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    Rebirth Series: Ann Van Orsdel – Her personal rebirth led to helping her clients create important transformational change in their lives with the highest standards and ethics. What can this mean for you?

    Ann Van Orsdel is the 8th inspiring interview in our Grief and Rebirth Podcast’s Rebirth series.  She is an Intuitive Life Coach and Psychic Medium who has been able to connect with Spirit since childhood, but she suppressed her abilities due to religious beliefs and self-doubt. Throughout her teens and early 20’s, she eagerly sought answers to questions about death [...]

    Rebirth Series: Julie Boyer – Wake up with gratitude every single day!

    Julie Boyer is the 7th inspiring interview in our Grief and Rebirth Podcast’s Rebirth series. She is an intuitive business and health coach, an Amazon best- selling author, and the host of the Wake Up with Gratitude Podcast. Julie’s remarkable grief and rebirth journey began after she survived a week-long coma due to a bacterial infection after her 2nd [...]

    Faust Ruggiero: Transform your life into a happy, healthy, and productive journey by unleashing the power that’s been inside you all your life!

    Faust Ruggiero is a published research author, clinical trainer, and therapist whose professional career spans almost 40 years. He has been in private practice at the Community Psychological Center in Bangor, Pennsylvania for over thirty years, specializing in individual, family, substance abuse, women’s issues, and marital/couples counseling. Faust has practiced his highly successful counseling program, called the Process Way [...]

    Shauna Domalain: Relaying messages from children in Heaven is her specialty. Teaching their moms to connect easily and effortlessly with them is her passion.

    Shauna Domalain is a transformational medium, a Grief and Death Expert, a Reiki Master, a Life Coach and the author of an easy to read and informative e-book titled I CAN SEE DEAD PEOPLE AND SO CAN YOU.  Her specialty is relaying messages from children in heaven and her passion is teaching mothers how to also connect easily and [...]

    Andrew Hahn: Do you believe in miracles? Learn about a miraculous new healing framework that can transform suffering and deep personal issues in only one hour!

    Dr. Andrew Hahn is a licensed clinical psychologist and healer whose remarkable life’s work, and personal commitment is to help end a person’s suffering and indeed, to end all suffering through what he calls Life Centered Therapy. He is the Founder of the Life Centered Therapy Training Institute, and he is now the co-author of an incredible new book [...]

    Gallery with Austyn Wells: Author, Spiritual Medium, Certified Grief Counselor and Soul Gardener

    Irene hosted a heart- warming, enlightening Gallery with the very gifted Austyn Wells, who is a best-selling author, a spiritual medium, a certified grief counselor and a soul gardener. Austyn powerfully combines her intuition and mediumship with shamanism, energy medicine, and sacred ceremony to bring about healing, and she is passionate about empowering people to create soul-centered lives. This [...]