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Pamela Kirkpatrick is a sound healer and intuitive who came into this world with healing hands and the gift of song. She has been composing music since she was 3 years old, and at age 11, she began transcendental meditation. A certified Kundalini yoga teacher since 1995, Pamela has certifications in Reiki and other healing modalities that combine her vision, gifts, and love to uplift the spirit. She is also a classically trained actress who enjoys singing jazz and the blues.



  • You will receive a sound healing during this interview!
  • The impact her mother, who is a Holocaust survivor, has had on Pamela.
  • The history of sound healing and how it is used for both medicine and spiritual growth.
  • The tools each of us carries within us to transmute and transform the power of sound on a cellular level.



  • How did sound help you navigate your grief when your husband of 41 years died?
  • How does sound healing help with Psychological/Psychiatric and Behavioral Disorders?
  • How does your LEVEL UP YOUR LOVE PACKAGE restore a person’s well-being and recharge the Life Force?

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Pamela Kirkpatrick: Sound Healer And Intuitive






I am delighted to bring you what will be a fascinating, uplifting interview with a sound healer and intuitive Pamela Kirkpatrick will be speaking to us from Davy, Florida. Pamela came into this world with healing hands and the gift of song. She has been composing music since she was three years old, and at age eleven, she began transcendental meditation. A certified Kundalini yoga teacher since 1995, Pamela has certifications in Reiki and other healing modalities that combine her vision, gifts, and love to uplift the spirit. Having met Pamela, there’s a lot of love there.

Pamela’s family taught her the importance of service and kindness. Therefore, she loves bettering lives through her career as a licensed Reverse Mortgage Advisor. Not only does Pamela speak Spanish and several other languages, she is also a classically trained actress who enjoys singing jazz and the blues. She graduated from Grinnell College with honors, earning a degree in Theater and Fine Arts. Pamela is also an associate producer of season one of the reality show Awakening Giants. I will be asking her about that. Pamela, you are blessed with many healing gifts that you share with others. A warm, heartfelt welcome to the show.

Thank you so much, Irene.

It’s my pleasure. Let me begin so our audience can get to know a little bit about your background. Could you tell us, please, about your childhood filled with songs? You were composing at three years old, and what motivated you to begin transcendental meditation when you were eleven years old?

It’s fascinating because, as a little kid, I remember when I said composing songs, life was a piece of music for me. I didn’t even realize it at the time, but I would walk around making up little ditties about the clouds and the flowers and the bees and the grass, and it was always something that lifted my soul. It was when I got my Bat Mitzvah when I was thirteen that I realized that my voice was huge. It was in a very large synagogue, and they used to have those little microphone clips that they put on you.

They had to take it off and turn it off because when I started my Haftorah, this sound came out of me that filled the synagogue, and they didn’t need the microphone. It was fascinating. When people say to me, “How long have you been doing sound healing?” I go, “I think I’ve been doing it my whole life.” I think it’s what I came here to do, along with other things.

People start meditating when they’re in their 40s or something, and you did it when you were eleven years old. What brought you to that?

My oldest sister, Rob, and I have one sister. She was the one that got us introduced to transcendental meditation. My mother and I went, and my father thought it was a lot of hooey, but he supported us emotionally and everything to go do it. It’s been over 50 years since I got initiated into transcendental meditation. I remember that day. It was in a house on Miami Beach where we did the initiation. I was sitting by a window, and they were asking us to be still. Try telling an eleven-year-old to be still.

I remember hearing a siren and this ambient noise and going within and realizing that this was a journey, and going within was where you began. I continued meditating my whole life. I’m one of the few people I know that meditated through puberty. I’d go to sleepovers, and in addition to kissing games and whatever else we were doing, I had to meditate before I went to bed and when I woke up in the morning. I was a diligent meditator.

The kids didn’t think you were too weird or anything?

They did, but they loved me. I have a big heart and a big smile. It was fascinating to them because it was a very strange thing to do in those years. Now, yoga and all of that, and meditation is very popular, thank goodness. Back then, it was like, “What is Pam doing over there?”

By the way, for those in our audience who don’t know what a bat mitzvah is, I have a lot in common with Pam because I also had a bat mitzvah. In the Jewish religion, a bar mitzvah means son of the commandment, and a bat mitzvah means daughter of the commandment. It is a special and beautiful ceremony that you read Holy Chance, different blessings, and prayers in front of your synagogue, which is a coming-of-age ceremony. She’s talking about Miami Beach, and I grew up in Coral Gables, which was a community about half an hour away. We have a lot of commonalities here with our Florida roots. Your mom, Pam, is a Holocaust survivor. What impact does that have on you?

Most people would think that that would have a kind of negative impact. My mother is a very special soul. She was a child. Talk about how you spent your puberty. Hers was in a concentration camp.

What country was she in?

She was from Romania, but she was in Auschwitz. She would say to me, when we talked about spirituality and stuff, that she would hear a voice. It would say, “Go this way. Go that way.” One of the biggest lessons that I take with me that fuels my soul every day is she would say, “You can find beauty even in the darkest of places.” That is when we get inundated with the noise of life and when that darkness, whether it’s grief or illness or the noise of the world, to be able to go within and find beauty.

GAR Pamela Kirkpatrick | Sound Healing

Sound Healing: “You can find beauty even in the darkest of places.”

She would say to me, “Sweetheart, I hope it never comes to this, but you should always be prepared in a moment to put what you can carry on your back and take the hands of your loved ones and walk away.” When she was a little girl, they laughed at her. They called her philosopher in Yiddish. She said, “Something’s happening. We need to leave here. We need to get out of here,” and they said, “You don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re crazy.” She wasn’t so crazy. I tease her now. “Mom, sometimes you’re going to hear from people that I’m a little crazy. Just remember that little girl that you were, that they called crazy,” and she said, “I know who you are.”

I love that you can find beauty in the darkest of places. How old was she when she was in the concentration camp?

She was there almost two years, from 15 to 16 and a half.

How lucky that someone was watching over her, that she lived through that. What inspired you, Pam, to become a sound healer and intuitive? I know you’re involved with finance, but this is a very different side of you.

I’ve been a singer my whole life. I have my degree in Theater, as you said. I was a professional jazz and blues singer, and I’ve always sung. I love to sing. I believe the universe and the world were sung into existence. For those who believe in the Bible or read the Bible and get inspired by it, it says, “In the beginning, there was sound. There was the word.” In my mind, the word was sound. It was a song. You were sharing your story with me earlier before we started. I got a message one night. I was sleeping and heard this message saying, “You need to do sound healing.” I was, “What?” “You need to do sound healing,” and I said, “What is sound healing? I don’t even know what sound healing is.”

It was like, “Figure it out. You need to do sound healing.” I looked around. I couldn’t find much on it back then, and I started doing some research. I found a friend who played a lot of musical instruments, and we began making our way to go on these sound-healing journeys. People were saying that my voice, the instruments, and the sound were transporting them, transmuting them, giving them the ability to astral travel out of their bodies. In some cases, I remember, I never promised anyone anything in terms of cures because I believe that we heal ourselves, but I’ve had someone who at MS that could barely walk when they came in be able to get up and walk out.

People have had physical things transformed for them. It’s been a journey of personal growth with myself and some of the experiences that I’ve had in my life. One of the things that I found fascinating when I first started looking into sound healing is that when we grow in the womb, we respond to sound before we even have ears. Sound is the most basic of our senses. It’s the first to come into the body and the last to leave when we die.

GAR Pamela Kirkpatrick | Sound Healing

Sound Healing: When we grow in the womb, we respond to sound before we even have ears. Sound is the most basic of our senses. It’s the first to come into the body and the last to leave when we die.

I’ve heard that because people will often say that the baby in the womb will respond if the mother sings to the baby. They are hearing and getting the vibes of what’s going on. For those who are like, “I never thought of sound healing, and this is interesting,” I’m glad that you gave us an example of someone who had helped so much. What is the history of sound healing? I know it’s used both for medicine and spiritual growth, isn’t it?

Yes. I always laugh when I tell people I love the metaphysical, but I also really love science and the art of science. People forget that science is an art. One of the things that’s fascinating to me, there’s a gentleman named Dr. Emoto who did studies on the impact of sound on water. Our bodies are over 70% water. In the same way that sound impacts water, it impacts us. What happens is, on a cellular level, you retain things from a sound healing experience that you can access later on. We’ll do a little gift of a taste of it later on.

I’m so excited about that, everybody. You’re going to get a real taste of what sound healing is like.

They use sound even now in medicine and sonograms and sonic things to break up tumors, fibroids, and all other things. I’m not a medical person. A lot of other people in my family are. The way that it works and integrates with the body, one of the things that I talk about is I don’t know if our audience are familiar with the number pi, which goes out infinitely. There’s something that correlates to pi that’s called the Fibonacci Code. The Fibonacci Code is said to be the seed of life or the seed of creation. It’s a ratio of masculine and feminine energies, and we all have both aspects in ourselves.

The ratio is 8 feminine to 5 masculine. To give you an example, if you were out walking in a forest and picked up a pinecone at the intersection of 8 and 5, that’s where pine seeds are born. The Fibonacci you can find in the swirl of a conch shell. If you look at our cells under a microscope, they have this Fibonacci swirl. It’s even the way I’m told that the DNA in our mitochondria moves up the spine.

If you look at our cells under a microscope, you see this Fibonacci code. Music is part of the resonance of sound, even for people who fall asleep during my sessions, which I don’t get insulted because it’s just the body’s way of relaxing and getting what it needs. Even for people who feel that nothing happens, there’s a way that we can access sound and what it is in ourselves with a breath or with something else that we’ll go into a little bit later, how the gifts impact you. I hope I answered that.

What are the tools that each of us carries within that transmute and transform the power of sound on a cellular group level? I know we’ve got water in our bodies. We’re picking up the vibration. Are there other things that go on with our heart?

Absolutely. I was sharing with you earlier that when people tell me, sometimes they’ll come to me and they say, “I can’t meditate. I’ve tried all my life, but I can’t meditate.” And I say, “Excuse me, but are you breathing?” “Yes.” “Is your heart beating?” “Yes,” and I said, “Guess what? Breath is a meditation. Each breath is a meditation.” We have new cells being born. The water in our body is taking on, releasing, and transmuting different vibrations. On a cellular level, in our core of who we are inside, that is the tools we access. Sound healing is one of many ways that we can access those things. We’ve been taught a lot in our society and most cultures to look for the answers outside of ourselves.

Breath is a meditation. Each breath is a meditation. Share on X

I’m not diminishing the benefit of professional help and people on the outside that work with us, but the greatest wisdom is our own inner wisdom, our own truth. Going to that quiet place, dropping into your heart space where you can be in the resonance of you and listen to your heart, your breath, and your soul, that, to me, is the most powerful thing we can access for ourselves. It doesn’t matter what religion you believe in. Not that it doesn’t matter, but it crosses any notions, people who believe in spirituality, who don’t believe in spirituality because, on a cellular level, something’s happening. That, to me, is beautiful and powerful.

I need to ask you because I know your husband, at 41, died. We all know my story of how I lost my husband. You use sounds to navigate your grief, did you not? How did that help you? What did that look like? For some of the people in our audience who are grieving, maybe sound is a modality that could help them also. What did you do? How did that work for you?

I found myself alone on that slippery slope of grief. Not that I’m not a well-loved and cared-for person. I’m very blessed that way. Late at night, when you’re alone in bed, or the wind blows and an aroma, you can’t have been with somebody. I met him when I was nineteen years old. It’s like there isn’t anything. There isn’t a song, a morsel of food, or a story that somebody tells that doesn’t remind me of some experience we had together. Oftentimes those were joyful experiences.

I’ve always been a great sleeper, but when I couldn’t sleep, I was listening to my heart, and I was feeling anxious, I would turn on my own sound healing. I would listen to it, and I would play it while I slept, when I could go to sleep. It really helped. It helped me drop into a different place in my body because there’s a lot of noise in the world. I say to people, “We live in a world, there’s a lot of noise.” Sometimes that noise, especially the emotional noise of grief, pain, and suffering, we need something to flip the switch. For me, that’s sound. There are a lot of other ways to do it, but it really helped me to be able to transmute all that noise and drop in to my heart, into my place, to a place of peace.

Sounds like it brought you into your heart space. Do you have CDs, downloads, and all these sound-healing things you do?

I do. I have some YouTube. I have a website where people can access different sound healings. They can always reach out to me to do individual things for them. It’s interesting when I’m describing, prior to a full session of sound healing, I introduce a variety of instruments who don’t always go on every journey with me, but they call out to me to let me know, “Take me with you today.”

I will tell them that one of the things I love, even though I love sharing the crystal bowls, the rain sticks, the drums, I used Native American drums that were made in a ceremony to tune us into our own inner drum, our heartbeat. What I love about what I share with people is that you don’t need any of this. All you need is your beating heart, your breath, your intention, and your hands. You can access your own inner wisdom and take yourself to a place of peace.

GAR Pamela Kirkpatrick | Sound Healing

Sound Healing: All you need is your beating heart, your breath, your intention, and your hands. You can access your own inner wisdom and take yourself to a place of peace.

Would you like to give us a demonstration of one of these tools you use?

Sure. Let’s go ahead. One of the other things I love about sound healing, there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Don’t worry if you want to open your eyes when I say close.

Can everyone do this with us right now?

Absolutely. What I’m going to say is, if you can, place your feet flat on the floor and you can sit comfortably. One of the ways that we begin, I’m going to begin with a tingsha bell because bells are known for clearing energy. We’re going to go on a little journey together. I have a few bowls. I have a crystal bowl that corresponds to the third eye point, which is the spirit eye between our eyebrows on our forehead.

I have an orange singing crystal bowl that corresponds to the sacral chakra. Chakras are energy centers of the body for those who don’t know. Your sacral is below the ribcage and above the base of the spine. It’s so important because when you have something happen to you, and you say, “I feel like I got kicked in the gut,” we can all use that release.

I also have a yellow solar plexus bowl. The solar plexus is that area under the ribcage and maybe between the naval center. The yellow is also about bringing light into the darkness. I have a bowl from India that I brought. That’s a cool bowl because the difference is that usually, I play the bowls, but this bowl will play me.

What we’re going to do is we’re going to go on a brief journey together. I’m going to ask you if you feel comfortable letting your eyes close down, but you don’t have to. You can leave your eyes open. I’m going to invite you to bring your palms together in a prayer pose at the heart center and begin to rub them briskly together, creating some heat and warmth in your hands, like you’re making an old-fashioned campfire with a stick.

When you’ve got some nice heat going in your hands, I invite you to place them over your eyes or your heart, wherever you feel called. Inhale deeply through the nose, inhaling peace and light and love, and exhale through the mouth or nose, exhaling joy and laughter, kindness, compassion, and strength. Inhale deeply and exhale completely.

At the top of the next inhale, I invite you to bring your breath to the top of your head or crown chakra. I invite you to picture this breath like a rainbow-colored beam of light. We’re going to send this rainbow-colored breath arching up and out from the top of our heads, connecting with grandfather Sky and grandmother Moon, with the celestial stars that shine with all that is, all that ever was, all that will be, and the miracles and wonders that are yet to unfold.

Inhale deeply and exhale completely, feeling your connection to all that is as we unwind the sands of time and drop the illusions. Inhale deeply and exhale completely. When you feel ready, I invite you to bring this rainbow-colored breath back from the stars, moon, and sky to the top of the head or the crown chakra.

Now, I invite you to bring this rainbow-colored breath through your third eye point, which is located on your forehead between your eyebrows, into your throat that gives you voice, and into your heart where love is, to the belly be round and soft like a baby’s belly. The belly holds the wisdom of the soul. Now, down to the base of the spine or the root chakra.

The belly holds the wisdom of the soul. Share on X

Here I invite you to picture this rainbow-colored breath turning into the roots of a living, ancient, and guardian tree. We’re going to send these roots down our legs, out the bottom of our feet through the topsoil, moving into the heart of the planet Earth, where we meet Mother Earth. Mother Earth invites us to wrap these rainbow-colored roots around her precious heart that’s nestled in the heart of the planet. Allow ourselves to be gently rocked like a newborn baby, safe, loved, wanted, and protected. Everything is possible here.

When you feel ready, kindly thank Mother Earth for allowing you to be rocked like a newborn babe. Gently nestle her heart back in the center of the planet where we found it. Begin to move from the heart of the planet through the soil, breaking through the topsoil, up the bottom of the feet to the base of the spine, into the belly, into the heart, into the throat, through the third eye, up to the crown, and out to the ethers.

As I play the bowls for a moment before we come back into our bodies, I invite you to continue breathing, breathing through the nose and dropping into that sacred space of your own heart. That’s the center of this universe. Allow yourself to unwind and feel the sound on a cellular level. “I am a creator God. Divinity at birth of the stars and of the seas, a child of Mother Earth. Sail on the wind, navigate the breeze. Mother Earth is calling, fill my heart with reverie. I love you. Love you so much.”

Inhale deeply and exhale completely. Slowly and gently begin to bring yourself back into your body, back into the room. Begin to wiggle your fingers and your toes. As we begin, I invite you to rub your palms together, creating heat and friction. When you’ve got some nice heat going in your hands, I invite you to cup them over your nose and mouth and imagine the smell of the ozone in the air right before a rainstorm. Inhale that deeply, drop into your heart and exhale completely.

On the next inhale, invoke some smell, some delicious aroma from nature, the smell of a rose bloom or a night blooming jasmine, something that lights you up. Inhale it deeply into your heart and feel it fill you. When you feel ready, gently let your eyes open up. If you feel comfortable, I invite you to gaze into my eyes and inhale with me. “I love you. Love you, love you, love you so much.” Thank you.

Thank you, Pamela. That’s beautiful. We’ve all had a major healing here. Thank you. I have a couple of questions now. How does this particular sound healing help with psychological, psychiatric, and behavioral disorders? What you just did for us is a prayer for healing. How do you use this for people who are really troubled? You must have some good stories from that.

I do. I’ve been going to do two sessions every Saturday at a private drug rehabilitation center that treats people with mental illness. When they do their exit surveys, they often say that the most impactful thing is sound healing. There’s a way that it cuts through. I’ve had people have these breakthroughs. Sometimes, I have an instrument, a rain stick. It sounds like rain. When I use the rains stick, usually for me, it makes me feel like getting all snugly under the covers, listening to the rain, feeling safe, warm, magical, and protected. I had a client say to me that for them, it was like nails on a chalkboard because something traumatic happened.

I’ve seen this happen with bells, rain sticks, bowls, and drums. People oftentimes have post-traumatic shock or have had a traumatic experience or mental illness that may be part and parcel to all of that or a result of those experiences. They say that it brings them to a place of peace like they don’t ever remember being in before. For a lot of people, that noise is very off-putting, especially when we don’t feel well, have a big decision to make or when we can’t sleep at night. What I love about this being used with people who have a mental illness or have some trauma or something, it can be physical and mental. People like to say that the mind and the body are separate, but last I checked, you take them with you wherever you go. I think it is a mind-body connection.

GAR Pamela Kirkpatrick | Sound Healing

Sound Healing: People like to say that the mind and the body are separate, but last I checked, you take them with you wherever you go.

To me, sound is one of the many ways we can create a bridge along with our breath, our intention, and our love to navigate things like mental illness and trauma. There isn’t a cookie-cutter way of doing it. Sometimes people feel like nothing happened. I had a gentleman tell me that he had been in a car when his brother and it flipped. It sounded like your story. They were going 110 miles an hour. He talked to his brother, as a teenager, to going for this joy ride, and the car was flipping. He always blamed himself for being the reason that his brother died.

His brother came to him in one of the sessions and said, “It wasn’t your fault. It was never your fault. It’s what I was meant to do. I’ve always been with you. I’m your guardian angel. I’ll always be with you.” The guy started to cry, saying, “It was after that incident that I started doing drugs, drinking too much, and abusing myself. I’ve never told anybody this. I’ve never told them in therapy or anything else.” It’s like there are keys, and each key unlocks a door. You don’t necessarily have the key that unlocks this particular door, but I unlock portals that maybe we haven’t been able to unlock before.

Tell us, is there a list of benefits of sound healing that people can know that sound healing helps with sleep? What are some of the benefits of sound healing?

I’m sure there’s a list. I don’t have one, but I would say it helps you to sleep better. It helps anxiety-driven things. When you have anxiety attacks, there’s a thing that I do with one breath with people. Here’s the truth, Irene. Chaos comes into our life no matter how evolved we are, no matter how spiritual we are, no matter where we are on our journey.

What happens is that sometimes that chaos and that noise of life throws us off. In one breath, and you don’t need any of my instruments or anything else, you can stop. You can rub your palms together. You can inhale deeply on a cellular level. You have that smell that we just invoked in this little journey that we did and the sound on a cellular level.

In one breath, you can bring yourself to a place of peace and make better decisions. I use the example of Glinda, the Good Witch, and the Wizard of Oz. She comes floating in this beautiful rainbow bubble, and all this chaos is going on. The Wicked Witch of the West, she’s throwing fire bolts, the scarecrows are on fire, and the munchkins are running for cover in the flowers. Glinda comes floating in this beautiful rainbow bubble. When chaos comes into our life, we have zero control over how it comes, when it comes, the form it takes, and how long it stays. We do have a choice about how we respond to it. Sound healing can be a very effective way to respond.

When chaos comes into our life, we have zero control over how it comes, when it comes, the form it takes, and how long it stays. We do have a choice about how we respond to it. Share on X

Another question I have is people use music when they’re overwhelmed or challenged. They’ll throw a record or a CD or whatever on the radio. We all have used music to celebrate and amplify the beauty and joy of a life event. You say that a sound healing journey can also help with these two situations for people who are overwhelmed and challenged, which we just experienced, how a sound healing journey can do that. How does a sound healing journey amplify the beauty and joy of an event? Instead of putting on Bruce Springsteen, would you do sound healing for a joyful event like a wedding?

I’ll give you an example. Let’s think about maybe a baby shower. You made the comment before that babies hear sound in the womb. Maybe we would gather a small group of the family and do party games at an event. Instead, what we would do is we would go within. We would have some sound. I have a little thing I do where we create Fibonacci rainbow bubbles, and we go create this beautiful, like Glinda, that we can float and fly. You can bring joy.

Let’s say you move into a new home or apartment or change offices. Sometimes, and I don’t mean this in a negative way, there could be some energy that’s there from the person before. Our house growing up, was the place where everybody came to play, laugh, have fun, and cry when they needed to. People would walk in when my mom and dad were selling their house, and they could feel the love in the walls.

We can invoke that. We can bring it into the baby. We can bring it into maybe there are some worries about a disease, somebody’s had a tough pregnancy or with a wedding, maybe there’s been anxiety building up to the big day. People have such big expectations. It just gives you a place to relax and have fun because in that stillness, that’s where the magic happens.

I know people have trouble meditating, Pam, and you have a masterpiece of song as an anchor for meditation. Can you tell us about that? Tell us about meditation and sound healing.

To me, as I said earlier, every breath is a meditation. What I encourage people to do is to go within. If you feel that, I call it a “rum trum tom”, it’s like when the noise of life is directing you. You can feel it in, like, maybe you have an event to go to. It might even be a joyous event, but all of a sudden, you’re worrying about traffic and being ready on time. Maybe there’s going to be somebody there that you’re not looking forward to seeing. If you can bring yourself quickly with a meditation, a sound meditation, a sound in it of itself, or a breath to a place of peace, you can enter into anything from a stronger and more loving place.

If someone wants to have a meditation using your sound healing, can they access something like that from your website and all?


You have a Level Up Your Love Package to restore a person’s well-being and recharge their life force. Tell us about that.

No matter how good we’re doing, all of us can use a little leveling up sometimes, especially with all the craziness that’s going on in the world right now. I say any reason to be joyous and happy and to level up your love, it’s got to start first. I’m going to make a pretty carte blanche statement. I think it’s true for both men and women, but as women, especially in our culture, we were often taught to put everybody before us. Oftentimes we didn’t even put ourselves in the line, let alone to even be considered, and for a lot of men too. It was always put everybody else first, the needs of the job, the needs of the family. I encourage people to do is begin by loving yourself.

I’m only five feet tall. I’m a petite woman. At my highest, I weighed, at one point, 288 pounds. I started feeling like I couldn’t move, getting sick, and all these other things. Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing all the faults, I began to look at the mirror and I began to say, “I love you. I love myself. I love me.” Leveling up your love has got to begin with loving yourself and honoring yourself.

Leveling up your love has got to begin with loving and honoring yourself. Share on X

We start by working on loving ourselves and leveling up our own self-love, which can be different times for different people in different places because it’s not a linear journey. We do a lot of twists and turns. As you well know, grief is a slippery slope, and so are a lot of other things in life. We navigate these things together, and that’s what we do.

When we move on from self, we can go into maybe there’s an individual, maybe you want to call love into your life again, maybe it’s a new love, and maybe it’s reinvigorating a love that’s already there. We then go global, and then it’s about giving it to the entire world and every piece of sentient life, known or unknown, in our world and wherever it resides. I think it can be very powerful. It changes over time what we need and who we are. We’re not the same person. We wake up differently every day. It’s about tuning in to what the individual is looking to accomplish at that moment, how they want to level up their life, and most of the time, it’s helping them to reawaken what’s already inside them to begin with.

Is this then as a private thing or do you do it in group settings also?

I do it mostly in private, the Leveling Up Your Love. If people want to do an intimate group, like with family or dear friends, where they feel comfortable doing that, I will absolutely do that. As I said to you earlier, I’m not a cookie-cutter gal. I like to go with the flow and take some time to tune into the energy of the individual to feel into what’s going on for them so that we can empower them to empower themselves.

You have both private and group healing packages. Tell us about them. You’ve alluded to the fact that people can come to you as a group also.

Usually, when I do group things now because of what’s going on in the world, it would be going to somebody’s home or a place where we can be safe together. It can be by invitation, I would say somewhere between 6 and 10 people. Depending on what’s going to happen, I usually spend some time with the individual organizing it if it’s a group session. Even in an individual, I would do this by talking to them, tuning into what’s going on and what they’re looking for, and hoping to accomplish this. We might test some different sounds and see what resonates with them. Some people love a drum, and some people don’t love a drum.

I say to people that this is important in a group session, “If something triggers you. Sometimes sound can trigger people.” It’s meant to be blissful and balancing. Sometimes, like we were talking about with post-traumatic stress, it can trigger something. Usually, what I will recommend to people is to drop into your heart, give yourself a minute, inhale deeply, and go into that quiet space, that still space, and see if you can notice if there’s a person, an experience, a place in your physical body that’s coming up for you because our bodies are very wise.

What I have found in my practice is often the things that annoy us the most that make us crazy are the things that are the biggest source of our healing. If someone can go and settle themselves, stay. If they are not being respectful of where we are, I ask them to go ahead and leave, and I won’t be insulted. If they want to come back, they’re welcome to come back.

Most of these are in person, but can you do these on Zoom for people who don’t live in Florida?

Absolutely. I do it all over the world.

She does it all over the world. You don’t have to fly in to Florida.

I was really blessed as part of Awakening Giants. I got to go to the Waitaha to sit with a man and my finale, I was invited into the family. They’re probably the oldest indigenous culture on our planet. They believe that the world was sung into existence as well. When I went, you usually have a song that you sing when you meet someone. The words to the song that I just sang, Creator God, that’s an original piece of mine, was very similar to a lot of their sacred songs. Some of the words were almost identical.

I keep in touch with my New Zealand family. I have soul sisters and family in India and all over the world. I travel. I speak all these languages, but I love the fact that it crosses cultures. I’m challenged sometimes with time zones, but as long as I figure out the right time zone, we can create something. I can even create customized pieces for people that they can play for themselves.

You have to tell us all about this Awakening Giants. What is this? You were featured in an episode. Is that the New Zealand episode?

Yeah, in the New Zealand episode. I was the associate producer for season one and a member of the Awakening Giants cast. What Awakening Giants does is it’s a group of people who travel the world with philanthropic ideals. It’s usually something about bringing clean water to people. When we were in New Zealand, we went to the Waiheke Wetlands because they’re like the lungs of the ocean there.

When they got choked out by pollution or invasive plants, we went and raised enough money. We have challenges. We like to do important things in a fun way. We raised money to plant and care for, I believe it was, don’t quote me on the number, but I think it was 5,000 trees for a period of five years, and help care for the wetlands.

It might have been 500. I’m prone to exaggeration. I don’t know. We go to different locations and usually do some fundraising. We have some challenges about feeling supported in a community to take the leap. Sometimes, whether you’re alone or you’re with your family, life asks you to take a leap of faith. When you’re standing at the edge and think you can jump, sometimes you need a little push and support. We challenge ourselves, challenge each other, and hopefully bring something beautiful wherever we go with a respectful way of giving back to the world.

If someone wants to watch the show, where do they find it?

It hasn’t been aired yet. I will let you know when it is being aired. It is coming soon. I will let you know so that we can let people know where to watch it.

You also have an upcoming book.

I’ve got journals of a lifetime. In addition to singing, I’m also a writer. I tend to write poetry which oftentimes becomes the lyrics of my song. It was funny. I was reading to a couple of people, my roommate and a friend, this expression and everybody were laughing. I really feel like we could use a lot more laughter and joy in our world.

I’m a big tree hugger. Big surprise. I have a tree. In fact, she told me her name was Ohelia. I looked up, and I was like, “What?” She said, “Ohelia.” I go, “Oh, hell, yeah,” and she goes, “No. Not, oh hell yeah. Ohelia.” I looked it up, and Ohelia is a Hebrew name that means she who knows. One of the things that I do every morning is I go and I put my spine up against the tree and we communicate with each other. She’s in the backyard.

We talk to each other. I learned a lot from her, and hopefully, she learned something from me. One of the things that came out is that trees can fly. I started writing and it was, “Remember, trees can fly and so can I.” I thought at first it would be a children’s book, and it may be something that children like. I also draw in my journal, so I’m an artist as well. There may be some of my drawings that go in there. It’s still in its editing form. It’s not yet been published, but it will be coming out soon. It’s going to be some of these excerpts where we talk about the channeled wisdom that comes in and then it usually ends with, “Remember, trees can fly and so can I.”

Sometimes you get a visual of trees flying or perhaps it’s the seeds of the tree that fly or how they touch so many people. That’s interesting. Pam, what is your message about the importance of healing? You must have a terrific message about the importance of healing that you can share with all of us. Why should people bother to heal, be it through sound healing or anything else while they’re here on the planet?

I believe that we incarnated into this world, whether you believe in multiple lives or not, to be in joy, to be happy. The world supports us in that. The happier we are and the more joyful we are, the more luck comes into our life. When you feel that noise, when you feel that anxiety, who is more important than you? Find your joy and if it’s sound healing, call me.

The happier and more joyful we are, the more luck comes into our life. Share on X

If it’s something else, I will often recommend people because, believe me, I’ve tried just about everything in this world, from acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, all these things. I tease people. I’m very whimsical. You want to toss a coin into the wishing well because your wishes really do come true. Find a way to be in your passion to light yourself up. That light will not only heal you, but it’ll heal everyone around you, the people that you love, and the entire world.

Everyone wants to get on your website now. They all want to find out about sound healing. Tell us all the ways that they can connect with you.

You can go to You can email me

You’ve told us your tip for finding joy in life. Have you got anything else you’d like to add to that?

I’m going to hearken back to my mama because she’s so wise. Even in the darkest places, when you are on the floor in a fetal position, and you can’t move, or you are paralyzed with grief or fear, find a memory, a smell, a taste that lights you up, something that brings a smile to your face, and find beauty wherever you can, however you can. Honor yourself in those darkest places and know that you will be all right.

Pamela, you are wonderful. Thank you so much. That’s beautiful. We all know that sounds and songs create memories in us, helping us if we are traumatized or depressed and also helping us to celebrate and amplify the beauty and joy of a life event. I love that you identify as an advocate for humanity, combining your gift of song, vision, and love to uplift the spirit and guide people to a place of peace within themselves.

Many in our audience are now thinking, I am sure, about connecting with you to learn even more about the ways that sound healing can help them. Thank you from my heart for this fascinating, healing, and uplifting interview. Here’s a loving reminder. Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. As I like to say, and I’m sure Pamela likes to say it too, to be continued, many blessings, and bye for now.


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