Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Phillip Mountrose | Miraculous Life


Phillip Mountrose is a highly regarded spiritual healer, coach, and trainer whose unique approach to healing and coaching integrates the wisdom of Eastern and Western philosophies, energy medicine, and modern psychology. His transformative work empowers individuals to unlock their full potential and achieve profound healing on all levels—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, and his latest book, titled The Loving Power of Your Soul: A Guidebook for Realizing Your True Potential, addresses profound questions such as: Who are you and why are you here? How can you reliably access your inner truth and wisdom to guide you on your journey? And…. how can we clear roadblocks and move forward on our soul’s journey with greater ease? Tune into this both fascinating and enlightening interview as Phillip and Irene discuss oracle cards, spiritual channels, holistic healing, this amazing time we are experiencing when more and more light workers and spiritual healers are awakening, and much more!



  • Phillip demonstrates the use of Oracle Cards for reflection, introspection, and guidance.
  • The “dark night of the soul” that prompted Phillip and his wife Jane to create the non-profit Awakenings Institute.
  • Phillip’s guidance for identifying and living one’s soul calling, identified by using his Life Purpose Formula.
  • The bright and dark sides of mindfulness and meditation.
  • How we can learn to connect with our soul.
  • By following your soul, things work out better than expected.


  • What are lightworkers and healers?
  • How can we clear roadblocks and move forward on our soul’s journey with greater ease?
  • How can each of us create a miraculous life with a deeper sense of purpose and meaning?

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Phillip Mountrose: How Can Each Of Us Create A Miraculous Life With A Deeper Sense Of Purpose And Meaning?






I hope this finds each of you very well. I’m speaking to you from my studio in West Orange, New Jersey. I could not be more delighted to have the pleasure of interviewing Phillip Mountrose, a highly regarded spiritual healer, coach, and trainer who is known for his transformative work, empowering individuals to unlock their full potential and achieve profound healing on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Phillip’s formal education included studies in both psychology and holistic health, and he earned degrees in both fields. However, it was his personal experiences and encounters with profound spiritual teachings that truly shaped his path. Guided by a deep sense of purpose, Phillip dedicated himself to mastering ancient wisdom teachings, energy healing practices, and transformative coaching methodologies.

Throughout his career, Phillip has been unwavering in his commitment to helping others break free from limiting beliefs, heal past traumas, and align with their true essence. Drawing from a rich tapestry of teachings and experiences, he has developed a unique approach to healing and coaching that integrates the wisdom of Western and Eastern philosophies, energy medicine, and modern psychology.

Phillip and his wife Jane are the authors of three books. Their latest book titled The Loving Power of Your Soul, A Guidebook for Realizing Your True Potential addresses profound questions such as, “Who are you and why are you here? How can you reliably access your inner truth and wisdom to guide you on your journey? How can we clear roadblocks and move forward on our soul’s journey with greater ease?”

I’m looking forward to talking with Phillip, who will be speaking to us from Santa Maria, California about the personal experiences and encounters with profound spiritual teachings that shaped his path, his inspiration to create, along with his wife Jane, the nonprofit Awakenings Institute, their most recent book titled The Loving Power of Your Soul, Phillip’s Guidance for Identifying and Living One’s Soul Calling, this amazing time we are experiencing when more and more lightworkers and spiritual healers are awakening, and more for what is surely going to be a fascinating interview filled with many enlightened healing insights. Phillip, a warm welcome to the show.


Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Phillip Mountrose | Miraculous Life


It’s great to be with you, Irene. Thanks for having me.

My pleasure. Let’s get everyone to start to know you from the beginning. Let’s talk about your developmental years. Very few people get this privilege of growing up in an environment where alternative healing modalities are embraced. Today in the 3D world, most people don’t want to know about that. You must have gotten a couple of 5D parents or something where alternative healing modalities were embraced. Share how you developed a keen interest in the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit.

Let me put things in perspective here. It seems that, in general, some people early on, maybe even as a child or by their early adulthood say, “There’s more going on than meets the eye.” For many people, maybe more from what I gather, it takes a while for the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s to say, “Wait a second. This doesn’t make sense.” There’s much more going on spiritually beneath the surface where spiritual beings having human experiences have been said.

I had an intuitive sense that there was much more than meets the eye, with some difficulties in junior high and high school feeling alienated, and feeling like why are people so artificially separated and tribalistic? I know there are reasons for humanity and survival for it, but in a deeper sense, I felt like something was spiritually missing. I certainly wasn’t mature enough to put it in those terms.

You were sensitive enough to perceive it. Maybe you’re what they call highly sensitive or whatever because other kids would not be processing it that way.

Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Phillip Mountrose | Miraculous Life

The Loving Power of Your Soul: A Guidebook for Realizing Your True Potential

I’m probably like most kids. I went to a pretty conventional middle-class neighborhood in Buffalo, New York. It was pretty conventional and that didn’t make sense to me either because what was conventional didn’t make sense. It was not good. In my opinion, it was very separatist, judgmental, and petty. That put me in my own reactionary sarcastic way of dealing with it. I became very sarcastic and, in some ways, pessimistic.

In terms of awakening, by the time I was in my twenties, I was thinking of maybe becoming a film director or writer. I was at UCA film school and I made a film. My first film was pretty well received. The second one was very poorly received. You’re there in front of all your classmates and I realized it was a bad film. It’s like seeing your shadow or something negative about you that you had never quite seen. It’s not only seeing it yourself but seeing it and seeing that everyone else is seeing it at the same time. It was very magnified. It’s like saying, “I’m going to do a great dive in the pool in front of everyone I know and around, then it’s a belly flop.”

That must have been hard for you. How did you process that?

Not well at first. Even though I was about 21 years old, I was very depressed. It was my most depressed period. I can still remember it. I felt like I was a fraud. I felt like nothing made sense. I felt like all my energy was drained. It took a while, but because of the dark night of the soul, this sent me into searching. I started searching.

We’re talking about the 1970s. There were not nearly as many things available way before the internet, but I did everything I could with alternate psychology. I went to Naropa Institute to study Buddhism in Colorado. There was Trungpa Rinpoche there, Ram Dass, and so forth. I did Japanese tea ceremonies. I finally came across a spiritual organization.

I said, “I guess I have to be with a group.” Not that I wanted to be with the group because I could only get so far on my own. It was the Fourth Way school, Gurdjieff-Ouspensky, an Armenian sage. I joined the group where I met my wife Jane Mountrose. We were there and we learned a lot about esotericism and spirituality, but there were some shortcomings in it too that were part of our awakening.

Growing Spiritually

After I left that group, I went further into healing because I realized healing was what was missing from this group in the spirit and your healing your shadow. If you want to grow spiritually, you do not only have to activate your gifts and talents and help other people with them, which is enjoyable but you need to also clear the part that was the belly flop in front of all the film students, the parts you’re carrying with you that are fearful.

I would submit to you that you’re pretty atypical because someone else would turn to alcohol or all different things for self-comfort and all of that, or go to their local therapist. You got so involved with something that led you into all these alternative healing modalities, which is very unusual.

Luckily, I bypassed the addictions and the self-destruction part. I turned it into a spiritual search.

When we’re going to talk about the soul later on in this interview, your soul must have been calling you for this, to guide you into this, and for what you needed to do, in my opinion.

I think that’s what I’ve been here sent to do from my channelings and my meditations, to bring the more spiritual into the earthly realm.


This dark night of the soul that you were saying, didn’t that also lead to the creation of this new life for you? You began with your wife this Awakenings Institute. Have I got that right?

That’s right. We have different spiritual dark nights of the soul. Those are what we call spiritual activations. The way we understand it is developmental or how you grow spiritually. You grow spiritually by healing those wounds, depending on where you are spiritually. At first, it’s saying, “I’m not part of the group. I’m not part of my tribe. I’m not my race. I’m not my family.”

That’s part of me, but that’s not who I am at a deeper level. You awaken to that and you say, “What else is out there?” As I did when I was looking for a spiritual group. After that though, the next stage is another dark night of the soul, “Is there something wrong with me?” You have to start healing the inner wound and child, and it can be past life things too. There are deeper levels. Going back to our story and answering your question, we started looking. Jane and I were married and living in Sacramento. She was an architect at the time and I was an educator as a regular job, but the spiritual drive was still very strong.

What were you teaching? I’m curious.

I taught different things, elementary school and special ed. The last part of my career was with emotionally disturbed teenage boys, like my own inner emotionally disturbed part healing.

Working out your own stuff, while you help others.

That’s the way it works. That’s what we’re doing here. It makes sense, practical, and efficient. As we became more successful because Jane and I were studying hypnotherapy, we were doing individual sessions, we’re beginning to teach classes. We had a website early on and we went online pretty quickly too. We decided to have a nonprofit organization called Awakenings Institute, a 501c.

Some people get ordained through us as ministers of holistic healing. It’s a sense of belonging for us. It’s a positioning for us that feels natural and authentic. Some other people would like to do that and gravitate to that part of what we’re offering. What we mostly do is help people with holistic coaching and healing through courses, training, and individual sessions. We’ve written more than three books and many articles, blogs, and videos.

One of the things that you’re training is not only for holistic spiritual coaches and healers, but you also do training for lightworkers. I think a lot of the people or many of the people tuning in to this are like, “What is this thing about lightworkers and healers? What exactly are they?” I’ve been told by many people that I’m a lightworker with what I’m doing. I think that you are also. Why do you call this an amazing time when more and more lightworkers and spiritual healers are awakening? Could you give us a good definition and talk about this time when so many of us are awakening and serving?

I think we all know that there are a lot of crises, the meta crises, the multiple crises in race and climate, in geography, and it goes on and on. Though I think there may have been even darker times living through in history, if you were in World War II, I think it could have been even more intense. In terms of seeing the big picture and people coming in and being able to say, “There’s a better way. There’s a higher way.” I’m feeling called personally from my heart to do something about it.

The interesting thing is whatever we can do individually and whatever we feel gifted to do. it can be very small, but it could be taking care of a person or being a caregiver. It could be researching something or being a researcher. It could be your art. It could be teaching. It could be healing and other possibilities. Whatever you’re called to do and following that, you send out light. It’s natural, authentic, and empowering. It gives you passion. It’s going with the flow as opposed to hiding your light and burying yourself in a slow death. That’s usually associated with the idea of lightworkers.


Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Phillip Mountrose | Miraculous Life


If more people do that, even with a small number, it can create a big difference because of the power of that light. That keeps me going and that’s what I help other people do and get clear because there’s stuff in the way. There are fears and doubts, which then turn into body problems, social problems, and the like. You can work through that and often miraculously so with some help and the light.

The whole premise is if you’re here to help, clear your stuff and heal your stuff. That makes you better able to help people.

You don’t have to wait to clear everything because that’s not practical, but start where you are.



Soul’s Calling

You have guidance for identifying and living a person’s soul’s calling, which you call the life purpose formula. Could you tell us about that?

Something I came across as a synthesis that every once in a while if you’re in this, I think we all have these enlightened illuminated moments. This one came piecing things together because people talk about life’s purpose pretty regularly now. When we wrote our earlier book in 2000 called Getting Through to Your Soul, The Four Keys to Living, we called that Your Divine Purpose. That was the subtitle.

Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Phillip Mountrose | Miraculous Life

Getting Thru to Your Soul : The Four Keys to Living Your Divine Purpose

The idea of life’s purpose was pretty unusual. Traditionally, if you go back to Dharma, ancient religions, and wisdom traditions, it’s there. Now it’s pretty commonplace, and this is a simple formula. Although your life purpose isn’t a formula, nonetheless, it seems to hold over the years. It goes like this, Irene. What are your gifts and talents that you’re passionate about? Not just the things you’re good at, but the things you like to do. I like to do coaching, healing, and teaching. That’s part one.

The other part is how would you like to see the world improve. How would you like the world to be better or to make the world a better place? That sounds very obscure and global and diaphanous. How do you do that? Let me ask you, just to ground it for a moment. How would you like to see the world become a better place?

When they pulled me out of the car, the voice that came into my head said to me, “Be loving and kind to everyone,” as I was lying on the side of the road. I realized that meant not only to everyone but also to me. What I would like to see and my passion is for people to heal as much as they can to be able to treat each other with love and kindness and treat themselves with love and kindness, which I think would make the world a much better place if we all were like that to each other. Therefore, this show is dedicated to inspiring people to heal.

You virtually translated that life-purpose formula. For me, I love coaching, healing, and teaching to make the world a more creative, prosperous, and peaceful place. You might say I love to do podcasting or maybe some other things to make the world a more loving and kind place. Would that be right?

I would say I love to learn and I love meeting Phillip Mountrose today because I’m learning and I’m transmitting your wisdom to other people. That’s what I love to do.

I love transmitting wisdom and sharing and collaborating with people that I’m attracted to for this and to make the world a more loving and kind place. Those are some rough things. Even though that’s a rough starting place, I think it’s a pretty powerful and accurate starting place, don’t you?

I do too.

Your gifts and talents can make the world a better place.

Someone would ask, “Does that mean before I come into this lifetime, I know what my purpose is going to be? Am I programmed for that with things I’m going to experience?”

My understanding is that more or less, yes, but not in a very tight scripted way. It’s like saying, “I’m on a journey from place A to B and I want to take in these sites. If I’m going from New York to San Francisco, I want to make sure I see this part in the middle of the country, this part in the West, and go see the Grand Canyon or whatever.” If you don’t get to that, it’s not like you’re not going to have your purpose. It may be deviated. You might even get to a different city, but you have some ideas and you have people and connections you want to make along the way. It’s a rough draft blueprint that’s not set in stone.

It’s a trail or a way that you feel attracted to that feels right. I know also that you and Jane have a holistic EFT and a spiritual kinesiology healing process. You call it the apex healing or reframing and anchoring. Could you please explain that to all of us?

A backdrop to that is going back to when I was in the spiritual organization with Jane, the Gurdjieff-Ouspensky group, years ago, people were very repressive with their emotions. There was an idea of not expressing negative emotions. I think it was misunderstood. You repress them. People were very volcanic and inhibited.


That’s got us on this journey after I left that program to find out healing modalities, starting with holistic hypnotherapy. That led us to EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, and the tapping technique, which millions of people know now. We have a little holistic version of it, which I’m about to show you, and also healing from the soul.



There are different ways you can use your soul’s energy and direct it for healing, which is very powerful and those can complement each other. You need that. Otherwise, you’re going to be the out-of-control spiritual person who’s not very grounded, what we call the spiritual earthly polarity where you’re in balance. You’re always head in the sky and you’re tripping over yourself or you’re in financial or health issues and so forth, even though you have this wonderful spiritual awareness. You want to ground that by clearing those issues.

That makes sense. When you talk about healing with the help of your soul, I imagine you train people or teach people how to access their soul’s wisdom and how they can connect with that. That leads me to your new book, The Loving Power of Your Soul, a Guidebook for Realizing Your True Potential because it addresses questions like who are you and why are you here?

How can you reliably access your inner truth, which we’re talking about soul wisdom, to guide you on your journey? How can we clear roadblocks and move forward on our soul’s journey with greater ease? Talk about your book and what would you like everyone to know about it so that they run to the bookstores or run to Amazon and get your book.


Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Phillip Mountrose | Miraculous Life


I happen to have a copy of it right in the back. What do you know? Loving Power of Your Soul. We’re very proud of that book, our most recent book, but I want to go back to complete the loop here about the holistic EFT and the spiritual kinesiology healing because I do want to give examples or demonstrate that briefly so people say, “What is this and how it works,” because it’s pretty extraordinary. The basics are pretty easy to get a sense of.

The Loving Power of Your Soul, the impetus for that book was different ways to connect tangibly with your soul. Some people think it’s very obscure. How do you do that? Can you do that? What is your soul? How would I know it’s there? How has it influenced me? It’s running in the background consciously.

As you wake up, you are connected with it. You’re co-creating with it. We mentioned we share six different ways in The Loving Power of Your Soul book about how to do that. Once you connect with that, then you can use that for healing. To give you an example, if something bothers you, maybe it’s something very small or big, it could be you’re upset about someone cutting you off in traffic, and that made you irritated and frustrated.

You can go to your soul as I’m about to show you and use that energy and view that irritation, and it could be a big irritation. It could be a grief or a loss, as we’ll talk about, like a serious one, seeing it from the eyes and the lens of your soul. There’s going to be a lot of compassion and love there and urge summoned up and insights and resources.

That’s wonderful. I think the soul also probably would tell you, “Let it go.”

More or less, to give you a story, I remember one lady was helping doing the spiritual kinesiology of the healing of her soul. The issue was her brother, she’s this woman I think in her 50s, and her brother would belittle her or not listen to her if he’d come with her and make people like this complain to her.

If she tried to offer any support or suggestion, he would be very dismissive and condescending to her. Damned if you do damned if you don’t. Going to her soul, doing the process we’re about to do, feeling that higher lofty, soulful, unified, loving connection, feeling that, seeing that getting an image, she got an image, which we can do for that situation.

It was a dove in her heart. Isn’t that beautiful? She sent that dove in her heart back to her earthly situation of dealing with her brother, imagining that energy. It completely shifted her. The next time she was with her brother, she wasn’t reactive anymore because she could feel that dove and that love in her heart. You can’t say, be more loving to your brother. It can’t be out of control or the advice giver, “Do this, do that.” That doesn’t work much.

It’s what many people tend to do.

It usually has the opposite reaction. It’s either, “Yes, sure,” or “Who are you to tell me what to do?” People don’t like you to tell them how to live their lives. None of us do, but we like loving support, especially from the right person.

If they read your book, they can get some clues into how to contact their soul if they have questions or situations.

Why don’t we do an example? Why don’t we do an experience to show people what we’re talking about? Here’s one of the ones that is going to a higher place in your mind where you can sense or see it. If you have something you want to address even in yourself, something you want to have a little healing, you can take whatever you want and send it too. Do you have something you’d like to send it to?

Are you talking to me?

Yes, do you have anything you want to send it to? I’ll have the audience if they want to send it to something. It could be something small to start with this demonstration, not like I’ve been in therapy for 30 years.

How about frustration with getting something done where I’m in a group of people, we’re trying to do something, and we’re getting a lot of resistance from some powers that be?

That would be a good example. The audience can find their little pet peeve or irritation for now. We set that aside. It’s easy to connect to, but we breathe in and we relax. As you’re breathing and relaxing, you imagine rising to a beautiful mountain top or a high lofty place. In that wonderful place, you get a 360-degree sense of everything around you. The air is perfect. The temperature is wonderful. You have that connection with everything and everyone. You have that expansive feeling and view where your soul is empowering you.

From that wonderfully empowered lofty place, you can get an image, a message, a word, or something that will help empower you or heal you if you want to do that. As you get that word, message, image, or feeling, send that to the part of you that was struggling, down in the mud. Send it way back down wherever you were, and give them that wonderful color, light, image, or message.

Notice the shift and know that you can come to this wonderful soulful mountain top or lofty place whenever you want, breathing in the pure clear energy as a resource and a different perspective for love, healing, and light. Whenever you’re ready, you can open your eyes if your eyes were closed, if you were in a place to do that, feeling grounded and alert and using that energy in any way you choose.

That’s beautiful. Thank you very much, Phillip. That’s helpful.

Did you send it to your frustrated self?

Yes, I did.

Did you notice anything?

I felt lighter.

That’s part of it. If you do this regularly, this is a very little quick example, that shifts. You’re more soul-centered, you’re more heart-centered, and your life is being than from that perspective, rather than autopilot and all the buried traumas and struggles from this lifetime and before.

It takes you above the drama, which is what I felt. It transcended the drama. The other thing I wanted to ask you is that everyone talks about mindfulness and meditation, but you talk about how there’s a bright and a dark side of mindfulness and meditation and they relate to soulfulness. Can you please explain to everyone what is that about?

You want to bring the soul, heaven, sometimes called in the earth, to ground it as we did. We call that mud to mountain topper at the apex visualization there, going to that high place. Mindfulness is being present and attentive to whatever you’re doing. It could be in a meditative state or it could be doing some exercise, yoga, Qigong, or whatever.

It could be taking a walk or being with nature. Any time being mindful, you could be standing in line at the grocery store and you can be very mindful. When you’re doing a more meditative, traditional, and mindfulness state that way, the challenge to be aware of is that it’s not an escapist experience when you say, “I’m stressed. I’m going to go into my mindfulness cave so I can escape and not deal with things.”

That’s one thing to be aware of. Another thing, which is maybe even more subtle, because people say, I don’t know how to connect with my soul. I’m going to go into a meditative state. You’re in a meditative state and your soul gives you this wonderful message and you say, “I’m ignoring those thoughts.” I want to have a clear mind and soul saying, “Wait a second, this is a soulful message for you.”

That could be and we’ve seen that. We’ve seen people who meditate for a long time do crazy things and self-destructive things. They’ve been meditators. For a long time, one lady I was helping with felt betrayed by what used to be her best friend, who she went into a spiritual business with. The friend stole the money from the business and betrayed her.

This was seven years ago and she meditated every day, but it was still there as if it had happened yesterday. When we did a process a little bit like what we did in connecting with her soul, she was able to immediately see it from a higher perspective, release the hurt, forgive her friend, and move on with her life.

How did she see that from a higher perspective? How did that appear to her because she was hurt?

I don’t remember. We did another soul center in which we talked about the loving power of your heart, of your soul book, where you’re breathing into your heart and you’re feeling the soul connection get stronger and stronger. As you’re breathing in your heart, you’re feeling an opening above your head.

You’re bringing this higher light where you feel like you’re connected with everything and everyone with the perfect love and healing for you. When you connect with that, you’re in an altered higher state and you bring that into the situation as we did in this case, a very profound challenge with her former friend. It shifted everything at the moment. It completely reconfigured her life from that perspective.

That’s so interesting. She was not taking it as personally anymore.

It was completely different. It was like it happened to another person and that’s the way it is. It almost should be like if someone else says, “We heard from her,” we’d say, “That’s terrible and have a lot of compassion for them.” We wouldn’t go around all the time saying, “I’m bothered because something happened to that person seven years ago.” We would say, “We wish them well.” That’s our own hurts, our own betrayals, and our own losses, the same way that we need to get that third-person perspective, what we’re here to learn and heal from our soul’s perspective.

Which leads me to my next question. How does the soul’s perspective and connection with our soul empower us and accelerate our growth on this side as we move through this lifetime?

As that becomes more of a way of life, you start to see life through your soul’s eyes. How does this make sense spiritually? When something comes up that a problem like, “Something happened with my website, I’m bothered.” I’m thinking of a personal example now. I used to react. I used to be very reactive like, “The sky is falling.” If you have a website, you could have some serious problems that are disturbing. If your website is hacked or something, nonetheless, you need to go through that knowing it’s temporary.

Now I know it’s temporary. I still might have a short reaction. Some of them are healthy survival coping like, “This is an emergency,” or “How big of an emergency is it? Am I overreacting?” You’re more tempered, you’re more moderate, you’re more realizing in the perspective. When things happen, you recover quickly. “Okay, I’m angry. That annoys me. That person let me down.” Whatever it is, you don’t hold it. You don’t hold the grudges. You don’t keep the accounts. “Do you know five years ago what you did to me?” You don’t do that anymore. You just move on quickly. You’re coming more from a soulful place.

Now everyone is fascinated by what we’re talking about. Tell us about your private practice, your workshops, your certification courses, your training, or whatever you’d like people to know about what you do and how you help them through the institution.

The Spiritual Kinesiology

I’m going to tell people in a way that I think is not just talking about me and what I offer in a way that is going to be engaging to people as they’re tuning in maybe pretty closely to this because I’m going to demonstrate what we teach in doing individual sessions so you can get a flavor for that. Part of it is doing what we did, the spiritual kinesiology, the healing from the soul, how to do that, how to become good at that in the training or in an individual session to receive that where people can have these life-changing shifts, and get clear and become more of the lightworker they want to be or already are, but enhancing that.

That’s part of it along with coaching how to be a spiritual holistic coach. The other tools, and we do some more holistic EFT tapping that works very well with reframing and anchoring and also integrating the head, tapping on the top of the head, the left and right brain, and tapping into the heart. Some of the affirmations we downloaded that they like are called Anything Is Possible, and Miracles Are Happening Now. It downloaded that, Anything Is Possible. A person can do that. If they’re tuning in to this, tapping the left and right brain, breathing and tapping into the heart, and Miracles Are Happening Now. That’s one of them. You can do that with holistic EFT tapping. That’s the spiritual coaching.

Now in more recent years, my partner Jane Mountrose and I at Awakenings Institute are teaching and helping people with a spiritual guidance program. We’ve incorporated a lot of oracles, both tarot and oracle decks, and channeled into that. I can demonstrate that. Let’s do a two-parter here. There are a lot of oracle decks. Oracle started centuries ago. There’s an obscure beginning with the tarot and the archetypal images. These people have these very creative decks.

There are hundreds of oracle decks. I’m going to draw from one called Earth Magic by Stephen Farmer. I thought we could do it on the topic of your show Grief and Rebirth. We’ll do a reading on Grief and Rebirth because you need a focus for the cards. This is a way of developing your intuition. Here’s a news flash, maybe.

You want to grow spiritually, and probably everyone tuning in to this, even though some people may be slow to come to this, some people may have done it as a child, wherever you are. To get there from here, you can’t just use your analytical mind, the seeing in reality, the left brain. You need that. It’s a core, but because it’s not approved by family, society, or the mainstream, that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

The higher dimensions are beyond that and you need your intuition to access it. The oracles are going to access things that are intuitively true for you and people will individually context it and it will develop your intuition. You use your intuition and you develop it. That is critical. He talked about lightworkers and we all have that. You need to develop that. This is an incredible way to do it. I’m going to show that. I don’t know if people come on here very much with the oracles and stuff.

People will reference it, but they don’t work with it as you’re doing. How are we going to choose cards?

I’m going to choose the card for us and I’m going to ask you about it in the awakening. It seems very strange and it’s always strange to me how this can work, but it works on a higher level and intuitive level. I’m going to pick a card and the focus again is what can we learn about Grief and Rebirth. Here’s the card and I’m going to have to turn it my way to read what it is and then I’ll read what the guidebook says and we’ll intuit it. Wolf Instinct. My original name was Wolf.

Isn’t that interesting? It’s picking up that.

Interesting instinct. There’s a wolf here and that’s the card and I’ll read it. Maybe I’ll read it and there’s a very short definition of it in the guidebook.

The wolf is a spiritual animal, isn’t it?

It can be. It’s going to be whatever it is for you. Are you beginning to pick up things? Are you beginning to notice something about responding to that?

In a subliminal way, yes.

Okay. It’s coming. Stay with me because it’s coming. Here’s a description. The wolf, some of the strongest characteristics of our brother and sister wolves are loyalty, companionship, playfulness, and affection. They’re exceptional parents too. The message from the card according to the desk is you have lost touch with your instinctual sensibilities. It’s the result of cultural or religious prescriptions dictating that anything wild and instinctual is threatening and therefore has to be controlled or eliminated. Now is the time to overcome this limited mindset and tune into your instinctual cues. I’m going to use the word intuitive instead of instinctual. That’s the way it’s reading to me. Let the spirit of the wolf be your teacher and call upon this benevolent being to help identify what these cues are saying.

You did the whole mission of the show. That’s amazing. I wish for people to heal so that they can drop the things that they’ve been brought up with and the way they’ve been conditioned that are holding them back.

The crazy thing about this, doing this individual teaching class. I do a meditation with cards every morning. Jane and I do it almost every morning and that happens every morning. The synchronicities and connections. Sometimes the cards, I have no idea what they mean, but when I go into a meditative state, they become very clear.

I remember one was the fog. Why am I getting the fog, like going through the fog? The other card was a celebration. If you go through the fog, you can start to see what to celebrate if you can get clear and grounded. There are all these amazing intuitive connections. I thought I would go further and do another card to show you another aspect of this. Are you picking up anything else? Anything you gave me?

The wolf is very strong and stands in his or her power. That’s the first thing that came through to me because part of my growth has been at this time of my life, after healing a lot of ways, my power was diminished. I am now standing and transmitting in my power as to how I’ve healed and where I’ve come and trying to help people.

There’s a mountain top we went to recently for a soulful visit and our mountain top is a lofty place too. There is a lot of strength and clarity and determination, but love like dogs, canines, loyalty. I’m going to add one more thing. Are we going at about the right pace or is this too much too quickly?

You’re fine because we have a few more questions.

I want to do a quick channeling because I can also, do something I’ve done for many years, I’m starting to do it more publicly, channeling beings. I’m a polyglot channeling. For whatever reason, I can pick up on these beings when I focus on it and a card, an image, it makes it. Here’s another deck by Kyle Grayson. I like the pictures and artwork of Keepers Of The Light.

There are the masters and angels in these cards. I’m going to randomly pick one and then channel one about the topic of loss and rebirth. I’m going to get it from another perspective, which is the things that we teach and help people with an individual. I’m randomly picking one of them. In this case, one of the masters or angels. I don’t know which one, and let’s see what comes up.

El Morya. For people who don’t know what an enlightened ascended master is, these are different from angels. These are people, usually beings who’ve incarnated on this earth, sometimes others, and they had a certain level of mastery. They’re communicating with us on the other plane. Sometimes people do channel them or Alice Bailey wrote about them in the Theosophy in 1900s books.

They’ve shown up in different places, but you can connect with them and they have spiritual areas of resources on higher dimensions. The little tagline for El Morya is awakening presence. The universe is with you, wear a cloak of protection and love. Beautiful card, isn’t it? It’s almost like you can look into the cards and they’re looking back at you, these drawings. We got the wolf, we have El Morya, and I’m going to channel El Morya and see what he has to say. I have no idea what is coming out except what I’m picking up.

Yes, bereavement and loss are part of life. To gain life, you must lose life. It is part of the journey and the cycle of creation. You have come into the being this time because you have gone out of being, i.e. death, and gone into another dimension. Things are coming in and out of existence all the time. When you begin to realize that’s part of the way reality works, it is not as disturbing to you.

Although it is a change, it can be abrupt and unexpected. You need to adapt to it, but with much love comes much healing and much awareness. If you go through life, knowing that you are on a spiritual mission, even the greatest losses will serve a purpose for you to create more love, more healing, more beauty, and connection for you and everyone. Much love, El Morya.

That’s beautiful and so right on. Thank you so much, Phillip.

El Morya and the wolf.

I have two questions as a result of that. That’s marvelous. Thank you and right on. If people want to learn better how to meditate, do you teach people how to do that? If they’re having a problem with too many thoughts in their mind or “I’m not going anywhere? How do I do that?” Do you do that?

I would say a couple of things. We would show them how to get balance and maybe be continuous EFT tapping, doing different energy balancing techniques like I’m doing, connecting more with their soul. It would be another way of calming their mind because what’s agitating in your mind? Part of it can be your diet and lifestyle, or not getting enough sleep, and so forth. Otherwise, these blockages, these hidden things from this lifetime or other lifetimes, things where you were out of sorts, you didn’t feel supported, you felt criticized, you felt unloved, etc.

All those things are agitating and they’re often buried, they’re hidden. “What do I do with them?” The whole idea is once you get more onto this awakening path, they become, “This is what I need to work on. I’m feeling awkward.” Irene said something. “I’m feeling hurt. I’m feeling critical. There’s something off in me. I drew an oracle card and it’s throwing me off. It’s stone people. That card makes me feel funny. What’s making you feel funny is something in you is triggered by something out there. When you have these tools, you’re incredibly empowered like, “Now I know what to do.” It’s not like I can’t meditate. It’s because this particular, and that’s a doorway, that’s an avenue to start the healing.

Do you have any offers for our audience?

Maybe a place to begin is a free part of our newest book, which is part of our course. We haven’t published it. It’s called Awakening to Your Magnificence. It’s about the next new frontier in humanity which we’ve been talking about. There’s a free excerpt and a video that comes with that. People could get that free awakening to your magnificence and video at They’ll be in our new newsletter. They’ll get our fresh videos and articles, what we’re offering, what the next programs are, and so forth.

You of all people, what is your message about the importance of healing? Please explain why you say that by following your soul, things work out better than expected.

By following your soul, things work out better than expected. Share on X

They keep doing that. What seems like a problem becomes a hidden gift. If this is showing up in my life, I guess that’s what I needed to learn about. That’s what I needed to embrace. Whatever is showing up, there can be a hidden benefit or jewel. Not that it’s something you necessarily want, but it’s like that card I told you earlier. If it’s fog, which is confusion, you have a fog card going back to an oracle image.

I need to go through the fog. How do I go through the fog? I ground myself. I need to be cautious because it’s foggy. It’s murky. I can’t see anything. I’m confused. What’s your next step? You’re breathing. You may be doing some EFT tapping. What’s it showing you? I’m feeling pretty grounded. I was able to get through the fog. I feel pretty good about myself.

What is Phillip’s tip for finding joy in life?

I think just connect with your heart and soul. Breathe into that and see what your next step is. What’s life presenting me? Follow that next step and get support if you need it, which we all need support. Get the right support.

That’s so great. Phillip, in closing, I want to share this enlightened quote from your book, The Loving Power of Your Soul, a Guidebook For Realizing Your True Potential with our audience, “When we begin to embrace the truth of who we are, magnificent spiritual beings who are having a physical experience, everything shifts. Our challenges can become growth opportunities. As we search enthusiastically for the deeper significance in the events of our lives, we develop spiritual intelligence. We are open to our true roles as creators who are here with a meaningful plan. Life takes on new meaning. From this soulful perspective, we realize more profoundly that life is a spiritual journey and our experiences are guiding us to realize our full potential.”

We can create a world where love is the guiding force, and each person’s gifts are honored and nurtured. Share on X

Your admirable mission to help create a world where love is the guiding force and each person’s unique gifts are honored and nurtured is deeply in sync with the mission of the Grief and Rebirth, which is to educate, enlighten, and provide healing choices so that we can end suffering, transform lives and change the world. Phillip, thank you from my heart for this remarkable interview, filled with so many enlightened healing insights, including that wonderful channeling. Thank you so much. Here is a loving reminder for everyone. You can see all the Grief and Rebirth episodes on Make sure to follow us and like us on social @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and wherever you get your podcasts, including YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued. Thank you so much, Phillip. Many blessings.

It’s great being with you, Irene and everyone.

Thank you. Bye for now. Thank you so much.


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