GAR 64 | Trauma Life Coach

Fasten your seatbelts!  This interview is going to grab your heart and amaze you.  Oriah Mirza is a unique and special person who personally knows how healing can transform a person’s life.  Not only did Oriah courageously walk herself out of tremendous trauma, pain and suffering, but she now also helps people start their own healing practice and reprogramming journey.



  • The heart-rending traumas Oriah experienced from living on the dark side of life and how she overcame them.
  • What it was like for Oriah to meet her twin flame, the Trance Channel and Psychic Medium Riz Mirza, and how they continue to make each other better people.
  • How Oriah helps people who are traumatized and in tremendous pain.
  • What healing actually feels like.



  • What was that one last rope that pulled you out of severe trauma and PTSD?
  • Considering the amount of trauma your children experienced in their young lives, how did they become balanced and healthy?
  • How can damaged people become healers?




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Oriah Mirza: Modern Day Shaman, Trauma Life Coach, Author, Speaker





Fasten your seatbelts, everyone, because this interview is going to grab your heart and amaze you. Oriah Mirza is a unique and special person who personally knows how healing can change a person’s life. Not only did Oriah courageously walk herself out of tremendous pain, trauma, and suffering, but she now also helps people start their healing practice and reprogramming journey. Oriah, who is a modern-day shaman, trauma life coach, and speaker is married to the trance channel and psychic medium Riz Mirza. She’s also the author of a book called The Little Book of Sanity, which sounds like something we all need to read.

Oriah, welcome to the show. I’m a person who’s done much healing throughout my life, so I’m very much looking forward to hearing how you found healing for yourself, as well as how you now teach others to reprogram their pain by understanding it. Let’s begin our interview with this question. You have had a long journey through much trauma and distress to get to the inspiring place of healing where you are now. Please touch on some of your personal life stories that illustrate the heart-rending traumas you have overcome.

Thank you for having me on your show. You are so inspiring. As I told you when we were talking, I cried over your story because you were amazing. Thank you so much for having me on your show. I’m so honored to be here. I’d like to answer this question. I broke it down into bullet points. I was raised in Hollywood, California. My dad was a high school dropout and my mom was from Honduras and was learning English for the first time, and she came from a lot of trauma in her life. For some reason, my dad decided to join a cult and I was raised in a cult until I was eighteen.

I was ex-communicated when I was sixteen because I kept trying to stand up to the elders and question their beliefs, but it was a very harsh lifestyle in the sense that I had no television. The outside world, was like I couldn’t be a part of it. I couldn’t dress the way everybody else dressed and I couldn’t do normal activities. I was bullied a lot in school, and then my dad moved around a lot like a military kid, but without the military part.

I don’t know why he had to move around so much, but I lived in every situation from trailers to RVs, hotel rooms, and apartment houses. I have been to high schools 4 in 1 semester. It was a ton of moving by the time I was eighteen. I got married young and I had three kids, but by then, I had already been raped. I have had and been raped several times and accosted living in the inner cities.

I have been very innocent. I started experiencing violence at a young age. I had 3 children by the time I was 23. My first husband decided, “We needed to make more money. We weren’t cutting it.” He was trying to go back to school and he put me in dancing, which I didn’t know what it was, but I became a stripper. I immediately left him. I’m devastated, horrified, and traumatized. I tried to make it on my own and I continuously kept getting sexually abused, and then my dad died. I was alone. I was an only child.

I was trying to raise my kids and then I got married again. Those marriages where I got married 3 more times and I had 2 more children up until I was 36. I was fighting for my mental sanity. By the time I was 30, I had many different professions to make a living. I was fighting for my kids because my first husband was so angry that I left him and he took my kids from me. I spent thirteen years in court dragging him through the court system and suffering from parental alienation as my children were being brainwashed against me. I was a victim times a victim times a victim. It was like once I was a victim, I got victimized again, and then I got victimized again, and then I was more victimized. The more victimized I got, the worse I became.

I was like that movie with Charlize Theron called Monster. I was turning into a monster because I was being abused so badly and I was victimized so deeply by so many people that I was becoming vicious to protect myself and my relationship with my children. It was like I had mad cow disease. The PTSD was so out of control that I was diagnosed so many times and I had to walk into mental institutions asking them to please take me. I have wanted to commit suicide. I drank for thirteen years straight morning to night to survive it.

I went into the dark side of Hollywood in Vegas. I was making money to take care of my children. I didn’t know how to communicate. I had never spent time learning how to communicate with anyone because no one ever spent time with me. I felt very abandoned. My family did their best to try to help me, but I was too much for them. I was too much for everyone. I was like an outcast. People didn’t know what to do with me. I was aggressive. I was expelled from high school because I was too violent and because I was being bullied so badly. I learned to fight, and then I became more vicious and more violent than the people there. I would steal like I stole a knife from somebody who raped me, and I carry that knife with me and had to pull it out many times.

I lived in the dark side of life. My story is all too familiar for too many people. Unfortunately, it’s not as extreme. Some people who could be reading are like, “That sounds like a normal life to me.” Unfortunately, that is the case. There are other stories that are more extreme than my story. What I suffered from was I started going crazy. I started losing my mind. By the time I was 30, I was talking to myself. I had twitches. I had nervous disorders. My PTSD was so bad. If I went in public, I would cry at the grocery store, at the bank teller, or when I was driving. I didn’t know why I was alive. I’d be curled up in a fetal position under the dining room table crying and begging for somebody to save me.

My mom thought she had to call 911. She didn’t know what to do. My mom constantly tells me I have put her through so much and all I have to say is that I felt like I was at the end of a stick and being constantly beat. I felt like I became a monster for my abusive life and I didn’t understand why nobody knew that. Nobody knew how to help me, how to pull me out, or how to talk to me. Nobody knew how to say, “I’m sorry that you are experiencing all this. Can I help you?” I didn’t have anyone strong enough in my life who could say that they would stick drugs and alcohol in my face to numb the pain. I didn’t have any resources. I didn’t know where to go or who to talk to. I didn’t believe in God anymore. I couldn’t move in with my family members.

I divorced my last husband at 36. That was my fourth husband. Some of the marriages lasted up to seven years and I tried. For one reason or another, I couldn’t make that marriage work. I launched out on my own and I said, “I have one shot left.” I remember I had long and dark hair that I had never dyed or anything. I grew it for seven years. It was very long and dark hair and I was very proud of my hair. When I divorced my ex-husband, the first thing I did was go to the salon and sit in a chair for seven hours and they dyed it blonde.

I did that as a symbol for myself that I needed to give myself one last shot. By then, I had already done seven years of Landmark education, learning the study of how you create your reality. I didn’t like a lot of the things they said because they were saying that I created my life and I did not feel that I created my life. I felt it was the last thing I did, and I wanted to recreate my life, but I did not want to take responsibility for any of the abuse or victimization that I had experienced.

That was outrageous to me. It was very painful to hear that, especially people who consider themselves experts and people trying to help me regain balance in my life. That is the beginning journey of how I started to pull out. It’s when I started going to Landmark. Landmark is an experiential and motivational consulting organization. They used to be called X in the ’70s.

The interesting thing about it is that they taught you something that you did not believe in. By hearing that, you started to define that it was not the way for you.

When I was in Landmark, I got very angry. I was like, “I’m a victim and you are telling me I created all of this pain and suffering. You are telling me that I created my kids being taken from me and being put up on a stage. Everything.” It wasn’t until the end that I started to settle down. I had been with them for seven years and I started to realize what they were getting at. They were trying to tell me if I wanted any power and to get out of victimization, I had to start standing a little taller and realize I had some say. That’s when I started realizing that I didn’t have any self-value because I had never been taught that.

I was never taught I had any self-value. I was taught, “I’m here to serve. I’m here to take care of others,” or just take it or be a punching bag. My body was so used. I was like, “That’s what I’m here for.” I didn’t have any idea of myself. I didn’t know what it meant to have value. I have four daughters and a son and they are looking at me. My heart was racing all the time. I’m trying to figure out how I’m supposed to teach them not to be like me, but at the same time, to be better and try to help them be better. I had to constantly improve so I could understand how to help them. If it wasn’t for my children, I would not have made it because they were the reason I strived forward to try to be better all the time.

That’s quite the story. That last rope that pulled you out of severe trauma and PTSD was Landmark or Landmark started your journey.

That started the journey. I was still pretty hot and bothered. I felt like somebody had disturbed the hornet’s nest and I was still pretty irritated about everything. At that point, I started my business. I learned how to do that through that organization. I learned how to become an entrepreneur, thankfully, and I was working with my husband as a film producer. I started becoming more professional and getting more respect through my profession, which was very helpful, but I was still very dangerous to myself and others. In other words, if somebody crossed me the wrong way, I would get in their face. I was very confrontational. It’s the exact opposite personality of the one I was when I was growing up.

The girl I knew growing up was very peaceful and calm. Even through my crazy circumstances, I was a very peaceful and relaxed child. I wasn’t a high-strung kid. I had a lot of energy to play but I wasn’t upset or disturbed as a kid. That was my baseline. I always remembered that. Here I was confrontational. Here I was in people’s faces, and that wasn’t me and I knew it wasn’t me. I couldn’t figure out how to get back to me. To segue out of that quickly, I have helped people who have never had good positive childhood memories at all. That’s why I don’t even talk about my childhood too much because when I say I have had a peaceful childhood internally, many people don’t know what that is. Their abuse started in the crib or at three years old. They don’t have memories like that.

I have talked to people in the foster care system and children of drug addicts and they don’t have those memories. I have had to change the way I speak about it. Instead of saying that was my baseline that I remember I was a peaceful person, I can say, “I knew that peace existed. I knew I could do it. I knew there was a possibility I could achieve it. I didn’t know how.” I didn’t know how to get out of my monkey brain because my mind was stung all the time. It was on fire. My brain was on fire all the time from trauma.

I almost died from alcoholism. I pled to God for five days in bed as I was fighting for my life. I had alcohol poisoning and I was asking for a second chance and said, “Please let me live through this and I promised I never drink again,” and I never did because that was too scary for me. When I left my ex-husband, I remember for the first time stepping out into a new world where I said, “This is now or never.”

This one little sliver of hope I have left. It’s like 0.001% that I could make it, mentally or emotionally, if I took that and ran with it. I took that little flame. It was a tiny little flicker of a flame and I said, “It’s either this or I’m going to give in.” Giving in means I give in to the pain, torture, or torment. I give into mental insanity and depression. I give into giving up the spirit where you shut completely down or shut everything off.

I have talked to people who have come and sat with me who have already shut everything off and are cement-blocked. They are cold and dead. They sit in front of me and they look at me very sarcastically with cynicism and they are like, “Good luck,” and I have gotten through to them. I’m not afraid of these areas. I’m not afraid to go where other people can’t go.

When you said, “This is now or never,” what became your next step?

I moved out and I got myself a place. I started figuring out what I was going to do with my life continuing my business and changing gears inside. Lo and behold, I didn’t even see this coming, I attracted what we call a twin flame. A twin flame is more than a soulmate. A twin flame is somebody who’s here for your ascension. They are here to help you rise and become the next version of you that is the highest version of yourself that you are going to have on the planet. A soulmate will activate you to no end. It will drive you crazy, but they will get you going at least and they are relentless soulmates. A twin flame, it’s like you live for each other. It’s like a pact that is made before you even get here.

GAR 64 | Trauma Life Coach

Trauma Life Coach: A twin flame is more than a soulmate. They are here for your ascension. They will help you rise and become the next version of yourself.

What happens is you see yourself in the other person to such a degree that it’s frightening because you see that you can’t get away from this person in any way. There’s no hiding game. This person has your number and you have theirs. It’s equal. You feel equal and balanced. You feel like you are in it for life and there’s no question about it. That’s what happened, I was so ready for my journey and I wasn’t interested in having anybody rescue me anymore. I was finally in a place where I was going to create my reality no matter what and I had enough skills at that time and tools that I could keep going in a positive direction and make positive decisions, moves, and thinking as much as I could. That’s the information I had at the time.

That was enough that attract my twin flame to me, and I was ready for him. When he came into my life, there wasn’t a spark. There were no sparks in that way. I didn’t fall over like, “Here’s a beautiful guy. I’m so impressed.” No. It is the exact opposite. I told him I wasn’t interested in anything or anyone, and he said, “Neither am I.” That’s how we started.

We started not being interested in each other at all. What happened was like a magnetism and a connection that made sense when we were together and did not make sense when we were apart. That’s how we saw it. When we were together, we were better people. When we did anything together, we worked, played, and created together. We advanced. When we were not together, we couldn’t do it. It wasn’t the same. You have a very special situation where your pact is different where you are doing it without him, but that was the intention behind it.

I am doing it with him in a way because you are attracted. It comes through in many ways. Saul is very engaged with what’s going on because of our particular situation. We had a plan that if certain things didn’t work out, he would go first and I would continue the work, and I have been through that. The other thing is that I’m relating to your story because when I met Saul, who was my second husband, there was comfort. There was such a knowing that was very amazing. That sounds a lot like what you have experienced.

It is comforting. It’s like you are home. You feel at home.

The other thing that I know we are going to talk about is healing and most of life, what I found out was when they pulled me out of the car and Saul was dead next to me. Aside from this amazing spiritual awakening that I had during it, I write about it in my book. One of the first things I thought about was, “I will get through this somehow because I have to show my son who was 21 that you can get hit by a grenade in life and keep going.”

I chose right from the get-go with all that had happened, and there were other flashpoints in my life that also had a lot of trauma to it, “Look at this. This is not how you want to be.” I was always drawn to trying to figure it out and helping myself where other people stay stuck in their swamps. It sounds like that’s what you did. You made a choice to heal. As you started raising your vibration, that’s when you attracted your twin flame.

That’s exactly what happened. He was and still is a psychic medium full trance channel like Abraham Hicks or Jane Roberts, and I didn’t know what that was. I had been to a tarot reader once at a carnival. That’s the extent of my psychic experience. I had no idea what that meant. I had an idea about psychic mediumship, but I didn’t know anything else. I went to his channeling circles and I saw what was going on there. I saw how it impacted people and myself. I was so moved and it was more real to me than the actual real seminars I had up until then. That was all about what’s real in front of your face because I felt like I got duped for the first time through religion and I didn’t want to go through that again. If it’s not in front of me physically, I don’t believe in it.

Here he is channeling these guides from other dimensions and giving these messages to people and myself about people who have crossed over and personal things that only I know, and things about my soul ascension and my path and what I’m doing that’s super personal or things that nobody would know. People would burst out crying. It was so real and revealing. I could not believe that something unseen could be more real than the scene. I couldn’t understand that. I was like, “Are we getting misinformation on the planet that they tell you if it’s not seen, it’s not real? This is more real than things that I see.”

That’s the part where I started to get very intrigued and it started stimulating me at the core level, and I said, “I need to know more about this. This is what’s going on here. Why are their lives changed?” I have been through so many motivational seminars, workshops, and so many recovery things. I’d never seen people activated and light up with the truth and authenticity in their faces. I have never seen this reality. This was intelligence. I became like getting on my knees in reverence, and I never had ever experienced that except for maybe in Sunday school when I was a kid. That feeling of there’s something bigger than me here and this is God. I need to know more.

I wasn’t even thinking about healing myself at that point. I was thinking about how is this a thing. How is this real? How is this coming through? What is happening here? Why is it that my dad is talking to me right now who crossed over when I was 24? It was profoundly stimulating for me to watch my husband do this at the time we were dating. As I got closer to it, we started having more and more experiences. His guides started working with me deeply. I had a lot of shamanic experiences. I kept going and healing, and then as I did a lot of health-related things to see how my health was doing, I found out that I was having organ failure from drinking coffee, Red Bull, and alcohol for thirteen years with no diet.

I was a size two, but I didn’t eat. All I did was drink stimulating things that cook your internal organs. I had organ failure. My colon was sluggish. It was failing. I had systemic types of infections that were happening in my jaw and my teeth. There are heavy metals in my bloodstream. I had lesions and boils that were bursting out of my lymphatic area where my body was trying to purge these toxins. All of a sudden, a big turn of events happened when I moved in with him.

As I started to go to the doctor and get results and bloodwork done and check in, they would look up from their chart and look at me with this incredulous look on their face. They would say, “How are you still standing here right now? Can you look at your levels?” They would show me my blood levels. It’s like minus this and minus that. Everything was out of balance and out of control like my life. Every single thing was leading to an autoimmune disease.

My immune system was failing. My glandular system was depleted. I didn’t have the adrenals because of my adrenal burnout. I have fight or flight for 25 years straight. I didn’t have any way to balance my hormones because that’s connected to your adrenal system. All my glandular systems were thrashed. Every part of my body was thrashed. I had no idea. I had five children. I was athletic. I worked out five days a week. I ran 2 miles a day. I was a die-hard. I worked sixteen-hour days. I was a maniac because I wanted to pull out of this. I did not know I was killing myself.

It sounds like it was a little obsessive because if you were dulling the pain, it wasn’t through alcohol. You were running, you were this, and you were that.

I had to be always on. I had to look good. I had to be in a size 2 to size 4 dress. I had to have the legs and heels. I had to have the makeup, the hair, and everything to prove to myself I was not a monster. I had to look good, be professional, and be smart because I blew it. I had kids young. I did everything wrong. Nobody respected me so I had to go the opposite direction. I had to swing that pendulum as far out the other way as I could and I didn’t have much time. I was in a maniac.

You were making amazing choices to try to find your way.

I was trying and it was extreme. Everything was extreme. I had no boundaries, no balance, no guidance, and no mentors. Nobody. I was like a wild child who was trying to clean it up and do the best I could and everybody would still see right through it. There were people who loved me towards the end before I got deep into spiritual work. It was people who wanted to see me win, but they were also drinking, partying, and doing the same thing. In the film business world, producers, and writers, that was my crowd in Hollywood. Everybody was doing the same thing, look good, drink it up, get numb, snort it up, do whatever you got to do, have a career, and look good on paper. It was superficial.

I want to ask you another question. With all the channeling and all that you have been doing, did you find out, as I found out, that this extreme trauma that you went through was set up by you when you came in? I had a very abusive father of my own but I have forgiven him because I understand now like what you are saying. He was over in pain and he expressed it on to all of us, but I set up choosing this person to be my father because it gave me a tremendous understanding for doing what I’m doing now.

You are leading into a very important area. If you haven’t heard of the phrase reverse engineering, I have to explain that to your audience in case some people might not know what that means. This is what happened. As soon as I started to realize I might have something to do with the creation of my life, even that 3% of me could believe that. I stopped everything. I had no choice. I was bedridden, sick, healing, constantly detoxing, and trying to save my life for years. While I had plenty of time to go back and forth to the ER, I had every kind of inflammation, heart issues, and blood pressure issues. Everything was haywire. I had plenty of time to stop this maniacal fast track I had been on. What a way to start a relationship.

He saw who you were. He knew who you were.

He did. He saw a powerhouse in there.

He knew his role in your life. I see the similarity in my relationship with Saul because you made each other better. The relationship alone started to help you both to heal. I understand.

That’s exactly what happened. He gave me that space and the support to heal, and no one has ever given me that before. I had always been running from one thing to another. While I was bedridden, I had plenty of time to be with myself. I said, “This is the best time to do this. I might as well do it now. I’m going to go see if this is true. That I created my life like this.”

What I did was reverse-engineered. I went through all my memories. My most painful ones first. I went through the scariest ones and the most painful ones, the ones that I did not understand why they happened. What I did was I trailed it back. I tracked it all the way back to the beginning of my life as far back as I can go in my memory. I asked myself, “If I didn’t have that experience, who would I be?” You have this vision that if you had the perfect life, you would be this perfect human being. You had the perfect upbringing and perfect life. You would be a perfect human being and have a perfect beautiful world that you live in.

What we tell ourselves is that beautiful story. It’s a fairytale. What I realized was that when I removed these very important dynamics, these very important stories, and things that happened to me, I realized that I was losing my power each time I would remove one of these stories like, “What if I never got raped before? What if I never got expelled from school? What if I never had children young?” I went down the list and I realized I wouldn’t be who I am now. I kept going back to like, “Who am I now?” I started taking inventory and asking some people.

When you remove the important stories that happened in your life, you will lose your power. Share on X

I was like, “Who am I to you? What is this? How do I occur to you? What am I doing?” They are like, “You are the most inspirational person we have ever seen. You survived so much. Thank God you are here with us.” I’m like, “Really? I thought it was all broken good like you can’t even take me anywhere. I didn’t realize that I brought something to the table.”

They said, “It’s your fight. It’s the fire. It’s the reason why you are here. It’s the reason why you are talking to me right now. That is what is inspiring. It’s your journey and life story.” I said, “Me just standing here looking at you is inspiring to you. Are you kidding?” “Yes.” I was like, “You mean me standing here doing nothing I’m inspiring you. That means I have already done something.” “Yes. You have already done something and you are not doing anything at all. You made it.”

You are a role model for people. It’s possible and I get that reaction a lot also. It’s very humbling.

It’s humbling because you don’t know how that happened. You can’t even believe it. You think your worst nightmare all of a sudden became somebody’s inspiration and you cannot believe that. It’s the most phenomenal, amazing, and life-altering realization that what you thought was the worst thing that could ever happen to you is why people are crying in front of you and asking you for more.

It turns your pain into gratitude. That’s what happened to me. Now all of a sudden, I’m grateful for the traumas and things that I was able to experience.

When you are grateful, people go, “How can you be grateful for that? How can you be grateful for your pain?” You are like, “I’m here to talk about it. That’s what I’m grateful for.” That tells you how resilient we are. That tells you how fantastic our ability to reason, reprogram ourselves, learn, grow, and evolve. Once you start to understand what you are dealing with from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, what this human body bag that you walk around in is, realize what this is, it explains that this is an avatar. That’s what my second book is about that I’m writing called I AM AI. This is a complicated advanced system. It’s an interface like your computer is an interface. It interfaces with you.

We are interfacing with this dimension, this 3D or 4D dimension where we are here communicating with other human beings who are looking at us in the eyes, flesh and blown. We are seeing each other here. This is a reality we have created together and we are all in here communicating to each other. Every question you are going to ask me now, my answer is going to be all the same. It’s going to have a different set of circumstances around it, but I’m going to tell you what the answer is ahead of time before you even answer any questions. Do you want to know what the answer is? Connection. What’s the answer to that? Connection. What’s the solution to that? Connection. What’s the healing aspect of that? Connection.

What are you connecting to? You and others. Why is that important? There’s a reason why we came to the planet and there are seven billion people here. It’s not a planet of one. The reason why we came here together is to connect and to evolve because that connection inspires you. Even people say, “You talk about when you were raped like it was no big deal. How can you talk like that?” I said, “That’s where I understood myself. I got a lot of data information and downloads that day.” Do I recommend it? No. I don’t think that’s the best way to learn about yourself, but I learned a lot about myself that day.

I learned about myself. I learned about other people. I had a taste of humanity. I have had the full spectrum. I have seen the worst of the worst in humanity and the best of the best. What a way to live. I can go to the end of my life or my deathbed and I could say, “I got to see the whole spectrum of humanity. What a gift. What a pleasure.”

Not only that, no matter what anyone has that they have gone through, you are an inspiration because they can see that if they choose to, they also can change their story. That’s the key. Did you learn about yourself and go back through your abilities? Did you get help through someone like Riz who was able to channel that information from the other side for you?

It was a combination of both. You can teach somebody how to cook but they have to put the food in their mouth. There was so much exposure to this spiritual side of life, which is the unknown and unseen world. It’s vibrational frequency, energy, reading, and very deep soul work that comes from your heart comes from all your other senses, not just the senses you know about. They were super activated in this journey of me coming and rebirthing essentially. I had to walk the walk and had to talk the talk. I could not make a healer do it for me. That’s a misconception people have.

You go through the information, but you have the choice.

You have to do it. You could have the top healer in the world and they lay hands on you. They talk to you. They do mantras with you. They help you reprogram you. That’s beautiful. If you don’t walk out that door and you don’t continue that process, you either are going to spend every single day paying that healer to do it for you or, which some people would do, or you have to learn how to do it yourself. What I do in my healing work with people is like a hacking experience. Have you heard of hacking? It’s a quick way to get right to the source of how to activate yourself and create healing in yourself the fastest way possible because I want people to be in control. I want them to leave feeling that they have something.

The big part of my message, which throws people off is, “If you don’t surrender to what’s happening inside of you, the bigger picture, your heart, your journey in life, or to anything higher power, God, or love, you might as well put the brakes on and ride this whole thing out. You are going to grind your brakes and there’s going to be sparks and flames. You are going to have the hardest journey of your life.”

When you take your foot off the brakes you surrender and you allow this healing energy to come through from others and from yourself, your God, self-love, and all of the beautiful, intelligent forces that are creating us that we have created, if you don’t surrender to that, you will have nothing but misery for the rest of your life. A big part of this journey was my learning how to surrender. You had to surrender to do what you were doing.

I have learned that I have control over nothing except my attitude. If I choose to heal or if choose the way I’m interacting with people, instead of a Pavlov’s dog response like this is what happened, this is what I saw, and this is what I’m going to do. You can choose to change that story and that’s all you have control over.

It’s called core belief work and I truly believe that’s where programming comes in. You have to go to the source of your core beliefs because it doesn’t matter how much, what they call fluff that you learn in the spiritual communities or you learn with healers. It doesn’t matter how many beautiful things you hear. If you don’t believe any of it or believe in it, it’s not going to work. It doesn’t matter. You can believe in healing all you want, but if at your core central, you are saying in the back of your mind, “It doesn’t work on people like me. I’m too flawed.” It’s not going to work. What I do is I work with people at that level. I go to the people who are negotiating a business deal with themselves about whether or not they want to survive on this planet peacefully or not.

GAR 64 | Trauma Life Coach

Trauma Life Coach: It doesn’t matter how much you learn in spiritual communities or with healers. If you don’t believe them, it will not work.

It’s like negotiating a hostage situation with people. They are holding themselves hostage. They are not going to release the hostage until they feel all conditions are met. Once the conditions are met, they will release themselves and start loving people and being open. What they don’t realize is the act of what you are doing is traumatizing. Not allowing yourself to experience love and healing. You are abusing the abuser. You are abusing. The abuser who abused you taught you how to abuse, then you started abusing yourself, you abused others, and then you continued this cycle and it never ended.

You sit in front of a healer and then you say, “Help me stop the pain.” The healer says, “Show me your weapon.” The person sitting there goes, “I don’t have any weapons. I’m trying to get away from people with weapons.” They are like, “You don’t understand how healing works because healing works from the inside out. It is your ability to receive healing from yourself.” You have to allow that all the decisions you made after the car accident were all personal decisions for yourself. You made those decisions. You said, “I will do this for me. I will do this for him. I will do this for them.” It was I being the center. I will. Those were all the choices you made. Those were all healing choices. You don’t have to do it that way. You could have done it the opposite way.

You could have said, “Now I’m going to be depressed and suicidal for the next fifteen years. I’m not going to talk to anyone. Now I’m going to go hide somewhere, be mad, miserable, and depressed.” There’s nothing wrong with that because God is love and God is omnipresent. There’s nothing wrong with those things. It’s what’s your quality of life. It’s for you. You are the one that has to live in that environment. Don’t get mad at anybody else around you.

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For someone reading this, they are like, “Oriah is a girl for me. This is who I have to go to get help, to learn, and to heal.” You call yourself a shaman and a trauma life coach. Could you define for our readers what that means? Do you use both of those modalities together on people? How does it work if someone goes to you for healing?

I do use both of those modalities. Sometimes I only use one, but I will explain what they are. A trauma life coach is like a form of PTSD. I hate to label things because everyone is different. It’s a feeling where it’s a desperation that you are hanging by a thread. This is going to sound morbid, but these are my favorite people. The reason they are my favorite people is they are the only people in the world who are ready to do something. They are ready to listen. They are exhausted. They are at the end of their rope. They can’t do it anymore. They don’t want to do it anymore. I always say I have the easiest job in the world as a life coach. You guys have a harder job.

You should try working with the people in trauma that’s about ready to commit suicide. They are the easiest people of all in the world. “I have the easiest job in the world.” People go, “Are you crazy? That’s the hardest job in the world.” I said, “No. It’s the easiest because they are ready to listen. They are ready to do something. All you have to do is give them the right information. They are ready to change their life.”

That’s why they are traumatized because they are at the end of their rope. They are done. They cannot do it anymore in any capacity. Mentally, emotionally, physically, or addiction-wise in any way. Grief, pain, suffering, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or pharmaceuticals. You name it. It doesn’t matter what it is. You could be twitching or crying. You could be doing whatever, and I’m going to look at you and tell you how I feel about what I think you are doing.

You are going to go, “That sounds easy and simple,” and I’m going to say, “It is.” You are going to say, “How come you are not afraid of me?” I’m going to say, “I have been there and I’m not afraid of it because I understand it. Here’s what we are going to do. We are going to walk you through it.” It’s like walking through somebody on a phone and getting them through an airport or a scary forest. You are on a walkie-talkie. You say, “Make a right, make a left, and make a right.” You walk them out.

All I do is give them the tools, and the information that they need to walk out, and I have one success story after another. It’s harder to work with people who are empowered already and spiritual. They come in and they are like, “Tell me something that I don’t know.” I’m like, “Why are you coming to me? Do you know how many people can see me that need my help? If you already know something, go teach it. I don’t need to work with you.”

Aside from the miracle of what you accomplished for yourself. Give us a story. Not too long because we have a time issue here with the interview, but give us a story about someone who’s healed and who was very deeply traumatized.

I have so many. I don’t even know which one to begin. I will tell you my favorite one. She’s my knight and shining armor. I love her so much. Her name is Georgette. Shout-out to Georgette. I will let her know that I’m talking about her again. I met Georgette in one of the circles and she was struggling with weight. I think she was still doing drugs. It was speed or something. I can’t remember at the time she was still doing something. We got to know each other and I started working with her, and I found out her story. When she was born, she lived with her crack mom. Her mom used to do crack in Orange County.

She and her brother were born and her mom raised them in a drug den. They got to witness the worst things you can imagine. What happened when the babies were between 2 to 5, the mom would OD or completely be incoherent for three days at a time, the babies would leave the house in diapers looking for food. They would end up sleeping under the stairway in the apartment complex by the dumpsters, and the four-year-old would try to hit the mice off of the brother as the mice were trying to nibble on the brother’s toes until maybe somebody would see them.

She was picked up by the city and they ended up going into the foster care system. While they were in the foster care system, she went through the entire abusive scenario. Even the foster counselors were raping her. It got worse and worse. When she reached adulthood, she left. It was a life of violence and drugs and she was a total mess. When I met her, it was about several years ago and she was starting to wind down and get exhausted from her lifestyle and everything she’s experienced. She started coming to the circles and I took a liking to her because I saw an honesty in her eyes that I understood. I understood that there was love and she survived things that most people can’t survive.

I pulled her aside and asked her if she wanted to start working with me. She said yes and she was timid in the beginning. She didn’t know what that meant. I started working with her off and on for years. We did shamanic experiences like healing ceremonies and journeys together. We did lots of sessions and I spent a lot of time with her and walked her through things and talked to her about things. I said, “Do you know what you would be great at?” When she was starting to pull through and coming out of this, I said, “You would be great working with at-risk kids.” She said, “No, not me. They wouldn’t want to have me.” I said, “No. You are the one.” First of all, she dropped 80% of her weight and then she became clean and sober.

She then went and started working at the foster care system as a mentor liaison that represents the child in court and to the foster care system. She’s the one that’s on the front lines with the child in their home and they talk to her. She tells me stories of the type of children she’s worked with. These are kids that don’t talk to adults. They don’t talk to anyone. They do not trust anyone, but they will talk to Georgette. She told me some scary things that I don’t think I could share, but some of the things were horror stories you read on the front lines of newspapers about how they find kids sometimes.

He’s walked in as the first person that child is going to talk to. They go get Georgette and they bring her in and they will talk to Georgette because she’s not afraid to go into this type of darkness or fear. She’s not afraid of this terror because she lived it her whole life. These are the healers that I work with. These are the healers that I understand.

These people are not afraid to go into the darkness because the darkness and the light are together. It’s all God, but you have to understand this is how human beings want to express themselves and they want to see and feel themselves in the biggest expression they can. If you come in experiencing violence, there’s a reason. It’s not by accident. There’s a reason you came in to experience violence and her reason was because many years later, she was going to be a light that was going to go back into the foster care system and pull people out. You never know what your journey is going to lead you to.

GAR 64 | Trauma Life Coach

Trauma Life Coach: Humans wants to express themselves. They want to see and feel themselves in the biggest expressions they can.

This is interesting because you too went through all this and later on in life, the same thing happened to me. That’s why I have the show. It’s so fascinating. Tell me about your kids. You say they are balanced and healthy and considering the amount of trauma they experienced, how did you accomplish this great feat?

There’s only one way I could say I accomplished it. I can’t take credit for anything else. They may give me more credit for it, but I won’t give myself credit for it because when you have raised your kids the way I have, you could very easily go into the realm of like, “I messed up. I did everything wrong.” Very easily I can go down that road, but if I do go down that road, they are not going to have a mother.

I cannot indulge myself like that. I have to be more selfless. I have to be available for dialogue and communication. My stories have to end at the door when I see them. My success with them is that I am available 100% in all capacities when I’m in communication with them. When I look into their eyes, I’m 100% available for any conversation, at any time to do anything, and talk to them about anyone at any time.

Some things I choose not to talk about because it’s indulgent. Maybe they want to get a reaction out of me and I know what they are doing. I say, “That’s not for me to talk to you about right now. We will talk about that later,” because I know what they are trying to do. If they need deep connections or full connections, I’m there 100%. What I think was my key to success with them is that I was 100% available. It may not be physically available all the time 24/7 like I’m by their side and they don’t want that anyway.

The availability I have is that when they are talking to me, they want to know if I’m listening. They want to know if I hear what they say. They want to know I’m connected to where they are coming from. They want to know if I know what they are talking about when they say something or if am I aloof. Am I throwing it away like most adults don’t pay attention? I am not like that. I will be 100% in there with them. I will laugh at their jokes. I will be in there with their stories. I will hold them when they need it. If they need alone time, I give them alone time. My oldest son was the one who went through the most trauma. By the time I was eighteen, he had already written me off when he was eighteen because I was eighteen when I had him.

He went through the worst and he’s the only boy. He’s the oldest. My relationship with him is different than any relationship I have ever seen. It’s a mutual understanding. We have a mutual understanding that we are going to choose to like each other as human beings first, and then decide if we want to communicate from there, and then that’s what we do. We communicate with each other through fun, play, and jokes. We talk about life, relationships, and adventures. I take him on trips with me around the world and we share things. Do I take credit for anything? No. Do I want anything from him? No.

He’s making his choices at the same time and he’s also become who he is. He works for NASA. He’s an origami engineer working at NASA. He’s doing great. He’s an inventor like his grandfather and he’s phenomenal. He’s an intelligent and beautiful human being. Whatever part we played with each other to help each other get there is beautiful, but I’m trying to explain how he sees me. I know he doesn’t see me yet how I see myself. He doesn’t know yet exactly what’s going on. He knows that I am on the straight and narrow, I’m clean and clear, I’m 100% helpful, and I do fun things. That’s as far as it goes.

He knows for sure that you love him.

Without a doubt. When I see him, I have to put my hands in his hair. I have to touch his face and hands. I have to let him know I’m physically here. When your mom dies, that’s it. When your loved one dies, that’s it. There are no more hands are touching you. I am very physical. My mom and dad were not physical with me. I make sure I am physical with my kids.

I touch them all the time. I want them to know mom’s touch and mom’s hands. My mom is very skittish. She doesn’t like me touching her, and so I want to make sure that I grab my big 20-year-old kids, or in their mid-20s, I grab them when I’m at the kitchen table. If they walk by me, I grab them and they sit on my lap and I drink coffee with them. That’s the life I have with them. I refuse any other way. They need to know I’m here because of them. I’m here because I love them. “I’m here with you all the way. I’m your mom.”

You are an inspiration to heal yourself because you are a role model.

They are my angels. The most beautiful, innocent, and sweetest things I have ever seen. They are powerhouses, super intense, intelligent, beautiful, and creative people. I guide them. Both middle kids have that middle kid syndrome. They try every move to get a reaction. They are the ball busters of the kids and they try everything. It’s so cute and endearing, and I love them through it. They are like, “How come you are not mad? Everybody else is so irritated.” I said, “I know what you are doing and it’s very sweet. You want to express yourself. You want to show people who you are. It’s okay.”

What you are saying is you are teaching them acceptance.

Absolutely because I accept them, but at the same time, I hold a line like, “I don’t want you to hurt your body. Stay alive. Don’t hurt your mind. If I start to see that you are going to go in a pattern, I will stop you, and say, ‘What are you doing? Why are you starting to repeat this pattern of self-inflicted abuse?’” There are kids at school bullying them. That’s why, and then we go into conversations about that.

Kids don’t like to talk a lot. They are not into it. They are not like, “Don’t talk to me too much.” What I learned was less is more, and if you do say something, make it count and then at the same time, make it fun. Kids don’t like downers. It doesn’t matter how hard their life is. If your parent is hardcore to the max and super depressing, the kid is like, “I’m just starting my life. I don’t need to add that to it.” I try to keep my stuff separate. I keep it very clean around them so that they can have a childhood and they could enjoy it. I work on my things separately. If they ever are interested when they get older, they want to know more information about what I’m doing, I let them know.

Tell me about your The Little Book of Sanity and also about the new book you are writing.

GAR 64 | Trauma Life Coach

The Little Book of Sanity

The Little Book of Sanity is a play on words. It’s a fun book. It’s lighthearted. It took me ten years to write it. It’s the condensed information of how I got out of insanity. What I did was create a step-by-step protocol. The reason it’s tongue in cheek and a small book is because I wanted to show you that there’s a story going around the planet that you can’t get to sanity easily. You have to go the long way and it’s going to take you decades. That would happen if you don’t understand how to get there, but what about if somebody showed you the fast way? What about if somebody showed you the easy way that you can get there? I show you a step-by-step instructional handbook on how to unravel and unveil your sanity.

You have to want it if you are interested in it. Some people have told me they have had to read this book 5 or 6 times, and each time they get something out of it. It’s like the Four Seasons book. I always called it four seasons. It’s a thinking book. You are going to have to think about what I’m saying and I do it in a very humorous way because I believe humor is the fastest way to get any information. If you keep it lighthearted and fun, people get it faster.

It sounds like an ideal stocking stuffer to me.

It is. People have bought it as a gift. They have bought ten copies and sent them out to their family members. It’s one of my favorite books. It’s my first book. I wanted to write it. It was fun to write it. I made illustrations for each page because each page only has half a page of information. That is how small this book and it’s so powerfully written because I pulled the most powerful life lessons that I have learned and experienced on how to get out of pain and suffering, and how to promote yourself in a way that you even love yourself.

It’s like, “What a surprise. I love myself. How did that happen?” I trick you into loving yourself again. Why not? We all like Santa Claus. It’s like, “Why can’t I be Santa Claus? I’m going to give you a stocking. I’m Santa Claus. I’m going to show you how you can love yourself by accident. I’m going to walk you right into it and teach you how you can let go.”

Does this one lead to your next book that you are writing?

The next book is a huge jump. It’s a 200-page book with 200 pages of index so it’s a 400-page book. It’s giant. This next book is the actual opposite. What it does is I break down and deconstruct, I reverse engineer the human being, and here’s why I did it. The reason why I did it is because I have nothing better to do. Do you know what that means? Here’s what that means. I spent 10 years to learn how to unravel the first 25 to 30 years. That’s a lot of dedication to my life, don’t you think? It’s 30 years to live it and another 10 years to deconstruct it.

This lifetime is about my understanding the human beings. That’s what I’m spending my whole life doing. I said, “Might as well go all the way.” I did. I went all the way and I started understanding like, “Where’s technology going with us? How are we related to that? How is our body very technologically advanced? How is it related to everything that’s happening on the planet right now? Where is this going? What does our future look like? Are we an advanced species? Are we going to be making new species? What’s happening here? How did we arrive here?”

When you come out with this book, let’s have another interview.

I will be. It’s a different conversation for sure.

What is the name of the book?


What does AI stand for?

Artificial Intelligence. What I do is dismantle the word and the concept of artificial intelligence that there’s no such thing as artificial, just intelligence. We are creating ourselves and recreating ourselves in our creation, and I show how we are doing that as a society and as a species. It’s my favorite work so far. I would love it for it to be a series or a movie. It’s very sci-fi. It’s a storytelling. It’s a novel and it’s fun and deep. It cites a lot of scientific data that’s happening on our planet. It’s all very real things. I show you how we are much more than you think we are. I show you that we are much more advanced than we think we are. We are learning how to tap into and access those things.

Is any of the information in the book channeled?

It’s funny you ask. I play around with this concept because I have channeled. If you going to be hanging around the barbershop, you are going to get a haircut. My husband being such a channel all the time, I started learning how to do it and I eventually did pull a trance channel on myself many years in my sessions and things. I stopped doing that and began writing what I was hearing, feeling, and seeing. A lot of this was channeled and I do talk about that. I go into aliens, what that means, and what are different species. I break it down.

You see how I talk very practically. I’m a Taurus. I’m a very practical person. Could you imagine me writing a sci-fi book as a mom of five? That’s a silly concept, but if you understand that it’s because I wanted to know what more can this avatar do. If I can reprogram myself and take myself out of what I have been through and help as many people as I have helped, then what else is this body able to do? What are our minds able to do? What healing are we allowed to do? What access do we have? What does a human being do? I want to see what it can do because I have come this far experimenting. I might as well go all the way.

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You are an avatar. You are a light worker. You are a little ahead of the curve, which is wonderful.

I stopped being afraid of that concept. Let me tell you, I used to try to dim that light because I would scare people and freak them out. I started to realize that if I bring my personality into it, it is dry and I’m a little bit sarcastic. If I bring my real self into what I believe, people will get it. If I get it, they will get it. I’m like everybody else. If I can be all these advanced healer lightworker stuff, then that means anybody can do it. Why not? Anybody can help anyone.

That brings me to ask you about your signature course called Awaken the Healer Within. Tell us about that.

That is a masterful segue right there. That’s exactly what I’m doing. I have a talk that’s online you can listen to. If you go to my website,, you click on the picture of me speaking and you will be taken to my talk. It’s a two-hour talk and it has a Q&A at the end. What I do is gloss over a little bit of my past, and then I go into what it means to be a healer.

I never asked to be a healer. I never signed up for it. I never thought that was a possibility. I’m probably the worst person you should ask for that. What happened was people kept asking me to help them, and I was like, “I didn’t know that I could do that.” That’s how it all started. I woke up in a reality that I had created for myself and didn’t even realize that I had created, which was I’m a healer. I was profoundly moved by that. I come from being a loser to being a healer. I didn’t know you could do that.

A loser first before you could have the insights to become a healer.

I was a loser. I lost the game. I was quitting the game and closing the game board. It’s all over, and all of a sudden, here I am a healer. I thought, “This would be good for me to share with people how they can become a healer if they are in the same boat.” Let’s say you have a lot to offer, but you feel damaged. You feel hurt by life and you feel like you can’t go day to day anymore. It’s so difficult. It’s so hard. What I do is say, “It is hard, and here’s what we are going to do about it. We are going to make it easy. We are going to have fun and you are going to learn how to do it. You are going to learn how to do your life.”

By accident, all of a sudden, you start teaching other people how to do it, because you don’t even realize it. When you have a successful life, people want to know how you did it. If you are happy, they want to know how you are happy. If you are making money, how’d you make money? If you love your partner, how did that happen? You have a healthy marriage. How did that happen? You have good kids. How did that happen? I said, “If you guys want to know, come to my talk. I will tell you how I did it. It’s easy.”

My way is not the only way. What I’m saying is anybody can have what they want. It is how you create it and every moment has to be special and precious to you. Every single second of your life has to be understood that it is a part of your bigger framework. You are putting a puzzle piece together. You are putting a mosaic together. You are creating a picture.

If you give up before you even start creating, then you have missed the boat. That’s why people feel like they missed the boat. They are like, “I feel like I missed the boat. Give me another drink of alcohol. I will get through it.” That’s going to get old after a while if you survive it if you can survive alcoholism. A lot of people I know have died from alcoholism.

Every single second of your life has to be understood. It is part of your bigger framework. If you give up before you even start creating, you’ve missed the boat. Share on X

If you can survive it and quit, then you have a chance of trying it a different way. Most people are frustrated that there’s not the right information out there. There’s so much information everywhere you go and everywhere you turn. We lightworkers like you call us and yourself, the one thing we have learned is if we are all speaking in the same voice. It will be easy to find us. We all say the same thing in different ways.

It’s so amazing like even with this show with all these people with whom I’m interviewing, every single one of you has a piece of this puzzle.

Imagine if all of us have these flashlights on our show, and we are like, “We got the flashlight. Here’s what we are doing. We are going to look down this corridor now.” Everybody has flashlights. Imagine that eventually everything gets illuminated and then you don’t need the flashlight and then everybody realizes they all have the light. It starts with the people who say, “I’m not afraid of my light. That’s okay.”

It’s also interesting how everyone is connected because I interviewed someone who is a specialist in detoxifying people. She talked about metals and the toxicity of metals, and you are talking about that as one of the problems that you had. Her name is Karen Stein. I interviewed her. She’s got what you are talking about also. We are all connected in this wonderful healing mosaic that we had.

There is a future that I do believe we will all come together because it’s bound to happen. It’s going to eventually happen or there will be some bigger conversations happening on the planet with more people talking about the same thing, and healing is going to become a very big forefront conversation on the planet. It’s going to be one of the biggest topics because as you see with technology, people are burned out and people get overwhelmed because of too much information. You don’t know who to believe and everything is going everywhere. You feel like the world is coming to an end and you are looking for one thing of sanity so that you can hang onto. What’s going to happen is you have enough people who are searching, seeking, and looking for peace and enough people who can offer it.

GAR 64 | Trauma Life Coach

Trauma Life Coach: We will all come together eventually. There will be bigger conversations happening on the planet, and healing will be one of the leading topics.

Eventually, the light keeps getting passed or the torch keeps getting passed. More and more people start awakening and realizing that they have light and healing abilities and they can heal their families and loved ones. They do it and then it keeps going generationally, and then before you know it, that’s the conversation. It will get there because people are wearing themselves out. They can’t take it anymore.

Can I tell you that in my book, Saul channeled to me what the world is going to be like in 300 years and what this conversation is reflected in what he says about what’s going to be going on?

You can see it coming because when there’s a problem, somebody is going to find a solution. The problem is burnout. People are burned out. They are frying their circuit boards. Everyone is tired and fried. The ones who are not have made a little life for themselves where they can somehow find sanity, beauty, and peace in their life, and congratulations that they could do that. When you take a person like that and they go into the world where people are frazzled and they offer a helping hand, they say, “Let me see if I can help you with that. Is there anything I can do for you?” I always say, “If somebody has an answer, go to somebody who is looking for a solution.”

That’s how I help healers become healers. That’s how I activate so many healers. I have so many healers who didn’t start as healers, but by doing my work, doing my courses, and working with me and my husband, they have become healers. It’s because I show them that they have gold, information, and wisdom. All they have to do is calm themselves down. Calm all the way down. Settle all the feathers. On a chicken, all the feathers go up. You put all the feathers down. Take some deep breaths and relax. Know that you are okay and know that you have got people around you who know what they are doing. They are going to help you and you are going to become like them. I’m a mastermind technician, but I’m not a mastermind in how to get here.

It’s the easiest road ever and I want to make it as simple as possible. I call it a mastermind course because, at the end of the day, that’s what you are going to learn. I want it to be as easy as possible because if you can’t share it and give it and people can’t receive it, then what are you doing? You have to keep it very simple.

This all leads to Oriah telling people about the importance of healing. Your whole life speaks to that in everything you are doing. These people who are in so much pain or have these issues and they are reading this show.

I will give them something. I will give them a little going away present. I’m going to describe what healing feels like. That’s a good way to start so people can know the feeling of healing because some people don’t know if they are getting healed. Here’s what healing feels like. Healing starts with a sensation. It’s a feeling within your system that starts with being quiet and still. Even if it’s for five seconds and allowing keywords, gentle, soft, beautiful, warm, and loving energy to come through you because you have access to it. At any time right now on the spot. You can do it right now while you are driving. You can do it right now while you are on the phone or reading this show. You can do it 100%. All you have to do is stop for a second.

GAR 64 | Trauma Life Coach

Trauma Life Coach: Healing starts with a sensation. It is a feeling within your system that starts with being quiet.

Many people are told, “Close your eyes, meditate, and go within,” but then what do you do? That’s the thing. People go, “I have learned how to do that, but then what?” What do you what the purpose of meditation, being silent, closing your eyes, and going within? It’s awesome to connect to your guides and other people. If you are not getting a healing, then you are having fun. It’s fine but if you want to get healed, create healing in your body, raise your vibration, heal the cells in your body and brain, and coat your whole interior system with liquid light of love, generosity, and jubilance energy, you have to believe it’s possible. You have to believe it exists.

Even if it’s 1%, you have to stop everything and give thanks and gratitude for that moment through gritted teeth. You can have gritted teeth. You could be digging your fingernails into your fists with blood coming out of it. You are so angry. People did it all the time. They don’t tell you about it, but they do. In that moment say, “Can you give yourself one fractal of a second? Just give yourself a minute, a half a second, or anything, and say, ‘Thank you.’” You don’t even know what you are saying thank you to yet. It’s okay. You don’t need to know. Just say thank you because it holds itself. There’s a vibration in the word thank you. There’s a vibration in the word gratitude. It starts to open the cracks. The crack starts opening and light starts coming in.

You close your eyes and you say thank you. “I welcome any healing energy that is available to me. I welcome my healing energy. I welcome my love to myself. I’m allowed to have it. It doesn’t mean that anybody had to show me. It doesn’t matter that nobody ever showed me. Those days are over. Don’t look at the past. Only look at it now and say thank you for the moment. Thank you for this very second that I can be with myself for just this moment because I don’t know what today holds. I don’t know if I’m going to be here tomorrow. I’m going to be thankful for this moment because I have myself. I’m holding my hand. This is my life for myself. I get this one moment. I can go in and say thank you.”

Allow the healing energies around you and inside of you to come into your being. Allow it to come in very softly like a cloud. You are going to feel it very gently. It’s going to go around your heart. You are going to feel a buzzing in your heart. You are not going to know why. It’s okay. You allow that feeling to be there. Know that you are an exceptional human being. You come from an exceptional source. You are highly intelligent. You are learning about your system.

If you are learning about your life, you are learning about who you are. You are allowed to have it. You let yourself feel the little buzzing. Let yourself go in and have it. Hold yourself like you are putting your hands around your heart. You are holding and hugging your heart. Let yourself feel that, and then keep spreading it out throughout all your system, all your organs, and all the interior of your body. Let it go down all the way to your feet.

You can repeat this as many times as you want in a day. You could do it for hours at a time. It doesn’t matter how long you need. You create the space to give that to yourself because it’s your healing energy that you can give yourself at any time, and that is the beauty of how you are created. We are magnificent beings that can bring in this type of technology and interface that love is around us everywhere. We can have it at any time and you breathe into it. You release it. You breathe in and you release any pain. You keep doing that over and over. Gratitude is the key. Start with gratitude and end with gratitude. It’s a little present I wanted to give everybody before I leave.

We are magnificent beings. Love is around us everywhere. Breathe into it and release the pain. Gratitude is the key. Share on X

I have two other questions. How can our readers connect with you? If they want to go to any of your events, what is that like, and where are they usually held? Do you have meditations or things on your website that people can employ to help them start to begin to get into that healing space?

The first question is, if you would like to contact me, it’s best to email me at If you would like to see my YouTube show, go to, which is a fun lifestyle brand I’m creating to show that anybody can be a shaman if you learn how. I’m making it like showing you my behind-the-scenes of a fashion line I started called Sacred Medicine.

We didn’t get to talk about it in this interview. I love fashion. That’s great.

I’m healing people through art and they can put on my jackets and feel good about themselves, and it’s that simple. It’s and They are all interlinked so you can find me. Where to see me speak? You can watch me speak online. I have many things planned. There’s nothing public right now that anybody can go to, but it’s in the work.

I’m also going to be doing some live interviews with people where they can do active healing sessions where people can see how I help people walk them through stages. That I’m going to be filming soon. I have one meditation I did years ago. It’s still out there swimming around somewhere, but it’s a deep meditation to help you fall asleep. After you are giving me this idea right now, I should probably do some meditations so people go into that.

That’s a good idea because a lot of people, go to all these different meditation modalities and they say, “My monkey mind.” “My this and my that.” It feels to me like you would have some wonderful meditations within you that could help people.

I’d like people to check out my husband. He’s a very amazing healer. He’s a world-renowned trance channel. His name is Riz Mirza. He’s Indian and that’s why the name. He is fantastic. There are so many things going on. You can go to his page and he does sessions, workshops, and channeling sessions in Santa Monica and different places. He’s traveled a lot doing his sessions.

We do quarterly retreats to Egypt, India, and Ireland. We do spiritual retreats all the time with groups of 10 to 20 people where he channels at each location. It’s profound. He also has an amazing book called The 9 Keys. He channels nine spirit guides that will blow your socks off. I cannot stop reading it. I have read it so many times over and over.

GAR 64 | Trauma Life Coach

The Nine Keys: A Guide Book To Unlock Your Relationships Using Kundalini Yoga and the Enneagram

There are all these links. Everything is available on our websites. We are starting to come out now. We have been underground for several years doing deep work, and now we are starting to do the whole branding, marketing, and pushing thing and so that’s why. You will see a lot of things that we are doing, but it’s going to get bigger. There’s more and more coming.

There’s no doubt about it to me. Here is my last question. What is your tip for finding joy in life?

What do you surrender to that you are here on the planet, whatever that means that you are in your body, that you are a child of God, that you have love, that you can have it all, and that you are a creator? Surrender to the idea of that. Surrender to that. There’s more. When you surrender, it’s like opening your fist.

You can open your fist to receive more. If you have a fist close, you can’t receive anything. If your fist is open, you can receive. When you open, surrender, and lay all the weapons down, you let go for five minutes. Every day, I used to start at five minutes. I used to do increments. I used to have 5 seconds, then I’d go see if I could keep it to 5 minutes, then I’d go to 5 hours, 5 days, and 5 years, and here I am later. Keep that door open. Why would you want to close it? Keep those wings open. Spread those wings out. Let yourself feel the goodness of life.

I kept my personality. To some people they may not think is a very airy fairy. Some spiritual people get a frown on their faces when they listen to me. I’m a little too rough for them. I do it this way because I want to go into those areas. I want to go to where people are cynical, where people are over it, where people are numb, where people are disgusted and disturbed and pissed off. Nobody wants to hear airy-fairy. They have seen too much pain and horror. They don’t care anymore.

Those are the people I want to talk to because I’m like, “I agree with you. All of that is true and there’s more. I will show you how. I will show you where. Here’s what I discovered. Come take a look and we can all enjoy this together.” I am a very particular person. I’m for the people who want to believe but don’t know how they can. If they feel too far gone, it’s not for them. This life passes them by.

That’s why it’s a big world and we are all connected because you can help a specific type of person.

I love those soft-spoken, beautiful angel killers just like anyone else. Believe me. I love them with my entire heart and soul, and I have been to their events. They are beautiful. I tried it. I put the gowns on. I did put on the long goddess dresses. I put glitter on my skin. I live in LA. I did the whole thing and I couldn’t keep it there because the work I’m doing is so intense. The people who come to me are so intense that they don’t want to see a gown. They want life. They want real life. They want real facts. They want to know I made it. I suited to them straight and that’s why it works. That’s a style. That’s why it works for trauma. Trauma life coaching requires deep introspective communication without fear.

GAR 64 | Trauma Life Coach

Trauma Life Coach: Trauma life coaching requires deep introspective communication without fear.

That’s why it’s happened to you because not everyone can go where you can go.

In the past, I didn’t know why. I thought anybody could be a trauma life coach, but then I realized, “What am I talking about?” Like Georgette, not everybody can go into a foster system and talk to somebody. Not anybody can do what you do, Irene, and go past what you had to evolve past. Not everybody can walk in each other’s shoes. When somebody is doing deep and powerful work, I feel it. I cried when I got on the phone with you because I felt it. I was like, “We got a real one here.” It’s powerful.

Do you know how many readers are out there that have a disability? I want to mention this one thing before we go is that we all come from a family of one. There’s oneness and we can never forget that. If you are reading and you feel like you can’t relate to me or you can’t relate to Irene, it doesn’t mean that we are separate from each other. We are still one. If you need a different type of teacher or if you think I’m the only type of teacher, it doesn’t matter who else is out there teaching. It’s all oneness. We are all in it together. Even the people you don’t like. Even the political structure, if you don’t like it. Even in any structure like sex trafficking and all the horrible things that are going on in the world. That stuff has been going on since the beginning of time.

Women have been kidnapped since the beginning of time, and every culture around the world. We are exposing it now. Everybody is like, “What’s going on? They are stealing our girls.” They have been stealing our girls since the tribal people in the caves. This is not new. This is the oldest thing in the world. This is probably the first crime against humanity we have ever committed.

What we are doing is exposing it. It’s your mindset, but it’s all one. We are all in it together. We are all here to help each other illuminate, see, grow, and feel. I hope there was somebody that got moved now. I hope somebody was brought to tears and feels that they have an opportunity to be different, be bigger, more loving to themselves and others, more received, be softer and gentle to themselves so that they can be seen and heard easier by other people. It’s okay to change.

Everybody has the opportunity to be bigger, love themselves more, and be gentler to themselves. It is okay to change. Share on X

That is the bottom line. It’s okay to change. You have an opportunity that’s different. This has been an incredible and wonderful interview. I know that we are going to be talking again. You are the epiphany of the show because this is the whole aim of the show.

We could talk about a lot of very specific topics and stick to one area, but I would love to come back to your show if your readers are interested. If they have questions, they can write in and I can answer questions of any kind.

On, everyone can get on and contact us. If you have a message about this show or you have a message for Oriah, please say it, do it, and put it in an email or whatever, through the site. Also, all of you can do it through social media. You can do it on social @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Make your comments. Let us know. You can get it on Oriah’s site. If I get any comments, I will share them with you, Oriah, and I’m sure vice versa. We’d love to hear from everyone. Oriah, you are profound. Your story of healing is profound. I love how you are paying it forward by helping and guiding others to heal and become healers themselves. It’s an understatement to say thank you so much for this touching and incredibly inspiring interview on the show. Thanks everyone for joining us, and as I’d like to say, to be continued, many blessings and bye for now.

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