GAR 233 | Suicide


Rob Schwartz is a spiritual teacher, a highly regarded hypnotist, and a therapist who specializes in past life and between lives soul regressions, which help people heal and understand their life plans.

In this fascinating and enlightening interview, some of the topics Rob speaks about are the choices we make before we are born that form our life plans, the difference between young souls and evolved souls, why we sometimes choose to add scary, hard, and difficult decisions to our lives, why some souls plan their lives with the possibility, or even the probability, of ending their lives, and the difference for the soul when a person ends his or her own life from fear or love. 

Tune in for deeply healing information about embracing life after the loss of a loved one to suicide, what it means to evolve and ascend, and much more!  



  • Rob’s journey to writing three books about pre-birth planning.
  • The difference between a young soul and an evolved soul.
  • What it means to evolve and ascend.
  • How all the details and planning for a new lifetime take place.
  • How suicide affects a person’s desire to evolve and ascend.
  • The healing that takes place for those who end their lives when they arrive on the Other Side.
  • How those who have lost a loved one to suicide can heal their deep wounds.



  • Can you tell a young soul from an evolved soul while they are in a body?
  • Do we plan to experience great challenges before we are born in order to evolve and ascend?
  • How do all the details and planning for a new lifetime take place?
  • Does the soul consider the free will decisions that the personality may make when planning a new lifetime?
  • Is suicide considered a sin, a transition, or a loss on the Other Side?
  • Do those who end their lives have to pick up the same lessons in another lifetime?
  • What is the difference for the soul when a person ends his or her life from fear or love?

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Rob Schwartz: We As Souls Do Not Plan Suicide As A Certainty; Rather, We Plan Various Life Challenges, Well Aware Of The Possibility – And In Some Instances Probability – That We May Respond To These Experiences By Ending Our Own Lives






I am delighted to have this opportunity to interview Rob Schwartz, who is a spiritual teacher, a highly-regarded hypnotist, and a therapist specializing in past life and Between Lives Soul Regressions. Rob offers Between Lives Soul Regressions to help people heal and understand their life plans. He also helps his clients speak directly to the wide-loving and highly-evolved beings called the Council of Elders, who inform a person regarding what that person planned for this current lifetime and why, how well the person is fulfilling his or her plan, and how that person may better fulfill his or her plan.

Rob is also a popular author whose books have been translated into 27 languages. His first book titled Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born explores the pre-birth planning of physical illness, having disabled children, deafness, blindness, drug addiction, alcoholism, the death of a loved one, and accidents.

In his second book titled, Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born, Rob explores the pre-birth planning of spiritual awakening, which I’m definitely in that camp, miscarriage, abortion, suicide, caregiving, sexuality, adoption, having pets, poverty, mental illness, and other life challenges and experiences.

In Rob’s newest book titled, Your Soul’s Love: Living the Love You Planned Before You Were Born, he explores the pre-birth planning of challenges related to romantic relationships or their absence such as infidelity, impotence, raising children alone after the death of one’s partner, being single, and celibate relationships.

I’m looking forward to interviewing Rob about the choices we make before we are born that form our life plans, the determining factors of whether or not a particular life plan actualizes, the difference between young souls and evolved souls, and why we sometimes choose to add scary, hard, or difficult decisions to our lives. Including why some souls plan their lives with the possibility or even the probability of ending their lives. This is surely going to be a fascinating and very enlightening interview. By the way, I’ve interviewed Rob two times on the show. I’m so thrilled to welcome you back, Rob. Welcome back to the show.


GAR 233 | Suicide


Thank you, Irene. You and I are old friends now. I have been following your work since you started out. I love what you’re doing. Keep doing it, the world needs it.

Thank you so much. Coming from you, this means so much to me because I have so much respect for you and the work that you’re doing also in this world. Let’s begin by giving everyone an introduction to your work. Many people know who you are and know what you do but some don’t. How did you come to write three books about pre-birth planning?

Believe it or not, I was in the corporate world for a number of years. I have an MBA and was self-employed for a long time as a marketing and communications consultant. I did not like that work at all. It was profoundly unfulfilling. In 2003, at the age of 40, I had what you could call an existential crisis about my life. I couldn’t go on doing this work anymore, but I didn’t have any idea what else to do. Spirit intervened and three very important things happened all within a few weeks of each other.

The first was I had my first session ever with a psychic medium. I go into this session, and she says to me, “Your spirit guides are here.” I didn’t know what a spirit guide was. I said, “What is a spirit guide?” She had to explain it to me. She said, “Your guides want to speak directly to you.” She started to channel them. The first thing they said right out of the box was, “You planned your life, including your biggest challenges, before you were born.” They then went on to explain why I had planned all of my biggest challenges.

What was compelling here was that they knew what all of them were without me telling them anything. As you can imagine, that blew my mind wide open. Within a short time of that, I was introduced to a woman who can channel her higher self. I spent about fifteen hours talking with her soul or her higher self about pre-birth planning, why we do it, and how we do it.

The third and most important thing of all, I had what is sometimes called a Spiritually Transformative Experience or STE, in which I was doing nothing more than walking down the sidewalk in Chicago, Illinois, in the middle of a weekday afternoon. I had this experience in which every time I looked at another person, I felt this pure, overwhelming, unconditional love for that person. When I say unconditional love, this is not human love, this is divine love and transcendent love.

The combination of those three things got me to say, “I’m leaving the corporate world, and I’m going to try to write a book about pre-birth planning.” I moved all the way across the country to Ashland, Oregon because I felt guided to do it there. I’d never even been to Ashland and didn’t know a single person there. Three years later, Yours Soul’s Plan came out. Now, I have a completely new and much more fulfilling life that is uniquely me, in which I feel like I’m making a difference in the world. I’m glad that I made that decision.

Think about this. You planned all of this, and you had a choice in the real world. You could have said, “The heck with it,” and looked for another job in marketing. Instead, you answered the call. This is why we have so much synergy between us because I have a similar story. People often refer to young souls, old souls, and evolved souls. Can you tell us the difference between a young soul and an older evolved soul? Can we see the difference while they’re in the body if they’re a younger or an older soul? That may be very helpful to us when we’re dealing with certain people to understand perhaps where they’re coming from.

This is the best source of information about this. I would encourage people to google The Michael System. This is a body of channeled literature channeled by a group consciousness that calls itself Michael. It talks about pre-birth plans relative to soul age. In The Michael System, if I remember correctly and I’m not an expert in it, I think there are 5 or 6 stages of soul age. It’s something like infant, young, middle-aged, mature, and old. You can tell the difference between these stages in a number of ways.

For example, according to Michael, infant souls will create pre-birth plans in which they explore issues of physical survival on the physical plane. Because the physical plane is new to them, they’re here to test it out and see what it’s like. At the other end of the spectrum is when you get to mature and old. Those souls are creating pre-birth plans that are focused on learning about relationships, emotions, spiritual awakenings, and things like that. There are other differences, like which parts of the world they tend to incarnate in and so forth. If you google The Michael System, you’ll find a lot of information about it.

I’m definitely going to do that. That’s fascinating. I’ll bet a lot of people tuning in to us will also do that. What does it mean to you, or what do they say it means to evolve and ascend? Do we plan these challenges in order to evolve and ascend?

Ascension is a big topic. My wife and I finished doing a seven-week course for The Shift Network, specifically about ascension. For those who are interested in that topic, go to the website of The Shift Network, google my name there, and you’ll find the course. That’s the best source of information. Briefly, ascension is literally what it sounds like. It’s the earth ascending or moving up in vibration from a third density or what most people call the third dimension into a fourth density where we are now. We’re on our way to the fifth density, which as I understand, it is a vibration of one’s consciousness and unconditional love.

Essentially, we’re going home while staying in the body, which is very exciting and also very challenging. A big part of ascension is something we call purification. This means that all the divine light is flooding the planet direct from the source, which is causing the ascension. It is purifying every life form on the planet. Purifying means that the light brings to the surface or brings to conscious awareness that which is unlike itself, that which is of a lower vibration. This is happening collectively to the entire human race, which is why you see such craziness in the news now. It’s also happening in every individual’s life, whether or not you’re consciously aware of it.

A big part of ascension is purification. This means that all the divine light that is flooding the planet direct from source, which is causing the ascension, is purifying every life form on the planet. Share on X

Basically, your stuff is going to come up. It’s going to be right in your face. It’s not a punishment from the universe. That is not the intention. The intention is to make you consciously aware of what you need to heal and/or let go of so that you can then consciously choose to heal or let go of it. The main way you do that is simply by having conscious awareness and conscious experience of it. There’s a very old expression. In order to heal it, you have to feel it. That is true. That’s essentially what is going on now.

The best thing you can do is to make quiet time, stillness, and spaciousness, both internal and external, every day as much as you can. Just sit and be still, quiet, and silent. Let whatever arises arise. Don’t resist anything. Stay in non-resistance. Let yourself feel everything, and purification will take care of itself. This is part of everybody’s pre-birth plan.

As I understand it, there were three times as many souls who wanted to be here for ascension as available bodies who made a 1-in-3 cut to be here. It’s a privilege. It’s an honor. The only way you could get chosen to be here for the ascension is because you have something quite specific to offer. Maybe you know what that is. Maybe you don’t. Regardless, know that you are supposed to be here now. You are benefiting from and contributing to ascension.

I cannot resist asking you, what about those people who are in the chaos, causing the chaos, and resisting what is going on? The rest of us are going into our silence. We’re choosing to listen and evolve. What about all those people who are making all the problems and refuse to evolve? What is the story with them?

This is what the entire human race agreed to as I understand it. The plan all along is that the ascension, purification, and worldwide spiritual awakening would be led by a very small number of people. That would be you, me, and everybody who’s tuning in to this conversation. All of us are in that small group of people.

The ascension, purification, worldwide spiritual awakening would be led by a very small number of people. Share on X

One of the main reasons this was the plan rather than have everybody all wake up at the same time is simply because those of us who are leading the spiritual awakening wanted to have the experience of leading a planetary spiritual awakening. It is that simple. In order for us to have that experience, that requires a very large group of people to lag a little bit behind in their spiritual awakening. These people you see in the news who are resisting the awakening and causing a lot of trouble, from a pre-birth planning perspective, they’re acting in service to the rest of us. They’re giving us the experience we wanted to have.

What happens to them in their soul growth if they are not going to evolve and ascend? Do they just go to another system? In my book, They Serve Bagels in Heaven, Saul channeled what the Earth will be like in 300 years, and you can see the seeds of that now. He was already talking about that twenty years ago when I did my book. What happens to all these malevolent souls that are thumbing their noses at all of this?

I’m going to resist the term malevolent because, to me, that implies that they’re evil and that their nature is evil. I don’t believe that anybody’s nature is evil. I believe that everybody has the spark of the divine and the spark of love within them. Granted, in many people and a lot of those who we see on the news, that spark has grown very dim. They themselves are completely unaware of it, but it’s still there. A lot of the people you see in the news who are causing the most trouble will eventually awaken and be part of and contribute to the ascension process. There will be some who will continue to resist and who will choose not to awaken. My understanding is, they will have the opportunity to continue evolving on another third-dimensional planet.

It is not in anyone’s nature to be evil. Everybody has the spark of the divine, the spark of love within them. Share on X

This is great, Rob. You’re answering questions for so many people. I’m so glad we’re having this conversation. You’re so wise. How do all the details and planning for a new lifetime take place? Does the soul take into account the free-will decisions that the personality may make when planning this new lifetime? How’s that all come together?

As I understand it, what happens is your higher self or your soul, in consultation with God, source, or whatever term you would like to use, and the ascended masters, the angels, and your spirit guides formulate altogether the pre-birth plan. The soul creates the personality, which is a portion of its energy that will go into the physical body. The soul informs the personality of the details of the pre-birth plan.

When you’re informed of the plan, you sense this great wisdom and overwhelming unconditional love coming from your soul and your guides, so you trust them. The vast majority of people, I would say well over 99%, agree to the plan, and then they incarnate. There’s a very small percentage though, who start to feel human emotions like fear or doubt that perhaps the plan is a little bit too much.



If you express that to your guides and your soul, then they will reassure you that it is for your highest good and the highest good of all beings. At that point, the vast majority who expressed fear or doubt now agree to the plan and incarnate, but there’s a small percentage of the percentage who continue to express fear or doubt. If you do that, then the plan is amended until it’s acceptable to you.

The bottom line is nobody is forced to do anything they don’t want to do. In terms of free-will, your soul takes into account the free-will decisions you may make at pretty much every time in your life. That is factored into the plan. This is the reason that it’s not correct to say that there’s one plan for a person’s life. There are many plans. They vary according to vibration, which is another way of saying they vary according to your free-will decisions because those decisions vary according to vibration.

Does vibration have to do with what you’re putting out there right where you are?

Essentially, are your decisions fear-based or love-based? The more love-based they are, the higher vibrational they are. That will put you on a higher vibrational pre-birth plan where more of the learning is done through love, peace, and joy and less through pain and suffering. If you make low-vibration fear-based decisions, that puts you on a lower vibrational plan where more of the learning is done through pain and suffering, not so much through love, peace, and joy. The choice is yours. Everybody has many pre-birth plans to choose from.

Are your decisions fear-based or love-based? The more love-based they are, the higher vibrational they are. The choice is yours. Share on X

If a soul makes this pre-birth plan, and they take on these difficult challenges and really chooses this, but it is too much for them. Some of them choose to take their lives. I know that you’ve found some deeply healing information that can help people who have lost a loved one to suicide. Does that suicide affect a person’s desire to evolve and ascend or contribute to it? I have to tell you, Rob’s books are wonderful. I recommend them to everyone. They’re terrific.

In Your Soul’s Gift, there’s an entire chapter about the pre-birth planning of suicide. Let me set the stage here. The person who is the subject of that chapter is an American woman whose name is Carolyn. Carolyn lost her only child, a son named Cameron, to suicide. It happened a few days after Cameron graduated from high school. This was at a point in Cameron’s life where Carolyn thought he was about to go off to college and start doing great and exciting things. Instead, she came home one afternoon and found that he had hung himself from a rafter in their attic. She was the one who had to climb up there, cut the rope, and bring the body down.

Carolyn and I worked with a channel in the Netherlands whose name was Pamela Kribbe. Pamela channels Jesus among a number of other beings. She also channeled Cameron for this particular session. Toward the beginning of the channeling, Jesus comes in. I ask him, “Is suicide planned by people before they’re born?” He says, “It is never planned as a certainty, but it is planned as a possibility, a probability, or rarely, a probability so high as to be almost certain.”

He says that this was the case with Cameron. Cameron was bringing back into the body unhealed energies from past lives for the purpose of healing them. He was doing this to such an extent that it was foreseen in his pre-birth planning session that he would suffer from extreme anxiety and depression, which he did. It was foreseen that anxiety and depression would almost certainly lead to suicide.

I know what everybody is thinking. You’re thinking, “Why would anybody agree to a plan like that?” You have to understand there are some key differences between your perspective here and when you’re on the other side. On the other side, you know that a lifetime is very brief. Nobody is permanently harmed by anything that happens here. Yet the wisdom becomes part of you literally for all eternity.

You may or may not know those things when you’re here in body, but you are acutely aware of them from the other side. From that perspective that life is very brief, no one is permanently harmed, and yet the wisdom becomes part of you literally for all eternity. From that perspective, it does make sense that not all souls, but some would make very challenging plans like Cameron did.

Jesus steps aside, and Cameron comes in. He talks in a very poignant way with his mother and reassures her, “It was not your fault. It was my decision alone. It was completely my responsibility. You are not to blame.” By the way, this is the single most common thing that people who had suicide say when they’re contacted through a medium or channel. They always say, “It was nobody else’s fault. Nobody else is to blame. It was my choice and my responsibility alone.”



In terms of the healing information that you made reference to, this chapter contains possibly the single most healing piece of information I’ve come across in all the years I’ve been researching pre-birth planning. What happened here is when I’m writing a book, I’m very aware of the information that comes across my desk. I know if there’s something I’m supposed to know about so that I could put it in the book and let everybody else know about it. Spirit will find a way to get that information to me.

This happened while I was working on the suicide chapter. I came across a wonderful book by an author named Irene Kendig. It’s called Conversations with Jerry and Other People I Thought Were Dead. I think it’s a brilliant title. What Irene does in this book is she talks through a medium to her friend Jerry and other people who she thought were dead or people who were back on the other side.

In one of her talks with Jerry through the medium, they start to talk about suicide. Irene shares with Jerry the following true story. It’s a very simple story. It’s about a brother and sister named Dan and Denise. Dan and Denise made plans to meet for dinner one night. Shortly before they were supposed to meet for dinner, Denise called Dan and canceled. During the time at which they would’ve been at dinner, Dan took his own life. Now, his sister Denise blames herself for her brother Dan’s death. She thinks that if she hadn’t canceled their dinner plans, her brother would still be alive.

Irene tells this story to her friend Jerry through the medium. I want to read Jerry’s response to her because this is quite extraordinary. Jerry says, “Even if she had dinner with him, Dan still would’ve had to be willing to create an opening in order for her to have made a difference. If he’d been willing to create an opening, someone would’ve stepped in, in this case, Denise. Even if she hadn’t, someone else would have. Something as simple as a smile or kind word from someone would’ve made the difference. Everything is orchestrated. If Dan had needed someone’s assistance to guide him in a new direction, someone would’ve been there. There is always a response to our needs. Had he been open to such a change, the universe would’ve responded to the opening.”

I don’t know what your reaction is to that, but when I read this, the implications struck me like a lightning bolt. I took this into the channeling session with Jesus and shared it with him as I have with you right now. I said to him, “This story seems to suggest that every suicide that could have been prevented was prevented. Is that true? If it is, this awareness would do wonders to relieve the guilt people feel, not preventing suicide. He responds, “All suicides preventable by outside forces were indeed prevented.”

What that means is that if you lost somebody you love to suicide, there was nothing you could have done to prevent it. Had the person had the slightest openness or willingness to change their mind, the universe would know, and the universe would stage an intervention. For those of you who have lost somebody you loved to suicide, I would invite you now. Take any guilt or self-blame you may feel, set it down, and step away from it. That’s what your loved one wants for you. There was nothing you could have done. For those of you who know somebody who has lost somebody they loved to suicide, please share this information with them because this can be life-changing. It’s pages 410 to 411 in Your Soul’s Gift.


GAR 233 | Suicide


That’s so helpful. Do you consider Jesus to be an ascended master?


I do too. Whether people consider him to be the son of God or an ascended master, it doesn’t matter. He’s a very enlightened being.

He would tell you if you were to put this question to Him. He would like you to think of Him as an older wiser brother, which is really what He is.

When people decide to take their lives by suicide, is there anything special that happens to them when they arrive on the other side? Do they go to a school? Is there a healing place? Is it just, “You plan this? Here you are. Welcome back?” What happens there?

If I may read another short passage, Cameron talks about this. Cameron is speaking directly to us in the channeling session about what happened after the suicide. “When I came here, I was bewildered and confused. I had not counted on an afterlife at the moment I took my life, but there were guides present beckoning me. I was very lucky to see them. I reached out to them, and they told me what had happened. ‘You’re on the other side now,’ they told me and I was struck with grief. They showed me my dead body to convince me that I was dead. I wasn’t aware of this as I was in a state of panic when I killed myself.”

“After I crossed over, they took me to a place of learning and recovering. The first period of time was very difficult. I wanted to go back to earth to you,” he’s speaking to his mother here, “to my family and friends. I could not accept that it was so final. I was full of regret and bewilderment. It was hard to find peace of mind. I often traveled back to you and my friends, wanting desperately to talk to them to let them know I was around. Some listened, and others I couldn’t get through to. Some I reached in the dream state.”

“I certainly got in touch with you. We had some deep conversations with each other during the dream state. You were full of sadness and questions. My guides had to stand by me during those talks because I was so full of grief and sadness myself. I wanted to come back to you and try again. It took a long time before I accepted that I had done it, that I had left my life behind, and that I had to start over again. In my talks with you, I tried to tell you that I truly appreciated who you are as my mother and that you didn’t fail me. No one failed me.”

He comes here to learn certain lessons. He ends his life. In the next life, does he pick up where he left off to learn those lessons that he didn’t complete?

If he chooses to, which is almost 100% certain. In his case, the overriding intention for the incarnation was to heal these unhealed energies from past lives. The anxiety and depression proved to be too much. My guess would be that the next time around, he’ll carry some but not all of those unhealed energies back into the body in order to make it a little bit easier on himself and give himself a greater chance of success. That would be my prediction.

Do you think he would be coming back with his mother, Carolyn?

There’s a very good chance. Not necessarily in a mother-child role. There could be a very different kind of role, depending upon what the other intentions are for the lifetime. By the way, there’s one other thing I want to comment on here. You heard him say that when he crossed over he was full of bewilderment and regret. I know some people are going to wonder if it was foreseen in Cameron’s pre-birth planning session that suicide is highly likely, then why is he upset about it? The answer to that question is that when we first crossed back over to the other side, full memory of the pre-birth plan doesn’t return immediately. It comes back gradually. He’s talking to us at a point in time here where he hasn’t yet remembered that his suicide was foreseen as highly likely.

When he gets his life reviewed, does that include what he had planned for his pre-birth planning, and then how his life evolved from there?

Basically, they will look at his pre-birth intentions and they’ll ask him, “Did you fulfill these? To what extent, yes or no? If not, what got in the way of you fulfilling them? Would you like to plan another incarnation so that you can finish what was left incomplete?” What often happens with people who suicide is that when they leave, they have a number of incomplete pre-birth agreements with people who are still in body. When they get back to the other side after some passage of time, they remember what those incomplete agreements are. It’s very important for them to fulfill them. The problem is they no longer have a body to use to fulfill them.

Now, what they have to do is run around frantically on the other side, trying to influence all these other people who are still in body to do the things that they would’ve been doing if they were still here in a body. Out of that large group of people that they’re trying to influence, some hear them and some don’t. Among those who hear them, some do as they ask and some don’t. Ultimately, this becomes an exercise in frustration. They can’t accomplish from the other side everything they wanted to, and so they generally choose to come back to finish what was left unfinished.



In that particular case, he would probably approach Carolyn and they would decide her role going forward to accomplish what he needs to accomplish. Someone like Carolyn comes to you, and what you channel is very healing for her because of the guilt. You let her know that there’s more to this than what she’s seeing in a sort of her 3D reality.

Those are certainly some of the intentions of the channeling, but let me be clear, I’m not the channel. I’m facilitating the process in which the channeling is happening. When I work with people directly one-on-one, I don’t do it as a medium or channel. I do it as a hypnotist. We do the Between Lives Soul Regression that you referred to in the introduction. That’s a form of hypnosis in which I facilitate a process in which the client ultimately enters a trance state. From there, they can speak directly with their counsel of elders and ask any question they have about their life plan.

If Carolyn came to me for Between Lives Soul Regression, we would go through this hypnosis process. She would go into a trance, then she would speak with her counsel, and then she would ask them directly, “Did my son plan suicide? Did I agree to that plan? If so, why in the world did I agree to that plan?” That’s probably how the conversation would go.

That’s wonderful that you can do this to help people like that.

It’s very fulfilling.

It’s very helpful because otherwise, she would live her life with all those unanswered questions. Let’s say someone ends their life with fear, like Cameron’s anxiety, depression, and all these emotions, or they end their lives from love. They don’t want to burden their family. They’re incapacitated. Is there a difference when they cross over between what prompted them to end their life?

There are many levels to the other side which vary according to vibration. You will go to whatever level or whatever realm is a match to you vibrationally. If you die in a state of great fear, you’re going to be starting off at a relatively lower level of the astral realm. It doesn’t mean you’re doomed to be there forever or even necessarily for a long period of time. It’s just your entry point. As you raise your vibration, then you’ll move up through the levels.

You’re there at that entry point. It’s not like any entry point has fire and brimstone or anything like that to it. A lot of people are afraid of that.

There’s no hell in the sense of it being an ongoing objective reality, but you are the creator, and you can create any experience you want to create. There are people who believe that they are bad or that they are sinners. They did something horrible that they think they had to be punished for. When they get back to the other side, they will self-manufacture a hellish realm as a form of self-punishment.

You are the creator and you can create any experience you want to create. Share on X

There are very loving and highly evolved beings on the other side whose specialty is to go into these hellish realms that people have created for themselves and essentially walk people out of them. All they have to do is choose to walk out. That’s not quite as simple and/or as easy as you might think. These are people who believe that they are terrible and deserve to be punished. Persuading them to step out of their self-created hell can be quite challenging, as I understand it.

They’re having to give up their illusions and delusions, and they’ve become very attached to them, I would imagine.

That’s right.

You also talked about those who have lost their loved one to suicide. When they heal their deep wounds, it has something to do with humility. Could you tell us about that? What does the healing have to do with humility?

Probably it refers to the idea that they had the power to prevent suicide. As we discussed already, the universe can intervene, but an individual personality on the level of the personality, they don’t have the power to keep somebody else from taking their own life. There is a certain humility in recognizing that.

The universe can intervene, but an individual personality doesn't have the power to keep somebody else from taking their own life. Share on X

Also, accepting that, I’m sure. What else would you like to tell our audience about your work and what you’re doing? I know you have an event coming up. Whatever you’d like to share.

I would encourage people to go to the website, which is Sign up for the newsletter, which will pop up as soon as you get to the homepage, then go to the events page, and you’ll see everything that’s going on. There are all kinds of talks. There’s a free talk usually every month or every other month. We have all kinds of workshops. We have a one-day Between Lives Soul Regression. The next one is July 22nd, where you can find out all about your pre-birth plan, how you’re doing, and how you can do better with it. We have a Star Souls workshop for people who come from faraway civilizations to help the Earth. We talk about how to activate your unique star soul gives.

That in itself is fascinating. That’s another interview to learn about that.

There’s an empath workshop. We’d call it Discover Your Empath Superpower. For some people, being an empath can be very burdensome, but if you know how to work with it, it becomes a superpower. We have a higher-self workshop that puts you in closer communion with your higher self so you can receive more guidance and inspiration. There are a number of foreign workshops translated into other languages, German, Polish, and Spanish. It’s going on all year long. It’s all on the events page.

It’s wonderful. You’re making such a contribution to so many people for healing. What is Rob Schwartz’s tip for finding joy in life? With all that you’re doing, with the love in your life, and everything going on, what is your tip about joy?

The most powerful spiritual practice I have discovered, and I’m speaking from personal experience, is surrendering. That’s my prayer. Every morning I ask for assistance in surrendering, accepting, allowing, letting go, flowing, and staying in a state of non-resistance. Those are all more or less the same thing to me. People don’t understand energetically what happens when you go into resistance. The average person is in some degree of resistance to life all the time.

The most powerful spiritual practice is surrendering. It is the key to joy. Share on X

One of the things that it does is pinch off the flow of chi or life force into you. The average person pinches off that flow so much that there’s enough of a trickle left to sustain physical life. If you open it up by going into a state of non-resistance, then spirit rushes in and fills that space. People think of it as emptiness, but the emptiness is actually full. What it is full of is spirit. Meaning, guidance, love, inspiration, and so forth. That to me is the key to joy.

I agree. That’s wonderful. I’d like to conclude this interview with an illuminating quote about suicide from your book, Your Soul’s Gift. “Before birth, we hope we will embrace our evolution with joy and excitement, but when we cannot do so in the physical, we will most surely do so in our internal home. How do we embrace life after a loved one dies by suicide? We begin by choosing to believe that healing can occur.”


GAR 233 | Suicide


Thank you, Rob, from my heart, for the healing you bring to countless lives through your enlightening books and your work. That helps people to heal through past life and Between Lives Soul Regressions, and for this truly remarkable enlightening interview. Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg, on Instagram, Facebook, and wherever you get your podcast, including YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued. Many blessings. Thank you so much, Rob.

It’s my pleasure.


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About Rob Schwartz

GAR 233 | SuicideRob Schwartz is a hypnotist who offers Between Lives Soul Regressions (BLSRs) to help people heal and understand their life plans. In a BLSR you can speak directly with your Council of Elders, the wise, loving, and highly evolved beings who can tell you what you planned for your current lifetime and why, how well you’re fulfilling your plan, and how you may better fulfill your plan. Rob’s first book, Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born, explores the pre-birth planning of physical illness, having disabled children, deafness, blindness, drug addiction, alcoholism, the death of a loved one, and accidents.

His second book, Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born, explores the pre-birth planning of spiritual awakening, miscarriage, abortion, suicide, caregiving, sexuality, adoption, having pets, poverty, mental illness, and other life challenges and experiences. His third book Your Soul’s Love: Living the Love You Planned Before You Were Born is about the pre-birth planning of challenges related to romantic relationships or their absence: infidelity; impotence; raising children alone after the death of one’s partner; being single; and celibate relationships.

Rob’s books have been translated into 27 languages. He teaches internationally on the subject of pre-birth planning at such venues as The United Nations, Kripalu, 1440 Multiversity, and Hollyhock. For more information visit Rob online at or write to him directly at



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