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Nicky Alan is an extraordinary Psychic Medium, Author, and Social Media Influencer in the UK who worked as a police officer for 18 years. After her retirement for medical reasons in 2003, she transitioned into a full-time Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Writer, and Angel Expert who has been a freelance paranormal writer regularly published in mainstream spiritual magazines, she is the current columnist in Take a Break’s Fate & Fortune Magazine as The Psychic Detective, and she is a resident features writer in Haunted Magazine. Nicky has appeared internationally on radio and TV programs, appeared in a cinema film paranormal documentary titled The Birdbrook Ghost Hunt and she has starred in European theatre tours, seminars, retreats, and workshops to 3,000 strong crowds on the afterlife and angel phenomena. After a catastrophic road accident limited Nicky’s touring in 2012, she began to pursue her passion as a Spiritual Author and teacher. Her recently published second book, which is titled The Rise and Fall of Britain’s Best Psychic Medium, is a number one best seller that reveals many impressive miracles, incredible messages, and connections with the deceased. You will love Nicky and this enlightening, fun, at times humorous interview!



  • Why Nicky transitioned from a police detective to a psychic medium when she heard a spirit baby crying.
  • How a catastrophic road accident changed Nicky’s destiny.
  • Spirit people stay real and true to who they were down here, be they scoundrel or saint.
  • The spirit world’s perspective on the current earthly chaos.
  • Why Nicky calls dogs, cats, and domestic animals Earth Angels.



  • What was it like to be born into psychic mediumship?
  • Do murder victims suffer, or do their souls leave their bodies before the actual murder takes place?
  • Do people ever die completely alone?
  • What is The Rainbow Bridge, also known as Pet Heaven?
  • Can a soul with dementia leave its living body and communicate with Mediums?






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Nicky Alan: Do Spirit People Stay Real and True to Who They Were Down Here, Be They Scoundrel or Saint?






I could not be more delighted to have the pleasure of interviewing the extraordinary psychic medium, author, and social media influencer, Nicky Alan, who will be speaking with us from Devon, UK. She was born a psychic medium and tales from many generations of psychic mediums. She worked as a police officer for eighteen years moving up in rank to a major investigation but trained detective, and after her retirement for medical reasons in 2003, she transitioned into a full-time psychic medium, spiritual teacher, writer, and angel expert.

Gifted and multi-faceted Nicky has been a freelance paranormal writer regularly published in mainstream spiritual magazines. She is the columnist in Take a Break’s Fate & Fortune Magazine as The Psychic Detective. She is a resident features writer in Haunted Magazine. She has appeared internationally on radio and TV programs, in the cinema film paranormal documentary entitled The Birdbrook Ghost Hunt. She has starred in European theater tours, seminars, retreats, and workshops to 3,000-strong crowds on the afterlife and angel phenomenon.

Nicky has produced many guided meditations. In addition to all of her other remarkable accomplishments, she has a successful online spiritual living course called Prism Living. She educates and enlightens people through her spiritual education videos. She is a prolific and popular social media influencer. After a catastrophic road accident limited Nicky’s touring in 2012, she began to pursue her passion as a spiritual author and teacher. Her debut spiritual memoir is M.E. Myself and I: Diary of a Psychic was a number-one Amazon hit. It is the highest release in her genre and her published second book titled The Rise and Fall of Britain’s Best Psychic Medium is also a number-one bestseller.

I’m looking forward to talking with the knowledgeable, very authentic, and often funny, Nicky, about what it is like to be born into psychic mediumship, her experiences with murder victims and people with dementia, how her deceased father visited her after her catastrophic road accident, her popular book titled  The Rise and Fall of Britain’s Best Psychic Medium, her thoughts about celebrity mediums and so much more for what will surely be a fascinating, enlightening, and profound interview with the wonderful Nicky. Nicky, a heartfelt welcome to the show.

I’m in love with you already. You are angel-driven. You are incredible. I have to say you are. Thank you so much for having me here. I’m so happy.


GAR 247 | Spirit People


We are going to have such a good day. We are going to help so many people with this interview because as I was doing the research about you, I was like, “There are many concerns people have that Nicky can address from her knowledge and all of this.” All I interviewed are special but some of them you won’t know are going to be extraordinary and I know this is going to be an extraordinary interview. I’m happy to have you here. Let’s start by having everybody join me in falling in love with you. Get them to know all about you. Tell us about your childhood and describe what to be born into psychic mediumship.

I wasn’t pushed into it. I didn’t have to do it. It was there. I thought everything I did, everybody could. When I was four years old, I used to dream. I sometimes stand at the top of the stairs. My mom has thought, “I have a very special child here.” I used to stand there and gaze up to the top landing of the stairs and there was a huge white doorway. I could hear it vibrating. It’s used to ebb and flow with light.

I know that it was another dimension. I know that if I stepped in there, I would be in a completely different space. I was too young to realize it was heaven, but when I look back now I think, “That happened,” because sometimes I would dream of floating up towards it and then someone pulling me back who I now know was one of my main soul guides like, “You are not going in there yet.”

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You had a portal in your home. Is that a special thing because they knew of what was going on with your family or do most people have portals around them?

I come from a bloodline of at least four generations back that I know of and they are all seven sons. The magic number seven is a very strong portal number for mediums down here on the Earth line. Grandad was the last seven sons, and then we broke the legacy because my auntie is a psychic. Some ignore it, some use it, and some do it as a job. My dad knew when he was going to die. He took loads of life insurance policies out. His sister is the depository.

He knew was going to die. Is this your father?

Yes, he knew he was going to go. My mom knew he was going to go. He bought a green Ford van. I remember seeing this. My mom said, “You are going to die in that van.” He said, “That is so rude.” She goes, “You are getting rid of it. It’s green.” We had this superstition about green vehicles because adults are morbid. She went, “You are going to die in it.” He had a sense. He was going back home soon. He went to my auntie. She said, “You have about 6 months to 1 year.” He got loads of life insurance policies out because of that in her words.

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When I was a child between that age, I was a daddy’s girl. My link with my dad is strong, incredible and it still is. Everywhere, he went I saw a shadow. During that time I used to dream of things. I dream of a lost kitten and then there will be posters for a lost kit the following day. I could see people’s auras. I could see what they were feeling. I honestly thought that everybody could do it. I haven’t done any research on it. She’s a star because I like things to flow organically. However, you did say there was an accident. I assume that was a road accident because I feel there’s a real life in between us too. After all, it was road accidents that shaped my whole life.

My dad was only 38. I was only nine years old. My brother is five. My sister was nine months old. She doesn’t even know my dad, which has created a lot of problems since. Not problems, but lots of grief to deal with not knowing her dad and me knowing him very well. I was told he had passed. It broke my world. Two days after he passed, the whole family was there. My mum and dad’s side of the family.

My granddad was an amazing medium. He would work for Scotland Yard. He knew the likes of Doris Stokes who predicted that one of the children was going to be a very well-known medium. I didn’t know it would be me. What happened was two days afterward, I went for a walk with my auntie and we took the dog. My dad pulled up in a car. Don’t even ask me how he manifested a car. I have no idea. He pulled up and said, “It’s okay. I’m fine. Don’t worry.” I’m standing now. I dropped my dog and I’m looking up to my auntie. She’s wondering what I’m looking at.

“How dare they lie to me? He’s alive.” I grabbed the lead and I was screaming back to my house and smashing the door open, “How dare you say my daddy is dead? I have just seen him. He alive.” Everybody’s like, “Oh, God.” My mom’s side didn’t know my mom was psychic as well. They were less open to it than a lot of family members. They thought I was in denial.

How old were you when this happened?

Nine years old. My dad’s dad then pulled me aside and said, “I think it’s time I told you. You are going to see spirit people. Your daddy is in heaven, but he’s let you know he’s okay. You will possibly see angels. You are going to see things that are out of this world now, but it’s a special thing to have. The only thing you have ever got to fear is the living.” He is right.

What blows me away with your story is your father wasn’t afraid of dying. He shut down his life insurance, he was dying young but because of his knowing, he knows about this world, he knew that, “I’m going to have a shorter life here. I must have planned it.” He’s gone to the other side. Everybody else is grieving and carrying on. He was cool with it.

It’s like for instance when anybody passes, we have the human ego part and layer that flaws us. For instance, when I was standing at my mom’s bedside after she passed away, I was already going up to see if she arrived or not. When my dog passed over, I was like, “Let me know when you get home,” whereas people who haven’t got that openness or are not plugged into the universal spirit world will be in complete chaos, hurt, grief, and heart-ripping pain. We are still going through that but we are also sending our consciousness up to that other dimension to find out where they are. That does help.



It hurts so much. Not only that. You know your loved ones are on the other side and you are going to see them again, then now you know that it’s over.

Seeing my dad, he’s manifested. We talked about that later when he came a second time to see me. He’s with me all the time. He manifests all the time. He does a lot now through electricity. Even when I read my books, that happened. It is so incredible. I Remember when I was younger medium, I used to read, but, “This person is manifesting.” I love for that to happen again. I sit with them for a few minutes.

I have my guide, Juliana. I can sit and chat with her. I can go up to heaven whenever I want. I have signed the Akashic record so I can go and look at where souls are. It gives you so much of an easier ticket when you are doing a human experience each time. I have been so much about previous lives and eternal souls and because I was a police officer, I want evidence. They know that. I say that all the time. I said, “You are going to have to give me synchronicity or signs because I’m not going to share with the public or anybody that wants to hear. I don’t know if it is completely 100% correct.” They then will do signs or back it up magnificently so that I can then say, “That’s how I know.”

I want to ask you. What inspired the beautiful you to become a police detective? Why do you say you were forced to do mediumship after being a police detective? What was it about hearing a baby crying that put you on your path to serving spirit?

I’m not going to lie. People from the UK or know about the UK culture around East London, and most of them are very naughty villains. Don’t even ask me what I was obsessed with. I used Barbie and Ken dolls. I would be interviewing them to see if they had an alibi for the murder of the Cindy doll. I would send my brother and sister out as detectives to go and do inquiries.

I am obsessed with what I want to do. A part or core of me needed to do some public service job because as an empath, light worker, and natural medium, you want to help humankind in any way you can. For me, it was the place. It was all I ever wanted to do. I used to randomly walk around the streets as a child and write down numbers car numbers on drives in case I saw them in a cry.

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What were some of the people that you work with there because police officers are often skeptical bunch?

I’m ashamed to say it right because after leaving school, within three months was a police cadet I was very lucky because my turn on my birthday, I was old enough to go straight into the police cadet, which was very hardcore training back in those days. However, we worked hard but we were very naughty at night. We used to get cans of beer out. We used to have secret drinks in the canteen area.

I remember one day I said to one of the girls, “You are Margaret.” She went, “Yes, how do you know that?” I went, “It’s just something. All my family are like it.” When it’s there, you don’t go to courses or you don’t go learn it because it’s there. She’s talking about her dog that runs over. They go, “Do me.” It turned out that I started doing secret psychic evenings as a late teenager. I had a very abusive early adolescence because my mom married a monster.

I pushed it all down and I got a lot of demons from that which will go on and it’s wrong, but that’s how it started. People who got reading, “Do you want to talk to Nicky? She’s amazing.” It got to a stage when I was 21 that my partner at the time knew I was psychic and I could see people who passed. My granddad passed away at that time. He was there all the time. I said, “My grandad said,” and he’s like, “I’m so sick of what your grandad’s got to say.”

I was very poorly during the night. I said to my partner, “My grandad says my appendix has burst.” He goes, “I don’t care what your grandad said. You have been in a lot more pain. Go to sleep.” The following day, I was in Saint Lucia in the Caribbean. I collapsed. My appendix was bursting. My grandad said, “I told you.” I went, “I know. Okay.” I have to have my appendix out. I died. The angels look after me in another story.

Going back to the police, even though they are quite skeptical, some of them used to take the mickey out of me and tease me and I was like, “I hope she knows what she’s doing.” What happened was there was a lot of drinking involved here. They are going to talk about me. I’m in these social clubs here. We are at a working men’s club they are called here where working men or girls socialize. I have been invited up North by some friends. We have met on holiday. Don’t even ask me what possessed me to do it.

I said to this lady officer whom I never met everyone in my life. She was part of this group, “The man that got murdered in front of you says you have to let it go now and leave the girl. You saw him go down the stairs. He liked the place, but can you let it go now because he’s okay? The person that killed him is up there as well.”

She went, “What did you say?” She lost the plot and the whole energy when, “What is going on?” In the end, I can’t believe I have done this. I have this murder victim through. We were all having a drink. It was wrong. I didn’t know it was going to come out and this woman is upset. It’s completely changing the edge of the evening.

She’d seen a man who got thrown down the stairs by another man, but she was so scared the man would come and get her and the family that she told the police that the man had fallen down the stairs so the murderer got away with it. It was a murder victim coming back. My partner said, “I’m not being funny you needed to go hone because this is happening more and more. You get her completely upset,” but then she was great afterward.

The information you gave her helped her to heal.

She goes, “You need to go and hone this because this is madness.” Unbelievably, two days later, there was a psychic fair on my road in the local home. I walked in. I never forget Gorgeous Rose who is in the spirit world. I will get a reading first of all. I want to be a cop. I don’t want to be a medium. I don’t know what to do. I sat down and she went, “What are you doing sitting there?” I said, “Reading.” She goes, “Don’t be so stupid. Come and sit next to me. I will train you and you can do some work today.”

She showed me how to close it down, how to open it up, how to do emergency readings and allow someone in if it was important, and how to deliver the information. She was amazing. I then started doing psychic evenings during the evening and then placing during the day. I’m in a psychic superperson suit at night like Batman. I ended up doing that.

I started to get a good reputation and then people used to start coming to me during the job. I became a detective which it’s all I ever wanted to be then I was on major investigation, which is all I wanted to be. They used to come to me. We had a baby stolen from the hospital. She was only a couple of hours old. It set the president for security in hospitals from then on because it was horrific. I never heard of it before. I had a forensic man come to me and say, “I have the blanket of the baby.” He said, “Do you want to feel it and see if you get anything?”

I held this blanket. I have a night pad. I wrote everything out. I don’t even remember what I wrote. Afterwards, I drew on the scene where the baby was. This baby Carly anybody wants to Google it. I said, “She will be back from 5:00 to 6:00.” I drew the location and the address of where she was. The woman who stole her had a miscarriage and also was in the hospital for bad headaches and it was all completely right. He started telling everybody else.

It got to a stage where I found a motive for the murders. I found someone standing in an interview in front of me. I knew if he had done it or not. Probably, I miss trying to prove that in a court of law. It was very difficult, especially when I specialized and became a murder victim and rape liaison officer because I would see the murder victims when I walked into the room. I was supposed to be a professional detective walking in and saying, “I’m sorry for the past.” Do my introduction and let them know the old facilitate information from the murder inquiry team to the family, and yet you have the murder victim going, “Can you say I’m okay? I’m over.” That’s difficult because you are trying to block them out. I’m saying, “Nicky, think as a detective.”

Talk about multitasking. Was this the baby that was crying?

It’s such a long story. They are both in the books. What happened was that I ended up getting retired. I got a serious back injury and I talked away from my final job of picking up a dead body. Don’t worry. We are supposed to take it up. In the end, it ripped again and they said, “This is going to keep happening after you retire,” which broke my world and that was the biggest breakdown I had because you will lose your family and being with the place. Your whole life. You are a cop. Your whole is a ghost.

You are leaving your tribe.

I left my tribe and I’m so lost. I didn’t know what to do. This is the beginning of this book because what happened was I’d walk past a light bulb and it exploded. I would walk past a chandelier and it starts swinging, stops in midair, and then swings against gravity at night. This is the most amazing thing because my partner heard it as well. I would have people in my bedroom go, “I need to talk to my daughter.” “Please talk to my dad.” I’m like, “What the hell?” He’s going, “No. This is not happening. Don’t people.”

GAR 247 | Spirit People

M.E. Myself and I – Diary of a Psychic: A Miracle Journey Surviving Chronic Illness

I’m like, “Can you hear it?” He’s like, “I can hear it. I need to get up for work.” I was like. “What the is happening? My whole house was moving.” The doorbells go off. Microwave dinging. The oven alarm goes off. Clock stopping, and then suddenly the baby started.” That real high-octane cry like a newborn baby. It was that. It was distressing to hear.

I would walk to one room and the night moves to another. There’s no person. I see if there are any babies that are delivered along the road, but nothing. I was like, “I’m going crazy.” I was losing sleep. I was trying to tell them, “Go back to the spirit world.” Nothing. My friend phones me up and says, “I’m scared. I want to go and see a medium.” I told her, “You come with me.” Most friends don’t come to me because I already know most of what’s going on with them. I took it so well. I walked up to the door. I never met this woman in my life. She opened the door and said to me, “The baby will not stop crying until you start serving the spirit world.”

I could not believe it. She goes, “I want you in my circle.” She’s completely ignoring my friends. Very long story short, within weeks, she put me in front of 100 people and said, “Do it. You are natural. You are at the top of your level as a beginner. Do it,” but there’s a lot of jealousy because people are like, “Who is Nicky Alan?” I stood there petrified and delivered my first message, which was incredible, a man driven off a bridge, killed himself, but gone in to see his friend at the park.

I said, “I have the Oak Park. I have a man called Rob. This Mark has gone off on a break and he killed himself.” He is like, “She’s right. Mark meets Rob. His name was Mark. They went to Oak Park. He said goodbye and then he killed himself.” I’m like, “Thank God.” I was in. Straight after that with the confidence I had from doing that, I then went to my friend who was in a salon because no money was coming in. I couldn’t get a job. Everything I applied for disappeared.

No make money at this.

I said to my friend Claire who had a beauty salon. She had a spare room. I said, “Do you mind if I do readings?” She said, “Not at all. I’m not even going to charge you. Just do it.” She let me read. Bless her heart, within a week and six months waiting list, however, the first day that I went back home after doing my first official four days professional medium, the baby stopped crying and everything went quiet. Do you know the film Ghost, my favorite, where there’s Whoopi Goldberg? Have you seen the film?


He’s bugging her. I have to radiate for her. That’s what they did. They haunted me until I took up being a full-time medium which is mind-blowing. To have my partner witness it was even more mind-blowing because rather than me saying, “They are calling my name.” He could hear it and he wasn’t a medium, but they were in the room walking up and down. They got me on my path. My path went from here to here. It was rocketry.

You are amazing.

I’m not amazing. I am someone who always stays grounded with no ego. If you do that, it makes you a better channel, conduit, tunnel, or whatever you want to call it for them to come in and bring as much information as possible. If you are full of, “I’m amazing. I’m down one in it. I’m rubbish. I’m opening myself something to negative,” then you close down that aperture to let them in so that you only get that certain information.

Nicky Alan’s advice for everyone to stay humble and grateful, which I have to say also with the success. I’m humbled by, amazed, and grateful for the success of this show. That’s part of it too because it’s not coming from my ego either. Let me ask you this because, in your new book you state that we each have a right plan, and the older our soul the heart and experiences we choose to have on Earth. How do you know for sure that this is true? I think that you had a life plan to do what you are doing.

I have no idea. I must have a very sick sense of humor. To give me this life, I will spend on something up there. This is going to take too long to describe but Juliana who is my main soul guide introduced himself to me on a summer’s day. I had asked previous to that, “If you are going to give me information that I have to tell humankind or mankind about, you better prove it to me because I was not going to say it.”

I’d been told about this life plan business and I have been that, “That’s rubbish. We go up and we can stay in heaven.” He says, “I’m going to prove Nicky wrong.” I go and have a little sleep. I think, “I’m feeling a bit like meditation. I feel brainwave is there. I’m awake, but I’m not.” I find myself cold in this cave and I can hear the water dropping. Suddenly, the rock opens and there’s this man, who I have been ignoring in my dreams and my meditations since I was a child. I was so embarrassed. He looked like a scraggy old man in this brown suit. When I used to go out and see my name in his heart, I used to visit them. My dad, my aunties, and my uncles are all up there. This man sitting in the corner. I thought, “You don’t look very nice.” I used to be very snobby and ignored people.

I’m like, “Stop worrying about that. Don’t worry about that. It’s very like a horse ride.” I said, “I’m so sorry,” because it goes, “Shut up a minute.” I said, “Where are we?” He said, “We are Trastevere,” which I have never heard of in my life. I heard of Rome, but Trastevere. I said, “What is the date?” He said, “It’s 1452.” I looked at the other cave and I saw these beautiful cypress trees and then suddenly he went come with me and as he touched me. We were outside a place called Santa Cecilia Church in Trastevere, Rome.

He goes, “This is where I met you, Mary. I know you are Nicola.” They all call me Nicola. He said, “You were called Mary at this time. You were welcome into the house of Mary Magdalena in 1452. Come with me.” We walk into this tomb area and Saint Cecilia’s tomb is there and then this beautiful man in this white cloak comes up. He kisses my hand and says I am Pope Nicholas V. I’m like, “This is getting a bit weird.” I don’t do religion. I do not mean at all. I’m like, “Okay.”

She goes, “Mary is upon us. Come with us, Mary.” We went in and did all this chanting and all the rest of it. Then he said, “Let me show you the archway of prophecy that I have written.” I’m like, “What is all about?” I came back and he said, “Now we have life plans and previous lives.” I come back and I’m hitting the Google button. Trastevere came out. I put Santa Cecilia Church. The server keeps whirling around. It wouldn’t let me research it. Do you know what I did? I have a ticket to Rome. I thought, “I’m going to go.” I was terrified and excited at the same time.

You have to prove it and make sure that what happened to you was real.

I got into the taxi and I said, “Santa Cecilia Church in Trastevere, Rome.” He went to see and I’m like, “I need to fix it.” We go in there. As we were getting closer my heart started to palpitate. I can see this pillar. I recognize. I can feel it. My hair is going up. We end up going into this square and I’m crying my eyes out. I’m like, “Right in front of me is Santa Cecilia Church.” I know it because of the pillars. I walk in and there’s a bust of Juliana’s. His archway of prophecy is there. In 1452, the house of Mary Magdalena opened to allow nuns to stay with the monks who were San Francisco monks. They did a sabbatical in a cave before they served the church.

There is the tomb of Santa Cecilia. This is mind-blowing. I then go to the Vatican and I walk in. I said, “Where’s Pope Nicholas V?” He said, “He’s not here.” I’m like, “It is.” I got quite aggressive. I didn’t mean to. I’m so passionate. I went, “Forget it.” I don’t have even been to the Vatican. There are thousands of people there. I zoomed. I go straight to this little tiny concrete door. I walk in. The second crypt on the right, I am over it. I’m not supposed to be because you are not allowed to touch them. I cry my eyes out. He’s there.

“Come with us.” They have the security and they have sat me down and got me water. I’m hysterical. I have reconnected with a different dimension. When I look it’s Pope Nicholas V’s crypt. He presided over the diocese of Trastevere in 1452. He was alive during that time. When I went back upstairs, the guide said, “Come with me.” To cut a long story short, he said, “Go and get some vials.” I should have them here to show people.

I said, “Okay.” They got these little bottles. He talked to this armed man with an earpiece and then he came back with this field with water and he goes, “These are from the Pope’s private fund. You are a very special lady because there is no record of Pope Nicholas V being here. I had to ask an old superintendent. You take these and use these wisely.” I healed my dog’s tumor with that holy water.

You state in your book that if we sway talking about life plans and then if we sway too much of our life plan, which you got the crying baby, our guides bring us back by creating what is called a tower moment. Would you say that crying baby was your tower moment?

That was a tower moment to that time. I had another bigger catastrophic tower moment. What I mean by tower moment is in the Major Arcana of the tarot, there’s a card called The Tower. It means that everything that you know and you feel comfortable with is suddenly taken from under your feet. Your whole life is changed. It could be chaos, pain, grief, or whatever it is. It’s a tower moment of, “How am I going to cope? How am I going to move on? I can’t handle this.”

I found the tower moment is one of the biggest gifts to humankind because if we sway too far in our path, this is where I will come back to where I had a lot of abuse. I was attacked as a seven-year-old by a pedophile. I don’t know what to do. There are massive issues from that. It’s terrifying. I also was sexually and brutally abused by my mom’s second husband. I had all these demons but the problem is, part of me hit behind my badge as a detective because I thought nobody needed to know that I was weak and scared, and I hated myself inside. As a victim of abuse or rape, you end up hating yourself because you think you have deserved it in some way, shape, or form.



Interestingly enough, one of my other guide’s cards who showed his previous life in Arizona yet to go there said to me, “Why do you think you looked after rape or murder victims? In our life, you were raped and killed by the White man taking our land. It’s Native American.” In effect, it helped me as a police officer because people say, “You don’t know what it’s like,” because I do. I have been there.

Moving on to that. The tower moment for me was that even though I was huge in the industry. I was working with Colin Fry and Derek Acorah. I was about to tour America and Australia. I have been offered a worldwide deal with Discovery Channel doing this huge program. I have already done lots of Television. I had people begging me to read books. I find it very difficult to try and stay grounded it because people put you on this pedestal of fame and I saw how it affected other mediums. I’m not that person. They were asking me to lose weight, whiten my teeth, dye my hair brown, and get elocution lessons. I’m like, “That’s not happening.”

I didn’t feel comfortable with that. That started bringing my demons back that perhaps I would deserve what I was getting. Anyway, the tower moment happened in 2012. I was with the wrong partner. He was a disgusting old man and I didn’t know. I was getting a lot of my old demons back of me not being deserving. I was a people pleaser. I was exhausted in myself trying to show people that the afterlife existed. I was working seven days a week.

What happened was I had a road accident. It was a very simple road accident. All it was, was turning into a restaurant to go for something to eat. I was in the passenger seat. This young lady passed a test the day before. She T-boned straight into the car. I could see her coming. All I could think of was my dad dying the same way in the road accident he had. I curled up. She hit me. The righthand side of my body smashed into the center console. I don’t know why I’m saying this. I feel like you know what I’m talking about here where things slow down.

I had the same experience during the accident that I was in.

I feel that you had angels with you. I will talk about that. I suddenly got that. I thought that I was sitting in your shoes. I’m sure you had a road accident because I feel like it will slow down but I knew that it was meant to happen. I know it’s going to happen. I had seen a vision of it before I even left that day. I didn’t know when and where it was. I know it’s part of my past. To cut a long story short, they couldn’t work out what was wrong with me. I was in the most excruciating agony you could imagine. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t go to the toilet or bathroom. I couldn’t talk. I woke up blind some days. I was so exhausted that I couldn’t eat.

Did you have anyone taking care of you or helping you?

I lost my holiday home. My partner at the time stole every penny that he could from my cash and credit accounts which was $65,000. He got it all. Disappeared off. Nobody cares when you have had a road accident. Suddenly, the book deals and TV offers dried up. I was working with a lot of celebrities who weren’t happy that I couldn’t do reading for them anymore because I was catatonic. I was lying like the living dead and I stayed in bed for five years.

Did your father visit you after the accident? What was that story?

Yes. I’m glad you know what’s going on.

I have to keep you on track here because, otherwise, our people are going to leave the interview after about 45 hours.

I had a road accident. I was losing the house down in Devon as well. One of my darling friends from the police I used to dive with, a scuba diver, which is my passion, came in. I was suicidal. The prognosis was I would never get well. She said, “Come on. We are taking you away to Turkey.” I said, “No, you are not.” She goes, “Yes, you are. Come on. Get your passport. You are coming.”

They brought me to the airport, kidnapped me, and took me over to Turkey. When I was over there, I made friends with Joe who was their friend who owned the house. I went out again because I felt so much better in the sun. Someone knew that I was a psychic. It said, “We have a psychic in the village. Would you like to swap readings?” We did swap readings. I thought her family was incredible. She said to me my last horrific. She said, “It’s going to be so bad.”

I’m like, “I don’t want to hear this.” I was a bit upset. I came out and spoke to Joe. I said, “Can I go upstairs? I need a bit of time to take on what she’s told me.” It was 45 degrees. This is important. It was hot. I went up to the apartment. In her apartment, the windows were open. It must have been at least 35 or 30 degrees in there. It’s still hot in there. As I sat down, I missed my breath and I thought, “What the hell? It’s 45 degrees outside. Why am I breathing like it’s freezing?”

I could get emotional. I never knew when I talked about this. My daddy is standing there with mist around the bottom of him. As he turned, his full human face and body started to manifest into the room, stage five manifestation. I went, “Daddy, I can’t believe you here.” I watch him. He came and sat down next to me on a chair. I don’t think it will ever happen again. He had a deal with Gabriel who assists in visitation and messenger, which I know who spoke to you as well as you work with Gabriel.

He goes, “I’m so sorry. I love you, but you are going to go through the worst time of your life.” What came was to stop me from killing myself. I’m going to be brutally honest because he said, “Trust me, this is all for a reason. By 2019,” and he showed me this weird hill like a mound of grass and whatever it was and then the name Darren. He said, “By the time 2019, you will be by the sea. You will be fine and have the best life ever. You will find your soulmate. You will be working in the most deepest and different way you have ever worked in your life. It will be so profound.” I’m thinking, “What could that be? All I want to do is prove the afterlife.” If you want to know the whole conversation, it’s in the book.

You are still proving the afterlife. This is amazing that your dad, but speaking about the afterlife, I want you to educate everybody about dogs, cats, and domestic animals that you call earth angels and this rainbow bridge that’s known as pet heaven.

After all of that, everything predicted came true. I’m living with three of the demons. The spiritual boot camp was unbelievable. That’s in that book. It was horrific. Now I’m calm and I am on a completely different level where I’m educating people. I’m writing and trying to bring the whole of humankind in on this healing vibration because we are that from was all at the brim of a reset. There was so much chaos in the world, which we will talk about.

During this time, I have been the happiest I have ever been. I have met my soulmate on doing my best to get back out there again. It’s hard to train it through the followers because I have never done this before. I have always been there touring and all the rest of it. During all this time, the two souls that the seer told me about in Turkey, kept me going with my two fur third babies, little dogs, Mia and Teddy. Not so while ago, Mia passed.

This is an example of what I want to give people. I have bought dogs. I have a black labrador. His name is Rex. I was like, “That’s my dog Rex.” The dog will tell me he passed with the tumor behind his eye. They tell me. They have souls. All animals can communicate with mediums because they have a soul. When Mia passed, I was like, “I normally won’t give the messages. You need to prove that you are over the rainbow bridge.”

Unfortunately, I knew she was going to pass and when it was going to happen. I took her there and I got the right archangels in. I said, “All I want you to do is let me know when you are home.” Normally, the two days all apply. All my family and pets passed. They will come and tell me they are okay. The second day after she passed, my partner said, “We need to go.” He is so set, “Let’s go out for the day.” He took me to a place Bodmin Jail, which is haunted. I’d always wanted to go there.

He said, “Come on. I will take you for lunch.” As we are going there’s a bridge between Devon and Cornwall called Tamar Bridge. As we were getting on the bridge, I suddenly saw a mirror in my third eye in my head and I went, “Mia, is that you? Are you home? Are you safe? Are you at the rainbow bridge?” I said it out loud and Darren looked at me. I have done a video of this on my YouTube channel. I said there, “Do something to prove it’s you and I’m not making it up.”

A car pulled in front of us and it was M666 Moe. Her nickname was Mia Moe and 666 means that you have come through a transition and I’m now rested in a different dimensional place. I saw her standing at my grandma’s feet. I said, “Are you with grandma? Show me.” I couldn’t believe it. The next car is number EVA. That’s my nana’s name, Eva.

When we got home, my brother Richard, who is a working full-time medium as well phoned me up and said, “Mia’s got home.” I said, “I know.” He goes, “She’s over the rainbow bridge. She is fine with nana.” She visited him at the same time that she came to me. It was at 1:45 in the afternoon. She knew. I’d say, “What time?” He said, “It’s 1:45.” It’s kept on coming from there somewhere over the rainbow played on the radio later on.

I know 100%. I have seen her. My partner Darren heard her crying at the door to be let out. It’s got Teddy and realizes that Teddy is fast asleep. She’s made herself known. I’m telling you all these and lots of people have the same if not more love for their fur babies. No matter what shape or what size they are, some of them are their babies, and is a massive grief to undertake to lose them. I categorically assure you that they are up and well and I have been looked after by your family. The reason why it’s called rainbow bridges is there’s a prism of light before they go through their life with you which looks like a rainbow.

We will get to life review.

Yes, because they are earth angels. That’s why they only get a short time here because it’s like a penance to be down here for a time. They let you know here to help us through a certain thing. If you look at your pets, look at how long they have been with you when they turned up and when they went back home. It’s the same as my other dog, Mina. She hung on in there and then knew the time was right to go back home. I knew the day she was going up as well. The angels told me.

I know they are there. That’s why I have done a good meditation visiting your pets in heaven because I have said to my lot guides and angels, “Give me the inspiration and the right music so I have produced the music. I have produced everything that can make it conducive for anyone because we all spirit in human meat so we can connect in.”

I want to know a question if the animal has been abused and goes on the rainbow bridge and gets their life review. I know and I heard many times that there are healing places for people on the other side, but are there healing places also for the animals on the other side?

It’s the celestial garden. It’s the same when I said I didn’t read about you. I don’t read up on anything. It’s all organic. Information comes to me through meditation or a dream state, I then have to Google it to confirm it. I remember going to the place called Crystal Palace which is huge. I didn’t know. Akashic records I didn’t know about it until someone told me. I go through this door. I have taken hundreds and thousands of students there.

There’s a man map of heaven they have created so you know where you go. I walk up to the seraphim who interestingly used to sing to me after about some abuse when I was a teenager because I recognize this song. They work on the sound frequency of songs and music. There was a horse there once. When I saw a man come to me, I spoke and his family who didn’t care. I said, “You have the horse that had to twisty gut and the tumor in the gut.” I have seen her getting healed up in the ancestral garden he was like, “My God.” He was so excited and upset at the same time.

It’s the same place. People would know it’s the Fountain of Youth or the Fountain of Life. It has lion heads that represent the seraphim as warriors because they go and pick people up on massive things like tsunamis or war. They pick them up and bring them back up to the celestial garden into this fountain. The next walk to the lion are lotus flowers in my vision. It could be different for other people. It comes into a big layer, which is also the portal for going from heaven down to the Earth plane. This is where the seraphim hangs out.

They are big Grecian-type angels. The only ones that have dark hair. I have had healing from them. They have shown me animals being healed there as well, broken souls, murder victims, and soldiers. I have seen them all up there. This translucent stuff comes from this pool and it’s like an elixir. It’s an ethereal beautiful healing mechanism that heals the soul from anything that has been started with on the Earth plane.

You saw what’s going on in this world.

You have your life review and then you go home. I remember because I signed the Akashic records I never heard of in my life until someone told me six months later, “You can sign the Akashic records and you don’t even know what they are.” I went, “No. I thought it was made up.” He said, “Go up there. You can see people’s souls.” I have never abused it but I did it with my uncle. The soul was taken up by Azrael. Azrael was the archangel. I’m telling you now you have heard his voice. They told you, “Did you know now that you were going to have a road accident or you were going to lose your husband?” You have voices in your head and that’s Gabriel. I don’t know if you love gold or yellow, or if you are attracted to capri yellow or gold colors, but that’s what Gabriel works on. What are you wearing?

I have gold on me. I have a yellow watch on. I have always wondered because you don’t know my story. Two months before my husband died, a message came into my head and said, “Saul has to go. Many lessons will be learned from his death.” In the middle of the accident, as we were flipping up four times up in the air and landed upside down on the New York State Thruway, another message I got when we went up in the air the first time was, “He’s not going to make it, but you are.”

The second time, I left my body for a little while and came back. After the fourth flip and they pulled me out of the car, I told people that there was a male voice came into my head and said, “Be loving and kind to everyone,” as led me to the side of the road. I want to know. I’m finding out from you now, was that Gabriel who was giving me the messages?

Yes. I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize how horrific. You are an earth angel and you are an enabler. You agreed before you came down here with Saul that this would happen because of the crisis on the planet you are now reaching millions of people and giving them the reality of what’s happening. The more people come into our flock, the more they connect with the angels, and the more they learn about compassion, love, healing, and humility.

The more they start raising their children that way so the planet on reset will have nothing but more love and compassion because at the moment it’s filled with war, hate, and abuse of animals, and children, and the planet, Mother Gaia is going mental. She’s like, “You are abusing the planet. I’m kicking off.” That’s why there are these forest fires, earthquakes, and tsunamis.

Let’s talk about that more. It’s fascinating to me because you gave me the answers that I always wondered about. Who was that voice that came into my head? The other thing I have been told over and over again, which is happening is that this show is a divine plan. My husband is now on the other side. We had a life plan that this would happen. Certain things did happen in his life that he would leave early. With all this happening, this is what’s happening. This show is helping so many people. I’m humbled by it.

You could have been a victim, stayed in your grief, hated the world, and turned it on its ass and said, “My soulmate is gone. I hate you. I’m not doing it,” and you didn’t. It’s the same as what they did with me, but I tried to make it in a screaming back. I will say what they did, but you have turned this into something so beautiful and tangible. You are going to leave this legacy. When you go back up and make back up with Saul, you will look at the legacy that you have imprinted on the planet. You will be one of those facts in the halls of learning that changed humankind. You will be there in the Akashic records along with thousands or millions of others who have changed humankind. You are magnificent.

Thank you so much.

I’m so glad I didn’t look you up.

You are going to make me cry. The whole purpose of this show is to help people become conscious. Tell me this. People get so worried about COVID and all. I know the answer to this, but people don’t know the answer to this. Do people ever die completely alone even if their loved ones cannot be at their bedside when they transition? When you hear of all these horrible things happening in the world when people are getting attacked and all that. What happens if they are human, friends, lovers, or whatever can’t be there, who’s there for them?

I’m going to cover both aspects of this. You know they are passing. They are in the hospital and they are due to go. Also, murder victims, short deaths, quick death, and suicide. It’s there. We have to talk about it. For the people who have COVID and it happens, if I have £5 or even $5, but every single person that said this to me, “I would be in a massive breakdown.” It wouldn’t. I’d open an animal rescue center or something and I would get my angel cards. Every single time I hear it, and I heard this 1,000 times, they say, “I just popped out for a coffee and my mom died.” “I just went out for five minutes and my dad passed.” “I can’t believe it. He was on his own.”

No, because if I have bought thousands of people through from the spirit world where they say, “I was awake. I was aware. If I was in a coma, this or that,” and I say, “You had your sister and brother there. Your mom is holding his hand. You had your uncle there. This is what happened. It was Tuesday. It was 2:00 PM and he passed over. He’s aware of what you said and did. They know what you put in their coffins and funerals. They know everything.”

Even though they appear to us that they are out of it, their soul into where everything that’s going on.

What happens if I do that but some of them go, “Notice this dodgy angel there? He was creamy white.” Some people call it the death stare. “Will they see an angel?” That’s Archangel Azrael. He’s the archangel who presides over steering death and just before it and brings us comfort and strength to get through something. He’s there and his family members are there. How many times have you heard people go, my dad went, “Mama,” or they go, “Hey, sister,” because they have come down to meet them and give them that comfort saying, “It’s okay. Let go. It’s fine.” They are never alone. They can also choose when to pass and they have done that in their life plan. Your beginning and end is definite. It never changes.

We all have plans. I thought that we had several exit points.

No. I can’t say the wrong or right. I can tell you what I have been shown and then it’s showing time and time again. My dad even came down and said to me, “I’m so sorry. I did have a choice so I could stay down here, but it’s going to be a vegetable. That was the option in my life plan that said I’m going to die.” I know it’s going to create absolute hell and it has. My mom is broken. My whole family was broken to pieces. However, there was a reason for this. We will little plan that.

What happens is that they choose who they want to see pass with them. At the times I have heard I didn’t want my daughter to see me taking my last breath. I waited for us to go for a coffee, but she knew to go for a coffee because one of our guides, angels, or someone who was to go for coffee, so she said, “I go for a coffee.” They are like, “Great,” because that’s when he’s going to pass. They have who they want there. If you have missed their passing, it was their choice. They did not want you to see that happen.

The times I have had to deal with people grieving, they can’t get out of their mind the last breath the loved one took. They are never alone. It doesn’t have to be a hospital environment. Let’s talk about someone that’s murdered. This is going to be very interesting and very important for people who know people who have been murdered because you not only get the anger of the person who took their life but also the pain and the misery that person went through.

If they were kidnapped or tortured. This is a reality of what’s going on in humankind, unfortunately. However, I can chatter directly assure and promise you every single murder victim I have seen from a 2 to an 80-year-old. They stand there next to me and go, “That’s what happened to me.” I never felt how they were murdered. If I had a heart attack, I would feel it. If I had dementia, I could feel the cloud going over my head. I have never felt a murder. They have shown me it.

Thank God I did it. I remember I once said, “Why are you showing me like this? Why are you standing there?” Thank you, angels. He said, “I was pulled out of my body before it happened,” and I went, “Really?” It happens all the time. We go through that trauma. We remember and witness it, but by the time we have had a review and healing, it’s like a distant memory.

Another lady was stabbed at least 60 times by her jealous ex-lover. She went, “Look what happened. It’s horrible, isn’t it?” “Tell me, sister.” “I didn’t feel the bloody thing.” I didn’t feel a thing. I was up there getting healed. She goes a bit like childbirth. She is not great at the time because you are watching it. She goes, “I didn’t even feel it, but when you are up there, it’s a bit like childbirth. It was not a great entry to the spirit world, but it doesn’t matter because you healed and it’s part of a tiny notch in your soul that is infinite.”

One lifetime is like a speck of salt in a huge ocean. When you get back up there, you realize that. This is what I’m trying to teach people to say, “Don’t hang on the soul that’s gone up. Don’t hang on to what could happen because they didn’t suffer. Don’t worry if you can’t pay that bill. Try and stay level with all of the human obstacles that take place because it doesn’t matter.” At the end of the day, you will go back. You won’t remember half of the materialistic crap.



I want to ask you something else because you were raped. Did your daddy tell you that is going to happen to you? When you hear all these horrific things like getting raped. We are reading about these horrific murders. It’s comforting to know that their souls left their bodies and that happened to their bodies, but they went on. What happens to these ladies who get raped and all of that thing?

A lot of people scientifically, say if they survive it. I have dealt with hundreds of raped victims during my time as a detective. The scientific thing they describe it as is that their brain closes down and they go through the motions of it. They come out and get the shock of coming out of it and going through it. They say scientifically that your brain shutting down because of trauma. I don’t believe that.

I believe that it’s either a guide angel energy or something that comes into you. It removes your soul, lets the body have whatever happens to it, and then puts the soul back in. The soul then has to grieve what happened to that body. That’s how I see it. When we talk about these horrific massacres taking place, in the name of war, it’s the babies. It doesn’t matter how old the baby, child, or person is, they will not go through that horror.

The people who witnessed it will go up and it will be cleansed from them where they will talk about it. I have had a man come through who slits. I hope it’s not too graphic, but he did this to his twin nephew and niece. Nana was there who was the mom and I’m like, “Do you know nana normally bakes cakes.” Suddenly, I’m seeing this bloodbath. She goes, “My brother killed my baby. He was exposed to mustard gas in the war. He didn’t mean to do it. We have all been healed from it. He had to go to a place to heal to learn from it.” As it wasn’t his evil intention he was judged in the cherubim chamber. He judged himself, came back, and knew because he was exposed to a human-made substance. They talk about it. They have gone to buy a Mars bar in the sweet shop or Hershey’s bar.

What about people who purposely commit evil? What goes on with their souls?

I asked, “I need to see purgatory or what the bad side is.” Juliana said, “In time.” Eventually, he then says, “Brace yourself.” When my grandad comes, I know I’m going to a dark deep stuff. I was a bit worried. He took me to purgatory. Purgatory is where evil souls or dark souls hang out fearing the wrath of God or judgment of the family. They stay perpetual energy which then turns into real-world stuff.

It’s a different plane that they go to.

Hitler is not in purgatory. What happens with people like him? I saw this and they said, “This is what would happen.” They called him Hitler. “This is what happened with him. It will show you.” It’s an Akashic record thing as well. They said, “You can go up to that realm.” Azrael takes the soul and also looks after everybody around death. They take a soul up to Jerahmeel. Jerahmeel is the archangel that does your life review. He can create whatever image you like that you are comfortable with. If you like Muslims, it might be the shape of Valor or Mahamid. If you like aliens, it might be the shape of a man or whatever or Jesus.

Like Saul gave bagels in heaven. Mother gave them bagels and coffee.

The comforting thing. That is so cool because they do. I remember one man saying, “I’m so happy my father showed me my sailboat and said, ‘You could be on this.’” He’s like, “Yes.”

That’s how they get at me and my family. For people who know what’s going on, the evil going on, people are so hurtful and evil. They can’t manifest again. Can they re-incarnate?

What happens is they go up and there’s a place called the cherubim chamber that I have taken most students. What they do is they are calm and there’s a milky pond. They showed me. They hit the soul, walking into the pond, and then these are pools of sentient. They go in and out of the soul. They register with the water of what the souls reflected. It’s like a karmic, “We are going to see what you have done. You are going to face it and you are going to be cooked in it.”

The cherubim comes down from the wall. It’s a cute cherub. Their faces turn to an ox and a lion, I’m like, “That’s Old Testament stuff. I could not believe it.” Biblical stuff and I don’t do the Bible, but I couldn’t believe it when I Googled it. They look down with the faces of judgment, the right hand of gods and I couldn’t believe it. They looked and then I felt they put me almost in the souls. I was lying next to the soul. The sentence delivers what the soul has done and then they were creating the soul living what they went through. It started boiling up.

The water started boiling and it turned into black tar. The wretchedness, pain, and evil that was reflected in that soul was horrific. Eventually, the soul completely dissipated. It smashed to pieces. The water went back to calm again and milky. The cherubim goes up. Their face changed to normal cherubs. They went back to normal. I couldn’t believe it. I came back feeling my heart palpitating. “What was that?” “God doesn’t judge anybody. You will have to face your judgment on your behavior, your actions, and your words. Good luck with that.” When I see these fake mediums, evil people, murderous, kidnappers, and tyrannical leaders, I think, “You are so going to get it.”

They will get a life review. They feel everything that they did to everyone else.

They feel. Let’s say it is a serial killer, they will go through every single cut, fight, hurt, punch, or whatever it is a thousand millionfold. I can’t even explain it. It was so horrific and dark that my granddad was holding my soul saying, “It’s okay.” I said, “I don’t like this. Get me out.” I was panicking. I’m not going to lie. He is like, “You have to watch it to tell people because these people need to know that they are not going to go up to heaven.” There are some idiots online and on TikTok that go, “They are healed and everything is great.” It’s rubbish. You have people like Hitler and tyrannical Putin. They have no chance.

I’m still not understanding. Hitler goes. He gets this life review. Everything gets magnified. He feels through eternity everything he did to all these people. After he experiences all this, does Hitler go somewhere to heal, or he’s obliterated?

No. He goes into that one milky pool. This is what they were showing me and then the pool started bubbling black tar. The cherubim’s face changed. When I Googled it, it’s part of the Old Testament. They will change their faces to ox and lion to judge the soul before them as the right hand of God.

Will Hitler never be back?


Is his soul obliterated now?

Yes, because he was faced with his judgment. He is so going to take it. He was boiled alive. They don’t have time over there but that’s most probably the last few years for him.

He used to say he would be in a tree through eternity. He’s not coming back.

His soul dissipated. They say that souls can’t dissipate. Those can. I don’t know how and why, but they are showing me that. It’s purgatory. The people who are scared to go up stay in this filth for eons of time and if they can ever get higher up, this is where it’s like about demons and all that stuff. The baddies and people that killed and hurt people go through it up there. They go through it.

On the life review, Jerahmeel won’t even bother. He will say, “You are going to the cherubim chamber.” The reason I know is that I take students up there and they go, “We went into a place with cherubims in the wall and there’s a white milky pool.” I’m like, “Yes.” People keep talking about it and writing about it. It’s this. Nobody can make it up randomly. I have seen it.

I came back and there was a program about Hitler so they did realistic things down into back up what I have seen because I always worry that I’m saying what I might have thought in my head. When I Google it and a lot of it is in the Old Testament, someone has got it right. Someone, a seer or a medium, wrote in that part of the Bible because I have to see the Bible. No disrespect. It’s a man-made multi-translated book of rules of wrath. When I Googled it and wrote cherubim lion and ox faces, I thought, “I cannot believe what I’m reading.” It’s there in black and white in the Old Testament. I know it’s right. I know that’s what happens.

I know your new book. That’s amazing. We should have another interview about that. Your book reveals all these miracles and incredible messages that people are realizing as they are reading this interview here. How do you get the best out of a medium?

GAR 247 | Spirit People

The Rise and Fall of Britain’s Best Psychic Medium by Nicky Alan

Don’t go with your grieving or if you are angry. No genuine medium will accept you if you are in a real stage of grief. You have to accept that your loved one has passed over and you have to be in level. I know you are desperate to get a message from them, but please do not push it. You need to make sure that you are in a relaxed energy. If you sit down in front of a medium and you are talking more than them, get up and walk out. That’s a cool cold reading. Unfortunately, there are bad apples along with the whole of the barrel. You need to make sure that you are going to a reputable medium because I’m telling you that there are certain mediums out there that have the money or the backing to create all these magical film stuff, makeup, and backlit things.

I love that you talk about that. Are celebrity mediums worth all that money that they get?

I don’t know. I don’t care. I have nothing to prove. At the end of the day, even when I was at my highest, I could have charged whatever I wanted. People coming from America and Australia to read with me. They were coming for hundreds and thousands of miles to see me. I would not change my £50 for reading for an hour. Most of the time, my reading is for two hours. I never changed it. It’s disgusting that all these people that got their management and all of their, “I’m brilliant.”

It doesn’t necessarily mean they are brilliant mediums because what happens is and I have seen it that they are amazing when they are like little old me and humble doing what they are doing. As they get bigger and bigger, their ego starts giving it, “I’m worth millions. I’m going to charge you $300 for half an hour,” and you are like, “What? Are you taking the mickey?” “No.”

I’m not talking about all celebrity mediums. All I’m saying is do not pay the money. Look at the mediums that are reputable. It doesn’t matter if they haven’t got a fine dangle. Fine dangle, green screens, and an editor to do your filming. I’m trying my best to try and get out there with just me. That’s all I have got. I can’t hold all of that.

Don’t think because they have all sparkly likes and thousands of followers that they are brilliant. Get word of mouth and recommendations. If they are charging over $80, $100, or $200 for an hour, you need to seriously think about that because we need to charge because we have to live a material life. We have to pay our bills. It is our job. We are not manipulating people or forcing people to come to us. They come to us asking for our help.

They come to you because they are referred to you by word of mouth.

Don’t pay the money. Please don’t do that. Look at the feedback. Nowadays, you can pay for great feedback and refuse. I recommended one. If you want to go to these shows, that’s fine, but then some of the shows I have seen in the past did that the same as our job on $1 or something. You are like, “What? $250 just to come and sit there? I might be getting raped. I don’t think so.” Please don’t pay the money.

If they are asking questions, the only thing that a medium should be saying to you is, “Do you understand that?” If it is a nightmare, they will go back and say, “Who’s Christopher?” He keeps saying Christopher. He’s not telling who that is. “Who’s Christopher?” “That’s my son.” He’d go, “Perfect.” All you are doing is confirming things sometimes. A good medium will be able to recall information and send it back up if it doesn’t make sense.

If I say to you, “I have lost 25 State Street,” and I go, “I don’t know.” They go, “No. It’s not State Street. It’s Cake Street.” I go, “Sorry.” That’s the only thing you need to be doing to a medium, confirmingly understand it and also the medium needs to be full of empathy. If you walk into anything, “I don’t like that person,” don’t stop reading because you will not jam with them.

You have to follow your instinct.

This is the most important thing that traits the biggest block for a medium ever. Let’s say you want your mom to come through. You sit down and the medium starts bringing your uncle and your aunt. You are saying, “What am I doing here?” It may be because your Uncle Mark can’t get through to their family. Sometimes it’s relaxing you and warming you up so you are ready to hear from your mom. What happens is that people don’t want to hear from all these other people.

They don’t understand that uncle. I said, “I think you do because he’s said that you have had twins.” “I do know him but I don’t want him.” “You can’t choose who comes. Just accept it. Don’t be rude to whoever comes through. If you are blocking them, you are blocking me and I will not be able to bring through who may want to come and see you.” It’s like waiting through a treacle when someone wants one person. Relax yourself, be open to anything, and that will give you 99%.

I can add something to this because I had a reading with a medium and I was looking for my husband. What happened to me was the medium said to me that Saul standing to the side. “He’s bringing your father,” because my father needed to talk with me. My father needed to heal some things that had gone on in my childhood. I never looked for my father. In this particular session, it was time for me to heal this piece of my father. If I had said, “No, I just want to hear from Saul,” I would not have been open to hearing this healing.

You admit that he let you read him. That’s right.

Let me ask you another thing. What else would you like everyone to know about your book? We are talking about your wonderful books. Is there anything I haven’t covered or that you want people to know?

I do a lot of signed books. I always feel the energy of the person to give you a personal message. One thing that I know when you read that book is it made me laugh and cry. It’s so organic, raw and it’s so just me. It’s down to earth. No convoluted, “Look how amazing I am.” I don’t like saying that at all. If you don’t feel that there is an afterlife after reading this, I don’t know what else you need to read.

It is proving beyond any doubt and it’s the same as this book. It’s the same message with both books and the third one that’s coming out. No matter what you go through, what is thrown at you, and how bad your life gets, 1) You are never alone and 2) Always try and visualize that someone will be standing there holding your back, hand, and taking you through it. You are never alone. I guarantee you.

There’s a woman in an accident and was a mess and she was not alone.

You are never alone. You have to have the faith. Keep the faith. When you are depressed, grieving, broken, having mental health issues, or whatever it is, your energy is so dense that you are not going to be open to seeing phenomena easier because the energy of spirit and energy is hard enough as it is to make.

When you are even lower, they are trying to desperately show you they are there. I have been there. I witnessed it for years because all I wanted to do was kill myself. After all, the prognosis was that I was going to lay in my bed and wet myself for the rest of my life. Suddenly, I realized it was me who cut them off. In this book, you will read about that. When I surrendered, the miracles took place. They would teach me to teach you, you beautiful people out there, plugging and you will never feel alone again.

There is not one hour that doesn’t go by. I automatically do it when I say, “Thank you, Gabriel and Archangel Michael.” I know they are there and their presence, it’s laughable how they do it. I said when I was walking on the beach, “I want to reach more people. Please help me do that. Please bring the right people in front of me because I’m not reaching up people.” There are people who come from nowhere, man and wife in front of me and follow me on Instagram and I’m like, “Oh,” and then I end up talking to someone like you. They are helping us every step of the way.

Our spirit people sometimes get our hearts down here because they have been healed. They are loving it up there. They are eating bagels and doing whatever they want to do. However, angels know that we need help and a hand. They will do this through numerology, fragrances, angel visualizations and images, white feathers, swans dragonflies, and cardinal words. They will bring messages, same spirit people and guides will bring things to say, “This is a sign to tell you that we have you. We know you are going through it, but please know that you chose this. You are an old soul. You have chosen a hard challenge this time around because you talk here that is a spirit world to get born. You choose these challenges down here.” They try and remind you of that.

That’s why they are showing me my previous life. I have visited them and they have proven to be right because I can say to you, I’m not some airheaded tree-hugger. I was a police detective that demanded evidence. Every single thing I say is through evidence that they have categorically shown me and have said, “We are here. You are there. We are helping you.” That’s what you have, that humankind loves. It’s a hard job. I think you love it.

I want to ask you 2 or 3 things. You say that spirit people say true to who they were down here even if they are a scoundrel or a saint. We have been talking about the fact they go for their life reviews and all of that. Can you tell us about the healing that takes place on the other side? In my particular case when my father came through, he was very abusive, but then he came through to say, “Look at what I did. I was ignorant. I didn’t know what was happening. This is why I behaved this way, but can you see me as a stepping stone and let go?”


GAR 247 | Spirit People


I think that he’s been healing on the other side. I think that he’s been hanging around me and learning a lot and things he’s been changing because it was him. There was a tone in his voice or a way he was coming across. That was him that I experienced when I was a child. Do they heal on the other side? What is that like?” Aside from Hitler and all, ordinary people who hurt their neighbors, said vicious things, stole, or whatever happened in their life, can they heal on the other side before they come back into another body? How does that work?

At the end of the day, what we have to realize is the human ego which Juliana calls the lion can overwhelm the mouse. Certain societies or humankind’s imprints on that soul can create ego to create bad behavior, which was never intended to happen. Lots of people say, “Is it nurtured or nature?” It’s both. Some are born evil. They are abused or there is something happening in their life that’s created the monster within. Even though the mouse, the divine essence of their soul is trying to tell them, “This is wrong. Come on here,” they are not going to have it because they are lion modes. They are going to go along with what they think they should be doing breaching their contracts of their life expectancy.

That’s a big one because they are breaching the contracts that they set up with your lives.

Spirit people stay real and true to who they were, be they scoundrel or saint. Share on X

Sometimes the contract will be honored. For instance, I remember with the thing that mom married, I was told to honor his contract because his contract made me feel I wanted to die. I meant, “Really? I asked that?” Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that victims asked for anything. Please don’t ever think that. All I’m saying is that I’m an old soul and part of the contract was for him to do that. I say, “Thank you for honoring your contract.”

I said to the man who stole my stuff, “Thank you for honoring your contract.” That’s me feeling like I’m not renting them free. I’m a human down here. When they go up. However, they have it like they killed someone. They haven’t gone eating. Sometimes if it’s that dire, Jerahmeel will say, “Do not pass out. Go straight to the cherubim chamber.” However, what you can do, I have seen this before where he will sit and sometimes I have seen Metatron who scribes the Akashic records do the same thing. They say, “We need to talk about your life plan because you created hell down there, didn’t you? We need to take you to another level.”

Do you know I told you about the man that came through to her granddaughter and their brother had killed her children? I said, “Hold the phone. I’m going to cancel my next client. Please let me speak with your man. Do you mind? Tell me where is he?” She said there is another layer through the halls of learning which I have been to and you go into that layer of consciousness and you are told, “What went wrong,” and you heal from that. You are showing the repercussions and you feel calm.

I’m not as fierce as the cherubim chamber, but you are shown your karma and you are like, “Wow.” I say, “Yes.” It could be years. I don’t know how long because there’s no time there but we have Juliana’s Tiktok time here. They spend time until their soul is in equilibrium. Raguel the archangel of balance and harmony said he deems that soul balancing enough to then come back into your soul cluster because they have learned the lesson because they have breached that contract.

Lots of people say, “What about people that kill themselves? Did they breach their contract?” I don’t know. It may be their contract may have been, “I’m going to take myself over. I want to learn that experience,” or if they breached their contract and went back too early, in most, we have to do it again. That’s for their journey.

They are not punished. That’s part of their plan and they work that through. I want to also ask you what is going on with all the chaos on this planet.

I’m going to sound stupid because there are going to be a lot of people that going to say, “You didn’t know about that.” I knew about this. My new book is called Earthwalk. It’s a fictional book coming out. However, it is a fact, because I wrote it when I was in bed, the same time as I wrote this. I had a dream and it was the most incredibly powerful dream, which I know was channeling because it went out for five hours. It was about the end of the world.

There was a high court held up in heaven and they will decide whether to keep the planet going on or not because of the amount of height. There was this thing going around. I predicted COVID in it and the bombings. I wrote this many years ago. I started looking at that and I started asking my guide, “This is an amazing book.” I thought it was fiction because I thought, “I can’t get that bad in several years.” He said, “Watch and wait.” He said to me, “We are coming to a crescendo.” He showed me a tank and this red water going up. He said, “As soon as that brings, it will topple and that will be the grand reset. For the time being, Mother Gaia and Archangel Ariel who presides over animal and plant kingdoms are raging because they have dawned a planet with the seraphim.”

This is in my new book but it’s fiction or spiritual fantasy, but it’s true with some characters and everything. My editor is, “Keep it as fiction,” but it’s all true. What happens is Gaia is now kicking off. They are creating tsunamis and earthquakes. They are kicking back. They are trying to defend the planet and almost throw human beings away from nature places are trying to preserve. With the COVID thing, I feel it’s a natural culling, they are trying to bring down humankind.

Are they trimming the herd in a way? Another thing I want to ask you is how long until this grand reset that we are going through. Is there a time in your mind when things are going to start to come down?

It’s going to start in ‘26 and ‘32 is the other side of the grand reset.

Some more years of chaos, and then things are going to start to get better in 2026.

We backed it up for now. He said to me the Schumann resonance assisted in this. I never heard a bit. I felt so embarrassed because everybody knew about it. When I mentioned it on my YouTube channel. It’s the heartbeat of the universe. It’s a healing vibration that reverberates through nature to recreate rebirth. It’s a vibration even scientists now have recalled its frequency and it went up the scour in June 2023, which I didn’t know about.

This heartbeat is trying to reverberate through humankind to get all the filth out of all the souls that’s going on. This is the beginning of the reset that’s happening. What’s happening is that tyrannical leaders, politicians, and people that have billions, Bill Gates and people like that. They are going to start getting rid of them or expose them. What they are doing is they are bringing in people like me and you and all the other brilliant people that are online trying to bring this to the masses. We are trying to incorporate humility and responsibility for the Earth, animals, children, nature, and the planet so we can teach the next generations.

All of this is a plan implemented. If it doesn’t take a turn by ‘26, this is what they were saying, and I don’t want to be disrespectful to people who died of COVID or anything like that but they have said, “The youngest souls will dissipate, but the older souls, the ones that can use telekinesis the higher vibration five-dimensional,” which I didn’t know anything about either, “five-dimensional beings will be taken to another planet that they can comfortably communicate with the eldest there through telekinesis. They won’t let go. However, the youngest souls won’t be able to handle that will dissipate or take them out in the culling.

I have been told that there are other planets and systems that can handle the higher vibrations coming onto this planet.

All the souls that can handle the high vibration, will be evacuated and taken up this. Either they will influence someone to push a button or the wrong places will just burn up, flood, or whatever is going to happen. In all these films and movies you see, the end of the world is near, this was told to me many years ago and it’s in my new book that’s coming out. It’s been edited. I said to the editor, “Do you want me to put this as fact because from many years ago, even COVID I predicted in it? I predicted all this in a story.” He said, “No, keep this fiction because people will recognize it and go, ‘We need to wake up and deal with this. We need to start showing humanity.’”

We need to wake them up. I will make people conscious but what I’m taking from this is that things, hopefully with the help of a lot of us light workers and what is going on this planet things are going to start getting better in 2026 in 2032 rather be a sweet spot.

We have sent Crystal and Millennium children down. I started before the Millennium and the Crystal children are children with ADHD, down syndrome, and autism because these beautiful children of the light which is part of what books about are the ones who are going to shut it. If you ever notice that autistic children and down syndrome children are nothing but pure joy. They connect with nature and sound frequency. That’s how they communicate. That’s how they feel calm because they are more up in the spirit world than they are down here. They are sending these beautiful children down here and, unfortunately, typical humans giving these tag names autistic, spectrum, and God knows what.

They are like, “They are disciples.” “They are not.” They are the savior of this planet because they will in their beautiful way teach people the material world is nothing. You come in the world as I say naked with nothing. You go out in the world. Materialism is rubbish. It’s a fake matrix that we have to adhere to live our lives in the meat, but they are teaching humility, love, and joy. No matter what their disabilities are the fact, if someone is nonverbal or can’t even communicate, they are happy. Give the water and why are they happy with water? Water is a conduit to the spirit world and they recognize that because that’s our home.

Materialism is just rubbish. It's just a fake matrix that we have to adhere to live our lives in the meat. Share on X

All these beautiful children that these people keep marrying with disabilities and saying they have this and that. They are the children who are going to teach empathy, joy, and compassion. They don’t care about the materialistic world. They don’t care if they have the next new night trainers. They don’t care if their bedrooms got this and that or this designer thing on. They are here and their presence, but most of the time, they are hearing angel or spirit frequency and they love it.

All these people go, “Isn’t it a shame that they are non-communicative?” It’s not. They have chosen to come down and still be awake to show people that being in pure joy and dealing with whatever you have whatever disability like me, my life crumbled. I still can’t tour. I still can’t do one-to-one readings because it exhausts me like I used to but you have to look at the joy and the beauty of your existence. That’s what I do. I don’t care how much money is in the bank. I do care if I have a bill I can’t pay.

What are you going to eat? You have to pay your bills.

I don’t make it my whole life. I’m not on here to make money. I’m here because I have this inherent powerful drug within me that makes me want a get on this screen every day that I can to say, “Wake up.”

Look at all these people. Look what you are doing. Tell me this. I have two questions and then I need to conclude because we are going to lose people out of the interview. I’m sure I’m going to interview you with your next book. Why is it important to be open to healing on this side before we transition to the other side? Why should people read and say, “I should talk to that medium. I should find a healer. I have all this stuff that’s going on. Why do it now? Why not say, ‘I will do it another time or another lifetime?’”

I know it. My life, no matter what happens, I love myself. I never used to love myself. I’m in a healing vibration with the time. I feel what have I done to my soul to heal it, hence why I have selenite. I have all my crystals around me. 1) It makes your life easier down here. 2) Your energy will vibrate out to other people without even knowing it, which will inspire them and 3) It’s a hell of a lot easier to get back down to say hello to people. I’m aware of that. I’m done with that.

I’m putting my life would be the most. I need to let someone know. The record has been four hours. The lady passed at 8:00. She was talking to her children because she was open to the spirit world. She’d healed a lot of stuff. She dealt with stuff. She’s done sole journals. If anything came up she would go and see the council or do ever she needed to do to clear up early.

They have a transition at the end did you hear? It can be her healing. It’s interesting because my mother did a lot of healing while she was here. I was able to hear from my mother an hour and a half after she transitioned. Another question. Tell me what your tip is for finding joy in life. I think your tip for finding joy is to do your healing and you will find joy. Is there anything else you want to add to that?

The number one thing I have learned is that your joy is not marked by what’s around you, what you can afford, and what you can attain. It’s here. I never loved myself because I had such severe abuse. I feel like I deserved it. I had to deal with that and the angels helped me with that during the five years I was in bed. You find joy by loving yourself because when you love yourself, everything will then prop in place, whether it’s crystal work or, “I’m going to change my job because I want to look after children that are scared.”

Your joy is not marked by what's around you and what you can afford and what you can attain. It's here. Share on X

We are not talking about the narcissistic joy that, “I’m the highest one and most wonderful thing.” We are talking about like the way I take it when they pull the other car and you are telling me that Azrael came through and said, “Be loving and kind to everyone.” That includes you too. That includes being loving and kind to yourself also.

That’s huge because if we can’t do that for ourselves, all we are giving out is what we are feeding, resentment, and hate that very quickly some spirit people come down too early. They have either not listened to their review or they have not gone out. They sit there and someone says, “My house is full of evil.” I’m like, “It’s your brother. He was angry, desperate, and depressed when he died. That’s all he’s giving out.” That’s a lesson for all of us. What you give out is who you are. Who you are is what you give out. Self-love and healing. I always say to myself every single day, “What can I do today that’s going to make me smile?” Gratitude.


Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Nicky Alan | Spirit People


Do you know what I did that made me smile? I interviewed Nicky Alan. You have such a vibrant personality. You shined everywhere. You also shine through your book, which is so enlightening and compelling that I’m going to share this quote from your book because they haven’t read enough from us yet.

I want our readers to read this quote from your book, “The journey that the spirit will take me on, from hunting me with the screaming spirit baby to now has been nothing short of miraculous. Each spirit person that has come to me has always brought something new to the table, whether it’s a new symbol, a different way to prove their existence, or how they can bring smell and taste to my senses. They are relentless and trying to get through to their loved ones. I wish that the whole of mankind knew this. We are letting a bunch of mankind know this. People go through so much torment, loneliness, and pain when they have a bereavement. Those who have no clue their loved one is sitting right next to them are the type I want to reach. That’s where I step in and try to get them to realize that there is no death of the soul.”

Thank you for my heart of hearts for this fascinating, enlightening, and authentic interview with the inevitable, funny, and fabulous you. I am not a psychic like you but I know we are going to do this again. Here’s a loving reminder to, everyone, to make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and wherever you get us, including YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued. Many thanks, Nicky, with much love and many blessings everyone. Bye for now.


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About Nicky Alan

GAR 247 | Spirit PeopleDevon based Nicky was born in Essex in 1970, Nicky was the grand daughter of a seventh son of a seventh son paternal side from the East end of London. Throughout her childhood she was surrounded by spirit people, had premonitions, psychic dreams, heard mysterious voices and received regular visitations.

She thought this was the norm and that everybody could do what she did. Due to her career as a Police Detective, her mediumship sadly took a back seat, but always bubbled away in the background consisting of doing readings for people during the evenings from the age of 21.

She had no idea about Spiritualist Churches and Development Circles. However on a fateful summer evening three weeks after she had been medically retired in 2003, her whole world was turned around. The spirit world had big plans for her. For no reason whatsoever she decided to attend an evening of clairvoyance at a local hall in Rayleigh.

Nicky had never been to one of these nights but felt she had to go. During the demonstration by the mediums, she saw three men reflected in a large window. She looked to see where they were standing in the hall and realised they didn’t exist. One of the men then waved at her and then told her their names and how they had passed.

The three spirit people turned out to be relatives of the medium on stage, Nicky was then invited by that medium to join a development circle, two years after this, due to public demand, Nicky had no choice but to become a full time professional working medium.

Since 2005 she has travelled throughout Europe and the whole of the UK demonstrating her amazing gift, including touring with Colin Fry and attending shared stage venues with Derek Acorah, Ross Bartlett, Most Haunted and Stephen Holbrook.

It was not long before Nicky started to be asked to do television programmes as well as a multitude of radio interviews in the Uk, Australia, US and Europe.

Television has included two series of Angels with Gloria Hunniford, Come dine with Me, Live from Studio Five, A sister’s loss, Sky Documentary and Street Seer.

She has is a triple columnist as THE PSYCHIC DETECTIVE in FATE AND FORTUNE MAGAZINE, DIARY OF A PSYCHIC in SPIRIT AND DESTINY MAGAZINE UK and AUSTRALIA and freelance writer in all of the most well known Spiritual magazines including, Haunted Magazine, Fate and Fortune, Prediction, Woman’s Own, Chat it’s Fate, Spirit and destiny, Psychic news, Eternal Spirit…

She also tutors through online workshops such as The PRISM LIVING seven week spiritual living course and shares her gifts and knowledge of angels/the paranormal/the spirit world on her YouTube Channel Nicky Alan – The Bedroom Guru.

She has two guided meditation CDs SOUL JOURNEY and MEETING YOUR GUIDES

She is also very shortly due to publish her first much anticipated book M.E Myself and I: Diary of a Psychic. Release date 27th November 2020. Her second book, ‘You Won’t Leave Me’ is near to completion which is an ultimate guide to bereavement, recovery and spiritual reunion.



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