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Phyllis Okon was a teacher, a CEO, and a best-selling, award-winning author of 72 books before she found her path as a gifted medium and psychic. From an early age, she acknowledged that she knew things, but she could never explain how she did. When her husband David, her life-long partner and soulmate, transitioned to the Other Side, she began taking courses in the hope of communicating with him, and not only was Phyllis able to validate that her relationship with her husband David had not ended, but he also began to serve as her guide, helping her connect with others’ loved ones.  David was Phyllis’ helpmate in life and is still her helpmate, albeit now from the Other Side.



  • How Phyllis’ experienced “knowing things” from an early age.
  • The special message Phyllis received during her session with a medium that prepared her for her husband David’s transition.
  • Phyllis’ husband David began to serve as her guide, helping her connect with others’ loved ones.
  • The role of angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters in the world of mediumship.
  • Loss is a hard road, and it should never be walked alone.



  • What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?
  • How did David help you find your way home when you were lost after he had transitioned?
  • Are you able to receive messages in languages other than English?
  • Can you please explain the difference between spirit guides and angels?
  • Why do you say that finding joy in life has to do with lowering expectations?

Phyllis Okon’s books Mediumship Made Easy: A Guide to Connect with Your Intuitive Self and Expanding Mediumship: Exploring the Ways the Universe is Communicating

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Phyllis Okon: What Inspired Her To Become A Medium Instead Of Simply Going To Mediums To Connect With Her Husband On The Other Side?






I could not be more delighted to have the pleasure of interviewing gifted medium and psychic Phyllis Okon, who will be speaking to us from Syosset, New York. Phyllis was a teacher, a CEO, and a bestselling and award-winning author of 72 books before she found her path as a gifted medium and psychic. From an early age, she acknowledged that she knew things, but she could never explain how she did. When her husband, David, her lifelong partner and soulmate, transitioned to the other side, she began taking courses in the hope of communicating with him.

She studied with many well-known leaders in mediumship, including the accomplished celebrity medium, Thomas John, who certified Phyllis and her many gifts through his mentorship program. Not only was Phyllis able to validate that her relationship with her husband David had not ended, but he also began to serve as her guide, helping her connect with others’ loved ones, much like the relationship I now have with my husband, Saul. David was Phyllis’s helpmate in life and is still her helpmate, albeit now from the other side.

I’m looking forward to talking with Phyllis about her experiences, knowing things from an early age, and her relationship with her husband, David, both before and after he transitioned. She has two new books titled Mediumship Made Easy: A Guide to Connect With Your Intuitive Self and Expanding Mediumship: Exploring the Ways the Universe is Communicating, much more for what is surely going to be an enlightening, insightful, and loving interview with Phyllis. Full disclosure, I had a remarkable session with Phyllis that was filled with illuminating messages from deceased loved ones, pertinent healing information, and very wise guidance. Phyllis, a heartfelt welcome to the show.

Thank you. I’m honored to be here. Isn’t a reading like a reunion?

I never thought of it that way, but you’re right.


GAR 244 | Mediumship


I think of each reading as a reunion.

You’re right about that because every time that you communicate with a media with your deceased loved one, you are coming back together.

That’s why I always sought out readings because, for me, it was like a joyous reunion when I would connect with the person on the other side. When I do a reading, that’s the way I go. I’m just a telephone booth, bringing spirit in and validating that it’s them, and then watching the reactions of joy, contentment, and love. It’s moving.

Not only that, but I have witnessed so many times how mediumship is an opportunity for people to heal. In our session, I can be honest and say my estranged father came through with such a life-changing message for me. It enabled me to drop a lot of old baggage that I’ve been carrying around and move forward in my life away from the story. My story is now, that was my story.

What a relief.

It feels fabulous.

Not only that but there’s an understanding of why these things happen. The biggest question is why. I don’t care what language a reading is in. I don’t care where the people are from. Very often, it’s, “Why did you do that? Why did you go? Why did this happen to me?” When the cloud’s clear and they get that validation or they get that message, for me, it’s like everything settles into place. It’s a great relief.

It is for me. I have to say, not only did I get my why, but it is amazing to know that they are with you. As you heal in your life, they are watching that and it helps to facilitate their healing on the other side, which is incredible. If we can accept the fact that they are all around us and that they are witnessing what’s going on, once they get to the other side and they’ve had their life reviewed and understand things in a different way, then they become your best advocates and friends and they want to help you in any way they can and shed light on whatever happened. It often comes through. I’ve seen so many times where they come through with apologies or new insights about what happened.

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They see it from a different lens also. In other words, there may have been a huge fight before they left because they were sure that they were right and you were sure that you were right. It’s almost like two stones meeting together or two walls knocking together. The biggest thing that I see is that they come and say, “Why did I allow that to come between us? It was such a stupid argument. In the end, does it matter?” I wrote an article about it on Medium somewhere. Is being right worth sacrificing a relationship? How much is being right worth? Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to be right. It’s more important to maintain that relationship.



Not only that, but I’ve had this experience where I was at a gallery once, this was three years ago and this young woman walked in and she was hysterical crying in front of the gallery. The medium and I had never even been in that town before. We did not know we were invited there. We did not know anyone at the gallery. As the medium walked to the front of the room, she said to this young woman, “I feel a father figure here. He’s coming through and he is so sorry for the argument and the things you said to each other the night before he unexpectedly died.”

This kid was hysterical because her father died and she’d said all these awful things to him and vice versa. That was what she was living with. The difference between this young woman at the beginning of that gallery and the end is she had found peace and reconciled with her father. That was no longer an issue. I say to people all the time, “Be conscious about what you say in this lifetime. You don’t know what that mean thing you said is the last thing that person is ever going to hear from you.”

That is true. Also, a lot of times in a reading, it’ll come through that people feel that they weren’t there in the end or they didn’t say what they had to say. The message that invariably comes through is don’t base your entire life on that one last day. This message has come through so many times. A parent will implore a child, “Do not base our entire lifetime of relationship on you feel you disappointed me because you weren’t there to hold my hand or you weren’t there or you didn’t know I passed or whatever. That was the smallest part of my life or my soul. Remember the good times.”

They have a universal vantage point now, as opposed to our point of view, which is so small and drama-filled. We don’t see the full picture. Now they see the full picture. Now that they know how fabulous you are, let’s introduce everybody to how in the world at an early age you know things. How old were you when this started happening to you? Can you give us a few examples of little Phyllis knowing things that were going on and being born with this gift?

I always had a feeling. It was funny. I would know who was going to call before the phone rang. This went into business as well. I would go to people I worked with in the limo company and say, “Have you heard from so and so?” All of a sudden, the phone would ring and it would be them. I also felt things like the night before my grandmother died, I knew something was going to happen. My brothers would say, “You’re nuts or you’re looking for things,” but that’s your spirit guide speaking to you. That’s your gut telling you.

I knew the minute my father died. We were walking out of an airport and I had stayed upstairs with my sons. They were getting an autograph. We were coming back from Las Vegas. All of a sudden, I said to them, “We have to go.” I opened a door and I looked down the door and it was a stairway and it was very dark. I said, “My father just died.” My son was a teenager. He said, “You’re crazy. You’re always saying crazy things like that.” I started to run and by the time I got to the gate, the driver said, “Something happened to your father. He was gone.” I touched his hand and I knew he was gone. I would also instinctively know what to do about things. I thought I was smart. Maybe I wasn’t so smart. Maybe it was spirit guiding me.

You could say you were blessed because you were able to tune into your guides.

I’ve always been sensitive, but I think everybody is sensitive. Do you know when you were a little kid and you said there’s a monster in the closet and your parents said, “No, there’s not. That’s your imagination?” There wasn’t a monster in the closet, but there was something there. We do see things. I see it with my own grandchildren, but we nurture it. My grandkids will come and tell me they’ve seen their grandfather. They know when he’s in the room.

We encourage them to have dreams. We talk about it all the time and they talk about it. We’re hoping that they don’t lose that innocent connection that we all do lose. I want to say for the record, there are no special gifts. Everybody is intuitive. We shut it off. It’s the same thing that when you’re a mom and you have two kids in the house and they’re fighting and you don’t even hear it. We tune things out. You go to the refrigerator and you’re going to get the ketchup and you’re looking right at the ketchup, but you don’t see it because we’ve tuned it out. It’s the same thing. We tune out the messages. We tune out spirit.

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Part of all of this is to have everybody fine-tune their antennas and open up.

Do you remember the days with the rabbit ears?

Do I ever?

That’s a lot of what I do in my course. I try to teach people to catch the signal. The signals are there and it’s a matter of stretching your intuitive muscles.

It sometimes takes development, just like anything else.

It’s like you can’t tap dance right away. You’re not going to do a jelly roll right away. You have to build up to it. You’re not going to lift 50-pound weights. You lift weights. You have to start with a 10-pound weight or 5-pound weight. There’s a process to relearning how to connect. A lot of people are there and they don’t even realize. They’ve got the clairs hitting them, all the different clairs, and they don’t even realize it.

I think a lot of people get the message that this is a no-no until something happens that opens them. The people tuning in to the show are very much open to this world and the messages, which is wonderful. A lot of people are not there. This is probably one of your favorite subjects. Tell us about your personal work relationship with David, which opens you to all of this, and describe your journey with him through his illness to when he transitioned. This was your awakening time in a way.

One thing I loved about David is that he was open to learning about everything. I met him when I was 16 and he was 22. I went to school. I graduated college. I did college in three years because I knew I wanted to marry him. He owned a gas station. He left the gas station and he bought a car. He bought Jacob Javits’ old limo in New York, the senator from New York. We borrowed $1,200 from my kid brother and he started a business.

We knew nothing. My father was horrified. He said, “Who used limos? We drive each other to the airport. We don’t use car service.” David was an open-minded person. He started out in Poland in ‘57. He got out of Poland and then moved to Israel. He was the only child. In ‘67 he was wounded and they sent him to America with $200. He didn’t speak a word of English. In the beginning, it was pretty easy to argue with him because he couldn’t respond back, so I won.

We got married when I was 22. I was a teacher. I was a Social Studies teacher. He said to me, “I can’t be out all day and run the back office. Would you run the back office?” I said, “Yes, if we start a family, I would do that.” I quit teaching. I was only subbing. At that point, there weren’t teaching jobs around in the ‘70s. I went in and I started running the back office.

I knew nothing about the business. I would call other companies and I would ask questions and turn around. It was baby steps. We went into the wedding business and then another company from LA needed somebody to be their New York operator. We became the New York operator. Within five years, they went out of business so we were asked to go to LA and open up.

Before you knew it, we were doing a lot of jobs. Good business. We were working primarily with movie studios. That’s who uses limos. Let’s face it, there are press tours and movie premieres. It took a lot of intuitive insight to keep calling to know what to ask. I would be on the phone and I would feel what someone needed. I was the salesperson. It took a lot of intuition. You don’t realize how much you use intuition.

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What impressed me was that people were willing to share. They didn’t feel like you were trying to take something away from them. They were willing to share the knowledge that they had with you.

I gave back in whichever way I could. I listened to their problems. I helped where I could. It was never about the money. The money was enough to live. It was about learning how to do something. Before you knew it, we had a pretty big operation with a lot of cars. Our sons came into the business and then we opened in Vegas. We bought our buildings and we were building it into a huge business. My mother was the comptroller, my husband was the CEO, and I was the chief cook and bottle washer. I held it together behind the scenes.

I was the glue. My brother worked there along with about 500 other people. It was pretty big. Within three months, my mother and my husband both got lung cancer. My mother got it first. First, my father passed. I told you that story. It was hard. When he died, the family disintegrated. It was a sudden passing and everybody didn’t know how to deal with the grief. We unraveled and nobody went to counseling. We had no prior experience.

We did go to mediums. We had been going to mediums for years and years. Somebody within the business or the community contacted me and said, “Someone from the other side is trying to contact you.” We went to George Anderson and it was one of those experiences that we went in one way and we left another. I went with my parents and David and his father were trying to get through. My father made contact. It was astounding and astonishing.

Subsequently, we started to go to mediums and our viewpoint changed. When we lost my father, right away, we started running to a medium. We couldn’t get an appointment. It took a full year to the day he passed. Within five years, they both got cancer and my world was rocked. I was taking care of both of them and it was hard.


GAR 244 | Mediumship


Talk about being the glue. You’re running a business and you’re taking care of all that.

It was incredibly difficult. We knew that my mom was terminal from the start. It was in her brain. We had no idea whether David was going to live or die. It was hard because he went from going 110 miles an hour to 5 miles an hour. We were a power couple, we had friendships, and we traveled all over the world. We went to a crawl and he went into a depression and was miserable. Unfortunately, he took it out on me and I stepped in because I’d rather he took it out on me than my kids or my brothers or our employees or whoever it was. I didn’t want anyone else to suffer. In goodness and health, whatever it is, that’s what we signed up for.

I’ll bet he’s reconciled with you about that.


Why do you say that grief is not a one-size-fits-all? Did you grieve each one of them in a different way? How do you say that?

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When my father passed, I couldn’t read. I’m an avid reader. I didn’t know how to deal with the grief. It was hard. When my mom died, I went into it, but she was my best friend. I couldn’t read. It was a terrible time. What had happened was my kids came to me and said, “Mom, write a book.” I wrote a series called Captain No Beard. They helped me publish it and that started my writing career.

It filled in that void. I used to go to the ballet with my mother. She was my sounding board. We’d read together. We were buddies. When that happened, I needed something to fill that spot. Also, my life had disintegrated and he couldn’t go anywhere, so I was home. I had to find things to do. I started editing my son’s books and I started promoting them. They call me the mother of reinvention. I keep reinventing myself.

We have that in common also because I’m very much like that.

You have to be because if you don’t reinvent, you stagnate. The grief with my mother, what happened was it born this whole writing career at 58. My husband was a remarkable guy. He went to death’s door several times and we lived with that Damocles over our heads.

Look at what he came through to come to this country. He came from Israel not speaking the language and all of that. That’s amazing.

He was a tough guy. Eventually, he passed. Even though I was prepared for it, I wasn’t prepared for it. I don’t care how prepared you are, the silence in the house was devastating. The Sundays when you sit in the house when everybody’s partnered up, you’d see a pair of geese that made it for life, it’s like, “Where’s your mate?”

Your friendships changed too. I understand that too.

That does happen to a lot of people. That happened to us in the beginning. When he first got sick, he divested all his friends because he was so angry that he narrowed his world to him and me. That was very hard. I grieved. You talk about grief. I grieved that lifestyle. I grieved my father. I grieved losing my mother. I grieved the destruction and his lack of happiness. I could not make him happy. I learned a lot that you have to make yourself happy. If I would’ve danced through, it still wouldn’t have changed. He was unhappy with what happened to him. That’s where that why came up, “Why me?”

He had been to mediums. He knew that he was going to go on. Do you think he wasn’t totally convinced by that? I think that knowing that you’ll go on in some ways is comforting.

We talked about it. He says, “I’ve been to the best and I do believe, but just in case.” There’s always that sliver of doubt. We set up a message and he delivered the message two weeks after he passed.

Can you tell me what that message was?

I had made an appointment with George Anderson. George is a formal guy. He does not remember people from reading to reading.

I’ve read his books and everything, so I know.

He said, “I’m going to say, ‘Hi, Georgie,’ and you’re going to get that message.” George was sitting and reading and all of a sudden, he goes, “What? Does this guy know me? He’s saying, ‘Hi, Georgie,’” which is exactly what my husband did. He did a little too-doo-loo with his fingers and said, “Hi, Georgie,” so I knew. Every time I give a reading and I hit it out of the park when I get something that’s so evidential, I get the satisfaction of knowing yes, it is true.

With me and with this show, all the people I interview, it’s still a wonderful validation. Every time something hits home, I go, “Yes.”

That’s exactly what I’m saying. We get that validation. It is true. How could she have known that? Sometimes you don’t get exactly the message you want. People have to understand it’s interpretive. We don’t get a written document. They’re using our memories and our library of images. We get a flash, a quick image, a smell, or whatever it is and that’s it. It’s like Jack Webb from Dragnet. That’s what a good medium does. I have a picture that my son took in London of me in a British phone booth. I put that on because that’s what I feel. I am the conduit.



We know that loss is a hard road and it should never be walked alone. You were walking it alone a little bit.

It was funny. We made my mom go to therapy when we lost my dad. She was inconsolable. Even though I thought I was prepared for my mom, the books pulled me out. When David went, as I said, even though I felt I was prepared, for fifteen years, I had been told every time I went to the hospital, “This is it. He’s not going to come out,” and then he would come out.

The doctors called him the Eveready Bunny. George Anderson called him the Eveready Bunny. He would keep going. He had a heart attack. He wheeled himself into the hospital because he was very independent. He wheeled himself in. We thought it was his lungs. It was his heart. They took him in for an angiogram and they said, “His heart is a mess from all the radiation. He’s inoperable. Take him home.”

He went and he lost 100 pounds. He got six more years. He was very motivated to stay. He was willing to do what he had to do to stay. What happened was when he passed, I didn’t go for help. I was at a function for my five-year-old grandson, and my son was taking pictures. He took the pictures. He says, “Mom, come here. Look at the pictures.” I go and I look and he says, “Do you see what I see?” I said, “Yes.”

What I saw was somebody who was very sad and I didn’t realize it because we don’t see our own faces. I was going through the motions. I was working and traveling. I was doing what I had to do. I never had depression. I can bounce up. I can bounce back. I can deal with it. I started a grief group and a bereavement group. I signed up that week for Bereavement Group. It was the best thing I ever did because I thought I knew everything but I didn’t.

That’s the part of it that you never stop learning. You never stop growing if you’re open to that.

It was also sitting in a room and not saying anything because everybody knew how the other person felt. The hardest thing of grief I’ve had to deal with is people looking at me and saying, “You’re not over it yet or you’re still on that.” What the heck, guys? There’s no timeline for grief. I would think I’m fine. I went to the supermarket and walking down and seeing the gefilte fish would reduce me to a puddle. Not that I would buy it for myself, but I bought it for him. I see the sardines, pick them up, and say, “No, I don’t need them anymore. It’s just me.” I’m walking in the house and feeling I don’t even want to eat.

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I can relate to every single thing you’re saying.

I never watched TV. I read. I was a reader. I cannot sit in this house without the TV on because I have to feel that there’s noise. I put music on or the TV because the silence becomes a blanket and I’m almost six years out.

To this day, there are times I miss Saul. There are certain things, triggers, or ways. There are times that I say, “He’s coming into my head.” A song will pop into my head or something will go on. I often tell people on this show that the most poignant thing that happened to me was when they pulled me out of the car. Aside from the fact that I got a message from the other side that said, “Be loving and kind to everyone,” which was amazing in itself. In the earth-bound plane, I said to myself, “I will get through this somehow because I have to show my son that you can get hit by a grenade in life and keep on going.”

Saul was buried on my son’s 21st birthday. Four years after the accident, Matt said to me, “Mom, there has been nothing worse than seeing you in total despair. There’s nothing better than seeing you be able to have joy again.” That’s what I tell people. It’s hard, but get your healing or do whatever you need to do, you will continue to grieve in your way, but move through it because even for those in your life, your children, they need you. Just like your son showed you your picture, that affected him. How sad. He wanted you to be able to have joy again to continue to share in his life. I think people are starting to get that more and more now, I hope.

There’s more choice. I went to two different bereavement groups. I went to one that was a group of widows. To this day, we’re still friends. We meet every once in a while. We go out. We call each other around our trigger days, death anniversaries, anniversaries, and birthdays. We call each other on holidays. We’re all reaching out saying, “Are you okay?” That was one group.

The other group I went to was Analyzed Bereavement, which I got a lot out of because I saw the stages of grief. There’s an actual process. It is a process. Once I understood that this is what I’m feeling and this identifies as number six and everybody has it, I’m not unusual and I’m stuck here, what can I do to get out of it? What can I do to break the cycle? It helped a lot. I urge people to go for grief counseling.

Also, healing or therapy or something. I wanted to ask you this. You got a special message that prepared you for David’s transition during your session with the medium. What was that all about? What did they say to you that told you he was going to go?

I had been to him several times.

Was this George Anderson?

It happens to be George. He would look at me and say, “It could go this way and it could go that way.” I had a feeling of hope that he was going to make it out. I went to him and he looked up at me and he didn’t say anything, but I knew him at this point. I could read him. I knew he saw something and he didn’t say it. I stood up and I said to him, “What did you see?” He shook his head and I said, “Did you see me?” He had seen me at other times for other members of my family. It was widow weeds. He would see black or he would see a certain saint behind you. I don’t know which saint. He said, “Yes, I saw it.”

I said, “When?” He said, “It’s going to be within two years.” I said, “Okay.” I took it with a grain of salt. Your life is not predetermined. There is freedom of choice. We do have a choice. As David showed all those times, he was going in a certain direction and then he would do something to heal himself. I said, “Okay.” It was two years later. It was midnight. It was 11:45. I looked at the clock. I went up to bed. David would sleep on the couch. He couldn’t do the steps because he couldn’t do the breathing. His lung tissue had diminished. I said, “It’s 11:45. George was wrong. He missed it.” We’re getting through the two years.

As soon as I put my head on that pillow, I heard my husband call out. He screams. He said, “Come down.” He was in the middle of having a seizure. We raced him to the hospital. The year before, we were in Vegas and he had a seizure. They asked me, “What do I do?” They wanted to intubate him. I said, “Go ahead.” They intubated him. It was one of those life-and-death things where they said, “If he can’t get off the intubation, we’re going to let him go.” He got off and he healed himself. He recuperated but he was furious with me. He said, “Don’t you ever do that to me again. If I’m in that position, I want to be let go.”

He didn’t speak to me for two months. He was so angry at me that I did the intubation. I said, “Okay.” They came to me and they said, “We have to intubate.” I said, “I can’t tell you to do that. He told me his wishes are not to,” and they said, “He’s going to go.” I said, “I have to honor his wishes.” I knew that he was never going to get better. They went into him and he allowed them to intubate him. He lived an additional 32 days of sheer misery. He finally ended up hemorrhaging to death because the intubation ripped his lungs. It was a brutal end that scarred me.

You felt responsible until you worked that through with him, probably.

I felt terrible because I had tried to tell him. I knew he was having 30 to 40 seizures a day. The cancer had come back and was probably in his brain at that point because my mother had the same seizures. I knew he had no lung tissue left. He couldn’t get off the intubation. I said to him, “Let yourself go peacefully.” He was not in his right mind. The hospital administration came in and talked him into staying on the machines. I said, “Whatever you want. I’m here. I will rehabilitate.” He couldn’t move. He had strokes. He was a mess.

He still wanted to stay.

That’s the human spirit. My mother was in the final stages of her cancer. She had signed all these DNRs and she was throwing off blood clots. We raced into the city. My brothers and I were all there. The doctor came out and he started to laugh. He says, “You know your mother is completely riddled with cancer. You know that she’s very close. She wants her DNR removed.” We said, “Whatever mom wants, mom gets.” She died a week later. It didn’t matter. I guess in the end, the human spirit is like, “I want to stay.” My husband has told me that he had the most joyous reunion. He could not believe it. My theory is that all of us are there too. There’s just a piece of us there.

That’s absolutely true. I’ve learned that from a lot of people. I can attest to when my mother passed. Coincidentally, I happened to have made an appointment with a medium about three months before my mother passed. The session was an hour and a half after my mother passed. She immediately told me there was a big party for her on the other side. She described my maternal grandfather who came and brought her over and all of that thing. It’s such a comfort and such a validation.

He’s come through Thomas John and Kim Russo. He’s come through Gary Joseph. He’s come through so many mediums and the message is always the same. It’s not bad.

With all of those mediums, he’s come through, what inspired you to take courses to become a medium instead of continuing to go on to mediums?

When he passed, I started running to mediums as much as I could to all different ones, hoping that the message was going to be different. Richard Knight, you name it, I went. Jake the Compassionate. I went to anyone. Somebody would send me an email. I was signed on. I wanted to hear from him and I did. I heard from him.

I went to a Ronald McDonald function where they were collecting money for Ronald McDonald House and you paid, I don’t know, $30 for each medium. They were like a group of mediums. I paid for three different mediums and each medium said to me, “You should be doing this.” About a week before that, by the way, I went to Glen Cove.

He was on Long Island in Glen Cove, I think. He was on the South Shore and he subsequently moved to Florida. He said my father came through and said not only was I going to become a medium, but I was going to become very good. I laughed. I didn’t pay attention. The following week, I went and the three mediums all said that I could be doing this myself. “Yeah, sure.” The last one, Edward Pierce, said to me, “I’m going to teach you. You need to learn and I’m going to teach you.” Every Friday we would go on Facetime and he started to teach me.

Was this during COVID time?

Not yet. I was getting things. He had certain lesson plans. We did pictures and remote viewing. I read him and then COVID happened and my business unraveled. We lost everything. I was in the house trying to keep the reins of everything together but the one thing I had was a lot of free time. I started booking courses and a lot of mediums went by Zoom. It was keeping me busy. I was going from course to course.

You could see that your skills were getting better.

Each course reinforced what the other course was teaching me. I started to see that I was missing signs. I was getting them or getting the messages. I just wasn’t acknowledging them.

Such as?

Whatever it was. It was like seeing something of a collection of numbers, a song coming on, hearing a message, or smelling something. It was like we dialed up and it became apparent. Not only I did do it, but my sons and my daughters-in-law also took the course. We all got immersed in this whole thing.

It became a family project. It’s fabulous.

As I said, my grandkids are involved. They know all about it and they don’t shy away from it.

Would you please educate people as to what’s the difference between a psychic and a medium? Are all mediums psychic? During a reading, do you also transmit psychic information? Educate everyone about what that’s all about.

All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. That took me a long time to understand the difference. I never quite understood the difference when I would go for reading that this was psychic and this was me. I couldn’t understand the difference. A medium connects directly to a beloved person and a departed person on the other side. A good medium will get you some evidential proof that they are indeed speaking to your loved one. What I mean by proof is something that nobody else knew, like your father had smelly feet or that there was a huge fight before he passed, or whatever it is. It’s something that wouldn’t be general knowledge.

I was in a gallery once when the medium said to somebody, “I’m seeing a man behind you picking his nose.” Her father picked his nose.

That’s evidential proof. “I see your father. He loves you.” Sure. When he says, “I see your father and he’s picking his nose or he’s saying, ‘Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah,’” or whatever it is, that identifies. First, you identify. You give evidence and then you find the message. You deliver the message. Psychics plug into the universe or whatever it is. They look at the past, present, and future. They give you information about those things, but they’re not speaking to your loved one. They’re speaking to the universe at large, giving you information that generally nobody else would know.

When George Anderson got the message that it was two years away or whatever that was, that was a psychic message.

That was a psychic message but he could have been getting it from one of my parents who said, “Prepare her. It’s going to be within two years.” There’s a real difference. A psychic message would be I’ll get an image of choppy water. All of a sudden, I’ll say, “Are you having difficulty at work? Are you looking to change your job?” For whatever reason, that’s my image of it. That’s a psychic message. Other times, I’ll get a message like, “Your mom says watch out for the girl you sit next to.” Even though it’s sort of a psychic message, it’s coming from her mother. That’s the difference between the two.

It’s interesting to know that psychic information is a universal field as opposed to an individual who’s transitioned and we also have a choice. We can get a psychic message, but with choice. It may not happen. I think they read the potential of something. Would you agree with that?


GAR 244 | Mediumship


We have freedom of choice or freedom of will. We can change anything. We have a choice. That is true. For example, I was at a meeting and asked the girl next to me if she had lost a dog recently. This was not a mediumship meeting. This was a work meeting. She said she did. I said, “You also lost your mom.” She started to tear up. I said, “Do you want me to stop?” She said, “No.” I could tell this was someone who was not especially a believer. I went on to talk about her mom and that she was struggling with the fact that she wasn’t there. She was on her way when her mom died. Her mom wanted her to let go of that.

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Her mom gave her a message saying something like, whatever she did, she was making the right decision. I had no idea what she was talking about. I don’t know. She said, “I understand that.” I named her nephew and I named her brother so she got other validations. When I was leaving, I said, “Is there someone that had a problem with their stomach?” She goes, “No.” I could see she closed. She closed up. That was a psychic message.

What happens is I see a certain area light up. I said, “Was somebody having a digestive issue living or dead? I don’t know.” She goes, “No.” I left the meeting. I had to go to another meeting. We were coming back afterward to say goodbye to someone else there. I walked in, she said, “You got to stay and hear this. I was writing my boyfriend what you said. All of a sudden, he wrote back, ‘I can’t talk to you. I’m on the way to the hospital. My mother has food poisoning.'” Is that psychic or is that coming from her mom? I felt like her mom said, “She’s aware that someone is having a stomach issue.” That’s the difference.

Is she still such a skeptic? That’s what I want to know.

That tipped her over. That’s the tipping point.

Everyone who follows this show knows that Saul is working with me on the other side. I say that this show is helping so many people on the wings of angels and he’s stirring that pot. How is David helping you? He not only serves as your guide, but he helps you connect with other’s loved ones. How did that all happen?

David and I were always partners in everything we did. When I read the books, he encouraged me. When I wrote the books, he encouraged me. It was an expensive hobby. He always encouraged me. He was a wonderful support system. You hear the song, the Wind Beneath Your Wings. He was the wind beneath my wings. I was his. He would say, “Go for it.” He was never afraid of anything.

When he came through assorted mediums, they would all be astonished. They would say, “I’ve done a thousand readings and I’ve never had a reading with business information where the departed was giving business advice.” I compare us to the four wheels, my two sons, my husband, and myself. We are the wheels of the car.

For instance, throughout COVID, he directed us. He never said the word COVID but he did indicate we were going to have a rocky road. It was not going to be easy, but whatever was going to happen to us was happening worldwide. He gave us an end date. We had an idea throughout COVID. We’ve always worked together. When I started to do this, I right away asked him to help me facilitate it. When I get ready for a reading, I don’t meditate. I don’t do any of that, but sometimes I do take a moment. I align my chakras and then I say to him, “Come on, we’re going to do this together.” I feel him roll right in. Just like he helped me with everything while he was here, he’s helping me with this.

That is fascinating. You do not meditate?

I don’t meditate. Not at all.

That’s amazing because someone else would say, “What?” Everybody talks about meditation.

I don’t meditate. I multitask all day long. In the morning, I’m doing business. I’m in the office at 7:00 AM running the business. We travel 2 or 3 times a month. I’m all over the world. I go everywhere. I have, at this point, over 700 employees. There’s a lot going on. I have books. I promote the books. I do articles. I write on Medium.

You’re not bored.

I’m not bored at all. I don’t have time. When I read a person, it’s a matter of focusing on it, tuning it out, or tuning it on. I don’t need to get ready. I don’t have to put aluminum foil on my head. It’s a matter of opening the channel.

Tell me, you’ve got a great story about after your husband transitioned, you got lost. I have to tell you, I would have the same story. I have no GPS in my head at all. I think that I love that story. How did he help you find your way?

That was a turning point when I realized if you ask, they will answer you. That’s what people don’t understand.

How long was he on the other side when this happened?

Maybe six weeks. We live on Long Island and I know the North Shore pretty well, but I don’t know the South Shore well at all. It’s about 30 miles apart. I met my best friend. I met her on the South Shore for dinner. It was not a neighborhood I was familiar with. On the North Shore, you’re always near a highway. On the South Shore, it’s like somebody designed it with pickup sticks. They threw the stick down and they said, “Okay, that’s the street. That’s what we’re going to do.” I left the restaurant and my kids had installed Waze or Google on my phone and the phone went dead. It was very scary. It was dark. I don’t know my right from my left. I’m not good with that.

Isn’t that amazing that she can talk to the deceased, but she doesn’t have any sense of direction? I don’t either.

I had no sense of where I was. I started to panic. I was not in a great neighborhood and all of a sudden, I heard him say, “Take a deep breath and make a right.” I said, “Okay” and I made a right.

Did it come through as a thought or did you hear a voice?

I heard it in my inner ear and then he directed me to the highway. I felt him sitting in the car next to me. I could have reached out and felt him. I knew he was there. He directed me and he kept me calm. If I’m telling you, it was right, left, right, double, right, left, it was very convoluted. I was basically driving in the dark and he got me onto the highway and home, and I never felt alone again.

Can you describe to everyone how you get your messages? I know that we get them through clair senses. For some people who are tuning into the show, how does a medium do this? Do they hear? Do they see? Could you explain how that happens to you?

We get messages in all different ways. For instance, if you’re clairtangent, you pick up an article that belongs to somebody and you can feel their vibration. You see those mediums who say, “Give me their watch,” and they hold the watch. I don’t do that. For me, I can hear it. I’ll hear it and I’ll see it.

It comes through as your inner voice.

Sometimes, I hear it outside of my head. Sometimes I hear it in my inner ear.

 Do you think these are your spirit guides telling you this or a bunch of people?

I think it’s my husband bringing them forward. It could be my grandmother. I have a grandmother whom I have never met. Through dowsing rods, I determined that she also was helping me. She was capable of doing these things too, but I never met her. She was killed by Nazis. She has come through time and time again. I’m named for her. I guess there’s a strong connection there. I’ll get an image in my head. I’ll see something. I can sense it. Either internally, I can sense it. I’m cognizant. You just know.

For instance, we were driving across the bridge from Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. We were driving on a Sunday afternoon and I saw the World Trade Center and I turned to my husband. I said, “A plane is going to hit the Trade Center.” He said, “You’re crazy. You’re nuts.” That was always what they said to me. That Tuesday, we were driving to work, but I didn’t see it as a big liner. I saw it as a little plane hitting. The images are whatever is in your storage. You get the goosebumps, that’s external. Clairesentience, you feel it.

Do you smell things too or taste things?

Clairgustance is tasting. Sometimes you get the taste. Sometimes you’ll taste blood in your mouth or you’ll taste food.

Do you get a sensation of the way they die? Does that affect your body?

Particularly with lung cancer, I get a tickle in my throat. That’s why I always keep a drink next to me. With lung cancer or congestive heart failure, with lungs. Other times I’ll be directed to feel a part of my body. Sometimes they direct your eyes to an object on your desk. For instance, I’ll be looking at you and then all of a sudden, I’ll feel my eyes focus on your earrings and I’ll go, “Tell me about your mom’s earrings.” It’s like, “I’m wearing them,” or “My mother lost her earring.”

There’s a story. I was sitting with somebody and I got a flash of a dozen eggs and it was from the movie Ghostbusters. Do you remember the movie Ghostbusters? The eggs were popping out. It was a quick flash of the eggs popping out and sizzling on the countertop. I said, “Tell me about the eggs.” She started to laugh and she said, “My mother was getting out of the car. The neighbor came over and dropped his drawers. He flashed her and she dropped the eggs all over the neighborhood.”

I did a reading. It was a galley. It was a lot of people and I said, “Why is your husband showing me Little Bo Peep?” She goes, “I don’t know.” I said, “I see it.” He insisted. He reinforced the image. I said, “He is showing me Little Bo Peep again. Did he use to say that nursery rhyme? Was that a nickname?” She goes, “I have no idea, except my daughter has a goat farm.”

Do you receive messages and languages other than English?

I hear there are times when I’ll get a name that is not an American name and I’ll just repeat what I hear. There are times when I’ll hear a word. I speak a few languages, not fluently, but enough that I know how to go to the bathroom.

I know you also have a wonderful story about communicating with a Polish couple’s son. Do you want to tell us about that?

I was doing a couple and they were in Poland. I was in New York and we were in a Zoom. In the middle of the reading, I could feel the texture of cooked apples in my mouth. I’m allergic to apples but I do remember. I could feel the taste. I could smell the cinnamon cooking. I heard the crunch of the crust of the strudel. I said to the mother, “Why am I hearing and tasting and sensing apple strudel? Not apple cake, but apple strudel.”

GAR 244 | Mediumship

Mediumship Made Easy: A Guide to Connect with Your Intuitive Self

She started to cry. She said, “That was my son’s favorite. I cooked it this morning hoping that the smell would bring him home, that that would bring him home.” It astonished me. I was reading a couple of young ladies and I asked them, “What’s up with your father’s feet? They stink.” They cracked up because I could smell the odor of smelly feet. Spirit is going to get you that message one way one way or the other.

I was dating a guy. It was a couple of years after Saul’s transition and the guy came from England and said, “Irene, I bought this special cologne. I don’t know what made me feel like I needed to buy this cologne to wear around you.” It was my husband’s cologne. I was like, “You buster.” That was Saul’s sense of humor and absolutely his way of letting me know, “I’m here with you and I know what you’re up to, kiddo.”

You’ve got two books. One is Mediumship Made Easy: A Guide to Connect with Your Intuitive Self. The other is Expanding Mediumship: Exploring the Ways the Universe is Communicating. You have a lot of wisdom in your books. Let me ask you because you speak to the difference between spirit guides and angels, people don’t even know they have spirit guides or that they have angels, Phyllis. What is that all about?

It’s funny, but all the courses I took would have us meditate, which I’m not a good meditator. I don’t like to meditate. Everybody was connecting with their spirit guides who always had names like Sacagawea or something like that. Everybody had a spirit guide. I couldn’t find my spirit guide. Even if I found my spirit guide, where’s the proof that what I’m seeing, hearing, or feeling is not my imagination? I need proof.

For instance, that strudel to me is evidential. That’s proof. I’ve no evidence. What I’ve learned is that we all have spirit guides. We have multiple spirit guides. Spirit guides could be your ancestors. It could be a relative, it could be a friend, it could be a mentor, or it could be a stranger. It could be someone you lived with in another life. It could be someone recently. You have multiple. You have a team. You have a whole team that’s watching out for you.



They change, depending on what’s going on in your life. If you’re calling in the troops, some spirit guides leave and others come in, depending on what’s going on.

Just like you may need a different spirit guide when you’re young, you’ll need a different one when you’re older. You do have a team and spirit guides, if you ask, they will help. If you ask for a sign, they will show you a sign. It’s a matter of confidence. I know I can fall back. Do you know that exercise where you fall backward and you know somebody will catch you? I trust they’re going to be there, but I’m not sure. I know my husband is part of it. I know my grandmother. I know my parents would have to be in my spirit team. My other grandmother, I had a dream about her and she let me know she was there. The point was it’s a matter of trust that you know. Spirit guides could also be ascended masters like grace.

Do you want to let people know what is an ascended master?

Ascended master is someone who’s gone through the perils and the challenges of life. Somebody like Mother Teresa, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Moses, and Mohamed. I don’t care what your religion is. These people have come through the saints. They have lived and they have suffered. They have learned from their life experiences. They’re there to help. You can have all of these different people around you or spirits around you. If you ask them for help, they will help. You may not like the help. You may not like the answer, but they will be there for you.

They have time. A lot of people are calling on them, but they can be there.

They can only do what they can do. Sometimes, people want it all done for them. We are here to learn. We’re here to have the experience. Sometimes you have to burn your hands on the stove. An angel has never incarnated. They’re light beings. They’ve never lived a life. Spirit guides belong solely to you. Angels belong to everybody. If you need protection, you call on Archangel Michael. If you are worried about your health, you call Raziel. If it’s a spiritual thing, you can ask for Jibril or Gabriel. Angels are available to everybody and you can call on them and ask them for help. Spirit guides won’t interfere unless you ask for it.

Sometimes people want it all done for them. But we are here to learn, we're here to have the experience. Share on X

Angels will or will not interfere?

They will interfere. In every case that I’ve read, a person who had a traumatic passing has always said, “I was yanked out of my body before the pain.” That was my number one concern with my husband. It was verified to me. As I read people, I see a hand reaching somebody by the back of their neck and pulling them out. That’s my image for it. I know that they were pulled out before that car hit before they landed with the rope. Whatever the thing is, they make it clear that they did not suffer.

Their body was going through that, but their soul was already on the other side. When you have a session, do angels ever come through to you?

GAR 244 | Mediumship

Expanding Mediumship Level 2: Exploring the Ways the Universe is Communicating (Mediumship Made Easy)

I’ve seen them. There’s a book by Damon Brand, The 72 Angels of Magick. During COVID, I never believed in angels. I never thought about them. I thought it was a figment. I didn’t believe it, but I never thought about it. During COVID, I worked with the angels and I have to say that they got me through. It’s a great book. My two sons and the kids, everybody is involved with the angels.

You have a cool family. The other thing one of your books talks about is self-doubt and fear. Talk about where they come from and we can conquer them. Could you share that wisdom with us?

If you want to read people, you have to get rid of the self-doubt. You have to have confidence. It’s all about self-esteem. It’s that yellow solar plexus chakra. You have to have confidence and you can’t be afraid to be wrong.

You can’t be afraid to be wrong. That’s huge.

The number one lesson I learned from Eddie, my very first teacher, is to park your ego at the door. You cannot be afraid to ask because you have to learn the difference. You may say something like I said, Little Bo Peep. She said, “No.” I said, “Okay.” He’s insisting. I’m not going to fight with the person, but I know what I saw, and I’m not going to get upset. There are many times I’ll say, “Do you take the name Mary?” They go, “No.” “Okay, no problem. I tell you what I hear.” I’m not afraid to be wrong.

Sometimes I’ll get a call later where they say, “I forgot about that person. It wasn’t until my mother heard it and then she said, ‘That was Aunt Mary.'” Very often you are right, but there are times when I’m getting a picture, and I may not be reading it right or feeling. That’s what happens. You have to concentrate on your successes and your past achievements. How did you feel when you had that yes moment? You have to think in a positive way, not where you failed. You have to also avoid triggers. If you know that something is going to trigger you, stay away from it. If you know that if you go there, you’re going to sink into despair and you’re going to get stuck on it.

They ask for the reading.

No, but to get rid of self-doubt and fear, don’t go where the trigger gets you. You have to stop seeking approval from others. What makes you think that anyone else is smarter than you? When my children say, “So and so said this,” I always tell them, “Would you go to them for advice?” They go, “No.” I said, “What do you care what they think then? Why would you even care that they said you’re this or that or the other thing? Would you live their life?”

It’s in their headset. That’s not necessarily for yours.

Don’t compare yourself with others. This is something that I work with in my groups. I have 41 students now and I tell them, “Do not compare yourself, Joan to Chris. Chris, for whatever reason, opened up. Joan has other issues. Don’t compare. Don’t judge. She’ll blossom when it’s her time.” This is very important. When you’re reading, you have to forgive yourself. It can’t be about you. You have to let go of all those things that you’ve held onto and will maybe influence a reading. You have to forgive yourself. You have to let go of all the things. You have to stop.

You have to be objective and more neutral. Give up your ego. Give up your issues. That lends itself to the expression healer heal thyself.

It does absolutely. I think that it did heal me. Learning was a lot about self-awareness. Before my husband passed, I was asked to write a book about mindfulness. I didn’t even know what mindfulness was. I didn’t want to write the book because I didn’t feel qualified, but they wanted me and kept upping the offer. Eventually, I said yes, but I told them that the caveat was they had to hire a psychologist to write the book with me so that I wouldn’t make mistakes. I didn’t understand what mindfulness meant. I think that that book was put in my path because it was another stepping stone on this journey.

I totally get that. I’m sure that’s true. Through my journey, I’ve been presented with so many stepping stones and the whole difference is you make the choice. Do I go for it? Don’t I go for it? There’s another thing in one of your books that you talked about that I admired. You talked about the code and responsibility of mediumship. Tell us about that. What else would you like us to know about your two books? You can tell everything.

The code is you can’t put yourself in there. In other words, you can’t judge other people’s decisions. I’m reading people who maybe didn’t make choices that I think are admirable or their politics are not your politics. Maybe it’s a matter of abortion and no abortion or whatever it is. You cannot put your own social morals and codes into them.

You have to read people objectively. A little bit of yourself has to disappear. It’s a fine line because they’re using your memory, your store of memories, and your collection of images. You have like a Pictionary in your head that they use and your emotions and experiences, but you have to divorce yourself from it and rise above it.

That’s a big challenge.

It is but when you are reading, I find I lose sense of myself. I feel almost as though I have disappeared. I remember going to a reading, the first reading, and I couldn’t tell you what the medium looked like when I left because all I saw was my grandmother. I hope that people get the same thing from me when I read for them, that they don’t see me. Their loved one steps in using me.

That happened to me so I can say that. What else would you like everyone to know about your two books?

My books are basically the curriculum of my two courses. Mediumship Made Easy is course number level one. It’s five classes and I think it’s about ten chapters. I break it down and it’s all about a journey. What I’ve discovered is I wrote the books pretty much over a weekend. When I decided I was going to teach the course, I wanted people to have something physical from the class.

I wrote the lesson plans and then turned them into a book so that they would have it handy and could use markers to mark important things or go back and reread them. You could take the course and it doesn’t make sense to you at a certain point, but you go back and reread it and all of a sudden you go, “Now I get it.” The books are pretty much a gentle guide to my journey.

Are they eBooks?

You can get a Kindle. You can get a paperback. I don’t think they’re more than 50 or 60 pages, so they’re pretty easy. It breaks down each class and how we do it. The only thing they’re not getting is the exercises that I do in each class, the practice.

I think reading it would help someone who’s going for a mediumship reading to understand what happens.

You have to be a good sitter. You can’t take over the reading. If you’re going to be a sitter, there’s an expression, “Don’t feed the medium.” It’s also a fine line. You have to open the door for the medium by saying, “I take that or I can understand that.” It’s never going to be exact. It’s like the Little Bo Peep. “Little Bo Peep took care of sheep.” It rhymes, Bo peep and sheep.

She was a herder nonetheless so he showed me. I didn’t have a picture of goats, I guess, so he showed me Bo Peep. I think it was also an emotional thing that that was his daughter, that he saw her as this gatherer of goats. It’s not an exact science. Somebody has to say, “Yes, that applies to me,” but don’t go into, “And he also had a tattoo.” Don’t over-explain. Let the medium do the work.

What do you want everybody to know about your single sessions or your group sessions? We’ve heard about your classes for mediumship. Is everything through Zoom online? How does that all work for you, Phyllis?

I do Zooms. It’s a bit convenient. I have half-hour sessions. I have full-hour sessions. I have an hour-and-a-half session. You can purchase an extra fifteen minutes. You can have 45-minute sessions. There are all kinds of sessions. I do in-persons. They’re more expensive because I have to travel. I will travel if people want me to. I can do it in my office or I’ve been to people’s homes. I’ve been to yoga studios where they’ve brought in people. Those prices are upon request. We figure out what we’re going to charge.

I do galleries. If you watch my Facebook and YouTube, I’ll be putting out when I do galleries. They are two different galleries. I do a gallery of ten and everybody gets read. They’re a little bit more expensive. If I do a gallery with 30 or 40 people, maybe 5 or 8 people are going to get read. That being said, even if you’re not read, sometimes there’s a message for you within the other person’s reading.

I always went to those readings because I never knew if I was going to get a message inadvertently through somebody else. It was good to see other people get their messages. It’s validating to see someone get a message and even if you don’t get that message, there’s something to it. That’s how you pick a medium. You go to galleries and if you like their style, that’s the best way to pick a medium.

You have to go to this show and tune in to the medium’s interview. You say, “She’s for me. That sounds right to me. I like what she’s got to say.”

I tell everybody to do your due diligence before you go to a medium. Look at their reviews. Look at Better Business Bureau. Look at all the different things and see what people say. It’s always smart to go to somebody who’s done interviews and explains how they work. It’s always good to go to a referral. My whole family went to Gary Joseph. He does great reading. We have a good reading. We have a bulletin board in the family. Now my sister-in-law went. Her niece went. When we do have a good reading, we spread the word.

This whole interview is basically about how mediumship helps a person process their loss and heal. Is there anything else you want to talk about? This is all about healing, so I’m sure you see a lot of healing.

I do. I think that’s the best thing that comes out. It’s that relief, healing, and hearing that last, “You didn’t have to be there. That fight was stupid. Now I understand your point of view. I’m okay with your husband now.”

You get a lot of that too.

“I forgive him. He is not such a jerk. Don’t leave him.” You get a lot of that stuff or acknowledgment. “I know you’re going through a hard time right now. I know you need a knee replacement. Don’t worry, I’ll be with you there that day. Your child is going through a rough time. I want you to know I’ve got your back. I’m with your child.” Just hearing simple things like, “A baby is on the way and I’m holding that baby before you get them.”

Just think there’s the most wonderful message when they say, “When you look at that baby,” and they’ve said this to me. What they do is they show me eyes. They say, “When you look at that baby, you’re going to see my eyes on the other side. You’re going to know for that instant that we are one with our newest grandchild.” Sometimes somebody has to hear that they know what’s going on in their life, that they’re going to be at that wedding or they’re going to be at that graduation. I had a toe problem. I went to a foot doctor.

She’s looking at my toe. In the middle, I said, “Did you graduate and you wore a yellow scarf?” She looks up at me and she says, “Yes.” I said, “Who wasn’t there that you that was important in your life that had passed? There was someone who wasn’t there.” All of a sudden, she started crying. She said, “My aunt.” I said, “Was her name Marina?” She goes, “Yes.” I said, “She wants you to know she wouldn’t have missed that graduation for the world.” What a feeling that is. It seems small. It was an aunt and a niece, but yet she needed to hear that this very important person acknowledged her achievement.

Why do you say that finding joy in life has to do with lowering expectations?

We live in a gratuitous society. We have instant gratification. We have things. We order it on Amazon. It was delivered a few hours later. Our phones and computers are at our disposal. If you want to know a piece of information, we google it. We have such high expectations, but there’s still human error. Also with a reading, people have to understand that you get what you get, like Fancy Nancy says, and you don’t get upset.

In other words, you may not hear from your father, but you’re going to hear from whomever the medium can acknowledge and bring through. Maybe you need to hear that message that maybe your father felt you weren’t ready to hear what he had to say. You’ve gone to dozens of mediums. You’ve had mediums and yet my reading with you was unique. It could be a multiple of things. Maybe you weren’t open to hearing what your father had to say. Maybe he finally found someone who could deliver the message the way he felt it could be.

I think that had a lot to do with it because I had been getting messages from different people for about three months, “You need to resolve this with your father.” All of a sudden, here I have a session with you. He came through like gangbusters in the session because I would say, “I want to hear from Saul,” you literally said to me, you probably don’t remember, but Saul took a step aside and said, “I’m letting you talk to your father. You have to talk to your father.”

I actually do remember it because I can physically see Saul stepping to the side. He was that strong of a spirit that he was able to and I felt him move to the side and say, “She doesn’t want to hear from him, but she’s going to hear.” You were put in a situation. For whatever reason, I guess I was trusted enough to deliver that message in the way your father felt it would resolve the problem.

What a blessing. It was life-changing.

It was like a relief. It was like things fell away. It was interesting. Saul was a watchdog. He did not move from my side until you heard it from beginning to end. He was like, “You are going to hear this whether you like it or not.”

We have work to do. It was like, “This is another piece you’ve got to clear. Come on, honey.” That’s so true. Let me ask you about you and the joy in your life. Now that you’ve gone through so much. David has transitioned. He’s with you and all. Do you find joy in your life? What would you like to say about that?

I always find joy in everything. I always find joy even when I am sad. It’s like I don’t impose my unhappiness on other people. My children know me well enough to know my face, but I always put up a brave front. I go to the parties. I don’t say no.

Aside from the brave front.

I do enjoy and I know that he wants me to enjoy. I am an editor of my own time though. I won’t waste it on things that I don’t like to do. I’m not going to do what I don’t want to do anymore. Maybe it’s kind of avoiding the triggers, but I try to put myself in situations where I will have a good result. Yes, I do have joy. I read a good book. I watch TV. My grandchildren, my daughters-in-law, they’re delicious. They’re so delightful. My sons, my brothers. I have a great niece. I have another great coming, a niece or a nephew. We’re waiting. There are beautiful things happening. I see my friends. I have friends now. I saw who was my friends.

Your friends also change when you go through these things. All those relationships do change. Phyllis, I can say from personal experience that your impressive gift for mediumship fills people with love, solace, and healing as you so beautifully validate in many ways that their departed loved ones are still engaged in their lives here on Earth.

I want to thank you from my heart for this enlightening, insightful, and loving interview that has conveyed the impressive healing, comfort, and closure mediumship so beautifully provides to the grieving. Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and wherever you get your shows, including YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued. Thank you from my heart, Phyllis. Many blessings, everyone, and bye for now.


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About Phyllis Okon

GAR 244 | MediumshipPhyllis Okon is a gifted medium and psychic.

She has traveled many roads until finally finding this path. A teacher, CEO, best-selling and award-winning author, as well as wife, mother, and grandmother, have all contributed to establishing her as a compassionate and understanding medium.

Her ability to connect and give evidential information proves she has been guided by all the best teachers in the field.

She has studied with many well-known leaders in mediumship including Kim Russo, Richard Knight, and Joseph Shiel.

From an early age, Phyllis acknowledged that she knew things, but could never explain how she did.

Too busy raising her family, building her business alongside her husband, and finally entering the world of publishing, she never paid much attention to it.

It wasn’t until her life-long partner, her husband passed, that she began taking courses in the hope of communicating with him.

What she learned was that her relationship with her soulmate didn’t end, and her husband jumped in to serve as a guide, helping her connect others with their loved ones. “He was my help-meet in life and is the same from the other side.”

Genuine, loving, and eager to provide the same solace she receives when she gets messages, a session with Phyllis gives a lifetime of comfort.



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