GAR 21 | Channeling Pets


Wow, what a fun, interesting episode this is! In it, Nikki talks about channeling pets (yes, our pets also survive their physical deaths!), describes real angels she has seen, and talks about working with a person’s soul just before her death.

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Nikki Bodine – Healer And A Medium Who Also Channels PETS!






I am joined by my favorite and lovely co-host, Irene Weinberg, the princess of New Jersey. How are you?

You got that one, Stephanie. I’m great and I’m excited because we have a wonderful person who we are interviewing. I have chatted with Nikki before. Her name is Nikki Bodine. Nikki not only is a medium. She communicates with people’s deceased loved ones, but the cool thing is she also communicates with people’s deceased pets. Did you know your pets also go to the other side?

This is very intriguing to me. Jumping into this whole realm of this world and listening to mediums and talking to people who have passed is one thing, but animals are on a whole another level. I’m very curious to know how this all works.

I want people to know that in many cases, and I’m sure that Nikki would agree, some of our animals are more evolved than we are, and they have a lot of lessons to teach us. The other thing I also wanted to include was that Nikki comes from a very famous family. It runs in the genes and they all channel. They are all intuitive. It’s an amazing family.

I became acquainted with Nikki’s family when her sister came out with a book called Echoes of the Soul by Echo Bodine, and that was one of the first books I read when I had my spiritual awakening. I am very familiar with the Bodine family, and I’m so pleased to become friends with Nikki now. Nikki, I also wanted to say that you are also featured in a book called Psychics, Healers, and Mediums by Jenniffer Weigel. I would love you to tell everyone what you do and what healer you are. Talk to us about pets, too, because people are going to especially find that interesting.

I didn’t start until later in life. Echo and Michael started young. In my 40s, I started doing healing touch. When I would be giving somebody a healing, their deceased would come through, or I would go to a funeral and I would hear the deceased talk to me because I knew them. That’s how it all started for me. It was a very natural process. It’s not something I sought out.

Through the years as I gave healings and noticed more deceased came to talk to me about the person I was working on, I started to realize, “I can talk to the deceased.” It was a shock to me because I never planned on doing this work. Slowly through the years, I would get someone who would call and want to see if I could contact the deceased. I would go, “Let’s give it a try,” and it would work. That’s how it started for me.

Through the years, it got stronger and now I do it for a living full-time. With the animal thing, the same thing happened when someone came to me. I thought it was a deceased loved one, and they go, “I want to contact my dog.” I’m like, “I have never done that before. Let’s see if it works,” and so it did. That’s how everything started for me. It’s very natural. No strain, nothing. I think that everyone will agree that you have to be ready. I must have been ready on some level for it because our soul and our spirit have to be ready for the things that come to us. As a lot of my inner work and my healing journey, I was ready for this new adventure to come in my life.

GAR 21 | Channeling Pets

Channeling Pets: Our soul and spirit should be ready for things that come to us.

What did you do before that?

I was a flight attendant for 30 years.

Did you ever get intuitive messages when you were going up and down the aisles of the plane or whatever?

I never did. I was very shut down. I did not like the job. I could not wait to get out of there. My intuition was completely shut down on the airplane. I didn’t like it at all. I wasn’t using my gifts at all. I must have been ready for this when it happened.

I want to ask you also when you are communicating with pets. I have a story that I want to tell people that’s very brief, which was amazing, and how I know that pets do indeed come through. Does it ever happen that people are worried that they put their pets down?

All the time, yes. They always come to me because of that. They are so sad and feel guilty. No. It is never, ever a mistake. Their pet is very happy. They are always in a great place. They are playing. They are with a ton of cats or dogs, animals. They are with the person still. I have never experienced, even with the deceased that even if it was too soon or a fatal accident. They may be sad, but it’s not a mistake. It all seems to be divine timing.

I wanted to share how those pets come through. I was at a gallery many years ago and a woman was sitting there. The medium said, “It feels like a husband to you, a male figure behind you, and why is he coming through with five gerbils?” I thought to myself, “Five gerbils?” The woman, without missing a beat, said, “Yes. My husband had five pet gerbils, and they were with him on the other side.” Do you believe that pets reincarnate?

Yes, they do, but apparently, they don’t reincarnate. People don’t from 60 to 100 years. Pets reincarnate, but I don’t know the time for that exactly, but it’s not for many years.

Will then come back to be with the same family again sometimes or into other situations?

They choose different families. Depending on the soul’s issues or whatever lessons, it might come back to the same family. I had one gal who wanted to clone her dog. I said, “You realize that the soul of the dog is not going to come back. It might look like the same dog, but the soul isn’t.” That’s why I don’t understand this cloning stuff because the soul is not the same soul. To answer your question, yes. Sometimes they do, but most of the time they don’t.

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You were telling us that you have a special angel story.

This was awesome. It was on this cold winter day. My mom wanted me to go give her girlfriend who was dying a healing. I didn’t want to go and she made me go, and I got there. It was in a living room that was all the curtains were drawn and dark. I sat down to give this lady a healing and I did it with my eyes closed. All of a sudden, the whole room lit up. I thought maybe they opened the shades but they didn’t. I closed my eyes again, the whole room lit up, and I saw two beautiful angels. They were white like in the movies.

They were both completely white and they were standing right above her. The reason is because she was dying. She had about two days to live. When we are that close to death, for people who work in hospice and stuff, you want to pay attention to that because that’s when you can see angels the strongest is they are right there in their presence. It was an awesome experience. I have never had one again like that.

GAR 21 | Channeling Pets

Channeling Pets: Pay attention when we are so close to death because that’s when you can see angels the strongest.

I have never heard of that. I have heard about people’s deceased loved ones coming through to them and them seeing them as they were about to die, but actual angels are amazing.

It was beautiful. It was like in the movies. I didn’t see their faces. I saw two white figures. One, believe it or not, had wings and the other one didn’t. It was the first time I ever experienced that. It was a blessing to have that experience. Angels are real. We all have guides. We know that, but to see two angels like that is amazing. There are angels among us as the Bible says. All around us.

Did they communicate anything to you or you saw them there?

I just saw them there. They were there to help her move her soul to cross over. It’s a process. The next day when I went back, I saw her soul standing outside of her body.

What did that look like for our readers who can’t even believe that they are reading all this? What did her soul look like standing outside her body? That means her soul was getting ready to cross over even though her physical body still had some life in it.

It was unbelievable. Her soul was ten years younger. She looked beautiful. She was dressed in her favorite dress. She was thanking me for the healing because when I was giving her healing, she was almost dead. She couldn’t talk. She was saying goodbye to her family, “Tell my family goodbye.” She told me when she was going to die that night and what time. She was so excited to go over. It was very vivid and clear and more clear than it is now when I talked to the deceased because she was still in her body. Now when I talk to decease, it’s a little vaguer. I hear their thoughts, but that day I saw her soul standing right next to her body. It was amazing. It was a great experience to have. What a blessing to see.

When you see her soul, does she appear like a hologram to you? Is it like her visage? You said she looked ten years younger.

I saw her face and her dress. It was like a person just standing there.

The angels were there.

That was the day before, the two angels were above her.

The two angels were there the day before, and then the next day you saw her.

The next day I saw her and then she died that night. It was a great experience.

Do you do a lot of channeling like this via phone or does it have to be in person?

I do a lot of this over the phone.

Stephanie, are you still amazed that pets come through from the other side?

I’m still amazed when the deceased comes through. It blows me away. I love this work. It’s interesting. I never know what’s going to happen. I will admit there are some readings that are boring. The deceased doesn’t have a lot to say, and then there are some that are fantastic.

I have never heard that.

With their personality, if they were boring on this side, wouldn’t they be boring over there?

That is so true. You have the same personality. You have the same issues. Even the Bible says you bring your life’s issues with you. If I’m contacting someone that was very quiet here and let’s say withdrawn, isolated, and depressed, that’s who I’m going to be talking to over there. Don’t get me wrong. They do heal over there and they are in a very loving place, but their personality is the same at least for a while until they feel better. I will be talking to some souls that fly in here and have a ton of stuff to say, and some hardly have anything to say, so I never know what’s going to happen.

GAR 21 | Channeling Pets

Channeling Pets: You bring your life issues with you.

They come through as who they are because that’s the only way the person is going to recognize them by you describing their personality.

I’m curious about that. There have been a lot of suicides in the news. Take Anthony Bourdain as an example. I feel like in person or even at least on TV, Anthony Bourdain was mentally personable. You love to watch him and talk. He could talk to anybody, but clearly, he had his demons and was depressed. When someone comes through, is it their personality when they die or is it their personality that’s overall as a soul? Does that change? What if somebody does lose someone to suicide?

What happens there is this person will come through. As Irene said, they will talk to me about how they felt here, but they are also healing on the other side. I will sense more happiness in a good place that they are in, but they explain to me how they felt fear. They are still the same. Let’s say someone contacts me who committed suicide, and then a year later, they call me again. The soul will be completely different. It will be a happier and more healed. It will go through a healing process in that year, and it will have more joy in his soul. Yes, you do heal on the other side, but they have to talk to me about how they were here.

When they are healing on the other side, that’s news for a lot of people. Are there regular places that they go? I wrote a book and I channeled information in my book about that, but I’d love to hear from your perspective. Is it an individualized or customized experience for the healing that they need? Some people go through horrific experiences in a lifetime. They have done things or whatever, or they have had trauma. Is it individual to the person?

Yes, but every time I have talked to someone who committed suicide, it feels like they are almost in a hospital.

That’s what I have heard too. There are hospitals or healing centers that people go to.

Yes, and they stay there for a long time. I always hear from every one of them that they are surrounded by love. They are not scared like we are. They are not terrified like we are. They are in a loving and comfortable place so that they can heal.

If their loved ones on this side are working through issues and healing, they are probably with them and learning from that also. I have experienced that with a relative who was not in good shape when he crossed over and he’s come through to me to tell me. “Keep going with what you are doing. I’m healing also as I experience things as I’m in your life. I’m still here. I’m still around.”

They are just right there. It’s another dimension. They are on the other side of the curtain. That’s what I have heard, read, and feel when I do my work. They are very close.

Is there any other story that jumps out at you that you’d like to share of someone healing through a reading?

I’m very intrigued by this whole pet thing. The whole thing you brought up like the whole cloning sounds like a very pet cemetery to me. They are reincarnating their animal, but it’s not the animal. It is this demonic thing. Not that they are demonic, but like you said, their souls don’t come back through. You are making this animal, but it’s not them.

Exactly, because it’s not the same soul.

Can you tell us a cool pet story that came through? I’m intrigued by this and how people know it’s their pet.

There are little tiny details. I got one. He had big fluffy ears and he was a black dog. You can’t make that up. I will get that the person found the cat or the cat came to their door. You will get a detail that they will know for sure. It’s their pet because otherwise you can’t sit there and say, “I see them chasing a ball.” I can’t think now of any details except for the one last time. I have gotten one where people wanted me to contact their bird, and then another bird will come in and they will go, “I had another bird five years ago.”

That’s a fabulous story. People are learning. Gerbils, birds, dogs, and cats come through. That’s amazing.

The gerbil story still kills me. It’s funny. I don’t have pets myself. I can’t relate to that.

When my cat died, he was in my bedroom. After he died, he meowed for three days. I could hear him in my bedroom. It broke my heart because he must have not known he died. He didn’t want to die. He was a very tough boy. He wanted to be there. I think he stayed in my bedroom for three days with me until he was either helped to the other side or something. I heard a meow for three days straight. I did make a YouTube video about that, that you have to talk to your pets after they die. You do because they are right there. Sometimes they don’t know that they have died. I have even seen a picture of a person who died unexpectedly, a young kid. My sister has it. It’s amazing.

Talk to your pets after they die because sometimes, they're right there and don't know they've died. Share on X

It’s creepy because the kid died in a car accident, and then when the police went to take pictures, they caught the soul on the camera and the soul was screaming, “No.” A lot of times in traumas, and even with pets, they don’t know that they have died or they are shocked that they have died, and so they will stick around. You have to talk to your pets.

There are people who can help them cross over or eventually their loved ones will come for them.

The first few minutes and the first day, you need to talk to them. That’s why it even says, “Pray for the souls that have died,” because they are being helped. Don’t get me wrong. You are not alone, but that first 5, 10, 20, or 30 minutes or 1 hour, you are like, “What’s going on here? Did I die?” You are shocked. You want to talk to your pets after you put them down.

I will bet a lot of people would love to connect with your video about talking to pets when they cross over. Do they just go onto YouTube and put your name in there? If they have pets who are ailing and they want to find out how to help their pet cross over, or even loved ones who are ailing, would that be helpful to them?

It’s Nikki Bodine, I don’t know what else I would put it under. That’s what you do. It is on my website and that’s The YouTube video is on there.

That’s great because a lot of people have pets. I hear it all the time. Their pet is dying and they are upset. That would be such useful information for them.

They need to talk to them because they are right there and they are very confused sometimes. It does help.

Have you got a tip for joy?

I’m a very simple person. I love walking in nature and bonfires. I love cabins and camping. My joy is simplicity in life. I don’t complicate life. What I would suggest is to stay in nature, stick to being grounded, and laughing. Also, movies and stuff like that, but that’s how I find my joy. It is being in nature and walking.

GAR 21 | Channeling Pets

Channeling Pets: Don’t complicate life. Stay to nature and stick to being grounded.

Keep out the drama. Keep it simple. Steph, do you have anything else you would like to include or ask?

I have some questions, but I will reach out later about some other pet things. I was curious. What was your website again?

We will add you to our Facebook group too, Nikki, so you can share. I’d love for you to post in there some stuff about pets if you have a good story or if things come up to share in there. Our group is growing. Any of you guys out there reading, too, that want to join our Facebook group. It’s fascinating. People have been sharing some stories in there of things that happen like this. The pets would be cool to share and maybe help others understand that they could talk to somebody like you about that.

Thank you so much for having me on. It was a joy talking to you guys.

To be continued. If anyone wants a reading with you or they want to communicate with their pet or whatever, they go right onto your site and then they can connect with you through your site.

I have all my information on there. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

It’s a pleasure. Thank you.

It’s been fun chatting. Thank you, guys, for reading another episode. Until next time, to be continued.

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