Testimonials on The Grief and Rebirth Podcast

"I know you really enjoy meeting all the people and you are such a good interviewer. Our world is so blessed to have you doing what you do. "
Mary D'Agostino
"I just listened to your interview with Tessa Williams and was struck by a similar message I received right after my sweetheart Steve, of 28 years passed. It was “Be kind. Be kind to everyone - no exceptions.” I’ve always believed it was a true communication from wherever he was, and hearing your experience confirmed that even more. And finally, I’m looking forward to your new book because I want to make the best of my third chapter. Love the title! It made me laugh out loud and inspires me to live as fully and good as possible - to the last drop. I just “met” you this morning and want to thank you (and Saul) for all the good work you’re doing and for helping so many heal and thrive after loss. "
Vicky C
"Just wanted to say again how delightful it was to speak to you and how proud I am of your work and success."
Martha Hunt Handler
"I began listening to your podcast recently. Wow! What a story you have. You exemplify everything the spirit world is trying to convey to the world."
Chris Lippencott
"Oh wow! 😘 Congratulations on your award! So well deserved! You make a difference in the lives of so many!"
"Keep on doing what you’re doing I love your energy you’re so adorable Irene 💕💕💕!"
"Insights and solutions for healing your soul! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Irene. She asks insightful questions that dive deep into getting straight to the point to help you heal your soul. Irene’s grounded point of view in addressing spiritual experiences and matters are the heart of how she helps others find tools to heal themselves. Irene is a beautiful soul whose light is a force of positive change for the collective. Thank you for all you do to uplift others and this beautiful podcast community you’ve created. It was my honor to be a guest on your show!"
Tammy Franklin - Transcending Belief
"Thank you with all my heart! YOU ARE AN ANGEL sent from above to bring love to people, there are no words to express how grateful I am for this conversation! Thank you so much!!"
Riya S
"Saying congratulations doesn't cover how excited and happy I am for you to win this award, Irene! You deserve every single kudo that comes your way, of course, and being along for a bit of the ride with you is a tremendous honor. Can't wait to talk with you and tell you "in person" in May."
Heidi Connolly
"I am so happy you have received the Positive Change Podcast Award. Thank you for introducing us to your inspiring guests. I know you have a technical team on this side and Saul on the other that helps and encourages you. Congratulations to all! Thank you for all the work you put into creating this space of love, hope and healing.
"What a wonderful conversation - thank you again for your thoughtful, well-researched questions. I so appreciate this connection...you are a light and a beacon!"
Nicole Christie
"I loved being on your show
Jarie B
"Your show has become a fast favorite (have been binging episodes hoping to find more and more!) and I would love to receive the copy of your book, so thank you for that offer! I will pass your podcast along so you can continue growing this community. I have been on the spiritual path for many years now and have watched many podcasts on the subject and can tell you you really stand out as one of the top available. You are a joy to listen to! I am always amazed how fast the time goes and it just makes me look forward to the next one - you do a beautiful job! Keep up the great work you are doing in bringing on incredible guests, interesting topics and creating a difference in our world - you are an amazing lady and I appreciate all you do! "
"You are THE BEST. Keep up the great work, you are a treasure !"
Paige L
"It is such a delight hearing you talk about your story. Your energy and vibration are contagious! I have been following you for quite a while now and been watching your podcasts in YouTube. Thank you for your work. I really enjoy your podcasts and have found in them people that I resonate with. "
"Irene, thank you for your life-saving soulful work on this planet. I know you have helped 1000s – and more to come!"
Carolyn Parrs
"Thank you again for the marvelous experience with the podcast recording. I'm very grateful for your questions, which had me thinking about my journey in new ways."
Rosemary C
"There is so much joy but also so many challenges that people face. You are a light that shows them a new path. What a gift you are!!"
Kim C
"I could not be prouder of you and how you've been living life to the fullest and sharing loving kindness with the world. I watched your video with James Van Praagh and Kellee White and wanted to reach in and hug you! "
Heidi C
"Thank you for the meaningful interview with Debra. Her insights were beautiful. Blessings for your work in spreading the light."
Anne L
"I just want to say how much I loved the episode with Jamie Sarche, where you discussed grief and rebirth. It was great to hear her speak about having challenging conversations. I have had to have these with my loved ones, and she gave some great tips It was so powerful, and I found it very valuable. We have given you a 5* rating as we really value the standard of content you are creating."
Lana G
"When I saw your IG reel, my heart literally smiled. It was so good seeing you again and hearing your voice. You are such a champion and believing eyes for everyone!!"
"I was lucky to find Irene Weinberg, host of the Grief and Rebirth podcast on Instagram. I have been listening to her podcasts since I found her. Irene is truly a wonderful person. I had a number of questions for Irene. She was kind enough to answer every single one of them for me. She even invited me to be a guest on her podcast in the coming year. Irene is a gifted and talented host. Above all, Irene is a trusted conduit who brings people together. She recently connected me with Jacob Cooper. I'm grateful for her big heart. Thank you for everything, Irene!"
Monica Gullotta
"Thank you, Irene! Love your podcasts and I always learn so much from your guests and you."
Marylou C
"I am enjoying listening to your podcast. Thank you for your extraordinary work."
Monica Gullotta
"Thank you for all you do, it truly makes a difference in the world of grief."
AJ Coleman
"I have enjoyed listening to a number of Irene' s podcasts. I think she is wonderful! I have learned so much more about grief over the past couple of weeks. I am truly grateful."
Monica G
"Listening to Irene Weinberg's Grief & Rebirth podcast is a fantastic opportunity to sink your spiritual teeth into matters of the heart and soul. From death and loss to gratitude and joy, Irene covers it all with guests from every walk of life. "
Heidi Connolly, The Celestial Professor
"About 4 years into my end-of-life doula work, I realized that I wanted to continue to help families after their loved ones had died. I became a certified grief educator and have been co-leading bereavement groups as a volunteer. Several years into this work, completely serendipitously, I was listening to your podcast (which I have always been a big fan of) and your guest that day was Sherokee Ilse. At the end of the podcast, Sherokee shared her cell phone number and I reached out to her. Our conversation affirmed that this is the work I needed to do. I trained with Sherokee for 7 months on line and in person in Pittsburgh. Sherokee is the pioneer in the field of perinatal bereavement and although there are other training programs available, I knew Sherokee's would be the gold standard. Upon becoming certified, I contacted Holy Name Medical Center with a proposal for a perinatal bereavement program. The goal being to support families through perinatal loss, help honor their babies and spend the short time they have together making precious memories to last a lifetime. It is my honor to do this work and I feel called to it in a way like nothing else in my life has. I became a member of the staff one year ago and work on the Labor and Delivery unit. I want you to know the power of your podcast and your wisdom and how it has changed my life and the families I have been able to serve."
Julie L-R
"Irene is a true ray of sunshine!"
Frances Rae Key
"This is so beautiful! You’re truly an inspiration and this episode shows it. It’s such an honour to be a guest on your show. I’m very grateful and I can’t wait to share with my friends and followers!!"
"I don't even remember how I chanced upon Irene and her podcasts but I am so glad that I did. My beloved passed away unexpectedly 11 months ago and I have been on quite a journey. The various guests that Irene interviews have allowed me to find comfort and insight during this difficult year. And I have to say that Irene is an exceptional interviewer! She allows her guests to have the floor but her Q's really penetrate to the heart of the matter being discussed and really do bring out the best information. Thank you Jan Warner for your interview, and thank you Irene for making all of these interviews possible. I feel that you have helped me tremendously as I process my grief."
J. McSorley
"Irene Weinberg is the most amazing podcast host and interviewer. She made it easy for me to share my story. She will even find a long-forgotten quote to delightfully surprise you from your own book. Irene is a force of nature, a compassionate human, and an angel on Earth—all rolled into one."
Sheela Zeidler
"I’m new to your podcast and what a breath of fresh air for those grieving. I lost my mom 3 weeks ago and discovered your podcast just last week. Each time I listen to it I feel like I’ve gone to a counseling session but in a positive manner."
"What a steady bright light you are during times that are challenging for so many people. I’m grateful for our connection and the opportunity to share conversation and wisdom."
Kerri Hummingbird
"Beautiful interview."
Lisa H. Snyder
"Your podcasts just keep getting better and better so thank you for giving us such rich content!"
Allyson Roberts
"I want to say that over the past few weeks, I've watched your story at least 50 times. At this point for most projects, I'd never want to see the video again. But for you, I really want to acknowledge your courage and fortitude, your passion and compassion, and your cheerful, positive, upbeat attitude in delivering your message of spiritual hope and wisdom. Your story has made a difference in my life and I'm sure this short film we've created in the form of this video will touch many, many people in very positive ways."
Peter Alessandria - Author, Filmmaker & Photographer

"Irene, I just finished reading your book and want to say thank you. Wow! What an incredible story! Yours and Saul’s story is inspiring to me, and I loved reading your book.

Irene, every emotional milestone since my partner’s death has been made bearable to me, not only by the loving attention of my friends but through what I have learned thus far from spiritual teachings. I want to thank you for that.  All of this is making me a better person for which I am so grateful. You need to know how helpful you have been to me, as I’m sure you have been for countless others.  Our world is so crazy anymore so it’s good to hold fast to the beautiful teachings of yours and those teachers you promote."

"You were so prepared for our interview and such a lovely woman. I wish you all the happiness you deserve!"
Nancy Pickard

"Whenever I see anything from you it makes me smile. Congratulations again on the great work you’re doing."

Andy Hahn
Thank you for all you're doing to help us open and expand the view of this wonderful life.
Carol C.

"I have enjoyed your podcast for quite a while. Even when grief can bring us to our knees, it can also be that the light that shows a new path moving forward. You are such a living and shining example of that. Thank you for blessing us with your down-to-earth and loving sense of humor. Your stories and those of the people on your podcast bring so much knowledge and hope."

Kim Caswell
"Just when I thought it couldn't get any better than Irene Weinberg's Grief and Rebirth Podcast, she masterfully created a weeklong Summit and appropriately named it "Live Your Most Evolved Life!" Irene’s gift for creating entertaining interviews that enlighten, educate, and inspire syncs beautifully with her mission to help people find peace and joy in their lives through awareness, healing, and transformation. Thank you, Irene, for engaging so honestly with your interview guests via those spot-on questions and comments during your "Live Your Most Evolved Life!" Summit and also for the many inspiring and comforting insights I have gained by listening to your podcast Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life!"

"Thank you so much for the interview with Lora DeVore! I ordered her book today. Such an inspiring story. I am thankful for all you're doing to enhance our journey of mindfulness.  It is appreciated more than you'll ever know. With love and gratitude."

Carol Curcio
"There are days when one knows something good—no, more than good, is going to happen. I had that feeling of anticipation about the interview with Irene Weinberg, but didn’t know why. I have a lot of interviews and most of them are fine, but this one, this one held a lot of energy leading to it. Now I know why. From the minute Irene’s warm voice came through and her face appeared on screen (bright flowers in the background), I felt I was in—even on zoom—a cocoon of acceptance, or maybe even a warm-hearted hug. She was welcoming in the way an old friend is welcoming, and she told her story with compassion and heart for all, allowing me to make parallel connections. Her questions in the interview were smart, perceptive—she had read the entire book!—and her insights were, yes, insights even to me about the nature of the journey my mother and I had embarked on in AS LONG AS I KNOW YOU: the Mom Book. Irene has wisdom, vitality, intelligence, and is so compassionate about healing that being around her is to slip into a pool of positive light—even when one is talking about grief! I have rarely felt that I could be more forthcoming, more open, than in this interview. She understood and supported the concept of Book-good—that our expressions of art, even writing, can help heal. She has a true calling and the gifts to answer that call, and I couldn’t be more grateful to her for the work that she is doing in the world. Thank you Irene for being the amazing person you are and for this precious time with you. In light and gratitude."
"As a subscriber to your YouTube channel, I listened to your interview with Gordon Smith today, and wanted to thank you and Gordon Smith for the wonderful information and inspiration. I could feel my son's presence, along with other spirits/ancestors listening at the same time, and so did my cat! I will listen again to absorb more of the information. I am a member of Helping Parents Heal, and am so pleased you and others are getting the word out! Thank you so much for all you do."
Carol Breeze
"I thoroughly enjoy each guest you bring on and your exuberance and genuine desire to share hope and healing really inspire me. You are a healer of hearts through your show!"
Mary D'Agostino, Heart of Gaia Creative Healing Arts
One day I came across Irene Weinberg's podcast about Grief and Rebirth. It was fascinating reading all the positive responses to her. Many readers have complimented her on her healing interviews and will continue to be in touch and I have enjoyed recommending the podcast to many people.
I’ve been listening to your podcast for about 9 months now and have really enjoyed it. In fact, I was missing hearing from you so was glad you added a new episode. And, I loved it! I learned so much about you and your story. I was fascinated!! Thanks for sharing this and your journey.
Shelly Bartlett
It is therapy listening to Irene as I feel that we are both on the same journey of discovering our True Selves. Her podcast resonates with me so much that I reached out to her and introduced her to a local healer I have been using. To my delight, she responded with such grace and integrity. You are a true gem, Irene!
The podcast and service you provide and the contribution that your information provides is of great service to those in need. I always appreciate being exposed to new services and passions, all with easy access.
You are such a magnet of hope, happiness and enthusiasm. I just love your energy.
Tracy S. Soussi
Hearing that no matter how good you are as a medium you still won't be 100% accurate and even have times that the connection won't occur is reassuring and makes me (practicing medium), feel less pressured. I read a couple books on mediumship and certain mediums and you don't get to read about the "real life" parts of the journey. You just read about the beginning and the end. So being honest about the journey is exactly what needs to be talked about more in this community. ESPECIALLY authenticity! This was such a great interview Irene!
Ann Van Orsdel
Awesome interview with Robbie Holz. Loved you and every minute with her. You're the best, Irene. Sending love.
Heidi Connolly
Irene has done a fantastic job of bringing these resources to you. I appreciate Irene for bringing us together. She does an amazing, amazing job.
Peggy Green
Irene is a warm, smart, brilliant interviewer!
Heidi Connolly
You have been such a light, help, mentor and most importantly a friend I wanted to honor my beautiful daughter by supporting the person that brings healing to me and so many. You are such a gift.
Thank you, Irene, for everything you're doing for people, for the consciousness, for grieving loved ones, and basically - for the planet!! You're such an awesome, heart-felt, intelligent and authentic soul. And let's not forget your sense of humor. You continue to inspire me and many others. Thank you for your willingness to make a difference and to get the word out so that people can be reassured that "death" is not the end. Sending you much love and grateful hugs.
Pamala Oslie
Thank you, Irene, what a magnificent job you do with these interviews! Keep up the passionate work you are doing! You are so amazing at what you do! Thank you so much!!!! Much love to you.
Irene Weinberg offers her audience intelligent, articulate guests who leave the listener enlightened with new knowledge. Irene herself asks the questions we would ourselves want to ask. Each podcast is a gift you will enjoy unwrapping; it is that kind of treat you’ll want to enjoy.
Helene Shalotsky
I have heard your podcast and have become a great fan . You have helped me see the wow both in life and in me, and I now try to focus on the positives. The effects have changed me and my family for the better. Thank you for opening me up to more of life through your podcast!
Thank you Irene Weinberg for offering this rare refuge of support and connection through your Grief and Rebirth podcast! We will all experience grief at some point in our lives. And, yet there are very limited resources for support? Throughout our lives we have learned to celebrate life and birth and milestones of happiness, but when it comes to celebrating a life who has passed or grappling with grief, we are left with limited options. I’m not very religious, but certainly spiritual—so finding the Grief and Rebirth podcast has given me a place to assemble with others and listen to insightful and enlightening interviews. As an alternative to the most usual resource which is to head to church or temple, this podcast offers an invitation to a whole healing community of inspiring messages and encouragement. Working in a healthcare setting myself, I’ve been fortunate to be able to share and recommend this podcast to countless people who have appreciated the comfort, and keep asking for more. It is with great gratitude that I commend your work and growing list of creative dialogs. You are clearly passionate about what you are sharing with us all—and we look forward to being lifelong listeners.
Laura Q.
Irene Weinberg...what a beautiful and generous soul, so passionate about what she does, yet compassionate about how she does it! She is sensitive, authentic, and definitely a healer! I find her journey to be fascinating, one that we can all relate to on so many levels! Not only do I love her energy, I thank her for reminding us through her podcast that we all have a purpose here on earth, still giving us hope that death is not the end and that we are all eternal! ❤️
Lynn Shapiro
Brought peace and contentment to my life. Dealing with grief can be a lifelong journey. Although there are books, support groups, therapists and more that have value, there can still be that missing piece many people struggle with which is the loss of connection with the person who has died. I was one of those people. Then I learned about the Grief and Rebirth Podcast created by Irene Weinberg. Irene is more than just the host, she is a role model because she has gone through her own 'grief and rebirth'. Irene and her diverse guests share experiences providing hope and ways to reconnect with those who have died. If you listen to just a few of Irene's podcasts, you will know exactly what I mean!
Irene Weinberg and her podcast, Grief and Rebirth, has offered me and countless others, the opportunity to heal from the grief of losing loved ones. Irene's warmth, compassion and commitment to this work is boundless. She has the personal experience to understand that death does not end our relationships, and the wisdom to convey this message through her various guests. I always look forward to her interviews and hosts to glean new insights and guidance which I utilize for my personal growth, and also in my professional work with others. Irene is a treasure and her work is invaluable to the growing consciousness of our planet.
Betty Jampel, LCSW, Enlightened Grieving
So blessed to be interviewed by and connect with Author & Trauma Survivor IRENE WEINBERG of Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life Podcast. In our July 5, 2021 conversation we discussed SPIRITUALITY as it relates to significant loss, intergenerational abuse, spousal Domestic Violence, best friend betrayal and Parental Alienation as well as practical strategies to reclaim your life and flourish by staying true to your core values, learning to identify red flags, following your intuition and rediscovering your passions.
I would like to believe that I was guided to Irene after the tragic passing of my darling daughter Dana. Dana’s passing was sudden and tragic as she went for a run collapsed and sadly departed this life. To say I was catapulted into a search for answers and to find my daughter in an understatement! Although I have always delved deep into spirituality, philosophy and life purpose I shunned away from anything death related and exploring the possibilities of the survival of one’s consciousness with my own fear of death very present throughout my life. The shock and trauma I experienced and still at times do was intense and through a string of synchronicities I found my way to Irene’s podcast and her book. They Serve Bagels from Heaven was the first book I listened to and the impact it has on me is still present 15 months later as I can recall most of the details of her story. That is astonishing to me in itself as after my kind of loss memory goes out the window. However, I resonated so with Irene I was able to take in and absorb her words. Irene has become an important influence in my life and with my healing. I am drawn to her because of her honesty, integrity and ability to deeply care and understand my grief and process. Irene has guided me on so many things so many times for example after one conversation where I was crying just devastated with missing my daughter she sent me an insightful article from a psychologist and Mom like me that inspired to create a legacy book in honor of my daughter. Her wealth of knowledge is extensive in grief, energy work, healing and life wisdom which to me is the most soothing for my soul. The Healing Table that Irene will co-lead is such a natural fit for her as she has done the work! Irene’s story from heartbreak to healing bringing joy and love to others is in all she does and it all comes directly from her loving heart and soul. I personally would be overjoyed to explore and discover how I can discover a new preceptive of life for me and to find a meaningful purpose. I would love to be part of a community of women where we get to uplift and expand in the best way possible. Of all that I have experienced in my life I have immense love and gratitude to my beautiful friend Irene and look forward to being part of this new program.
My dear Irene, I believe in every word I have said and I am sure many of your viewers and followers will agree with me. How fabulous you will team up with Suzanne....a meeting of the minds and soul mates indeed. Irene and I met during a seance with Suzane Northrop as we were both recovering for the loss of a loved one, and have become steadfast friends ever since.  I have been blessed by her friendship and wisdom through all these years. Irene has developed into an amazing source of soul guidance and support to all those who need it most. Irene’s podcast is a God-sent message for support and help to those in need. Irene is a messenger from God, put on earth to help all of us in need of spiritual guidance and support. God bless you, Irene and guide you in your mission and path of helping people to heal. Hugs and blessings,
Sonia Ibanez
Irene Weinberg I’m so glad that I discovered you! YAY. I’ve been listening to your interviews while I weave. So so so informative. Love them!
Terri Ray
Wow! This podcast, Irene’s questions and Claire's responses were life changing!!! Especially the discussion on Karma. Irene, another wonderful Grief and Rebirth podcast. Claire’s messages, travels, studies and experiences are fascinating!
Marni Hill Foderaro
OMG, Irene. You're not only gorgeous and spectacular and brilliant, but also profoundly articulate, especially when you're speaking from your heart. Which is always:)
Heidi Connolly
Little did I know that my interview for Irene Weinberg’s Grief and Rebirth Podcast would have such a positive and far-reaching impact on my life. Beyond the podcast conversations, where Irene uses her kind heart and sensitive soul to help spread healing, love, and hope in the world, she also plays an important role in illuminating pathways for light-workers. Irene, I am grateful for your generous introductions to people who were able to help me realize my dreams. You are an inspiration to so many people.
Melissa Lyons
Irene, I’ve had the pleasure of following you and watching you help so many. You have taken your own personal experiences to help others and I thank you on behalf of everyone. Keep shining your light.
Sherry Gallant
Irene is so inquisitive and such a gracious host.
Krista Nerestant
I just listened to your interview with Ann Albee which was amazing. But the best part was the feeling that came over me afterwards. I felt an overwhelming feeling of elation, joy and love. Thank you for all you do. God bless you and love, keep shining your light,
Another great interview! Thank you! Oh wow.. what an amazing interview. Ingrid is such a lovely person. This is one of my favorite interviews thus far.
Terri Ray
Irene, you did it again on Grief and Rebirth. You have such thoughtful interviews with amazing guests.
Dr. Marni Hill Foderaro
Thank you Irene for your kindness, compassion, and love for helping people find light.
Kyomi O'connor
Irene, you help so many people with these illuminating, inspiring interviews. I’m honored to be included.
Paula Chambers
I was so honored to be a guest on Irene's wonderful podcast. If you haven't met Irene yet, she is a fabulous author and speaker, and I think you will love her podcast as much as I do.
Sherri Cortland
Katharine is beautiful inside and out. Another wonderful interview, Irene! You always ask amazing questions!
Terri Ray
I want to thank you for the very informative podcasts you have done the last couple years. I am an ardent listener. My husband died suddenly 2.5 years ago and I am so grateful I found your podcasts. Thank you so much Irene for all you do to assist people in their healing process.
Marjorie Lewis
Listening to your episode with the Horsleys. Great job...I've done some work with them in the past and must say, you continue to inspire by bringing people like them to your community!
David Richman
I just watched the podcast episode! I had so many chills and some happy tears. Watching it took me right back there with you. You capture the heart, the Spirit within in your interviews!!
Stacey Cripps
I very much enjoyed our Summit conversation today about Ascension through Light. You asked great questions and the conversation flowed beautifully. Thank you for being such a gracious and talented host! Boundless Light,
Suresh Ramaswamy
Very much enjoyed, great energy, shared such great wisdom. Thank you,
Stacey McDonald
Irene engages so honestly with guests. And her questions and comments are spot on!