A Conversation with Irene Weinberg

Q: As described in your book, They Serve Bagels in Heaven, you discovered someone close to you who could “channel” your husband’s conversation from “the other side.” Prior to your husband Saul’s passing, had you ever delved into spiritual pursuits – be it yoga, meditation, past life regressions? Had you ever consulted an astrologer or a psychic?

A: I did go to an astrologer while dating Saul. She told me we were going to be in a terrible car accident many years after we married and that “we would die together” in the accident. That was an eye opener and a real shocker! I guess she proved to be half right!

But I also had a wonderful aunt who I saw once a year from the time I was five years old, and then again after I married my first husband. Aunt Annette’s love, innate kindness and “right-on” psychic predictions (readings from a deck of cards), helped me to cope with a very dysfunctional, painful childhood. She predicted that I would marry my first husband and guided Saul (my second husband) and me as we coped with the stresses of painful divorces, raising my stepchildren, business angst, etc. I credit Aunt Annette with opening me up to the belief that there is more to life than just our 5 senses.

Q: Had you ever heard of anyone channeling people who had crossed over before your own experience?

A: I’d heard about these unusual healers, but I never had the need to pursue them. I suppose my aunt’s gift gave me the courage to have a session with the famed medium, John Edward, after my husband died. John helped me quite a bit and relieved me from a lot of confusion. Two weeks prior to my appointment with John, I bought James Van Praagh’s book, Talking to Heaven. I eagerly “ingested” this book to prepare for the experience. What blew me away was when John said: “He is telling me that you’ve been reading a special book to prepare you for tonight.”

I later went to another medium who also channeled Saul. At this session, Saul described in great detail his private part, (a unique issue) and his (funky) toes that no one else could have known about. It was proof enough for me. This was indeed Saul coming through!”

After these sessions, I accepted the evidence. This was “real.” Soon after, I started working with the woman who channeled Saul’s conversations for my book. These messages are now a significant part of They Serve Bagels in Heaven.

Q: What was the biggest shift for you since your communication with your husband from “the other side”? What were some of the lessons you learned?

A: Oh my, so many lessons learned and shifts within me!

1) The sudden car accident which left my husband instantly dead next to me taught me that I have control over absolutely nothing in my life except my attitude in dealing with whatever life hands me. Before the accident, I had a lot of control issues. After the accident, I let most of them go and I’ve continued to let them go as the years pass by.

2) As the EMT pulled me through the window of my car, I remember thinking “I will get through this somehow, because I need to be a role model for my son. He needs to know that you can get “hit by a grenade” in life and keep on going.”

3) Writing the book and receiving some harsh skepticism helped me to learn to hold on to “my truth” and to stop worrying about what others think. To this day, there are people in my life who are uncomfortable and skeptical about me, and my story. It is very challenging not to allow these people to intimidate me and for me, not to judge them. Now I see they are some of my best teachers, as they remind me to stay conscious, empowered and to hold on to “my truth.”

4) There were people in my life who were wonderful to me when I was suffering, but then turned on me when things started to get better. I realized then, that some people enjoy others’ suffering because they can feel powerful and become jealous when things start going well. So I have learned to BLESS AND RELEASE these people from my life. (To be loving and kind to everyone, also includes me).

5) Before the accident, I usually took “the high road” due to the promptings of my gut; I now take “the high road” because I KNOW there is karma. I KNOW we go on, and I KNOW that certain people are placed in my life to help me learn certain lessons. I do not want to come back with lessons still to be learned. This knowledge motivates me to live consciously and to strive to “be clean” in my relationships!

6) I have learned to be conscious about what I say and how I behave with people, because it may be our last interaction. Besides, I have seen too many people distraught over their “shuddas, wuddas, and cuddas,” after their loved one is deceased.

7) Don’t seek to convert others. Be a role model and let people choose what they learn and take away.

Q: How has your life changed since you wrote the book?

A: I am a much happier person today. There is more joy in my life, thanks to my healing choices and because I am following through on what I was told is my “soul purpose.” I am quite clear that I am to be a messenger for the teachings I discovered while writing this book; a voice to let people know that life goes on after death, and to do my best to help raise the vibration on the planet.

Q: If you could get all of humanity into one room, what you say to them?

A: It hurts me to see so many people suffering. I am not here to convince you of anything or convert you to my beliefs. I am here to tell my story. That’s it! It’s up to you how you process the information. You have many more life choices open to you than you think.

Healing past issues can be painful. It takes courage (especially when other people refuse to support you and would rather suffer, and keep you with them).

Remember, misery loves company. Healing can be a lifelong journey, but the result is relief from suffering both in this lifetime and future lifetimes. Healing will insure you that when this life is complete; your soul continues to evolve.

I find it extremely beneficial to be invested in a healing journey. We simply cannot be concerned as to what the end result may be.