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Noah Hammond Tyrrell’s passion is talking about Spirit, Human Potential, and creating lasting change in ourselves and on this planet. Educated as an engineer, he discovered spirituality through the study of Quantum Physics. A bad breakup in college sent him searching for answers and he became inspired to unlock the secrets of human potential and live a deeply fulfilling life. Noah is now a personal development and self-healing teacher and philosopher who has coached high-level entrepreneurs, helped his dad heal from a “death sentence” diagnosis, and helped people to heal old emotional hurts to unlock their higher self and potential.  In addition, he is the co-founder and CEO of Feel-Good Hemp, the only hemp products company that offers a free self-empowerment program and community to its clients. 



  • How Noah became a spiritual mystic 
  • Some of the modalities Noah use to help people heal 
  • The Seven Levels of Change framework 
  • How to free yourself from your past and create something new 
  • Noah’s healing journey with his father, which led to the creation of his company, Feel Good Hemp 
  • The importance of physical, mental, and emotional healing 



  • How does being a spiritual mystic connect you with your work as a life coach? 
  • What wisdom would you like to share with all of us about spirit human potential and creating lasting change in ourselves and on this planet? 
  • Are there any negative side effects from cannabis and CBD hemp oils? 

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Noah Hammond Tyrrell: A “Jersey Boy” Turned Spiritual Mystic Who Has Coached High Level Entrepreneurs, Helped His Dad Heal From A “Death Sentence” Diagnosis…






I am delighted to welcome my fellow Jersey boy, Noah Hammond Tyrrell, a Jersey boy turns spiritual mystic whose passion is talking about spirit, human potential, and creating lasting change in ourselves, and on this planet. He will be speaking to us from Draper, Utah, where he lives with his wife Danielle, and their daughter, Lakshmi.

Noah, who was educated as an engineer, discovered spirituality through the study of quantum physics. He lived a typical suburban childhood until a bad breakup in college sent him searching for answers, and he became inspired to unlock the secrets of human potential and live a deeply fulfilling life. Noah is now a personal development and self-healing teacher and philosopher who has coached high-level entrepreneurs, helped his dad heal from a death sentence diagnosis, and helped people to heal old emotional hurts to unlock their higher selves and potential.

In addition, he is a Cofounder and CEO of Feel Good Hemp. It’s the only hemp products company that offers a free self-empowerment program and community to its clients, something like the show, which is a healing community. Noah is doing the same thing with self-empowerment. I’m looking forward to talking with Noah about the rebirth he experienced after the bad breakup that led to his journey of spiritual self-realization, his father’s healing journey, his Seven Levels of Change Framework, the healing power and benefits of CBD hemp oils, and more for what will surely be an extremely interesting and very enlightening interview. Noah, welcome to the show.

Thank you for having me on, Irene.

It’s truly a pleasure to talk to you. You got about 400 extra chips because you’re a fellow Jerseyan. For those of you who are Jerseyans reading, Noah is from Rockaway, which is near Morristown. I’m here in West Orange, but at this moment, he’s speaking to us from Utah. Noah, let’s start by having you tell us about the distressing series of events, starting with your bad breakup in college that inspired your journey of spiritual self-realization and motivated you to become a personal development and self-healing teacher and philosopher. It’s quite a swerve for me, originally being an engineer.

I was going to college and being an engineer. Frankly, I hated it. I was doing it and I graduated with the degree and all of that, but when I started to realize that the prescribed plan for the next step of my life was to spend 9:00 to 5:00 in some office with these people and doing this stuff that I didn’t like, I started to think about how else I could make a living and do something I was more passionate about.

Jumping back to the bad breakup, I’m not sure if I would call it a death and a rebirth at the time, but looking back, I can see how it was the end of my unaware walking zombie mode world to the start of something conscious and intentional. The bad breakup happened, and it was bad because it lasted so long.

My high school girlfriend and I went to college at Rutgers University. I wanted to go do my own thing, but I was unconfident and unsure of myself. I didn’t know how to connect my own emotions at the time. Instead of being clear, direct, and straightforward breaking up with the girl and going to live my college life, it was this long drawn out worse and worse. You know how life has to get worse if you’re not listening or if you’re not hearing it, if you’re not listening to the subtle whispers, then you got to get the brick to the head to figure it out.

It was this horrible meltdown breakup. This is a personal story, but what kicked things into gear for me was after we had broken up, I was out with friends, and this girl who was on my dorm floor who had been into me or eyeing me, we were hanging out. We’re getting hot and heavy at some frat party, making out or something.

We go back to the dorm, and it’s time to get it on. Something’s happening where we’re in my bed. We’re making out. It’s getting hot. The shirts are off. Something happens when I go to take off her pants. Because she didn’t explicitly say to me like, “Yes, I’m game for this,” something melted down in my brain. Some weird thing happened. I hesitated and got weird. She then felt weird, and then she left. I was left with this huge question mark like, “What the heck happened? What happened in my body being framework? What malfunctioned?”

Something shifted.

Inside me, there was this timidity that was saying like, “Are you sure that she wants to have sex with you?” Meanwhile, we’ve been making out all night long. We’re alone in a dorm room with her shirts off making out. We’re drunk and we’re young and we know each other well. It’s like, “Yes, she did,” but my brain had this belief system or this pattern that threw me into this totally unconfident place.

It was at that moment when I said to myself, “I have no idea what the heck happened, but it’s never going to happen again.” I’d already been interested in taking psychology classes in college, but that’s what started me reading endless amounts of books on personal development, psychology, and social dynamics, Also, on the human, on the self, how we operate, and how we work.

My original teaching was as a dating and confidence coach for men. That was how I built my first business out of college because I spent the next several years after that immersed in the topics of social dynamics, psychology, and the art of being cool. This is what led me to the art of knowing yourself, the art of natural confidence. When I was a dating and confidence coach, I never said, “Say these lines or do it this way.”

I helped guys to uncover their own innate natural self-confidence and eventually transitioned into, “This is bigger than dating and confidence. This is about being your greatest self.” I switched into the mode of Tony Robbins, you might say. It was these cascading events that led me deeper and deeper into spiritual realization and into realizing that this is about that.

Did you ever come to the realization of what happened to you at that moment? Can you figure out what happened to you?

It was a firing of some pattern, thought, or belief that she needed to give me more permission. Explicit permission was not granted. I never analyzed the specific thought pattern or belief that happened at that moment, but that’s what it was.

Do you think it was a self-esteem thing in any way?

It is probably a mixture of that and some belief about how this process is supposed to work. To give it more context, I had never slept with anybody besides my girlfriend from high school before that. I wasn’t used to this thing. I thought this needed to take longer. I thought this needed to be a more direct communication. I don’t know what I thought, but it was something that fired in the belief place that took me out of my moment.

It took you on your journey to where you are.

It’s serving a much higher purpose, and I’m very happy that it happened.

You’re very happy that it didn’t happen, in other words. You describe yourself as a spiritual mystic. A lot of people don’t understand what that means. How does that connect you with your work as a life coach, Noah?

To me, a life coach and a spiritual conversation are one and the same because we’re having a spiritual experience on this planet. We come from spirit. We are spirits, and the body is the congealed spirit. We’re spiritual beings having a spiritual experience. To life coach someone is to spiritually coach them, in my opinion. However, to give a basic definition of it, it’s about taking complex things and making them simple.

GAR 101 | Spiritual Mystic

Spiritual Mystic: A life coach and a spiritual conversation are one and the same because we’re having a spiritual experience on this planet. We come from spirit. We are spirit and the body is the congealed spirit.


It is taking these lofty ideas and these things that are intangible that you can’t necessarily feel, touch, taste, or smell just like our Wi-Fi signal. You can’t feel, touch, taste, or smell it, but if you have an engineer from the Wi-Fi company to describe to you how it works, he’ll make it sound simple and he’ll make it make sense. That’s all I try to do with people.

As I’ve poured all this self-development, spiritual development, some of it ancient, and some of it modern knowledge into myself. I’ve also worked with my clients to overcome their life issues and achieve their goals in life through various programs or one-on-one coaching. Also, all these years of working on myself as well, which is the best lab, because everything I learn, I try on myself. If it creates relief or progress or momentum, I then bring it to my clients.

All I’m here to do is to take complex things and make them sound simple, doable, and actionable because seeing is not believing in this realm because you can’t see it all, but doing is believing. When you do one of these techniques or modalities, when you transmute or alchemize some emotional grief trapped in your body or you reprogram a belief that’s holding you back in your life and then you see life change, that’s what makes you a believer. That’s what gets you hooked.

You and I both have become hooked because we’ve done a lot of our own work. It’s true. Talk to us about some of the many modalities you use to help people heal. What wisdom would you like to share with all of us about spirit human potential and creating lasting change in ourselves and on this planet?

From a modality standpoint, I’d say that I’ve come to a place where if my toolkit used to be 25 tools, now it’s 4 or 5. I share almost all of them for free on our platform, the Feel Good Library. The reason I bring that up is because there are a lot of different ways to get to the same place. I’ll give you an example. I used to have this technique for processing emotional debris or whatever you want to call it. It’s stored emotional energy in the body.

Emotions are energy in motion. That’s why you feel them because they’re tangible energy. A lot of people don’t realize this, but when you don’t process, be with your emotions, or have a technique for experiencing them and processing them all the way through, they end up trapped in the body and they create even physical, mental, and emotional suffering.

Back in the day, let’s say in 2011, I had this technique for processing old emotional grief that involved meditating directly on the emotion and getting through it by going straight into it. It helped tons of clients and helped me a ton, but sometimes it would take a long time, like an hour to go through some deep emotional stuff.

Now, I can get the same result from a different technique in a matter of minutes or a matter of moments depending on the technique which people are open to. For the sake of naming a couple, one is called EFT or tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique. It goes by all those names. I knew about tapping for a decade-plus, but it wasn’t until about 2018 that I got super into it. I got so into it that I created some ways of using that technique that I’ve never seen anyone else teach.

I created a course called Tapping Hacks, and that’s also out there for free on our platform. That is the best modality for taking the trauma out of the body and the nervous system. It’s important to acknowledge that because we are like a floating nervous system. We think of ourselves as this whole body, but we’re eyeballs, a brain, a spine, and nerves, and the rest of it is animated by that.

We’re a floating nervous system having an experience in a meat suit, in a perceived physical world. Your nervous system can take on debris. It can take on programming and things that don’t serve you. Tapping is one of the absolute best ways to deprogram that nervous system.

We're a floating nervous system having an experience in a meat suit, in a perceived physical world. Share on X

You give them an affirmation while they’re tapping that matches what the need is.

You can use tapping to program or deprogram. It can take out the negative and also implants the positive because something isn’t true until it’s true in your body. A lot of people have experienced this. You get an affirmation. I am powerful. You go to the mirror, look in the mirror, and you say, “I am powerful,” and 95% of you believe it and 5% of you say, “BS. You’re weak. You suck and you know it. You’ll just keep failing like you did before.”

We then try to brute force our way through it. “I am powerful.” If instead we use tapping along with those affirmations, whatever’s not resonant with I am powerful will be released from the body system. The way I do it is I measure it from 0 to 10. How true is it for me? “I am powerful.” It’s like an eight. You do some tapping, and you get that up to a ten. When something’s true in your body and your mind, that’s when it’s true for you. We all try to fake it until we make it sometimes, but it’s more about becoming it and then you have it.

The tapping helps you not to fake it anymore. It helps it happen. What are some of the others that you do?

I also like parts work or parts integration. I don’t know if it goes by other names than that. We all have multiple personality disorders. It’s not a disorder. It’s how human beings are. We’re all in a different way when we’re hungry. We’re all a different way when we’re happy. We’re all a different way when we’re inspired versus when we’re depressed or around certain people. We have different strategies for operating this being to receive love, safety, or whatever we think is important, but it pretty much comes down to love and safety. A lot of these strategies were developed when we were 5, 7, or 8 and they’re running on autopilot.

It’s because that’s how we had to survive in our environments at that time.

It’s the best idea that we could come up with at that time. However, the way a five-year-old figured out how to cope with the world might not be working for you when you’re in your 30s, 40s, or beyond. Using parts work and parts integration, what you can do is contact that part of your personality and have a dialogue with it. You can understand it, understand where it came from, and understand its loving intentions.

Also, understand what it’s learned from its journey of being in that strategy and that role for this time period and then how can it use those skills that it’s learned in a new strategy moving forward that holistically supports your life. I’ve probably done this technique 25 times myself very heavily when I first learned it. It was like, “I got to fix that.”

Anytime there’s a repeating pattern that I see in my life that’s not working, I go, “Is parts work something I need to do here?” Sometimes it’s a yes, and sometimes it’s a no, but it’s always something I check in on because it’s so effective. Once you give your part a new role, then it operates in that role for you on autopilot. Ninety-five percent of what we’re doing, thinking, and being is happening on autopilot from our subconscious mind.

If we can access those programs and upgrade them, that’s what parts work is great for. I use tapping a lot for deprogramming emotional or mental stress and reprogramming new belief patterns. I use parts work a lot for that. The other main element of what I use techniques for is alchemy. Sometimes when you have a painful memory or some disbelief in yourself, for whatever reason, there’s a time and a place where I feel like alchemy is what you need to do instead of tapping or something like that.

Some techniques for simple alchemy, I teach as well where you’re breathing, visualizing, and transforming the energies within you. The last main area that I go to with techniques these days is contact through your higher self. There’s a guy named Chris Duncan who teaches this in a cool way and who inspired me to do it the way I do it. From a yogi perspective, we’re a physical body. We’re an astral body. We’re a causal body. A causal body is one with spirit.

The astral body is your soul. Your individual is part of the spirit. The physical body is the meat suit. The beautiful thing is to recognize our higher self or causal self causes creation. It’s the source, whatever you want to call it. It’s your source self, your higher self. It’s the one that is guiding everything else. Everything in our life starts from that plane and congeals down into the astral and into the physical.

GAR 101 | Spiritual Mystic

Spiritual Mystic: The beautiful thing is to recognize our higher self, our causal self. It’s the source. It’s the one that is guiding everything else. Everything in our life starts from that plane and congeals down into the astral and into the physical.


If you can go to the causal and give it new instructions, it can send a new direction down into the astral and the physical. There are ways to do that that aren’t too complicated or too time intensive. It can also help you to release resistance and break repeating patterns in your life that aren’t serving you. The other part of your question was about the message I have about holistic healing.

Also, the spirit, human potential, and creating lasting change.

I’ll share my seven levels of change. One thing is to recognize that every change we make to ourselves ripples out into eternity. It’s for ourselves first. When I talk about why bother doing this stuff, it’s because every day you get to live one more notch joyous, grateful, and loving. You get to be the change you wish to see in the world without being cliché.

You literally get to transform yourself. An enlightening and awakening book for me on this topic was Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. It’s a very famous book. I’m sure a lot of your readers have heard of it. George Harrison from the Beatles used to hand out books and books to anyone who walked into his home. That’s how I got my first copy of it. In about 2010, my friend gave me a copy. For your readers to know, it’s the first-person account of an autobiography of the yogi master, Paramahansa Yogananda. It’s magic.

GAR 101 | Spiritual Mystic

Autobiography of a Yogi (Self-Realization Fellowship) by by Paramahansa Yogananda

It shows you what the absolute heights and depths of human potential truly are. At this point, when I got that book, I had already been a life coach and a mentor. I have tens of thousands of people on my email list. I was absorbing personal development books like a maniac, teaching, and sharing. When I read that book, I was like, “This is what’s possible for us.” I went out on a full moon night and asked for a guru to the universe.

Two weeks later, I was sitting in front of my guru, my spiritual teacher who was on his yearly tour. Once a year, he leaves India and goes and speaks around the world. I learned the same techniques that Paramahansa Yogananda taught, but I learned them from a living master. I’ve been practicing it every day for years.

It’s life-changing. That’s the message that I’m trying to get to the audience now. Yes, it’s about getting what you want and having less of what you don’t want. That’s where we need to start because we’re humans and we have desires. Eventually, it becomes about realizing what you truly are. It is what you could call source, love, and pure potential.

I have a baby at this time. Have you ever looked at a baby and said, “That baby needs to work on raising its vibration?” Raising your vibration is a popular term in our self-help world. It’s about, “You got to up the vibes. You got to do gratitude exercises. You got to do this and that.” All that is helpful and it’s a great way to retrain, but if you look at a baby, you’ll see that we started out this way.

They’re already there, but we have to uncover the muck and the mire that has covered over the shining beautiful light that you are. That’s the beauty. Life is meant to be a journey into hell and a journey back to heaven. When you’re a baby, you’re already in heaven. You’re looking at the world. You’re smiling all the time. Every little thing is so interesting. You’re delighted.

Also, you cry and you get some help, but then the tears go in an instant, and you’re back to the beauty of life. A lot of us, as we go through life and its hardships, trials, and tribulations, we get the muck on us and we don’t know how to get it off. We then start to go like, “I guess having some muck on us is how I’m meant to live.”

They start to accept that that muck is supposed to be part of our lives instead of saying, “No, this muck is a learning experience. How do I get rid of that? What have I learned from that as I move from it? That’s what I came here to do.” Would you agree with that?

Exactly. As you move through each layer of it, you are lighter, you exude more light, and you change the world with your vibration and with your love like great masters, saints, and sages who we’ve remembered throughout time with their beingness.

Tell us about your Seven Levels of Change Framework.

The Seven Levels of Change is something that I created after working so much on myself and with so many clients over a decade plus. Also, it is seeing what it takes to create lasting change. Why is it that the gyms fill up on January 1st and empty out on February 1st? Why is it that 98% of people who set a goal don’t achieve it? What is in people’s way? This third level right here is the one that we’re all super familiar with. Those are actions, habits, and systems. It’s doing what it takes.

To give a simple example, if I want to lose weight, what’s the average person to say? They say, “I’m going to go to the gym this often. I’m going to eat these foods. I’m going to not eat those foods. I’m going to drink this much water. I’m going to wake up at this time. I’m going to get this much sleep. I’m going to go for this many runs. This is what I’m going to do.”

The reason why most people fail is that there are six other layers to this pyramid. Let’s start at the bottom, environment and community. You want to optimize your environment and community to support your goals. If you’re living in a house of people who eat McDonald’s for dinner every night versus if you’re living in a house where there’s nothing in your fridge but whole foods and organic glorious produce, you’re going to have an easier time losing weight if you live in that second house. Optimizing your environment is key and critical. That’s your environment and your community. It’s not only where you live, but it’s about who’s around you.

Optimizing your environment and community is key and critical. It's not only where you live, but it's about who's around you. Share on X

It’s because if they’re watching that you want to make changes and they’re negative about it, it’s not going to be helpful to you either.

It’s more you have to overcome to go get where you want to go. The second level is energy and vitality and having it in high supply. If you’re going to make a change, as soon as you summon that desire to make a positive life-affirming change, there’s an equal and opposite reaction in the universe called resistance, the negative force that will try to suck you down, keep you stuck where you are, and avoid the change because of its duality. We live in duality.

When you bring positivity, some negativity is going to show up. You need to have the energy to blast through that. This layer is all about asking yourself, “Where can I reclaim lost energy in my life? Am I spending too much time scrolling social media and arguing about nonsense with people? Am I spending too much time watching the news and looking at things that I have no control over that are getting me down instead of doing what is going to take to lift me up and go where I want to go?”

I speak about CBD in this layer a lot too. How much energy are you spending on inflammation in your body that maybe something as simple as taking a CBD cap every day could remove that energy being spent on inflammation so you have extra energy to spend on creation? Energy and vitality are the next ones. Actions, habits, and systems are the third ones up. We all know that one.

The next level above that, the fourth level is skills and strategy. This is about mastering your approach. If I’ve never worked out before, that’s going to be a problem when I go to the gym. I’m not going to probably get the result I want, or maybe I have the wrong strategy. Maybe I want to lean and tone and I’m doing workouts that are going to bulk and build. Do I have the right strategy?

This is like what Abraham Lincoln is saying. “If I had four hours to chop down a cherry tree, I’d spend the first three sharpening my ax.” That’s his strategy, and it’s a smart one. A smart strategy makes the efforting much less. Instead of chopping for four hours with a dull ax, he’s going to chop for an hour or less with a sharp one. That’s what skills and strategy are all about. It is making sure your ax is sharp.

The next one that we’ve already touched on is your nervous system. I say freedom from your past is what this fifth level is about. This is a huge reason why people have repeating patterns that they can’t seem to change. It’s because the energy of those patterns is stored in their nervous system. There’s a very famous book on this topic called The Body Keeps Score. What it talks about is how the body has its own intelligence. We also don’t have just a brain in our heads. We have a brain in our hearts and a brain in our gut.

There are neural networks and neural connective cells in our hearts and in our guts, which is why people say, “I just know in my heart this and that. I feel in my gut.” We are thinking with those parts of our body. It’s using things like tapping. There are other techniques too, but mainly tapping from my point of view is how we take trauma, stress, and memory out of the body and give it a clean slate.

An example of my life is I grew up in Jersey being a tough Jersey kid, playing football, playing sports. I played rugby in college for Rutgers and went into tons of martial arts from there. I spent my whole life fighting in one aspect. There was a time a few years back when I was like, “Why does my business always feel like a fight? Why does my life feel like a fight? Why do I feel like I’m a warrior who has to be at war 24/7?”

It was because there was all this fight energy in my body. When you free yourself from that energy, then you have freedom from your past and you have the ability to create something new. This one alluded to me for a solid decade in my personal development journey. People might have never heard of this stuff before, but it’s very important to know.

It makes a lot of sense, Noah. I want to ask you. When you talk about freedom from your past, do you also deal with past lives, or it’s only in the current life?

I don’t do past life regressions personally. I haven’t accessed a technique or a tool that gives me or the common person relevant and accurate information on that. I’m much more about doing what I can with what I have with what’s in front of me right now. If there is some past life stuff or if there is some scar, which would be the yogic way of talking about congealed energy that left the last life with the soul and then incarnated with the new body, that’s a pattern I can work out all the same. By doing my work with what’s in front of me now, I don’t need to know what happened in those past lives. I don’t need to know that I was this or that.

I’ve been told by people before that I was this or that. I was a yay and a nay. I’ve been in a room before where half the people in there were King Arthur, and the other half was the Prince of Persia. I don’t worry myself too much about that because it’s not tangible enough for me to make an accurate movement forward. It is by no means fulfilling it because I know there are people out there who can access the Akashic Record and who can see their past lives very accurately. For me personally, I have never found too much benefit in it.

Do you want to go up to identity, values, and beliefs?

The sixth level is identity, values, and beliefs. It’s knowing myself. It’s so important because what I always say is that belief precedes response. I’ll give you a very easy analogy or example. If I was in the forest and I saw a brown bear charging at me, my whole body would go into a response. I would pump cortisol and adrenaline. Literally, more blood would rush to my fingers and my toes to give me more mobility to fight this threat.

My whole body would go through a reaction because I see a bear charging at me in the forest. Let’s imagine that I know or I think I know that it’s not a bear. That’s my buddy in a suit and he’s messing with me now. From believing that, whether it’s true or not, none of that stuff happens in my body. It could be a bear. The bear could get up to me and eat my face off, but I would’ve had none of the adrenaline, cortisol, blood rush, and that stuff because I believed it was just my body messing with me.

Why is this layer so important? It is because belief precedes response. For example, going back to the weight loss thing, if I believe that I’m a fatty and I’ll always be a fatty, that’s lodged in my subconscious mind because no one’s going to say that out loud to themselves, but 95% of our life is being run by our subconscious mind. It’s on autopilot.

Some people will think that.

I go to the gym for a week, “I still look fat.” That belief now is going to grab onto that and go like, “This is so stupid. I’m a fatty. I’ll always be a fatty,” or your identity or values. It is if I don’t value healthy eating and if I don’t have the identity of a fit person. A fit person gets 2 pounds overweight and they correct it because they have the identity of, “I’m a fit person. I stay in shape.”

A person who doesn’t have that identity will have a different response. When they put on 10 pounds, they’ll go, “It’s been a hard year so far,” instead of, “What am I doing? I got to work this up.” That’s the next layer up. The last layer or the seventh layer is your intuition, purpose, and living intentionally. The reason why this is the top layer is because it’s my opinion that we don’t choose what’s for us in this life.

From the person’s perspective, from the ego, and the identity that thinks, “I’m Noah. I grew up in New Jersey. It’s 2022. I like to use dollars for this and I like to travel,” that person who has desires, wants, needs, and all these things, I don’t think that person plans my life. The version of me that’s one with the source has this amazing immaculate way to see not only into my life but into past lives, future lives, and the highest realization of my potential. That version of me has laid out the game.

The reason why this is the top layer is that a lot of people chase things that are not for them. The way to correct that is to have a practice of and a connection to your intuition, your higher nature, your source, consciousness, omnipotent being, or whatever you want to call it, the source, universe, intuition, God, or whatever word works for you to have a connection to your highest self and to source as best you can. Your direction and your intention from that place is the smoothest ride a human can ask for.

Can you help people to access that if somebody is not in touch with that part?

We have a free course called Increasing Intuition that’s also on our platform.

I want to move to the story of your healing journey with your father, which is this amazing story, with your father and you, which led to the creation of your company Feel Good Hemp. First of all, you’re helping them feel good before they have the hemp. Now, you’re helping them feel even better with the hemp. Tell us all about that.

This one felt like a real death in rebirth. I was newly married to Danielle. We were living in an apartment in Los Angeles. I was running, at the time, a marketing company for other coaches, consultants, thought leaders, and spiritual entrepreneurs. I’d done such a good job of marketing myself that they started asking. I built this whole team of ten. We had this whole digital marketing company for those people. I decided to pivot something in the business, and it crashed literally overnight in a month. I had to let go of my whole team.

I paid everybody every cent they were owed. I was left with no money in the bank and had a rent due. I’m on my knees, “What the heck is going on?” That’s when I get the call from my mom, “Noah, you got to come down to San Diego. Your dad’s sick. He’s in the hospital. It’s bad.” I’m on my knees for a second time. We didn’t know exactly what was going on yet, but I just knew it was bad and I was super angry.

How old were you in that moment of you losing your dad?

I was 33 or 32 at that time.

You are young to be losing your dad.

I get to the hospital and I walk in. I see him there. He’s gray. He looks lifeless. He’s lost 60 pounds in a month. He looks terrible. He looks up at me and is apologetic, scared, and says, “It’s cancer.” I could just hear it in his voice that he was terrified. He had stage four liver cancer. He had a tumor on his liver about the size of a mini football.

Had he ever gotten any heads-up?

There are no heads up. This is our first heads-up. He’s got a tumor on his liver the size of almost a football covering 60% of his liver. It was Stage 4 liver cancer and the diagnosis is, “Sir, you have three months to live.” At this point, I’d done enough personal healing, healing of others, and work in the space where I said, “We’re going to fight this.” I went home and I started researching.

I was looking at all the different things I’ve done in the past and thinking what’s the best way forward here. There are two things that I landed on. One was the Rick Simpson protocol, which is a hemp oil protocol. It is popularized by a Canadian guy named Rick Simpson, which is why they call it that. RSO or Rick Simpson Oil is hemp oil. THC and CBD were part of that protocol. The other thing that we decided to do was juicing specifically with a lot of beets and carrots because they’re very good for the liver.

My wife had previously cured her Epstein-Barr syndrome using juicing and bone broth. I knew juicing was super healing. It was going to give his body the nutrients that it needed to rebuild itself. THC is specifically aggressive against cancer, and CBD is very holistically anti-inflammatory. It was anti-cancer. We went to work. I was super broke.

Was he totally open to this, or is he like, “What are you telling me?”

My dad grew up in Queens, New York. He is an old hippie. The THC, CBD, and hemp oil, while he wasn’t actively engaged with cannabis at the time, he was open to it. The juicing, I made him the first one. I made it super sweet. I put all this extra apple juice in it to make it sweet. He took a sip and was like, “Gross.” I said, “Dad, I don’t care if it tastes like a horse’s butt, if it’s this or death, you drink the damn juice.” He’s playing around. He gets over it and starts drinking the juice.

A week later, he loves the taste of it. He drank it for several months after his cancer was gone too. Regarding the whole business stuff, I just said, “Screw it. I’m not going to rebuild anything now. I’ve got a couple of personal clients that I’ve been working with for a long time. I can at least pay some meager bills. I’m going to focus on my dad now.”

For me, it was a big leap of faith and surrender because I’ve always been an entrepreneur and I’ve always been building things. It blew up for a reason. I downsized us. I moved us into this little two-bedroom apartment in San Diego. We went to work on healing my dad. I was at the grocery store having the grocer go into the back and bring out beets by the case. I was walking out of the grocery store with a big cardboard box full of 50 bunches of beets or whatever. My wife and I were chopping, shucking, juicing, and delivering the juice every day.

We went to work as a family and as a community. We had lots of people praying for him. With the hemp oil protocol, we ramped it up over time because the CBD is not psychoactive so we could start at a high dose right away, but the THC gets you high. We started him on 5 milligrams 3 times a day of THC, then went up to 10 and 15. By the end, he was taking 35 milligrams of THC three times a day.

For people who might not know, if you want to party and have a good time, you could take a 10-milligram gummy bear and have a party. He was taking over 100 milligrams a day at the height of it. There were times when during that, he’d get super stoned. He’d go off into his room, put his headset on, and listen to some funk music or whatever.

It’s not so terrible. He had three months to live. How long did it take for the doctors to be blown away and for him to get a completely good bill of health?

It was four months in total.

It was a month more than he was given the sentence that he was going to die.

However, we knew that it was working well before that because about six weeks into the protocol, we did a new MRI on the tumor and new blood work. It had shrunk by over 30%. By then, we knew we were onto something. We kept going. Probably by about 2.5 to 3 months, there was still tissue there that the body was processing and getting rid of, but there was nothing left living.

By four months, he had no tumor tissue and no tumor markers in his blood work. They kept checking on him every three months. There is new blood work and MRI every three months up until about a few months ago. They switched him to every six months because he’s been completely cancer-free ever since, and it was a few years ago.

What did the doctors say about all of this?

God bless them. They’re part of a system that is slow-moving and loves to believe that it has all the answers when it doesn’t. It loves to believe that if it doesn’t have an answer, that an answer doesn’t exist when it very well might. When we first told them what we did, the liver cancer specialist literally put their hand up in my dad’s face and said, “Sir, if you think you got some placebo effect from some other thing you tried, that’s wonderful, but we don’t want to hear about it.”

Doctors are part of a system that is slow-moving. It loves to believe that it has all the answers when it doesn't, and it loves to believe that if it doesn't have an answer, an answer doesn't exist. Share on X

To their credit, a couple of years later, after every three months, there is clean blood work and MRIs. The way they talk about it, they never say you’re cured of cancer. They say it’s in remission. It’s always waiting in the wings ready to come back and take over again. While that might be the case for many liver cancer patients, it is certainly not for my father.

After about two years of completely cleaning everything, they finally started to go, “What did you say you did again? Tell me about it.” As I said, God bless them because being a liver cancer specialist, they specialize in watching their patients die horrible deaths. With Stage 4 liver cancer, you don’t get treatment. You get to die.

That’s another interesting conversation for another time. Why do people choose that as their exit strategy, and why do you choose to watch people who have very little hope?

They imagine that they will come in and make a difference and somehow make a breakthrough, but then they get in the system and they get beat down just like anyone who’s in a system that can get beat down. They start to lose their sparkle and shine. They start to think this is the way it is. That always breeds a lack of momentum and progress, but they did eventually ask, which I give them credit for.

The reason I brought up all the business stuff, and we’re talking about rebirth, is this company came out of that. I always thought that the story of this company was the story of my dad from racking this healing, and it is. However, the interesting thing was that my business bottomed out. I focused on helping my dad and surrendered in that aspect. The new mission was delivered to me by me doing that.

Your dad provided you with a new door.

He would have never known he was doing that, and I would’ve never known he was doing that. I focused on what was in front of me and let the divine handle the rest.

You were ready to walk through the door. For those who don’t understand, it’s conceivable that some people reading this are not that familiar with CBD and those products. What does CBD stand for? We’re learning the healing power and the many benefits of cannabis. I know that one of them is that it heals inflammation, but I’m sure there are more. What is the difference between your regular cannabis and hemp oils? How can people find the best products? It’s because I’m sure there are different grades of it also. There are different qualities and all that. Give us a little primer about all of this.

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It’s 1 of over 114 different cannabinoids that are present in the hemp plant. CBD and THC are the most abundant, which is why you’ve heard about those the most, but science is always evolving in this field in isolating more and more of the unique and rarer occurring cannabinoids for use. Now, you’ll start hearing things about CBN, CBG, CBDA, Delta-8 THC, and all these different things that are coming out because science keeps getting better.

The important thing is not CBD, and I like to say this to people. I think of CBD as people think of vitamin D3 or vitamin C. It’s something you put in your body that your body knows how to use that helps your body to work with optimal wellness. The reason is that there’s something called the endocannabinoid system. It’s the big fancy words.

What it means is there are receptor sites throughout our whole body that are meant to receive cannabinoids. Just like there are receptor sites for other vitamin compounds or minerals, there are receptor sites for these compounds. They’re in every part of our body, in every major organ, in our brain, lungs, guts, and heart.

Since the beginning of man, we’ve used these products.

They’ve been available via nature. It’s so natural to us that cannabinoids are passed in the mother’s breast milk to the child. The mother passes cannabinoids to the baby. What the cannabinoid system does, the ECS, regulates harmony in each body system. When the cannabinoids come in contact with the cannabinoid receptors in your heart, they help your heart do its thing in harmony and the brain, the bones, and the muscles, which is why you keep hearing about so many different things that people are taking CBD for. We’ve had people take it for anxiety and depression, for early onset dementia symptoms, IBS, Crohn’s, gut problems, chronic pain, arthritis, weight management, diabetes, and blood sugar management. The list goes on.

I know it’s also a sleep aid.

I knew I was forgetting one of the main ones. That’s one of the biggest reasons people take it. What’s happening is when a system is under stress, the weakest link goes first. I learned that in engineering school. If the bar steel is under too much pressure, wherever the worst part of the steel is, that’s where it’s going to break.

The same is true with our bodies. When the whole body is under pressure or stress, when we have a deficiency of cannabinoids and our cannabinoid system can’t regulate the harmony in our body, whatever’s weakness goes first. For some people, that’s chronic pain or Crohn’s. For some people, that early onset dementia starts. All of these things I’ve seen remedied via getting some cannabinoids in the body, and CBD is the best one for most people because it doesn’t get any high like THC. It is very available. It has the most benefits out of all the cannabinoids. There are 40 different benefits. CBDs got 33 or 36 of them.

There are different companies. You probably have your own company or your own source that you deal with or you favor. Are there any negative side effects from cannabis and CBD hemp oils?

Speaking specifically to CBD, there are no known negative side effects. The only thing that you need to focus on is if you have a medication that says, “Don’t take this medication with grapefruit juice,” that’s because there’s an enzyme in your liver that would be used to digest the grapefruit juice that would also be used to digest your medicine or pharmaceutical.

If you’re taking a medicine that says that, what you want to do is make sure to space out when you take CBD and when you take that medicine. They did studies where people were taking hundreds and hundreds and even thousands of milligrams per day and seeing how the medication interactions were. For the average person who’s not going to take any more than maybe 30, 60, or 90 total milligrams per day, you don’t even have to worry about that, but that’s the only consideration. The funny thing is, for the longest time, they were trying to do this research and say, “We think cannabidiol or CBD could hurt the liver.” I’m sitting here having healed my dad.

It helped heal your father’s liver.

He was probably taking, at the end there, his oil pills that were 35 milligrams of THC, and I want to say 150 or 200 milligrams of CBD each. He was taking somewhere between 400 and 600 milligrams a day of CBD, which is a massive amount. I take 30 a day to put that in perspective. He was taking a massive amount and he healed his liver. The research has been dispelled on that one. Other than that, there are no known negative side effects at all.

Do you want to give us 1 or 2 dramatic examples of people, besides your dad, who’ve been healed through CBD’s effectiveness?

A woman who was interviewing me was bedridden with Crohn’s disease and had so much pain and symptoms from it that she couldn’t even work. She couldn’t do anything. Her life was completely on pause and in tremendous pain. She was recommended the CBD. She was recommended to take a suppository because Crohn’s is in the bowels. It’s in the guts. She started taking 100 milligrams a day.

Was that in the form of a suppository?

Exactly. A CBD suppository was 100 milligrams a day and, within five days, all of her pain was gone. Within the first week, almost all of her symptoms were gone. Within weeks, all of her symptoms were gone and she went back to living life. Now she’s another one of the people because modern medicine diagnosed Crohn’s as one of those things that never goes away. I know plenty of people who have been diagnosed with Crohn’s and have absolutely no symptoms. Does it maybe go away? If you have no symptoms of something, is it gone? I thought it was a pretty cool story because it was such a rapid and fast turnaround.

I want everyone to know about your Feel Good Library, which is a free platform you’ve created that is filled with empowering courses. Tell us all about that, Noah.

The Feel Good Library came out of two needs, 1) The need to give back, and 2) The need to serve this out in a way where I could get it out to the people. This cannabis industry has been regulated into oblivion. I can’t post on certain social media about what we do and how we do it. Everything in the Seven Levels of Change, there is something to help you master that area. We have courses on the environment, energy, your nervous system, tapping, and on all these different things. It’s all there because it helps us to grow our platform, serve people, and give back. Our CBD is there as well and people can buy that. It’s this awesome thing that I get to do because I get to give a lot of stuff away for free now, and I don’t have to have them buy that. I get to share it and share the love.

If you get to know Noah, you’ll start to feel good.

That’s all at, so it’s easy to find.

Do you have a message about the importance of physical, mental, and emotional healing to share with all of us? You of all people must have something about that. Why should people heal this stuff?

You change yourself and you change the world. Our tagline, motto, or whatever you want to call it at Feel Good Hemp is, “When you feel good, you do good.” That do good and feel-good radiates to your family, to your community, and the whole world. We are all intimately connected. We are truly all one. When I look out at my fellowman, I don’t see, “You’re different than me. You’re separate from me. Irene’s over there, and I’m over here.” We’re one big happy family. You’re a drop, I’m a drop, but we belong in the same ocean.

GAR 101 | Spiritual Mystic

Spiritual Mystic: “When you feel good, you do good.” That do-good and feel-good radiates to your family, to your community, and to the whole world.


You and I are both making differences and we’re affecting people. It’s like a wave that affects other people and grows.

That wave is taking over the world now, and that’s a huge part of the reason why the world looks like it’s in such shambles. It’s not. It’s in a miraculous position.

Can you talk to us about that? With everything going on in the world with Ukraine and all of that, how do you see that, Noah? You’re saying you’re seeing chaos, but you’re seeing that there’s a positive side to it. How are you seeing it?

A hundred percent positive. When you’re in a bad relationship or a bad marriage, when is it the worst? It’s the worst right before you break up, have a transformation, reclaim your life, start a new day, and create massive amounts of healing in your space. If a marriage isn’t meant to last, it’s not meant to last. Many people put themselves through so much suffering until, finally, they can’t take the suffering anymore and then they break up, and a new day dawns.

In our medical system, political system, financial system, and conflict resolution system of the planet, everyone can agree that they’re fundamentally broken. Also, the suffering they’re creating for the average person. We’re complaining about gas, yet there are people being blown up to bits with bombs while the Raytheon stockholders cheer every time one drops.

We can all agree that there are fundamental structures in this world that don’t work and are creating suffering. It’s like if you were in a bad marriage. There’s a fundamental structure in your life that doesn’t work but creates suffering. You suffer and suffer until you’ve suffered enough, and then you suffer no more and you start the healing journey.

The healing journey for this planet has already begun, and they’re trying to hide it through the tools that they have like mainstream media and the way that they can hypnotize us all to believe certain things by crafting the message and stuffing it down our faces. At the end of the day, people are waking up. There’s a vibrational energy that’s rising on this planet, and it is unstoppable. The fear has not a shot in the world. The fact that it looks worse than ever before is even more proof to me that the fear is being destroyed and expelled. If an animal in nature is in a fight to the death, when is it the most volatile and the loudest? It’s right before it dies. It’s going to give all it’s got to try to maintain control and power.

These systems of control, power, and the way power and money work in this world, it’s all changing, but the old system is fighting as hard as it can, which is why we’re going from cataclysm to cataclysm to try to keep us sucked in, hypnotized, and locked into the old paradigm where we need to pray for someone to save us from the endless fear, uncertainty, and scariness of this world.

These systems of control, power, and money in this world are all changing. But the old system is fighting as hard as it can. Share on X

The tribal mentality also that we’re not all connected. We’re all separate. I’ve interviewed a lot of people who are talking about how we are in a period of ascension. It makes sense. It hurts to see the suffering until we get there, but a lot of people speak to that. You’re so interesting. You’ve got so many ways to help people, Noah. Tell everyone how they can connect with you. I believe you have a promo you’d like to share with members of our audience, which is so generous. Thank you. is where all of our hemp products are. There’s a link to our platform, Feel Good Library, or you can go straight to Either way, you can get the whole free platform. Anyone who buys any of our products instantly gets access to the whole free platform too. You can go whichever way you want. REBIRTH25 is a coupon code where your audience can get 25% off their first purchase of any of our hemp CBD products.

What is a famous Noah tip for finding joy in life?

I would say finding your breath. In the story, the most powerful warrior on the side of good is Pranayama, the breath. For humans, the same is true. That’s why it’s written that way in the book. It’s one breath at a time, we can come into this moment. One breath at a time, we can release emotional hurts and traumas. One breath at a time, we can reclaim our divinity.

Kundalini Kriya Yoga is the type of yoga I do. It’s a spinal breathing practice, and it transforms you from within. I’m not even talking about anything that complicated. I’m talking about literally a breath. You can color your breath with food colorings. Breathing in, gratitude, breathing out, surrender. Breathing in, love, breathing out, peace.

Every time you transform yourself, you transform the world. The butterfly effect is for real. One breath at a time, coming back into this moment, remembering the miracle. You can breathe in whatever you feel like you need and breathe out whatever you feel like you’re ready to let go of. Even doing that once an hour is once an hour more than the average person is doing it, and it will transform you.

Every time you transform yourself, you transform the world. Share on X

As you’re feeling the joy, you feel transformed. Other people feel that way around you and they start to change also, which is wonderful. Noah, you’re so wise and you have so much to offer to the planet. You are a remarkable role model for rebirth and your commitment to helping people transform into the highest version of themselves with the aid of your life coaching and the Feel Good CBD products is deeply inspiring. Thank you for the important and transformative work you are doing in the world. Also, thank you from my heart for gifting all of us with this feel-good interview.

Make sure to follow us and like us on social @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and especially on YouTube. Like, subscribe, and hit notify and make sure you’ll get inspiring new interviews like this one with Noah coming your way. Thank you so much. As I like to say, to be continued, many blessings, and bye for now.


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