GAR 118 | Near Death Experience


Michelle Clare is a Certified Medium, an Angel Intuitive, a Spiritual Coach, an Energetic Healer, an Intuitive Life Coach, and a 3-time Near Death Experience (NDE) survivor; during Michelle’s third NDE, she suffered a traumatic brain injury. All 3 NDEs were a reminder of unconditional love and connection that surpasses our earthly life. Shortly after her 3rd NDE was a monumental event, Michelle started receiving information from other people from their loved ones who had transitioned to the Other Side.



  • 03:17 How Michelle’s near-death experiences changed her life.
  • 12:24 Michelle’s Inspiration to become a certified medium.
  • 14:08 What it’s like to be a medium?
  • 15:41 What is Angel Intuitive?
  • 19:07 How does energy healing work?
  • 20:50 Definition of Quantum Realm.

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Michelle Clare: A 3-time Near-Death Experience Survivor Who Receives Messages From Loved Ones Who Have Crossed Over, As Well As Angels And Life Guides






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Everyone is welcome regardless of religious or non-religious background, allowing for open dialogues for those who wish to share their personal afterlife communications. I’m truly both delighted and honored to have been asked to interview some of the enlightened presenters who are at this conference. These insights provide uplifting interviews, comprising a special new series on the show that will illumine the wondrous healing work of helping parents heal. The organization’s sole mission is to help other parents who have also lost their precious children ensuring them that they need not walk alone through their profound grief.

Our next interview in this series is with Michelle Clare, who is a certified medium, an angel intuitive, a spiritual coach, an energetic healer, an intuitive life coach, and a three-time near-death experience survivor. During Michelle’s third near-death experience, she suffered a traumatic brain injury. All three near-death experiences were a reminder of an unconditional loving connection that surpasses our earthly life. However, shortly after her third near-death experience, which was monumental, Michelle started receiving information from their loved ones who had transitioned to the other side.

I am looking forward to talking to Michelle, who is a sweetheart, truly from my heart, about how her framework and human concepts were changed following her three near-death experiences, her work as an angel intuitive, the way she coaches her clients to overcome obstacles, how she can identify a person’s purpose and more for what is going to be truly an insightful, informative and very loving interview. Michelle, with much love, welcome to the show.

Thank you, Irene. I am so happy to be here. What an honor.

It’s such a pleasure. Thank you. Me too. Let’s talk about your three near-death experiences. Doesn’t everyone have three near-death experiences?

Of course.

Share how they changed your life. They changed the framework of human concepts that you had. What was that about?

I had one in April 2000. I had another one in May of 2006 and then I had my third and last one on 11/01/2011. For people who like 1s, there are a lot of 1s in that.

Were they all accidents?

For the first one, I had a seizure. I was in the hospital. My sister-in-law had given birth so I was in there visiting her, talking to my friend in the hallway who was her RN and I had a massive seizure. What I remember was opening my eyes and my head was in my grandma’s lap. My grandma had transitioned a couple of years before that. I remember looking up at her, seeing her be the healthiest, brightest version of her that I could remember.

I remember being in this white room. It had what I would say were walls but the walls were almost like cells or molecules. They were alive and moving yet they seemed solid but each cell was radiating this light, love, and completion. As I was sitting there, it felt so good. I was laying there and I looked up next to my grandma. There was this 12-foot angel standing next to her. I looked at her and I was awestruck by her beauty. I was feeling her energy.

Did she have wings and the whole thing? What did she look like?

I went to look for her wings as soon as I recognized her as an angel because I was ready to see these big feather wings. What I saw was that they were light. They weren’t made out of feathers but they were moving like the aurora borealis through the sky. They had almost a life of their own. They were translucent and iridescent. They were stunning.

GAR 118 | Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience: Angels’ wings were moving like the aurora borealis through the sky. They had almost a life of their own. They were translucent and iridescent. They were stunning.

As I looked at this beautiful angel, I was thinking in my head, “What is your name?” She answered me. She said her name was Madeline and she was one of my guardian angels. I was a little surprised because I was like, “How does she know what I was seeking?” I didn’t know about telepathic communication at that point in time. I have no idea how much time I spent in this beautiful space soaking it all in and feeling this love that is truly beyond words. The next thing I know I heard someone yelling code and I’m back in my body.

All of this happened but on the Earth plane, it’s like a second.

I have no idea how long it was in Earth time. I was already in the hospital and had stopped breathing so they were yelling code. It was amazing. I came back from that experience. I had truly never felt that love in my life. I grew up feeling loved but it was a whole other level. It was a level of being complete, perfect, and whole.

What happened the second time?

Number two, I had a lot of complications after I had my son. I have three kids and he’s my youngest. When I had him, I was in and out of the hospital for six weeks. Afterwards, I would run fevers. They’d give me IV antibiotics. Finally, they decided I needed to do a D&C. I went in for that. That’s a procedure for a 45-minute outpatient. They clear out your uterus and you go home. The night before, I had this gut feeling. I don’t think I should do this but I was so tired of being in the hospital that I said, “I’m going to go get this done.” It was my quick-fix answer. I went in. I had anesthesia before and I remember counting down and then it was nothing.

The next thing I know, I’m on the gurney in the operating room. I look over and I have this beautiful white German Shepherd who is my soulmate dog who had passed a couple of years before. Her name was Tahoe. She walked into the operating room, laid her head on the gurney, looked at me, and we were gone. We were on this phenomenal beach.

Once again, I noticed every drop of water, flower, plant, leaf, and everything radiating light, love, and completion. It’s almost like it is lit up from the inside out the way humans are meant to be. With that, we’re on this beach running. I look at her and we’re having this telepathic communication. She’s happy to see me. We’re having fun. She looks healthy. I realize we’re not getting hot, tired, or thirsty. The beach sand feels like we’re running on clouds. I start to realize it’s just each breath in each step. This love permeates you.

Each one of these experiences changed you and that wasn’t enough. You decided, “I need to have one more to learn even more.”

During this second experience, while I’m on the beach running with her, I can hear and feel my son who was six weeks old at that time and at the house with my mom calling to me. Energetically, I go to him and he’s afraid because he knows I’m getting ready to leave. I say to him, “I will find a way to stay. I’m not going to leave you.” I start praying and saying, “I need help. I’m not ready. My kids still need me.”

At that moment, I’m back in the operating room. I feel Jesus come in. I see it light up. The next thing I know, I’m waking up in post-op and my 45-minute procedure turned into a 3.5-hour emergency surgery because they had ruptured my uterus in 2 places and missed my aorta by 1 millimeter. It’s divine intervention.

You’re not kidding. What a miracle that was. You then had another one.

That was in May 2006. The next one was on November 1st, 2011 so about five years later.

What were you doing this time?

This time, I was up on a ladder in my house. I have 14-foot ceilings. I was up putting up these candles that have batteries in them and every night they light up. It was so beautiful. My younger two kids were at home. My oldest was in fifth grade at that time. I said, “As soon as I put this candle up, we’re going to go get your sister.” I remember climbing to the top of the ladder. As I get towards the top, I feel it start to shift. I could only think this is going to hurt. At the next moment, I know I am being ripped out of my body. Not in a painful way but in a fast way like a bungee jump.

I don’t feel pain but I’m ripped out of my body. I’m turned around facing my body on the ladder suspended in the air. I’m standing with these three people who I don’t know but I feel like I know them. They feel like family. I feel like they know me inside out. They looked at me and said, “What do you want to do? Do you want to stay or do you want to go?” As I was looking at my body in the air, I remember thinking, “I feel like I have forever to make this decision but my body is going to hit the floor in a second,” but nobody was rushing me. I had forever.

That’s the time thing because there’s no time on the other side. It seems long for us on the Earth plane but there, there’s no time.

GAR 118 | Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience: There is no time on the other side.

As I was watching my body on the ladder, I saw this different angel come in. It’s a beautiful angel dressed in red and gold. As I saw this angel, I knew like, “This angel is going to make it work out so that I can stay or it’s taking me home.” There was a knowing.

The wings were more like light, which is a wonderful explanation for people because when we get visions of angels having wings, it’s their light radiating off of them.

It’s a beautiful light. They don’t need feathers to fly. As I was standing there, I could see my younger two kids in the house and as soon as I saw them, I knew I needed to stay. It wasn’t even ever verbalized. It was just known. As I decided that I would stay, they said, “Michelle, we expect you to go back and do more than you’ve done. Being a mom is part of your life purpose but that’s not all of it. You need to go back and do your mediumship in the way that only you can do it. Help people in a way that only you can help them,” and on and on. Many things were revealed to me and I still don’t believe that I even remember everything but it’s like they give me memories at times.

From this, you started receiving information from other people.

I ended up falling off the ladder. I hit the back of my head on the corner of my granite island. I had a 5.5-inch skull fracture and a brain bleed. I lost my taste, smell, hearing, and equilibrium. I missed my brainstem by 0.5 inches. I survived that fall by 0.5 inches.

What inspired you to become a certified medium? Were you getting messages?

The biggest message that I got originally was in January 2012. My son was five years old at that time and he had said that he had tried to call 911 but his call didn’t go through. He was getting depressed and he would tell my mom, me, and my mother-in-law, “I didn’t do anything to help her. I didn’t need to be there.” We’d say, “You opened the door for the policeman. You were very helpful.” At the end of January 2012, my grandfather who had transitioned when I was twelve, came through and said to me, “Michelle, he talked about my accident and my son. He said he’s good with electronics and you need to get the 911 recording on there. There’s something you should know.” I don’t even know if I could get the 911 recording.

I went to the police station and ordered it. It came in in a couple of weeks. I put it in and played it. I hear them say, “911. What’s your emergency?” In his little broken voice, he says, “Sophie, what do I say?” He lays the phone down. He called right when the trauma happened. For the next minute and a half, 911 is trying to get their attention. He says, “I’m going to go push the panic alarm on the house.” She says, “Hold on. Let me try calling 911.” She hangs up the phone and her call goes through.

Who was Sophie?

Sophie is my middle child. I’ve got three. Both of their calls went through. Once I had this huge visit from my grandpa, my mediumship opened up to a whole other level but it couldn’t have happened to someone who was more important to me than one of my kids. It changed the course of his life. He went from feeling like he did nothing to help me to being empowered.

You decide to become a certified medium. What’s that all about?

Before that, I mentored for a while. I found people to mentor with. What I wanted to do was gauge where my skill level was and I wanted to add some validity to it. It’s all over the spectrum. Sometimes people think it doesn’t have a great reputation because there have been a lot of frauds in it. I did certified medium testing, which was I would log on for five blank Skype readings and they’d say, “Log on on Wednesday at 11:00.” I’d get on and start giving them what I was giving. “I’m feeling a young male come through. It feels like he had head trauma.” They go through and score and rank you. Once you pass those five, you’re certified. I made it.

In what ways does your mediumship help people find peace and understand the tools they need to reconnect with their loved ones who have transitioned? What happens in a session with you?

Number one, it’s important that people find out their loved ones are okay. As a mom myself and as a daughter with my mom transitioning, my feeling is always like, “If my loved one can’t be right here with me, I need to know they’re okay where they are, whether that’s my kid off at college, in the other realm or whatever this is.” Inner reading is usually a lot of the things that come through but they’ll also give me a lot of information to validate where you are in your life. They might be like, “I know you had a flat tire last week.” If they know the small things, they know the big things. That’s where the level of peace starts to come in.

You’re also an angel intuitive. Tell us about that.

With that, I can communicate with the angels and get direct guidance for people. I can also tap into how many angels are around them. Are they working with specific archangels? It’s a beautiful round.

GAR 118 | Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience: I can communicate with the angels and get direct guidance for people.

Not only you’re dealing with mediumship but you’re also giving people life advice.

Yes, but not advice from me, advice from a higher one.

You’re channeling that. Does that come through the angel intuitive readings?

Yes. Sometimes some of that will come in in a reading. When I turn on, I turn on. When I open up, it’s like, “Yes, your loved ones want to talk to you but so do your angels and life guides.” There’s a lot that will come in. Here’s the thing. A lot of people might not be open to the angel reading or the life guide part of it. They might just want to connect with their loved ones. I will guide and direct it to the best of my ability.

It sounds like it can be very challenging to meet the need of your sitter.

One of the things that happens that I find very interesting is 1 out of 10 times, I’ll be reading for someone and I’ll say, “I’ve got your mom here.” “Not my mom. I want to talk to anyone but my mom,” and whatever that is. I’ll say, “That’s not how this works. Number one, I can’t make them be here.” The other thing is this. A lot of times, the people that we think we don’t want to hear from because we have issues with are the ones that come in and bring us the most healing because they say, “I’m sorry. I know that was on me.” A lot of times, if you are open enough to receive the message you’re getting, whether they’re on your A-list or not, there’s a lot of healing to be offered.

Don’t they get a life review when they cross over so a lot of times, they get to experience what they prompted in a lifetime so that they learn a lesson that way? I would think that would be natural for them to want to come through and say, “I’m so sorry. I know how I made you feel now. I didn’t understand then.”

That’s one of the reasons why I’m not a big believer in karma because, at the end of our life, we feel everything when we’re ready for our life review that everyone else felt. Your soul is infinite intelligence. You don’t have to live another 100 years to find out you shouldn’t stab someone in the back or do whatever you’ve done. There is this energy of, your life is complete on a soul level when your life is complete.

Your life is complete on a soul level when your life is complete. Share on X

You come back and have more lessons to learn or different people to engage in.

It’s not done from a place of karma. I believe in karma in the sense of if you’re out there shooting at people, you’re probably going to get shot by someone but not in the fact of, “You’ve done something bad to me. Now, I’m going to do something bad to you.”

It gives them a chance to try to help their loved ones on this side once they’ve found out the harm they caused.

They don’t stop evolving on the other side. They’re not just helping us because they love us. It also feeds into their evolution as a soul.

I know your healing energy work restores physical, mental, and emotional balance, which we all need to be balanced, to say the least. Do you want to talk to us about why that’s important? How does that work? If someone gets a reading and a session with you, they’re also going to get healing in certain ways.

In some ways, yes. I usually schedule healing sessions separately because that’s a different focus for me than opening up. The way that this works is I’ve asked the spirit many times. I’m like, “Spirit, what are miracles? How come we don’t all have miracles?” They said, “Michelle, everyone has miracles but we call them happenings. They happen when you’re in alignment.” When we are in alignment, body, mind, and spirit, that is when the channel to the source divine, whatever you want to call it or the higher power is flowing through us. That’s when our bodies and minds heal themselves. That’s when our emotions heal.

You facilitate that. You help them to get into alignment.

Yes. With all of my readings or healing work, I hold the space to hear what your loved ones and angels are saying. I hold the space for the higher power and healing energy to come through. I’m a space holder. Think of me like a little comma-and.

Your presentation to helping parents heal is titled Into the Light: How Three Near-Death Experiences Changed My Life. As a space holder, would you like to explain our eternal connections to the spirit, including loved ones, angels, and spirit guides? It never ends.

It’s real in the Quantum Realm too. A lot of our soul work happens in the Quantum Realm.

Please define the Quantum Realm.

To me, the Quantum Realm is almost an interdimensional area. I’m trying to think of the right words.

People are saying, “What is she saying about the Quantum Realm?”

Our energy exists throughout dimensions. We’re alive in heaven. We’re alive here. There is no end to life. What happens is we bond with people or souls. Let’s call them souls in this other realm. Those souls that we are connected to will continue showing up to learn life lessons and play the parts. It’s like, “This time, Irene, you’d be the podcaster. I’ll be the medium. Let’s go,” and here we go. On a soul level, we are tied in a beautiful way. We are entangled and divinely structured to be with specific souls, our soul group or soul family.

GAR 118 | Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience: Our energy exists throughout dimensions. We’re alive in heaven and on Earth. There is no end to life.

These spirit guides and angels we have, do any of them have human lives or are they a specific category unto themselves?

To my awareness, they have had human lives because that’s how they can understand our human experience.

Do they then decide to pack it in and help others?

Yes. With the life guides, they get to another level where they can help us.

Do loved ones who’ve crossed over, angels and spirit guides, comprise a spirit team for each person? How does that person’s spirit team guide can help you when you’re helping your clients? I have a spirit team that’s going, “Irene,” all around me as you do.

Every human does and even our animals have spirit teams. They might look different than ours but every being on this planet has a spirit team. I believe in pre-life planning. Before we come into this life, we go ahead and say, “These are our missions, lessons, and goals.” We pick our life guides and angels.

You choose them like, “I like you. I’ll take you.” They don’t choose us.

It’s a fluid relationship. You choose each other.

Have we had relationships at times where we choose each other because we know each other and we’re comfortable with each other also?

Yes. Also because they have reached this higher level of understanding. The lifeguards are here to keep us on our mission and track. You might keep thinking like, “I’m tired of doing podcasts,” but here comes another opportunity. They’re giving you these opportunities to keep you on track.

I can directly relate to that, Michelle. I was doing my book. I had my experience and all that. All of a sudden, one day the word podcast came into my head and I knew that that was a message from a guide.

They’re always talking to us. I’ll tell you one thing about our angels, life guides, and loved ones in spirit. They often speak to us through other humans. You don’t always have to go to the medium for the message but maybe you see the billboard or hear a message from this person at work and this person at home. They’re talking to you. They’re planting seeds and giving you whispers.

Why would you say it’s important to heal issues from this lifetime or past lifetimes? You’re helping people to heal to become balanced. Why do they want to work on that? Why do they want to do that? What’s that going to do for them?

It helps their soul to evolve to the next level. There are two things that are happening right here on planet Earth. We have our human life and our soul’s plan. We have two plans that are running in tandem with each other. Sometimes, the human says, “This is terrible. What is happening?” The soul is like, “Once we get through this challenge, we’re headed to the next level.” Often, we are only in our human consciousness but when we tap into our soul’s consciousness, think of the people that have the stories that inspire us. It’s because they went through a challenge. We’re like, “If they can do it, I can do it.” It’s because they were following their soul’s path.

When people are going through tough times, they can think of it as part of their soul growth and part of becoming conscious and evolving. You have A Wisdom Within membership. Tell us all about that and how our audience can partake.

I love my membership. Depending on the tier that they choose, they can have a webinar and a gallery reading once a month. I like to get on and do a Facebook Live, which is for my members so we can get that one-on-one time with questions answered and messages.

Anything else you want everyone to know about what you’re doing? Tell us your website and give us your contact information.

It’s You can book individual sessions. I do house parties and small group readings like that. I also have gallery readings online and some readings in person if you’re in the Phoenix area.

They can contact you and have a Zoom reading also. You do a lot of that.

About 3/4 of my readings are on Zoom.

It’s much more wonderful to see you in person I must say.

Thank you.

What’s Michelle’s tip for finding joy in life?

Honoring yourself and clearing out the people, places, and situations that don’t honor you. When you’re truly in that place, the joy is effortless to find.

Honor yourself and clear out the people, places, and situations that don't honor you. The joy is effortless to find when you're truly in that place. Share on X

I happen to know for a fact that your loving intention is that each person you read will find inspiration, comfort and the understanding that we’re not living this life alone. We are being helped and guided from the other side and it is such a blessing. You’re so appreciated. You’re taking away the illusion that our loved ones have disappeared because they haven’t. Thank you for teaching so many people that love lives and helping so many people to know that. Thank you from my heart always for helping so many people through this interview. This is an eye-opening and truly loving interview.

I want to thank everyone from my heart. Make sure to follow us and like us on social, @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you’re watching on YouTube, check out Michelle and me. Be sure to click subscribe so you’ll never miss an episode. With so much love, thank you so much, Michelle.

Thank you.


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