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    Katharine Branham: Find out how she found her superpowers and used them to help people after enduring a childhood filled with trauma and abuse, plus important spiritual information that no other intuit or psychic has brought to the public!

    Psychic/Medium Katharine Branham has conducted over fifty thousand psychic readings in the past eleven years. She has incredible gifts that seem to have been inherited at birth and several that she learned along her spiritual journey. As a Psychic Medium who is also an Open Channel, Katharine can tap into the Spirit World without blinking an eye. Her many [...]

    Jane Asher: The metaphysical relationship between a mother and daughter that grew stronger through death

    Author Jane Asher has an insightful, enlightening new book titled The Next Room. It is a fascinating story that transcends space and time, of a relationship between mother and daughter that grew stronger through death. Written together, by initially enlisting interpretation through a psychic medium, The Next Room takes us on a daughter’s journey learning eternal life lessons about forgiveness, [...]

    Elizabeth Boisson: Life to Afterlife – Helping Parents Heal, The Book

    Elizabeth Boisson is the remarkable President and Co-Founder of Helping Parents Heal, the inspiring non-profit organization that offers an enlightened avenue of relief for the grief that accompanies the death of a child. Elizabeth is also a contributor to the incredibly touching, uplifting book titled Life to Afterlife – Helping Parents Heal, The Book, which is based on the [...]

    Heidi Connolly: Could it be that each of us is a visiting angel on vacation in each lifetime?

    Heidi Connolly is an author, medium, intuitive coach and spirit-minded musician. After graduating Harvard University, she became a professional musician, worked as a corporate trainer in human resources, and went on to become the owner of Harvard Girl Word Service, a writing, editing and self-publishing consultation business. Heidi’s endearing and magical new book is titled The Gateway Café. Laced [...]