GAR 150 | Aura Color Readings

Pamala Oslie is an author, consultant, radio show host, professional psychic intuitive, and aura expert. She has appeared on many television and radio shows and she has also been featured in many national magazines. Pam has written four successful books and has a very extensive clientele, including many celebrities. She has spoken at the TEDx Talks, the International Forum on New Science, Fortune 500 companies, and many seminars for professionals in the psychology, education, health fields and more. Pam was awarded the Holistic Transformational Leader of the Year Award by the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching.

Pam and Irene began the event with an interesting conversation about auras, energy fields and what the colors mean.  Pam then read the auras of a few people in the audience.


  • What auras, energy fields and the specific aura colors mean.
  • How the colors can help you live a happier, better life.
  • Many “Violets” are here to change the planet. “Yellows” bring people joy.  “Greens” are organized and get things done.  And information about each of the other 11 aura colors also!
  • What a many-colored aura means.


  • How does grief affect a person’s aura?
  • Are special cameras that read auras accurate?
  • What are examples of jobs or careers for different aura colors?

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Pamala Oslie: Live Aura Color Readings And What Your Color(s) Means






It’s such a pleasure to see all of you here. I want to welcome you to the show. What a true pleasure to have author, consultant, radio show host, professional psychic intuitive, and aura expert, Pamala Oslie here with us. I’ve also had the pleasure of interviewing Pamala on the show. Pam has appeared on many TV and radio shows. She has also been featured in many national magazines.

She’s written four successful and popular books titled, Life Colors, Love Colors, Infinite You, and Make Your Dreams Come True. She has a very extensive clientele, which includes many celebrities. Pam has spoken at TEDx talks, which I must say that I’ve tuned into that, the International Forum on New Science, Fortune 500 companies, and many seminars for professionals in the psychology, education, health fields, and more.

Pam was awarded the Holistic Transformational Leader of the Year Award by the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching. You guys are in for a big treat. Pam is the Founder of, which is a site designed to help you create success, joy, and fulfillment in every area of your life. She also developed, which is a site designed to help you find love and friendships by matching you with people who have compatible aura colors.

Pam and I are going to begin this event with an interesting conversation about auras, energy fields, and what the colors mean. Each of you in our audience will learn details about each color so that you can identify yourself and others which can help you know how to live a better and healthier life. Pam will then read the auras of a few of you. At the end of what’s going to be a fascinating event for all of us, I’ll have a few closing remarks. Pam, let’s talk about auras. Would you like to begin by explaining what auras are and why is it important to know that each of us has an energy field?

Thanks, everyone, for joining us. I can tell in my skylight the sun is about to blast on me, so at some point, I may have to change positions. It was nice and dark, but it’s not anymore. What I’m going to describe to you is what I see and experience with the aura. It’s an energy field that radiates off of all of you, off of everything actually, especially living consciousness matter.

If you encounter people that see, or if you yourself see or feel the aura and you see it differently than I do, that’s fine. We each have our own different experiences. It’s just like I may see the aura differently than other people, just like we taste food differently. Some of you guys like Brussels sprouts and you are not tasting what I’m tasting, I’ll tell you.

What I’m going to describe is I see about six feet of bands out from people. Some of you violets have huge auras and other people are a little shy or introverted and tend to keep their auras closer to their body. In general, I usually see about 6 feet of different colored bands out from people. In my experience, the 1 or 2 colors of bands closest to the body are what I call the life colors. Those colors don’t change in your lifetime. The way I see it, it’s the outer bands in your aura that change depending on what’s going on with you at the time. For example, if somebody’s angry, a lot of red flares up in their outer bands, but once they’re not angry anymore, that can go away. That’s different than a red life color, which is close to your body.

If you see it differently, some people go, “No, it changes all the time. This is how I see it.” It’s so cool. I’ve met a lot of people that see the exact same colors that I do, which is exciting, especially for a lot of kids. What I’m going to be describing are your life colors. That will be those two. They show me what those two colors reveal in you is they reveal who you’ve chosen to be in this lifetime, the theme that you’ve chosen to be, the personality type, relationship styles, what’s going to be important to you, who you’re compatible with, and who you’re probably going to have a tougher time with. It shows careers that are going to be the most fulfilling for you and probably what you’re naturally drawn to. It should be confirmation. It can even reveal potential health issues and how you perceive money. For other people, there’s a lot revealed in your life colors.

The way I like to describe it is, before we came to the planet, you had a plan. You had a choice of coming here and what you wanted to do here. What we’ve done is we’ve left little hints, clues, or breadcrumbs behind, just in case we got here and forgot, which is very easy to do. We’ve left clues in our aura colors, our astrology, our numerology, our iridology, our palmistry, and lots of different ways that we can remind ourselves who we are. What I’ll be describing are the life colors and the personality types that go with it. I’ve been doing this for many years now.

Before we came to the planet, we had a plan—a choice of coming here and what we wanted to do. What we've done is left little hints or clues behind to remind ourselves of who we are. Share on X

I know a lot of information about each one of these colors. I’m going to be giving you brief ideas about them. Even when I describe them, it should resonate with you. Most people have 1 or 2. It’s more common for people to have two life colors. They can either get along great. You chose two different colors as extra fuel in your rocker or to balance you out. They can also be in conflict. I’ll describe some of the conflicts that can go with them.

By the way, all the colors are good. People ask me. I do not see black in an aura. That’s an absence of color. There are no good or bad colors, but I describe that there’s an in-power or an out-of-power side to you. In-power means the positive side. You’re living your potential. You’re living the positive qualities of who you are. I use the term out-of-power instead of negative. That’s when you are off balance. You’re not living your potential. There are tools for each one of the aura colors to get back balanced, and they’re all different. What works for one aura color personality doesn’t usually work for another color. I’m going to describe a little bit of that too.

Just so you know. I see fourteen different aura colors. What I’ve done is I’ve categorized them into three different families. There are physical colors. Those are the colors that get predominantly what’s real in life through their physical bodies. We’ve all got physical, mental, and emotional, but they predominantly process life or get information through the physical bodies. That’s red, orange, magenta, and yellow. I see quite a few yellows in here. Kathleen, you’ve got a lot of yellow in your aura. Kathleen, what color are your eyes? It’s hard to tell color in this. Are your eyes blue or brown?


Thanks. Kathleen’s a blue and yellow. She’s got a lot of yellow in her. I see quite a few yellows. I’ll spend more time on the yellow since I’m seeing a bunch of yellows out there. I’ve got yellow too, and so does Irene. It doesn’t surprise me. There then are the mental colors. Those are the colors that get what’s real through data, logic, and analyzing it. They’re more in their heads.

I will tell you that some of you out there are going to think that you’re Tans because we’ve been trained to think we’re supposed to do that Tan, logical, and practical. If you relate to the Tan when I describe it, make sure that you’re really a Tan and it’s not something that you’ve learned. That’s very common for people to cover themselves up with Tan energy.

It is to fit in, Pam?

Yes, they’ve been trained to think, “You’re supposed to be practical, get a paycheck, and be logical.” If you’re happy with that, then there’s a good chance you have Tan. If you’re not happy with that, there is a good chance you’ve suppressed your real colors based on something you think you’re supposed to do. In the mental color family, I see four different types of Tans. Logical-Tan, sensitive-Tan, environmental-Tan, and abstract-Tan. I’ll put all those together because they’re very similar. Also, greens. Those are the mental colors.

There is what I call the spiritual emotional color, and almost all of you have at least one of those. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be on this. I guarantee you. The spiritual emotional colors are the people that get what’s real or process life predominantly through their intuition, their emotions, their inner vision, and their feelings, not the physical but the emotional feelings. Those are blue, violet, indigo, crystal, and lavender.

GAR 150 | Aura Color Readings

Aura Color Readings: The spiritual emotional colors are the people that get what’s real or process life predominantly through their intuition, emotions, inner vision, and feelings, not the physical.

I’ll shoot through some of these very quickly. I’m going to shoot through the ones that I don’t see a lot of so you might identify some of the people in your environment that you know. Reds, oranges, and magentas, I typically don’t see on these because they don’t usually believe in this stuff. Reds are physical and powerful. It’s all about being a physical being in this lifetime. Yellows are physical too. Wait until I get there. Reds typically have hot tempers. They’re strong-willed. They’re powerful. They’re down to earth. I see a lot of reds either being truck drivers, construction workers, butchers, or sometimes dancers. Again, it’s all about physical.

Dolly Parton, Lady Gaga, and Madonna have a lot of red, and so do Sean Penn and Russell Crowe. They can be very intelligent. They’re either independent, strong-willed loners or with hot tempers, by the way, most of them, or they’re down-to-earth, good old farm boy, let-me-work-with-the-earth type of thing. It is to get a sense of what reds are like. If you’re in a relationship with the red, they’re physical and passionate. Again, they need to have time alone because they’re strong.

Oranges are the daredevils on the planet. I don’t see any oranges here now, but some of you may have orange children or know of some oranges. They’re the Jackie Chan and the Evel Knievel, for those of you who are old enough to know who that is. They literally have to put their lives on the line to feel alive. I see them being extreme sports, rescue workers, sometimes firemen, sometimes policemen.

They don’t believe in this stuff. They’re typically jumping out of airplanes, deep-sea diving, or scaling up dangerous mountains. Those people are risk-takers. Also, some of you yellows because yellows like adventures, too. The difference is oranges don’t care about pain. If you know Jackie Chan, he didn’t care how many broken bones he had. He’d still finished the show. Yellows like physical, but we don’t like pain. You get a sense of the oranges. They are daredevils, risk takers, and adrenaline rush.

There are magentas. Magentas tend to be unusual and bizarre. I see them usually living in places like San Francisco or New York. They tend to be very outrageous. I know they’re the ones that created the first purple mohawks and all the body piercings and the tattoos. They like to shock people. Kramer on Seinfeld portrayed a magenta. Andy Warhol, magenta. Also, Auntie Mame, if you know that show at all. They’re outrageous and have shocking behavior. They can be outcasts. They don’t fit in at all.

They can also be loners because they’re so outrageous. They like to take physical form and twist it and make it very bizarre. I don’t usually see them on this because they’re sleeping during the day and getting up at 3:00 in the morning and going to the grocery store. They are outrageous, bizarre, shocking people. They’re nice people. They just are misunderstood and creative.

Now, the yellows. You, yellows, which I see a lot of yellow out there. Some of you have suppressed your yellow. We’ll see if we get into specifics here. Remember Kathleen, I said you got a lot of yellows. You have a lot of blue and violet in your aura too. I’m looking at some people here. We’ll get into it more. Patty Cobb Baker, you’ve got some yellow in there too. You’ve learned how to be more responsible. Roseanne Chi, you’ve got some yellow in your aura too. Catherine, I’m going to have to watch you. Doris Acquaviva, you’ve got a lot of yellow in your aura too.

Yellows are basically the big kids at heart. Not blues and violets, but yellows, if we had our way, we wouldn’t be working at all. We want fun, freedom, and variety. Yellows are big kids. By the way, yellows typically don’t age. You’re the perennial Peter Pans on the planet. Yellows can get yellow. You might have yellow husband, a yellow son, or a child. Often, they can get yelled at, “When are you going to grow up? When are you going to get a real job?”

Yellows typically don't age. They are the perennial Peter Pans on the planet. Share on X

Yellows don’t grow up. They’re just children. A lot of yellows get yelled at. Yellows are the first ones to get diagnosed with ADD or ADHD because yellows are fidgety. We want variety. We want to do some of this and some of this. Some of you, like Julie, you’ve learned how to be responsible, but yellows are fun. The yellows came here to bring joy to the planet in order to help others heal. Yellows need to exercise and yellows need to connect with nature. Kathleen, you know that one.

Yellows, if they work, they either get into the creative fields. They’re writers, artists, and designers. They are creative people. Maybe you yellows get into the healing fields. Yellows are massage therapists, energy workers, and things like that. Yellows get into things like yoga or physical things like nature and working with dogs. It’s so cute. Kathleen is right in my vision. I’m going to be picking on Kathleen a lot. Your aura is huge, girl. Yellows typically like dogs. You are dog people. Anyway, yellows are big fun.

In-power, yellows are creative. They’re full of energy. You guys are like little energizer bunnies. You just go and go until it hits your body. That’s the only time it hits yellow. If you yellows need wake-up calls, it’s in your health. If this ever happens to you, your body’s talking to you. Usually, yellows are the healthiest people on the planet. George Burns and Bob Hope can live forever. Betty White’s a blue-yellow. Those guys can live forever as long as they’re happy.

When you yellows are not happy, you have to watch your weak spots. That’s back, legs, knees, and feet. It can be the liver. For males, it’s the prostate. Those are usually weak spots for a yellow. If your back’s hurting you, your body’s trying to get your attention that you’re doing something that’s not making you happy. Anyway, yellows need to play. Some of you people, like Patty, understand how you’ve been trained to be more responsible. It is because yellows are free spirits. They want to play, they want to have fun, and they’re the cheerleaders on the planet and the optimists. You get an idea about yellows.

Remember, you yellows, 1) You need to exercise. 2) You need to connect with nature. 3) You need to keep a sense of humor. One of the things quickly about yellows is yellows are the most addictive personalities on the planet. When you’re in power, you get addicted to exercise, healthy foods, and nature. Some of you may know some yellows that have addictions.

Yellows don’t like conflict, so they’ll run away. They’ll sleep, they’ll get sick, or they’ll get into drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, chocolate, sweets, or overeating. If you find yourself doing some of that stuff, yellows only do that when they’re not happy or they got an issue and they don’t know how to solve it. We’ll go for those addictions. Those are yellows. You see I’m shooting through them as fast as possible. Irene, I’m going to spend more time on some of the colors that I see here.

After you shoot through, I have a couple of questions from people.

Got it. I’ll shoot through as quickly as I can. I also want people to understand who they are. In the mental colors, Tans are varying. Some of you guys have learned to be Tan. Some of you have been in a relationship with Tans. If you don’t like what I’m going to strive for next, there’s a good chance you’re not a Tan.

Tans are very logical, analytical, practical, and detailed. They want paychecks. They want security. Tans do this, “Step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4.” I can see all the violets going, “We got it. Go.” Tans are grounded, logical, and practical. The good news is they’ve got the patience to take care of the details where the rest of us don’t want to take care of the details.

GAR 150 | Aura Color Readings

Aura Color Readings: Tans are very logical, analytical, and practical.

Catherine Million, you’ve got tan in your aura and you weren’t born a Tan. You’ve covered it up because you thought you were supposed to be more down to earth, but it’s not fulfilling for you. You’re much more expansive than handling the details. Tans live for the details. They love it. I usually see them in engineering, accounting, bookkeeping, architecture, and computer programming. You’ll know you have a Tan on your hands if they start telling you every single detail of the story and you just want them to get to the punchline. We need Tans. They’re grounded. There are no good or bad colors. Almost everyone in my family has Tan in their aura. We need them because they’re patient, they’re grounded, and they take care of things.

The downside of Tans is they don’t believe in this stuff unless they’re scientific proof and they don’t like change. They’re very conservative or cautious with their money. For those of you that are violets that want to have nice things or greens, Tans are like, “No, we can keep that sofa for twenty years. It’s logical. It’s durable. We can have it forever.” Other colors are going to go, “I want something pretty and new.” Not a Tan.

I’m thinking about the fact that my son is a Tan and I’m a violet. It doesn’t flow easily all the time.

When I get to the violet, you’ll see how some of these colors can have some issues. With enough love and commitment, any colors can be compatible. It’s just you want to bring the best out of each other and understand. The reason it’s important for people to understand their aura colors is, number one, it validates what you felt about yourself this whole time. It gives you permission to be who you are and your life purpose of why you came to the planet.

With enough love and commitment, any color can be compatible. You want to bring the best out of each other. Share on X

Also, it helps us get along with each other instead of out there going, “Why can’t you be like me? Why can’t you think more like me? What’s wrong with you?” We go, “You’re a crystal. I get it. You’re a violet. I understand what’s important to you now,” then you can allow them to be who they are or speak their language. I know Irene’s got green. Suzanne M, you got some green there too. I’m not convinced you were born green, but I’ll watch you because you got quite a bit of green.

I’m seeing if I can do this quick because it will help, too. Those two, you guys have got some green in your aura. Patty Cobb, you know how to do green, but you are so not a green. You’ve tried to do green. It does not make you happy. Suzanne and Irene do well with that green. They get things done with it. Lenore Raven Koser, you’ve added green in your outer bands, too. Sweetie, I don’t get you were born a green either.

Greens are efficient and organized. They’re typically the type A, get-it-done, write lists, get things checked off at the list. Greens are great managers and people that keep things organized. They’re very good at business or sales. They want things organized. They want things accomplished. They are the movers and shakers and type A personalities on the planet. You guys identify with some of that. You understand how you can get things done.

We need greens. Greens are great at getting things done. They’re good CEOs. They’re good at creating projects. They provide jobs for other people. I’m going to shoot through this fast because we don’t have a lot of greens. Greens are business, sales, and CEOs. You greens have to watch out though for stress because you guys are perfectionists, you can have control issues, and then you’re not happy. Greens can get tight neck and shoulders. They can get digestive issues. They can get heart attacks because they’re so type A get-it-done.

When you greens are in power, you are movers and shakers. People are like, “Wow.” You can also intimidate people. It’s funny. Greens and violets are very similar. Wait until I get to the violet. Lenore, you have a lot of violet in your aura. Greens could get things done quickly, but you guys can intimidate people. In-power greens are movers and shakers. Out-of-power, you guys get frustrated, impatient, critical, and judgmental, including yourselves.

It’s so funny to watch a green. Suzanne, you know that sometimes you get it done when you get it done yourself like, “Get out of my way. Just let me do it. I can get it done faster.” Greens can sometimes finish people’s sentences. Suzanne, you’re not just a green. You’ve got green here, but you got some other colors in there, too, including some of that sense of humor yellow and some of that blue.

She’s fabulous. I know her for many years.

You already heard the yellow. You have some yellow. You’ve got some blue. You’ve got some violet in your out-of-bands, too, girl. You got four colors around you. You got things to do. Anyway, when greens are out of power, they can be very critical and intimidating. They will argue and you will never win an argument with the green when they’re out of power. Greens like to be right. I see Irene’s. Good thing you got that violet and yellow in there so you can keep balanced. These impatient greens can get sometimes. They’re perfectionists and control issues.

When you greens get like that, when you start getting frustrated, all you need to do to get in power is to figure out what it is you really want. What’s your goal? What is it you’re after? What are you wanting to accomplish? Make a plan, write a list, and take action. Once you do that, then you seem to be moving forward again. Otherwise, you guys start getting mean to yourself and you can take it out on other people. People then are like, “Ah.” Greens tend to shake hands. Yellows are huggers, touchy-feely, and healers. Greens are more respectful, shake hands, and give people their space. Anyway, you get an idea of a green.

I’m going to jump quick to the blues and violets because we got some of those in here, too Some of you guys are going to think that you’re crystals. I’ll cover that. Sometimes crystals and yellows are similar. We got some blues out there, sweetie. Blues are the most loving, nurturing, emotional people on this planet. Blues want to help people. They’re teachers, counselors, and nurses. Erin Chandler, you’ve got a little bit of blue in your aura. I’m going to see if you were born blue and we’ll watch. Amy Eagan, it looks like you’ve got blue and violet in your aura, which is a very unusual aura combination.

Blues are the most loving, nurturing, emotional people on this planet. Share on X

Kathleen, I already told you you’re blue. Blues are counselors. You guys are here to help other people to be in service. Those are teachers, counselors, nurses, and spiritual. Blues love and want relationships. Blues want to be in love. Kathleen was tricky. Yellows can have a fear of commitment. They like their freedom. They like their fun. They want a playmate. Blues want loyalty, love, and an emotional connection.

I’m a blue-yellow too. Blues are the most emotional color on the planet. Blues can cry very easily. Yellows laugh at everything. Blues cry at everything. Blues can watch commercials and tear up. Blues can cry when they’re happy, sad, angry, hurt, and sometimes for no reason at all. That’s what gives you blues such loving compassion in you. Blues are empaths and blues are also one of the most psychic and intuitive of all the aura colors.

When you blues feel things, you got to trust what you feel. You got to trust what you know. If you act on that, then everything works out. If you don’t, you blues go, “I knew not to do that. Why didn’t I listen?” Blues, listen to that intuition. It’s about spirituality. As a matter of fact, all you blues knew there was a higher power ever since you were little. There was something more. Your gift here is to be spiritual, to love, and to give love. A blues life purpose is to give love, to experience love, and to be loved.

What we blues are great givers. We’re not always really good receivers. Kathleen, at least you’ve learned better than that. We’ve got a few blues here that are givers and not always good receivers. We blues sometimes can’t even receive compliments. It’s like, “No, not today. I don’t.” Blues give everything away. By the way, the colors that don’t value money a whole lot or don’t care about money that much are blues, yellows, crystals, and lavenders. Those colors don’t care about money. Violets and greens want money. Tan wants security. I’m jumping around here because we got some violets here and I do that.

Blues in-power is intuitive, loving, and unconditional love. It’s just all about love in this lifetime. Irene, interestingly enough, our earth has a blue aura. The life purpose of this planet is all about love. Blues out of power, sorry, but this is what we do. We can get into victimhood, martyrdom, and self-pity. We’re very good givers. We’re not good receivers. It’s like, “Why didn’t you tell me it was your birthday?” “Why didn’t you just know? I know what you need. I do everything for you. How come you didn’t know?”

We can get into our story and our drama. It’s not because we’re bad people. We’re just so intuitive. Since we know and we are sensing what other people need, we think everybody’s like that, but they’re not. Learning to love ourselves is the life lesson of a blue. Blues, in order to be in power, we need meditation. We need prayer. We need to connect with source, and then we need to help others. That’s how we stay in power.

GAR 150 | Aura Color Readings

Aura Color Readings: Learning to love ourselves is the best life lesson of a blue.

We got a lot of people that are born violet and haven’t known that. It’s okay to be a violet. Like Amy Eagan, you got a lot of violet in your aura. Shaina, you have a lot of violet. Rebecca, lot of violet. You might be a blue-violet, Suzanne. It’s hard to tell on small screens. Jonie, lately, you’ve got some violet in there, sweetie. You had a rough upbringing here sweetie because you were told not to be violet and you’ve got violet shooting through some of these. Suzanne, remember you’ve got some violet in your aura too with all those colors around you. Patty, you’ve got blue and yellow. Did you recognize some of that blue, that counselor nurse, that helper?

A lot of you people now are starting to add violet in your outer bands. Some of you are natural violets. Kathleen, you’ve got violet in your outer bands. When I describe the violet, if you recognize it, it’s probably either that’s the truth of who you are or you’ve added to your aura. Violets are the visionaries on the planet.

Blues come from the heart. Violets come from the third eye. You violets see things way ahead of other people. You guys think it’s common sense. Greens do this. You violets get accused of being unrealistic dreamers because you violets are here to help save the planet. You’re the visionaries, the compassionate humanitarians. You’re global. Most of you violets want to go travel and see other countries.

You’re here to reach the masses. All of the colors are important to you. Yellows are here to bring joy to me. That’s a major gift, to bring joy. Blues are here to bring love. Violets are here to bring transformation, change, leadership, and evolution. A lot of you violets are feeling a desire or a pulling to help women now because violet is the power female. It’s the goddess Diana. They’re the champions. I see violets getting involved in the arts or the media. They’re writers, performers, designers, actors, and musicians. They’re artistic and/or media broadcasters. You violets get drawn to teaching or psychology because you’re natural. As a matter of fact, blues and yellows can do one-on-one with people help them.

Violets have to reach groups. If you got violet in your aura, you need freedom. You need groups and you need to be able to reach the masses. Ultimately, you probably need to be able to travel or do something bigger. Do not let people tell you that your dream is unrealistic because if you guys don’t live your dreams, the rest of us are screwed.

Violets also get involved in causes. Some violets get involved in politics or law. Some of you yellows and blues don’t like politics and law. You guys have a big mission here. In-power, you guys are the most dynamic, charismatic, visionary, compassionate humanitarians on the planet. You’ve got that model-actress performer in you too, that creative side, not just the humanitarian.

When you violets get out-of-power, if you don’t trust that vision, it’s vital for you violets to meditate. You have to have quiet time. I don’t mean you have to sit in a corner and um. Violets have to have quiet time and alone time so you can get in touch with your vision, your heart and soul, and something greater than you. When you get guided, you get shown, you get downloaded, and you get channeled where you’re here to do.

If you don’t listen to that, number one, you’ll get scattered and overwhelmed. You’ll either have twenty things you want to do or you won’t know which way to go next, “Too many things I want to do,” then you’re scattered. Violet starts multitasking. Lenore, you know about multitasking too. You get scattered and overwhelmed, or you’re going to encounter violets that are like greens.

Violets out-of-power get dictatorial, bossy, impatient, holier than thou, and frustrated. Violets are great advice givers, but not everybody listens to your advice. That happens to a lot of you. Joni, you’ve grown up with people not listening to you. You know things in there. You’ve got compassion and people don’t listen to you. You’ve learned how to suppress your compassion and your spiritual vision. They go, “Nah sweetie.” We need you violets out now. We’re in a violet age. We’re starting to shift in. We’ve started the shift into the Indigo age.

Could you explain that, Pam? I thought we were in the Aquarian Age. Is the Aquarian Age the Violet Age?

I’m talking about aura colors. Let me tell you violets what to do and then I’ll tell you about the ages. You, violets, when you’re out-of-power, you get so frustrated with humanity. You’re so frustrated with how stupid they are or how come they don’t see this. The other thing with you violets when you’re out-of-power is you can get incredibly depressed.

One of the number one aura colors that gets depressed is violets. Number one, you’ve got such depth and such compassion that you’re feeling the pain of the masses. You’re feeling the pain. You have to learn how to distinguish not to take on all their pain and also the grief that you can’t do enough or they feel stuck or trapped. I’ll give you the tools to get out of that.

Violet can get depressed if they’re not living their vision. You can also take on the pain of the planet. You got to learn how to not do that. You’re here to help make a difference, not suffer with them. By the way, the real interesting thing about you violets is it’s very common for violets to choose to be born into dysfunctional situations, where you guys see how people suffer and how they get stepped on or abused or whatever because you’re here to help the masses. You’re here to help people.

It’s very common for you souls that came here to help others to choose tough beginnings. You’ve got the compassion. You understand them. When you come out and heal it, then you’re the best therapists, healers, way showers, teachers, and humanitarians. People believe you because they know you’ve suffered too. You’re not supposed to stay stuck in that trauma. You’re supposed to heal it and come out to help people so you have permission to be healthy.

You're not supposed to stay stuck in that trauma. You're supposed to heal it and come out to help people. You have permission to be healthy. Share on X

For you violets, when you’re out-of-power, to get back in power and centered, 1) Meditation. You have to have quiet time. 2) It’s good for you violets to travel. Once you violets travel, you see that there’s a bigger world out there and it opens your horizon. You see the planet you’re here to save. Being around mentors is good for violet. You can see that other people are doing what you want to do. If there’s something you want to do, be around people that are doing it. It will feel more real to you. For violets, it’s very common for you guys to feel alone and different, don’t fit in, and you’re not like everybody else. That’s because you’re on the outer edge of the wagon wheel.

You guys are the leaders, the visionaries. You’re the ones that are helping us get outside the box, not fit inside the box. As a matter of fact, sometimes, Lenore, a few violets get into the box too much. You get frustrated and you outgrow what you’re doing because there’s still more you want to do. You want more freedom and more projects or to make a difference. I could talk about each one of these aura colors for hours. There’s so much here.

It’s amazing. I want to tell everyone because they’re all asking questions, Pam. They should all start by reading your book, Life Colors. You get a quiz. You can figure out what your aura is and that will tell you all about it, about who you are in a relationship, about who your children are, and how to get along with them. That was the first book I ever read. It was indispensable to me when I learned about it, Pam.

There’s a free quiz on my website, You can take the free quiz. I have all kinds of free videos. I’ve got courses. I’ve got books. I’m creating as much content as I can to help people realize their full potential. Anyway, music is important to violets too. Pay attention to what music you’re listening to. You’re very affected by music.

We’re moving into the Indigo Age now. They’re very highly spiritual, but they’re androgynous, which is why all the LGBT stuff is up now. It’s not about being gay, straight male, female. They connect soul to soul and they’re psychic. A lot of them remember their other lives. They don’t talk when they’re little until they have something to say.

A lot of Indigos now are being diagnosed as autistic, unfortunately, because they’re so unusual. Michael Jackson was very indigo with some violet. You get a sense of that. There is a movement that’s happening now with all the indigo energy that’s starting to show up. You violets are here to change the planet to peace and harmony and higher consciousness. Indigos are the ones that are supposed to show us how to live in harmony with soul to soul, with nature, with animals, all of that. That’s indigo. Again, androgynous.

We might have some lavenders in here, you guys. I don’t have time to go through everyone to see who’s lavender, but some of you may relate to this. Lavenders are very sweet and special. They’re what we call the fantasy and the dreamers. They talk to fairies, angels, and other beings on the other side. They’re creative people, but they don’t always live in their bodies.

Lavenders are not comfortable on this planet a lot of times. They’re dreamers, so they tend to daydream a lot or escape their bodies a lot. I’ve never seen just a lavender only. I’ve seen lavender-blue, lavender-violet. At least, that side can help them stay grounded. Lewis Carroll, who wrote Alison Wonderland had some lavender, and CS Lewis who wrote Chronicles of Narnia. You see there’s a fantasy there. There are supposed to be fantasy artists that go into other dimensions and bring that information to us. You can talk to a lavender and they feel kind of spacey or not fully here. They’re not grounded. They’re not good at making money unless they get somebody to help them produce their creative art.

Some of you guys are going to think you’re crystals because there are some very sensitive souls out here. Crystals are rare. If you think you’re a crystal, make sure you’re not a sensitive yellow. Crystals have clear auras. They’re the auric chameleons here. They’re here to be healers. Crystals cannot be around a lot of people. It blows them out. They’re quiet, fragile, and sensitive. They can be smart, but they need to be alone a lot, in meditation a lot, chimes, soft music, and gardens.

It’s interesting with crystals because if they haven’t figured out who they are and keep their aura clear and heal one person at a time, then they need to go meditate, read, or be in the garden one person at a time. If they don’t do that, then crystals tend to be auric chameleons. They don’t know who they are. They absorb the aura color of whoever they’re hanging out with. Crystal can, all of a sudden, turn blue and then start acting like a blue. They can hang out with a Tan and start thinking they’re supposed to be a Tan and their aura turns Tan. They’re rare. Yellows are either the life of the party or they’re very sensitive and introverted. A lot of sensitive yellows tie in the crystal, but it is a rare aura color.

Pam, I’m getting a question. People are asking, “Are aura cameras accurate?”

Now you’re being psychic, Irene. I was just going to bring that up. If you go have your aura colors taken a picture with those aura cameras, I have clients that have those. They’ve explained it to me. The aura cameras do not always or usually pick up your life colors. They pick up the emotional energy that you have around you that day. It could change the next day. It could change a week from then. They measured the emotional frequency.

GAR 150 | Aura Color Readings

Aura Color Readings: Cameras do not always or usually pick up your life colors; they pick up the emotional energy that you have around you that day.

I had my aura photo taken by one of those cameras by one of my clients. My aura showed up red, orange, and yellow. I am not a red and an orange. Yellow, yes. I went, “I’m not a red and an orange.” They go, “That just shows you have a lot of creative energy and a lot of energy around you.” That’s what the aura that the cameras designed as orange or red. It’s fun to see the aura. It’s great to have those pictures, but don’t go, “It showed red, but I’m not a red. I’m a blue.” They don’t always pick that up. Does that answer your question?

Would you say it’s more picking up the outer bands as opposed to the life color?

They measure something different. They measure the energy, but it’s emotional energy where I’m picking up the life colors. It’s different. If you get your picture taken by those cameras, ask the operator to translate that because they will. They’ll tell you what those colors mean for you, but it’s different than the life colors.

How does grief affect a person’s aura, Pam?

Grief doesn’t usually change the life colors. When somebody is either sick, sad, depressed, suicidal, or ill, the aura starts fading. The life energy’s not there. It can dull what the energy looks like, but it doesn’t change your life colors.

What I’m getting is we all have thick aura colors and then we have outer bands that can change depending on what’s going on day-to-day. When we get mad, we can be a violet and a yellow, but we may have a red overlay that day.

That’s right. Part of the way, I know we yellows were pleasers, but we don’t like being told what to do. We got a stubborn streak to us. I would never tell someone they could never change their life colors. It’s like changing your astrology, signs, or whatever. I’ve seen about five people in the years I’ve been doing this change their life colors. The only reason they did is because they completed what they came here to do and they didn’t want to leave. They just added new colors now and became that. “I feel like I changed my colors.” It’s more likely the case that your real colors were suppressed based on who you thought you were supposed to be. When you feel different, it’s probably because the real you is starting to emerge.

Pam, would you like to start to do a few readings?

Yes, even though I’ve been doing some of that all along. Catherine Million, do you have your hand out? I like the last name there.

I’m right here.

Catherine, what’s your natural hair and eye color?

Brown and dark brown. Black almost, but I’m gray now.

I got it. Dark brown. Can you take your glasses off so I can see you? Not just the glare. I want to see the real you. Sweetie, you were actually born yellow and violet and you’ve added blue in your outer bands. Do you understand how yellow violets are artists? Yellow violets are more global humanitarians, therapists, and artists. I feel like you’ve been sideswiped at times by other people. Especially, I want to say some men have done a number on you. That’s because you’ve got that blue in your outer band, sweetie. You’re not a blue, you’re a yellow violet. It’s okay that you’ve added blue, but I’ll tell you something about us blues.

We can sell ourselves short to be in a relationship. Yellows need playmates and violets need amazing partners. They need someone that they can communicate with and share and fly with. Blues will just put up with stuff. Do you understand how you’ve done that before? You’ve done this, sweetie. We either sell ourselves short just to be loved because we get insecure and needy, or we rescue. I’m looking at some of the guys that you’ve been with and I go, “Ah.”

Blues can sell themselves short to be in a relationship. Share on X

Here’s the deal. Part of you realizes there’s more to you and you’ve already done some healing work on yourself, Catherine. You’ve already started coming out of some of that. I feel like I want you to listen to more of that creative, humanitarian, and spiritual side of you and keep evolving because you have a beautiful soul. You came here to make a difference. You came here to touch lives. I don’t care if you do it through art or therapy, touching lives whichever way you want.

I start talking to people and there’s so much I could say to you. I do private sessions too. I’m up to here with clients, but I’m happy to help anybody here. Catherine, I feel like there’s so much we could talk about where I see you going. By the way. This is a violet. Remember I said violets get scattered? I tune into violet and I start multitasking, then I’m all over the place. I could talk to you about where you’re living, what you’re doing with your life, and relationship stuff.

I have to tell you also that she’s great. She’s amazing. She’s worth waiting for you to make an appointment with her.

Thank you. Catherine, did this make sense to you when I said you’re a yellow violet? Do you understand yellows are big kids at heart, creative, and nature?


Violets are more international, humanitarian, compassionate, want to travel, and possibly even live in other locations.

I’m actually living in Belize right now.

No wonder because that’s what you kept showing me is this international thing. The blue’s got trigger around relationships. You and I need to talk about relationships.

I’m going to reach out to you.

Good, because there’s way more to talk about and I have to reach more people. Is that okay with you?

It’s absolutely fine. I look forward to reaching out to you.

Here’s the deal. I’m going to be blunt here. I’m seeing a few people in this call that have had really tough times, people like Tripti. You got a lot of stuff going on in there with family, what you’ve gone through in this lifetime and other people that you’re worried about. I’m not going to do a reading for you now because I’d have to get too deep and too personal. You do have some violet in your aura, sweetie. I feel like you’ve suppressed your violet because you’re one of those violets that people just don’t listen to. It becomes all about family. You’ve made it all about family instead of really listening to your own wisdom.

Yes, it makes sense to me.

You see and know things, but do you understand when I say I feel like you’ve suppressed yourself by having to be there for family and put everybody else first? It’s all about family and all that bit. I go, “Ayayay.” We feel like we want to do things. It’s almost like you’ve gotten into that habit so much. It might be challenging for you to step up and start. What you can do is step into your spirituality, step into your spiritual wisdom, step into studying that and what you know about that because otherwise, you’re in this habit of selling yourself short. That’s the nicest way I can say that.

I lost my fifteen-year-old son not so long ago. He came into my dreams and said, “Mom, you’re a violet.”

Because you violets come from the third eye, you get a lot of information in your dreams. That’s why I said there’s been some tough stuff with your family stuff. I know he’s doing great. He’s trying to even help you. Pay attention to that, sweetie. Violets get information in their dreams. If they don’t pay attention to it in the waking state, you guys all come through in your dreams.

He told me that he’s a blue.

He’s doing great. He’s helping others on the other side and being spiritual. I like you connecting with your spiritual wisdom. That’s one of the ways that you can move your life forward and not just have it be all suppressed about family.

Yes. Thank you so much.

See how tricky this is to do this fast? I know Kathleen Logan, you and I could have a talk.

Kathleen, you’ll have to make an appointment with her.

Here’s what I can say about Kathleen because your aura is so big. I keep looking at you going, “Not only could you coach people, but you got big projects to do.” It can be things like workshops or traveling. I feel like you’re here to help others, especially women be empowered, coming to their own, and hear their voice. You’ve got blue and yellow, but you have a lot of violet in your outer bands. Does that make sense to you when I say that?

Yes, it does. Very much so. Thank you so much.

The cool thing about violets, and you’ve got this, is violets like to do projects, and there are so many projects. It’s almost like, “I want to do that and I want to do that and that.” That’s true for you, including some of the travel and being able to be with a partner where you have an equal watch.

It is because violets can outgrow partners, and blues are very long-term and loyal. Violets can get frustrated if their partners don’t grow with them. The biggest thing I can say to you Kathleen, and I feel like I’m just confirming this for you, is you have projects to do. You have big things to do. You have masses to reach. You’ve got women to empower. Keep a balance because yellows have to play. Have fun, keep a balance, and have a personal life. Otherwise, it becomes so much about projects. You understand that, right? I’m confirming what you already know.

Violets can outgrow partners and blues are very long-term and loyal. Share on X

Yes, I do. Thank you.

Be bold and creative with your projects because you violets can’t just teach what everybody else is teaching. You got to expand it. You got to come up with new things and new ways of doing it when you do these projects, and then play and travel.

That sounds great. I’m at a major crossroad now, so I need to hone in.

Greens are salespeople. Violets can advise people, but blues are not salespeople. I say you might want to have a private session because you’ve got stuff right there, sweetie. You got projects. That’s why I kept picking on you because you were right in my face.

I am going to contact you. Thank you so much.

Let’s end now and then I’ll close this up. All of you are going to have an appointment with Pam.

Let me say this, Irene. If I can’t have access to your soul in here and what’s going on with you, you certainly do, especially blues and violets. Listen to your intuition. Listen to your soul. I’m here to validate what you’re feeling. You don’t need me. I’m here to support your journey. Do you know the difference between trauma and no big deal? Trauma is when it’s happening to us, and no big deal is when it’s happening to someone else. I don’t mean we don’t have compassion. It means we can see easily what somebody else should be doing with their lives like, “Get out of that job. You shouldn’t be with that person.” You’re not happy. When it comes to our own stuff, we can get our own baggage in the way.

If you feel drawn, I would never push you. My goal is to see people happy, fulfilled, and living the reason you came to this planet so that when you get to the end of the planet, you don’t go, “What the heck?” I want you happy now. I don’t want you to have to come back to the planet again, especially you violets. Violets do not want to hear that they may have to come back to the planet again if they don’t do it in this lifetime.

All my stuff is on my website. You can even sign up for a private session right there on the site. You can watch all the free videos and take the quiz. I’ve got all kinds of stuff on there, as much as I possibly can, to help people. You see, Irene, how fast this can go. That’s why we got people in there because at least I have some people know their aura colors.

As opposed to Pam, I’m a green, violet, and yellow. I’m telling you all, as you can see, she’s fabulous and you should make an appointment to see her and learn from her on my show because we had a wonderful interview where she talks more about all of this. This has been great. She’s wonderful, she’s gifted, she’s talented, and all of you are so beautiful to us. It’s so great to see you. As she said, you can connect with her through

Here’s a loving reminder that you can see all the episodes on my website, Make sure to follow us and like us, because we know you do, on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. As I like to say to everyone, to be continued and many blessings with much love to each of you. Bye for now.

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