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Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium and teacher. She is a frequent media guest and the author of two award-winning books read in over 43 countries, titled Secrets of Aboriginal Healing, and Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening, both of which are incredibly compelling and filled with extraordinary insights. In her newest book, titled Angels in Waiting: How to Reach Out to Your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, Robbie tells the story of who, what and why we are here on Earth, offers numerous examples of people contacting their angels and guides and the positive outcomes of this contact, shares the uplifting information she has received regarding earth moving into the love-based fifth dimension, and more.

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Robbie Holz: How Do Our Guardian Angels And Spirit Guides Help Us Turn Our Struggles Into Successes, Aid Us In Challenging Situations, And Help Us Achieve Our Desires?






I’m excited to have this opportunity to interview the internationally respected Healer, Medium, and Teacher Robbie Holz, who will be speaking to us from Anacortes, Washington. Robbie is a frequent media guest and the author of two award-winning books read in over 43 countries titled Secrets of Aboriginal Healing and Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening, both of which are incredibly compelling and filled with extraordinary insights.

In her book titled Angels in Waiting: How to Reach Out to Your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, Robbie tells a story of who, what, and why we are here on Earth, offering numerous examples of people contacting their angels and guides and the positive outcomes of this contact. I’m looking forward to interviewing Robbie about how our guardian angels and spirit guides help us turn our struggles into successes and aid us in challenging situations. Also, how Robbie’s husband, Gary, continues to assist Robbie from the other side, the uplifting information she has received regarding Earth moving into the fifth dimension and more. This is surely going to be a healing and enlightening interview with a truly remarkable woman. Robbie, welcome to the show.

Thank you. I’m excited to be here.

I am excited for you to be here. This is going to be so wonderful. Let’s begin. I’ll begin with this question. Please share the story you tell in your book, Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening, about contracting hepatitis C, your reactions to the experimental treatments for hep C, and the alternative ways you found to survive and recover during what became the fight and spiritual awakening of your life.

It’s nice to be able to sum it up in a couple of minutes here rather than having lived it because I remember that was rough. A lot of women who’ve had children can relate to this. When I delivered my son back in ‘85, I had a rough delivery. It was over 30-some hours and he was in a bad position. The doctors suggested a blood transfusion because they said it would perk me up faster. I had a blood transfusion, which I didn’t know was tainted with hepatitis C.

Back in ’85, we didn’t have tests for hepatitis C, so we certainly didn’t have any treatment for it. Hepatitis almost killed me. The experimental treatments that they put me on almost killed me. Western medicine tried a number of things that didn’t work. At this point, I still had hepatitis raging, but now I had fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and temporary brain damage, and I was in bed for 5 to 6 months.

It must have been terrible with your son. You couldn’t even mother your son.

He was little. Honestly, we didn’t think I was going to survive. As a woman and a mother, I was determined to survive as long as I could so that at least he would remember me. I knew he was too little to have any memories of me. I went on this quest. Western medicine has nothing for me. How can I survive a little bit longer with these things that the doctors say are incurable?

I went on this healing journey and ended up healing myself from what they said was incurable at the time. I ended up healing myself of all of these things. The hepatitis C, they said, was incurable. I had research doctors in the Seattle area following me for years. They’d take all kinds of blood from me every year to find out how I did this.

I knew how I did it, but I didn’t think they were ready to hear yet how that happened. It ended up being closely aligned with what the Aboriginal tribespeople had taught my husband, Gary, about healing. The mind is involved. The soul is involved. I was in my early 30s and it put me on this path of healing. After I took my power back and healed myself, I got this passionate drive to heal other people to help them recognize they have powerful abilities to heal. Take your power back and wake up to ways that you may have been creating this disease and how to heal it. That’s the path that I went down. My husband had gone into the outback. That’s another story.

My next question is, during your credit wellness, you met your husband, Gary. I know his story. I have got to tell you, everyone, that book is amazing. His story is an award-winning memoir, Secrets of Aboriginal Healing. I’ve recommended Gary’s book to so many people. Please tell us about Gary and describe the Aboriginal healing techniques he learned from his encounter with the remote outback Australian Aboriginal tribespeople. We’ll then talk about how you and Gary employed these techniques.

Gary was an award-winning physicist. He was a scientist, very black and white. If it can’t be proven, it doesn’t exist kind of guy. He had developed multiple sclerosis to the point where he was in a wheelchair as a quadriplegic. He had been given pretty much the death sentence by his doctors. In other words, put your affairs in order. He had about six months to live.

How old was he at this time?

This was back in ‘94. He was probably in his 40s. He was a young guy. He’s a tenacious guy. He had heard that the outback Aboriginal tribespeople had remarkable healing abilities. As a quadriplegic in a wheelchair, he was flown into the outback, unloaded like cargo from a plane in his wheelchair, stayed with these Aboriginal tribespeople, and came out, a short time later, dramatically transformed not just physically, but emotionally too.

Now he had feeling in his body for the first time in seven years. He was no longer a quadriplegic. He was a paraplegic, but he was able to function so much better. The big thing, Irene, that you’ve discovered and I’ve discovered, is that there’s a lot of grays that exist that can’t be proven, but it still exists. The Aboriginal tribespeople are the oldest continuous culture on the planet and have remarkable healing abilities.

They generously gave their healing information that they’d been passed down by word of mouth for over 60,000 years. They generously gave that healing techniques information to him because he was a physicist and said, “Please take this out to people because we know they need it and it will be helpful for them.” He ended up coming back to the United States, getting his degree as a Doctor of Immunology now to further what they had taught him, a Master’s degree in Nutrition, and ended up doing and teaching what the Aboriginals had taught him.

That ended up being psychoneuroimmunology, which is becoming more and more popular where science recognizes that the mind affects this system, the body, the immune system. That’s what he did. He practiced that information and we put it together in a book, knowing it would help more people if we could get it out there in a book form. This was in ’94. He went into the outback. He passed in 2007. He lived much longer than the doctors ever expected. I put that book out in his honor, Secrets of Aboriginal Healing, about his story in the outback. It was a shock to discover that it’s in 43 countries now because people resonate with it. It makes sense.

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Secrets of Aboriginal Healing

The other thing that I tell people that impacted me was that he had a tough emotionally challenging childhood, which made him shut down. When you talk about the body-mind connection, he had shut down his feeling part to himself. If he couldn’t feel emotionally, now his body shuts down also. It seems to have matched his mindset. The Aboriginals got him in touch with that part of himself, which is why so much came back.

Gary was raised by an abusive alcoholic father who beat him. He is a brilliant man. Gary learned how to numb himself emotionally until he numbed himself physically with MS, Multiple Sclerosis. That’s what the Aborigines taught him. You have to learn to stop suppressing these emotions and release them. Let them come up to the surface and then let them go. He started to heal when he started to realize that this suppressing takes a lot of energy and it creates disease.

The Aboriginal people taught us how these emotional cores and this is my grief. What you do is important because we tend to hold grief in our chest. If you don’t release that, you could be vulnerable to diseases in the chest and breast area. The Aboriginals people will tell you, “If you don’t let go of that emotional core, it’s picking the top of a dandelion. It’ll come right back again.” If you have a lot of grief that you’re holding onto and then you end up developing tumors, the doctors can go in and remove those tumors. If you’re still holding onto that grief, those tumors will likely grow back again. You’ve got to uproot the core of that emotional challenge for you.

Before I ask you all these other questions I’ve planned, I’ve got a question about that. If a person is struggling with grief and they’re holding onto it that way, is what you do in your practice to help them release that grief to help them heal?

Yes. Help them realize that that’s affecting them emotionally. That’s why we put this information out in book form because it got to the point where I couldn’t keep doing one-on-ones in classes all the time. I wanted to get that information out. We’ve gotten it out into 43 countries now about recognizing how emotions are influential with the body. The hardest emotions for the body to handle are shame and guilt. Those are tough on the body to heal. People would think of anger, but you tend to get rid of anger quickly. You lash out and it goes quickly. Whereas grief, shame, and guilt hang in the body.

The hardest emotions to handle are shame and guilt. Anger can be get rid of quickly, but grief, shame, and guilt hang in your body. Click To Tweet

I had chronic fatigue. I had fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is an autoimmune system. We’re seeing younger people with it all the time and more people all the time requiring it. That is intense fear throughout the whole system. You have to realize if you are holding a lot of fear throughout your body, it’s going to affect something and depends on your DNA and what your weakest link is. If you tend to have breast cancer, you want to pay attention to letting go of that through laughter, fond memories, and then letting go and realizing, “Things come and go. Move on.”

If you have a lot of fear throughout your whole system and you tend to have those tendencies, this is why the latest book I put out about getting assistance from angels and guides to help you do that, to help you recognize that you’re doing that and where to let go. If you’re uncomfortable with your emotions, if they’re uncomfortable, I guarantee it’s affecting your body in a physical way as well.

Not only being uncomfortable with your emotions but people who have all these control issues and think they can control everything going on. Where is all of that going in there? They can’t let go of it.

This is why you need to develop practices where you have meditation, exercise, or laughs with girlfriends over a glass of wine, something to let this stuff go. To be more aware to stop doing that if it’s not helpful because we pay attention to what we feed ourselves. You want to eat healthy. You have to pay attention to what emotions you are feeding yourself because it’s either love-based or fear-based, and you will thrive with the love-based emotions, and your body will eventually become affected by the emotions that are negative.

Could you describe your healing spirit team to us? First of all, tell everybody what a healing spirit team is. Share how they help you to assist others.

My husband, Gary, passed in 2007. I did not expect it. This was a shock to me. I don’t know if you’ve had a similar experience, but when Gary came back from the Outback, he started communicating with angels. He didn’t know anything about that, but the Aboriginal people taught him to see and communicate with them. He spent a lot of his time doing that.

They did a lot by telepathy, didn’t they?

They’re telepathic, yes. He started developing those abilities to see and hear them. He was good at it.

That’s not fun because when you had an argument, he could read your mind.

I do remember him twice popping thoughts into my head about, “Let’s go get an ice cream cone.” I’d ask him, “Do you want to go get ice cream?” I realized later, “That was him,” but I didn’t know that. Anyway, when he passed in 2007, he showed up every morning at 8:00. He was a punctual man. If I closed my eyes, I could see this image of an eyeball like a black-and-white negative.

I knew it was him because I had seen him do that before when he was still here. He showed up every single morning at 8:00 for weeks, if not months. That’s when I started developing this ability to communicate with the other side. He helped me expand that. I then ended up developing these mediumship abilities.

Did you work on this or did they suddenly come to you, Robbie?

It’s like anybody else. That intuition is our connection to the other side, that gut instinct, that sixth sense. If you start developing it, you will start developing that intuition. You start using it. You start feeling it and connecting to it. I started connecting to Gary more from the other side. Over time, it kept getting better and better and expanding to now I communicate constantly with the other side.

GAR 83 | Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels: Intuition is the connection to the other side. If you start developing it, you start feeling and connecting to it.


My healing spirit team connects and works through me. I have people who come to me for healing, information, or clarity. I’m a translator. They’re the ones providing the information and the work. It’s headed up by an ascended master. There are a couple of archangels involved. Gary is there from the other side. Deceased Aboriginals are there from the other side. That’s part of the team. That’s the basic team that I work with. They’re the ones providing the information and the healing as well.

Who are the archangels? Who’s the archangel you’re working with?

Michael and Raphael. Raphael’s involved with healing. That’s probably no surprise.

They both come through for me, also. It’s a coincidence. We’ll talk about that more. You’ve told us how Gary’s continuing to connect with you. Does he assist you from the other side, telling you, helping you diagnose people, and giving you healing modalities and all of that?

Yes. He helps other people too. It’s just not me, especially other healers. People will read the book or they knew him before. Because he came back from the outback and became a healer using what the Aboriginals had taught him, he got involved in healing. We developed this healing practice that we worked with together and then decided to start teaching people to spread that word. He still helps from the other side.

Here’s the thing. When I ask them my guides, “What’s the highest vision of my soul? What does my soul want me to do?” They said, “Write a couple of books.” I just about fell off my chair because I hate to write. I don’t know how to write. I’m designed to be able to be organized and get things together. I’m tenacious and I’ll make it happen.

You described me, Robbie.

I knew you’d get a kick out of that. I didn’t see this coming.

I’m the same one.

I finished the fourth book. The first couple are award-winning and they’re in 43 countries. It was because, like you, I’m tuned in and I’m letting them guide me and help assist me. There’s no way I could have done that on my own.

When I was told to write a book, I was like, “What book?” I played the violin. What do you want? Here we go. Let’s talk about your new book. It’s titled Angels in Waiting: How to Reach Out to Your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. You’re telling us, but keep going. How did you learn to communicate with angels and spirit guides? How is an angel different from a spirit guide? Are both helping all of us to awaken to a higher state of being and what’s that?

GAR 83 | Guardian Angels

Angels in Waiting: How to Reach Out to Your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

I started developing that intuition and this ability to communicate better all the time and recognize how they work through me and how they communicate. I started going down that path and I remember one time, one of the guides said to me, “Why don’t you hand that over to me? Why don’t you let me help you with that? Why don’t you lean on me?” I started doing that where I would let them assist me and help me more. That was a big game-changer for me.

Was this while you were working with people to help them to heal that she was helping you with?

Yes, but in general, with my life. My business was exploding. I couldn’t handle everything. I was getting nervous about how I was going to have a balanced life if I had all this coming at me. They were like, “Why don’t you hand that over? Let us help you with that.” I started handing things over and allowing them to help me more because it’s a free-will planet. We need to ask them. We need to invite their assistance.

I started handing things over and that’s when things changed dramatically. That’s when I realized there is so much help available from the other side, but we have to ask because it’s a free-will planet. They won’t just intervene. That’s the thing. They kept saying this to Gary when he was alive, “Please let us help. Tell people to let us help them more.” They had me write the last two books about angels and how to get help and get this information out so that people start asking for help. You have to extend that hand up before they’re allowed to extend the hand down to assist us.

It’s interesting because I’ve been told that many times. You have to give them permission to help you. It’s so interesting because what you are doing is to help so many people heal and pass this message. My job is to be a bridge and help get all this out. They’re all working through us.

There are many ways to be of service. Let me quickly define for you the difference between a spirit guide and an angel.

Please do because a lot of people don’t understand that.

Let me throw in a little bit of information about the guardian angel, too, because that’s important. Angels have not incarnated and had human lives. They don’t need to. This is like a school. They’re so far beyond. They don’t need to go to this school. Now they can take on a form. It’s not uncommon for people to tell stories where angels have taken on a form briefly and maybe appeared as a fireman and gotten them out of a burning house. It was an angel. They go back later. There is no such fireman. Angels can take on a form briefly, but they don’t need to go through the whole human process of the whole human life.

Spirit guides, however, have had many lives where they are highly enlightened, highly high consciousness, and they want to be of service but they know what it’s to be a human. They know what it’s like to have a child with autism for certain spirit guides, or they know what it’s like to be a mother or take care of an aging parent. They will step in and be of service and they will help in that regard when we ask for help. Now, guardian angels are a little bit different. That’s what I want people to wake up to. Every single person has at least one guardian angel by their side. Whether you believe in them or even are aware of them, they’re there.

This team has your spirit guides, angels, and also guardian angels.

It’s all help from the other side of the veil. It doesn’t matter, but it’s all there. You need to ask for it. The guardian angels have a little bit different role in that they are with you from your first breath to your last breath. They are assigned to be with you this entire lifetime. That’s a little different. Spirit guides come and go depending on what you’re doing, but a guardian angel constantly stays by your side. They are there to make sure that you are not harmed, killed, or experiencing something your soul does not want. That’s why they’re called guardian angels.

Spirit guides come and go depending on what you're doing, but a guardian angel constantly stays by your side. They are there to make sure that you are not harmed, killed, or experiencing something your soul does not want. Click To Tweet

They have permission to Intervene in those instances, and I know you’ve experienced some of those times as well. They’re there to make sure that you’re not harmed, killed, or injured if it’s not your soul’s intention. There’s so much more they can do if you ask and allow them because it’s a free-will planet. They need to wait until we ask beyond that guardianship role, all of them, and then they honor our free will.

The thing is, this is another reason these books came out of me. I wanted people to realize we’re creating so much more pain and struggle than our souls intended. It doesn’t need to be this hard. You were intended to have this help. You were intended to take advantage of tremendous help from the other side of the veil, but you have to ask for it first. The cool thing is this will help people when you allow them to help you, and all you have to do is ask in your mind. They’re telepathic to your thoughts.

Are you answering your mind and then you are trying to help yourself, but they can bring in the reinforcement?

Yes. It’s like operating at 5 amps of power on your own versus 5,000 amps of power with their help. It’s tremendous. They can help you not get triggered. They can set up synchronicities. It’s easy for them. The cool thing is they’re serving you out of tremendous love. We only work with benevolent spirit guides here, but they’re all serving out of tremendous love. Every time you allow them to help you because they’re serving out of love, it enables them to grow and evolve. It’s a win-win. It’s this symbiotic relationship that you allow them to help, it allows them to grow, but also, they want to help us. They love us tremendously.

We’re partnered. That’s the other part of the question. How are they helping us to awaken to a higher state of being? I would imagine it’s this awareness that they are there and that they can help with all this.

They are here to help humanity right now as we shift, as you said earlier, from the third into the fourth and ultimately the fifth, which is a more love-based vibration. For instance, if you have a real challenging time forgiving somebody who’s done something to you and you’re holding onto that, or you’re grieving somebody that you’ve lost. If you ask them, they will step in and assist you so that you can let go of that easier, so that you can let go of the grief, so that you can learn to forgive. They can send energy to you. They can give you insights. They can pop thoughts into your head and soften you up and help you so you’re not triggered by them. You don’t have to be doing this alone. That’s the big thing. It’s tremendous when you allow them to assist you.

GAR 83 | Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels: If you ask guardian angels, they will step in and assist, so you can let go of grief and learn to forgive.


I had a personal experience with that, but I’m not going to go into it. I was dealing with some people who were a little difficult in my life, and I said, “Bring it on.” I suddenly got an insight and the whole dynamic changed rapidly, and the speed of it surprised me, but I know I’m getting helped.

It makes a huge difference because otherwise, you’re relying on the mind. It’s a powerful tool, but it’s not designed to know how to do this stuff. It doesn’t necessarily know how to heal or how to let go of this stuff. With this higher consciousness coming in, this tremendous power, it’s easy for them to work and manipulate in this third dimension.

However, they’re cognizant of free will. They will not force anybody to do anything. It’s lovingly guided, but it’s powerful what they can do so that you can release this stuff so that you can move on, so that you can shift out of these third-dimensional tendencies, which have to be fear-based, negative, depression, whatever, and shift more into higher frequencies of love, acceptance, compassion, non-judgment, and those sorts of things. That’s what they’re here doing.

I’m going to want to talk to you about those different dimensions. That’s one of the most fascinating things I learned in your book. When you look at what’s going on the planet now, it’s a little hard to imagine that we’re shifting to a higher convention. That’s good, hopeful news. I’m thinking about some of your stories of angelic assistance. Someone’s heartbroken after they’ve broken up with somebody or whatever. If they say, “Please, everyone, help me,” they’re going to get help to heal that wound. Also, someone else may be brought their way or something like that.

That brings up a good point, Irene. I’m glad that you asked that. When they assist, they will step in and respond, but they’re going to respond according to two things. They’re going to respond according to the highest good of all and your soul’s intentions. You can say, for instance, “Thank you for helping me have a relationship with so-and-so, a romantic relationship with this guy at work or whatever.” If it’s not your soul’s intention to do that, they won’t do that.

They will bring you a romance that’s more suited for you, that may be better for you because they will honor what the soul intends. That’s important. Sometimes people will ask, “I’m going through financial burdens right now with the pandemic. I need to win the lottery or whatever. Thank you for helping me win the lottery. “They won’t do that if it’s not your soul’s intention, which it probably isn’t, but they will bring abundance to you and financial security in other ways according to the soul’s intentions. That’s important to recognize. They’re helping, just not maybe helping the way you expect them to.

That’s that expression where you’ll say, “Please help me to my highest good,” because we do program when we come here. Am I correct, Robbie? We do the program all the time. You and I did not consciously know what we signed up for, but we did the program for this possibility.

You’re good at this. You’re designed for this. We just didn’t know.

That’s a big surprise. We got amnesia until we woke up.

It’s not at all what I thought.

Tell us about these dimensions. Please explain the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions. Why will some of us arrive there sooner than others and explain how the levels of reality are different in each student and what’s the hope for us now as everybody’s grappling with what’s going on this planet?

I’m glad that you asked that because it does help to talk about it. I love talking about the dimensions. Dimensions are not a place. It’s a frequency. It’s a vibration. When you are in a certain dimension, the lower dimensions, like the third dimension, which this planet is, tend to have a lot of fear, negativity, depression, stress, and anxiety. We do awful things because we’re not in service to others yet. We’re more in service to self. There’s a lot of greed. That’s a level of third-dimensional thinking.

Love is a higher frequency, a higher vibration. When you shift into fourth, and a lot of the readers have been into fourth, that’s when you have extreme awe and gratitude. You’re in extreme happiness and peace. That’s touching into the fourth dimension. The key, and this is what the angels and guides are helping us do, is to shift into those frequencies and stay there, not get pulled back down into third-dimensional angst, depression, anger, and whatever.

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Ultimately, we’re heading into fifth, which is very love-based. That is where you have this desire to help others. You don’t feel you have any needs because they’re taken care of. You want to help others. You don’t judge. You recognize everybody’s here learning the way they need to at the pace and the way they need to. You are compassionate and forgiving. You’re not hanging onto those emotions. This is why the body and emotions are showing you where you’re getting stuck.

You’re here at an earth school, so to speak, and it’s showing you the pop quiz when stuff comes up and triggers you. That was a pop quiz. You ask, “Why is this here in my life? How is it here to help me grow?” That’s how you recognize where your mind is still getting stuck and still getting triggered. But asking the angels and guides to help you, they can help you shift out of that. First, they have to give you an awareness that you’re doing that. That’s what’s happening in the present state of the world right now. We’re gaining an awareness of where we are stuck and what needs to change.

These people, though, who are in greed and lying and all these things that they’re doing, they’re in the third dimension. They’re not going to rise up into a fourth dimension. Is it the groundswell of the people around them rising that’s going to affect a change?

Exactly. It’s happening, but it’s not making the news because that’s not what the news sells. It’s happening one by one around the planet. They’re also coming in differently. I’ve been working with people for a long time, and I’m seeing that younger people are coming to me who are in their early 20s or 19 saying, “I know I’m here to do something. I just don’t know what I’m here to do.” They’re different. Their abilities and skills are dramatically expanded compared to ours.

It’s happening. It’s changing. Here’s the thing that will be helpful. Right now, there’s a big shakeup. Most people don’t want to make changes. It takes a heart attack, a car accident, or something to get our attention and make a shift. This is what’s happening right now, and it’s global. I have a grandson and isn’t that lovely? I got only not to raise my son. I got to also have a grandson. I didn’t think I would make it to age 40. Here I am, 67 in 2022. What a blessing, but it was supposed to happen. I had to almost die twice to be able to help people to recognize how to heal. They’re telling me that a lot of the changes that we want to see in this fifth-dimensional existence, my grandson will see in his lifetime.

It’s so wonderful.

We’re here ahead of the bell curve, bringing in those changes, but a lot of those things my son will see. Especially the grandson will see those changes that we wish to see. It’s just that we’re at the forefront of it.

We’re in the trenches right now. Robbie, what’s the difference between having a soul and being a soul? Why are we souls here on Earth in these funky, earthy bodies that we chose?

What is up? We don’t have a soul. We are a soul. We are etheric beings. We are souls who choose to come to this planet Earth. When we come here, it’s a free-will planet. We can learn in any way we want. When we come to this planet as souls, our passion is growing and evolving back to love and light. As souls, we come to this planet, it’s a tough one. It’s primitive and tough. We are given bodies, which is a blessing for an etheric being to have a physical body.

When we come to this planet as souls, our passion is growing and evolving back to love and light. Click To Tweet

Does the being choose the body? “I’m going to have this body. I’m going to have this deformity. I’m going to have this health problem. I’m going to look like this. I’m going to be Gina, Lola, Brigida, or whatever it is.” Do they choose?

Yes. There’s a lot of wisdom in what family you incarnate into, the body that you’re given, and the abilities that you have. You’re exactly the way you need to be for this journey. As an example, maybe you want to learn deeper levels of self-love. Souls are all equal. It’s just that the younger souls tend to be more greedy, materialistic, and vain. That’s fine. That’s where they are.

They haven’t learned their lessons yet. They’re in elementary school. The older souls are going through high schooling. Some are even getting their PhDs.

Let’s say that you are you want to learn more about self-love. You might be born into a family where they lead you to believe you’re less than. You’re not worthy. You might even have some physical impairment. You might even have some limp, a stutter, or something that leads you to believe you’re less than and you’re not good enough. That is to help you learn how to find love from within rather than outside of you.

You have to overcome that societal conditioning, that culture that tells you you’re not lovable exactly the way you are. You do that by recognizing that you are this divine, luminous being, incredibly brave for showing up on this tough planet and that you are here worthy of love exactly as you are. It’s a lot easier to do that when you bring in assistance from the other side with the angels and guides. They can help you find that love. They can help you overcome this mind stuff, these distortions, and the lies.

GAR 83 | Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels: Overcome that societal conditioning that tells you you’re not loveable exactly the way you are. Recognize that you are this divine and luminous being.


When you come here, you’re given a physical body, which is a blessing for a soul, but you’re also given an expanded version of emotions that you don’t have on the other side of the veil. I want people tuning in to your program to learn this. Things are imperfections. It’s hard to grow when things are in perfection. It’s a bit stagnant for growth purposes.

We come here to master these lessons and these challenges by going through them and experiencing them. You get a physical body to help you with that on this free-will planet. You also get expanded emotions so that you get, for instance, impatience, depression, anxiety, or jealousy. You get to experience that and it helps you grow because we grow through experiences.

If people choose not to grow, they’ll end up coming back and learning the lesson again.

It’s no different than somebody going through repeating grades over and over at summer school. There’s so much love and patience. That’s fine. They’ll get it eventually.

Robbie, you, of all people on this planet Earth, what is your message? Why should people heal? Why should they heal while they’re here in this body in this lifetime? I’m busy providing all these healing choices. Why should somebody do their work? It takes a lot of courage.

The mind will tell you can’t., especially letting go of these emotions. We’ve already talked about how emotions affect the body, but let me say this as an incentive because it’s true. If you don’t get it, they ramp it up the next time around.

People who we see are struggling on this planet may have gotten an F in another lifetime or something.

You never know. If I’m challenged by somebody and I have a hard time with them, they’re going to keep bringing it around until I get it, until I accept that’s where this person is and their level of growth. There’s nothing wrong with that. No judgment. That’s just where they are. Let me throw this out there. They have told me that you might get an old soul who comes in who’s addicted to opiates because their soul wants to experience powerlessness. You can’t judge what people are doing.

I used to volunteer down in Seattle with my sister. We would bring supplies to the homeless. We would pack in supplies for them. I saw some old souls who had no clue they were old souls. They didn’t even have a clue they were souls who were homeless alcoholics in the gutters. That’s what their soul wanted them to experience. I also saw some of those alcoholics, homeless people handing the supplies we were giving to them, the socks, the warm, hot cocoa, or whatever, giving to other people who needed it. You never know. That’s why we don’t judge. Everybody’s at different places, learning in different ways.

That person sitting there around that corner may be one of your greatest teachers.

Whatever is the most challenging is your greatest opportunity right there. Let’s face it, some people in our lives are offering us huge opportunities for growth. They’re there for a reason. Usually, they’re family members because you can’t get away from them.

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It does help when you look at them and say, “This is not good, but what am I here to learn from this? Maybe I’m going to change how I’m approaching it. What do they teach me?”

You might have a person in your life who’s extremely controlling. They’re here showing you so that maybe you don’t have to go through that yourself. You can observe it and say, “No, thank you. I don’t need to do that.” Those people are helping you recognize lessons without you having to go through them.

Tell everybody all the ways to connect with you and Holz Wellness. You do mediumship sessions, so talk about that and your other services. I cannot imagine that you’re helping every single person who comes to Holz Wellness to heal. You must have people who are with you. Do you train them? How does that work?

Here’s what it is, Irene. I have this beautiful spirit team that guides me and they tell me who to help and who not to help. I get an awful lot. I’m constantly being bombarded, but they’re the ones who decide who’s ready, who we can help, and who we’re not supposed to help. That’s the first thing Gary would do. It is to tune in, “Am I supposed to help them?” Sometimes it’s the soul’s intention that this is a catalyst for them to pass over.

People can reach me. There’s a lot of information on my website. There’s a lot of information about healing, how to self-heal, and how to improve emotion, of course. We try to get as much of this information out as possible to assist people. All of this is on my website at There’s a lot of free info up there for people.

They can reach out to you and you’ll say, “I can help you or I can’t help you. I’m told I can’t help you.”

Don’t read anything into it but if the guides are telling us, “We can’t help you right now,” that’s not your path. There might be other paths that are better for you.

What is the Robbie Holz tip for finding joy in life?

I’m so glad you asked me that. Do you know what I’m finding? I’d love to hear yours. I’ve asked the team to help me with this. To find the awe, wonder, and joy in the simplest things. I’m in the San Juan Islands and we have a lot of geese that fly in formation. Watching that perfect V grabs my heart. That, finding joy, awe, and the simplest things in its nature.

You’re always in nature.

Yeah, looking at a leaf and how it changes and trees.

As far as me, I’m grateful to be alive. I almost died, like you. I’m here. I had healing for my eyes. I’m able to see well for the first time since I was four years old or something. I look around the room and I go, “Thank you.” I am filled with gratitude. I have young grandsons also. I look at their faces and I go, “Thank you. I can not only see them. I can embrace them. I can enjoy them.” I’m grateful for everything that’s in my life. I’m in a constant state of, “Thank you.”

That’s beautiful.

Robbie, many in our audience are aware that I, too, had a spiritual awakening. My husband’s soul is now assisting me on the other side like Gary is with you. My book, They Serve Bagels in Heaven and this show are devoted to healing and part of a divine plan between us. I was so excited to learn that your husband Gary, who’s been assisting you from the other side, is an active part of your healing spirit team that guides and supports you as you help people on their healing journeys.

I encourage every single person in our audience to read your two incredible books about the Secrets of Aboriginal Healing and also read your newest gem, Angels in Waiting: How to Reach Out to Your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, which teaches us that there is a guardian angel and a celestial board of advisors assigned to each one of us from birth and guides us to ask for their help to bring positive changes into our lives. What a blessing. You’re a blessing too, Robbie.

So are you.

Thank you for this extraordinary interview that has brought us healing insights, made us aware of the important roles our guardian angels and spirit guides can play in our lives, and has enlightened us, especially as we begin to enter the fifth dimension, which is the dimension of love, of living totally from the heart. I can’t wait. It’s happening. Make sure to follow us and us on social @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued. Many blessings and bye for now.


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