Dr. Ange DiBenedetto

Using a Holistic Approach to Help You, Your Family, or Your Relationship to Heal, Grow and Thrive – Holistic Psychotherapist – Trauma Specialist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner – Wellness/Life Coach and Advocate – Nutritional and Self-Care Counselor – Electrotherapy Clinician for Pain Management There are moments in your life when you need a compassionate and insightful psychotherapist to help you get to a better emotional place. Other times you need a caring, action-oriented coach who can guide, support, and hold you accountable to realize a specific goal or help you navigate an immediate challenge – or opportunity. And sometimes you need someone who is both a therapist and a coach. Regardless of the challenge or need, Dr. Ange brings a holistic mind, body, and spirit approach to working with clients. Based on her 25 years of experience as a therapist and coach, Dr. Ange passionately believes that each person can change their lives personally and professionally. She enjoys giving her clients the support, understanding, and direction they need in all aspects of their lives.

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Seta Araz Shahinian

Seta Araz Shahinian is a seasoned facilitator of the healing arts. She has pursued her education worldwide, expertly integrating all the knowledge she has acquired along with God given gifts and insights that are uniquely hers. She has delved far into the energetic world and has been instructed by Source, developing modalities and techniques that have been instrumental in brining healing to countless souls since she first established her thriving practice in 2001. Time and again, she has proven that the solution to problems that are prevalent in many of us, lies with the energetic realm and that we must seek solutions beyond conventional therapies and interventions, if we are truly to succeed in overcoming our challenges and weaknesses. Seta is a gifted channel for writing customized prayers needed to overcome any set of limitations, thereby empowering her clients with the tools and resources necessary to actively partake in their own healing, as they assume responsibility for themselves and develop a personal relationship with God. In addition to her in-person and distance energy healing services, Seta has also conducted group healings for those searching for wisdom and the means of attaining greater overall health, balance, and well-being in their daily lives. Seta deems it a privilege to be a service to those who seek assistance and is committed to alleviating needless suffering as a facilitator and conduit of the Divine.

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Gina Marie McConeghy, CHES, Holistic Wellness Consultant, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

Gina Marie McConeghy uses her holistic coaching experience along with her vast knowledge of essential oils to help people integrate the healing properties of essential oils, including essential oil infused supplements, personal care products and healthy home solutions into their lives. Essentials Oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants. Essential oils have been used throughout history in many cultures for their medicinal and theraputic benefits. Modern trends towards more holistic approaches to self-care and growing scientific validation of alternative health practices are driving a rediscovery of the profound health benefits of essential oils, which can address many health concerns without side effects. On an energetic level, essential oils are a conduit to spiritual enhancement, emotional release and healing, providing natural support for each person in their family, extended family, friends and also pets. Gina’s ability to teach others how to use essential oils empowers them to create deep friendships, healthier families, and healing communities.

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Pamala Oslie

Author, radio show host and professional psychic, Pamala Oslie also sees auras and has discovered that different aura colors reveal important information about you – your personality, life purpose, relationship style and best compatibilities, most fulfilling careers, best way to create money, strengths in raising children, potential health problems, and much more. Pamala has created a brief aura color quiz so that you can discover your own personal colors. Then you can discover more about yourslef and how you can create your most fulfilling life by reading the descriptions and watching the videos about your colors. Pam has also been speaking to people who have crossed over for almost three decades. She has been a popular guest speaker at IANDS – The International Association for Near Death Studies. Pam appears on numerous TV and radio shows, has been a featured speaker at the 2012 TEDx Talks, Fortune 500 companies, the International Forum on New Science, Conscious Life Expo and in many national magazines. She has an international clientele and has also written many successful and popular books.

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Staci Wells

Staci Wells has the unique ability to see our pre-birth planning sessions and hear the conversations we have with one another before we are born. Through a lifetime of communication with her Spirit Guides, Staci has a unique awareness of karma, pre-birth planning, and our soul’s evolutionary progress. Her exceptional intuitive access to information allows her to pinpoint central life issues with laser-like precision. With gentleness, kindness and loving compassion, Staci shines a fresh new light on the deeper meaning of our planned life experiences. Her knowledge of metaphysics is wide-ranging, including in-depth experience as a gifted psychic medium, medical intuitive, numerologist and tarot reader.

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Marilyn Kapp

Marilyn Kapp has been channeling since age two after witnessing her Grandfather leave his body. For her it was normal to continue the relationship and all its love and fun. With intension and life experience, Marilyn’s ability expanded, providing a vehicle to those who have passed through with which they could express their emotions and concerns. Often called “therapy on speed,” Marilyn gently guides you through the process, providing an opportunity for healing as well as realizing and expanding your own channeling potential. Marilyn is continually grateful to be a catalyst for healing.

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