Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Kim Caswell | Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique  

Rev. Kim Caswell is a gifted actress, nurse, scientist, minister, medium, and hospice volunteer who is passionate about helping people live with self-awareness and purpose, attain health, and more through a unique, highly successful method called the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®). Using QHHT®, Kim lovingly and gently guides people through trance, enabling them to tap into their own inner knowing and infinite wisdom, to create a life that holds a sense of contentment and happiness. Tune in to gain many enlightening insights as Irene and Kim discuss the connections between the mind, the soul, and healing through QHHT, which has helped millions of people around the world!



●      During a fancy penthouse party, where she was being introduced to influential Broadway producers, a voice in Kim’s head changed the direction and focus of her life.

●      Kim’s journey from organized religion to a spiritualist church filled with psychic mediums.

●      What told Kim that she was being called by Spirit to become a QHHT practitioner.

●      How QHHT helps a person speak to their Higher Self to facilitate mental, emotional, and physical well-being.



●      How do you know that each of us is a timeless and eternal soul that has experienced hundreds if not thousands of lives? 

●      Is the Higher Self the same or different from the subconscious, and how does QHHT help a person speak to their Higher Self? 

●      Can QHHT help a person attract a healthy new love into his or her life? 

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Rev. Kim Caswell: If Your Mind Is Strong Enough to Make You Sick, Is It Also Strong Enough to Make You Well?





  I could not be more delighted to have the pleasure of interviewing actress, nurse, scientist, and hospice volunteer Reverend Kim Caswell, who is also a quantum healing hypnosis technique practitioner and a hypno counselor. Kim’s passion is to help people live with self-awareness and purpose, attain health, and create a life that holds a sense of commitment, contentment, and happiness by tapping into the best part of themselves, known as their higher self or subconscious, through a unique method called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, known as QHHT. QHHT lovingly and gently guides clients through trance, allowing them to tap into their inner knowing and infinite wisdom. It was developed by Dolores Cannon, an award-winning hypnotherapist whose specialty was past life regression and healing and whose career spanned almost 50 years. Through her many students, QHHT has helped millions of clients around the world. Kim is also a long-time member, inspiring contributor, minister, and a medium for the Inner Spiritual Center in Fairfield, New Jersey, which provides an inclusive, caring, and supportive environment for those who wish to pursue metaphysical and spiritual understanding and development. I encourage you to check out my insights filled with enlightening interviews with Sharon Siubis, the Director and Cofounder of Inner Spiritual Center, and Reverend Dr. Rosemary Calderalo, who is an evidential medium, a trans medium, and a healing medium for the Inner Spiritual Center. It’s wherever you get your episodes and also on YouTube. I’m looking forward to asking Kim how QHHT helps people find their purpose in life, deal with challenging relationships, and connect with their higher self, the way losses in a person’s life can help that person move forward in life, and how QHHT helps with mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Kim knows that each of us is a timeless and eternal soul that has experienced hundreds, if not thousands, of lives and much more for an incredibly enlightening interview that will help lighten the path on many healing journeys. Kim, a heartfelt, warm welcome to the show. It’s a pleasure to be here. Thank you, Irene.   Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Kim Caswell | Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique   We’re going to have a great interview. Tell many how people can benefit from what you do with QHHT. Let’s have everyone start by getting to know you. You were a kid once. Between 10 and 12 years old, you started asking God important questions and being guided to the answers. Please share the questions you asked and where you begin to find those answers. I was 10 or 12 years old. I’m not remembering exactly but I had moved from the Midwest. I found that living in New Jersey was challenging. It was a whole new world. I wasn’t happy with this life. I did not like where I was. I got down on my knees one day by myself saying, “God, if you’re real, show me because this is not fun. I don’t like being here.” I didn’t have any archangels coming down with bells and whistles. What happened within the next two years and throughout my life, I asked teachers to come into my life and show me that God is real and how I could help and serve. I started feeling like the way to happiness is service and serving yourself while you’re learning. All of a sudden, I started getting teacher after teacher. It started in a Western religious way. I grew up Episcopalian and I wanted more. I started getting Baptist, Mormon, Catholic, and Jewish. I had everything coming at me. I went to the temple and mosque. Is it through different friends? They came in. I started the born-again thing. I found Jesus in another way, which was beautiful. Each one still kept making me want a little more. I felt like I was still missing something. The new age movement started coming in. I’m dating myself. I was open to studying and reading. It came down to when I was going into theater as an adult. Starting from there, I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life. I had no clue. I wasn’t sure what I was good at but I knew I could act, dance, and sing. I started doing that. One night, I was at this beautiful penthouse party. All these producers were there. I knew I was starting to make it. I suddenly heard a voice in my head saying, “Kim, you don’t need people to know your name or face to be a success in life.” I went, “What?”   Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Kim Caswell | Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique   What was the voice like in your head? It was my voice but it was something it wasn’t. I knew it wasn’t coming from my mind. I didn’t know enough then to know how spirit speaks to you. I said, “What?” It said it again, “You don’t need people to know your name or face to be a success.” Suddenly, I had layers fall off of me of pressure. I knew I loved theater but didn’t like the cattle calls and all the other things. There’s always someone who can sing and dance better than you. A lot of times, it’s having talent and being at the right place at the right time. I picked up my coat, said goodbye to my friends who were producers, left, and started a whole other journey. That journey took you from organized religion, which I’m curious about. How did your family, who were traditional Episcopalians, react to your opening up to all these different religious viewpoints? It was funny when I would go to Bible studies at night, and I was going to bible studies because I wanted to find the answers. I’m nothing against Hare Krishna but my mother was like, “You’re going to become a Hare Krishna.” I said, “No. I’m just learning, Mom. You’d be happy I’m not going out doing other things.” To her credit, she didn’t tell you you’re forbidden to go. She allowed you to be open-minded, check that out, and learn. There’s a lot of getting into trouble. Doing things I did was going from one modality to the other and still saying, “It’s not quite right for me. I need more.” I kept hearing God is love. When I heard that, I said, “If this doesn’t resonate with the love I’m looking for in a kind, beautiful way, I need to continue to look and ask.” You’ll bring them and the teachers will keep coming. Some of those teachers came from a spiritualist church where you found your way into a spiritualist church filled with psychic mediums. You became a scientist working in the area of oncology, a volunteer in hospice, and a minister in the spiritualist church. Why did you feel the need to ask spirit to show you a way to give back even more than you were already giving in so many different ways? We never see ourselves as other people may see us. When you leave yourself open to spirit, you start to take new journeys that are exciting, interesting, and challenging. It was one after the other. When you ask that question, it sounds like I’m doing it all at once. When you leave yourself open to spirit, you start to take new journeys that are exciting and interesting and challenging. Share on X This was over maybe a few years. You started with the spiritualist church. What I did was go into nursing and become a nurse. I felt a call to work with patients. I would have patients who would flatline and come back after we resuscitated them. They would start talking with me. All of a sudden, people started telling me how they went to the light and saw their life review. Now, it is commonplace but then, it wasn’t. I am so grateful they felt comfortable enough to share that with me as a nurse and as I was working on the wards. I was in New York City working. At that point, I continued to search. When I found that there was this metaphysical sense to things, I found the spiritualist church and never looked back. I found beautiful people who were so nonjudgmental and caring. You could be any religion you wanted to be and come there. You can still go to a temple or church if you want to go there, which is how I see God. There are billions of people in the world. There are billions of paths to God. How did you discover Dolores Cannon and her unique quantum healing hypnosis technique, QHHT? What told you that you were being called by spirit to become a QHHT practitioner? Here came one more notch on your belt. Learning, challenges, and joy. I was a nurse. I went into working in clinical research as a scientist in the areas of oncology, cardiovascular, and oncology. When you’re not at the bedside and if you have a heart for the bedside and being with people, you want to do other things. I volunteered for hospice and worked with clients and their families as they were transitioning. I do have an open perspective on the death of this body. We transition. We don’t leave this own knowing. We have the consciousnesses that we take with us. I started enjoying working in hospice so much and supporting the families as they transitioned with their loved ones. I would do that on the side. Several years ago, I also became a minister in my spiritual center, which I’m so fortunate. I love the center where I worked. I can be at the Inner Spiritual Center in Fairfield. What I love is I sit back. I said to God, “You’ve given me all these beautiful gifts but I still feel like I’m not giving enough. There was something calling in me. There’s something else I need to do. I know that but I don’t know what it is.” I’m in the last third of my life. If I can’t give back fully, I don’t want to go to the other side and say, “I did this and that.” I want to say, “I jumped in with all fours. I helped people somehow and let God channel through me.”
Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Kim Caswell | Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique: Grief can be the light that shows a new path moving forward.

I was watching Gaia. I call it my spiritual Netflix. I learned so much through Gaia. Dolores was on there at one point. As I was watching her, a light bulb went on and vibrations started happening. I can always tell when a spirit is pushing me to do something because I start feeling this vibration. My jaw dropped because everything she did resonated with me. I love working with people, which is what you have to do with QHHT. I love the idea of trance.  

  It is different than many other people who do past life regressions. They’re lovely ways of doing them. With Dolores and the thousands of people she put under through her modality that she learned, not only do you go to other incarnations or other past lives but she pulls you back in. That’s what we do as practitioners. We pull you back in after you’ve experienced those lives or incarnations. We could start talking to your higher self or oversoul, the you that is really you. You can shed body after body, lifetime after lifetime, but it is the you that is intrinsically you that never changes and knows everything. The wisdom is there. I said, “I want to tap into this. I want to help people tap into their higher selves and learn from their past lives or incarnations.” I look at it. After doing this, I feel like it is ten years of therapy in one sitting. It’s things that you can’t get through. Therapy is beautiful. It is something that people will always need and use. When you go into a trance, you tap into something mystical. Yet, it’s very real and tangible. It’s the both sides. It’s wonderful when you get the full picture. Could you please explain Dolores’s statement? “If the mind is strong enough to make a person sick, it is also strong enough to make that person well.” Does that happen when people have illnesses that they can come for a session and suddenly, they’re healed? Yes, it can happen. It comes down to if a person is ready. Sometimes, people come and think they’re ready. Healing can come in many ways. If they are to be healed and ready to be healed, it can be done. I’ve had multiple clients who have come for emotional, mental, and physical healing. I can give an example of a couple of people. I have one woman who has lived a life. She had a life of traumas and many difficult situations in her life.  

  She’s a beautiful woman in her ‘50s who struggled with so many things. She struggled with this lifetime. She went into two past lives in which she had been a leader in her tribes. One was on another planet so that can take us to a whole other area of conversation. She was a leader. The tribe was decimated by other outside forces of other beings from other planets taking their resources. She couldn’t save her people. She went to another lifetime where she was an indigenous leader. She had a vision that her tribe was going to be overcome by the White man coming in. When she woke up as this tribal leader, they were there already. They decimated the tribe and killed her and her tribe. As she watched this, from her vantage point, she felt so guilty about these two lives. The higher self shows you the lives you need because you’ve had thousands. It shows you the one that’s affecting you in this lifetime. Many times, it shows you what you need. She experienced this. As a facilitator, I’m here to ask the question saying, “There was nothing you could have done. You did everything you could have done.” I kept leading her through those questions. She started to see that it wasn’t her fault that they died. When I pulled her back into her higher self and her higher self started talking, it told her how she did not have to feel guilty but she’s been carrying this guilt with her lifetime after lifetime, punishing herself. That’s where the traumas came in. Having resolved a lot of these issues, she woke up. For the first time in over ten years, she had saliva in her mouth. She had no saliva for ten years or more. She was shocked. We take it for granted to have saliva in our mouths. That was something that came. She woke up understanding she didn’t need to experience the trauma anymore. She had these terrible traumas with her tribes. Were there lessons she was supposed to learn from those experiences? Does that come through? Where she took it as the trauma and the guilt, did she miss the main message because we all go through so many challenges and difficulties? Are we supposed to look at them as lessons to be learned that we’d set up for ourselves? When I say yes to that, Dolores had a beautiful example in one of her books. She’s written over twenty books. I’ve read almost all of them. I reread them when I can because she’s an amazing woman. I admire how she developed QHHT and how it came forward to help thousands. There was one story where this woman came in. It was her book Between Death and Life. The person went and met her spiritual guide. She was in her consciousness before coming to this current life. It was a transition. Her guide had a beautiful bowl in front of her to represent her life. Next to her was a bowl of beautiful black stones, all smooth and shiny. The guide said, “Choose your challenges for your coming life. Choose what you want to learn.” She picked up a stone and said, “I like that one. I want that to challenge me.” She picked up another one. She kept picking up stone after stone. Even the guide said, “You need to think about this because it seems easy on this side but when you’re in your body, you have a lot of challenges.” Her bowl is filling up. She said, “No, I want to do this.” She came to Dolores because she said, “My life is horrendous. I have nothing going right in it. It’s filled with challenges. Why is this?” When she went under, the guy told her and her higher self showed her that she had this life that she had chosen. I have clients who frequently say to me, “I wish I hadn’t chosen many stones.” It’s something to say that we do bring a lot of challenges to ourselves. Sometimes, they also change and are accidental. I don’t know which is which until a client comes and if it’s told to us in a trance. Many times, people get so many more answers than they ever expected when they go into trance. My clients come to me. I prepare them for the day because I usually only see one person a day. “Your day is with me to relax. Share with me during an interview, which can be 2, 3, or 4 hours long before we go into the trance session.” They have time to let me know. Anything that can come up in a trance, I’m prepared to ask the questions. They tell me about their lives. They bring about 25 questions with them. “What is my purpose? Why am I here? Why do I have this relationship with my mother, father, son, or daughter? Why is it so challenging? What do I do with my career? I don’t have a man or a woman in my life or a relationship. I’d like to have one. Why is it that I don’t have someone? What can I do about it?” Healing is always on the list. People look for healing. I have clients that have been beautifully healed at the session. Sometimes, they’ll call me weeks and months later with so many different types of healings they’ve gone through.  

  Do you do this online or does it have to be in your office personally with you? It is in my office. I do it online. There are practitioners around the world. I believe in the law of abundance. If you are not in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, or Pennsylvania and you feel you don’t want to come to me, go online to their official website. There are practitioners all around the world, level 1, 2, and 3 practitioners. What is the difference in the levels, Kim? Level one is if you’re brand new. You’re doing this in the beginning. You take a very long course that Dolores and Julia Cannon put together. Each level has a long course of videos. You can do it online. If you feel called to this and it resonates with you, I encourage you to look it up because we need more practitioners in this world who have a heart for this. Level one is the beginner. You have to put 5 people under trance before you can start level 2. It might be changing. They might let you take level 2 after you’ve taken level 1. Once you’re in level 2, you have to put 25 people under trance. In level 3, you have to put 125 people in a trance. I am well on my way. I am going to be a level three. As soon as the law allows, I will be doing it. I believe in this process. I’ve seen lives changed so much. People come with grief and loss, meeting loved ones when they’re in a trance, even connecting and seeing them in their mind’s eye, the emotion that comes through, and the joy and the answers they get. Do they come to you afraid to be put into a trance? Aren’t a lot of people afraid of losing control and letting go? You never lose control. That is the stage of hypnotherapy when people click like chickens. That is never done with QHHT. What is interesting for Dolores is that as time went on, when she discovered this back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, she continued practicing. She started practicing in her 40s and went through the ‘80s, ‘90s, and 2000s. She saw people changing when they would go into a trance. People would forget a lot of times and would go into a somnambulistic state. We call it somnambulistic when you don’t remember your current life. You’re so deep in that you become that person or being you are experiencing in a trance. Many people go down into what we call alpha and theta. Their brainwaves slow down. As we get them, that’s the goal. We want to get them down to slow the brainwaves and get them into that comfortable spot where we allow the right side of the brain to come through with the pictures and images.
Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Kim Caswell | Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique: Look for the beautiful gifts that are within you.

It’s a slow process. You’re taking them through this. The one thing we have to learn is that during the day, we work from our left brain. Dolores was so ahead of her time. She understood the left brain and right brain. The left brain is the side ego. It’s the mind that keeps us alive. It beautifully keeps us well. It tells you, “Have your laundry list of things to do. You have to make your bed, take a shower, and brush your teeth. What’s for dinner? Did I go grocery shopping? What do I need to do for the kids later?” That’s your ego. Your higher self is on the right side of your brain. It comes through talking to you with pictures and images. You naturally go into that space of alpha and theta brainwaves every day when you go into a trance. When you’re watching TV, after about 60 seconds of watching a movie, you suddenly can be so into the movie. Your brainwaves have slowed down and you start being open to suggestions. That is its form of trance. When you go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning, and you’re in that dream state, that’s theta. The goal where we try to get you is to get those beautiful images and pictures to start coming through in your mind’s eye. That’s how your higher self-talks to you through pictures, images, sensing, feeling, and emotion. You can also start to smell and hear when you’re down in a trance and relaxed. It comes through differently for everybody. If you relax into it, you start getting these beautiful pictures, and images, and sensing. You start to tell your story. Our goal as practitioners is to allow you to see, sense, feel, or hear, and you verbalize to me what you are seeing or sensing. You created the picture for me to ask you more questions so that we can open up that story and find out more. The more you talk, the deeper you go. The picture opens up into your incarnation that you’re being. If somebody comes to you and says, “Kim, I want someone to love me. I haven’t been able to find anybody. I’m going to every website in the world. I’m getting online.” Can you help a person attract healthy new love into their life? Do you have a story maybe about doing that? The one thing about QHHT that I will always tell you is it is not me who heals you and brings you those pictures or stories in your mind. I’m only the facilitator but I’m a good facilitator in the fact that I love what I do. It’s the passion I have for this. As a facilitator, are you also a matchmaker in a way? How about I say, “I can help you to be your matchmaker?” That’s always the answer. When you want someone in your life, my understanding that I’ve heard from the higher self is that you’re looking for a vibrational match. You want someone that you vibrate with that clicks. We are all looking for that at different times, whether it’s friends or partners. When someone is down and comes to me, and that’s one of their questions, “I’d like to meet someone,” I’ll say, “Let’s talk to your higher self and see what your higher self encourages you to do.” I had one woman who had multiple goals ahead of her. She wanted to move to Italy and start her business working online so she could travel wherever she wanted to. She wanted the freedom but she also wanted a partner. She had been without a partner for a while. We spoke to her higher self. Her higher self said, “Yes, he is coming.” When she spoke to the higher self, there were a few details. The one thing I love about the higher self is that it doesn’t want to give away all the surprises. If the higher self says, “You’re going to meet someone in this restaurant, this place, and this parking lot,” then where’s the mystery? The higher self usually leaves it open but gives extra direction for you. She called me a week later. She said, “Kim, after my session the next day, I met the person of my dreams.” They’re still together. He travels with her to Italy. She’s building her business. She was so open and ready. I always say that sometimes people come to you with desires and wanting healing but they also have to be ready. My joy is to help you figure all of that out and help pull that forward from you so that you can look at that and say, “Am I ready?” If your higher self is honest with you and filled with so much wisdom, it will tell you so many things that you don’t even ask sometimes. You come with 25 questions but I probably ask 125 or more. Explain to people who are hearing about the higher self but don’t necessarily understand this whole thing. As we come into bodies, we have these souls. That’s our higher self. They know every single thing that’s happened to us. My understanding is a sliver of that higher self comes into us in this incarnation. We carry our souls with us. Our soul is with us. There are many names that we use for the higher self. Dolores initially called it the subconscious because she didn’t have another term for it. We call it the subconscious or the SC. I usually like the term higher self but it’s also your over soul. It’s the you that’s you. This goes away. This is our body suit and incarnation. You can go from lifetime to lifetime, incarnation to incarnation. For some people who may not be used to this, I even have clients who have been on other planets and dimensions and have learned so much and seen that they are truly so much more than who they are. You bring all of that knowledge and experiences with you from lifetime to lifetime or incarnation to incarnation. As you move forward, you bring a lot of that understanding. If we come into these bodies, we forget who we are. We’re supposed to forget. We come here not knowing. The joy is trying to open up the surprises. It is rather amazing as the higher self has so much wisdom. People come through and even different personalities that are gentle, loving, and firm are saying, “You need to do this and that,” but it guides you because it has your highest good. It really is rather amazing as the higher self has so much wisdom. Share on X You had a young man who was in a terrible biking accident and was considering surgery. QHHT changed his life. That’s a whole other thing that you do with QHHT. It’s not that I do. The higher self does this. The mother of this young man came to me. She’s a lovely woman. She had a fabulously interesting life but she had her health challenges. One of her questions was the day before she came, and it was a Sunday, on Saturday, her son had been biking down a mountain on a trail bike. He had fallen off the bike and had ripped all the muscles in his shoulder. She was down in Maryland. She lives here in New Jersey. She didn’t want to miss her QHHT session. She came to this session on Sunday. Her son had gone to the doctor. He had gotten X-rays. They said he had a fourth-degree tear and he’s going to need surgery. She and her husband were going down on Monday. She finished her session. During her session, she asked if we could ask the higher self to heal her son. You can act as a surrogate and be the surrogate to help somebody else that you love or care about. We asked the higher self, and the higher self said, “Yes, I can heal your son. We can work on this.” The next Monday, she and her husband went down to take him to another specialist to see what kind of surgery they’d need. When you go to a specialist, they want to do their X-rays so he did another X-ray. He looked at the one X-ray and the new one. He said, “This can’t be the same X-ray.” He had a fourth-degree tear, and the next Monday, he had a first-degree tear. He had healed in two days. The higher self was busy. It shows you that it can work. Energetically, the higher self was healing him. We say it from a distance but we know that time and distance don’t matter. People have come at different times. It was such a wonderful thing that happened to see that he had been healed and he wasn’t going to need surgery. Why should a person heal in this lifetime instead of saying, “I got a million other lifetimes coming up. Why do I have to knock myself out this time?”
Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Kim Caswell | Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique: Loving yourself and accepting who you are is not selfish.

You can take that attitude. I always say, “There’s so much love that whatever is right for you is right for you. Whatever your journey is for you, your journey is for you.” The thing that you can always say is if you’re feeling called to be healed and feeling uncomfortable and things in your life don’t seem right for you, or you’re looking for answers, that says to me that maybe your higher self is speaking to you to say, “I’m going to give you this level of discomfort.” It was like me saying, “I need to give back more. I had this sense of urgency. How do I do it when I found QHHT?” There's so much love that whatever is right for you is right for you. Share on X I could have chosen not to take the call. I could have watched Dolores and said, “That’s nice for somebody else to do.” It resonated so much with me. In this life, we’re here on this journey to go through our challenges and find healing. There was one story that Dolores talked about. It’s someone who was blind in her incarnation. He came for a QHHT session. When she went under, she could see her past life. She’d been blind since birth. When they asked the higher self to heal her blindness to allow her to see, the higher self said, “No, it’s not her to begin because, in another lifetime, she had been a terrible leader who had hurt people badly and taken out people’s eyes.” Instead of her having to experience the same thing, when we say karma, instead of having hurt, she came into this life blind. She chose this journey. She was not going to be healed but this was her challenge that she was going to learn to go through, live a life, understand what she had done, and experience that. I look at karma differently than some people. I look at it as balance. I don’t look at karma as a punishment. If you’re in a lifetime being thin, you get to know what fat is. If you are wealthy, you get to know what being poor is. If you can be athletic in one life and a paraplegic in another, you are here to be experiencing. The higher self showed this to Dolores many times and I’ve seen this with my clients. There are times when the answer is no. The reason is because you’re here to learn this. It’s great to be able to find out, “Can I heal this? Can I move forward?” I’ve got this disability. This has been terrible but it’s the comfort of knowing that this is the reason for it and I’m supposed to learn lessons about this. I’m healing this so that I’m not coming back to have this happen again. That’s a beautiful thing. That would make it worth it to protect yourself from other lifetimes coming up.   Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Kim Caswell | Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique   Dolores said, “There’s a long line of souls that are waiting to come to this planet that are wanting special need bodies that have a handicap because you learned so much more and help many more people with that type of body. You impact more lives when you have a body that is challenged.” In QHHT sessions, there’s an interview, a hypnosis session, and a post-session debrief. Could you briefly tell us about that? How long does a session take? Tell us how people can reach you to find out about it. Explain the process if someone is thinking, “I want to get together with Kim.” What is involved in all of this? Could you explain that to us? I have a website, Inner Journey With Kim. You go in there. I encourage you to breeze through it because I have a lot of information in there. There’s an FAQ section, a resource section, and lots of fun things in there for you to open up and muddle your way through. If you’re interested, I always give a twenty-minute counseling session or meet and greet. It’s like a discovery call. We do a Zoom session. I like to meet my clients beforehand. Our higher selves get to know each other a bit better. You also can decide if I’m the practitioner for you. I love doing this. It’s such a great place to be. I encourage people to follow what they feel in their hearts, guts, and vibrational energy. When you decide to work with me, I will send you a long email of fun things inside them to learn about the session and get you prepared so there are no surprises. I will give you sample questions you can ask your higher self because I want you to come prepared. We set up a date for you to come. It’s a day with me. It usually is anywhere from 5 to 7 hours. Sometimes, it takes longer because I let you talk. When you get to come, how often do you get to talk to someone who is nonjudgmental? We go through an interview session. It’s confident, and you tell me about your life. I want to hear about it. I love learning about new people and their challenges, joys, ups, and downs. We go over the questions that you brought for your higher self. That’s a couple of hours long, at least two, if not longer. When we go to the trance portion, I put you under for about anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 hours. As you come to me, we go back to past lives or other incarnations. We never know where you’re going to land. When you come to the end of my trans speaking, you’ll see where you land. We talk to your higher self. We get those questions answered. We go through the healing questions that you have. After that, when you’re done, I record the session. You often think you’re going to remember things because, many times, you can hear yourself talking. Initially, people used to forget everything. Many people lie down and they hear themselves talking. They think, “I’m going to remember this. I can’t believe I’m saying this.” It’s flowing from the right side of your mind. The images, pictures, and words keep coming. As they hear themselves, they think, “I’m going to remember that.” No, you won’t. You have a recording. After that, I take notes when you’re talking. I go over it with you and send the recording to you within 24 hours. That is your day. If they come to you from Pennsylvania, some people probably sleep over. There are places around here to sleep. I can always offer that to them. I’m going to be adding that to my website because I do have people coming from all over who are coming for sessions. We have beautiful Airbnbs around here and hotels. I am in the woods. I have a beautiful, quiet area that I’m at. Always, things can change. Offices could open up even more as time goes on. We’ll see. That’ll be around the area. I want to ask you to please explain how loving and accepting ourselves are selfish but instead, they are important ingredients to finding joy. That is a question that should be asked of us every day, and we hear the answer. People who are reading this and people who are in their incarnation at this time in earth history, there’s no accident you are here. This is the time we’ve looked out constantly through our religions and other modalities that we have to love our neighbor, treat everybody with kindness, and love everything outside of us. There's no accident. You are here. Share on X There is nothing wrong with that. It’s beautiful. It is something to aspire to and work towards. We have to start looking within and go inward. I love the fact that, at this time, I hear more people talking about self-love going inward and finding that space of love in you. If you can’t love yourself, how can you love anyone else? It’s a challenge we’re taught growing up. “If you’re a good girl, you’ll do this.” Don’t be a fool of yourself. If you love and take care of yourself, that’s not a desirable thing. You’re supposed to help everyone else. If you take care of yourself, you can give more to others. If you have the energy within yourself and the love and belief in yourself, you can help others much more. It’s a lifetime journey. We’re here learning to love ourselves and allowing God’s spirit within all of us. It’s all there. It’s God within us. We are aspects of God. We can shine that love, look inward, and do things for ourselves to give ourselves that energy and joy. A cup half full is only a cup half full that can only give so much to other people. If you want to give more to people, that’s a great thing to do. Give more to yourself and love yourself with joy because it’s there. You’re as precious and important as any other person on the planet. Kim, people became interested in QHHT simply because they were curious. Others want to better understand their life purpose. Some wish to improve their health, relationships, family, or careers. Many others wish to understand more about why their lives have gone the way they have and learn how to move forward in the best way they can. I’m so happy you help people with this. Some come to QHHT with profound questions about the nature of how the universe works, how to better understand and experience our connectedness to something so much greater than ourselves, and so much more. My heartfelt thanks for all you do to bring incredible insights and healing to people through QHHT and also through the beautiful person you are. You are helping them to better understand and improve their lives. Thank you for your inspiring, uplifting, and healing work as a medium and a minister, and for this incredibly enlightening interview that has surely shed much-needed light on the path for many healing journeys. Irene, thank you. I will also thank Dolores Cannon because she is always with us and teaching us, and her daughter Julia who is carrying on her legacy. Irene, thank you for you. You are a joy and a light in this world that sheds light on so many things that are needed for people to know and support people during their time of grief and challenges. You are a beautiful light. Thank you so much. We’re a mutual admiration society. I’m honored to even be chatting with you because you’re such a joy. The knowledge is learning. The fun thing about being here is we get to learn daily, and all the people you bring on share their journeys, what they know, and how they impact other lives. It’s beautiful.
Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Kim Caswell | Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique: You are a timeless and eternal soul that has experienced hundreds if not thousands of lives.

My whole thing with this show is about helping people drop their backpacks of suffering and feel joy. I’ve experienced the backpack of suffering. I’ve gone through it all myself. I’ve also healed and experienced the delight of being able to live in a freer way and pay it forward. This is what I wish for everyone. I’m so glad to have you on. I want to give everyone a loving reminder to make sure to follow and like us on social media at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued. Kim, you are a blessing. Many blessings to everyone. Thank you so much. Bye for now.   

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Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Kim Caswell | Quantum Healing Hypnosis TechniqueWhen I began my journey as a QHHT® facilitator, I had been a registered nurse and scientist for over 25 years while practicing metaphysics through psychic mediumship, a spiritualist minister, and healing.
I asked Spirit to show me a way to give back. The answer came when I found Dolores Cannon and her unique Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®) , which she had developed and refined over 45 years, helping thousands of clients around the world.
Through her students, this method has helped so many. It is an amazing and powerful tool that lovingly and gently guides clients through trance, and allows them to tap into their own inner knowing and infinite wisdom that Dolores Cannon called, the Subconscious (SC) / High Self / Over soul. We create our own realities. The answers that we seek regarding purpose, relationships, careers, health, and more are within each of us. This hypnosis technique allows us to tap into the part of ourselves, which holds the wisdom and awareness to guide us to a place of understanding, clarity, and deep insight.
Little did I know that my interview for Irene Weinberg’s Grief and Rebirth Podcast would have such a positive and far-reaching impact on my life. Beyond the podcast conversations, where Irene uses her kind heart and sensitive soul to help spread healing, love, and hope in the world, she also plays an important role in illuminating pathways for light-workers. Irene, I am grateful for your generous introductions to people who were able to help me realize my dreams. You are an inspiration to so many people.
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