GAR 212 | Unapologetically Abundant


Petia Kolibova Burns empowers visionaries to expand in all dimensions of their lives by giving them immense clarity plus the exact steps to unlock their divine feminine and abundance mindsets. She is a passionate Human Design Practitioner and a certified breathwork facilitator who draws on Reiki and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to equip women to tackle the challenges they face creatively, collaboratively, and with confidence, leading her six and seven-figure clients to their next level in life and business. After 18 years of destroying herself with an eating disorder and a constant search for someone or something that would make her feel better and give meaning to her life, Petia decided to help herself to heal. Instead of becoming a slave to her limiting beliefs and other people’s perceptions, she mastered the art of loving her life and sharing her light.



  • What led to Petia’s childhood eating disorder and her search for someone or something outside of herself to make her feel better?
  • What inspired Petia’s journey of personal development?
  • What did it mean to be unapologetically abundant?
  • How changing her mindset enabled Petia to attract the love of her life.



  • How did you master the art of loving your life and sharing your light?
  • What is it like to have personal and professional magnetism?
  • What modalities did you employ to begin your healing, rebirth, and transformation?

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Petia Kolibova Burns: She Decided To Stop Being A Slave To Her Limiting Beliefs And Other People’s Perceptions To Master The Art Of Loving Her Life And Sharing Her Light






I hope this finds each of you well. I’m speaking to you from my studio in West Orange, New Jersey. I am delighted to have this opportunity to interview Petia Kolibova Burns, an abundance and light activation coach who will be speaking to us from Las Vegas Nevada. She empowers visionaries to expand in all dimensions of their lives by giving them immense clarity plus the exact steps to unlock their divine feminine and abundance mindsets.

She’s a passionate human design practitioner and a certified breathwork facilitator who draws on Reiki and Neurolinguistic Programming to equip women to tackle the challenges they face creatively, collaboratively, and with confidence, leading her 6 and 7-figure clients to their next level in life and business.

Petia is a contributor to the Amazon number one bestselling book titled 21 Days to Soulful Success. She has a podcast titled Unapologetically Abundant, and she hosts dynamic retreats that bring immense clarity about a person’s blocks and desires regarding abundance and more. It may come as a surprise to learn that Petia grew up feeling unloved and unworthy.

After eighteen years of destroying herself with an eating disorder and a constant search for someone or something that would make her feel better and give meaning to her life, she decided to help herself to heal instead of becoming a slave to her limiting beliefs and other people’s perceptions. How many of us spend our time worrying about other people’s perceptions of us? She mastered the art of loving her life and sharing her light.

I’m looking forward to talking with Petia about the origins of her eating disorder, her journey of personal development and self-love, how she mastered the art of loving her life and sharing her life, the way she guides women to intuitively connect with their inner vision to experience personal and professional magnetism, what it means to become unapologetically abundant, and more for what is surely going to be a very inspiring and illuminating interview.

GAR 212 | Unapologetically Abundant

A warm and heartfelt welcome to the show, Petia.

Thank you so much, Irene. What a beautiful introduction and what beautiful energy you bring to everything. It’s so enriching and enlivening. Thank you.

Thank you so much from my heart. I appreciate it. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty right away. Tell everyone what led to your eating disorder during your childhood, and why were you constantly searching for someone or something outside of yourself to make you feel better. I don’t think it is something so strange for a lot of people. They probably do the same thing.

I feel like so many people are conditioned to outsource their worthiness and their happiness. When you think about it, when we were little kids, we survived by getting attention, by people pleasing, and by doing everything and anything that other people wanted from us. Unfortunately, many of us take it into adulthood. We still do that at work and in our relationships. That’s how I find myself feeling unloved and unworthy because my mom got remarried when I was five years old. My stepfather was physically and mentally abusive, which led me into feeling that I shouldn’t be even here, that I was an accident, and that I don’t matter.

There was a completely different behavior towards my younger brother who was later born from that marriage and me. I had everything forbidden and I couldn’t do anything or go anywhere, and he had so much freedom. When I was witnessing that as a little girl of 7, 8, or 9 years old, I think there must be something wrong with me. If there’s nothing wrong with me, then I wouldn’t be treated this way.

We create these patterns and beliefs, and that’s what led me to an eating disorder when I was eleven years old. When I’m looking at that now, I can’t even believe it because, to me, eleven seemed like a little girl. Back then I felt like an adult. I felt like I had to mature so quickly to protect myself, provide for myself, and even run away. That’s when it started and that led to people-pleasing and toxic relationships. When I was eighteen, I run away from home because my stepfather beat me up.

How could you have a more role model? You didn’t have a role model for a healthy man and for a good relationship either. Was your father not in the picture at all? Your mother didn’t pick him up too well.

That’s the thing. When you think about it, that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing now. That’s why I’m helping women to heal generational traumas. It’s generational healing. It’s not just about you. When I heal, I am able to help heal my mom, grandma, and great-grandma, whether they are in physical form or not, and the future generation.

I would never let my daughters feel the way how I felt personally. I did not have a role model because my mom was dating my dad from she was 15 until 17. They had a first intimate encounter and the first time she was with him intimately, she got pregnant. My grandfather was a womanizer, alcoholic, and abusive.

That pattern is what she was repeating.

Exactly, because she didn’t know any better. She didn’t see my grandmother stand up for herself. She didn’t see my grandmother living in love and abundance and being safe and taken care of. That was the first experience for my mom, and then she remarried. They got divorced when I was two years old because my biological father didn’t care to be with us. The next year he got remarried to someone else and had twins. I met him a couple of times when I was a teenager.

He was a thief and he wasn’t present. What I also find out later is that he stole all the money from his family like from his kids’ fund and disappear. We never heard from him. I’m like, “It’s better not to have that influence in my life,” but that’s how I was choosing my partners too. I didn’t know any better. I had to change from the inside out. This is my second marriage and I told my husband, “This is the last one. I’m done.” The first one very much resembled my stepfather, narcissistic, very selfish, a womanizer, and cheating on me. He was like, “I am not drinking or gambling. I’m not beating you up. What are you complaining about?”

In life, sometimes we just settle for, “It’s not that bad.” It’s not because it’s good, but it’s not that bad. That’s why I’m teaching women now to never settle in their life. It doesn’t mean quitting everything and going somewhere to a private island. It’s just, “Does this feel right to me? Is this correct for me? Do I really want this? How do I feel when I wake up in the morning?”

In life, sometimes we just settle for, “It's not that bad.” It's not because it's good, but it's not that bad. Share on X

I think you are giving them permission to acknowledge their feelings. A lot of women don’t even know that they have a right to their feelings and perceptions, and go along to survive. I had a similar story. Without going a lot into mine, I also had an abusive first husband. He was like my father who was abusive. I started getting into healing, and then I chose much better the second time around.

GAR 212 | Unapologetically Abundant

We have to remember that everything had a choice. You can always choose. My grandma transitioned around a year ago. Before she did, I asked her. I was spending a lot of time with her. That was back in the Czech Republic where I’m from. Thankfully, I have a business that I could spend six weeks with her. I traveled there and I asked her, “What is the one thing you regret the most in your life?” She was 77.

She told me, “The thing that I regret the most is that I didn’t get divorced sooner.” Back then when she was younger, it wasn’t as easy. She went to the judge. She told them that grandpa was abusive and drinking, and with other women. They told him, “If you want to divorce, you have to go to therapy and counseling.” My grandpa would never go so she couldn’t divorce. They divorced when she was around her 60s because he found a lover and moved with the lover.

Today, people would advise women, “Don’t worry about him. You go for yourself and get some help to learn that you do have choices that you can make.” It’s a little different generally today. You’ve gone through all of this and you are now starting your journey of personal development and self-love. Do you want to tell us what you did? Did you wake up one morning and say, “I’m going to take a course. What am I going to do?” How old were you and what did you start to do to begin your healing journey? I am happy when I hear people begin a healing journey. What did you do to start to transform?

For me, it was that feeling that something has to change. When I was eighteen, I attempted suicide. A decade later, I was getting into depression, and at that point that I feel like, “Why am I even here?” What’s the point?” I feel like everything is going through the motions, I knew that the second time, you don’t fail. Back then I was crying and I was on my knees. I’m like, “What do I do?” It’s fascinating how it happens over decades.

I was looking online and it wasn’t as easy. There were not so many podcasts and therapists online. You can just go and look on Instagram or Facebook. Back then, it wasn’t as popular as it is now. I was looking at YouTube and Google, and thank goodness I found Louise Hay because she saved my life. I was looking at how to overcome an eating disorder, how to be happy, how to overcome suicidal thoughts and things like that.

Did she literally have to overcome an eating disorder?

She did not, but she overcame trauma. She was molested as a little girl. She started her life when she was 55. She died very peacefully her own way when she was 94 or something like that. She was teaching about self-love and self-respect, and how to heal your life. I started to listen to her videos. I found Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Tony Robbins, and Gabrielle Bernstein. All these people brought me hope.

That’s exactly what I needed. I needed hope. I needed to know that there’s nothing wrong with me and that we can all go through challenges and struggles, but we don’t struggle to be stopped. We struggle to grow and expand and to help others. I always feel like we are given these things because we can overcome them. There is this saying that God doesn’t give you what you cannot handle. Sometimes it feels like, “I can’t. I don’t know how to go any longer.”

We don't struggle to be stopped. We struggle to grow and expand and to help others. We are given these things because we can overcome them. Share on X

When we are on our healing journey, it doesn’t mean I healed it all and I’m done. There are a couple of years between us, Irene. I know that even though you are a couple of years a little bit more mature than me, you are still on your journey. It’s not going to end. Even for me, last year was one of the hardest years of my life. I experienced a miscarriage, and then the next month after that, we were robbed with my husband at gunpoint. My husband had a gun to his head and another guy put a knife on me.

There was so much stress and anger and not understanding. The thing is that no matter where you are on your journey, there will be layers. There will be other veils to remove. It’s okay because you are given this because you can handle it, learn from it, alchemize it, and change it for others as you did with your life and with your story. Not everyone can handle it and we both know it. Fifteen years ago, my uncle did suicide. I know there are people who cannot handle these things and it doesn’t make them weaker. It’s just a different choice for the soul.

Sometimes as a soul, they don’t even know that they have choices. There are other paths they can take. They are just in so much pain.

That’s why I feel like it’s so important for us to look at our healing journey and understand it is never going to be linear. It’s never going to be done. It’s going to change and shift. It’s going to get easier, and you will have more tools and more support than ever before.

You went through this terrible thing and you had a knife to you and your husband had a gun to him. During your transformation, you mastered the art of loving your life and sharing your light it. In a situation like that, how does that work? You are traumatized and scared, but you are focused on loving your life and sharing your light. In a situation like that, how did you process that? Did you go for more healing?

Yes. No matter what happens in our life, it’s super important to give ourselves space. First, you with you. How am I feeling? What is coming up? What is triggering me? I give myself time to talk it out loud. I give myself space to be angry and confused. I gave myself space to go through everything by myself without reaching out. It’s not like I didn’t reach out for help. My husband was there. My best friend, clients, and things like that.

No matter what happens in our life, it's super important to give ourselves space. Share on X

After I was able to process it, then I asked myself, “What do I need right now?” I needed to feel safe so I did hypnosis. I spoke and work with the psychic medium. I did Reikis. I reach out for deeper healing and help so I can access deeper because we are not meant to do this all alone. I feel like it’s so important to start with you. I could be like, “Come here and fix me,” but I’m not broken. We have to feel our feelings. It’s so important to allow ourselves whatever it is. Back then, not with the robbery but our miscarriage, my husband was like, “Why don’t you speak to God?” I’m like, “No, I’m pissed.”

He’s a non-denominational Christian. I’m very spiritual and open, but it’s not like I go to God first. He goes to God first. I’m like, “I’m pissed. I’m angry. Why would God do that? There are so many people who don’t want kids, who don’t care to have kids, and who don’t take care of themselves. We are so loving and this was a conscious conception. We wanted the babies.”

I was angry and I could not work with anyone else. I had to first work through it by myself and with myself, journal about it, and feel all the feelings. There’s nothing wrong with feeling our feelings. Whatever it is, guilt, shame, and anger, we got to feel it to heal it, and then we can ask for help because then we know what you need. It’s not like you are shooting in the dark and thinking, “Let me do this,” because it’s not coming from a higher place of view. It’s coming from desperation and fear. You will bring more of that slow vibration into your life.

When you say low vibration, I can relate to that. With all these experiences that you’ve had, how have they inspired you to guide women? What brought you to this path that you are on where you guide women to intuitively connect with their inner vision and their feelings to what you call personal and professional magnetism? Why did you choose this area to focus on to help people?

I honestly feel that in life, things choose us. It wasn’t like I sat down and thought, “Let me think about what I want to do.” I’m very intuitive. For me, it was following the breadcrumbs. It was following my curiosity and intuition. Often, the things that I have done in my life made no sense at the moment whatsoever. You then look back and you are like, “I understand.”

You can see the pattern.

You can see it more clearly. I was feeling so much scarcity growing up and it wasn’t poverty. It’s not like I didn’t have food on my table or what to wear, but it was scarcity and feeling unworthy and unlovable. When we can own who we are, who we came here to be, and what our gifts are, and when we become unapologetic, that’s when the abundance can come. If you are not feeling worthy and deserving, how do you want to receive abundance? You can’t. It will come and then you will find a reason for how to spend it and waste it.

GAR 212 | Unapologetically Abundant

Abundance is not just money. I love teaching women about money and how to create more impact because I want them to be free because I wasn’t. I teach women how to attract more money into their life through their businesses. The women that I work with are here to help others. It’s such a beautiful ripple effect. I work with service providers, coaches, healers, and visionaries. It is so powerful because it’s a ripple effect. When my grandma transitioned, it was five days before my birthday. A couple of months after that, we were like this. She is and always is going to be my soulmate. I love her a lot.

It must have been so disturbing to her when you were growing up and she witnessed a lot.

That’s the times that she stood up for me. She wouldn’t stand up for herself, but she would stand up for me. She was like my second father, if not the first. The thing is that after she transitioned two months later, I was doing breathwork myself and I had a vision of her. I missed her so much because up until that moment, she would show. I’m like, “If there is spiritual or if there is something after, I want to see you and I want to talk to you.”

I was praying to see her in my dreams and things like that, and I saw her in that breathwork so clearly. She spoke to me and she said, “What are you doing?” I’m like, “It’s me living my legacy through you.” Even though she’s not here in a physical form, I miss her to life. I miss hugging her and kissing her hands and caressing her hair. She always hated it because I messed it up. I’m like, “Let me touch you while I can.” We were so close and now I know she lives through me through the legacy I’m creating, and I know how proud she was of me.

What I am doing is not just for me and having a beautiful and comfortable life, amazing business, husband, and family. It’s because I know I’m creating a ripple effect and because I know I’m serving women who are more confident.

The women who come to me are never motivated by money. They are motivated by service, compassion, and impact. That’s why I want them to have money because they have such good hearts. I’m like, “You have to have money. Not the corrupt politician. Not the people who don’t care. I want you to have money so you can invest and circulate money from a place of love.”

How about giving us an example of 1 or 2 people who have transformed through your work? Where were they when they came to you and what happened once they took training with you?

There are many but one of the dear clients that I love, as an example, is Leona. When I met her almost three years ago, she was in a marriage with a husband who was drinking. He was mentally but not physically abusive. She used to be in a very strict religion. Through our work together, she started to realize her worth. She started to realize that she had a choice. She divorced and left the religion. She became a single mama of three, but through her business, she was able to create enough income to not only take care of herself but also to invest in herself to travel the world.

She never did it before because her husband wouldn’t allow her. She just started her podcast and coaching business. She also has an organizing business for people who are moving. I’m seeing her coming to life. It’s not only her that I’m helping but also her three kids who see what’s possible for their mama, and how they always have a choice. It’s generational healing. The women who come to me, it’s not for them. It’s for their families and the people around them.

I can see how you will be very inspiring to work with Petia. What does it mean to become unapologetically abundant? That means you are not apologizing if you have lots of money and you are very successful. When people become abundant, other people are intimidated by it and people resent it. Explain to us how you teach people.

Let me ask you, Irene. Do you feel intimidated by me?

Not at all.

I am abundant. It’s just perception because it doesn’t matter how abundant or not you are. There will be people who will not like you, won’t agree with you, will be jealous about you, and will be talking bad behind your back. It doesn’t matter if you are making $1,000, $10,000, or $100,000 a month. It doesn’t matter. We didn’t come here to please. When I say being unapologetic, it’s not about not apologizing about having money, it is about being unapologetically you. It’s about owning your gifts. It’s about expressing yourself, sharing your story, and owning who you are.

When you become unapologetic, you become a magnet to the right people and the right opportunities. Money comes to you easily because you don’t have to be chasing, struggling, and pushing. You become a magnet because you are you. I’m not for everyone and I’m not meant to be because I care so deeply about my clients and how I support them. I couldn’t be supporting the whole world.

Being unapologetic will bring you abundance on all levels. It’s not just that we build multiple six-figure online coaching businesses. I attracted the love of my life who treats me every single day like a queen. I’m in awe. I’m in so much gratitude. How he treats me, cherishes me, and takes care of me every single day is so beautiful. It’s the abundance of health, freedom, and being able to travel.

You’re changing your mindset to this abundance. Explain to us how changing your mindset to love your life and to accept yourself attracted this beautiful man into your life.

I had to become the best lover that I ever had in order to be able to attract my husband. In the past, I would lose myself in a relationship. I’m people-pleasing and I would do anything and everything that I thought I had to do to be loved. Before I met my husband, Christopher, I chose to take care of myself. I bought myself fresh flowers. I took myself to dinners. I treated myself nicely. I made myself nice dinners. It’s n not just, “Let’s put it on the plate. Who cares? Nobody sees it.” I’m treating myself in a loving way.

I ask myself, “How would I feel when I’m in a loving and loyal relationship? What is important to me? What are the qualities? What are the aspects of the man?” It was about how he will make me feel versus how he will look or what he will have. My husband wouldn’t pass my vision board test. I would think of someone older, tall, with dark hair, and an Italian style.

I got a younger American, bald, with white skin, and blue eyes. I told him our babies have to have his eyes because he has such beautiful eyes. It wasn’t about how he looked but who he is being. I got really clear and I said, “This is something even better,” and I’m not going to settle. I was in a place where I did desire to be in a relationship but I didn’t need it.

That’s the easiest and healthiest way. It’s when you wanted but you don’t really need it. That’s a different message than when you are very needy for it.

This goes with everything. This goes with money, clients, impact, friendships, and everything. If you are immediate energy, you are saying, “I don’t have it.” There is a lack. I was celebrating. I was journaling every morning and I said, “I’m so happy and grateful now that I’m in a loving and loyal relationship with a man who is family-oriented, faithful, treats me well, athletic, healthy, and all these things.” It wasn’t true yet, but I was putting that energy of gratitude and excitement versus, “Where is my man? Where is he coming from? I’m bored. I don’t want to be alone.” That’s a needy and lack-energy.

Now that we know how much you have to offer to everyone, tell us about your private coaching, your home study courses, and your retreats. Your retreats look divine to me.

I have been hosting retreats since 2019 and we hosted them in Bali, Tulum, Mexico, and here in Las Vegas. This year, because of personal reasons, I’m not planning any in-person group retreats, but I’m still doing VIP days and weekends, which is one-on-one with me, which goes even deeper and richer here in Las Vegas. I’m focusing on our one-on-one coaching clients which is where my heart really is. In March, we are also starting a mastermind called Richly Rewarded. We are teaching everything that I have learned in business for the past decades on how to be abundantly paid, to be yourself, and not work hard. I don’t stand for it. I work 2 to 3 days a week and I’m so blessed.

We teach all about abundance, money, how to delegate, how to build your business, your credibility, and how to launch your podcast, books, or summits, depending on where people are, but having hands-on access and support. Every 90 days, we have our online retreats where we teach you how to plan your business for the next 90 days. You’ll have one-on-one coaching calls and also group coaching calls. Every week, we also give marketing feedback. We make sure that the people who come to work with us are feeling fully supported, and are creating this beautiful ripple effect that I want of healing and abundance.

How can everyone connect with you? Do you have a special offer?

I love connecting on Instagram. If you are not on Instagram, you can find everything on my website. I know not everyone is on social media. I love Instagram, which is just my name, Petia Kolibova. A special offer we have is we created a beautiful process that’s called the Abundance Activation Process. We help you to get crystal clear on what’s holding you back in your abundance, attracting and receiving your abundance, and uncover lack-thinking and hidden obstacles so you can walk away with an action plan and feel renewed, re-energized, and open to the abundance. It’s on

Petia, what is your message about the importance of healing, your past, activating your gifts, and uplifting your reality that you’d like to share with everyone in our audience?

What’s coming up is just reminding people to remember that they were perfectly made for their purpose. Very often, we are trying to fit the mold and fit in the boxes and try to be like everyone else. When you truly remember that you are perfectly made for your purpose and that you are perfect the way you are, you don’t have to change because there’s something wrong or something is missing. If you want to keep growing and expanding, go. You are perfectly made for your purpose and that will bring you so much. Just understand that.

You are perfectly made for your purpose, and that will bring you so much. Share on X

What is your tip for finding joy in life? You have to have a great tip.

There are so many that are coming up to me. For me, it’s just nature. That’s the first and foremost. No matter where you are, being in the sun and going in nature. I have greens in front of me even though we live in the middle of the desert. I have a hummingbird feeder right in front of me. It brings me so much joy to disconnect from technology and be fully present in nature or kiss the belly of my dog. No matter what you do, be where you are and be fully present. That will bring you true joy. Think about it. When kids are running around, they are so joyful. Why? They don’t worry about the past. They don’t care about the future. Right here in the present moment, whatever you choose to do, be fully present in them.

That’s wonderful advice. Petia, by mastering the art of loving your life and sharing your light, you have become a very special role model and guide for so many people. I just want to thank you for inspiring women to become unapologetically abundant in so many ways so that they can manifest their deepest dreams and desires. I thank you from my heart for this wonderful interview. Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you are watching on YouTube, be sure to subscribe so that you will never miss an episode. As I like to say, to be continued and many blessings. Bye for now and thank you so much, Petia.


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