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Riya Sokol is an internationally acclaimed artist, mindset mentor, speaker, and tantric coach who lives in Warsaw, Poland. She was already immersed in show business at the tender age of 6, traveling around the world singing and dancing, and as a young adult, she was experiencing show business’ red carpets, drugs, alcohol, and the celebrity world while also feeling drawn to what felt like a kind of parallel reality, the world of energy and mysticism. When she was later diagnosed with depression, Riya used it as an excuse to abandon the stage and explore that parallel reality. She has experienced many challenging conflicts in her life, including a divorce, but instead of separating in an unfriendly way from the dad of her two kids, she and her ex chose to go through a healing process, and they created a beautiful relationship between them that also included her ex’s new family. As Riya says: their family didn’t break, it extended, and since her own positive experience, she has likewise guided others going through divorces, business separations, sexuality issues, relationship issues, and more, role modeling that people can retain mutual respect and create a positive new chapter in their lives that is based on new rules. Riya’s mantra is “Don’t wait for an extraordinary life, make it extraordinary now.” Tune in for an extraordinary interview with a remarkable woman!



  • How Riya balanced the challenges of receiving both love and hate from her audiences as a child performer.
  • What drew Riya to the world of energy and mysticism while she was singing and dancing in show business.
  • What relationships are like through the spiritual path called tantra.
  • Riya’s life-changing divorce and its healing process.
  • How people can shift their mindsets around money, wealth, and abundance.
  • Riya’s unconventional approach to healing.
  • What inspired Riya to train as a mentor and speaker.



  • How do you coach people to be more conscious in their lives?
  • How do you advise people to change the perspective that supports them and their nervous systems while going through big shifts in their lives?
  • How does operating from a point of possibility significantly improve a person’s quality of life?

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Riya Sokol: Can You Navigate Your Reality so That It Can Become the Life You Always Dreamt of?





I hope this finds each of you so very well. I’m speaking to you from my studio in West Orange, New Jersey. I could not be more delighted to have the pleasure of interviewing internationally acclaimed artist, mindset mentor, speaker, and tantric coach, Riya Sokol, who is from Warsaw, Poland. I’m telling them all about the wonderful person you are.

One of the things I love is that your mantra is, “Don’t wait for an extraordinary life. Make it extraordinary.” At the tender age of six, Riya was already immersed in show business, traveling around the world, singing, and dancing. As a young adult, she was experiencing show business red carpet, drugs, alcohol, celebrity, and the celebrity world while also feeling drawn to what felt like a parallel reality, the world of energy and mysticism. When she was later diagnosed with depression, Riya used it as an excuse to abandon the stage and explore that parallel reality.

Riya has experienced many challenging conflicts in her life, including a divorce. Instead of separating in an unfriendly way from the dad of her two kids, she and her ex chose to go through a healing process. They created a beautiful relationship between them that also included her ex’s new family. Riya says their family didn’t break. It extended.

Since her own positive experience, she has likewise guided others going through divorces, business separations, sexuality issues, relationship issues, and more. She’s role modeling that people can retain mutual respect and create a positive new chapter in their lives that is based on new rules. Riya is a winner of numerous Polish distinctions. Her video poem titled Thank You Coronavirus has been translated into dozens of languages worldwide and awarded at several international festivals.

I’m looking forward to interviewing Riya who is known to charm people with her positive energy and infectious laughter as I am, so we’re going to get along great, about her show business childhood, what drew her to the world of energy and mysticism, what is a tantric coach and a mindset mentor, her life-changing divorce and its healing process that transformed her life, her unconventional approach that significantly improves a person’s quality of life, and more for what is surely going to be a memorable and inspiring interview with a very remarkable woman.


Please note that the Full video and Social Share videos for this episode are still being worked on. Once it is ready, we will send another email notification. Thank you for your patience.



I could almost fall in love with the person you described. I love myself, but now, it’s the next level of love. Thank you so much for that.

A Childhood In Show Business

You’re so welcome from my heart. I want everyone to get to know you as I have by learning about you. You really are a remarkable woman. When you were only three years old, your parents got divorced. I want to know how that affected you, what led to your becoming averse in show business at the tender age of six, and what was your family life like during your childhood.

The first memory I remember is my parents’ divorce, and it shaped me. The arguments that they had shaped me. The abandonment that my dad gave to us also shaped me. I was struggling a lot with rejection and abandonment issues. I took it on my shoulders that it wasn’t the separation between my mom and my dad. It was like, “He didn’t leave my mom. He left me because I was identifying with my mom.” The fundamentals of everything that I am and everything that I feel is like a filter that I have on my skin almost and my perception. Through so many years of healing, therapies, workshops, training, and everything that I’ve done for my spiritual and personal growth, I recognized it. It doesn’t rule my world. It doesn’t rule my life. Does it disappear? No.

I was analyzing that a friend of mine didn’t call me back. She has a tendency to forget to call me back and text me back. I feel like she read my message but she doesn’t answer. I realized it’s still this little girl who is feeling rejected when someone doesn’t respond. It’s almost like I’m knocking and they are not there, which was the same feeling that I had with my parents.

My dad left, but part of my mom left with him because part of her heart also left when he left. She was madly in love with him. I did experience a lot of abandonment because although she was there physically, she wasn’t there emotionally or mentally. I still see these little shots where I realize that it’s still somewhere in my system and I still have to be aware of that. I still have to keep nourishing myself in these places.

That’s what I call being conscious. You’re so conscious. I’m fascinated. I want to ask you. How did you get into show business at six years old? Your parents were split. Who brought you onto the stage? As a child performer with all that you were going through, how did you balance the challenges? You must have received both love and hate from your audiences and all. This was a lot for you to deal with.

It was my grandma. She brought me on stage. She sent me to this audition and I passed the audition. I became a soloist in a group of 80 children. I was very exposed. I was the first one in the group. I was super young. I don’t think I was realizing what was happening. The only thing I remember was that when I was standing on the stage, I could see people’s eyes were joyful and happy. That is what I got addicted to. It somehow conditioned me that when I am on a stage, people are joyful and happy. It was almost like something that I couldn’t live without. It was this experience that I was having on a stage of feeling one with a divine.

I don’t think I was realizing back then what I was experiencing. The only thing I remember is that my life was the stage and things in between. The things in between were school, all the problems with my teachers and my colleagues, all the problems with my parents, and all the problems with my eating disorder, sleeplessness issues, and anxiety attacks. All of that was in between me performing on a stage. With everything that was happening in between, I kept surviving because I knew when the next time was that I was getting on a stage. That helped me stay alive, stay activated, and stay in this hope that there is this purpose. I was like, “I’m getting there. I’m going to be on stage again.”

I can relate to that because I grew up playing the violin and I had a very tough childhood also. When I was on the stage and I was playing my heart out with my violin, it was a way for me to express my emotions. It also removed me from the traumas that were sometimes waiting for me when I got home. I can relate to this. Were you both singing and dancing at six years old? You were so talented. That’s amazing. Your grandmother saved you in certain ways by bringing you to this.

She did.

She must have been really concerned with everything that was going on for you. Tell us about some of the illnesses and traumas that led you to study psychology and brought you to the path of spiritual development. You’re a multidimensional lady. You do a lot at the same time. You were learning to work with energy and more. When did you start that? Were you a teenager or a little later on down the line?

I was obsessed with, “Why am I feeling that way?” I was obsessed with why I am oversensitive, why I see things that other people don’t see, and why I experience things and feel things that people don’t experience. I was so curious about life, our brain, our subconscious mind, and everything that surrounds me that I kept digging. I kept digging through reading. I kept digging through talking to my dad who was also very obsessed with science and psychology. I kept talking and asking people questions.

It was because of all of my issues that I also had people who hated me back then. As a teenager already, I had lovers and haters. There were people who loved me for my success and there were people who hated me for my success. I experienced it back then immediately. I was dealing with a lot of stuff and ended up in therapy when I was thirteen.

Did you take yourself or did your grandmother help you get into that or your parents?

I found a psychologist in my school and said, “I need to speak to someone who knows better.” I started going to a psychologist but they couldn’t help me. I felt there was something more that they don’t see and they don’t get. This was my feeling. This is why I said, “No one can help me. No one knows the answers to all of my questions. I’m going to go and study it myself so I can analyze and understand my own mind.” This was my purpose for studying psychology.

I found out a lot about the mechanisms. I found out a lot about conditioning and different patterns that we have as human beings, but I still knew that it’s not all. It doesn’t end here. It doesn’t end in this material physical world. After having a few spiritual experiences that I sensed even more, “I’ve got signs and I need to dig deeper,” I ended up on the meditation retreat. It was many years ago. It was really early.

You went to India, didn’t you?

No. The first time was in Thailand. Afterward, I ended up in India. The first thing was three weeks of not eating. It was going on in this very pure state of mind of clarity, not eating, meditating, hypnosis, different yoga, different massages, different dream reading, reiki, and all that stuff. This is how it all started.

Riya’s Healing Journey

On your path to cure your anxiety and depression, you’re doing all of this, and then you get inspired to train as a mentor and a speaker. What inspired you? You’re so charismatic that you immediately started receiving invitations to speak. Is that what happened?

Yes, but there was something in between. I started going into spiritual worlds, and then I started also working with plant medicines with tantra. I started tasting a lot of different things. It was all about energy, the different dimensions, and the metaphysical and energetic world. I was like, “I knew.” It was all about manifestation, creation, and all of that. It’s almost like someone opened the door to Narnia for me. I was like, “I knew something was there.”

Simultaneously, I was still in show business. I was very successful. There were people like the show business tabloids and paparazzi going after me, and I ended up in clinical depression. All of my anxiety attacks grew into the amount and intensity that I couldn’t handle. I ended up really ill. I was diagnosed by my doctor. I decided, “I’m leaving the stage. I’m leaving show business. I cannot handle it.” I thought, “It’s probably not my thing. Maybe I misunderstood something.” I left and I went on a healing journey because I didn’t want to take pills. I decided, “I am going to heal myself without pills.” That was a very brave idea back then as I’m thinking about it.

You’re a gutsy girl. You’re a very brave girl.

If I knew what I was going to have to go through, face, and confront, I would take pills.

It’s like people who want to give birth without any help, and then all of a sudden, they’re saying, “Give me a shot or something.”

That’s exactly the thing. As I was going through it, I was fighting for life. I had no life inside of me. Energetically, it was 1%. It was like, “I’m ready to go. I have no willingness to live,” but there was this 1% that helped me start collecting the breath, collecting tiny moments that I am feeling back to life. The colors were appearing for a moment, but then they were disappearing. It was a huge deep journey inside that showed me the places that I didn’t want to look at about myself, all of my mechanisms, and all of my patterns. The worst thing was that I created all that. I created my depression. I created the haters and tabloids.

Why are you saying that you created it?

It’s because it was the effect of everything that was going on inside of me.

You are saying that if all this hadn’t been going on inside of you, though you became a public figure, you would not have had haters. Every public figure gets haters, people who get very jealous of them.

That’s true, and I still get it. However, I was so unstable. I was so shaky. I was not feeling good enough. I was still in a place where I had to prove something, that I had to deserve something, and that I had to be something for others and please them so they love me. Even though I was successful, it was still coming from a place of lack. It was coming from a place of feeling like that small girl that is rejected and abandoned.

It hit on all your wounds. You felt rejected. Instead of understanding that the haters were coming from their problems and their lack, you took it as a personal.

Exactly. I wasn’t paying attention to people who loved me. I only saw those who hated me. This is why I say I created it because my focus was on those who hated me. I was like, “You love me, but they hate me. They don’t like me. What should I do so they like me? How do I behave? How do I dress? What do I sing? What should I say?” It was my drive. This is how I created this insanity.

Divorce And Healing

This brings me to knowing, and we’ll talk about this, how you’re a mindset coach. That was a mindset that was very toxic for you because you took everything so personally when people were hating. This is an amazing story. Tell us about your life-changing divorce and its healing process that transformed your life and the lives of your two children. It’s a wonderful story.

It’s a very powerful story. We were together for almost ten years. We had two children. We went through a lot. After almost ten years and after I went through depression and a lot of healing, we found our way to get into a place where he wasn’t into spiritual work. I was struggling because he couldn’t understand me. He couldn’t understand the artistic part of me. He couldn’t understand the spiritual part of me. We were splitting.

We also had a massive problem with our younger daughter who had a huge problem with her kidneys. When I gave birth to her, we almost died, both of us, so we had a very strong spiritual but unpleasant experience. After she was born, we found out that she had problems with her kidney. All the doctors said that she should be cut. Since she was out probably six weeks before, she should have gone out of my belly, I didn’t want to agree, I internally felt that it was not right, that it was not good for her. I had a massive no for her having surgery. I felt it. I was against all my family, my ex-husband, the whole world, and all the doctors. I was like a crazy woman who said, “I am not letting her be cut by you. There is no option.”

This is while she’s still inside of you?

No. This is after she was born. This is after we had both almost died.

They then wanted to do the surgery on her.

We found out after she was a month old. I gave birth. She was very small. After a month, they checked her and said there was a problem with kidney. They were like, “We have to cut her.” I said, “No.” This created a huge breakdown between me and my ex-husband. It was the first step, but I saved her. For one year, I took her to a bioenergetics doctor who was saving her life. For one year every single day, I was going to the session. He was helping her energetically. He healed her.

After a year, she is fine. She’s thirteen. She’s fine without the surgery, so everything worked out perfectly, but there was this breakdown between us. We managed to come together. I went deeply into spirituality. He didn’t want to go there. After many years of finding out my journey, my healing, and my everything, I started to realize who I really am. That was the main question that I had to answer to myself. It was like, “Do you deeply know who you are? Do you know deep inside who you are and why you are?” These questions always helped me when he was attacking me or criticizing me.

At some point, he went on a spiritual path as well. He told me, “I was so resentful because I didn’t believe you and I didn’t believe all that. Once I started seeing you so committed, so dedicated, and so confident in your own power, that convinced me. It was not your words or your opinion. It was you who really transformed and I could see it right in front of my face.” That also brought him to spirituality.

After we both were in spirituality, we realized that we were more brother and sister rather than partners. This is when we decided to separate. It was really difficult because there were a lot of emotions. There were a lot of things to go through. He had another woman already. That broke my heart. He did many things that broke my heart. It was super difficult, but I kept this vision. I held the vision of having the best possible relationship with him because I didn’t want my children to experience what I’ve experienced. This is my trauma from childhood. It was like, “I am never letting this happen. Even if he’s going to hate me for the rest of his days, I’m going to still be loving him in this parenting way. I’m going to respect him. I’m going to do whatever it takes. I will heal it. My children will never experience what I’ve experienced.”

You made it through. I was going to make the point that your spirituality helped you to become conscious. Nothing was an accident. You thought through everything.

When something really bad happens in our lives, whether it’s an accident, divorce, or bankruptcy, whatever we’re going through, the main thing that we forget in the moment is that there is a bigger context. It’s a sequence in some bigger sequence. It’s a sequence in between many smaller sequences. When I was in this fight with him, it was very easy to forget about everything that was before and that was going to happen. It was easy to focus on the fight, tell him that he was wrong, and tell him how much he deserved to be not loved by me, not liked by me, and so forth.

First of all, I respected with all my heart the love that I had with him because we loved each other once. We had a beautiful love. Second of all, I remembered our children who are the result of this love. Third of all, I was always thinking about how I want to remember this time and how I want to look back at my life. I was like, “When I’m older, when I’m gray, and when I’m saying goodbye, what memories do I want to have?” This is what helped me to go through this nightmare.

Tantric Coaching

That’s amazing. I am so with you about that. As we become conscious, it really changes our lives as we wake up. I want to tell people you’re a tantric coach. That’s aligned with the ancient practices, I know, in India, Tibet, and parts of Asia. Can you explain? If someone were to come to you for your tantric coaching, what is that about? What would they gain from that?

It depends on what is the issue or what is the area of expansion that they want to experience or upgrade. Tantra is all about conscious life. It’s all about being conscious in the moment. It says a lot about sexuality, but it starts with eating the food in a conscious way. It’s where you take the food into your mouth and you feel, taste, smell, and pause to experience it. This is how it starts. It’s the simplest tantric exercise.

Tantra is all about conscious life. It's all about being conscious in the moment. Share on X

When couples come to me and they ask me, “We’ve lost it. We’ve lost the fire. We’ve been together for twenty years. We should divorce probably,” we start with these tiny things. Start with the meal together where you only focus on the meal. Slow down. Put the music on. Put the candles on. This is where it starts. This is something that brings back the sparkle and the awe of life. It brings back curiosity and innocence as well because we get back to when we were children. We are eating with our hands and playing with it. We’re so joyful about it. It reminds us and wakes us up.

We then bring this conscious mind and these conscious choices to every area of our lives. We can take it anywhere. It could be in our work, in the conversation, in making money, in making relationships, or in making projects. It is everywhere. There are exercises for that, either individually or in couples. Tantra has vast and incredible scientific and spiritual paths. It has so many things that it can cover. I could speak about it forever.

Is it connected to also being a mindset mentor? Are they the same? Are they linked together? You say you’re a tantric coach and A mindset mentor. How are they different or how are they aligned?

What was really difficult for me in the tantric world was that it was very spiritual and ungrounded. Also, as I was going to workshops and training, I was getting back to my normal life and everything was disappearing. I didn’t know how to ground it and how to put it back to life. I suddenly saw this vision that I was going to make a bridge and build something between spiritual work and daily life so people can apply all these practices and ideas from spiritual work to their daily routines.

This is how I became a mindset-tantric coach. I’m taking all the spiritual tools, but I’m inviting people in a way that is more digestive. I don’t know how to say it. It’s not so woo-woo. It’s more like, “We can really make it.” I teach businessmen. I teach people who are multimillionaires and are doing all kinds of stuff. It’s not people who are running around with feathers in their hair.

It’s not the woo-woo. Some of them are very grounded. I understand that.

This is how I became a speaker. I still sing, but I became a speaker because I’m talking about it. I do storytelling. I base everything on my own timeline and bring spirituality in a way that is accessible to people.

That’s beautiful. How do you advise people to change the perspective that supports them and their nervous systems while they’re going through big shifts in their lives? There are a lot of people tuning into the show that are going through big shifts in their lives. How do you advise people to be able to handle that?

One of the biggest things that I could say is to always remember that it’s not over. If something big happens, you can look at it as the end or as the beginning. In my life, every time there was some kind of storm, it was always followed by something extraordinary. It’s some dream that came true, some surprise from life, or something magnificent.

This is what also still helps me when I struggle. I remember the storm is always right before the most beautiful sunrise and sunset. This is something that helps me. I also recommend talking. I recorded codes. You can find it on YouTube where you can reprogram your mind by listening to them. They help you navigate your own thoughts.

The storm is always right before the most beautiful sunrise and sunset. Share on X

There are twelve codes. You can listen to them on Spotify or YouTube. They’re already in Polish and English. It’s something that helped me stabilize my own mind and my own thoughts. This is also another way to regulate your nervous system and support yourself. Surround yourself with energy healers, therapy, friends who understand you and support you, and give yourself a lot of love. Allow yourself to receive the support and receive the love.

Operating From A Point Of Possibility

Give yourself permission to let others help you also. Please explain to people how operating from a point of possibility can improve a person’s quality of life. Some of what you do is to help people get through their issues, but you also provide them with great hope. You’re a wonderful role model for that. Would you agree with that?

Yes. I studied a lot about quantum energetics, the quantum field, how we create things and how we manifest, and our subconscious mind which is also the main creator of everything. In a quantum field, it’s like a huge shop. I can’t remember what shopping markets you have there. It’s a huge massive shop where you can find everything, like food, groceries, and jackets. It has everything. You can find everything there. It’s already there. You are coming, taking, buying, and getting out with it.

This is exactly what a quantum field looks like. Everything is there. It has all your dreams, nightmares, and stories. Everything that you can imagine is there. The whole idea and the whole point of our lives is how to find the right shelf where this exact thing is that we want to experience and want to have in our lives. This is what I call the possibility. The quantum field is one huge possibility. Every possibility is there.


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You help people to find that shelf and identify it.

Also, to become an energetic match for that.

That’s beautiful. I also want to ask you this. Healing often involves going to therapy and removing blockages. You went to therapy and really turned more towards the spiritual and the energetic healing. Could you describe your unconventional approach that guides a person? Is it about choosing that shelf? Is it about choosing that possibility? Is there more that guides a person to choose what they want to create? If a person comes to you and says, “I want a loving relationship. What should I do? I want to make money. What should I do?” How do you help them to do that?

I help them to see that it’s possible, first of all, because this is the main thing. People don’t have money or beautiful relationships because they don’t realize that it’s possible. That’s the first thing. That’s the first blockage. On the way, it’s almost like you are walking through these lines in the shop and you are looking for it. Let’s say you’re looking for mayonnaise, but suddenly, you see the corn and start focusing on the corn. You start talking about the corn and get distracted. That’s the second thing. We get distracted. Why do we get distracted? We often get distracted because of our trauma, lack of focus, lack of consciousness, different wounds, and different problems that we have. This is how we recognize what it is, and this is how we remove them.

Sometimes, there is the help of someone who is taking care of trauma. Let’s say it’s a trauma therapist. We need to visit that person. The thing with therapy is that, for example, I got stuck in it. I was constantly in therapy. I was constantly digging, analyzing, improving myself, fixing myself, looking for the problem, and fixing the problem. It was a never-ending story.

How I navigate people is that we get into our dreams. What is your dream? What is your dream life? Focus on what is your dream life and don’t take anything that is a little bit less than that. If it’s anything less than that, we keep walking. We keep exploring. We keep growing. We keep traveling internally. We keep dreaming until it happens. Whatever happens on the way is fine because, on the way, there are things. Sometimes, it’s a lot of things and sometimes, it’s not so many things, but there are things. I help people to get through this journey.

Focus on what is your dream life, and don't take anything that is a little bit less than that. Share on X

What if a person says to you, “You’ve helped me identify all this stuff but it’s not happening fast enough. It’s not working. It didn’t happen yesterday yet.” How do you help them with that?

I do something that is called time traveling. I work with people’s mindset around time and how time is an illusion. This is one of the main things I do before we even start. They then understand that it’s only their illusion that it didn’t happen yet. When you close your eyes, you imagine it. You’re like, “Here it is. It happened.” You feel like it did. We can discuss if it happened or not. We navigate and play with that. Once the person is done with all the exercises and practices that I recommend, the person clicks. Something clicks in your mind and you realize, “I get it now,” and then there is no talking about time anymore.

The Importance Of Healing

I love that because I struggle with time on this planet all the time. Sometimes, I comfort myself and say, “This is here. It’s not a reality in a lot of ways.” Tell us. What would you say to someone about the importance of healing? Why should people go through all this? Most people are walking around, struggling, and suffering with whatever has happened to them. It’s not easy to heal. Why should they go out of the way in this lifetime while they’re here to find someone like you to help them heal?

The only reason we come here as human beings is to heal. Whether we realize, whether we agree or not, whether we are aware or not, we come here only and mostly to heal. It’s the main reason why our soul comes and puts her or himself in the human body. It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not. You are still on the healing journey. It’s up to you how aware of that that you’re going to choose to know that, but you are still healing. It’s up to you how deeply you’re going to heal. It’s up to you whether you’re going to fight it or not.

The only reason we come here as human beings is to heal. Share on X

It’s about evolving. It’s about healing so that you can evolve to higher vibrations and get more out of your life. Would you agree with that?

Exactly. I agree with that. From the healing journey, we start to realize that we create everything. Our thoughts create everything. Our reactions create everything. There is this whole time illusion. There is this whole matrix illusion. There is a subconscious mind that is driving everything. This is where you find out. It requires some dedication and requires surrendering to the healing. You are being healed anyway. Will you be willing to surrender to that?


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Some people have their pain and trauma and they pass it on to others. It’s a way to stop that. You change the legacy by healing yourself. You can help others in your orbit because you change. Maybe you become a light to them of the possibility.

I can see it in my own world. I had massive issues with my family, my mom, my grandma, and my aunts. This was a massive struggle. After I started changing, everything changed. Everyone changed. Everyone is healing when you’re healing because everything is a manifestation of your subconscious mind. When you heal yourself, everything around you starts to change and heal as well.

Everything is a manifestation of your subconscious mind. When you heal yourself, everything around you starts to change and heal as well. Share on X

It’s beautiful. I’ve experienced that too. I would also like you to tell everyone about your online offerings. I know you have one-on-one mentoring and group coaching. You work with your clients so that they can learn that they’re capable of creating the life they dream of. Let it go. Tell us all about everything that you offer.

Reach Riya

The best of me is on the stage. This is undiscussable. I love performing on stage. I entwine talking, singing, and sometimes even dancing to express, show, and bring emotions to people to bring the memories to open their hearts. I do it in the best way on the stage. I also do programs that are online. I also do mentoring because there are people who want to be around this energy of mine. They want to know more. We created containers where I’m accessible for them for all the questions, all the goals, all the dreams, and all the problems and struggles. I am available. As I’m becoming more famous, I have more time for that.

My biggest dream is to make people as joyful about themselves and their lives as I am or earn as much money or even more as I am. I want people to never have to struggle like I had to struggle. This was my prayer when I was very ill. I promised God that if I was going to get through it, I was going to announce to the whole world how to become joyful and how to get out of depression, anxiety attacks, or any other struggles that people go through. I promised to God, and I’m committed.

That’s beautiful. In a way, you could say you chose these problems so that you would heal them to be able to pay it forward and heal others.

You asked me how I created it. This is how I created it.

I’ve experienced the same thing. It’s beautiful. I want to know the Riya Sokol tip for finding joy in life.

You don’t find joy. You create joy. If you don’t feel it, you create it. You make an excuse to feel it. You provoke an event to feel it and to prove it to yourself. This is how you become powerful and realize that you are the creator of joy.

You don't find joy, you create joy. This is how you become powerful, realizing that you are the creator of joy. Share on X

That’s beautiful. I fell in love with you when I read your mantra, “Don’t wait for an extraordinary life. Make it extraordinary now.” You are such a remarkable role model for healing and transformation as you inspire people to consciously live and feel their worth. Thank you for all that you do to empower them and to create positive new chapters in their lives in so many meaningful ways.

I thank you from my heart for this very special and enlightening interview. Make sure to follow us and like us on social, @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and wherever you get your show, especially YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued. Thank you again.

Thank you so much. You are like an angel. Do you realize that? It was such a delight to be here. Thank you so much.

That means so much to me. Thank you so very much. As I like to say, many blessings, bye for now, and to be continued.



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About Riya Sokol

Please note that the Full video and Social Share videos for this episode are still being worked on. Once it is ready, we will send another email notification. Thank you for your patience.Riya Sokol is an internationally acclaimed artist, speaker, and viral content creator. She gained widespread recognition for her video poem, “Thank You, Coronavirus,” which has been translated into dozens of languages and has received awards at various international festivals.

Since the age of six, Riya has been on stage as a singer, and is now an accomplished public speaker. With her unique approach to human existence, she is revolutionizing communities and making an impact on the world.

What a wonderful conversation – thank you again for your thoughtful, well-researched questions. I so appreciate this connection…you are a light and a beacon!

Nicole Christie


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