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Riz Mirza is widely known as the country’s premier trance channel medium and he is also an Author, a Psychic and a Shaman. Riz has a new book titled The 9 Keys: Messages from the Spirit Guides to Unlock Your Life and Awaken Your Soul. The 9 Keys contains 9 chapters with amazing, life-changing, channeled words of wisdom from significant heavenly Spirit Guides. Princess Diana is one of them…Yes, THE Princess Diana….and I just love that her channeled chapter is dedicated to the subject of healing.


  • The time Riz saw Abraham Lincoln in spirit.
  • Princess Di channeled “You must be unafraid to die to truly live.”
  • Every one of us has a “soul contract.”
  • The difference between a psychic, a medium, and a Trance Channel and how our spirit guides connect with us.


  • What do you experience when you trance channel?
  • Is there religion on the Other Side?
  • What insights and guidance can you share with us about the worldwide pandemic we are all experiencing?




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Riz Mirza: Trance Channel Medium, Psychic, Author And Shaman

How’s everyone doing out there? I’m coming to you from my lovely quarantine studio in the hills of West Orange, New Jersey. These days find me thinking about my 95-year-old mom whose life has not been easy. She’s told me countless times that whenever the going gets tough, her mantra has always been, “Adjust.” She’s always maintained an admirable positive attitude, which I credit for the fact that she’s reached 95 with her sense of humor fully intact. She’s wise. My words to all of you, as we begin this funky time we are living through, are to think about letting go of what you can’t control during this shockwave we are all experiencing, remain focused on your health and your safety, and keep calm as best you can. Remember to stay thankful.

We have an incredibly interesting guest for you who will be speaking to us from Malibu, California. Riz Mirza is widely known as the country’s premier trance channel medium, and he’s also an author and a shaman. There’s no doubt that this is going to be one fascinating interview filled with lots of new insights. I have been looking forward to getting Riz on the show because I had an interview with his dynamic and vibrant wife Oriah, who is a trauma life coach and more with a spell-binding story of her own. After you read this interview with Riz, be sure to click on Oriah Mirza’s remarkable open-hearted interview, which is Episode 64.

Speaking of Remarkable, Riz has a new book titled The 9 Keys: Messages From the Spirit Guides to Unlock Your Life and Awaken Your Soul. It contains nine chapters with amazing life-changing channeled words of wisdom from significant heavenly spirit guides. Princess Diana is one of them. I love that her channel chapter is dedicated to the subject of healing, whose message meshes well with the mission of the show. Riz and I will surely chat about this and more.

I’d like to introduce all of you to the premier trance channel, medium author, and shaman Riz Mirza. It is wonderful to meet you. Welcome to the show.

Thank you so much. Thank you for your readers. It’s amazing during this time that we are doing this because seeing people get on these interviews tells me that we have this human desire to connect. It doesn’t matter about even distance anymore. For a long time, I wanted to do my work streaming. Most of my work is in person here in California or in different places where I go around the world. For years, people were saying, “Could you do more stuff online?” They say necessity is the mother of invention, so here we are.

The only thing I’m missing, I’m connecting with all these people, but I can’t hug them. That’s tough for me.

It will happen soon enough.

I’m going to ask you about that. I’m sure everyone is going to want to know about what’s going on, especially from you. Let’s start by introducing people to your background and who you are so they get to know Riz. I remember well in your book how when you were a kid, they called you Riz the Wiz. I love that. You were born with an incredibly amazing gift. Please tell us about your life journey, which led to thirteen years of psychic work becoming a shaman and a trance channel medium. While you are at it, how about telling people the difference between a psychic, a medium, and a trance channel? Go for it.

I would love to start with that last question first. We hear this all the time, psychic and medium. Now we are starting to hear the words trance channel and shaman. Thanks to some wonderful mediums on television from John Edward to James Van Praagh. Over the years, there have been other psychics from the Sylvia Browne types to the Long Island Medium types. People know the word medium now. They simply know, “That person connects with people who have passed away.”

Psychic is a different thing than a medium. A psychic is not necessarily a medium. A psychic is a person who is able to receive messages about situations and people usually who are living and even places. They can feel if that’s a good place for you to go, or they can feel what’s happening next when your job. Sometimes they can feel what’s happening in your health in your body. They can interpret dreams for you.

There are more things a psychic can do. When we go to the word medium, a medium is specifically someone who can communicate with or receive messages from those who have passed on. There is a school of thought that mediums are born but not made. I don’t know. I think things are maybe changing. You can develop that muscle more.

I do believe that we all are born with an intuition. Readers, all of you were born with an intuitive sense which is the sixth sense. Can you strengthen that? You can like everyone can become a better singer. You may sing terribly right now, but if you took singing lessons, you would get better. You may not become Whitney Houston. There are people born to do that like there are people born to be John Edward or James Van Praagh.

You have people who are there to sing in the shower, for the family, or at Christmas. Those people have lovely voices, but it’s meant for their personal life experiences. We can strengthen these abilities as very important for everyone to know. Usually, it’s done through meditation practice. Now let’s get into what trance channeling is. Some people may know about channeling but don’t realize they know about it. How is that? There is a woman whose name is Esther Hicks, who does something called The Law of Attraction. She channels the Abraham Books. If you were coming across Esther Hicks on YouTube and you never heard of her, you might think she’s an amazing speaker.

There’s this great woman who gets up in front of these people and gives this wonderful advice about the Law of Attraction. The reason people don’t know she’s a trance channel is because her voice doesn’t change. When she first started, her voice was quite different. It was coming through more like a man. She settled into using her voice. She goes into a deep trance state. That is what this trance channel does. It’s almost like falling asleep and they are talking in their sleep.

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That’s where the spirit guide is coming through. Who are the spirit guides? From what I have personally experienced, the spirit guides are those protective or I would say you could call them your guardian angels in a sense. They are these souls of higher intelligence of great or vast wisdom and knowledge that have known you for many lifetimes. They are with you guiding you here on the planet to be the best version of yourself that you can be without interfering in your life. It’s your life. You have free will.

You start hearing from them through your thoughts sometimes. They are giving you messages like that.

The way it started was when I was a kid, I would feel a presence in the room. My parents came over from India and they thought I was too involved in American culture and in watching scary movies. It’s just in your head because I would tell them I didn’t want to go into that room not because I was scared. There was nothing dark or evil. It was I felt like somebody was watching me.

This is not a story I tell very often, but I feel like I should tell you this story. We were living in The Bronx. I was born in Harlem, then we bought this old house in the Kingsbridge section of The Bronx, New York. This house must have been 100 years old. I remember one night walking up to my room. At the top of the stairs in the dark, I saw a face in the dark and it was Abraham Lincoln.

He appeared. I saw his suit and tie. It was quite a beautiful feeling. He’s such a striking person. It was as if he was looking at me with kindness and compassion and then he faded. I went right to bed. I fell asleep immediately. I wasn’t scared at all. I told my mom the next day, “I saw Abraham Lincoln,” and you can imagine the reaction.

My first psychic experience happened when I was seven years old I was with my mom at a friend’s house, and we went to someone’s house in Queens somewhere. You are the kid hanging out with your mom as she’s visiting her girlfriend and you are bored. I was holding onto her hand in the apartment. I remember looking around and I saw this couch and I suddenly blurted out, an old man died on that couch.

The conversation stopped between my mom and her friend and they looked down at me. My mom was like, “What’s wrong with you?” Her friend said, “My father died on that couch six months ago.” My mom turns to her and says, “He did?” She goes, “He didn’t die in the hospital. That’s where he died.” She said, “Do you see him?” I didn’t see him, but I said, “He’s good. He’s happy.” All I can tell you is that there’s a different feeling when you feel a spirit guide. When you feel a spirit guide, it’s as if the teacher has entered the room and there’s much love, a thing that you wished all your teachers were like when you were growing up.

GAR 77 | Trance Channel Medium

Trance Channel Medium: When you feel a spirit guide, it’s as if the teacher has entered the room and there’s so much love, the kind of thing that you wished all your teachers were like when you were growing up.

That’s how I came to know of spirit guides because when I started eventually jumping many years later when I started doing readings, I was giving straight psychic greetings. I would say, “You have a guide with you. I could feel them. I couldn’t get the name. I didn’t know what they looked like, but I could get the message.” What happened was after they would leave, I would still feel a presence in the apartment. I would think, “They left somebody here,” except no, it turned out was my spirit guides. I lost my mom at nineteen years old. I also lost my brother.

My brother’s name was Sal. When you said your husband’s name was Saul, and that’s the reason why you are doing your work. My brother’s name is Sal and he’s the reason I’m doing this work. He died at the age of 41 suddenly it left such a deep vacuum in me that I think that pain cleared the way for whatever gift it is that I have to open up. I call it opening your channel. To everyone out there who has suffered through pain, I believe that either your pain will kill you, or your pain will rebirth you.

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That’s why we call it Grief and Rebirth because it’s a choice. Do you want to stay in that pain and let that simmer in you and that is your story or do you want to use that pain to grow and to heal? You are not meant to go yet. You are meant for other things. You may be meant to be a role model or be there for someone who’s coming forward later on in life, a grandchild, or who knows what.

If you think about it why do we stay in that deep grief and pain, there’s a reason we stay in it. The reason we tend to stay in grief and pain is because that grief and pain is intimacy with the person that we lost. Through the grief and the pain, we feel very connected to them. Why do we have mediums? If the love is strong between all of us, and then the person crosses over, why aren’t we receiving the messages the way a medium does? It’s because the medium is not emotionally involved. Think of it this way, and you can use logic for this. When we are alive and we are with our loved ones, what is the basis? What is the feeling and the frequency of this relationship?

The frequency is love, joy, having fun, and life together. Imagine when that person passes over or crosses over to the other side, their vibration gets even higher. The frequency goes up. They are in the light, joy, and peace. What happens to us? Do we stay where we were? No. We go down. We go even lower. Here is this great chasm between us. The medium is in the middle. Neutral. I never get sad when I do a reading because the person comes through, it’s like I can feel them on the phone. They are good. I never feel that pain of it. Interestingly enough, I have a hard time connecting with my mom.

Maybe there’s too much emotional stuff and someone else needs to be that neutral party.

I can’t read for myself nearly as well as I read for other people. It’s like a massage therapist. He can’t massage himself back. That’s what that is. Let’s go back to trance channeling. It is the channel that goes into a trance. In a sense, they leave their body. The spirit guide borrows their body and speaks through them. When I tell people this before they come to my circle of light. The circle of light is the gathering in LA where I do this. People who have never experienced it before go, “Are things going to start floating up off the table?” I’m still waiting for that to happen.

My head going to spin around. What happened? My voice changes and the accents change. Once it starts, people who never experienced channeling before, invariably after the circle, will come up to me and say, “I relaxed after five minutes. I felt comfortable. I felt like this was part of our human history.” They have said those words to me.

I go, “It is part of our human history.” No matter what background we are from the roots, thousands of years ago, as we were tribes before even religion. The tribal sat in a circle around a fire, and there was a person who connected to the ancestors and connected to the universe. Spirit guides are ascended teachers. They come in all shapes and sizes like human beings and all manners of speaking and their energy you can feel. I began to channel many years ago and this is a good story. At 26 years old, still grieving for many years over the death of my mom.

Your brother was your older brother. How many years were there between your brother’s death and your mom’s?

Ten years.

We are processing this so our readers understand your relationship with your brother.

I’m somewhere between 26 and 27. I am an artist, a musician, and singing in bands. My other gift was music.

What do you play?

I sing and play guitar.

I play the violin growing up. I need to know these important things.

I went to the High School of Music & Art in Manhattan. That’s how I let out my spirituality through music. I met someone who I became friends with, an older gentleman who was a friend of the family. He said, “I want to take you somewhere tonight. You can get some answers about your mom and music career.” I said, “Like a psychic?” He said, “No. There’s a channel that I know in New York.” His name is Alex Murray. He’s still there and he is much older now.

I went to Alex Murray’s house, the Upper West Side of New York, and sat in a circle. He was this wonderfully charming older man. He sat down and explained what channeling was. I was getting nervous. He’s going to leave his body and the spirit is going to speak through him. I was getting freaked out. It happened. I’m staring at him like this. The New Yorker in me is going, “Come on. Is this happening?”

Show me the truth thing.

He puts his head down after the meditation. He comes up and the voice is like this English accent. I’m listening. As I’m watching him, this is the thought in my mind, “Either this guy is the greatest actor on the face of planet Earth because the expressions, mannerisms, and cadence were beautiful, or this is real?”

Here’s how I knew it was real, because of the wisdom that was coming through, the things that made sense, insights into life, universe, healing, grief, death, and rebirth. The spirit guide went to each person in the room and gave them a message. The message wasn’t always, “Grandma Rose is here.” It was sometimes, “You need to understand the balance of your life, especially between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM.” That’s when I freak out.

It wasn’t always about just a loved one passing over or a literal message in the sense of, “Start drinking carrot juice or your liver is bad.” It was about how they tick and what makes them tick. That’s what inspires me the most about readings. We are slowly getting away from, “Tell me what’s going to happen,” into, “How can I rearrange what’s going on inside of my thoughts to manifest the life that I want?” I find that’s where we are going now whether it’s psychic readings, mediumship, or channeling. It is about activating your spirit.

Do you think it’s because people are becoming more evolved or people are becoming more enlightened or aware?

It’s because they are more interested in it. They are always going to be becoming more enlightened and aware because that’s the nature of life. It might take you ten years. It may take you lifetimes. It might take you ten minutes. It could be an epiphany. I find that where channeling became profound and I revered it as an extremely highest art for myself, my personal opinion when I watch it, was that all these different guides have the love to come through this person who’s giving up their body for those 2 or 3 hours and speak to us with such benevolence and such wisdom. Not just Hallmark card stuff. Piercing inside.

They don’t let you get away with something when you need to look at you. That first time they gave me a message. I want our readers to know this part. The spirit guide goes around the room and gives everyone a message. All the messages are great, “This is going to happen for you in November. This person loves you.” They get to me and the spirit guide pauses. The 26-year-old me is like, “This is going to be good. They are going to tell me the greatest things ever.” They proceeded to tear me a new one.

They proceeded to tell me everything I was doing was wrong paraphrasing. This was an intervention. Here I am a 26-year-old kid grieving the death of his mom. Dad went off the deep end and the whole family splintered. I was struggling in New York as a musician. How come I’m not getting the good stuff? They threw me a bone. I didn’t even know it was a bone. They said, “You are going to affect lots of people.”

My mind was, “I will be on stage and singing. That is a religious experience for people.” I said, “Am I going to get a record deal this year?” They said, “No.” No one was getting a no. Everyone else was getting a, “If you apply this or apply that.” Mine was no. I said, “Am I not destined to be a musician?” They said, “You are, but you must dedicate your life to the spiritual path first.” “You might as well have been speaking Chinese to me because I don’t know what you are talking about. What is the spiritual life? I’m a good person.”

They said, “One day you will be sitting in a chair like this doing what the channel is doing.” At that point, I thought, “This is an interesting experience. I guess it was worth the $40,” and that was it. I felt scolded and I felt like they didn’t know what they were talking about. The last message was, “You know your gift.” That was it. They didn’t say the word psychic. They didn’t say anything. For many years, I ran from those messages. I would go every couple of months to the circle.

You were still doing your music.

Yes, and they were encouraging me to do it because they wanted me to tire myself out. After all, we are stubborn people. We can be stubborn human beings.

Maybe the timing wasn’t quite right for you yet.

You are right because I had to exhaust myself. That was the only way where it was going to be real for me. It wasn’t just taking somebody else’s advice. I had to exhaust myself. That brings me to wanting to talk to you about then I ended up doing it and here I am.

It led you to start doing psychic work.

It did after my brother passed away.

Tell us about that story because that’s what motivated you.

That’s what changed everything.

I’m sorry you lost your brother. How did that happen? Tell me the story about that.

My brother has been diabetic since he was a child. It was something he was dealing with his entire life, but he had managed it. He got married, became a dad, was living out in Texas, and was an attorney.

Were you close to him?

Yes, he was my hero. We had our disagreements like any siblings, but the shock of when someone leaves in a second. Some of you who may be diabetics reading or know someone, who can go into diabetic comas. A cup of orange juice can save a diabetic’s life when they start slipping into that diabetic coma. All you have to do is pour the orange juice into their mouth. I had done that 100 times for my brother in the past when he had episodes, but this time living in different states there was no one around him when this happened. He was only 40 years old. The shock of that sent me into a deep depression. I was in a depression for a good nine months.

You must have felt abandoned. You lost your mom. Now you lost your brother.

There’s no sense of home or family anymore and that life wasn’t fair.

Were you close to your dad?

My dad passed away ten minutes before I was supposed to start this channeling circle. I will tell you that story. I did it. I got the call ten minutes and there were all these people in the living room. My wife said, “I will tell them what happened.” I was getting, “No, I don’t want to go into this news right now. I need to channel.” My channeling became a therapy for myself. After my brother passed away nine months of going into a deep depression, the depression where you are looking at your feet when you walk down the street. You are not even looking up. I did that for nine months. Nine months is interesting because that’s the time of consent birthing in the womb.

It made you withdraw from your life.

Completely withdrew. Nine months later, something started happening. I would be sitting on the subway in New York City. I would get this overwhelming voice. I would want to say to the person next to me, “It’s going to be all right.” I just wanted to say it. I would hold back. Another time I would sit next to someone on the subway I want to say the word, “Sarah,” to this person. One day I did. I couldn’t take it.

I said, “Can I tell you something?” The person said, “Yes.” It’s in the New York City subway. I said, “I think I’m psychic and you may think it’s crazy, but I feel like I’m supposed to tell you something. Can I tell you something?” They would always say, “Is it bad?” I would say, “I don’t know. I don’t think but you don’t have to take it seriously.” They go, “Okay, what?” The first time I did it, I said, “I need you to say the name Sarah to you.”

The guy thought this was a prank. He looked around the subway car. What I was saying was hitting something. “She is my ex-girlfriend.” I said, “Why is she your ex?” He’s like, “It is a long story.” I said, “You should call her.” He said, “That’s what I have been wondering about for the last several days. What else?” I said, “I got nothing else for you.”

Now he is into it, “Tell me more.”

“I got nothing else.” He’s like, “Thank you.” I walked off the train. It wasn’t even my stop.

You are like an angel in his life because you delivered the message that he needed to hear at that moment.

One day maybe, hopefully, he marries Sarah and they will be happy. It started growing. I called Alex Murray and I said, “I have to tell you what’s been going on the last year and what happened the last few weeks with my psychic openings.” Old psychics are great. They have been around the blocks many times. He said, “You hang around the barbershop long enough, sooner or later you are going to get a haircut.”

He meant, “It’s going to rub off on you.” I said, “You told me nine years ago I’d be sitting in the chair and you are using a barbershop reference now.” He said, “Did I say that? Which spirit guide said that?” I told him. I began to learn that there are spirit guides. Everyone, spirit guides are real. They are around us and they have communicated with you. Yes, you who are reading. It’s just that you didn’t know. It was the nudge that you felt to go left or right. It was the moment you felt, “I should call that person.”

GAR 77 | Trance Channel Medium

Trance Channel Medium: Spirit guides are real, and they’re around us.

It’s the moment you thought you should bite your tongue and you did. It was good that you did. The spirit guides communicate with us in very subtle ways. They don’t always hit you over the head with a big booming voice. Once in a while, they do, but more often than not, it is through subtle energy. How do you make that clearer? You have to be more sensitive and vulnerable. You have to understand how to enter into a state of grace and peace, so then you can hear those messages better.

Especially in these days, entering into a state of grace. I look at these days as a mixed bag because so many people are under this incredible stress and they are so upset. There are many things changing. They are also being provided with an opening to change, with an opening may be to start their healing journey and learn things. They never had time to be open to learning before.

My work as a shaman, the principle upon which it is based is this. There is magic in all things and many times the magic is hidden. Is there magic in seeing a baby laugh and play? Yes. That magic is obvious, but what’s the magic of something painful that happens to you? That magic is hidden.

Talk about that hidden magic in a little while. I want to know about that. Before we start to do that, for people who are saying, “What is a shaman?” Could you tell them what a shaman does? Could you give us some examples of healing from your shamanic work that people have done people understand that? Can you do shamanic work from a distance also or do they have to be in your presence?

The term shaman traditionally refers to a person in a tribe or a tribal culture who usually comes from a line of shamans and who does work from anything from the medicines from the Earth. These can be simple herbs. These can be even what people refer to as psychoactive plants. In the jungle, there’s a huge trend of going to South America and working with shamans, drinking tea, and having visions. Johns Hopkins is talking about psychoactive medicines as being the future of mental health. You can look all of that up. That’s one aspect of shamanism.

Another aspect is to sit with you and talk to you about your soul. That’s part of shamanism. Another part of shamanism is to lay hands on you. The shaman’s work from morning to night is to see life as an experience, almost like a dream. It is like we are all souls that are here to learn something. They approach life from the perspective that everything is created by a spirit for us so when they are laying hands on you, they are transferring energy into you.

It’s almost like they are unlocking a block in you. The way a massage therapist has to touch you and it can brighten your mood after a great massage. You can feel healing. A shaman can physically touch you, but they also can lay hands on you, meaning they are not touching you physically, maybe a few inches above your body and they do energy work. Sometimes they don’t even need to move their hands. It is mental. I have seen many things, miraculous kinds of healing happen from this. A shaman now in modern terms is a person who helps you become who you are.

Did you learn to be a shaman after you started trance channeling?

I did. What’s unique about my experience is I don’t come from a line of shamans in the native sense. I look like one of my hair, beard, and beads. I look like what you would expect a shaman to look like, but a shaman can look like anyone. There’s no look to a shaman anymore. It’s what’s going on inside of them and what their connection is. What happened to me was what helped heal my mom’s passing for me was that I went into a trance channeling state.

I was in the forest in another country. I was in one of those shamanic experiences. I lay on the ground in that forest. It was as if as spirit guide shaman started transferring energy to me. It was a mystical experience. Mind you, I was completely open at that point in my life to mystical experiences, but I was a kid from The Bronx and a very hardcore New Yorker. I approached everything with an open mind. Not skepticism, but discernment. When this happened, there was no doubt, not a shred of doubt and you know that feeling. I know that there is way more than this here. There’s no one after you have an experience like that who can tell you any different. If they try to tell you differently, you are going to go on and you just don’t know.

For people who are following this story, were you in a foreign country when this happened to you?

Yes, physically was.

It took you there.

It physically happened. Laying on the ground in the forest and having an out-of-body experience.

Were you all by yourself?

No, I had a group of friends, but they had wandered off.

That would have been an interesting experience for that.

They knew what was happening. When they came back, I had tears streaming down my face, but I was laughing, not because I was laughing at something funny. The tears were like a release of the soul. The laughter was like the greatest scenes of any movie you have ever seen where the person has a revelation. It was the most beautiful experience of my life. I healed so much that needed to be healed and I dedicated myself to listening and helping. That’s how the next years developed. I wish I had a mentor working with me, but I did, except his name was Red Eagle he was a spirit guide that I was channeling.

It is fascinating because, your book, Red Eagle has an amazing chapter. We are going to talk about your book. You have described what you experienced when you channel. The other question I wanted to ask you is whether you give your body and your voice over to the guys you are channeling or to whomever you are channeling, but there are channels that don’t do that. They remain because a part of my book was channeled. My husband Saul and other people would come through easily through her and her hands would fly over the keyboard, but she didn’t give her whole body up to that. It’s a different style or a different choice.

What helped me was when I was growing up in New York, my music, art, and theater were everything to me. I was physically open to letting my body do that because you are a musician, you are in a play or you are a painter, which I was all three of those things. You are an open vessel.

You are channeling anyway.

We are going to dive into a lot of things during this interview. Your astrological chart has a lot to do with how open you are to that channeling. I had lunch with an amazing astrologer. She’s quite famous. Her name is Susan Miller. Years ago, by chance, weird story, I ended up at lunch with her. She had never seen my work she said, “Tell me your birthday and your birth time.” This woman is incredible. She could do your chart in her head.

She was sitting at lunch and the end of it, I told her, “You should come and see my work sometime.” She goes, “I don’t need to. Your planet, this is in that house and that’s in that house. That’s a perfect alignment to be a fantastic trance channel. I know how good it will be. I will come if I can one day, but I already know it.” Your astrological chart has a lot to do with this. That’s a whole other discussion.

That’s another interview. We could do a whole interview about astrology and all.

I like to leave my body because it’s a lot of fun to sleep while you work.

I want to ask you when you channel and then I want to go onto the subject of fear, but when you channel the information you get, is there religion on the other side? Do we cross over? Do we stay Catholic?

There is a religion. It’s called love. It is the way of life of the afterlife and religion. Readers, we are all raised in different religions. I’m going to tell you as a medium that I have gotten this information not just once but dozens of times from people who have crossed over who have said there is no religion and they say, “Don’t get used to the background, gender, body, face, or the name that you think you are. There’s more. You are not those things.” Here I am this man in this Indian body and here you are in your Jewish background and everybody else. Don’t get too used to it. It’s just this time around.

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Next time I may look like you and you may look like me. We probably already have done that. The other side isn’t about identifying in that way. It is about oneness. One of the messages that the guides have spoken and Red Eagle had said is that for centuries, religions have been saying there is one God. The actual meaning or message was that oneness is God. When you feel oneness, then you will know God. When you feel oneness with all, then you will know God.

This is very much how I try to live my life. It’s always about reminding yourself. There are a lot of spiritual teachings, but you will forget a lot of them as the day goes on and things bug you. It’s about remembering them and taking a deep breath. That deep breath is the key to everything to everything. It will instantly calm you down. Take a few deep breaths throughout the day. Bring this practice in. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself with spiritual exercises when the breath is the main one.

Do you meditate every day?

I do meditate every day.

Do you follow a certain format? Maybe I want to do the same thing Riz does.

It is through the breath. Sometimes my meditation is for 90 seconds. I have meditated for hours in my life without moving a muscle. That was when I was training myself. Meditation is something that you can slip into when you let go and you surrender. You go, “How do you surrender?” I go, “Come back to treating.” You have YouTube. Go to YouTube and type in, “Breathwork meditation.” There will be dozens of teachers. It’s free. It’s on YouTube. Put your headphones on. There are great meditations that will help you go to sleep. Take that step and you don’t even have to leave your bedroom.

During these days when the world feels upside down, how can a person find freedom from fear, including fear of the scary challenges many of us are facing during this time? Have you received any pertinent insights or guidance that you can share with us regarding the shockwave affecting all of us on this planet?

If you think about what’s happening on the planet, this is the first time in human history that every single person, regardless of background or geographical location, is experiencing the same situation. That’s what the Corona pandemic is. First time in history. What other times in history there were countries that weren’t even in the world wars or were only indirectly affected?

It’s talking about a great equalizer.

Some will say, “We are not equal in this. What about those who have so much wealth that doesn’t even affect them?” Understand how it affects you. Don’t worry about them. There are plenty of billionaires on the planet who had several past lives where they were dirt poor and this is a lifetime they are going to be billionaires. It’s not your concern. It’s not about you. This is their path. They don’t have to share their wealth. They don’t have to do anything. This is their karmic path. You can have abundance for yourself no matter what anybody else is doing, and you will define what abundance is.

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There are a lot of theories about how this all happened. Some people believe it’s a conspiracy theory. This was unleashed upon us. Some people believe it’s about the vaccines or Bill Gates. Some people believe it’s about world domination or chipping us. Some people believe that it’s an accident. Some people think it’s God, the devil, or a scientific anomaly that happens.

We are not here to talk about which one is true and how it happened. I’m only interested in why it’s happening to you. I understand why it’s happened to me. I go into, “Why is this happening to me specifically? What is going on for me?” I’m going to share it with you. 1) Understanding on a deeper level, what matters the most. 2) Appreciating being inside and outside.

Go back there. Appreciating being inside, physically inside. I can look at this as, “Are you comfortable with yourself?” We are all inside. We have to be, “Are you your friend during this?”

For me, it was also about reconnecting with my creativity. I’m a stepdad to five young people. I have a business and like anyone else, I work for a living. I have worked diligently for a living since I was sixteen years old. I grew up pretty poor in an urban neighborhood in The Bronx and came up to whatever this is living here in southern California and seeing the ocean. I still am grateful for all of it, every step of the path. Why it is up to you. Why it’s happened is about how it can affect you personally. How will you make this situation a blessing for you? Maybe someone who has passed away that you know.

I had an old friend of mine for many years who passed away from COVID. He died alone in a Brooklyn hospital. No one could go see him. His family was in India for all those years. I thought, “I hadn’t called him.” Friends drift. I figured, eventually, we would talk, but we didn’t. I did pause. Even as a medium, I’m used to hearing about death and grief. I’m never desensitized to it. This is about how deep you want to go with yourself during this Corona. If you are not making money, is that going to be the number one thing for you? It could be. I’m not here to argue with you. Maybe that’s it. You just draw the line at, “I’m not making money.”

You are consumed with making money and anybody else doesn’t matter to you.

I’m not even here to judge it. If money is everything for you and you are figuring it out, then you need to figure out how to have peace here. If your peace is only going to come from, “They are going to fix everything,” then that’s not peace because then they can take it away from you. Understanding self-creation during this time is very important. I have known several people who got fired or let go because there was no more work, but they are becoming entrepreneurs now.

They are mapping out their plans. I was thinking, “I’m going to do this in five years, but I’m going to do it now because I have to.” We started this interview and I said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” How will you find the magic in this situation for you? I have found magic in losing most of my family members’ deaths. What do you get? Corona? Are you kidding? I got my life out of 90% of my family passing away, which was the most painful thing anybody can ever experience, yet I am living and I got my entire life out of it.

Each of these people was a gift in developing who you are.

I can’t even believe it to this day because they were unlike me. I’m different and with values that are different than mine. Red Eagle had said a very interesting thing. Someone had asked him, “Why do we all have these kinds of family members? Why do we have the families that we have?” Out of frustration, she said it because she was like, “Ninety percent of us can’t stand our families.” Red Eagle said this and I share this with all of you.

“The reason you have the family members you have is because the great spirit wanted you to get to know intimately people with whom you would never choose to associate with otherwise, then perhaps even to love them.” Most of us would never choose to become friends with whoever our parents were. If you met your parents but they weren’t your parents, you wouldn’t like to become best friends with them and listen to everything they say. I wouldn’t have been friends with my brothers, but when I realized, “That made sense,” and now I can appreciate them and see what’s wonderful about them.

It’s like a huge lesson in acceptance.

Thank you.

I had a very abusive father and I have done a lot of healing on account of it. I know that part of my growth has been to understand where he was coming from, now accept it and be grateful because if I hadn’t experienced him and hadn’t healed, I wouldn’t have this passion for other people to begin their healing journeys because I know what a difference it can make.

I have moments when I will say to myself, “I’m grateful for my father and my life.” I didn’t feel that way when I was crying, struggling, and suffering in my childhood, but now I can look back on it and I can see the lessons I learned it gave me tremendous insights about circumstances that people face that I wouldn’t have before.

You as a soul and your dad as a soul, before your dad was even born when he was a little boy. You were where were you in the universe, who knows? Before you or he was born, you two signed a contract. We call this a sole contract. All psychics and mediums know about it. You are not going to remember the contract. Otherwise, what’s the point? You have got to not remember because you have got to experience it fresh when you come onto the planet. The sole contract is, “You are going to hurt me and you are also going to help me. You are going to be who you are and whatever happens between us is part of it. We come together for both of us to have self-realization.”

I will tell you a little tidbit because this is so much fun we are talking and I don’t usually speak as much about my history. I will bring it out. After my husband died, I met a medium. I was just beginning my journey. I was at a retreat in Sedona, Arizona. I walked into a room. She was doing her sessions in a hotel room. As I walked into the room, I was estranged from my father when he died. She immediately said to me, “Before I start, I know you are here to communicate with your husband, but there’s another soul here. He will not let me speak until he gets said what he needs to say.” He’s sitting in a big chair.

My father was handicapped. He always used to sit in a big chair in our house, and there was such fear as we would go by. It was his way of letting me know. Right away I burst out with, “Dad, get out of here. I don’t want to hear from you. Go away.” She said, “He says he will leave, but he has to say something to you.” This was right at the beginning of my journey. It was way before the show. He said to me, “I’m learning a lot from being with you. I’m on the other side. Don’t stop doing what you are doing. You are helping me and you are going to help a lot of other people.” At that time, I had no idea what that was about. He left.

That was the same thing when Alex channeled, that guide said, “You are going to affect all these people.” I thought, “I guess maybe if I’m singing somewhere.” That message came true all these years later. I did take the spiritual path and started making music again. People were like, “It must be this spiritual music.” It is, except it’s like hard rock. That is spiritual. This thing about people, “What is spiritual?” Spiritual is that which affects your spirit where you find the truth and the connection in it, freedom, peace, and oneness with yourself. That is where something is spiritual.

A bite of a certain food, it’s a religious experience. A concert is a religious experience. Painting a picture can be an act of devotion and gratitude. Many people during this lockdown. One of the things that I tell people is, “Find your freedom in the lockdown. The lockdown doesn’t mean your lockdown. It means you can find your freedom in this.”

What you are saying to them is they don’t have to sit in fear or stagnation. They can change their mindset about it and say, “If this is a school room and I’m supposed to be learning lessons, and this is part of my own. Let me look at this instead of a tragedy as an opportunity.”

Some people don’t want to see planet Earth as a school. They want to see it as, “This is where I come to get everything that I want.” What they end up finding out, even those who get almost, there are people who get everything they want. There was a musician some years ago, his name was Kurt Cobain. He sang in a band called Nirvana. The word nirvana means the highest state of enlightenment in heaven. Most of his fans don’t even know what that word means. It’s an ancient Sanskrit word. It means the highest state of enlightenment in heaven. You listen to the music. He was dressed like he hadn’t showered in four weeks. It’s noisy, which is the young people, it was symphonic and for the older people, it was noise. That always means it was good rock and roll. The older people hate it.

That’s how they can receive the message.

I want to talk about Kurt Cobain for a moment because you talked about some of the famous people that are in my book. Kurt Cobain is going to be in the next book.

We are going to interview you for that.

He had everything that most people want. I want you to know this. He had material success. He made millions doing something that he loves. That almost eliminates 90% of the people on planet Earth. Material success, doing something he loves. He had something as an artist that most artists never get. An artist is people in popular culture.

Most artists either get critical acclaim or the popular vote. Those who are popular, critics don’t like him. Those critics are the people who don’t like it. He had both. The critics and the people thought he was amazing. He married his twin flame, his soulmate, Courtney Love. You don’t need to be spiritual to look at those two people and go, “They are perfect for each other. They mirror one another, then he had a beautiful child.”

It sounds like everything that we all want, family, perfect partner, fulfillment and self-expression at work, and also material success and wealth without selling out who it is that you are. What did he do? Took himself out with a gun. It is somebody who has everything that we all want. Someone will say, “He was mentally unstable.” That’s relative. Are you mentally stable? How do we know? He’s certainly mentally stable enough to manifest every single thing that almost everybody wants in this life, but he’s not mentally stable enough to what?

To love himself enough to stay around.

To receive it. You don’t even have to love yourself enough to stay around. You have to love everybody else. You could love everybody else. If you are working on the love for yourself, you can stay because you love other things in other people. He couldn’t receive it.

GAR 77 | Trance Channel Medium

Trance Channel Medium: You don’t even have to love yourself to enough to stay around. You could just love everybody else.

Your perception is right. He couldn’t receive the love that was there for him. That’s interesting.

One of the things that I work on with people as a shaman is they say, “I want to believe in myself if I had the confidence to do what I want to do with my life.” I give them an example because I always like to make bold messages. My work as a shaman, as I like to stir up in you. I tell you, “You don’t need to believe in yourself to make it.” They say, “What are you talking about?” I go, “You don’t need any confidence to make it.” They go, “What are you talking about?” I go, “I will break it down for you. You are told you have to work hard. You are told you have to have what it takes to know it. You are that you have to go for it.”

Let’s take the example of a professional model. A lot of top models were literally from some small town in Wisconsin or something like that. They have a lot of stories like that. She would have been maybe content with whatever job she would have had in her small town, marrying the guy who works at the auto parts store and having some kids then her kids go to the same school that she went to. Nothing wrong with that life, but a lot of models have this story.

They have no interest in modeling and then they get discovered because there’s something there. They don’t know how to pose. They don’t know how to dress, walk, or talk. They are taught those things. They are placed in this situation. How many girls did you know, or guys, but let’s say it was women because it seems to be more popular who were beautiful but were completely insecure? I live in LA. Models, a lot of them have been my clients. You will find that many of them have a great deal of insecurities like we all do. I’m saying they are known for their looks.

It’s not everything the rest of us want.

We are only talking about what it takes to make it. Let’s not even go into the soul of this at the moment. I have opened to ask them like, “Do you feel confident when you walk down the runway?” They are like, “No, I’m faking it.” “You are getting paid $10,000 to go to the shoot.” “Yeah.” Nothing is going in there, but they are successful. They didn’t even want to be a model. They just fell into it. They didn’t think they were beautiful enough. They don’t even think they do it well. How the hell are they successful? You were told growing up, “Do what you do well, have confidence in yourself, and then work hard.”

A lot of people do that and they don’t get successful. Here is why some of the people that you guys know have some of the things that you want, but you can’t seem to get it for yourself you can’t figure out for the life of you how the other person got it. You think either they cheated someone or they did whatever. It’s that they are very flexible. They may not be as nice, pretty, handsome, good, smart, or as clever as you. They don’t need to be. They are open and flexible. They are not taking it seriously. That control is where you will find the bottlenecking of energy, the stopping of the flow of universal life force, which is free fluid open, and graceful.

You are saying that people have control issues.

Control is a tightness in which everything is dependent.

We have very little control over our attitudes.

How do you become flexible? How do you not be stubborn? How do you not be tense or tight?

Like my mother, “Adjust.”

When we are stuck to, “I’m this or that. That’s not my style. That’s not my look. That’s not my intention. That’s not my truth. That’s not my authenticity.” “Is what you are doing now all of that?” “No, I want to do my truth.” “What’s stopping you from your truth?” You came full circle back to you are controlling it and it’s tight. It has to be a certain way.

One of the things that I was blown away by when I started channeling people that were well-known, I found a belief that I was holding, which was it can’t be that person. As if that person is not a person. As they were famous, I channeled other people. I can channel Red Eagle or spirit guide who were not “famous” on Earth. Why wouldn’t I be able to chat channel a message from Charlie Chaplin?

I want to talk about your book, which is going to bring me right to your book. In your book, The 9 Keys: Messages From the Spirit Guides to Unlock Your Life and Awaken Your Soul. There are insightful and piercings channeled messages from nine significant heavenly spirit guides including Princess Diana, Helen Keller, Charlie Chaplin, and Martha Washington. Please tell us about each of those nine messages and whose insightful message resonated the most with you, and then I want to talk with you about Princess Diana.

GAR 77 | Trance Channel Medium

The 9 Keys: Messages From the Spirit Guides to Unlock Your Life and Awaken Your Soul (Riz Mirza Channeling Series)

You might find this strange. I haven’t read the whole book yet. What I did to write this book, because I’m a trance channel means I check out. What I did was, I was in my home, in my study, or my bedroom, and I would record myself going into a trance. It’s all transcribed in the book. You will open a chapter and you will read me say, “I’m lying down. I’m hearing the birds outside.” This is exactly the way I did it. Nothing has been edited and I like things like that. I was going into the state of being open and then we would record whatever I said in trance, and then I would have that transcribed. I didn’t write this book. This book was written by me.

You are also talking to me about my book.

I haven’t just because of life and I know when I’m supposed to read it. I have read probably half the chapters. This came through when I saw that I channeled a message from Princess Diana. I wasn’t some big Princess Diana fan. I loved her energy, but I wasn’t looking into her life. Charlie Chaplin, I also didn’t know much about him, but I felt him with me for years. Princess Diana was a surprise in this book. Martha Washington was a huge surprise.

It feels random, but wouldn’t she have a story to tell? She talked about home. What is it like to be the first First Lady to be with a man such as George Washington in the land of what came to be known as the 50 States eventually? What was it like at that time, and her idea of what home was and the feeling of home? When Princess Diana came through, I was blown away. I was touched.

What’d she feel like to work with people?

She felt like one of those Celtic fairies that flew around the tree from old Ireland. It was an English feeling. It was like she was magical. It was like the Princess Diana thing was a disguise. She was this magical fairy that came through and had to go through the pain that she went through, which was like her final ascension into her becoming a spirit guide. This was her final exam was this lifetime.

She’s not coming back because we all get to a certain point and we don’t go back. I don’t know if you remember it now because you didn’t read the whole book, but she said something that knocked me out. In her chapter, which is called The Key to Healing, Princess Diana says, “You must be unafraid to die to truly live.” That is profound. Can you tell us how that relates to the concept of healing and if there are other takeaways from Princess Diana that you’d like to share with our readers?

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I remember that now. There are two kinds of death. There’s the physical death and there’s something that we are now calling a spiritual death. Readers, you have gone through a spiritual death. It was when you went into the night of the soul and you came out the other side. Sometimes some of you are having a spiritual death right now or in the last few days, but you don’t know what’s going on. You think you are in a funk. You are not in a funk. You are in a spinel of your spiritual death. You have many. It’s not just 1 or 2 big ones. You have little ones and you have some big ones.

It’s okay. It’s part of how you are made. The way the tree in the autumn loses its leaves and then falls to the ground and it’s bare in the winter and then rejuvenates in the spring. That is all part of it. It doesn’t mean that the winter tree is not beautiful or magical. It’s beautiful all of its stages. Learn this. If we learn how to move through a feeling that’s called a spiritual death with awareness, we learn this. We will have a much more peaceful, flowing, and graceful life. Now, Princess Die. We called her the word die, Princess Diana.

Her life is on display for everyone with a man who, it’s pretty clear they are not right for each other, but the world is regarding it as a great romance. Remember that wedding? I remember my mom woke me up, I was in fifth grade, to watch it on television. I was bleary-eyed watching like, “It looks like a fairytale.” People lived through that with her. She became a symbol of strength and vulnerability together.

We don’t like it if a few people talk about us gossiping. Can you imagine the entire world, when you wake up in the morning your face is in every newspaper and lies are written about you. How does one rebirth from much public scrutiny and humiliation also balanced by great love? This huge behemoth entity called the monarchy, which has much history then there’s you, she shook the whole thing up. The entire thing. She won.

The monarchy and its legacy could not take away the legacy of Princess Diana. It didn’t matter anymore about whether she was in the royal family or not. She was the queen. She became the queen to us. When She came through for this to talk about healing, I thought it was interesting because I never would associate healing with Princess Diana, but it is about that. To hear someone of her nature talk about healing and that you must not be afraid to die in order to truly live.

She took this huge chance by being with Dodi Fayed after being with such a staunch Englishman. Now she was with this Arab businessman. She’s shown that love knows no bounds. To say that, she’s a great inspiration for us to think about it. People say, “If I had that life, things would be easy.” No, it would be harder because you have 100 times more things and people to deal with. You don’t even know who your friend is. I can talk a lot about the healing aspect of that. What do you want to ask me about the book itself?

When she said, “You must be unafraid to die to truly live,” for the readers, what does that mean to this person like, “I could die tomorrow. I’m not supposed to be afraid of that or understand that this is my path?” For people who are afraid of getting Coronavirus, how would that interpret what we are going through? She’s talking about healing. How was that interpreted to the importance of healing in a lifetime? Why should we go out of our way to try to heal in this life to recognize that we have places we need to heal and to seek people who can help us or address that issue before we go? I put it very simplistically. I want to heal because I don’t want to meet some of the same turkeys the next time around.

You are tired of being tired of the pain and drudgery. It could be a very basic answer because you want to feel better. Everything is an attempt to feel better or raise your vibration from where you are. Every move. You are reading this episode and while you are reading this, part of you thinking about what you are going to do after. What you are going to do after whether it’s an obligation to your family or your job is still that your life can flow better. Therefore, you will be better. Whether it’s you want to go escape and smoke a joint, or you want to go for a run. It might be that you want to go give somebody a hug. It’s still that you will feel better. What about the people who take their own life?

It’s still that they can feel better because to them death is better than this. Some people will say, “It’s not about the afterlife for me. I don’t care about the afterlife. I don’t believe in it. I want to be dead.” You are entitled to your belief, but you still want to feel better because that’s still a better choice than this. It’s programmed in our nature to want to be better, feel better, and do better always. Even people who do drugs are trying to feel better.

GAR 77 | Trance Channel Medium

Trance Channel Medium: It’s programmed in our nature to want to be better, feel better, and do better. Always. People who take their own life are just trying to feel better.

If you want to feel better, healing is a way of feeling better and lifting yourself above not living in that pain. It’s not an easy thing to heal. Sometimes they talk about fear. Sometimes you have to overcome a lot of fear because it takes a lot of courage to face yourself.

You would have to restructure the entire framework through which you see life. We are not taught this. What if we were taught this when we were in kindergarten? Try this on for size. What if when you were in kindergarten, nursery school, 1st and 2nd grade, think about those fears right now? Remember your little self and all the people around you. What if you saw the adults when a person died, like the tribes in Africa many of them and South America celebrated and danced at the funeral, this jubilant dance and said, “They get to see the ancestors. I wish I could go see the ancestors, but only when it’s my time.” That’s how they saw it. Their grieving period was very short. They were almost like, “You get to go.”

“The bear came and killed our tribesmen,” Red Eagle said. They said, “The bear was the transporter of the soul. It was the bear’s sacred duty to take this tribe’s person out.” Did they end up killing the bear? Many times they did, but they understood it was a sacred contract. They didn’t do it out of anger. They said, “When it’s our time to go, whatever consumes us will take us there.” We are not raised to believe that birth and death are the same doorways.

People who are dying from COVID, in most cases, is it their time to go? The other question I have is, even though we are suffering because we can’t physically say goodbye to them, their ancestors and loved ones on the other side are carrying them over. They are fine.

When the soul is about to leave the body, the spirit guides do come forward and bring you across that threshold. Some of you already know this. Some of you may have heard it from a loved one, but for mediums, this is something that we experience our whole life. We see this happening. People say COVID. A lot of people are passing away from other diseases and cancer way more than COVID. There are probably 10 or 100 more times deaths of cancer than COVID. We are not talking about that. We are talking about COVID.

Why are we not talking about the number one killer? We are not talking about heart disease. Even if you said, “What about the people with heart disease who have died?” Your audience wouldn’t even have a feeling about that because they are not riled up about heart disease. They are only riled up about COVID because it’s the thing.

They feel that COVID may strike them. They are going to get cancer or heart disease.

Cancer can strike you at any time. There are carcinogens everywhere. It makes no sense. We all have had an uncle who smoked 2 packs a day lived to 90 and could kick your ass even at 90. How come you didn’t get lung cancer? Then there’s an eighteen-year-old who gets it. What’s going on? Science will try to research this, but what the spiritual and shamanic teaching is that there is a choice that the soul makes that the personality does not. What does that mean?

In this lifetime, you are a personality expressing itself here, but the soul is not the personality. You were maybe in Roman times. Maybe you were in Africa or you were an old Asian man in your last lifetime. That’s the soul expressing itself in the personality in each incarnation. The soul makes a choice to continue onward. The personality doesn’t. My brother didn’t think, “Tomorrow, it’d be fine if I died.” Your husband didn’t think that it would be fine, but the soul is a different conversation. It’s a larger aspect of who you are that one. The soul knows something. The soul knows where it is time to go forward.

Do you say that the soul would prompt someone to read a blog like this to be exposed to healing and the personality makes the choice of whether they are going to go further or the soul makes a choice of whether to see someone like you get more information and further insights, but then the personality decides to act on it or not like you did when you first got the message and you chose to ignore it.

It sounds like we are going into the realm of the idea of some variation of free will. Are we destined to do something or not? I believe and this is from the channelings and it makes sense to me that we choose the basic structure of our life before we are born. What does that mean? The main immediate family members, demographic, ethnicity, background, certain physical qualities or handicaps, whatever they may be. You are going to get the basic structure from which you are going to experience life as it needs to be experienced for you. It’s through this body, skin color, and background. You are going to filter the information and then you are going to break free from that identity.

Some people break free from their identity in this life and physical life. Some people break free only when they crossover. When I see Buddha, he never looks like Buddha. He looks like some thirteen-year-old kid running through a city and laughing and doesn’t even look Asian. I told people, “Buddha is even tired of his old identity.” You don’t need to stick to yours. You don’t even know what Buddha looks like. It’s the form you choose to take. Speaking of which, everyone should go watch a movie called What Dreams May Come. Media must have consulted on that film because, in my humble opinion, 90% of it is pretty accurate as to what you experienced on the other side. It’s a Robin Williams film. Robin Williams is a spirit guide.

When him to come through you?

I believe next book because he’s been hinting at it in different meditations for me. He made that film and it went over everybody’s head when it came out. Nobody was ready for it. It won the Oscar for Best Art Direction or something, but nothing else and it should have won Best Picture. It is a remarkable milestone in thinking and teaching.

It captures the mindset of how we create our reality, the illusions, and the delusions that we have. There was healing in that movie. I’m remembering it. It’s a wonderful example.

Art is our way. Popular culture is the medium through which we communicate these messages. Writing the book The 9 Keys was for me and finally, I wanted to channel one book by each guide. The part that stayed with me was, “It’d be enjoyable for every chapter. There’s a different guide.”

I want to tell people that the different messages that Riz gets from all these amazing spiritual guides are about gratitude, peace, and creativity. Charlie Chaplin communicated about humor. Helen Keller the key to understanding. That is a profound chapter.

Let’s talk about that. Helen Keller channeled the entire chapter on the key to understanding and who better than her to speak about how to understand anything? If you are going to get the book, get it even just for that chapter.

We have the Key To Change, which is important to know about because the only thing in life that doesn’t change is that everything changes that’s about your point about flexibility.

Which guide was it?

Phineas Quimby. You have the Key To Healing and the Key To Energy.

The real Tesla. Nikola Tesla, the Scientist.

They are amazing people. This is a fascinating book.

They can get it on Amazon.

I recommend it. We are going to be talking to Riz a lot. We will have him as a regular on the show. Everybody wants to have a session with you and get more into you. Tell them how they can communicate with you. What is a private reading with you like? What is a circle of light workshop with you? They can’t be with you in person as you channel. They can read your book. Talk to them about that.

Every Sunday night on Zoom, we have the Circle Of Light, which is where trance channel where you will hear Red Eagle. Red Eagle will come to you and give you a personal message, and you get to ask questions as well. That is a group. There will be usually about 10 to 15 people in the Zoom chat. It’s a wonderful way to connect energies you will see like-minded people.

Do they have to get on your website and sign up?

It’s You can sign up for that yourself. Under Circle Of Light, there’s a little tab to press. For private readings, they are 30 mins and 1 hour. They are done by phone only on weekdays from 10:00 to 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. You can book a session for that as well on the website. I do one-on-one spiritual coaching in the areas of rebirth transformation and healing grief. This is the part where we do ongoing sessions for let’s say about six sessions over the course of a few months where I become your spiritual coach on the phone. We spend one hour each time on the phone. I teach you how to open your chakras and how to develop a meditative practice while giving you messages on how you can shift some areas where you have been stuck.

I’m all for unsticking people getting unstuck. That’s great. You will teach people how to meditate.

I teach while we are on the phone. You put the earbuds in, lay down and I guide you through it. One of the best ways to learn meditation is to be guided in it. Many people who can’t meditate can meditate when someone is guiding them through visualizations.

Do you have any downloads or CDs with your meditations on them that people could purchase?

My meditations are my talks. They are spiritual downloads, but you can go to my YouTube channel, which is called The Magical Life. There are meditations on there and talks on different subjects in metaphysics, from channeling to mediumship to how to transform your life. You can find me on social media as well. My Instagram is @Psychic_Riz_The_Wiz. Follow me and we can connect there as well, and through Facebook.

Of all people in the world, you tell me what is your key to finding joy in life?

I’m like a prankster, so I tend to find what’s funny in every situation. My wife says, “You are like Conan O’Brien. You keep talking.” Here I am talking very seriously to you, but in my personal life, it’s the kid in me, the 15-year-old that is alive and well along with the 50-year-old man. It’s making peace with the kid and the adult in you, and letting them be friends, and knowing that both have something to offer the other. That is the key.

You would love my husband. He’s still around and a funny guy, that prankster in him. I will tell you a story about him one day. This has been amazing. I could talk with you for three more hours, but I think we are going to lose people. We will have to end it on a sweet note here. I want to thank you so much because this interview is a healing gift for all of us. I hope everyone will go get your book because those channeled messages from those nine spirit guys are wonderful. They Serve Bagels In Heaven, which is mine I believe that your wife has that copy.

I will read it.

You should read my book also. Here’s a reminder to make sure to follow and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. As I like to say, to be continued. Many blessings. Bye for now.

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