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    Jenny Dilts – Viewing Death as a stepping-stone to growth

    Jenny Dilts supports people who have been touched by grief, either through the death or loss of a loved one, or through life’s experiences. As a Certified Grief and End of Life Coach, she holds space for them as they explore their individual grief and what it means to them, helping them rebuild their lives in gratitude and love. [...]

    Rachel Engstrom – Navigating the cancer world from wife to widow, grief and loss to healing and helping others

    Rachel Engstrom’s book Wife Widow Now What? How I Navigated the Cancer World and How You Can Too is a life changer for those facing cancer, their caregivers and anyone else who wishes to strive for happiness and fulfillment despite tremendous hardships. Rachel was only twenty-eight years old when her thirty-five- year- old husband was diagnosed with cancer. She [...]

    Seta Araz Shahinian – Energetic healer who prays for us to be released from curses, evil eyes, hexes and jinxes we ourselves have created, inherited or have had imposed upon us by others

    Seta Araz Shahinian is an energetic healer and conduit of healing and transformation for people throughout the world. She can perceive the energetic template that encompasses a person’s mind, body and soul and identify the patterns, states and conditions that define our current lifetime. Through prayer, she focuses on releasing curses, evil eyes, hexes and jinxes we ourselves have [...]

    Ingrid Honkala Ph.D. – The marine scientist who drowned at age 2 and met “Beings of Light” who have guided her through a lifelong journey of miracles

    Dr. Ingrid Honkala is a Marine Scientist, an author, a Light Worker, a Meditation Teacher, a Reiki Healer, and an International Speaker. When she was little, her parents discovered that she could see and hear things that no one else could. All this seemed to be tied up with the aftermath of Ingrid’s near-death experience (NDE) when she drowned [...]

    Karen Stein – Healing emotional and physical distress from stored trauma creating metabolic and emotional disturbances

    Karen is a Holistic Health Coach, a Myers Detox Coach, and a NES Bioenergetics Practitioner. Her specialty is incorporating healing both in the body and energetically. Karen utilizes Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to uncover hidden heavy metals and mineral imbalances in a person’s body, then she helps detox those metals by creating customized protocols based upon what metals and [...]

    Grief and Rebirth LIVE – Author Melissa Lyons and Irene speak about their new healing support group called The Healing Table

    Author Melissa Lyons and Irene talk about The Healing Table that was created because they felt there was a need for more consistent support during the healing and transformational phases of people’s lives, especially when people are feeling alone. This will be a safe and supportive environment and people will be surrounded by the vibes and strength of our [...]