GAR 252 | Spiritualism


Rev. Dr. Rosemary Calderalo is an evidential medium, a trance medium, and a healing medium who works at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, which endeavors to prove the reality of spiritual experiences through science. She has a doctorate in adult education and works in nonprofit organizations on resource development, has served spiritualist churches throughout the USA and internationally, she is currently the General Secretary for the International Spiritualist Federation, and she is also an ordained minister for the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, known as NSAC.  Rosemary is also a member of the Morris Pratt Institute, which provides educational opportunities in Modern American Spiritualism, a member of the Lily Dale Assembly, which is Western NY’s home for Mediumship & Spiritual Healing, and she is a graduate of the first class of the two-year mediumship program at the Inner Spiritual Center, located in Fairfield, NJ. Give a listen to this enlightening and very fascinating interview with a remarkable trance medium!



  • The specific information Rosemary received from her deceased father at a very stressful time in her life.
  • What it is important to understand, while we are still in our bodies, that can support our ongoing development as souls.
  • What inspired Rosemary to become a trance medium, and what it is like to give oneself over to a spirit or group of spirits.
  • What Rosemary has learned about life, the world, and the universe from the perspective of the Spirit people who speak through her.
  • All mediumship is about healing our core wounds.
  • The difference between a spiritualist church and a traditional church.



  • What was your focus in healing that brought you to a Spiritualist church in 2006?
  • How did you first become aware of communicating with your deceased father?
  • What is it like to give yourself over to a Spirit or group of Spirits?
  • Have you ever had to protect yourself from a Spirit or group of Spirits with negative or evil intentions?

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Rev. Dr. Rosemary Calderalo: Does a Spirit or Group of Spirits Take Control of a Trance Medium’s Body, Mind, and Energy?






I hope this finds each of you so very well. I’m speaking to you from my studio in West Orange, New Jersey and I could not be more delighted to have the pleasure of interviewing Rev. Dr. Rosemary Calderalo who is an evidential medium, a trance medium, and a healing medium. Rosemary who has a Doctorate in Adult Education and works in nonprofit organizations on resource development has served spiritualist churches throughout the United States and internationally. She is the General Secretary for the International Spiritualist Federation and she’s also an ordained minister for the National Spiritualist Association of Churches known as NSAC.

In addition, she works at the Institute of Noetic Sciences which endeavors to prove the reality of spiritual experience through science. There’s more. Rosemary is a member of the Morris Pratt Institute, which provides educational opportunities and modern American spiritualism. She’s a member of the Lily Dale Assembly, which is Western New York’s home for mediumship and spiritual healing, and a graduate of the first class of the two-year mediumship program at the Inner Spiritual Center located in Fairfield, New Jersey. You could check out my illuminating wonderful interview with Sharon Siubis, the Director and Cofounder of Inner Spiritual Center, wherever you get your Grief and Rebirth episodes.


GAR 252 | Spiritualism


In this episode, I’m looking forward to interviewing Rosemary who lives in Maryland about her focus on healing that first brought her to the difference between a spiritualist church and a traditional church. Her experiences with trance mediumship, which I find fascinating, what she teaches about continuous life and more for what is surely going to be. It’s an enlightening and fascinating interview with a lovely person. Rosemary, my heartfelt welcome to the show.

Thank you. It’s wonderful to be here with you.

First of all, what you do and the experiences you have are fascinating. A lot of people don’t know about some of the sophisticated things that you do, how people heal from them, and how you prepare to do this, especially trance mediumship. I want to get into that for people to understand it. Let’s introduce to people the young Rosemary, and how this amazing person started to develop. At a young age, you are intuitive and you seem to have access to information from those who have passed on. Could you give us some examples of how you were perceiving things through these early years? If they thought you were crazy, how do you respond to it?

What you end up thinking is normal. I want to share that I was raised Catholic but I experienced my mother and her father having prophetic dreams. I grew up with this contradiction, which allowed space for the unknown. As you shared, I seem to know things. I had a sense of people. One of the most vivid moments I remember from my early years when I realized there was something else happening was coming home. Before I got to my house, I could still see it in my mind’s eye. I was aware that my uncle had passed away. I put it, “That’s crazy. Why would I think that?” When my mother got home later that day, she said that he had passed.

I was like, “That must be a fluke.” Even as I shared about my mom and my grandfather, it was always like an exception. It wasn’t until, as I shared with you, I walked into a spiritualist church. Did I realize that it was a way of being normal in the world and not an exception? Through the years, you asked about healing, we all go through things. My father died at a young age. The older I get, the younger that seems to me. He was only 50.

My mom was left with three teenage daughters. I was the youngest. There was a lot of trauma in our life about that grief. There were five of us in the household and then almost overnight, there was me and my mother because my sisters were away at school after that. It was a different way of experiencing the world. I had had some other things that happened to me that were very negative. I was always drawn to figuring out what else was there. There must be something else. This was this big question in my mind. I don’t have to feel like this all the time.

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It feels like you were born a seeker. A lot of people don’t ask or don’t know.

I joke that that was what makes me very annoying to some people because I always have to know why. I’m always looking. I did see mediums. I did go to message circles but I didn’t have any contacts to understand that I was already a medium and then I could learn how to work with it and deepen the intuition into mediumship. I did become a Reiki master. What I see now is that it was a gateway for me. You know that it works with energy so as I worked with my energy, I became more intuitive and mediumistic.


GAR 252 | Spiritualism


How did your Catholic relatives handle this other part of you that was emerging? Were they judgmental or accepting?

Just because of my experiences growing up in a diverse environment in New York City and wanting to be a person who is respectful of everyone, I tried to meet people where they were. It’s not what I lead with. When I was ordained, I invited relatives and one of my older cousins said to me, “Is that what this is?” I have been like this my whole life but because I was Catholic, I never pursued it. We were told it wasn’t okay.

I learned more through the process as people decided to share. Now and then, my mother, God bless her, who is almost 97 will say to me, “Tell me about this religion of yours.” When I visit her, her family is around her. She’s seen my father after he passed but again, for her, it’s the exception and that is a very different way of looking at the world. What is your normal every day and what’s by accident?

For all the people reading who go to traditional churches and say, like your mother, “What is this spiritual thing.” I know the focus is on healing, which is what attracted you to a spiritualist church. Did you explain to everybody the difference and what that focus was that brought you in? It was very brave of you to stand up against the conventions or the rules you have been brought up with and do this. It was great.

Thank you. I was a church hopper for a while. I was, as I said, raised Catholic, but then I left it behind. I tried being a Unitarian. I became a Methodist. I became a congregationalist and then nothing but something inside of me was always seeking that connection with the sacred. When I walked into a spiritualist church a few months before a dear friend of mine and my daughter had passed away, I had the sensation of her pushing me into this church. How is it different? It was very powerful. As I sat there, I realized, “I’m not quirky. There are other people like this.” I started to try to learn more.

Almost every religion on Earth talks about life after death in some way but spiritualism is the only religion that is part of this service that practices that that is a reality by sharing messages from people in spirit or loved ones who have gone before us. It’s about personal responsibility. There is no damnation. There’s no vicarious atonement that we have to do. We are responsible for our lives and for evolving our souls.

Understanding what spiritualism offers is that life is continuous. We are in the physical and then our condition changes when our identity continues, which means our purpose continues. We still want to learn things. We still want to check on the family. We still want to impress good decisions on our younger folks and relationships continue. I know that 49 years after he died, my father and I have a stronger relationship now than when I was a kid because we communicate. I have come to see how he has changed and grown in the world of spirit.



People need to know that. You cross over. You transition and you are still healing and growing on the other side.

Yes. Some of the messages that I have been blessed to hear through the work of trance mediums bringing spirit through share with us that some spirit people choose to remain at a certain vibrational level to help humanity and continue teaching. It’s to continue helping humanity find a way to evolve and grow as effectively as we can.

Are they on the other side or are they embodied?

No. In spirit.

Are they working with people to come through with their thoughts or different things that you are doing?

It’s through a mediumistic connection that’s deep. The way I think of it is, “Am I jumping ahead trance mediumship?” There are different levels of communication and inspiration. We get this great idea but we don’t know where it’s from. Maybe it’s from us or it’s from one of our teachers standing next to us, the equivalent of spiritual whispering and we have this great idea. Intuition is where we pick up on psychic information from each other. It’s the spirit in you and the spirit in me and then the energies of the physical world. It’s people who know something is going to happen in the physical world. The next level of vibration is mediumistic communication with the world of spirit.

Mediums are trained to be able to see the messages coming through. You can get a message that comes through to you but a medium is trained to perhaps get even more.

Everybody has this capability. Children are usually very mediumistic and then it gets socialized out of them because people don’t believe them. I know my daughter would see people. I didn’t know a lot then but I knew enough to normalize it. I would say, “Tell me what she looks like. You are seeing a color around that person, what does it look like?” She didn’t lose it. She’s chosen not to focus on it but we normalized it.



What a gift she has. It’s a beautiful gift to be born with.

Most of us are but our experiences shut it down. If everyone has it, then what do we choose to do with it, or do we choose to do anything with it at all? I could have chosen to get random information. Again, something in me wanted to know more so I went through a lot of training. I still do because we are never done. No one has ever done this work like a spirit has never done because we are always learning and growing. You can then learn to be in conversation and connect with spirit people in order to be of service to those who are seeking healing from heartbreak or stressful times in their lives or want to know more.

We are healing here or we are getting messages here. We cross over. We continue our healing there and then spiritualism also teaches that we come back, right?

We don’t. We don’t teach about reincarnation because spiritualism is about proving the continuity of life and absolute proof does not yet exist. Does it make sense to me intellectually? Yes, but you couldn’t set or validate any information I might bring to you about a previous life. Spiritualism is about validating the information. That means that type of approach is about communicating with people who have walked the Earth before. Many people do engage in what they call channeling. They are opening themselves up to universal wisdom to other levels of spiritual being. The universe is broader and bigger than any of us to understand that spiritualism is about people who walked the Earth before.



The best description that I ever heard came through a wonderful trance medium, one of my teachers, Richard Schoeller, brought through a teacher who said channeling can be very wonderful. It brings through philosophy. It brings through inspirational messages, but his perspective doesn’t have to prove anything. He believed in trance mediumship and this is what I resonate with. It is about proving the reality of the continuity of life that someone who walked the Earth before can communicate. He believed that the impact on humanity was far greater because it could be proven.

I want to go back with one second and ask you this. I know you first became aware of communicating with your father after he had passed and he gave you some very specific messages. As you are telling me, you continue to communicate with him. All the people reading don’t realize that they can continue a relationship with their deceased loved ones.

I say to people, “I’m happy to be of service but you don’t need the person in the middle.” You can sit, think of your loved one, ask questions, and pay attention to what you hear. We think we will hear the person’s voice but very often, it’s words in our head that may sound like us.

It’s something that comes to you immediately. It’s not what you are waiting for. That’s your thought. They are right by you and the thought comes right into you.

As communication works on vibration, the more we pay attention, the stronger that communication can become and more consistent. It had been a number of years since my father had passed. I was having challenges with my kids. I was trying to finish graduate school. I had these things and all of a sudden, I heard his voice in my head singing the one song I ever heard him sing. He loved playing the guitar. He would admit he wasn’t all that good at it but it was his dream to be a singing cowboy. I don’t know where that came from but he had cowboy boots.

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He grew up in New York.

I know. You will know how this could not be random because this is not a song you hardly ever hear on the radio. It was this song. Hang Down Your Head, Tom Dooley.

I remember that song.

It’s not one you hear anymore and I heard him singing that. I remember stopping everything I was doing and questioning, “What is going on?” Since I have had these experiences, it was one of those moments where I moved from what I call belief to knowing. I believed it was possible but now I knew, beyond a doubt, that it was my father trying to encourage me to move forward in my life.

That’s fantastic and that helped you. If you ask him a question, he comes right into you.

Yeah. Sometimes he comes and I will acknowledge him. The thing that I think is important for people to understand is we have control over our intentions. I know there’s so much in the mainstream media now that can seem terrifying about working with spirit but we are clear that we are only communicating with the most positive of people and the highest vibration. Nothing can harm us.

If you want to communicate, you could say, “I only want to hear from her.”

I have students who come to me and say, “I’m awake. I can’t sleep through the night. Spirit is always talking to me.” I said, “Turn it off.” “How do you do that?” It’s by telling spirit because they will only do what you allow, “Please, this is when I work. You need to not contact me at night.” Sometimes, I have people say, “I have a spirit person in my house. They are bothering me. They won’t go away. What do I do?”

I said, “First, tell me do you tell them to go away?” “Yes.” I said, “Do you tell them to go away and then do something else or do you tell them to go away and then you keep watching to see what they are going to do? It’s because that’s still a yes. That’s still an invitation.” That’s different for us as humans to recognize that we have to work at being disciplined about our thoughts because that’s how we work with spirit. It’s through the mind like one mind to another.

I love that you teach people that our lives are not only about continuous life but continuous relationships. Now we are talking about we are in this life together. I’m having a relationship with Rosemary right now and it has to translate on the other side and also continuous purpose because we both have a purpose. It’s what’s going on in our bodies and how to translate to the fact that continues. Also, you talk about how we can support our ongoing development as souls while we are in our bodies. Let it be represented by the song.


GAR 252 | Spiritualism


This is one of the things where I love working at IONS, The Institute of Noetic Sciences. Even though I’m on the resource development side of the house, it’s wonderful to be at a place where I can talk about mediumship. I can talk about that side of my life and there’s a focus on understanding the interconnection between spirit and science. Everything is interconnected in the universe. That means that everything matters. When we choose to move forward methodically on studying spirituality or whatever, that’s an intention, but our intentions are also how we live in the everyday.

If we are trying very hard to be kind people, that’s an intention. If we are sarcastic and mean, that’s a different type of intention. That brings other experiences to us depending on the energy that we give out. What I love about spiritualism and the concept of personal responsibility is understanding that my choices matter. Life is eternal so if my intentions are the best that I can make them be, then I will get to work on development that will serve me in my next stage also.

Is my next stage would be when you are out of body?

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Yes. With relationships, again, we might think of somebody when we have a reading but we can talk to them all the time. If you are father, mother, or sister pops into your head, say hi, and then notice what happens. I had a profound experience when I was preparing to do an inspirational talk. I’m working with my trance teacher. I was having a hard day. Development, as I said, you are never done. You can always get to higher levels of connection with spirit. I have been working on going to the microphone completely blank and then letting spirit take over. It takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. I put out a thought, “I know you want me to go completely blank. I’m having a hard day. Can you give me a word or two so I have more confidence in starting?”

I heard my teacher say, “We haven’t decided yet.” I saw her in my mind’s eye with other people. It was a spirit people and a big shift for me. One of the things that I believe about words is trust, harmony, and understanding are not either/or. They are deepening levels of understanding. My deepening understanding of the partnership with spirit is that they are walking beside us. My teachers said, “Check back later when it’s time. We want to help you but we are still talking about what the best thing is that we want you to share.”

That was a very powerful experience. Do they want us to live our own lives? Yes. That’s why we are here. We are not about talking the spirit 24/7 because we are here to learn physical life lessons. Like our friends here, when we see them, we are in partnership. We work in love together and we grow together. I think that’s a beautiful thing. The more that I do this work, the more I love life.

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Now I have to get into the nitty-gritty with you about trance mediumship because people don’t understand. If you close your eyes, something takes over your body. What inspires you to become a trance medium? How do you work like this in partnership with the spiritual realm to allow, like you are starting to talk about, these words to come through you? What does that feel like to you when you give yourself over to spirit? Where did Rosemary go?

First, I want to be clear because I know this can sometimes seem alarming to people who don’t work with it. Nobody is jumping in your body. You don’t get possessed.

That’s why I’m asking because people have all these misconceptions.

Nobody can do it without your permission. If you think about it in terms of deepening of connection, again, intuition is a feeling. Mediumship is an active conversation with the spiritual realm. When you deepen into a trance state, it’s all altered states. It’s differing altered states. It’s deep into a trance state, you can allow for spirits to speak for themselves rather than I have your mother here and she’s saying that. There are stages of that too where I can be inspired by other people to speak and times when I will speak as the person. Remembering that it’s permission, I have agreed to work with this person. It’s all through the central nervous system.

Explain that. Can we talk about the vagus nerve?

It’s through all of our central nervous systems or nervous systems where the spiritual realm will come close and they will impress through energy what we say if they can control our voice and all of that. As if I’m giving a message to somebody. I might say, “I’m feeling a pain here. Your father is telling me he died of a heart attack as mine would.” I put the thought to the person, “I have got it. I don’t take the pain away because you don’t have to carry that.” When the spirit is coming close to speaking for themselves, my voice may change. My mannerisms may change. The type of words I use change because I’m allowing the spirit person to speak their own opinions. We have to remember that spirit people have opinions too. It’s not omnipotent words that we have to listen to.

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The reality is to follow them onto the other side. They are healing so there may be changes.

My teacher was speaking through me and a woman came up to me afterward and said, “I’m a little confused. You spoke so differently. I have seen you present at a business session and teach and this didn’t seem to be like you.” She paused and she went, “I got it. That’s what happens when you work with spirit.” I want to emphasize it’s not dangerous. No one takes you over. It’s a cooperative partnership with someone in spirit.

How do you feel when someone is coming through you and your voice is changing? Are you consciously aware that this is happening or you are playing pickleball somewhere else?

It’s different. Development takes years depending on what you want to do with it and how you want to pursue it. I have been sitting in a trance development circle, meaning with other people for a couple of years now. I do have a few thoughts I put out. I offer the spirit world permission. I invite them to come close and I offer that I will go as far as you can take me. I’m usually aware of some physical changes. I feel myself relaxed. I feel my breathing slow and then I’m gradually aware of knowing less. I might hear a recurring word in my head early in my development, which was the spirit’s way of saying, “Let’s prime the pump,” because then if I say it, they know I have heard them. They can then work with that in a deeper way.

What you are saying is passing because it’s taking the right factor out of it. It’s not a mystery. It’s an actual thing. They are there and they are communicating with you.

Afterward, depending on how deep that I go, I might not remember anything. I might remember parts or I might remember a feeling.

When you are finished with a channeling, do you feel refreshed or do you feel tired?

Tired because it’s a higher vibration. Think about it in terms of energy and physics. When we connect with spirits, they are at a higher vibration so we expand. You may have heard people talk about expanding their auric field and then we become visible to spirit.

The auric field is vibration.

As we expand, it makes it easier for the spirit to connect with us and then when they step back from active connection, we gradually go back to a contraction of how we live in the physical world. Over a period of hours, I might feel a little deflated and a little less energetic because Law of Physics expansion contraction. The more you do this work, the less affected you are by that, and part of the mediumistic development is, one of my teachers calls it working with your mediumistic muscles.

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As you would go to the gym to improve your biceps with weights as we work with spirit and working with energy differently, we increase the strength of our energetic field which increases our ability to hold that energy. I believe contributes to the spirit world having a stronger presence on Earth which brings more love into the world.

Bravo for that. Is there a general message or lessons that you have learned about life in the world from the spirit people who come through you? Have there been general tenets, rules, or lessons that you have learned that you can pass along to us?

First, everybody has a unique journey. I recognize that what has been answered for me may not be for everyone else. I want to say that the first thing that healing happens, from what I witnessed with other people as well as myself, is learning to love yourself and acceptance. I remember early on in this process going through the, “Why me? How do I deserve to be this type of person in the world?” You come to see that, “Why not?” It’s because we all come from the divine source that created us and if we choose the opportunity to serve in this way. That healing of self-acceptance can be very powerful depending on the kinds of lives people have had or what messages we heard growing up.

Also, understand that we are not in this world alone. There is help if we choose to listen. Spirit has no judgment. They will wait as long as it takes. Sometimes, I imagine that when something finally clicks for me, my spirit team is saying, “Thank goodness. She finally got that. It was so hard to tell her.” For anybody seeking spiritual awareness at any level, even simply meditation, it puts us in communication with ourselves which then offers us choices about where we may want to go. For some of us, that’s stronger relationships with people around us. Again, bringing more love into the world, isn’t that a beautiful healing way?

Give a tip to people who want to say, “Rosemary, my brain is too busy for me to meditate. What are you talking about meditation?” What should they do?

Meditation is not for everyone so find what works for you whether it’s reading, watching podcasts, or walking while you contemplate. For me, I can get into a meditative state when I exercise because it’s slowing my brain down a little bit. Whatever works for each individual, their intention will show them the way, even if it’s as simple as, “I want to understand who I am in the world.” You will be surprised when you set intentions, then what comes to you because the spirit is waiting for us to ask. Free will is a powerful force. If we don’t ask, sometimes the spirit won’t know that we need help.

They are not perceiving everything you built together. You have to ask for help.

We want help. They will see a struggle but we have to request help.

What you are saying is meditation is not a one-size-fits-all. Many people meditate but you can meditate through other means when you are sitting down and trying to get something.

Everybody is different and on a spiritual journey, it’s important not to feel like we have to do something or that it’s wrong if something that works for this person doesn’t work for the other person. If you look at all of the different offerings that are offered and are so sought after, clearly, there are different ways to spiritual paths.

I want to ask you this. You touched on it but if you go into a trance and someone’s introducing themselves to you and they are coming through, have you ever had to protect yourself from a group of spirits with negative or evil intentions?

I do not believe that evil can touch me because I never enter the work without only inviting in positive vibrations. The only experience I have ever had is on the edge of that was not about me but someone came through who was angry. She had passed suddenly. She wasn’t ready. She was still healing and very angry. I said to her, “I’m not the right person for you to talk to. Please, go find your mother. Go find someone in spirit who’s better suited to help you than me.” My no was complete and I did not attempt any conversation because I wasn’t comfortable with where she was at. There was no danger at all.

That’s good to know.

Remember, with intention, whether or not we are highly intuitive or empathic, we can, with our mind, control what affects us.

It’s important. Thank you. Do you have trance mediumship experience to share with us so everybody can get a real feeling for what you do?

The one that I shared was when my teacher was saying they weren’t ready yet. Later, when I prepared, they did give me one word because I was having a hard day. It let me settle so that I could connect and say what she wanted me to say. That was a very powerful experience. When I get off of the platform at a church service and I don’t remember anything I have said and someone comes up with tears in their eyes and says, “I felt like you were speaking to me. I know spirit has been there.” It’s not that I have done my job but I have allowed well enough for spirit to come in and do the job they saw needed to happen and the words that needed to be shared.

It’s so obvious to me the overall theme from that side or this side is to heal. It’s to help people heal. Would you say that all mediumship is about healing the core wound of us all? What would you define that core wound to be?

I do think mediumship is all about healing because it helps us understand that separation is only in our minds. When I think of the core wound, it’s the separation that happens when we come from the spirit into the physical world. It’s always intrigued me that we are born into the light and people talk about transitioning back into the light. When we are born here, depending on how we are raised, we feel very separate from spirit and love. That’s what I think of as healing the core wound to understand there is no separation. That love is always available to us. We are loved here on Earth. The more that we each learn and grow spiritually, we have the capacity to truly shift the Earth and the pack of community.

That’s beautiful. Why is it important to heal in this lifetime? I suppose to, since we have this continuous life, why should we do this while we are here?

Why not? The opportunity is before us. Why not use every moment that’s been given to us, and to rest? Spirit tells us that they understand. They have walked the Earth before. Sometimes, we need to rest. As I said before, we are here for our physical life, but use this life to make the most of it.

If you are healing, you are evolving to a higher vibration. Now you cross over. What I have learned, and please correct me if I’m wrong, but our planes of existence where you land or when you cross over, correspond to the amount of love, the way you have lived, the amount of healing you have had.

We create our existence in our next reality from physical to spirit. As someone who believes that they will only awaken depending on their religion when there is a saint or someone who comes to get them, they will resist other spirit people trying to help them. If you have this belief, like I know you do, you know you will be warmly welcomed and you will already be having an active spirit life as soon as you cross over.

That’s true. This is so fascinating. If there are people who would like to learn from you, contact you, and find out about what you are doing, I know you get classes, workshops, and mediumship development and you also teach trance mediumship, tell us everything. What are you doing?

I teach through the Inner Spiritual Center that you mentioned, We have got classes set up.

Lots of online things, too?

Yes, it’s all online. There is a hybrid option, but you can do the whole course online no matter where you are. It’s in Fairfield, New Jersey. I also teach pretty regularly at the Morris Pratt Institute, which is also an online class. Here and there, I do a series of mediumship development classes. I was in Lily Dale. Anyone wanting to know more, I do have a Facebook page. They are welcome to private message me and I would be happy to chat.

I’m very grateful to the Inner Spiritual Center for the opportunity to teach there. The class I’m teaching is called Exploring Trance Mediumship. For people who aren’t even sure what they want to do, it’s a way to help them deepen their connection with spirit. Whether or not they want to do anything publicly, it’s a marvelous class to understand basic communication.

Why is it that the more you learn about continuous life, the more joyful this physical life becomes free of?

The more I learn about continuous life, the more joyful this physical life becomes. Share on X

I grew up in an atmosphere of being raised Catholic. I know people have very different experiences, but my particular diocese was very guilt-based. As I got away from that and learned other possibilities now with spiritualism and working with spirit, I see it’s all about what we are willing to do. Anything is possible if we are willing to put the work in and understand that, in some moments, we have work to do and it might be passing the baton to someone else. This is hard for humans to wrap our minds around because we all want to fix something or complete something but the overriding point is we all have an important part to play.

What I feel joyful about is the beauty of the larger plan that seems to be at work. There is so much love and possibility for humanity. The more that I learn from the world of spirit, the more in awe I am at the sacredness of the opportunity. Life should be embraced even in all of our challenges. We have all had hard things happen to us or very traumatic things but it’s possible to heal and to learn and grow with the right support.

Rosemary, I so deeply resonate with this profound message that you shared with me. We must all take personal responsibility for how we treat people, how we try to help, how we love, and how we live our lives. That energy continues to impact the physical world beyond our physical lives. You had said that there’s a prayer for healing within spiritualism that has the line, “I will do my part.” Each person has a part to play in the world. Are we throwing up our hands or are we accepting that we can make a difference even with a smile with someone else?

Are we doing our work to develop our understanding of ourselves and living in the world with love? That is what will shift humanity to the most productive higher level of vibration and understanding. From my heart, thank you, Rosemary, for your wondrous work as a medium, a healer, and a teacher. I think you are terrific. Thank you for being a guiding light for people as they heal and evolve in this continuous life of ours. Thank you again from my heart for this fascinating and enlightening interview.

From my heart also, thank you for the wonderful conversation and the opportunity to be in this space with you and all your readers.

Thank you. I love sharing you with everyone. I do. Here is a loving reminder, everyone, make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and wherever you get your podcasts including YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued. Thanks, again, Rosemary. Many blessings and bye for now.

Thank you.


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About Rosemary Calderalo

GAR 252 | SpiritualismThe Rev. Dr. Rosemary Calderalo is an ordained minister through the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC) and holds the NSAC credentials of certified medium, commissioned healer and National Spiritualist Teacher. She is also a graduate of the mediumship program at the Inner Spiritual Center, an independent Spiritualist Center in Fairfield, New Jersey where she now serves as a tutor.

Rosemary is a member of the Church of Peace, an online Spiritualist Center of the NSAC based in Wisconsin, a member of the Morris Pratt Institute, the educational unit of the NSAC, and the Lily Dale Assembly. She is currently the General Secretary for the International Spiritualist Federation. Rosemary’s focus on healing first brought her to a Spiritualist church in 2006; she has served churches and centers throughout the country and has served internationally as well.

Rosemary also maintains a private practice, OneWorld Spiritualist Center, with mediumship readings, healing, classes and workshops. Rosemary seeks to bring a sense of the sacred within her work as a medium, offering opportunities to others for healing, comfort, hope, and for the personal growth that comes from the understanding that love never dies. She is passionate about Spiritualism and the framework for spiritual development it provides, to help those on their journeys understand that not only is life continuous, but purpose and relationships are continuous as well; she believes that the more we understand that, the more joyful our lives become.

Rosemary holds a doctorate in Adult Education and works with nonprofit organizations on resource development; she is the Director of Advancement for the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Originally from New York City, she now lives in Maryland.


I was so honored to be a guest on Irene’s wonderful podcast. If you haven’t met Irene yet, she is a fabulous author and speaker, and I think you will love her podcast as much as I do.

Sherri Cortland


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