GAR 31 | Aura Colors

You are about to listen to an interview with Pamala Oslie, a very gifted healer featured on numerous TV shows, who has many celebrities as clients and was awarded the Holistic Transformational Leader of the Year Award in 2014 by the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching.

Pam is an expert on auras (bands of energy around you that indicate your personality, your health issues, and what you are here to do in this lifetime), healing connections with deceased loved ones, the concept of expanded consciousness, and much more! You will find out that discovering who you are through your aura colors is only the beginning—listen and learn!


  • How Pamala found out about her amazing gifts
  • What are the physical, mental, and emotional/spiritual aura colors?
  • How knowing about aura colors helps people to understand each other better
  • Why hospice sends people to Pamala


  • What does an aura look like?
  • How does your love story illustrate the concept of parallel universes?
  • How do our personal beliefs affect our reality?

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Pamala Oslie – Professional Psychic Intuitive, And Aura Expert





I’m excited because this is the last episode of our fourth segment.

I can’t believe it’s been four series already. That’s amazing.

We have gotten such a tremendous response from our show. A lot of people are saying we’re helping them. They’re learning a lot and getting tremendous insights. I can’t think of a better person to be our grand finale this time around than Pamala Oslie. I have a lot to tell all of you about her. I have a personal relationship with Pamala. Pamala was the first person after the trauma and the spiritual awakening that I had. I contacted her, and she was the first person who identified that I had a sole purpose and a journey. She identified me as a violet. You are going to find out what that is.

You are a violet.

Pam, with Stephanie, I often talk. I say, “Stephanie, I’m sure you’re a green, and I’m a violet.” Greens and violets work very well together, but we’re wired very differently.

We’re still working on that. It is a good work in progress. That’s what makes it interesting.

Let me tell everyone about Pamala then we’ll let her get a word in edgewise. Pamala Oslie is an author, consultant, and radio show host. I’m honored to say I have been on her radio show. She’s a professional psychic intuitive and an aura expert. She has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox, The Dr. Oz Show, The View, The Ricki Lake Show, Coast to Coast with George Noory, Hallmark’s Home & Family, Gaiam TV with Lisa Garr, and many other television and radio shows. She has also been featured in many national magazines. She’s amazing. She’s only 22 this 2018. It’s unbelievable what she’s done in her short life. Pam has written four successful and popular books, Life Colors, Love Colors, Infinite You, and Make Your Dreams Come True.

Pamala, I had that as a reading assignment for people who I know for something, and that’s a whole other story. She has a very extensive clientele, including many celebrities. She spoke at TEDx Talks, the International Forum on New Science, Fortune 500 companies, and many seminars for professionals in the psychology education health fields and more. She was awarded the Holistic Transformational Leader of the Year Award in 2014 by the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching.

If she needed something else, she’s also the Founder of, a site designed to help you create success, joy, and fulfillment in every area of your life. She’s also developed, which is designed to help you find love and friendships by matching you with people who have compatible aura colors. Without further ado, I’ll introduce all of you to Pam. Pam, we know what you do because I gave you all of this, but I know you have an interesting story about how you got into this and how you found out who you are.

Thanks for that introduction. My background was in helping learning disabled kids and autistic kids and then I got burnt down. I started getting into the rock and roll business. I worked with musicians for years and concert facilities. I went to hear a psychic speak or a shaman who was from England. I walked into the room with a huge group of people. He pulled me up to the front of the group that night and said, “You get up here. You know how to do this psychic work, too.” I went, “Excuse me?” There I was, thrown in the water.

I was shocked to find out that evening that I knew things about people that I never met before. For example, the woman over to my right. I knew she was pregnant. This is the first time this had ever happened to me. I could see the spirit of a little girl standing next to her. I knew she was going to have a little girl. The woman didn’t even know she was pregnant herself. She went and found she was pregnant, and she did have a little girl.

I was surprised that I knew detailed information about people in the group. That started it. A year later, I met a woman who could see auras. She was what she described about people matched with what I was picking up psychically about people. The word psychic can throw a few people off. It’s intuitive or expanded consciousness, whatever word you want to put to it. When she described the aura colors, I went, “That’s a green. That’s a blue.”

I get it now because I’ve been seeing similar personality qualities in people that I’d been doing readings for. I developed the ability to be able to see and sense the auras myself. That’s how I got into it. I started doing private readings, then people wanted workshops. I did that, and then they wanted it in written form, so I wrote a book. They wanted the radio show, so I kept going and going like what Irene’s doing now.

Can I ask you, for all of our people who don’t know, what is an aura? Can you explain? Maybe take a couple of auras. I know that you are a blue mixed with a yellow. You’ll tell me I’m a violet mixed with a yellow. My belief system is that Stephanie is green.

I believe I’m a green.

Could you explain what an aura is and what that means with these different colors that you see around people?

There’s science behind it. It’s an electromagnetic energy field that radiates from everything but, especially, living matter like people, animals, and plants. What I explained to people is even if people can’t see it for themselves, we’ve all felt it. That’s why you can be around somebody that you’ve just met and instantly like them. You like their energy and other people, you don’t even want to be near them because you can feel their energy.

GAR 31 | Aura Colors

Aura Colors: Even if people can’t see the aura, we feel it. That’s why you can be around somebody that you’ve just met.

People do feel them, especially your yellows, by the way, Irene. Those are more kinesthetic. What I see are different colored bands out from people. I’ve met a lot of people who see the same colors that I do and other people who see the aura differently like we taste food differently. There are people out there who like Brussels sprouts, and I know they’re not tasting what I’m tasting.

I’ve encountered people who see the same colors. What I see are bands of color that glow out from people. It’s like a light coming off of a light bulb. It’s just a very soft glow that comes out. Lots of different bands and the 1 or 2 bands of color that are the closest to a person’s body are what I talk about. Those are the life colors. Those are the colors that typically don’t change in a person’s lifetime. I haven’t seen everybody on the planet.

They’re the colors that show a person’s personality, what they’re here to do, their life purpose, their theme for this lifetime, how they are in a relationship, how they are with money, their priorities, and potential health issues. All kinds of things show up in those two bands. The outer colors in a person’s aura are the bands that change all the time according to what’s going on with the person at the time.

If somebody’s angry, I see a lot of red showing up in the outer bands, but that tends to go away. That’s different than a red life color, which shows me their personality type. There are certain colors that are very compatible with one another, and there are certain colors that can rub people the wrong way. For example, greens and yellows. They can be a little touchy because greens are perfectionists, they write lists, and they want things organized and efficient.

There are colors that are very compatible with one another, and there are colors that can rub people the wrong way. Share on X

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

It’s a straight green, Stephanie. I categorized the colors into three different families. The physical colors are red, orange, yellow, and magenta. Those are the colors that get what’s real through their physical body through touch. There are the mental colors, and those are four different tans and green. Those are the colors that get what’s real through their intellect, logic, and mental understanding. They gather information. There are spiritual and emotional colors. Those are the colors that get what’s real through their inner senses, intuition, and emotional feelings. Those are blue, violet, indigo, crystal, and lavender. Those are the colors I see.

How do you get informed about the personality traits of that particular color? Do you just know that intuitively?

I started out by studying with Dr. Barbara Bowers. She had kinesthesia, so she could see auras around people her whole life, and she thought everybody could. It wasn’t until she was in her 40s that she realized people weren’t seeing what she was seeing. She would describe the personalities of what she was seeing, and it matched with what I was picking up. She just got me started.

However, over the years that I’ve been doing this, I have discovered, psychically, more about each one of the colors. I went, “Barbara never told me that about a yellow. She didn’t explain that about a tan.” I’ve developed information more by working with clients through psychic, intuition, and experience. That’s why I wrote a book about it.

It’s a fabulous book. I’ve used it so often. It helps. For instance, I’m a yellow and a violet. Stephanie is a green. Are you saying my yellow would be in conflict with her green?

Let’s put it this. Yellows are spunky with a funny sense of humor. They don’t like being told what to do, and greens like to round things. They like to have things organized and efficient. Yellows are much more spontaneous and over here and over here. They’re big kids where greens are responsible, organized, and efficient. Violets and greens both like to be the boss.

Violets can see things way ahead of other people. Do you see how I’m talking fast? That’s because I’m talking to a violet and a green where greens will go, “1,2, I got it, 10. Let’s go. Come on.” Violets will go, “150,” and green will go, “What are you talking about 150?” Violets are visionaries. They come from their third eye, so they see things way outside the box, and that doesn’t always make logical sense to other people. Violets can get scared and all over the place. They go over here, then over here, and a green is like, “Will you get back and get organized? We need this.”

This is very realistic. I believe it. I’m about to pull the book out now, too, and read up on it again. That’s me to a T. I feel like I’m very organized and keep things. This is why it’s driving me crazy. We were joking about earlier that I lost my adapter for the new computer because I’m like, “I swear I put it somewhere. I would not lose it,” and I lost it. It’s driving me nuts.

Let me check quickly because you’ve got another color in there. I see three colors around you now. What color hair and eyes do you have?

I have green eyes and lighter brown-ish hair.

Was it always brown? Were you blonde as a child or anything?

It was always brown. It’s been like a darkish brown.

A darkish brown, a light brown, or medium brown? Let me get a visual of you.

It’s like a reddish brown. It’s darker but not. It lightens in the summer a little bit.

I will call her medium brown.

I got you. I needed you to focus on me and give me a visual. You’ve got green in there, but I picked this up, too. You have a touch of violet in there yourself. There’s something about violets. Violets have ten things they want to do or they don’t know which way to go next. They can outgrow things very quickly. Greens and violets both can get frustrated with things if they don’t happen soon enough or fast enough for the way they want, but violets are visionary. They always want new projects or new things. As a matter of fact, your violets can get very scattered with so many projects. Stephanie, I swear you got that going on even with your kids. It’s like over here and over here, and your own green is going to want you to get organized.

GAR 31 | Aura Colors

Aura Colors: Greens and violets can get frustrated with things if they don’t happen soon or fast enough.

I do run multiple projects at a time. I joke about the Gemini in me. I get bored easily. I have to have my hands on different things.

Violets get bored. Violets can grow things and get bored very easily. Greens don’t usually do media. Violets are the ones to get involved in media or teaching the masses. I see violets get involved in writing, art, something creative, media, teaching, or psychology. Violets can read people. Violets can look at people and go, “God, what is wrong with you?” They can read people. They can sense that something’s going on with someone. Violets get involved in causes. Violets want to help other people. They’ve got a humanitarian side to them. Stephanie, as much as you got green in there, you’ve also got a touch of that violet in there.

I am heartened to hear that.

I know, but I always thought I could read people. I always call it my Psychology degree from being a bartender in my twenties. I learned how to read people, but how did I know that I was a violet? I just can. Irene’s like, “We’re going to have to have a whole other conversation about this.” I’m going to read the book. I love this book, though, because it’s so spot-on. Once you take the test, it leads you to your top color. It’s very accurate, Pam.

It’s right on. By the way, for everyone who wants to know what we’re talking about, the book is called Life Colors by Pamala Oslie. For me, it’s almost like a Bible, Pamala. It is so good to help you figure out your life.

Thank you. People can go to my website, Take the free quiz online, too. There are free videos describing each one of the aura colors. The reason I do this is it’s helpful for people to know what their colors are so they feel validated and justified. It’s like, “No wonder I feel like this my whole life.” It gives them validation and permission to be who they are. There are so many people out there with unhappy jobs or directions, thinking, “I’m supposed to do this, but I don’t feel fulfilled.”

Once they find out what the real aura colors are, it helps them with their career direction and relationships. 1) It validates and gives people permission to be who they are. 2) It helps us understand each other. We’re not all running around going, “Why can’t you be more like me? How come you don’t think like me? Why don’t you act like me?” Now you can go, “You’re crystal. No wonder. You’re a lavender. I get what that means,” then we can communicate with each other using each other’s language.

The other thing that fascinates me is that you are able to see Stephanie’s aura, and you’re in California.

That’s what I call expanded consciousness. You and I talked about that before. I am big on quantum physics. I’m very grounded. I’m not a California woo-woo like, “Those people are granola hippies.” I’m very grounded. I study Quantum Physics. I want to know why I can do what I can do, and I like going beyond boundaries.

I don’t like having somebody tell me I can’t do something. I’m fascinated by expanding. I learned that we have much more expansive abilities to our consciousness, and I’ve proven it to myself. Not only can I see energy fields and auras and see outside of past, present, and future. I can see outside of time, so I can do psychic work. I can talk to people on the other side. I’ve bent spoons.

This is a big one. We won’t get too in-depth about this one, but I know how to go in and out of parallel universes, which is also quantum physics. They have evidence that those exist. I teach people how to bend spoons. Once you see that our consciousness and our souls are way more than we’ve been taught, it’s so much more fun and interesting.

Some people get scared because they’re like, “I want to be a safe little this-is-life and stay in my box.” That’s totally fine. For those people who are like, “I’m bored. I’m frustrated. I feel stuck, and I don’t want to be stuck. How do I manifest? How do I create?” expanding consciousness is such a powerful way. I’ve created so many things in my life, knowing how to manifest with thought, emotions, and energy. It’s made life so fascinating, and it’s helpful.

Two things. First of all, some people are going to want to know an easy definition of quantum physics. Second of all, your personal love story is such an amazing story of that expanded consciousness. You’ve also talked about how the concept of expanded consciousness can reduce fear and stop pain and suffering. Now that I’ve given you 400 things to talk about, can you go with it?

Once you start expanding your consciousness, the love and compassion increase. The fear decreases because you start realizing who we are and what we’re capable of doing. The fear drops off. Quantum physics is a new level of physics. Newtonian physics is hundreds of years old, and that sounds like a big word, but it’s just Isaac Newton.

Newton said everything’s a machine, clockwork, cause and effect, and then we die. It’s very mechanistic. Quantum physics was discovered in the early 1900s by Einstein and Max Planck. They went, “Everything’s energy.” Now, they’re exploring consciousness and the role that consciousness plays in energy, and I don’t want to freak people out.

As soon as I say quantum physics, they glaze over. Look at Einstein, E=mc2. It said matter is energy. When you start realizing that, it’s amazing what you can do with it. Quantum physics is all that it is. It’s the measurement of very small things, which, as they start going into atoms, they see it’s a lot of space. There are subatomic particles and a lot more space.

They can’t find anything solid to matter, which is such a big thing. I know that’s scary to some people, but, to me, it’s exciting. One of the things that quantum physics has discovered is a thing called parallel universes. That sounds like a scary thing, too, but it’s so amazing. There are so many movies out about parallel universes, Back to the Future, Sliding Doors, and Frequency. I’m going to describe it in an easy-to-understand way.

In the room you’re in, there are at least ten different radio stations broadcasting their station. You’ve got radio waves all around you, but you don’t know they’re there because you’re not tuned into them. If you went over to your radio, turned it on, and set the dial or the button to 99.9, you’re going to hear the show, the talk, and the music that’s coming off of that. That’ll be part of your reality.

If you change the frequency over to, say, 107, you’re going to hear the show, the music, and the talk that is coming off of 107, and that becomes part of your reality. That’s a form of parallel universes. It’s the same thing. It’s such a deep subject that I hate to stop the conversation with this. What they say is every time you make a decision to do something, a part of you splits off. One part goes over to the left, and one part goes over to the right. Both aspects of you are having experiences simultaneously.

That sounds like science fiction but a lot of things started out science fiction. We didn’t think we could fly. That sounded like science fiction and now we do that. They thought that the world was flat and now we know it’s not. Even the internet, cell phones, and sliding doors all look like science fiction and it’s all science fact now. When I studied that parallel universes were a real thing and if you want to study some of it, David Deutsch, even Stephen Hawking talked about multiverses and parallel universes.

David Deutsch, to me, has the best work on parallel universes. When I learn something new, I go, “If this is possible, we should be able to use that.” Every time we learn something new, it gives us more freedom like flight, the world is round and not flat, or there are other planets. It gives us more freedom. Irene loves this story.

Everyone in our audience will love this story.

I have evidence that parallel universes work. This is how I used it, briefly. Years ago, I fell in love with this guy, a musician. I was like, “This is my soulmate. I know I’m supposed to be with him,” and he wanted nothing to do with me. He’s like, “No way. You’re a blonde. I don’t like blondes. I’m not into having a relationship.” I live in Santa Barbara. He took a job on the East Coast, working with the band.

He said, “I’m moving there. I’m not ever going to see you again. I’m not in love with you. Leave me alone,” and then he went away. I was devastated. I started studying about parallel universes. The way we end up in a universe is based on our beliefs. We have better selves about the world and reality. I realized that in the realm in the parallel universe I was in, I didn’t feel lovable. I had very low self-worth and low self-esteem.

GAR 31 | Aura Colors

Aura Colors: How we end up in a universe is based on our beliefs.

I went, “I have to change that.” I imagined going into a different universe. I had the vision of parting like curtains or a membrane and walking into another one and going, “In this universe, is he with me? In this universe, does he love me?” No. In Universe 2, he still doesn’t love me. He’s with the band on the East Coast. He’s with some girl. He’s happy there and I felt guilty wanting to have him come back.

I kept experimenting with imagining myself going into different parallel universes until I got to one that I’ll call Universe 5. I felt myself go into a different frequency, into a different realm. In that one, I imagined myself as lovable and self-confident. In that one, I saw him being in love with me. I saw him and he was giving notice to the band he was in. He was breaking up with whatever girl he was dating at the time. He was telling me in that one that he was going to Iowa to see his meditating friends and Los Angeles to see his rock and roll friends then he was going to come back to Santa Barbara to be with me because he was in love with me.

That realm, that universe was so real to me. I did it in a meditation. I could smell the grass. I could feel the air and I knew, without a doubt, that was a real parallel universe. That one did exist. This took me two years from the time he left until I learned about parallel universes. I hadn’t spoken to him for two years. I found out where he was. This was not stalking him.

Why would I stalk him in a universe where he was in love with me? Two weeks later after I’d done this meditation, I called him up and said, “How’s your life?” Two weeks prior to that, he had given notice to the band, broken up with this girl, was going to Iowa and Los Angeles, and was coming back to Santa Barbara. We have now been hanging out together for many years.

It looked impossible. In Universe 1, he’s still living on the East Coast. He’s still with whatever girl he’s with and with the same band. In Universe 5, we’re together and that’s the one I aligned with. Just like you changed the radio station, I landed on that radio station and that’s the music I’m hearing.

People will always say, “I’m not sure I believe that people cross over and go to the other side.” I say, “If this is what you want to believe about your life, bless you. That’s fine, but I see this other reality and I know about this other reality.” In a way, that’s what you’re talking about also with this parallel universe. You were able to tune into this different reality.

They’re in another frequency. They still exist. Energy can never be destroyed. It changes form. Souls are eternal. We exist forever. We always have existed. I know that’s a big concept for most people and seriously, I have proven this to myself for years. I don’t expect anyone else to believe it if they haven’t had the experience. I talk to people who have crossed over all the time. I have hospice sending me people to talk to their departed loved ones because they know I’ve been able to connect with them. Irene, you and I talked to Saul years ago, your beloved husband who crossed over.

Energy can never be destroyed; it just changes form. Souls are eternal. Share on X

He knocked not me out because it was like I was talking with him like I’m talking to you two girls. I remember I was having financial problems with some real estate I had inherited and we had a talk through you about the deal and what was going to happen with it. The other thing that was so fabulous was you could tell me what other people have done. I’ve gotten the outfit he wore the night he died, what we ate together, and our first date. You accurately got his sense of humor right on and he had a very distinct body hilarious sense of humor. You were laughing through most of our conversation. He was cracking you up.

It’s possible. Life is so much more than what we’ve been taught. It’s not the old understanding, not the old physics. We’re evolving our understanding of life, of who we are, of souls, of what the universe is made of, of something greater, whether you want to call it God, Source, Infinite, or Universe. Whatever you want to call it, our understanding of all of that is expanding.

Life is so much more than what we've been taught. Share on X

More people are having experiences of feeling their loved ones around them, something in the room moves, or a book falls off the shelf. More people are tapping into it. It says in some of the spiritual books, “The veil is getting thinner.” We’re able to tune in to things on other sides now or other realms. It’s fascinating and exciting, to me, anyway.

It’s amazing. Do you have any other particular stories you want to share with people? I know you had mentioned to us there was something about a woman who was suicidal and you have some other stories that may give people an idea of how you work and how amazing that is.

Again, doing this for years and seeing 6 to 8 people a day, I’ve got a lot of stories, but there was one in particular. A woman came to see me once and her aura was faded. Anytime I see a faded aura, I know somebody’s on their way out. They don’t have life energy there anymore. She sat down and I was concerned. I was trying to tune into, “Did she have cancer? What was the problem?” The spirit of this older man showed up next to her and kept wanting to talk.

I went, “Go away. I’m trying to tune into her.” He goes, “I need to talk to her. I’m her husband.” I’m like, “What do you mean you’re her husband?” Anyway, I went, “Did you lose your husband?” She burst into tears and then he showed me a gun in his hands. “Did he take his own life?” She’s sobbing. She had killed himself, but he didn’t leave a note. She didn’t know why. She was so depressed and blamed herself for it.

He kept saying, “I need to tell her why.” He explained very succinctly, “I had found out that I was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s,” and his whole life had been about his intellect. He said, “I couldn’t live like that so I left.” He kept talking to her and he said, “I want you to go on and spend time with the grandkids paint, and travel the way we talked about. Go to France the way we talked about and go back to your painting.” She knew it was him because he gave her details. While she was sitting there, her aura came back to life and she didn’t commit suicide.

We could talk with you forever but our time was coming to a close. That’s an inspiring story to leave with everyone. Tell us what your tip is for finding joy in life, from you of all people.

There are so many ways to do it, but my way of experiencing joy is how grateful I am for how expansive life is, who we are in the gift of life, and what we’re capable of doing. It’s brought increasing joy into my life to see how beautiful, expansive, amazingly, and powerful we are. We can create anything we want in our lives like financial abundance, love, and good health. That’s brought joy, ease, happiness, and appreciation into my life.

You can help people do this. If they have an appointment with you, you can start them on the road to finding that abundance and joy and solving a lot of their issues.

I’ve got eCourses on my website and meditations. I’ve created many tools to help people find their way to be happy, books, websites, eCourses, and all kinds of things.

I cannot recommend Pam highly enough to everyone. She’s so authentic and a wonderful human being. She’s so gifted. Steph, do have anything else you’d like to add?

Get the book. I love the book. I’m going to go read it again because it’s one of those books, as you said, Irene, that you can use as a resource over and over again. It’s not something you read and you do. It makes a great gift for holidays. That’s how we started. You were like, “Try this. Let’s see what color you are.” It’s fascinating. You even said, Pam, to realize and have some authenticity to who you are and to understand that a little more.

That’s a great gift for yourself or maybe someone who is trying to figure out relationships, business, and love to understand each other better. Overall, in the world, a lot of people are having trouble understanding each other a lot. It’s a gift that you have, Pam. This could be helpful. I hope that people reading will be able to use these tools to grow.

Pam, you’re a one-stop shop. If you’re grieving, you can help people to overcome their trauma with your grief. If they want to go on with their lives, if they’re worried about abundance, or if they want to figure out if they will find love in their lives, you can help them with all of that. It’s wonderful.

GAR 31 | Aura Colors

Aura Colors: If you are grieving, you can help people overcome their trauma with your grief.

Connect with your deceased husband’s sense of humor.

My goal is to see people happy and fulfilled.

That does remind me. If anyone out there uses the Anchor app, they can leave a voice recording that we can relate to Pamala or ourselves to answer live if they have questions about any of this. Feel free to reach out to leave a message or email Pam directly. Find us on our website. We’re all here to help and clearly. We’re all Chatty Cathies as I’ve said before. We like to talk about this. I hope this is breaking a barrier down. I’m excited.

Pam, give us all your links and all your contacts for everyone so that they can be clear on how to find you.

You can find everything on my website,, and Pam Oslie.

That’s helpful. We will be sure to spread it all over social media. As I said, I always hate to close but as Irene always likes to say, bye for now and to be continued. We will have to continue with you sometime down the road, Pam. Until next time.


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