for us but don’t trust them unless they come in threes. We got two messages in one night and we’re like, “Don’t trust it. We didn’t get the third one so it can’t be real even though it was very on point.” It was about exactly where we lived in San Francisco. It was about exactly the night we asked for Rishi to communicate with us. She described our backyard, our house, and the block we lived in to a T. She didn’t know where we lived at this time.

Also, she went to India in that first dream where we were headed and she had no idea we were going there. The second dream was of us, where we were in India, and exactly what we need to do there. We started doing all the things because when we received the second message, we were already in India. We started doing all the things that she saw us doing. The third dream was about how to heal ourselves.

There was a third dream.

It happened maybe a week after Mother’s Day.

How were you told to heal yourself? What was that dream about?

We were told to write our questions down and write everything we want to ask Rishi down and to bring it to her ceremony, which was happening at the Ganges. We offered her ashes to the Ganges in this beautiful ceremony. It was a very sacred and ancient ceremony where all our friends and family sat dressed in all white at the foot of the Ganges in Rishikesh where we had the astrology reading. The hotel let us do it there.

We brought our questions and the morning after the ceremony right when the light comes when the first beam of sunlight we were supposed to go into the Ganges River where the two sisters meet. We were like, “What does that mean?” The Ganges spreads and then comes and connects again. We were right there where the two sisters meet, which is crazy. She had no idea about any of this. This is the message she’s giving us and it’s coming through from this Hindu sage named Anandamayi Ma, whom I had no idea about and she had no idea about at the time.

The more I’m learning about her, she’s a magnificent and very enlightened being. Anandamayi Ma was giving us the directions to do this. Right when the first glimmer of sunlight came the day after the ceremony, we went to the Ganges and we cleansed ourselves in the freezing cold water. As the dream said, this is something that’s very common there. It’s like a rebirth.

Everyone’s going to be doing it. When went there, it was packed at 4:00 AM. As I’m learning, cold water does something for your nervous system. There’s a science behind it too but at the time, the spiritual aspect of it was really beautiful. That’s when the healing started. That’s when I allowed myself to be healed.

In what way? How did that feel? What did you experience?

I let myself feel the loss. I was back in my body and I was like, “I’m going to be in pain for a while and that’s okay. Come back. You don’t have to hide. Feel it through so that you don’t hold onto it.” Don’t let it follow you. Don’t let it define you even though it has defined me now. I’m working every day to not attach myself to that moment but to accept that moment and accept everything that’s come with it.

GAR 97 | Akashic Records

Akashic Records: Let yourself feel the loss. You’re going to be in pain for a while and that’s okay. Just come back. You don’t have to hide. Feel it through so that you don’t hold on to it.

One of the hardest things to hear is after we were in Rishikesh, right before the ceremony, we saw the same astrologer who said, “You have to stop calling her and you have to let her soul go through what it needs to because she’s on this journey and she’s not yours. Just because you brought her to the world doesn’t mean she’s yours.” I’m like, “You’re right.”

That’s a very profound message for people also because I think that a lot of people consider their children as theirs, but they’re not. We are conduits for these beautiful souls who are on their own journeys.

They come with their own personality.

They have their own agendas.

She wasn’t mine. She just came to wake me up. I’ve learned a lot about our relationship through the Akashic Records. The most valuable thing I took from all of it is the act of surrender. When I say surrender, I don’t mean giving up and letting whatever happened to me. Surrender means opening myself to a greater energy that knows more than I do in my physical body. I’ve surrendered to the openness of possibilities.

I think that was the most healing thing. Also, in conjunction with that, to accept that while it is our job to heal and confront these things that come up in our life, it doesn’t mean that we are not whole in the healing process. We are already whole the way we are even with all of our trauma, with all of our grief, and with all of our pain. We are the most perfect being in this moment with all of that. It was healing.

While it is our job to heal and confront these things that come up in our life, it doesn't mean that we are not whole in the healing process. Share on X

You were becoming more enlightened, so when we go through these things, we’re already perfect souls, We’re becoming more enlightened. We’re growing through the experiences that we have.

We’re growing through the experiences we have, but we don’t need to force it. That is the whole point of that. I feel like some people come here and they’re like, “I am enlightened.” An enlightened person wouldn’t say they’re enlightened, first of all. That is a red flag for me. It’s knowing that it happens naturally. It’s nothing we have to force and make happen. Our souls and our body are intelligent on their own and they don’t need our ego to inflict these ideas upon them.

We have our team and they’re working with us. Speaking of our team working with us, how did this journey lead you to the greatest team in the world that works with Akashic Records? Tell us about how this started that journey for you.

I started again to meditate a lot after Rishi passed. Meditation was a part of my practice since childhood and I let go of that maybe around 25 or 26. I started going back to it. One day in meditation, I was connecting with my energy centers and saw what was going on inside. When I got to my heart, I asked to be healed or to show me the path to be healed.

I didn’t ask it in those words, but I asked for help. I think it’s the best way of putting it. After that point on, I started seeing the words, Akashic Records. They started popping up everywhere. Everywhere meaning social media and stuff. At this time, I was not following anybody. I didn’t want to see pictures of people being happy. I didn’t want to see anything. I was very sad. I had zero people that I was following at the time. The fact that these words were even popping up was a big deal because I wasn’t in a spiritual community. I wasn’t doing any of that. As they popped up, it was familiar. The energy of it was familiar to me. I knew but I didn’t know. I put them away.

That was before, but now you’re supposed to know.

I’m supposed to remember. I put them away. I’m like, “It’s too much. I’m going through a lot right now. Thanks a lot, universe,” or whatever energy. She’s like, “That’s what you asked for. You’re ready.” I’m like, “No.” I ignored it. Finally, it was brewing inside. The curiosity got the best of me and I started googling, which is sometimes the worst thing you can do in these times because so much weird information popped up. Some of it was similar and some of it was different so it was confusing.

I started taking as many classes as I could to understand what it is. I started practicing with different prayers or whatever. It didn’t resonate with me or feel comfortable still. It wasn’t until I threw all of that out of the window and I sat in stillness with myself and started asking these questions where it was revealed the true meaning of what the Akasha and Akashic Records are.

For everyone who’s saying what are these Akashic Records, please describe what they are or explain what they are. What life issues can they address? How do they guide us regarding life’s toughest questions and decisions? I have to say I have gotten a lot of help from the Akashic Records. Explain to everyone what they are. Also, while you’re explaining it, I guess you could start to explain what these beings of light are. Is the information we get from these beings of light, do they include our deceased loved ones? How does all that work?

Before I start explaining, I do want to give a little disclaimer. No one in this physical body will truly understand the significance of the Akasha or the Akashic Records, but we do our best to explain as we perceive it. For me, I understand the Akasha to be the fabric of life. If we think about it scientifically or in the language of quantum physics, everything is made out of energy and energy doesn’t die. It keeps expanding and replicating.

Through these little energy particles of the universe where expansion happens, there are vibrational frequencies that also coincide within it. These vibrational frequencies you can think of as a record where you can record different sounds, events, and situations within the energy that’s expanding. Simply put, in everything that happens through our emotions and through our life, we are emitting vibrational frequencies that attach themselves to our energy that is in constant expansion as a soul. Our soul is in constant expansion. Our soul has gone through a lot. We’re a lot more than its body, as you know.

GAR 97 | Akashic Records

Akashic Records: Everything that happens through our emotions, through our life, we are emitting vibrational frequencies that attach themselves to our energy that is in constant expansion.

I have a different way of explaining light beings and the people who have passed guiding us as well. The way I have started to see it, and again, everyone has their own idea and that’s fine. Our soul is a small fragment of a bigger energy and bigger being. Let’s say all of our souls as humans put together make up the soul of the earth. The soul of the planets in our planetary system makes the soul of the galaxy that we are in and so on and so forth. Every little being is connected to a bigger source. This bigger source comes down. As it spreads out, it connects to different aspects of ourselves. This is what we call the higher self. The higher self is the ultimate being of us.

The higher self is our master soul. When we take shape or when we come down into these different lifetimes or experiences, that’s a sliver of yourself. That’s our big center. We’re still there, but this is a piece of us.

It’s a small piece of us and these light beings are also a piece of us in an expanded state.

Light beings are a piece of us. They’re not independent energetic beings. Are they a part of us also?

Yeah. That’s the oneness if we think about it. If there is oneness and then it connects into this condensed version of energy and then this condensed version of energy is also similar to another energy that connects to another piece. That’s the oneness where everything ultimately is connected. Also, the higher self, if you think about it and go down on how everything is connected energetically through the universe, the higher self for us isn’t individualized. It’s part of the same force.

It’s part of a whole collective.

This is how our loved ones who have passed are a part of it as well. They’re a part of the same collective. This is where it gets very woo with me, but we have access to all of these little particles of energy that have ever existed. The way the particles of energy come into existence is that sliver of coming down into this planet and incarnating, but still having a part of our energy as a part of that bigger source. I don’t know if I’m describing it very well, but it’s all one big thing broken down into little things.

GAR 97 | Akashic Records

Akashic Records: Our soul is in constant expansion. Our soul’s gone through a lot. We’re a lot more than its body.

It’s like when you have a spaceship that’s taking off to the moon or Mars or whatever. You have the big command center and the spaceship is going to do its job. We have a big command center where the spaceships are responding.

That’s a great way of explaining it. I love it. All these tiny little spaceships have their own experiences that they go on, but one spaceship could radio into the other spaceship and get information. That’s what we’re doing within the Akasha, the fabric of life. The Akashic Record is the actual information that’s been recorded through vibrational frequency.

When you say the information has been recorded, they can also predict our future. They can help us with that. You work with an Akashic Record practitioner and they tell you about this future you’re getting. You say, “I don’t like that. I want that to change.” Do we have a choice? Can you work with that also?

Everything is in constant change. This moment is in constant change. At this moment, I can decide to give one answer or another answer. These two answers will create a different future for both of us or just me. That’s where the power comes in. Within the Akasha, the fabric of life, it’s not a linear timeline where time doesn’t go in a straight line. It goes in layers and layers. My baby self and I right now are living at the exact same time, if that makes sense.

I love this explanation because those of us who run late a lot like to think that time is not that important. It is an illusion.

It’s an illusion. If I’m living right now, that means my future self is living right now. The way my future self is living right now is based on what I’m doing at this exact moment. This is how we can create change. When you get an Akashic reading and someone says, “I see this in your future,” it’s based on the exact thing and the way you are living at this very moment. If you don’t want that outcome, you have this very moment. You have it and this is the most precious thing in the world.

It’s more valuable than gold or any money. You have the chance to change exactly what you’re doing right now. I know there are societal and social constructs around that. On a fundamental level like a very small tiny in this moment way, you have the power. I can decide to go walk right now or to go sleep right now if I wanted to. I could hang up and leave, and that would change my future.

Also, because of the current vibration, Akashic can even help them with business decisions and all.

Anything in life is vibrating on a vibrational frequency. Your business is an idea and that idea is vibrating on a vibrational frequency. Once you come up with these ideas and once you put things out into the universe, they’re a little part of you, but they become their own entity. You can go into the vibrational frequency of that thought or idea and see where that could lead you as well. You can ask questions based on that.

In my bartending business, I’m like, “How can I serve people in a better way with this idea of vibrational frequency that has a life on its own?” I’m not even involved in it anymore. How can I call it mine? It’s not really mine. It’s an idea that got thrown out to the world and now it’s becoming its own thing. We can see. We can access the frequencies and the fabric of that energetic being and see where we could take it. It’s pretty beautiful and cool. That’s what determines our connectedness too to every single being or frequency that is around us. I and these glasses in me are not different. I put a lot of energy into them, but they vibrate on their own and they have their own stories to tell when I’m not around.

That’s true because they say everything has an energy, even a rock, or whatever we’re looking at. They all have energy. It’s not going to surprise anyone after listening to you. Your purpose in life, Ms. Rohini, is to empower others to find their own inner light by introducing them to their own magic. Please define this magic for all of us.

I love this question. Thank you so much, Irene. One of the best ways I can define personal magic is going back to that big idea of the source of energy. This big one energy that we’re all a part of and it gets broken down. As it gets broken down, it separates. These energies become different. Those energies get broken down and become different. We are a tiny little pinpoint of all that and we are so different.

There’s no one else like us, but society, marketing, and capitalism have taught us to try to be like each other and everybody around us, which dims that specialness that we have. That’s why we get depressed. That’s why we get anxious. That’s why we get sad about our lives. It’s because we’re not able to be ourselves in this society. The only reason I know this is because I went through it and it was painful.

We are so different. There's no one else like us. But society, marketing, and capitalism have taught us to try to be like each other and everybody around us, which really dims that specialist that we have. Share on X

I had to beg the universe and apologize for not wanting to be in my body and declare, “I am ready to live. I want to live. I want this to happen.” In that, the realization that I was dimming myself came to the forefront. It made me realize how many people are going through the same exact thing. The only purpose I have is to keep connecting with myself and therefore, show people that they can be brave enough to do the same, that unique being.

My father said something to me that has stayed in a loop in my mind that I will never get rid of. I got rid of a lot of loops, but this one is going to be with me forever. I went through the funniest phase in high school. I’m an Iranian woman who grew up as a Hindu, unlike a lot of people in the world. I wanted so desperately to fit in as we all do in high school. I was like, “How can I fit in?”

I started looking to idols and being like, “Who can I be like to make people like me?” I decided to dye my hair blonde and try to go for Marilyn Monroe of all people, a high school kid. My dad was like, “What is she doing?” He sat me down one day and he was like, “Rohini, you look beautiful and all. I’m glad you’re experimenting with yourself, but Marilyn Monroe already existed.” I’m like, “Okay.” He’s like, “Who’s going to be Rohini Moradi if you’re going to be somebody else?” I’m like, “I never thought about it that way.” It’s the essence of that. That’s my purpose. To pass that message.

That’s why it’s made you such an obvious role model for authenticity and that’s what’s so admirable about it. You’re encouraging people and you’re sending an example of being your true self without all the layers. This is leading me to ask you, and I love that from your father. I think that’s beautiful. I think every father should say that to his daughter or his son. I’m going to remember that from my grandsons. Please tell us about this Magic Inclined community you created, your virtual Akashic workshops, and how you teach potential Akashic readers to become practitioners of the Akasha. You’ve got this whole gig going on with this whole thing.

I went hard. I’m following along. I don’t know if you’ve had the same experience within the Akasha where you get a little glimpse of what you’re supposed to do, and you go and you do it. You think that’s it. “That’s what I’m supposed to be doing,” but it’s the little breadcrumbs at a time that I’m picking and eating. At first, I was told I’m supposed to do readings. I’m like, “I’ll do readings.”

I did that for a while and then they’re like, “You’re not supposed to do readings.” I’m like, “What? You told me to build my whole life around this stuff.” From there, they wanted me to experience they, I, the higher self, or whatever you may call it. They wanted me to experience what it’s like to have that interaction but also to realize how real this is.

When you tell somebody, “You can access your past lives and your future self. You can read the Akashic Records of a business and all that stuff,” people are like, “She’s got a little nut bag. Maybe a therapist would help you.” I have gone to a therapist. She was very supportive. She is like, “You found your path.” I’m like, “I did it. I’m just following the breadcrumbs.”

She was an enlightened good therapist.

She understands energy, which is cool. I didn’t even search for that. It was something that happened. After that, they’re like, “Now you know the ripple effect with every reading. Teach people how to do it for themselves.” I now teach the Passport to the Akasha, which the whole process is going inward. It’s going inward, getting acquainted with your energy centers, not opening them, not anything like that. It’s becoming acquainted with who you are in this moment and what you’re holding and how to decide what you want to hold and what to get rid of. The Passport to the Akasha, before you even attempt, I always say, “Get familiar with who your soul is and who you truly are.” We go through that.

Do you have seminars and workshops to help people learn about that?

Yeah. We do that in the private community, but Passport to the Akasha is a self-paced program where people can do it at any time of day. They can join us in the private community during our weekly meetings to ask questions and get there.

You teach people to become practitioners to help people, but you also teach people to be able to help themselves if they don’t even go through a practitioner.

I think that’s the most important thing. I know in the beginning, sometimes people are very anxious and want to connect with their souls. Maybe they don’t have the time or they don’t have the confidence to think that they can do it for themselves. Practitioners are also very important because each individual holds a certain piece of a puzzle that we may not have access to. We do but there are no two similar readings is what I’m trying to say. When we do get into our personal space, we’re able to see more than a practitioner can and that’s the whole purpose of doing that work.

I’m going to ask you to tell us all the ways that our audience can connect with you. If they are looking for a specific Akashic Record practitioner that they’d like to work with, can you help them with that and refer them to people who you’ve trained and all?

The Magic Inclined community is filled with graduates who are constantly practicing on members when they ask for each other. They’re always waiting for anyone who’s seeking a reading and they’re amazing. They’ve done the work and it’s not easy to go through that inner work. It’s a lot of heavy lifting and they’ve done that heavy lifting. They’ve practiced for hours and hours and they’re beautiful souls who are here to bring everybody up.

Those are wonderful light workers. You have such wisdom about this. Tell us about your wisdom about believing in yourself, thinking outside the box, and finding a support system. These are huge because so many people are afraid to think outside the box.

I can only speak on my experience and thank you for saying I have wisdom, but I don’t. It’s a lot of trial and error.

That creates the wisdom though.

I’m like, “I don’t know anything, but here’s what’s worked for me.” I find that in the beginning, finding silence and solitude is helpful. Once we find that just a little bit and get familiar with our inner world, then it’s time to connect with the outer world so that we can easily discern what’s for us and what’s not for us. Connecting with people is magic. We’re supposed to be connected. We’re already connected.

Once we get familiar with our inner world, then it's time to connect with the outer world so that we can easily discern what's for us and what's not for us. Share on X

When we leave these bodies, we are so connected and we’re having these individualized experiences but to connect with the community that gets you is magic. That’s when our life changes. That’s when we grow because we get to see ourselves through other people. As you know, we attract what we are. You don’t even have to go searching for specific people. You will come together and just know that you will.

GAR 97 | Akashic Records

Akashic Records: We attract what we are, so you don’t even have to go searching for specific people. You will come together and just know that you will.

The first step is to be easy on yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve come through and done so much already. Look at the world in the last two years or in general, you’ve done so much. You’re amazing. Great job. You’re here. Love yourself for it. Congratulate yourself. I think that’s the first step.

The other part that the Akasha gives you permission to do is to not buy into people who are toxic to understand and discern which leads me to another fabulous question. By not buying into those people who are toxic to us because society says you’re supposed to have a connection with this person because you’re somehow related to them or whatever. It gives you permission to know this is not your person for your highest good. I know that you caution people not to fall for snake oil salespeople’s spiritual community. I love this because I’ve experienced it too. Let’s hear what you have to say about that.

I’ve unfortunately experienced it one too many times, which I’m sad to admit, but they’re out there. Honestly, it all comes down to confidence. Their level of confidence too and not connecting with who they are and us believing them because we’re not believing who we are. We think we have to go outside of ourselves. The one piece of advice I can give you that I wish I had and that I didn’t have to go through so much unnecessary trauma, which delays healing.

When you run into these people who suck the soul out of you, it delays your healing so much. Maybe it helps you expand in the future, but it’s a nuance. The one thing I can give you to help you is anyone out there taking you outside of your beliefs and into their beliefs is someone to be aware of. Real spiritual teachers, real gurus, or whatever you want to call them will bring you closer to yourself and that’s it. You are ultimately the person who should be in the driver’s seat. If anyone’s taking you out of that driver’s seat and saying, “Don’t believe that. Believe me,” be aware.

They’re probably lining their pockets in some way. The other thing I always say to people is beware if they tell you there’s a curse on your head to give them $500, run away.

That’s happened to me. I went to a psychic who said, “Your lineage is cursed. If you buy this $500 crystal, the curse will be lifted.” I contemplating. I’m like, “Is this real?” I’m in that always-questioning state and I almost paid $500 for a crystal to heal my lineage. Guess what? The Akashic Records are free and you don’t need to pay $500 to go searching in your lineage to see what’s holding you down.

I would submit that anyone who you have a reading with or whatever instills fear in you, this is not about fear. This is about love, empowerment, and all of that. Anyone who says you have to be afraid because this happened or you’re doomed or you’re cursed and so on, get rid of them. Now that everybody has heard your wisdom and they’re in love with you, tell us how we’d contact you, Rohini. What are all the ways that our audience can contact you? You are such a great healing source.

Thank you. I’m humbled, but the main way to contact me is very easy. Just You can find everything there. My podcast is there, the community, and everything. I hope to see you there.

Another question I have is, Rohini, what do you mean when you speak of peace beyond understanding? What is your message about the importance of healing in the current life that we are in that you’d like to share? Why should people sitting in their earth suits now consider healing their issues and not having to come back again with the same issues probably? Tell us about that. Why is it important to do your work now?

To answer your first question, peace beyond understanding is the idea of surrender that I spoke of and not to give up or surrender into anything, but to open up to the divine expression that you truly are. The reason that this is important and/or healing is important in general is that we are vibrational frequencies. As science shows, vibrational frequencies of the same kind keep attracting each other. If we are going through a lifetime of trauma without confronting any of our emotions and processing them, it’s very likely that that vibrational frequency will be attracted to a similar situation in the next lifetime.

Once we start looking inward and going through the pain that we’ve been holding onto, this pattern will repeat and repeat. It will manifest itself in suffering, pain, and ailments. That’s why it’s so important and it’s difficult to open up to that type of pain sometimes. I’m not saying you need to be in pain constantly, but if you’re holding onto pain, processing it is important.

If you're holding on to pain, processing it is important. Share on X

Also, remove it so it’s not blocking you and it doesn’t repeat in the future to come. In essence, the mission of this show is to give people these healing choices so that they do not have to experience negative karma or whatever it is. What is the Rohini tip for finding joy in life?

This is going to be cheesy. I think the most important thing for me personally has been finding gratitude in the moments, whether it’s pain or not pain. Just being in the moment and realizing that it’s a momentary occurrence. It does bring joy. Let’s say I fall down. I’m able to laugh at myself instead of feeling embarrassed. Things like that bring joy. Being able to giggle through whatever it is that’s presented. It’s that acceptance of not having control of our environment.

That’s a huge one. Part of our soul growth is to learn that you don’t need to control everything. All you can control is this.

Suffering and control go hand in hand.

I need to control myself or I need to control others. Rohini, your mission is to remind people of their true power when they believe in themselves and trust their gut and their purpose in life, which is to keep your inner light as bright as possible so that others will have the courage to do the same combined to keep you shining as a beacon to others.

Thank you from my heart for this insights-filled interview that has surely helped people appreciate the enlightenment and healing available to them via the Akashic Records, in addition to the importance of staying authentic, trusting their gut, shining their inner light, and supporting others on their healing journeys.

Be sure to follow us and like us on social @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and especially on YouTube. Like, subscribe, and hit notified, and make sure you’ll get inspiring new interviews like this one with Rohini coming your way. Thank you so much. As I like to say, to be continued, many blessings, and bye for now.


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