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Composer and lyricist Peruquois is a remarkable worldwide icon and a profound healer of women who has been touring the globe since 1997, and her life has been filled with fascinating and transformative experiences of grief to healing and rebirth. Her father drowned in a fishing accident when she was three, and her motto became “Love and live now as the future may never come.” Another transformative experience occurred when she was 11, when both of her legs were cut above her kneecaps and then re-attached in a botched surgery designed to cure a genetic hip rotation. At 18, Peruquois honored her dreams to become a jazz vocalist and by 23 she was a bright star on the Australian jazz scene but felt somehow unfulfilled and through a profound transcendental experience, she found intuitive singing which spurred people to call her “the voice of Mother Earth.” She later spent 11 years as an apprentice and one of 7 wives to a Native American Medicine Man in the mountain deserts of New Mexico, where she received a vision that revealed that her healing voice and profound wisdom would one day inspire millions of people to fall back into love and return to harmony and balance. And years after that, she moved to New Zealand and committed to a new partner who was an awakened tantric master, and she became inspired to create a new set of practices for women to open to their sensual nature. And of course, there is more!



  • The ways Peruquois handled intense peer rejection in her youth plus other challenges that strengthened her will for life.
  • Peruquois’s profound transcendental experience through which she found intuitive singing, which spurred people to call her “the voice of Mother Earth.”
  • What it was like to become an apprentice and one of 7 wives to a Native American Medicine Man in New Mexico.
  • Peruquois’ profound Near Death Experience during her daughter’s birth.


  • How were you able to unite seven jealous, competing wives in a circle of trust?
  • What is an awakened tantric master?
  • How do women heal through your unique high-low overtone singing and your mastery of up to four voices at a time?

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Peruquois (Peru Qua): Hear Her Stunning Story, Learn About Her Mesmerizing Voice, And Garner Powerful Wisdom From A Worldwide Icon And Spiritual Superstar Who Is A Profound Healer Of Women!






I’m delighted to have this opportunity to introduce you to composer and lyricist, Peruquois, a remarkable worldwide icon and a profound healer of women who have been touring the globe since 1997. Her life has been filled with fascinating and transformative experiences of grief, healing, and rebirth. The first experience that began to shape her unique character and gifts occurred when she was three. Her father drowned in a fishing accident and her motto became, “Love and live now, as the future may never come.”

Another transformative experience occurred when she was eleven in the form of major experimental surgery. Both of her legs were cut above her kneecaps and reattached in botched surgery designed to cure a genetic hip rotation. Despite the pain and extreme peer rejection, this strengthened her will for life and love and firmed her commitment to overcome any issues that life was to throw her way.

At eighteen, Peruquois rejected her mother’s pressure to become a psychologist and honored her dreams of becoming a jazz vocalist. By 23, she was a bright star on the Australian jazz scene but felt somehow unfulfilled. Through a profound transcendent experience, she found intuitive singing, which spurred people to call her the Voice of Mother Earth.

She later spent eleven years as an apprentice and 1 of 7 wives to a Native American medicine man in the mountain deserts of New Mexico, where she received a vision that revealed that her healing voice and profound wisdom would one day inspire millions of people to fall back into love and return to harmony and balance. Incredibly, she united all the wives in a circle of trust and togetherness. In a powerful healing ceremony, they healed him from bone cancer, saving his life. After that healing ceremony, a new craft and even more unique skills opened up inside of Peruquois.

In 1999, Peruquois went through yet another near-death experience when after 40 hours of excruciating labor, she delivered her only daughter. She later moved to New Zealand and committed to a new partner who was an awakened tantric master, and she became inspired to create a new set of practices for women to open up to their sensual nature.

I’m looking forward to talking with Peruquois about many things, including her profound transcendental experience, her experience saving the Native American medicine man, the unique skills that opened inside her, her near-death experiences, her second partner, who was an awakened tantric master her exploration of women’s sensuality and inner essence. Her unique high-low overtone singing and her courses and events free women from emotional trauma, self-doubt, anxiety, limitations, and more. This will surely be a memorable interview with a remarkable woman that is not to be missed. Hi, Peruquois, a warm welcome to the show.

I’m happy to be with you. Thank you for that big introduction.

You are a big person. I received a dossier about you. I was like, “How do I get this all to everyone reading the blog, so they can know the fullness of all of who you are?” You are impressive and colorful. It is going to be fun to interview you. Let’s begin with this question as I get everyone in our readers to get to know you. How did that major experimental surgery come about when you were eleven years old? What was all that cruel peer rejection about? What transpired inside and outside of you to transform you in such a positive way and strengthen your will for life? That is the thing I found after I was researching you. No matter what has happened to you and some of these things have been traumatic. You seem to go towards the positive. A lot of people can learn from that.

When I was a young child, it was a genetic condition my mother passed on from my grandmother. It was known that it was a possibility that it could be any of my mother’s four children. My father died when I was three. By the age of three, they had already been treated for this condition. You can imagine the hips are rolled in. What they used to do was put you in these calipers as a baby and open the hips by casting the feet.

My father’s death was all focus because it was a radical disappearance. He went out to sea and he never came back. He had a crew of four men with him. You can imagine, as a mother, you are trying to cope with the grief of suddenly the man you love is there and he is gone. Your focus isn’t necessarily on your children other than, “We got to get through this. We got to survive.”

My mother missed the window of growth where they could have changed this condition by a more simple procedure, but the doctor said, “We missed the windows. We have to wait until she is older and the bones get to a certain point at eleven. At that stage, we will take the hips out of the joints and reset them in the joints. It will be about a one-year procedure.”

It was an aesthetic condition. I walk like a duck. My hips rolled like a sexy woman, but my feet would turn me like a duck. All my childhood, I was teased. They said to me before my eleventh birthday, “We have this new procedure. It is an experiment. We like to try it on you. Instead of taking the hips out of the joints and resetting them outwards in the joints, we are going to cut you above the knees and take the bottom part of the leg above the knee, turn it around, put pins in, and regrow it. You will only be in cast for three months this way.” I said, “I’m up for it because a year in cast seemed traumatic.”

I have to ask you before you go on. How did you handle that peer rejection? That is devastating for a little kid when people are making so much fun of them.

It was hard. I had this quality, as a young woman, of being, on the one hand, somebody who could be a leader. On the other hand, I was highly introverted. This made me introverted. I took the energy from these children. I took it inside of myself. I was an old soul, but it somehow matured me because I could see the cruelty of it. I was always outside of myself, watching the cruelty of it. I went, “I knew it was not correct.”

That is a mature way to approach it at such a young age.

Sometimes I would cry because I felt I was always left to last for any team sport. Mostly I took the position that people didn’t understand what I was going through. “My salvation was going to be the surgery.” I thought, “After this, I will be like them.” That surgery changed me that maturity only grew in me from that suffering because the next thing they did was a rehabilitation process. They put me in a special rehabilitation center, which was full of only kids who couldn’t walk, talk, and eat. They were fully disabled kids.

I went from this position of a normal person to suddenly being surrounded by kids who would never walk again. My sense of normalness suddenly went up high because I knew I would walk again, and these kids would not. I was so lonely during these few months in the center because my mother couldn’t be with me. That is a whole other story. I went through this alone, but somehow, it ripened this sense of compassion. I even thought, “I could help my schoolchildren understand how lucky they are.” That is what it opened up in me. I am lucky because I will walk again and these kids are not.

I arranged a special outing to take these kids to my school whilst I was still in a cast. I was like, “I went to school. I’m in crutches now. I’m in a cast. I got these kids with these wheelchairs.” The kids at school freaked out. They were terrified. After they left, they completely criticized and were mean. They were 10 and 11 years old. It scared them because they didn’t understand why people were like this and not holding them up. They couldn’t understand what to do.

What it taught me back then was when people don’t understand something, they create a negative, fearful response as a protection for themselves. When I saw that, it turned me from being a child to an adult. I felt incredibly sad for people that this was their response to fear and being unknown. I thought to myself, “I will never live that way.”

When people don’t understand something, they create a negative and fearful response to protect themselves. Share on X

That was such a higher consciousness because you not only were feeling compassion for these children, but you were feeling compassion for the kids who were being mean. You were understanding them on a different level.

When I came out of that surgery, I was no longer a kid. At the same time, my mother was going through a violent marriage breakup with a man who was almost psychopathic. I was trying to hold her through the whole experience. It was a transformative time in my life. I never went back to thinking like a child after that. I suddenly became this person that knew I had to find the strength to get through, get myself walking again, and get myself strong again.

That is what grew that will because I was lonely through the whole period. I knew I could only rely on myself. On a positive level, that was great because it built this incredible inner resource. On the other side, it built this hyper-independence. This strength almost starts to push people away. It had a negative effect eventually that I had to transform.

You certainly did because you don’t do that anymore. People are coming towards you in droves. That is an amazing story. I want to also ask you because I know you were originally jazz trained. You are gifted. You are later integrating Native American Indian, classical Middle Eastern, and electronic flavors into your ear-watering blend. You had a profound transcendental experience through which you found your intuitive singing. This spurred people to call you the Voice of Mother Earth. They were no longer as intimidated if they were calling you the Voice of Mother Earth. Do you want to tell us that story?

You have skipped a lot of years and a big transformation there where I had to stand for myself to follow that gift. It wasn’t like, “I had the gift. It was easy.” No. My mother completely stood in my way the whole time until I was about seventeen when I left her wing. I ended up going to the conservatorium, which was a miracle because I didn’t have any training to get in there. I ended up doing a Jazz degree. That is how I became a jazz vocalist.

When I was seventeen, I had my first small awakening. I was living with a woman who was a musician at the time. I had left my mother’s wing. This gift was in the baby stages of waking up. I didn’t trust it yet. I was doing my first singing classes at the age of seventeen. She said to me, “If you could sing and if there was no limit, why don’t you write down a piece of paper? Who would you sing for? Why would you sing?” I did that.

This is great advice to any parent. You could say to your children, “If you love that thing, what would you do with it if there were no limitations on you?” I said on this piece of paper, “If I could sing, I would sing for millions of people. I would sing not to entertain them and not to sing emotional songs, but to sing to help to heal them.” By the time I was 23, I was losing that fabric, roots, and dream. I had fallen prey to that world of success.

When you were still fresh, naive, and clear, you got a real vision of your sole purpose.

What was amazing was, at that time in my life, I had one of the best guides around me. It was my auntie. She was a psychic. She was the one that gave me the vision of my life. She received a vision about what was going to come in my life on my eighteenth birthday. This was a phenomenal angle because it held me. It was back in the late ‘80s. It was back in the late ’80s. The new age movement was budding. We were doing a lot of channeling, healing, and reiki sessions. Back then, the psychic said to me, “You will fulfill your life purpose this time. Your ancestors have been doing this forever, but they have never fulfilled this mission. It is yours to fulfill it this time.”

Imagine it at eighteen. That was my compass. By the time I was 23, I had lost that compass because I had fallen prey to a young woman’s longing. That is to be loved, to be seen, to be admired, and to be sexy. It created an incredible emotional rollercoaster in me, especially coming on and off stage and drinking a little bit. The jazz scene was like clubs and men. My soul knew something deeper. It created immense tension inside of me. I would come off stage the next day. I hit that dopamine low. I’m completely doubting my life and myself.

In this one particular moment, I went to the ocean because I lived right on the ocean in Sydney, Australia, on Bondi Beach. It is a famous beach next to amazing and powerful rocks called the Bronte Rocks. There is a long walk around these rocks high up over this powerful Pacific Ocean. I went there and I got to this certain point. I was right in front of a graveyard and I thought to myself, “Nothing makes sense to me anymore. I could jump.”

I called out to the mother because I had this connection to the ocean. Imagine my father had been taken by the ocean, but I had lived by it all my life by this stage. I cried out to her as though she was alive and present in this wind and slapping waves against these big mountainous rocks. I said to her, “Mother, I lost my way. I don’t even know what I’m doing here anymore. Please help me.”

The elements came and spun around me, the wind, the waves, and the mist of the ocean. I suddenly felt this energy pulling me down inside. I started to emulate the sound I was hearing with my voice. I’m a jazz singer. I don’t think about emulating the wind. I think about scales, songs, and everything logical, still by this stage.

I started to emulate the wind. Two hours went by. Nature had come up and taken me over in a sense. This immense peace came over me immensely. All those feelings of death, I’m nothing, and I’m hopeless, fell away. That was the beginning and the opening of the door. I went to this place every day for two weeks. After two weeks, I had the deepest experience raised as though I had fallen. My body dissolved. My head was prostrate. My head was right down on the earth. My head dissolved into the earth. I felt this enormous love rise through my body and, at the same time, pour down into the earth.

You spoke to me earlier about your experience. It was like a voice, but it was not human. It is something vast, big, and feminine of nature. She came and my whole body started to become vibration. I understood she was this living presence vibrating through everything on the planet. Every car, piece of machinery, human being, animal, and ocean’s wind, everything that I could hear was her voice vibrating as life with such profound and enormous love. For the first time, I felt completely unalone. This feeling of total being held by this mother force. This mother’s power was unconditional.

It sounds like you turned into the collective consciousness.

It was profoundly feminine. It was like my whole soul. My body has been rerouted to the earth. If I can sing this vibration of yours into people’s consciousness through their bodies, they would know about this profound love and the sense that the body is sacred. Life is here and death is here. I could feel the presence of death at the same time. I said, “I promise you, Mother. If you wake this gift in me even more, I will sing to wake this gift to other people.”

I had no idea how I was going to do it. I was talking to different people I knew and some aboriginal people. Nobody wanted to teach me. Within a few weeks, my crazy auntie rang me. The psychic from the other side of the country said, “You have to go to this festival because it is going to be a Native American medicine man. He is touring from the States and Australia. Go to this place at this time, and you will meet him.” That is what I did.

Your aunt is amazing. For her to know about all of this and give you these messages, what a gift for you.

She was the black sheep of the family. Everybody thought she was crazy. I went to this festival. I hear this voice as I come into this huge conference center. I’m following his voice in a trance. There is this big fat Native American with long hair. He is fully dressed in leathers, breastplates, and feathers. My whole body is in goosebumps.

When he finishes his performance, he gets off the stage. I wait for him. He is surrounded by a lot of women because he is very charismatic. I look at him, and I think, “He is a ladies’ man.” I go and talk to him. I say, “I’m a singer. I had this amazing experience. I think you have some secret to help me understand my gift more.” He looks at me and says, “Little lady, if you come with me tomorrow, I will let you get on my stage, and you can sing with me.”

The next day came and I was late. I was trying to sabotage myself. I thought, “He won’t see me if I’m at the back of the audience, but I will get to hear him.” He spotted me and he said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I want to show you no matter whether you have a voice or you can sing, if your heartbeats, you got rhythm. This little lady is going to get to the stage and going to show you that you can sing.” Nobody knew I was a jazz-trained singer.

He did not either. He knew nothing about you.

He didn’t know I was a jazz singer, but I had sung something for him when I met him. He called me to the stage. He got ten people on the stage with native drums from the audience. He showed them a heartbeat. I had an aboriginal DJ player right down on the floor next to me. I was terrified and shaking. My feet went down into the earth and suddenly this energy started to rise through me. This voice that I had touched by the ocean came up. I started to sing nothing that made any sense to my mind. It wasn’t lyrical. I don’t know what I’m saying but it was this feeling.

He started to sing under me. This small audience turned into a sea of people when I opened my eyes and we finished. In the end, he hugged and grabbed me like a bear. He said, “Little lady, we have many roads to travel and many people to meet.” That was terrifying because I knew that my life was about to end at that point. That is what he demanded. Sometimes when you go through these incredible transformational experiences, there is a part of you that knows your life is about to end as it is, and you want to run and say, “No, it is too much. My life is safer.”

GAR Peruquois | Sensual Nature

Sensual Nature: When you go through incredible transformational experiences, the first instinct is to run away from them.


You have all the dictates and all the voices of all the people like your family who thought your aunt was crazy. You have all these people in your life going, “Are you crazy?” You are like, “No.” Something inside of you is strong about, “Yes.”

For me, it was difficult because all my musicians were saying, “You are out of your mind.” This is what he said to me. He said, “If you come and be with me and be that apprentice, you are also going to need to be one of my wives.” I was like, “What?” He said, “Will you marry me?” I said, “I’m not going to marry you.” He said, “My vision is that all those wives will carry one child. Those will be special children.” I said, “You are out of your mind. There is no way I’m going to come and do that, but I will come and be your apprentice.” He said, “You could come and be my apprentice, but you will end up being my wife. You will see.” I thought, as my young woman, “I will bargain and do it my way.”

You were how old now?


He was how old?

He was 50. He said to me, “I already have three wives back in New Mexico, in America, in the desert, and two of them are pregnant.” It was another moment for me of life and death. I remember leaving his house that night feeling like I had no choice. It was the weirdest feeling in my life. I was driving the car. It was 3:00 in the morning. I thought, “I could drive this car off the road. That is what I should do. I should drive this car off the road.” Something inside me said, “No, stay on the road.”

I remember ringing him and saying, “I don’t want anything to do with this.” He said, “I understand it is a lot for your mind to cope with.” A week later, I contacted him. About a month later, I ended up on tour with him in Australia. Before I knew it, I was in the desert in New Mexico, 2,000 meters in the high desert, Apache desert country.

You fell in love with him.

I was in love. That was the other thing. When I met him, there was this destiny of the soul. It was as though I hadn’t always known this man. I knew his strengths, weaknesses, and biases. I knew everything about him. At the same time, he carried this enormous mystery to me because he had this knowledge. That vain into the earth in a way, that ancient quality.

What this man did for me was instead of giving me songs and teaching me more about this, he put me out in the desert in ceremonies. He said, “Go and learn from Mother Earth yourself. If it is not directly from the source, you were mimicking me.” That was hard because I had all the Western women’s doubts about me and fear. Not to mention the healthy ego I had gathered by this stage that needed undoing and the level of jealousy. I had nobody who recognized me as anything anymore. I was no longer the jazz singer. I was nothing.

I went into a new world. My old world died. I was nothing to these women. They were jealous of me because you know what it is like when you are a pregnant woman and you see a young egoic sexy woman. You are like, “Get over yourself.” They are not nice about it. That is how I felt thinking that I would arrive into this world and be welcomed as a sister. It wasn’t like that at all.

You were unwelcomed. I want to ask you a question because some of our readers are wondering, what does a medicine man do? I want to know how you united these seven jealous competing wives. That is incredible as it is. We can go to the healing ceremony. You are fascinating.

A medicine man is somebody who normally comes from a long lineage of medicine people. The medicine people are people who carry ancient knowledge. They normally carry powerful gifts for healing or herbal knowledge. It might be some power they carry through the line. It gets passed on from down through the ancestry. Their responsibility is to teach other people how to heal themselves and how to be connected to the earth because it is Native American medicine and a healing pathway. It is the path of life of restoring that healthy connection to life.

GAR Peruquois | Sensual Nature

Sensual Nature: A medicine man is somebody who normally comes from a long lineage of medicine people who carry ancient knowledge or gifts of healing.


Everybody has different gifts. Some people are psychic and healers. His particular gift was that he was a powerful man of the ceremony. He would take people into the healing ceremony, which is known as the sweat lodge ceremony in America. He would help restore people their connection to the soul. Sometimes physical healing happens in the body. He would also work deeply with the soul. He was an exorcist. He took demons out of people. That was what he did with me on my second date. He invited me to an exorcism to support him in an exorcism. I have never been more terrified and thinking, “What man takes 2 demons out of 1 man?”

Demons are negative foot forms.

The world is not the world as we know it. We think it is just human or extraterrestrial. We know that there are souls out of the body here and souls that have not been fully here but have been here and still in the ether. It is multilevel. There are angels and archangels. There is a whole hierarchy in the world we don’t see with our eyes necessarily.

The demon world is a world where there could have been angels or souls, but they normally have become disconnected from the source of love. There is a split. They are normally following an agenda to take life for themselves. They can come into a human being and take over the human being’s life, but the human being doesn’t know they are there. This is a story known throughout our history.

If they take over, they make a total mess of that person’s life normally. They don’t do good things because they are disconnected from that wholesome fabric of love and unity of oneness. They have their agenda. They don’t have a right to be in that person’s body and to take over the soul. The person has had a low point in their life or they have fallen in love with something like fame or money. They say, “If I could have that thing, I would give anything for that.” This is a classic story.

It is like an invitation to enter.

They say, “I don’t want to be here anymore. I don’t want to live anymore.” That is also a down point where the soul is sold. The person who doesn’t want to be in life anymore at all. That is also an invitation. I’m with a man who is about giving people their connection between the soul and the body back to themselves. This is deep and rare work on the planet.

I had a lot of exposure to this world that most people do not participate in. When I was 24, my world was shattered. This is a part of the path of this particular medicine. His genetic memory was awake. His memory went back about 200,000 years. That was interesting for me and all of his wives because we were regressed through ceremonies and research of ancient texts. What has happened on the planet, who is who in the hierarchies, and why is the planet the way it is now?

There was a lot of that depth of study, but my focus was on how does the voice help restore somebody’s body when they are sick? How does the voice help restore that connection to the soul when that alignment gets thin and weak, and the connection is no longer communicating well? How do you restore someone to that wholeness where the soul and the body are flowing in communion, communication, health, and harmony? The thing that amplified that quest for me was when he became my husband. At one point, I was several years into the marriage, he got sick with bone cancer.

It is interesting because he is healing all these other people and something struck him.

One of the great challenges for healers is when they work a lot with a lot of people, they have to treat their body like a temple or they are going to get in trouble themselves. He was arrogant. He didn’t treat his body as a temple. He was into hamburgers and smoking Camel cigarettes. I was constantly pressing on him. I was saying, “Your body is a temple.” I was a vegetarian at the time. I was a new-age, bright vegetarian. I was always teased in the family for being a vegetarian.

One of the great challenges for healers is treating their body like a temple. Otherwise, they will get into trouble themselves. Share on X

Not that I’m a vegetarian advocate anymore, but the point was that I was very much about wanting to heal my body because this surgery had left me with a lot of pain. It wasn’t successful in the sense that I was left with chronic sciatica from the age of eighteen. I was limping a lot, especially around my menstrual cycle. When my hormonal system was active or at a low point in the cycle, I would go into chronically inflamed hips. I would be limping like an old woman. At this stage, that was part of that driving force. How do I heal myself? It was a lot about self-healing.

Did he help you to heal that?

I did many ceremonies. I got to a certain point where I wasn’t fully healing. I was frustrated about it. I had unloaded a lot of emotional garbage by this stage. I was becoming more myself. A lot of that ego dropped away. The pain I carried from my past was starting to fall away over these years, but I had not reached that point where I was comfortable. My body was still in a lot of pain. At one point, he called me and all the wives together because I was out in Australia and I was coming back and forward to a healing ceremony. He said, “You women need to heal me. You are going to be given the tools to do it.”

Before we get to that, were you talking with them? Were you all in peace with all these women yet or had you got together to help him heal? You also brought peace to the group. Did that happen through the healing or before that healing took place?

I wouldn’t say that I brought peace to the group. I would say that our inquiry, our day-by-day living together, mothering together, and consciously having to navigate through this jealousy and who is more special, gifted, and all that human stuff. We had to learn how to be honest, vulnerable. You do not hide and talk behind each other’s backs.

We used this special method, which is the Talking Stick Method. We uncovered a lot of the ugliness that we carried inside toward ourselves and each other. We used ceremonies to do that. We came to a balance point in that. When that call for healing was made and came together, it was a wake-up call. You are not deep enough. You need to go deeper. If you want to access the power of the Earth and the universe, you are going to have to go deeper.

GAR Peruquois | Sensual Nature

Sensual Nature: If you want to access the power of the earth and the universe, you have to go deeper within yourself.


We used the preparation for this healing ceremony to clean out even more of the subtle things that kept us from this original flow of love. People can have transcendental experiences. They experience the whole universe and love. When it comes to living in a relationship, that is where the crap happens and all falls to pieces. Suddenly, you are transcendental wildness can all fall.

Look at how you were all focused around this one man. Each one of them felt special to him because he wanted to marry them. Now you are sharing it with him. Who does he go to tonight or however that worked out? That had to be issues like that.

You are very well-spotted. When this healing ceremony came about, these powerful songs were given. I remembered some of the ancient songs of healing. Each one of us had to come to that place of total love for each other and for this man to be able to access the depth. What it taught me was that when women are divided, we are weak. When women are unified in their love, we have access to the greatest healing power.

When women are divided, they are weak. But if they are unified in their love, they have the greatest healing power. Share on X

The power of this planet is unbelievable. We have a doorway. That doorway is our sexual energy or sexuality. We are built to experience the flow of that beautiful and passionate life force that rises from the planet. Our bodies are designed to experience it. It rises through our feet, yoni the old Sanskrit word for vagina, womb, heart, breast, mind, and soul. It is a flow.

I had to learn how to switch that on with the voice, women, breathing, ceremony, and going into trance states. What happened was that energy unifying. In one moment, this enormous, ecstatic energy rose. We were able to cure him of this in this sweat lodge ceremony. We were inside what we created was a womb light.

Was he there in the ceremony as you were working on him?

He was in the ceremony as we were working on him. It was profound because it became the basis of my realization. Not my realization in a way, but it is the realization the power that a woman carries in her body to heal and her sexuality is instrumental in healing this sexual energy. It is not talking about penetration, but the rising flow of this sexual energy through the body is the most healing power that we carry when it is unified, conscious, bright, and flowing in waves up through the body.

I ended up creating a whole practice after this. I started touring and going around the planet. I was in Europe and England. I worked on that side of the world. I would take men and women originally, but I had turned towards more women in these chanting and healing ceremonies I had created. Something happened where it was clear to me that I was done with this man. It was that point of the next death in a sense.

You feel a shift.

It doesn’t make sense to your mind. It is uncomfortable because you are going to lose your safety net again. “You are going to be alone again,” says the mind. It was eleven years after being with this man. I finally said, “I have to go.” He understood, which I was grateful for. He gave me his blessings. I have had his child even by this stage. I have to go because this is no longer true for me living like this.

He didn’t have a problem that you would take your child together with you.

No, he didn’t. Our love was strong enough in the eternal that he knew I would always return this child to him. That is what happened. Every year, she went and spent summertime for 2 to 3 months with him and the other wives. He was not afraid of that. He trusted. There was a bond of love that was deep. There were trust and respect. He could see it was time for me to go. He wanted me to go. I was about one year alone, and I got sick. This is the other thing that happened to me after leaving. I got ill and my daughter. We fought for our lives for a year.

How old was she at this time? How old was your daughter?

Two years old at this time.

She gets sick along with you.

We had a black fungus on the roof of our home at the time. This black fungus went into our lungs. We were constantly sick. I had energies attacking me all the time and sucking at my life force. It was powerful for me because I felt like I was fighting for my life. I turned to this because prayer was a big part of my life at that time.

I carried a medicine pipe, which is a long smoking pipe. I did a lot of prayers because to carry that pipe meant that you had taken on the responsibility to pray for humanity and the planet. I was outside of that family. I’m completely alone in a way. I was doing a lot of prayer. I remember praying for the next man to come into my life who could see me because I was open by this stage as a woman. I prayed for this man to come into my life. Be careful about what you ask for.

That is the guy in New Zealand. Before we go to him, I want to ask you because a lot of the people in our readers are interested in near-death experiences. I know that you had a near-death experience when your daughter was born. I don’t know what you saw or how that experience impacted you. Didn’t you have two near-death experiences? I would say they would contribute to your abilities because usually, people come back with something magnified within them or with a knowing in some way.

I wouldn’t say that was true for me. The knowing was. I wouldn’t say my experience was amplified. My singing gift was amplified by this stage because I was already in that state of experiencing quite a lot of power. In my near-death experience, I was 40 hours into labor with my daughter, and because of my hip condition, my hips and legs were swollen, and my cervix wasn’t dilating. They wanted to give me drugs, and I didn’t want to do it. I have been holding this pain for 40 hours by humming.

I didn’t have full access to all I have now but I used that power to hold the pain. My support crew had a couple of wives around me. They said, “Give up and surrender. Stop trying to hold the pain.” I did and I started to go out of the body. I saw the soul of my child. It was like I was coming out and in of the body. I would drop out for some time. If a contraction happened, I would come back in again.

It was a powerful experience because I understood that something inside of me needed to die. What this death was about was the next level of my ego. That is what died in me through that birth. Eventually, I came. At one point, they were calling me back into the body. They were saying, “Come back. You have to push this baby out or you are both going to die.” I remember coming back into the body. This almighty power came through me.

Now that I’m saying this, I realize I experienced the absolute feminine power of the universe and it roared through me. I know other women have had this experience at birth where you are bigger when you are unified with this enormous feminine principle. My baby was birthed and I made it through. This opening became the basis of showing women how to let go of the control of the mind.

No matter how much pain they are in, physical and emotional, it doesn’t matter how much pain to let go of control and go into the deepest surrender. When they do that, they have access to this infinite power. The voice is the bridge between the soul and the body. What I discovered was when I used my voice in a wild unsurrendered way, where I was not there controlling it. This power that came to me was enormous. It was the same power I had touched in the healing ceremony, but I hadn’t coed it the same way because this time I was alone.

GAR Peruquois | Sensual Nature

Sensual Nature: When women totally let go of the control of their mind and go into deep surrender, they will have access to infinite power no matter how much pain they are in.


This also became part of the practice for women because what I realized was that woman on the planet, this pure feminine power she carries to birth life has been shackled. Her throat has become shackled because, for a lot of women, our sexuality gets shut down and people control us. We have experienced rape and youth. At this moment, we come up out of the body and the throat closes. We can’t speak as cold as ice.

Consciousness is barely there because it is watching, but it cannot do anything. It is frozen. There is a link that is broken. She cannot say anything or it is muffled. I found working with thousands of women around because I have worked with women from 63 countries over these last several years. It is a consistent pattern. This shackling of the throat and shutting down of the throat energy where her sexuality, which is a flow, comes up through the body and vagina or yoni, and this is a flow of love.

When she gets assaulted in any way, whether it is verbally or physically, but she is in that deep state of fear, this closure happens here and the closure happens in a sexual body. They are intertwined. It often happens also for women at birth. That is the other place in the birthing room where she is silenced and drugged through the birthing process. This folk power she is supposed to have access to is silenced.

Birth is often induced or the cervix opens in a way that is induced, she does it more silently, or she doesn’t experience this full cosmic opening that she is supposed to experience in the birthing space because she doesn’t feel safe. A woman cannot experience this power if she does not feel safe because this power opens in the power of the presence of love.

A woman’s pure orgasmic sensuality has a big nature. I will call that her big nature because she is much bigger than the small conditioned woman we have become. This energy only opens in the presence of love when it opens through the body. It can open when we are out of the body through near-death experiences. You are not experiencing it through the body. There is a disconnection. When you are in the body, and this sexual energy or the birthing energy opens in the body, she starts to understand who she is. She is a big woman.

GAR Peruquois | Sensual Nature

Sensual Nature: A woman’s orgasmic central is her big nature. This energy only opens in the presence of love.


You can understand how people try to shut that down because it frightens them, especially the patriarchy.

You can see that conditioning globally on the planet, shutting off this energy. I’m by no means a feminist, but I know the truth of that. My position in the world is not to fight against it. It is to show women the key to switch or open that energy back up in the body. They start to experience the sensuality, sexuality, and power of that big open wild woman that has been made into a good girl, small, nice, and conditions, how she holds herself, how she behaves, and where she puts the focus of her energy constantly into her image. It is all part of shrinking that big feminine nature down.

You are taking away her power. I want to ask you, speaking of power, because I want to go from that near-death experience to this New Zealand experience that you had. After all, that opened you up even more. That got you in touch with women’s sensual nature and their inner essence. That developed even more. I want to go to your high-low overtone singing. Tell us a little bit more about that experience and how that evolved for you.

I won’t stay on that for too long, but to give people a window. I remember I was calling this prayer. I was saying, “Please send me my love. He who can see me and my big feminine nature.” It was yet another extraordinary experience. I was sick at this time and my back collapsed. One of my discs popped out. I couldn’t walk. I went to a friend. He was an acupuncturist. I made it to his door and I said, “I can’t walk.” He said, “Lay on my couch. You are going to be here for three days.”

He worked on me every day with acupuncture needles, opening all the meridian, and taking all of the inflammation out. I had a lot of fungus in me. I didn’t even know about it at this stage. At the end of three days, he said to me, “This is the guy I want you to meet.” He is an extraordinary man. He had a realization of who he was. He also had the realization of the divine feminine. He mastered something powerful. He has more than one partner.

This guy was from New Zealand.

He was from England. At this stage, I was in Australia. I said okay to my friend because I trusted my friend. I said, “I will meet him.” He was giving some talk in that city he had flown in. I’m there with a hot water bottle on my back. I’m in the healing process. I’m vulnerable. I walk in and this man is at the door. He turns out and looks at me. He says, “You have come.” I was like, “How does he know my name? Did my friend tell him about me?”

I had been to a spiritual festival. I was performing in England at the time. This was years before. I was on stage with my husband at the time, the Native American. We are chanting together. I had a band on stage. This enlightened man was in the audience. Some of the women around him had met me in the toilet. I don’t know any connection between the woman and him. He doesn’t exist for me yet.

One of the women came to me and said, “We listen to your music and it is amazing.” By this stage, I’m back already out in the world. I made a whole new music about consciousness, sexuality, and restoring this connection to the body, love, and earth. They are listening to this music. She says, “Thank you for being the voice of Mother Earth. We are grateful.”

At that moment, in the audience where I was singing, this voice of the mother had said to him, “She will come to you. When she comes, you have to take her on.” He turned around and said, “You have come.” That is what he meant. I don’t know any of this yet. I meet this man and in the break, I’m chatting with him. I get the same sensation as my first husband. I have always known this man somehow. I know everything about him.

At the end of his evening, he says to me, “I can take that pain out of your heart because I had a lot of pain in me. I was physically in pain. I was in the pain of having left this relationship.” He hugged me. He didn’t take the pain out of my heart. I thought, “You charlatan.” The next day, he rang me and said, “I’m inviting you to lunch.” I said, “Okay.” He said, “I’m not just inviting you to lunch. I’m inviting you to love.” I was like, “Okay.”

I live in a wacky world. Not much fazes me at this stage in my life. I’m about 32. I have this lunch with him. I ended up sleeping with him the first night, which I would never normally do but this calling is deep in me. My back is still quite sore. He makes love to me in a way I have never experienced before. The next day, my pain was almost gone. My body was shaking from side to side for two days and my Kundalini had woken up.

Tell everyone where Kundalini is. Explain to them.

Kundalini is that sexual life force that sits at the root of the body. Some say it is at the root of the spine, but I think it is at the root of the sexual center of the body. When it opens, you experience enormous orgasmic energy. The orgasm goes, but it doesn’t stop the bliss and pleasure. The body is shaking and every cell is spinning in this cosmic way where orgasms are going on for so long.

Even after lovemaking happens, it doesn’t necessarily happen in lovemaking, and it can happen in meditation. These energies keep claiming you. You keep spinning in this beautiful elixir of orgasmic energy. It is powerful. It wakes up your consciousness in your mind. You can see more clearly. There is so much love.

This is what woke up in me. I was in this situation where something in me said, “Run.” After he left, he went to New Zealand to tour over there. Something said to me, “Don’t go there.” The attraction was strong that I had to go there. We ended up coming together. We were together for years. I will cut this short story short. He had more than one partner. He was open about that. He had children with two of those partners.

He was what you call a tantric master.

That is a way you could call that. We have to understand that when we speak of the great feminine principle, the universe is not separated. It is unified but there are polarities of feminine and masculine. She is unified with him and he is unified with her. They become one. That is what we call one. That is the whole point of being in the body where we have the polarity inside. He and she, the right and left side of the body, the upper and the lower, the heart and the vagina.

GAR Peruquois | Sensual Nature

Sensual Nature: When speaking of the great feminine principle, the universe is not separated. It unifies the polarities of feminine and masculine.


We built this way. We built from the play of the cosmos of he, the masculine principle, and she, the feminine principle. We get to experience it in the body with a man and with a woman. The point of that is to bring that into such a state of love, union, and acceptance because we are messy human beings. We have a lot of conditioning and rubbish inside us. The point is that love transforms each other’s pain, suffering, and grief into such a state that we understand that we are unified inside and with each other.

That is what happened to me in this love with this man. The next thing happened to me. Tantric is somebody who has had this state of total unification. They understand they live in a central world. That is flowing through the body. They know how to direct that energy through the body. Some people can direct toward other people. Some of it is for themselves and their partners. It works in different ways depending on the qualities people are born with and how that energy manifests. It is the unified energy of he and she. It is in love, life force, and pure power.

I thought I had gone through it all with my past marriage with these women, but no, there was more healing for me to do and more conditioning for me to undo in myself. Eventually, I came to this point of total love and acceptance of these women of him. It came to this point where it was not about them anymore. It’s not about being with this man or burning through this conditioning with this woman. It is about coming into this union inside where love and beauty. I realized I did not even need to be with this man. His pathway was different because my pathway was the pathway of following that vision to help many people. I could not do it while I was with this man.

The things he taught you and the things you experienced with him opened the door for you to what you eventually were to become. He was an important person who had been presented to you on your path.

He was another key for me. I knew what I was calling for and life kept sending all the keys I needed. You maybe can understand from listening to a little bit of the story that it wasn’t easy. On the one hand, with him, I was experiencing incredible and profound states of cosmic lovemaking of beauty and my feminine energy flowing like water. On the other hand, it was difficult being in these multiple relationships.

It is certainly not something I’m an advocate of. It was part of my journey because my journey was how can I help women. First of all, it was for the voice. How can I help to heal people? It grew deeper as I experienced more of my healing. I got to see more through the years of working with women. How can we help women transform this ugliness, cruelty, grief, and pain she carries inside to be more herself? To be that inside that woman who is in her beauty, she is connected to her love, she loves her body. This is a transformation.

That must be a challenge because a lot of women do not love their bodies. They are conditioned to feel they are lacking because of whatever flaws they have. They listen to an attractive man, which is exacerbated because you are supposed to look and be built a certain way.

I started to see the viruses that had gotten inside a woman’s body. Those viruses have been carefully crafted to get inside her body. For example, this feeling of we are not enough. Therefore we need to always be doing and buying things to make ourselves better, cosmetics, creams, working out at the gym, clothes, procedures, and facial surgeries. God knows what women do to themselves. Why? There is this virus inside of them that says, “You are not enough.” It is constant. It was dominating her mind and constantly telling her, “She is not enough.” That is fostered by the world consumer economy.

As long as women feel this way, women are going to be 70% of the consumers of all these goods that are made on this planet to keep her buying. If women don’t realize they have this virus inside of themselves, they are at the mercy of a powerful machine. That is the consumer’s machine that is constantly selling to her every time she goes into the world in any way, shape, or form. When she switches her phone on, meets somebody, and goes into the street, she is constantly being messaged, “You are not enough. You need more.” It is this thing that makes it unsettled inside. There’s no peace inside.

As long as women feel incomplete and insecure, they will continue to be victims of consumerist machinery and keep on buying. Share on X

This is what it feels like when a woman is rested, accepting, and in love. She feels her body and there is a sense of, “I’m happy to be in my body. I love my body.” There is a sense of peace in there. She will feel inside herself this movement of time, this cyclical, hormonal movement in her. She will see how that hormonal movement will affect her emotional world. Sometimes she will feel open and beautiful. Other times, she will feel, “I want to be with myself.”

She will feel so much power and energy. She will feel tired. She wants to rest this natural hormonal cycle built into her body. It is not wrong. It is not building a perfect image of a woman. It understands she has this love, but she has this cycle moving through her all the time. Every minute, she changes her perspective, seeing, knowing, and feeling of life. It is constantly moving and changing. Sometimes it is deep and still. Sometimes it is erratic and powerful.

This is woman’s nature. This virus we carry inside is one of many but one of the dominant ones is one that has to be transformed. Part of that transformation is she must reclaim herself. Part of reclaiming herself is reclaiming her voice. Why? That is the vibrational bridge between the soul and the body. If a woman does not restore this connection, she is not rooted in the body fully. She feels unrooted and unstable in herself. The point of deep lovemaking or orgasmic lovemaking is that it roots her in the body, but a lot of women can’t get to that place because this is stuck. The sexual energy has been blocked and locked.

Part of reclaiming oneself is reclaiming your own voice. That is the vibrational bridge between the soul and the body. Share on X

You are talking about the voice. We are getting to the voice. Through the voice, you have a healing power in your voice that heals women. It is a unique high-low overtone singing. Can you segue to that so we can understand what you do to help women open their immobilized throats?

This is how it worked for me. I started to compose a lot of music that helps to rebuild this connection to the body, love, life, and dance because it is an important part of a woman experiencing her body and men through dance. The voice is a vibrational key. I spoke about the experience of having that energy rising through my body, earth, and this powerful vibration.

Many people called me the Voice of Mother Earth. Where did that come from? It came from people sitting in the audience or being in my workshop and getting direct sensation through their feet, vagina, womb, and heart opening and flowering, the whole body shaking, goosebumps, and flooding of tears and things as they are listening to the music I have created. I have ten music CDs. I have created an enormous body of music to support people who are waking up.

We are going to find out all about that and how they can access them.

The next level happened to me. I first tasted it when I was about 26 with my first husband. I had this psychic come to me one day. She said to me, “You have carried this healing voice throughout all your ancestry. You had it powerfully when you were in the time of Atlantis.” It is a previous cycle on the planet where there was a civilization that was a lot more advanced than where we are now. A lot of your followers know what I’m talking about.

She said, “This voice had the power to sing high. It could split glass or shake illness out of the body. You are going to have access to that again.” By the time I was about 27, I was praying on the mountain and singing on a mountain. My voice did this strange thing. I was singing one note, and the next note appeared on top of it. I thought I was the only one hearing it and making it up, but I went to my sister-wives and I said, “Can you hear this?” They were like, “Yes. We hear it. It is amazing.”

I called my husband at the time and he said to me, “I forbid you to use this voice. You are not allowed to use this voice. You don’t have the power for this. You are not ready for this.” It was devastating. I was angry about it, but I put it away. I pushed it down. I put that voice away for several years for that exploration of that voice and it starts to wake up again. I woke up with a vibration of Om. It woke up in connection to my meditation. I would go into deep states of meditation. I was starting to sing as I came out of these meditations. This voice started to split again. I was like, “There it is.”

The next extraordinary thing happened to me. A friend of mine made some of my music videos. He is a talented man. He was a disturbed man in his psyche. He had done far many psychotropic drugs over the years and his mind was not in good shape. I was supposed to see him this evening and he ended up jumping off a building. He committed suicide. His wife told me that he was disturbed and felt he had a demon inside. He was afraid that he didn’t want to hurt his wife. Whatever it was inside, he convinced him that he should end his life, and he did.

When I looked into his soul, I could see a fight going on because I got this call after he jumped. I could see there was a battle going on inside of himself for his soul. There was something there that was dark and ugly. I went in again into these deep meditation states. I started to sing for the soul. This voice opened up. It is split into these high overtones. It started to shake and spin. There were 2 or 3 voices spinning. It is a hard thing to explain, but I felt this soul break free. I understood that he was free. His wife called me. She said, “What happened? I feel this enormous love.” That was when that voice woke up. That was several years ago.

This voice wanted to express itself compositionally. I started to compose a composition. I would come out of meditation. I understood that this voice had the power to open different centers in the body as well as open the connection to the soul. I started to make compositions with this voice. I went into the studio. I would get the engineer a hip play for me and let it come. I wasn’t orchestrating. I was letting the voice into it.

I created a composition to open up the heart and womb energy, which was deep, powerful, and low with undulating overtones. The 2nd and the 3rd voice are moving. Those compositions wanted to be used by people. I created practices and started merging the practices I had been creating over the years with these voices. They became active practices like meditations but there are some movements with them. Sometimes they are singing with them, where the person who is in practice is singing with them. I thought, “They need to be accessible to a lot of people.”

I made online courses some years ago to open the womb and heart. I had been working with another aspect of the voice. I spoke about unshackling, the sexual energy, the energy of the womb, and throat that a lot of women carry this grief inside. I created soundtracks where using my voice and music. I would take people deep into the body and, with practice, where they could go down into the womb and meet that pain. Use their voice and my voice singing with them to release that pain and grief that they could not release at the moment often because they didn’t have the right support and the safe environment or the right guide to be able to hold.

You are a guide to help them heal.

It is profound what happens for people to release that grief through those practices. I have a course on my side.

How about describing some of your courses and events because you are coming here, let’s have people and know where to find you.

One aspect of that healing voice. I’m a performer and an artist. I brought that voice to the concert stage. I started to marry the practice with that voice. I would do a three-hour concert. For half of it, I will be singing songs. That is where people are experiencing a lot of openings in their bodies, goosebumps, and tears. There is a lot of realization.

For the second half, I will take them into an active meditation where they open their hearts. I’m singing them with these high harmonic overtones. People open and go into these deep states of meditation. Whether they can know how to meditate or not is irrelevant because I use wonderful technology to support them. I will use surround sound. Sometimes I have 6,000 people in a concert hall going into these states together. It is profound.

I have two ways I work with the practices and the voice. One is the online platform where there are fourteen courses available for women. There is one for men. Everything I have spoken about addresses all of it and more. There is a course on how to heal and open up your sensuality and orgasmic energy to release that pain from sexual traumas. It is caused to release that grief and bring that sense through that grief course back into total union where the heart opens big. You start to understand there is a big and intelligent love woven through our planet, our entire universe, and my heart.

That love is the thing that connects me to all the people I have loved and lost in my life. When that heart energy is wide open, I understand that I’m woven from this fabric of love. You start to learn how to communicate through other films with this love of life itself. That is powerful for your readers that grief course is a powerful course, but it is woven through many of my courses because it is fundamental healing with the voice of opening this channel, getting this life channel from the sexual channel all the way through to the soul and getting it flowing again. It has its purpose.

There is a course on how to wake up your calling, your life path, and what you are here to do. It is important for us because if we don’t have that, we feel like we are a little bit of a boat on the sea. I have courses on how to deal with different emotions, anger, and fear. I have courses for patients on how to deal with that good girl, that virus of not-enoughness.

There is one song I have on YouTube called I’m Not a Good Girl. It is a powerful song for women to listen to experience this sense of will. I spoke earlier about will as a child and how I worked that will up through that experience. Many of us, because of the pressure on the world now and our personal lives, our will center get slow. When we are hurtful to our souls or when we are in grief, our will center gets slow. The thymus energy gets weak. The thymus is about that passion for life and our immunity, the heart that says, “Yes, there is love and goodness here.” That all gets weak when we are in grief and sadness.

You are expressing why it is important for a woman to heal that grief.

It happens on many levels and grief is hidden. Sometimes it is about a birth where we had a disempowered birth, aborted a baby, lost a child through miscarriage, or lost somebody we loved. All of that often gets stored in the womb and the heart. This grief has to be released from the body or it creates closure and heaviness. That is the next step of that is often sickness. It is important we take responsibility for healing that deep pain and grief in the body so we can get that flow of love flowing back. The flow of love keeps you young.

I do practice every day. I do feminine meditation, which is also on my side. I have been through all of these practices I have created because that is how they got here. This keeps you connected to that youthful fabric of life. It is important we deal with this energy. When we deal with our grief and pain, our soul becomes more connected through the body. The body becomes more bright because the soul is infinitely bright. The body and the soul unite and become more bright and alive. It doesn’t mean we don’t go through hell and some emotional chaos. It doesn’t mean life doesn’t challenge us, but the resource we have inside when this healing has taken place grows infinitely.

When dealing with grief and pain, the soul becomes more connected through the body, which becomes brighter and more alive. Share on X

When they go to find you, do they look under your name? Do you have a phrase they go for? What is the listing of your website?

My website is They will see so much inside the site because of the music side. There are ten CDs. There are for all kinds of things, for birthing babies, making love, and dancing. The other side is there are about fourteen online courses. There is one course there for men and women. That course I created as a response to COVID when people went into deep anxiety.

I used this healing voice and this particular practice to raise people’s will center up, get them out of anxiety and fear, and restore that healthy flow using that special voice. That is a fifteen-minute course. Imagine you can turn hundreds of thousands of people who have been through this course. It turns that deep, painful, low, fearful, and anxious state into one of, “I’m here. Life is okay. Life is good,” in fifteen minutes because I have had to over time learn how to compress time so that my practices are efficient in a short period of time and can switch the psyche and the body connection in a quick timeframe.

I know you are in Thailand. When are you planning to come to North America?

I don’t think I will be there until 2023 before I make it into North America. I’m on a bit of a world cycle at the moment.

Do you have any idea where North America is? We know you have been to New Mexico. Are you going to be touring, or you don’t know yet?

I don’t know yet. We are building that connection. Normally, I go to the bigger cities if I’m going to go somewhere. I imagine that will be the pathway that I tread when I make it back to America again.

It will be exciting for us all to enjoy you and heal with you.

I’m excited. You get so much from meeting me online because one thing I learned was, being a live performer and live facilitator in the workshop room, I had to learn how to relate that vibrationally across the energetic field of the internet. That is something I also mastered in learning how to work in this modern world.

I also want to ask you because you have stated that you believe that meditation can help a woman find joy in life. Why is that?

For me, it is just not meditation. What I created was feminine meditation because so much of the meditation we have been taught on the planet, whether it is through the yogis or the enlightenment pathway, is about coming up through the body and going beyond the body. For me, feminine meditation is about coming down into the body, experiencing the body, and releasing these blockages.

Voice is a part of feminine meditation. It is about releasing the emulsion and the pain stuck in the body and dropping into a state where the body becomes soft and fluid and she starts to experience how big she is. When she starts to experience how big she is, she experiences a sense of enormous beauty, love, and peace inside. From that peace, there is a flow.

GAR Peruquois | Sensual Nature

Sensual Nature: Feminine meditation is about coming down into the body, experiencing it, and releasing blockages. When you start to drop into a state where the body becomes soft and fluid, you can start to experience how big you are.


This feminine energy is not still. It is always flowing. Look at our nature. It is always flowing. That is our nature as women. We are flowing. Feminine meditation is about getting that juicy flow of love in the body. It makes you young and connected to your body to love that inner knowing and intuition. This is the point for me about the practices I created for femininity, not about going beyond the body. That will naturally happen when you get big but about this reverence and this acceptance of all the sickness and awfulness in the body and releasing it so it can come into healing.

That certainly would bring a person joy. I could imagine that. You are a privilege and a pleasure.

I enjoyed your generosity of heart and your brightness.

We see each other and it is a blessing and a pleasure to share you with everyone in our readers. I’m thrilled to have you here. Women from 63 countries have experienced huge personal healing breakthroughs through your courses and workshops. You will be bringing your amazing gifts to North America. Please let me know because I can let people know about that. As far as I can see, you are a luminous light shining bright for all of us. I want to thank you from my heart for this unforgettable interview.

Here is a loving reminder, everyone. Make sure to follow us and like us on social @IreneWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and if you are watching on YouTube and you want to see Peruquois, be sure to click subscribe below so you will never miss an episode. Thank you again, Peruquois. As I like to say, to be continued, many blessings, and bye for now. Thank you.


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