Welcome to the award-winning, Grief and Rebirth Podcast. Author and Trauma Survivor Irene Weinberg is here to encourage you wherever you are on your healing journey. In each episode, she chats with incredible grief and trauma specialists, healers, mediums, and celebs as well as remarkable people who have inspiring healing stories to share. If you’re looking for a podcast that’s both uplifting and inspiring, you’ve found it. Let us help you find your joy in life! 




GAR 220 | Find Your Fierce

Colleen Conlon: An Eating Disorder Survivor Who Became A Guinness World Record Holder With A Mission To Help Women Overcome Their Own Challenges By Feeling Strong And Learning To “Find Your Fierce!”

  Colleen Conlon is a true role model for grief to healing and rebirth. An eating disorder survivor, she owes much of what has helped her overcome adversity to learning the “hardstyle” kettlebell technique. Now it is her mission to support other women in overcoming their challenges and feel strong and fierce through this discipline.

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GAR 219 | Widowhood Experiences

Donna Kendrick: When She Eventually Learned That She Was Able To Successfully Handle The Incredible Challenges That Had Come Into Her Life After The Sudden, Traumatic Loss Of Her Husband To Suicide, She Recreated Her Career So That She Could Help Families Survive Widowhood With Their Heart, Soul, And Finances Intact

  Donna Kendrick is a certified financial planner practitioner, a Grief Recovery Method Specialist, and the author of the Amazon #1 bestseller titled “A Guide to Widowhood: Navigating the First Three Years”, which provides a financial roadmap to surviving the first three years of widowhood with a person’s heart, soul, and finances intact. In 2013,

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GAR 218 | Surviving Trauma

Robin Aisha Landsong: The Healing Power of Song – A Spiritual Journey of Surviving Abuse and Two Near Death Experiences, and Her Medicine Songs That Have Helped Over 16,000 People Heal From Trauma and Grief

  Robin Aisha Landsong, a remarkable visionary artist, medicine singer, and trauma resolution leader, shares her incredible story of resilience, survival, and healing. Through the darkest moments of our lives, it is often the most unexpected sources of healing that bring us back into the light. For Robin, it was the medicine song of a

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GAR 217 | High Performers

Kamini Wood: A Dynamic Coach Who Empowers High Performers And Overachievers To Successfully Navigate Their Relationships To Money, To Boundaries, To Their Authentic Selves And More, To Live Flourishing, Fulfilling Lives!

  Kamini Wood is a Certified Life Coach who is the creator of AuthenticMe® and the CEO of her coaching company Live Joy Your Way, which specializes in helping high performers and overachievers navigate past traumas and toxic relationships, empowering them to live with impressive self-acceptance, self-confidence, and self-leadership. In addition to her training in

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GAR 216 | Trans Image

Camille Dan: Her Son Aaron Told Her Soon After His Passing That He Would Come Back To Her And That She Would Recognize Him. Then She Discovered His Trans-Image While Watching A Documentary, And She Nearly Fell Off Her Chair!

  Camille Dan is the mother of Aaron, her eldest son who has transitioned, his two brothers, and his one sister. Besides being a loving and devoted mom, Camille has professional experience as a Critical Care Registered Nurse, a Medical Technical Consultant for Feature Films and Television, and she is currently a Private Investment Manager.

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GAR 214 | Trauma Chronic Health Conditions

Danny Greeves: Trauma Leads Over Time To Chronic Health Conditions. Healing Trauma Gives Us The Chance To Restore Optimal Health So We Can Get Back Into The Driver’s Seat Of Our Lives And Enjoy The Journey.

  Danny Greeves is a highly recommended, multi-award-winning therapist, author, and speaker who is one of the UK’s leading experts in childhood and relationship trauma. Danny has authored four books, he is a regular on BBC Radio, and he writes expert contributions for various online media publications. In his new book titled Accelerated Trauma Resolution,

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GAR 227 | Healing With The Ancients

Lisa Snyder: Healing With The Ancients

  Lisa Snyder is a former engineer who was shown a Native American chief in her mind’s eye while in a meditative state during a massage. Healing sounds organically began to express through her vocal cords, and this very personal introduction to the world of Spirit not only inspired Lisa to train in evidential mediumship,

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GAR 212 | Unapologetically Abundant

Petia Kolibova Burns: She Decided To Stop Being A Slave To Her Limiting Beliefs And Other People’s Perceptions To Master The Art Of Loving Her Life And Sharing Her Light

  Petia Kolibova Burns empowers visionaries to expand in all dimensions of their lives by giving them immense clarity plus the exact steps to unlock their divine feminine and abundance mindsets. She is a passionate Human Design Practitioner and a certified breathwork facilitator who draws on Reiki and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to equip women to

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Uncle Saulsie: The Story Behind the Special License Plate

Saul Weinberg was a much-loved and respected Real Estate Developer who gentrified old, worn-out factories and office buildings into condo developments. Many of his new condo owners affectionately called him “Uncle Saulsie,”  so he had a special license plate created for his car with SAUL Z on it.  Irene’s car was wrecked in the car

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GAR 210 | Divine Feminine

Heather Allison: She Is A Sacred Feminine, Soul And Shamanic Guide For Lovers, Leaders, Luminaries, And Mystics, And A Destiny Accelerator For Those Who Feel They Are Here For A Bigger Impact, A More Beautiful Life, And A Sacred Purpose

  Heather Allison has had a fascinating life journey filled with grief, transformation, and rebirth. Heather was married when she was younger until she realized how toxic the relationship was, causing her to completely lose herself and all sense of who she was. Through a series of Magical events, she got out of that marriage

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GAR 209 | Healing After Suicide

LeAnn Hull: The Heartbreak Of Losing Her 16-Year-Old Son To Suicide And Then Becoming The Victor – Not The Victim – By Being In The Driver’s Seat On Her Journey Of Healing From Grief

  LeAnn Hull is an author, motivational speaker, presenter, encourager, the Co-Affiliate Leader of the remarkable non-profit Helping Parents Heal group named Healing After Suicide and an inspiring role model for grief to healing to rebirth. Her book, titled How to Live When You Want to Die, tells the heartbreaking experience of losing her 16-year-old

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GAR 208 | Mother And Daughter Stories

Anne Marie Oomen: Nice Mother-Daughter Stories Are A Dime A Dozen; Pain-In-The-Ass Mother-Daughter Stories Are The Ones That Grab Us: How Humor And Compassion Grew Belatedly Between A Mother And Daughter Who Didn’t Much Like Each Other

  Anne-Marie Oomen is an essayist, memoirist, poet, playwright, and educator who is the author of seven books. Not only is she a late bloomer whose first book was published when she was 53 years old, her most recent book titled As Long as I Know You: The Mom Book, has won the Association of

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GAR 206 | Soul Whisperer

Ginny Jablonski: After A Profound Near-Death Experience Brought Ginny Remarkable Psychic Abilities, She Became A Human And Animal Soul Whisperer

  Ginny Jablonski is the 13th inspiring interview in the G & R Podcast’s Rebirth series. She is a human and animal soul whisperer, a horse medicine facilitator, an author, an inspirational speaker, and an opioid crisis awareness advocate who retired from a career in international security to focus on resolving her emerging medical issues.

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GAR 205 | Practicing Gratitude

Dr. Peggy DeLong: You Have The Power To Create Your Own Happiness By Harnessing The Power Of Gratitude And Joy To Live Your Best Life, Especially Through Difficult Times

Dr. Peggy DeLong is an accomplished psychologist, author, speaker, and grief therapist. She is known as The Gratitude Psychologist because she teaches people how to harness the power of gratitude and joy to live their best lives, especially through difficult times. She does this through psychotherapy, her group program for healing grief called HEAL, her

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GAR Sue Frederick | Dream Vision

Sue Frederick: In A Dream Vision, Sue Was Lifted Above Earth And Shown That The Light Is Always Winning No Matter How Grim Things May Appear

  Sue Frederick is an accomplished speaker and teacher, an Author, an Intuitive, an ordained Unity Minister, a soul regression therapist, a master numerologist, and a certified creative arts therapist. She has been an intuitive since childhood and she is also an accomplished author. Her six highly acclaimed books provide roadmaps for manifesting the work

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GAR Melissa Lyons | Freedom Rising From Within

Melissa Lyons And Cathrine Marshall: What Does Freedom And Transformation From The Inside Out Look Like On The Outside And Feel Like On The Inside?

Melissa Lyons and Cathrine Marshall are the enlightened authors of a wise new book titled Freedom Rising from Within: The Ultimate Guide to Freedom and Transformation from the Inside Out. Melissa is a mind-body wellness coach, a best-selling author, and an inspiring keynote speaker whose programs, books, and group events have helped thousands of people

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GAR Lora DeVore | Dark Human Experience

Lora De’Vore: Prostituted For The First Time At The Age Of Nine, Suffered Unspeakable Treatment From Those Who Should Have Protected Her, Incarcerated In A Mental Hospital, Attempted Suicide..

Lora De’Vore is an incredible role model for grief and rebirth. She is an author, a therapist, an educator, and a catalyst for transformational change for both healthcare individuals & institutions. Her wisdom comes from the inside out, from facing the darkest aspects of human experience and mining the dark for the treasures that can

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GAR 204 | Grieving Process

Michele Benyo: You’ve Suffered “The Worst Loss” Imaginable. And When Your Child Leaves A Grieving Sibling, Your Heart Is Twice Broken.

  Michele Benyo is an early childhood parenting coach and mentor who is also a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. When Michele’s daughter was only three-and-a-half years old, her beloved 6-year-old big brother, who was her best friend and only sibling—died of cancer. She said to Michele, “Mommy, half of me is gone.” The loss was

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GAR 203 | Healing

Winnie Chan: When We Honor Darkness And Integrate With Light, We Claim Our Gifts Of Source Power. And The More We Heal Ourselves, The More We Heal The World.

  Winnie Chan is a trauma-informed licensed acupuncturist who is also a Shamanic Tao healer, a Reiki practitioner, a shadow worker, and the co-author of Honoring Darkness: Embrace Shadow Work to Nourish and Grow Your Power. Her mission in life is to deliver LOVE AS MEDICINE – to help everyone discover their original wholeness. She does

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GAR 202 | Dying Plan

Maggie Gannon: Dying Is As Natural As Being Born. Do Not Wait To Plan For Life’s Last Chapter – Reach Out, Give The Elephant In The Room – Death – A Big Hug And Live With Purpose.

  Maggie Gannon is a board-certified Adult-Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist and the CEO/co-founder of HAVEN, the all-in-one, under-one-roof space for legacy preservation. After taking care of head and neck cancer patients for over 25 years and with her own history of death and loss, Maggie created Haven, a customer-focused company built from the ground up to give

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GAR 201 | Life Healing Lessons

Krista Nerestant: It is possible to extract life-healing lessons while overcoming a violent past: how the incredible, heroic journey of her life turned Krista’s struggles into powerful lessons that can help each of us.

  Born in the Philippines, Krista Nerestant moved to the US at the age of twelve and became a successful entrepreneur at 17 years old. In addition to being the owner of, serving as a certified spiritual medium and teacher to demystify the world of spirit and energy, Krista is a neuro-linguistic life coach

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GAR 200 | Sensuality And Sexuality

Kate Vosti: Do You Know The Distinction Between Sensuality And Sexuality? The Way Kate Teaches Sensuality Is A Potent Formula To Move And Repurpose Grief

  Kate Vosti is a Somatic Movement Facilitator whose mission is to offer a unique, therapeutic experience using non-sexual sensuality to move and repurpose grief, reconnect to joy and pleasure, and claim authentic expression and confidence. And she is also an admirable role model for grief and rebirth. She had spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis

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GAR 118 | Near Death Experience

Michelle Clare: A 3-time Near-Death Experience Survivor Who Receives Messages From Loved Ones Who Have Crossed Over, As Well As Angels And Life Guides

  Michelle Clare is a Certified Medium, an Angel Intuitive, a Spiritual Coach, an Energetic Healer, an Intuitive Life Coach, and a 3-time Near Death Experience (NDE) survivor; during Michelle’s third NDE, she suffered a traumatic brain injury. All 3 NDEs were a reminder of unconditional love and connection that surpasses our earthly life. Shortly

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GAR 116 | Spirit Communication

Stacey Cripps: Spirit Is Love And Love Heals. “May Your Heart Open And Your Spirit Be Awakened To Feel Love.”

  Stacey Cripps is a well-known and highly respected Spiritual Medium, Mentor and Advisor of the Gift of Spirit.  Thanks to her rare God-given gift that allows heart-to-heart Spirit communication with departed loved ones, Stacey transmits evidential healing messages that instill peace, love, and joy. Her work with grieving families, St. Jude, and others shines

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GAR 115 | Blissful Connection

Ann Albers: Would You Like To Experience The Power And Beauty Of Your Own Soul And Develop A Blissful Connection With Spirit?

  Ann Albers is a popular author, a spiritual instructor, an angel communicator, and a modern-day mystic. After she entered pre-med at Notre Dame University, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a Computer Concentration, then got a job in the aviation electronics industry. She discovered she was unhappy, so she

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GAR 113 | Grief

Dr. Heidi Horsley And Dr. Gloria Horsley: Profound Personal Losses Inspired Them To Help Millions Struggling With Grief

  Three tragic personal losses inspired Dr. Gloria Horsley, who is an internationally known grief expert, psychotherapist, and bereaved parent, and Dr. Heidi Horsley, who is a licensed psychologist, social worker, and bereaved sibling, to become the Founders of the Open to Hope Foundation, whose mission is to help people find hope after loss. Gloria

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GAR 111 | Professional Medium

Tina Powers: A Former News Anchor And Reporter Who Now Works As A Professional Medium And Receives Psychic Messages. As She Laughingly Says: “It’s Reporting For The Other Side!”

  The charismatic and gifted Tina Powers has worked in film, theatre, and television. She was a news anchor and reporter for 15 years, then her life took a turn, and she is now a Psychic/Medium and author who lectures on intuition and holds private sessions with clients at the world-renowned Miraval Resort in Arizona.

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GAR 109 | Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith: Hailed By The UK’s Media As “Britain’s Most Accurate Medium,” He Is Still Astounded When Words Come Through Him That Lift A Person’s Sadness And Bring Light Back Into That Person’s Life

  Gordon Smith is an International Medium, a Public Figure, a tutor, and the author of an impressive 23 books that have sold over a million copies in many different languages. Internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading psychic mediums and spiritual teachers, he developed his outstanding natural ability under the tutelage of some

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GAR 108 | Energetic Healing

Healing Event With Seta Araz Shahinian: Release Of Grief, Anxiety And Suffering Through Energetic Healing

  Irene hosted a wonderful healing event to release grief, anxiety, and suffering through energetic healing with the very gifted Seta Araz Shahinian, an energetic healer, and conduit of healing and transformation for people. Seta can perceive the energetic template. It encompasses a person’s mind, body, and soul and identifies patterns, states, and conditions. It

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GAR 107 | Sky Of Infinite Blue

Kyomi O’Connor: Though We May Feel Otherwise At The Time, Our Life And Death Are Beyond Our Limited Notions. We Are Timeless Existence.

  Kyomi O’Connor is a retired Pediatric Dentist, a Buddhist leader, and the Author of a wonderful debut memoir titled A Sky of Infinite Blue: A Japanese Immigrant’s Search for Home and Self. In it, she shares her very authentic and touching personal story about the intense emotional difficulties she experienced within her family of

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GAR 106 | Grief Warrior’s Journey

Cindy Baumann: Grief Is A Journey That None Of Us Wants To Be On, And Yet There’s No Turning Back. The Only Way Out Is Forward And Through.

  Cindy Baumann is an Author, a Grief Coach, and a Life Transition Coach with four adult sons, one of whom is on the Other Side. During the 25 years Cindy co-owned and grew a multi-million-dollar marketing firm, she received numerous professional and volunteer awards and a nomination for The Athena Award, which celebrates leaders

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GAR 105 | Coping With Profound Grief

Autumn Toelle-Jackson: Will You Let The Loss Overpower Your Memories Of The Past And Choke Out Any Happiness For The Future? Or Will You Embrace Your Sadness – And Then Introduce It To Happiness?

  Autumn Toelle-Jackson is a wife, widow, mother, survivor, and author who has lived a life filled with great love and titanic losses. The loss of a husband, a beloved cousin who was her mentor, and her infant daughter and miscarriages have left scars on her soul and memorial tattoos on her body. Yet, Autumn

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GAR 104 | Unique Healing Technique

Debra Martin: A Renowned Medium And Healer Who Has Created A Unique Healing Technique Used Nowhere Else In The World, And Whose Incredible Connection With Spirit Has Aided Her Work With The FBI And Me

  Debra Martin is a renowned intuitive healer, an International Research Lab certified medium, the author of six books, and an ordained healing minister. She has had three near-death experiences, and she is also a survivor of cancer. After her third near-death experience in 2012, she had a profound out-of-body experience and a conversation with

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GAR 103 | Age Of Loneliness

Becca Piastrelli: Why Is The Current Time We Are Living In Called The Age Of Loneliness, And How Can We Awaken Our “Wild Woman” Within?

  Becca Piastrelli is a writer, coach, and podcast host.  Her debut book, titled Root and Ritual: Timeless Ways to Connect to Land, Lineage, Community, and the Self, is a beautiful guide that offers a pathway back to connection and wholeness through rituals, recipes, and ancestral wisdom while it encourages us to access our intuition,

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GAR 101 | Spiritual Mystic

Noah Hammond Tyrrell: A “Jersey Boy” Turned Spiritual Mystic Who Has Coached High Level Entrepreneurs, Helped His Dad Heal From A “Death Sentence” Diagnosis…

  Noah Hammond Tyrrell’s passion is talking about Spirit, Human Potential, and creating lasting change in ourselves and on this planet. Educated as an engineer, he discovered spirituality through the study of Quantum Physics. A bad breakup in college sent him searching for answers and he became inspired to unlock the secrets of human potential

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GAR 100 | Near-Death Experiences

Dr. Lotte Valentin: It Is Never Too Late To Transform Your Life’s Path: Two Dramatic Out-Of-Body Near-Death Experiences, Being Prompted By Spirit To Attend Medical School After Menopause, And Training

  Dr. Ann Charlotte Valentin, also known as Dr. Lotte, is a Naturopathic Physician, a Medical Intuitive, an Ancestral Healer, and a Psychic Medium. Lotte, who emigrated to the United States from Sweden, has a gold medal award-winning book in the category of Spiritual Leadership titled, Med School after Menopause: The Journey of my Soul,

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GAR 97 | Akashic Records

Rohini Moradi: Did You Know That The Akashic Records Are Like A Spiritual Database Where Every Thought That Can Be Used As A Guide For Life’s Toughest Decisions?

  Spiritual teacher Rohini Moradi is an Akashic Records specialist, a healer, and the creator of the Magic Inclined community, a private community for people who want to learn to access the Akasha. Rohini was born in Tehran, Iran, when her father ran the only Hindu temple in the city but a massive religious-military upheaval

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Natalie Vecchione: A True-Life Story Of Triumphing Over Daunting Obstacles And Finding Rebirth By Reinventing Her Career To Help Those Whose Lives Have Been Touched By FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder)

  Natalie Vecchione is the 9th inspiring interview in our Grief and Rebirth Podcast’s Rebirth series. She is the co-founder of FASD Hope, whose mission is to provide awareness, information, and inspiration for people whose lives have been touched by FASD. She is also the producer and host of the FASD Hope! podcast series, an

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GAR 95 | September 12

Andrea Carter Brown: A Traumatic Event Like 9/11 Changes You, But With Acceptance, Living Thoughtfully And Being Honest With What You Are Feeling, Comes Healing

  Andrea Carter Brown is a renowned poet whose book titled September 12 contains her collection of award-winning poems about 9/11 and its aftermath. She was living a single block away from the World Trade Center on 9/11; her eyewitness account of the attack and its aftermath is described in her impressive, award-winning book that

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GAR 93 | Afterlife

Father Nathan Castle: A Catholic Priest Who Has Helped “Stuck Souls” Who Died Suddenly And Traumatically Adjust To The Afterlife, Including Patrick Swayze’s Deceased Sister!

  Father Nathan Castle is a Catholic Priest who is a lecturer, a workshop facilitator, a retreat director, and an author. He has served in campus ministries in California and Arizona for 27 years and he has chaired the Executive Board of the Catholic Campus Ministry Association (CCMA). In his books titled Afterlife Interrupted: Helping

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GAR 91 | Remarkable Healing

Catherine Gourdier: Suffering An Incalculable Loss Followed By Another And Another At Warp Speed To Remarkable Healing And Rebirth Filled With Authenticity, Optimism, And Love

  Catherine Gourdier, who is married to Producer Don Carmody and grew up as the eldest of eight siblings, is the eleventh special interview in the G&R Podcast’s Rebirth series. She enjoyed a successful career as an independent sales agent for sixteen years and later transitioned to the film and television industry, where she is

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GAR 90 | Childhood Trauma

Dr. Rita Louise: The Dysfunctional Dance Of The Empath And Narcissist: You Can Create Healthy Relationships In Your Life By Healing Your Childhood Trauma

  Dr. Rita Louise is a gifted empath, a talented clairvoyant medical intuitive, and a best-selling author whose most recent book is titled The Dysfunctional Dance of The Empath and Narcissist: Create Healthy Relationships by Healing Childhood Trauma. She graduated from the Berkeley Psychic Institute, where she studied meditation and energy medicine and learned to

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GAR 89 | Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth

Sherri Cortland: Would You Like To Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth And Get Your “To-Do” List For This Incarnation Done With Much Less Drama And Pain?

  Sherri Cortland has served as a Vice President in the life and health insurance field, spent 18 years as a Director of Specialty Sales, and is currently a Project Manager in the travel industry. She is also an author, an intuitive, a workshop facilitator, and a spiritual growth accelerator whose mission is to help

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GAR 83 | Guardian Angels

Robbie Holz: How Do Our Guardian Angels And Spirit Guides Help Us Turn Our Struggles Into Successes, Aid Us In Challenging Situations, And Help Us Achieve Our Desires?

  Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium and teacher. She is a frequent media guest and the author of two award-winning books read in over 43 countries, titled Secrets of Aboriginal Healing, and Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening, both of which are incredibly compelling and filled with extraordinary insights. In her newest book, titled

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GAR 82 | Healing Our Wounds

Allyson Roberts: It’s Our Responsibility As Co-creators To Heal Our Wounds. Why? So That We Don’t Bleed On Those Who Haven’t Cut Us.

  Allyson Roberts is a highly sought-after intuitive guide, healer, and transformation coach who is a Cognitive Behavioral Expert with a global reach and over 25 years of experience. She is the creator of Personalized Science, a system that combines science and spirituality. Her mission is to show others how the brain keeps us prisoners

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GAR 81 | Personal Rebirth

Rebirth Series: Ann Van Orsdel – Her Personal Rebirth Led To Helping Her Clients Create Important Transformational Change In Their Lives With The Highest Standards And Ethics.

  Ann Van Orsdel is the 8th inspiring interview in our Grief and Rebirth Podcast’s Rebirth series.  She is an intuitive life coach and psychic medium who has been able to connect with spirit since childhood, but she suppressed her abilities due to religious beliefs and self-doubt. Throughout her teens and early 20’s, she eagerly

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GAR 79 | Inner Power

Faust Ruggiero: Transform Your Life Into A Happy, Healthy, And Productive Journey By Unleashing The Power That’s Been Inside You All Your Life!

  Faust Ruggiero is a published research author, clinical trainer, and therapist whose professional career spans almost 40 years. He has been in private practice at the Community Psychological Center in Bangor, Pennsylvania for over thirty years, specializing in individual, family, substance abuse, women’s issues, and marital/couples counseling. Faust has practiced his highly successful counseling

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GAR 77 | Self-Healing

Andrew Hahn: Do You Believe In Miracles? Learn About A Miraculous New Healing Framework That Can Transform Suffering And Deep Personal Issues In Only One Hour!

  Dr. Andrew Hahn is a licensed clinical psychologist and healer whose remarkable life’s work, and personal commitment is to help end a person’s suffering and indeed, to end all suffering through what he calls Life Centered Therapy. He is the Founder of the Life Centered Therapy Training Institute, and he is now the co-author

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GAR 75 | Self-Love

Lisa Kohn: “The Best Seats I Ever Had At Madison Square Garden Were At My Mother’s Wedding, And The Best Cocaine I Ever Had Was From My Father’s Friend, The Judge.”

  Lisa Kohn is the author of her award-winning memoir To the Moon and Back: A Childhood Under the Influence. Born in NJ to hippie parents and raised in New York City’s East Village in the 1970s, Lisa’s early years were a mixture of encounter groups, primal screams, macrobiotic diets, communes, Indian ashrams, Jefferson Airplane

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GAR David Richman | First Marriage

Rebirth Series: David Richman – Escaping His First Marriage To An Abusive Alcoholic, Getting His Children To A Better Place, And Using That Experience To Live A Healthy Life

    David Richman is a Coach, Consultant, financial services professional, a public speaker, and the author of an incredibly moving book titled Cycle of Lives – 15 People’s Stories, 5000 Miles, and a Journey Through the Emotional Chaos of Cancer. His incredible rebirth story includes escaping his first marriage to an abusive alcoholic, getting

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GAR Amy Carpenter | Sexual Assault Awareness

Amy Carpenter: Our Wounds Are What Make Us Strong, Empathetic And Aware, And Make Us Champions For Others

  Amy Carpenter is a youth advocate, psychotherapist, relationship coach and bestselling author. She has over twenty-five years of experience teaching young people about sexual assault awareness and prevention through personal empowerment, healthy relationships, and sexual ethics. Her work has been featured on CBS, NBC, MARKET WATCH, and hundreds of nationally syndicated newspaper and magazine

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GAR 114 | Love Never Dies

Lisa Wilcoxson: “Love. Never. Dies. Neither Do We. I’ve Been Shown.” Lisa’s Inspirational Guidance And Connection Has Helped Bereaved People Across The Globe.

  Lisa Wilcoxson is a spiritual evidential medium, a psychic, a mystic, and a mentor. As a tested and certified medium who is a recommended provider for Helping Parents Heal, she is renowned for delivering detailed evidence and stunning connection in readings. She compassionately provides undeniable proof that the bonds of love are unbreakable, there

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GAR Jane Asher | Metaphysical Relationship

Jane Asher: The Metaphysical Relationship Between A Mother And Daughter That Grew Stronger Through Death

  Author Jane Asher has an insightful, enlightening new book titled The Next Room. It is a fascinating story that transcends space and time, of a relationship between mother and daughter that grew stronger through death. Written together, by initially enlisting interpretation through a psychic medium, The Next Room takes us on a daughter’s journey learning eternal

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GAR Elizabeth Boisson | Helping Parents Heal

Elizabeth Boisson: President And Co-Founder Of Helping Parents Heal

  Elizabeth Boisson is the remarkable President and Co-Founder of Helping Parents Heal, the inspiring non-profit organization dedicated to assisting bereaved parents to become Shining Light Parents by providing support and resources to aid in the healing process. Elizabeth is also the Affiliate Director of the Phoenix/Scottsdale chapter of Helping Parents Heal, the Editor of

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GAR Heidi Connolly | Visiting Angel

Heidi Connolly: Could It Be That Each Of Us Is A Visiting Angel On Vacation In Each Lifetime?

Heidi Connolly is an author, medium, intuitive coach, and spirit-minded musician. After graduating Harvard University, she became a professional musician, worked as a corporate trainer in human resources, and went on to become the owner of Harvard Girl Word Service, a writing, editing and self-publishing consultation business. Heidi’s endearing and magical new book is titled

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GAR Molly Weisgram | Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Molly Weisgram And Chris Maxwell: Miracles Still Do Happen – Their Journey From The Unimaginable Depths Of Calamity To A New Life Filled With Deep Truth, Growth And Transformation

  Molly Weisgram is a gifted author who earned her undergraduate degrees in English and Psychology and her master’s degree in Communication Studies from the University of South Dakota. She has also studied with the Centers for Spiritual Living and graduated from its Spiritual Practitioner Program. Molly’s debut book is titled The Other Side of

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GAR Jacob Cooper | Near Death Experience

Jacob Cooper: A Near-Death Experience When He Was Just 3 Years Old Brought Jake Fascinating Insights Into The Mystery Of Life On The Other Side

Jacob Cooper is a remarkable therapist and healer who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of New York. He is also a certified hypnotherapist who specializes in past life regression hypnotherapy and a Reiki master who has been featured in multiple media outlets. Jake is the author of a thought-provoking and inspirational

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GAR Ingrid Honkala Ph.D. | Beings Of Light

Ingrid Honkala Ph.D. – The Marine Scientist Who Drowned At Age 2 And Met “Beings Of Light” Who Have Guided Her Through A Lifelong Journey Of Miracles

  Dr. Ingrid Honkala is a Marine Scientist, an author, a Light Worker, a Meditation Teacher, a Reiki Healer, and an International Speaker. When she was little, her parents discovered that she could see and hear things that no one else could. All this seemed to be tied up with the aftermath of Ingrid’s near-death

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GAR Dr. Marni Hill Foderaro | Embracing Spirituality

Dr. Marni Hill Foderaro: Surviving And Healing From Domestic Violence, Narcissistic Abuse And Parental Alienation By Embracing Spirituality, Leading To Rebirth

  Dr. Marni Hill Foderaro is an award-winning educator, a speaker and the author of an inspirational book of spiritual miracles titled God Came To My Garage Sale. Marni earned a doctorate in education and completed postdoctoral studies at Harvard after a 35-year career as a high school special education teacher and 12 years as

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GAR D.Mitry Gelfand | Feature Film

D.Mitry Gelfand: A Writer/Director Whose Daughter Inspired Him From The Other Side To Create A Movie

  D.Mitry Gelfand is a writer and director whose daughter inspired and helped him from the Other Side to create the movie My True Fairytale. A classically trained pianist originally from Minsk, Belarus, D.Mitry made his way into cinema via theater, his plays staged off-off-Broadway and, in 1998, at the Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights Conference in Connecticut.

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