GAR 2 | Near Death Experience


Michelle Clare is a Psychic, a Medium, an Angel and Life Guide Communicator, a Life Coach, and a Healer who believes that each of us is here with a specific purpose.


  • What angels and spirit guides look like and what they do.
  • What a Spirit Team is.
  • Each of us has a different life purpose depending on what our soul needs are in this lifetime.
  • The difference between an Angel, Life Guide Communicator, Life Coach, and a Healer


  • What are the significant insights you gained from your 3 Near Death Experiences?
  • How did your deceased grandfather inspire you to become a medium?
  • Do we each have pre-arranged exit points when we die?

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Michelle Clare: Psychic, Medium, Angel And Life Guide Communicator, Life Coach and Healer






I’ve become familiar with an extraordinary organization that no one in our audience would ever want to belong to, but it is a very important and very needed organization to know about. Helping Parents Heal is an incredible nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting bereaved parents to become shining light parents by providing support and resources to aid in the healing process. I’m very honored to be able to introduce our esteemed Grief and Rebirth readers to one of the uplifting and gifted presenters and healers who will be at the Helping Parents Heal Conference in Charleston, South Carolina. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that the Helping Parents Heal Conference, which was scheduled for April 2020, has been postponed due to the Coronavirus.

My interview is with Michelle Clare, who will be giving a workshop, a near-death experience, doing a platform mediumship reading, and seeing clients at the Helping Parents Heal Conference. Michelle is a psychic, a medium, an angel and life guide communicator, a life coach, and a healer. What a comprehensive and powerful combination of healing gifts that is. Michelle, welcome to the show. It is my pleasure to share with our readers that I had a few very insightful sessions with you the last time that shed light on my soul path. I know you believe that each of us is here for this specific purpose. Let’s begin our interview with this question. What was the path you envisioned for yourself before your new path as a medium and more was revealed to you?

Let me start by saying thank you so much, Irene, for having me on here. It’s a blessing to be able to share this time with you. Originally, my life was a stay-at-home mom and a wife, and enjoying being present at the moment. I have three kids and I’ve been married for many years. A very simple life was what I had planned for myself. I’ve had three near-death experiences, and in 2011, I had a traumatic brain injury. That occurred for people who like numbers on 11/1/11. At that point in time, my connection to spirit was shifted and opened up on a whole other level. It changed the framework of who I am now.

I can relate because I had a spiritual awakening as most of our readers know. That changed my life too. Michelle, I know you received messages from our loved ones who have crossed over. You also received messages from angels and spirit guides. Could you share what an angel is? How does an angel look to you? What is a spirit guide? How does a spirit guide look to you?

I’ve been able to encounter both, which has been through some of my near-death experiences. The first time I saw an angel in my first near-death experience, I was stunned at the beauty and the size. I would say she was 12 to 14 feet tall. It’s huge with wings and iridescent and somewhat a little bit translucent, yet at the same time, very solid. They’re able to manifest the way they look to how we will respond to them. That was apparently the way that I was going to respond at that point in time. She was beautiful and filled with love, compassion, and contentment that we rarely have ever known on Earth.

The one thing that surprised me about her is angels are telepathic, so I wasn’t expecting to have a communication with her, but I was thinking in my head, “What is your name?” She answered me in my head and her name was Madeline. It was a very stunning and surreal experience and yet more real in a way than what I face daily in the world.

That’s why it’s life-changing. Angels are their own type of being. They’re not deceased loved ones. They’re not spirit guides. They’re here to help us on the planet, right?

From my understanding, the angels are here to help us, protect us, and be a loving support team. This is how I would suggest I see the angels. They are healers. They’re healers of your heart, your mind, and your soul and very compassionate, loving being. I have not seen an angel that I would say is someone’s loved one. I know that we say that a lot on Earth, like, “I have another angel watching over me.” We do have another loved one watching over you, but I haven’t seen a crossover between them. I haven’t read for someone and seen their grandfather show up in a pair of weeks if that makes sense.

GAR 2 | Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience: The angels are here to help and protect us like a loving support team. They are healers of your heart, mind, and soul.

That makes sense. How is the spirit guide? I know we all have. We have our deceased loved ones, angels, and spirit guides. Tell our readers, what’s the spirit guide? What do they look like? Who are these? Are they souls, people, or former living our lives who help us and put those thoughts in our heads that help us?

In my third near-death experience, I met with my life guides or spirit guides. That term was interchangeable. At that point in my life, that was not a word I had ever used or ever thought about. I felt like I was meeting with these three beautiful people. They looked human to me in form but very wise. I felt like I knew them even though I knew I didn’t recognize their face.

To me, the difference between an angel who is this love and a compassionate support team. A life guide is loving and compassionate too, but to me, a life guide is someone who you help create your plan. Your plan here for your life on Earth before you incarnate it. At that point in time, they said, “I’m going to be the captain of the ship and try to help steer you in the right direction. If we do these things, we will accomplish our goals. If you get off track, I will be the one to tap you on the shoulder or smack you on the head. Depending on how much intensity we need.” They play very different roles, and yet, at the same time, very important and always around us.

I’m sure some people reading are saying, “What? I planned this stuff that I’m going through?” Do we plan our lifetimes mostly to learn lessons? Is that part of why we have certain challenges that come into our lives?

I do think that we plan our lifetime to learn a lot of lessons. I have to tell you, I feel like on a soul level when we’re planning in that safe, beautiful, loving, and compassionate space, we’re looking at things with brose glasses, then we get here and do have free will. You do have the option to start drinking too much, not show up for yourself, not take care of your health, or be cruel to people instead of being kind. What happens is we come here with this plan and these things we want to learn. Along the way, we have this free will where we can make choices to not end up fulfilling the plan that we wanted to and sidetrack ourselves.

We have the free will to choose not to fulfill the plan we want to and sidetrack ourselves. Share on X

That’s called free will and free choice. I understand that so well. Michelle, please share with us who and what inspired you to become a medium and so much more. You were like a housewife doing your thing.

The long story is when I was twelve, my grandfather passed, and I realized after he had transitioned that he and I still had this open communication. I would mention to my mom sometimes, “Grandpa says,” and she would say, “I know you think he would say that if he was here.” I started realizing this communication is between him and me and I didn’t think about it.

There was a channel that was always open, but after my near-death experiences, it exploded open to a whole other level. Through the years, I learned to keep that information to myself because it wasn’t for anyone else. I had a first near-death experience, a second one, then the biggest one was in 2011 when I was up on a ladder in my kitchen. We have 14-foot ceilings and I was about 10 feet off the ground. The ladder fell and I hit the back of my head on the corner of the granite island. I missed my brainstem by half an inch.

I ended up having a five-and-a-half-inch skull fracture and brain bleed. I lost my smell, my hearing, and my equilibrium. I had many complications. I have three children. At that time, my younger two were home, and they were 5 and 8. What happened after that, I was in the hospital for a while and I got home. This happened on the 1st of November 2011. My son, who was five, was in kindergarten. In January 2022, a couple of months after it happened, I was looking pretty normal and life was resuming the way it was.

My son was five and he started getting depressed. He would tell my mom, me, my mother-in-law, and anyone who would listen, “I didn’t need to be there when my mom got hurt,” because we believed my daughter, Sophie, who was eight at that time. She was the one who made the 911 call. He had tried to call but his call, we believed, did not go through. He would say, “I didn’t need to be there. If he could have done it without me, I didn’t help my mom.”

It did not matter what we said. We said, “You opened the door for the police officer.” We would try to build him up and it was impossible. At the end of January, my grandfather, who passed when I was twelve years old, came through to me very clearly. Usually, spirits don’t manifest to me in a body. He manifested to me in my kitchen, which I have not seen before or since.

He was talking about my head injury and my son being good with electronics. He said to me, “You should get the 911 recording. There’s something on there you need to know.” I thought, “That’s strange,” and then our visit was over. I had not thought of getting that 911 recording. What happened was I went and requested it. It took a couple of weeks to come in, and when I got it, I played it. I heard them say, “911, what’s your emergency?”

My son and his little broken voice say, “Sophie, what do I say?” He lays the phone down. His call had gone through. For the next minute and a half, you can hear them trying to get their attention. He tells her, “I’m going to go push the house alarm button.” She says, “Hold on, let me call 911.” She hung up the phone and her 911 call went through.

They connected her even to the fire department so she could tell them what she was seeing as they were dispatching help. It was amazing. When he came home from kindergarten that day, I said to him, “Josh, your 911 call went through.” It was like lifting a 10,000-pound weight of this five-year-old little boy. I saw his worth and self-confidence come flooding back into him. It was overwhelming. It could not have happened without my grandfather coming through.

How could you even question that was real? How could anyone possibly know that?

I know. It was amazing. What I loved about that was my grandfather passed when I was twelve and here I was 38. He had never met my five-year-old son in his life. They’ve never walked this Earth together, and yet that shows you to the very minute how connected our loved ones are to us when they’re on the other side. We feel like they’re so far away, and yet, they truly know what’s going on in your life and have the ability to help change course for you or your loved ones.

If you’re listening and open, that is amazing. For everyone who’s wondering, and me too, what is the difference between an angel and a life guide communicator, a life coach, and a healer? You do all of them. You’re a multifaceted healer.

Thank you. With the angel communication, I think about it as a radio station tuning into spirit. Let’s say they’re on Channel 111. When I want to connect with the Angels, I’m tuning into that channel. I’m connecting with them on the information that they’re going to have for you. When I’m working with connecting with life guides, let’s say they’re a different channel 112 or whatever, I’m tuning into that and connecting with that information.

Life coaching is what I do on an intuitive level. That’ll be when someone comes to me, and possibly present me with different things that they’re facing in their life. I open up at that point to the universe. It will be an angel life guide or sometimes even higher levels where I open up and say, “What do we need to know to help this person get to where they’re going? Give me some steps and ideas. Tell me what they need to know.”

That’s when I’m connecting on all three levels for that. The other thing I’ll say about the healing is that it is something that I have been practicing since my head injury. It was nothing I had ever thought I could do or would do before. What I do is a lot of it is angel energy healing. I am a reiki master, but I feel a lot of angel energy flowing through me and working with the White Christ Light and bringing that in and targeting people, either their whole bodies or specific areas. It’s body, mind, and soul healing. It depends on what they’re open for, physically as well as spiritually.

If someone has pain or a problem, energetically, you can help that to heal.

I can. It also happens remotely. I do work with people remotely also.

That’s amazing. Instead of going to surgery, sometimes, I can talk to Michelle.

Sometimes. I’m not a medical doctor and I would always recommend someone sees their doctor, but I have had success in people’s circumstances.

That’s wonderful to know, especially now because people can’t travel. It’s worth calling and seeing if what you can do can be helpful because they can’t go anywhere now. That’s amazing. The other thing I’m getting from you that you’re saying is that, energetically, there are different levels of vibrations where angels are, where our spirit guides come from, or whatever. You can match your vibration to theirs to get the messages. Would that be an accurate way to portray that?

GAR 2 | Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience: There are different levels of vibrations where angels or spirit guides come from to match your vibration to theirs to get the messages.

That’s how I perceive it. That’s my awareness of how I work and connect. The other thing is being able also because there is a universal level. This is one thing I know from my three near-death experiences. I believe those are happening on three levels. They’re happening on our human level, which is what’s happening to your body. They’re happening on a soul level, then they’re happening on this highest level, which is a universal level, which ultimately has the “yes, you can transition now, or no, you’re not done with your work” answer. If you want to get into that a little bit more, I’d be happy to talk about that.

I’d love to hear about that. Let me ask this question. Let’s talk about that when you get to your near-death experiences and touch on that. When a person comes to you to seek healing or guidance, do you utilize all of your gifts, do you separate them out depending on what the person needs, or do they choose which part that they would like?

It’s very individual. Some people come specifically wanting me to do healing work on their angle. Other people come specifically for reading. They want to connect with the loved one they’ve lost. I, in general, tend to open up and use everything that I can to help that person at that time in one sitting. If someone specifically is looking for one thing over the other, I will try to tailor it to that.

Now let’s talk about these amazing near-death experiences of yours and the insights that you gained from some of them. Please go into whatever you’d like to say to enlighten our readers and me too.

My first near-death experience happened in April 2000. I was at a hospital because my niece had been born that day, and I had a massive seizure. I went down right there in the hospital.

There was a seizure?


You were young.

I was 24 when that happened. I had never had one before, and I haven’t had one since. I ended up having the seizure, but during the seizure, what I remember is laying on the ground with my head in my grandma’s lap, and my grandma had passed a few years earlier than that. That was when I looked up and I saw this amazing angel.

I remember I was lying there in awe of the love, contentment, joy, peace, and completeness. I’ve never felt that complete or loved in this human life until that point. I was looking around, being in awe of where I was, and in no hurry to leave. I was happy to be there. I also had no concept of time. It was a moment, but not a moment. It was forever all in a moment. I looked up and I saw this angel as I told you. I remember thinking, “What is your name?” She answered me in my head, “Madeline.”

I was stunned by her beauty, effortless grace, and ability to communicate telepathically. My grandma didn’t say anything to me in that near-death experience. I lay there with my head on her lap and soaked at the moment. The next thing I knew, I was hearing code. They were calling a code for me because I had quit breathing and I was back. That was my first near-death experience. For me, I don’t think on the soul level or the universal level I was ever going to have the opportunity to leave. It was more of an awakening experience. That was the human experience of it, but it certainly brought me to an awareness that I hadn’t had before.

How many more near-death experiences did you have after that?


It was so wonderful. You said, “Let me almost die again so I can have another.”

It’s so much easier on the other side. Why stay here?

What were the others like?

The next one was in May of 2006 and I had my son in April. I had many complications. The doctor said, “Let’s do a DNC.” It was about six weeks after I had had him. I went in for what should have been a 45-minute procedure. While I was in there, the surgeon ruptured my uterus in two places and he missed my aorta by a millimeter. It was so close. They couldn’t stitch it. They had to pack that area.

What I remember was during this 45-minute procedure turned into a three-and-a-half-hour emergency surgery because of all of the damage that happened during that time. What I remembered was I had this beautiful white shepherd and her name is Tahoe. She had transitioned a couple of years before that. At night, when she was here, she would always come, lay her head on my bed, and check on me like make the rounds.

I remember seeing her walk into the operating room, lay her head on the gurney, and the next thing I knew, we were gone. We were on this phenomenal beach and I could see down around the curve of the island. I knew I wasn’t supposed to go around the curve. She and I were running on the beach. Here’s the funny part about this. I hate to run.

I tell people, “If you see me running, call 911. That is not me going for a jog.” In this near-death experience, here she and I are. We are running on this beach, and the only thing I’m aware of is each breath and each step. It took me to the present moment. The timelessness of it all, I was able to soak that in. I had no idea how long I had been there with her. I still don’t. That was my human experience of what was going on. The interesting thing that kept catching my attention was how we didn’t get tired, hot, or thirsty. We were just running.

Without touching her, I could tell she was happy. I could feel her feelings. I could feel she was so happy to be together and our love, that connection, and completeness. This is what’s happening on the human level. This is going to take it to where I start realizing that there are three levels happening. I know that my son was six weeks old at this time and I can feel that he is very energetically frightened because this is a long life at times.

He’s come in and his mom is about to check out. On this soul level, I can feel him calling to me and my soul goes to him. I say, “Do not worry. I will find a way. I’m not leaving you.” This is important for everyone to remember. At that point in time, my soul was able to usher in Christ and the miraculous and I believe saved my own life.

When you talk about Christ, I want to say this because there are people who are not Christian who are reading this. Christ’s consciousness doesn’t have anything to do with religion. On a spiritual level, he’s a great healer who is there. Am I correct? He’s like an extended master or a great healer?

Yes. I’m ushering in this consciousness. I was raised Christian and I also believe that in those near-death experiences or when you transition, you will meet the masters that you’re comfortable with because it’s all about love and comfort. It’s not about right or wrong and this one over that one. When you transition, you expect to see Mohammed, Jesus, or whoever you’re identifying with. That’s who you’re going to see.

I come from a Jewish tradition and I channeled my book. My husband had said, and we were very traditional, that he saw Jesus and it was a wonderful, loving presence and all of that. I know that there’s a lot more to that concept. He’s even greater, perhaps, than people even realize. Do you have a third near-death experience? One is not enough for you.

Not at all. The third one was the one where I had a traumatic brain injury. I fell off the ladder with my children in the house and they called 911. After that one, my grandfather came through and connected me with the 911 recording. What I noticed was a couple of months later, I had a big visit for a friend who had lost her husband to suicide. They started popping in. I thought people were going to think I was crazy but I was getting information that I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Was it easily coming like flowing into your brain?

It was coming in and I would describe it as the old-fashioned ink stamp. How it would say, “Date, time, and name.” You’d go through and fill out your address. All of these things. I would get the information, and it would feel like it was stamped on me. It was so much information. Here it is, and I was like, “I got to get this out. Here it comes.” That would be how I got the information. I started mentoring people and working with them more and realizing, “I have a little bit more control over this than I had realized.”

That’s fabulous. It’s amazing. I wouldn’t have wanted to go through your three new death experiences, but to have the gifts that came from them is incredible. What a blessing. You’re able to help so many people. You say that each here with a purpose. Can you tell us about this? Is it one of our purposes to heal as much as possible in each lifetime?

We are all here with a purpose, and it’s different for every person, depending on what your soul needs and what your soul is hoping to achieve in this life. No one is an accident. No one is random. You are here with a divine purpose. If nothing else, at the very point of your existence that every single human body can anchor light into this Earth realm that couldn’t be anchored here otherwise without it. By your body, even if we don’t want to get into this soul level and let’s keep it basic biology, it is literally anchoring light into this earthly realm that could not be here without you.

We have a purpose. It's different for every person depending on what your soul needs and hopes to achieve in this life. Share on X

Before we come here, we each know what our purpose is going to be in this lifetime that we’re coming in, but then again, you have free will too. You can thwart what is guiding you toward that or you can tune into it.

Let me tell you, I’ve asked the angels about it. Is it predestination? Is it free will? What is this? There is a lot of debate about that. Honestly, when I connected with the angels on that, the answer was, “Yes and more that you don’t understand.” There is a combination of free will here, of predestination and other things that, in this realm and this level of consciousness, we’re not aware of yet. To think that you’re not here with the purpose and not playing a part in a bigger plan would be to terribly undermine the purpose of your existence and what your soul’s here to do.

Some people could come here with a simple purpose to love and have joy in their relationships. It doesn’t have to be a mind-boggling goal.

It doesn’t have to be some goal that’s going to change the world. What about a gardener who grows beautiful flowers or a farmer who grows food that nourishes people’s bodies, their souls, and their minds? We come here with many different purposes. We’re noticing it now with the Coronavirus. There is oneness. We are connected. If you get sick or you’re carrying it and you’re spreading it, then other people are getting sick. The oneness is true for the pandemic, love, and our connection.

GAR 2 | Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience: The oneness is true for love and our connection.

In a way, what we’re going through is teaching us a universal truth.

It’s a very hard way to learn it. I do believe, when I’ve connected, that this is about evolution. Evolution is one of the human bodies because a lot of people will get sick and get immunity to it or strengthen their immune systems from going through that. Sadly, there will be many people that don’t. There’s part of this physical evolution that’s occurring, but we’re also at this incredible point in history where the doors for spiritual evolution have been flung wide open, and the sky is the limit.

Normally, this is a gift of time whether we want to see it that way or not. We’re being given this gift of time to look inside. For many people, this will be the opportunity to change course in your life, whether those are in relationships that you need to let go of, a job change, things you need to add, time to meditate, or time to get to know you. We forget who we are. By the time you hit the age of 30, a lot of us have already forgotten who we are because we’ve been so wrapped up in who the world told us we are. It takes a tragedy in something big to get our attention to go back to that. Inside your core and soul, there’s an awareness of a higher realm and a divinity that we don’t tune into every day.

I do think that for a lot of people, they are not going to be the same when this is over. It’s going to change a lot of perceptions. It’s bringing out other negative toxic things also in the world. It’s bringing a lot to our attention that in our busyness and our frenetic running, we didn’t pay attention to it in a way. Michelle, you, of all people, must have a message about the importance of healing to share with our readers. Now they are being presented with some time to start to consider if they would like to heal different aspects of themselves or discover different aspects of themselves. What would you like to tell everyone?

Healing doesn’t have to be done by someone who is “a healer.” We all have the ability to heal ourselves. When I’m working with someone, whether it’s through mediumship, angels, life guides, or healing work, I’m holding the space for that energy to channel and go into you. As humans, we like to see someone else doing it because it makes us feel like, “I can’t do that, but you can.” The reality of the situation is we all have that gift of healing.

GAR 2 | Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience: We all have that gift of healing. Get in tune with your heart and use loving kindness, thinking about where you want to direct that healing energy.

It’s about getting in tune with your heart and using loving-kindness and thinking about where you want to direct that healing energy, White Christ light, or the healing light. It’s in you already. Thinking about putting it on the areas, whether they are physical areas, spiritual, or emotional traumas, and imagining it lighting up with this beautiful white, somewhat golden light and clearing out these heavier energies that you don’t need anymore.

If you don’t feel that, you can do it on your own, then you can go to a guide like Michelle. She can help you do that, too, right? I would think. Now everyone wants a session with you. Tell us how can our readers connect with you.

The easiest way to connect with me is through my website and that’s

Michelle, what is your tip for finding joy in life after all you’ve been through?

The best tip I have is to try to be present in the moment because being present in the moment is the only place you can live. You can’t live in the past, fear, anxiety, and worry that the future might have. Being present at the moment is where it is and connecting to that higher source.

Be present at the moment because it is the only place you can live. Share on X

That’s great advice. I hope a lot of people are tuning in. It’s wonderful. Thank you.

Thank you.

Michelle, I am so grateful to Helping Parents Heal and for inviting me to interview you. I’m very much looking forward to seeing you at the Helping Parents Heal Conference. I’m sure that your workshop on near-death experiences will be amazing and enlightening as well as the readings you’ll be doing connecting with the deceased children of the conference attendees.

What an inspiring and healing resource you are for people who are grieving the loss of their loved ones. It truly is a pleasure to connect with you once again. Thank you from my heart for our insights-filled interview. Here’s a reminder, everyone, make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Thanks again for joining us, and as I like to say, to be continued. Many blessings, and bye for now.



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