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Marla Goldberg’s latest book, called My F*ing Long Journey to Loving Myself: A Guide to a Shorter Path, details her tried and true techniques for releasing anger leading to being in Forgiveness, Self-Acceptance and Self-Love. This raw, partial autobiography, part self-help book reveals the choices Marla made that did not serve her well, giving tips, tools and techniques to help her readers heal, as she likes to say, warts, wrinkles and all!


  • How “the thud” of hitting bottom brought Marla to her knees, and how Spirit showed up to help her.
  • The voice that boomed into Marla’s head, and why it changed the direction of her life.
  • Some of the 20 techniques Marla uses to help people heal.
  • The harrowing story about Marla’s divorce from her ex-husband and what she did to work through and heal her pain, anger and the many judgments focused upon her.


  • Tell us about the Scream Pillow you created and how can we get it?
  • Why do you call yourself a Reticent Healer?
  • How did you help your friend’s son to heal?





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Marla Goldberg — Energy Healer, Intuitive, Speaker, Teacher, Host Of Guided Spirit Conversations Podcast, Best Selling Author





Our guest is Marla Goldberrg, who is an energy healer, intuitive, teacher, speaker, author, and host of the Guided Spirit Conversations Podcast. Marla is joining us to talk about her book called My F*cking Long Journey To Loving Myself: A Guide to a Shorter Path, which details her tried and true techniques for releasing anger, leading to being in forgiveness, self-acceptance, and self-love. Marla’s raw, partial autobiography, part self-help book reveals the choices she made that did not serve her well, as well as giving tips, tools, and techniques to help her readers, as she likes to say, warts, wrinkles, and all.

Marla, welcome to the show. I know that your mission and purpose in life is to inspire, motivate, and educate people to help them enhance or shift their life circumstances. Your new book called My F*cking Long Journey To Loving Myself: A Guide To a Shorter Path is a very revealing and authentic guide for doing this. Marla, to begin our conversation, could you please share with us what inspired you to pursue your spiritual calling and write your book?

What was pursued and what happened to me that got me to start down my spiritual path is I was in a bad marriage. He was abusive. He was an alcoholic and he was not nice to me. I hit rock bottom. In doing so, I couldn’t figure out what to do, where to go, and who to talk to try and change my circumstances. I was reading in a paper that there was going to be a women’s conference, and it was in that paper that the women’s conference intrigued me. I wanted to see who was going to be presenting and if there was anything for me.

There was a woman who was talking about how to heal yourself. I said, “I’ve got to go to that because everything I’ve been doing and everything I’ve tried is not working.” The old adage, people say, “You go to therapy, you change yourself, and your circumstances change.” Not the case for me and my circumstances. I went to listen to Alexandra, who ended up being my first teacher. She was talking about how to heal yourself. Everything she said resonated with me. She would ask a question, and my hand would go up.

At the end of her 40-minute talk or 50-minute talk, she sent out a flyer that she was having an informational one-day event so she could let people know what her school is about. She had a school, and she still does. I went. I still couldn’t wrap my mind around what she was trying to teach, but I kept hearing this voice going, “You have nothing to lose. Nothing else is working.” When she said we’re having a four-day basic, I signed up for it, not grasping what I was stepping into.

You were willing to walk through the door. A lot of people are not willing to do that. A lot of people are afraid and they stay stuck. They don’t realize they can walk out the door if it doesn’t work for them.

I was desperate for change in my life because I knew that this life was not working for me the way it was running. I needed to change courses. I signed up for it. In the basic classes, when I say known psychic experiences, there are a lot of times we have these guides guiding us, but we are so in our heads that we don’t get the guidance. We don’t hear it. We think that we’re left vacant. I went to the four-day school, and long story short, I ended up attending her 3-year school out of 4. I graduated and learned fourteen different healing techniques. It was comprehensive and powerful. I learned to let go and forgive in the process.

GAR 50 | Heal

Heal: There are a lot of times we have these guides guiding us, but we are so in our heads that we don’t get the guidance, we don’t hear it.

That’s so crucial. That’s amazing. Do you call that thud-hitting bottom that brought you to your knees and how spirit showed up to help you?

Yes, because spirit showed up by bringing me this conference and this teacher who was sharing her message of how to heal yourself. When I say I hit rock bottom, people who know me know I’m usually upbeat, and not a lot keeps me down. If I’m down, I’m not down for long. Maybe a few hours or a day or so. This was weeks of depression and I wasn’t used to being depressed like that. I had to follow my guidance. I had to follow the school because nothing else was working. I figured, “If this doesn’t work, I’m no better off. I’m no worse off than I already am.” It turned out that I was better off.

Why do you call yourself a reticent healer? Tell us about the voice that boomed in your head. As many of our audience know, something similar to that also happened to me and changed my life.

I call myself the reticent healer because the spirit pretty much grabbed me kicking. I was very resistant to following my spiritual path, to becoming a healer, and to working with clients. I figured when I graduated, I would help friends, I would help myself, and that would be the end of it. I would get on with my life being the serial entrepreneur that I’ve been.

Spirit had other plans for me because everything I tried to do failed. I started a bakery, it lasted a year. I tried this, but that failed. One day, I was married to my new husband and we were traveling. I was asleep, and I heard this big booming voice tell me that I needed to start a practice and start to help people, that people needed my help. I said to my husband, “Did you hear that? Did you say that?” I woke him up out of a deep sleep. He goes, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I told him the story. Over breakfast, we talked about my situation, my circumstances, the voice in my head, and what I heard. Together, we said, “Maybe I need to follow that advice and start to practice.” I did.

As we both learned, you pay attention to that voice because when they pulled me out of the car, my husband was dead next to me. The voice that came into my head told me to be loving and kind to everyone. Here we are. You pay attention. My F*cking Long Journey To Loving Myself: A Guide To a Shorter Path is an account of your transformational journey, which includes a guide to some of the most powerful Tips, Tools, and Techniques which you call TTTs. You learn and incorporate in your life to come to release self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, and self-love. Tell us more.

GAR 50 | Heal

My F*ing Long Journey to Loving Myself: A Guide to a Shorter Path

I was guided to write this book. As I started writing it, I started automatic writing, and it just happened to be about my life. I had gotten a hit that, “This is more than just sharing what happened to you. Let’s help people.” I started putting what I call my TTTs, Tips, Tools, and Techniques listing them out in the back of the book. As I was writing, I got this epiphany that I should include what tips, tools, and techniques I would have used had I known them starting at a very young age and what tips, tools, and techniques I did use once I learned them to help me shift my life. I was your typical repressor.

I repressed all my feelings. I write in the book, I was like Scarlet O’Hara, “I’m not going to worry about this today. I’ll worry about it another day and I’ll vow not to do this, that, or the other thing, or let something happen to me again, and then I move down with my life.” What I found is doing those vows and making those declarations were not helpful in life. I needed to release a lot of repressed anger, frustration, disappointment, and hurt, and then take it to the next level. Also, learned how to forgive others and myself for the decisions I made in my life that did not serve me well at all, which then led to self-acceptance and then into total self-love as, like you said, wart, wrinkles, and all.

Isn’t it wonderful when you get to this place, for me, loads of baggage? Lift off your shoulders and leave your being. Can you tell us about some of those twenty techniques? I’m fascinated by Chinese face reading, intuitive life coaching, and what is spiritual response therapy.

Chinese face reading is part of Chinese medicine. This is a practice that’s over 2,000 years old. It probably had a different name in China, but just medicine. What they found is your facial features, how large, how small, and where they’re placed, they tell a story. That’s one piece of the puzzle. The other piece of the puzzle is your birthday to hold patterns as well. You get a ton of information from your facial features. You also get a lot of information from your birthday pattern. Together, it will give you the big picture and it will help share about your personality characteristics why you might feel stuck and what you might be doing repetitively that isn’t serving you. It can help with matching you up with another person.

It even helps you find a soulmate.

I don’t know about finding a soulmate, but finding a really good match for your personality and characteristics. Intuitive life coaching is exactly that. I’m an intuitive. What’s different between me and a psychic is I get a lot of information during conversation. You’ll be sharing something with me about something that’s going on in your life, and I’ll get information and I’ll share with you what my guidance is telling me to tell you. We can draw getting a goal or a strategic plan together, whether it’s for business, personal, changing your life, or whatever it might be. That’s how the guidance piece works.

SRT is Spiritual Response Therapy. It’s a technique where we clear blocks programming and imprints off of your Akashic record, your soul records. For people who don’t know what the Akashic records are, everything from the moment of your conception to the very second you’re reading now is all filed away in a virtual cabinet or an iCloud. Every word, thought, or deed that you have said or projected on somebody else, anything that’s done to you is all recorded in your Akashic records.

GAR 50 | Heal

Heal: Every word, thought, and deed that you have said or projected on somebody else, anything that’s done to you, is all recorded in your Akashic records.

Not only is iCloud up there physically and virtually for all of us, but it’s also there’s a heavenly iCloud up there.

As one may know, maybe if you don’t know, what happens is your soul is eternal. Your soul goes on. Your body is a shell, and it has an aging process. It will fall away. When you transition, your soul is still very much alive, though your body is not. In doing so, you might bring some things that happen to you in your current life. For example, not to bring up some sad situation, these mass shootings that are happening. These souls are still alive, but they may bring the fear of what they experienced into their next incarnation. It could potentially block some flow or bring some fear issues in. We can clear them. It’s either past life or current life, which will then clear into the future.

Can you clear them, even if they’re on the other side, or it has to be someone in a physical body here?

I clear the people in their physical body, but because it’s past life, technically, it’s on the other side as well. You can clear issues between. For example, if you came to me and you had issues with your mother who had transitioned, we can clear what went on between the two of you. It’s all has to do with past lives.

That’s cool, Marla. How did you help your friend’s son? I saw that there was a great story you told about how your techniques and all helped your friend’s son.

I have a friend whose son is an all-American athlete. This young man was having trouble sleeping. He had trouble sleeping for years. She asked me if I would clear him. I did an SRT clearing on him. During the clearing, I heard something about an Ouija board. I went to her and asked, “Did he ever play with an Ouija board? I’m getting a message about an Ouija board.” She’s like, “I don’t think so. I don’t know anything about it.”

As we were friends, we were out. My husband with her husband were out to dinner one night, and she asked her husband, “Did our son ever play with this Ouija board?” The husband said, “Yes. Don’t you remember his friend so-and-so brought one over and they played with it?” She called me. I also do space clearing as one of my modalities. I had gone into her house to clear the space. What’s interesting is, in my way of doing space cleaning, we’d find where the primary disturbance was. It was in her son’s bedroom. We came, and I cleared that. I came back down and did all of my sweeps because we cleared geopathic stress, magnetic stress, underwater disruptions, etc.

As an all-American athlete, you would think there would be medals and trophies all over the room. The room was bearing. There was a nightstand, a dresser, an empty bookcase, and a bed that was slept in. That was it in this bedroom. I went in and I cleared up to a point, and then it wouldn’t let me clear anymore. I’m assuming that’s where the children opened up a portal when they were young. We cleared that part of the room.

The room had total flow again. I had a message saying to ask him if he wanted to change his bedroom to another room. At first, he said no. A couple of weeks later, he said yes. What did he do? Trophies came out, awards came out, posters, and books. It became personalized. He was studying in his room, and his room was comfortable for him. Most importantly, he started to be able to sleep.

That’s a wonderful story.

Thank you.

To help someone be able to sleep for the rest of his life is a beautiful story. What about your story about your divorce from your ex-husband? That’s quite a story and what you did to work through your pain, anger, and all those judgments being focused on you. People can be so unkind.

Especially because he had a different persona at work. Everybody thought he was this amazing guy at work, but when he came home, when the door closed, it would just be horrible because he was not a funny or nice drunk. He was a mean alcoholic. He would come in and he would start screaming and hollering. It was challenging. I would say, “How was your day?” He would find a reason to yell at me. A lot of people didn’t know about this. We finally got through the divorce, but he wanted to make the divorce as arduous and as expensive as possible. He hired this law firm that was known to desecrate the other side, which would’ve been me, the plaintiff.

It took three years. It took me three lawyers to get through this. I would have conversations saying, “We have children together. Let’s do this amicably. Let’s split the house.” I keep making offers. He said no to everything. It was brutal. Finally, after almost three years, we were able to divorce. It didn’t end there. He kept harassing me. He kept calling me and sending me these vile text messages. It got to the point where I hit my limit and finally went to the police showing them my phone with all the text messages on it and how horrible, mean, cruel, and vile and personal that was. They said, “We want you to get an order of protection.” I went to the court, got the order of protection, and he kept avoiding the sheriff. He was never officially given the order of protection to sign.

Finally, it was one Monday night in November when he started calling me, leaving vile messages again. Following my detective’s advice, I called the police to write yet another report. At this point, the border of protection was probably two months old and he still hadn’t read it. He was still harassing me. The officer remembered me from a previous domestic situation I was having because of his temper. While we were talking, the phone rang. I told the officer who it was, and he said to call him back. He said, “You need to sign this order of protection. You can’t just keep doing this. Let this woman live her life.” He agreed to it.

The police officer called him back.

He did. He took the phone. It was a surprise to my ex because he thought he was going to get me and he was going to be able to start screaming and hollering at me. Instead, he was a police officer. To make the long story short, he ended up being pulled into jail, which is not what I wanted. I just wanted to have him leave me alone so I could live a peaceful life. While he was in there, he transitioned. I was being blamed for this. There’s more to it and it’s in the book. Instead of people seeing that he had harassed me for months, and I had an order of protection to protect myself, I was blamed for being the horrible individual who caused this to happen. There’s more to it, and it’s in the book.

This is why they want to read the book.

Yes. Also, the tips, tools, and techniques that I used to work through, the anger that I was feeling, the disappointment, the stress, the frustration from being blamed for something I didn’t do, or from having to receive these vile text messages or phone messages. There’s a technique called exertion and release. I still have a kid’s bat. This particular bat ended up smashing into smithereens because I was banging my healing table so hard with it. While I had one hit, all of a sudden, the plastic one flew all over the room that I was in.

You had a lot to release.

For anybody who is so angry and doesn’t know how to get rid of their anger, stress, or frustration, do anything where you can bang something like a bat on a mattress. For somebody who likes to box, hitting a hard bag and picturing the situation or the person’s face on it helps you get rid of it. Tennis was another outlet for me. You could take eggs, go into the forest, and throw them against a tree, or take rocks into a lake and throw the rocks as hard as you can. Anything with movement will help you get this anger and frustration up and out.

GAR 50 | Heal

Heal: Exertion and release is for anybody who is so angry and doesn’t know how to get rid of their anger, stress, or frustration, doing anything where you can bang something.

If you feel like crying while doing it, cry and get it out. If you want to scream, scream. If you’re in an apartment, that might alarm people. That’s why I designed a scream pillow. You can take this pillow, put it over your mouth, and scream into it so it muffles the noise, but you can still get that scream or that primal release out.

Tell me about the scream pillow. That’s cool. You designed a screen pillow. Does it look like a regular pillow?

No, it has a big giant screaming mouth, so it shows you where to put your mouth when you need to release it. It’s called The Original Scream Pillow. It’s on my website, They can purchase it there. We’ll ship it out and then they too will have their scream pillow.

That’s fabulous. Speaking of scream pillows, TTTs, and all that you have done for yourself, do you have a message about the importance of healing that you’d like to share with our audience?

I do. The reality of it is there’s no need to walk around as a walking wounded individual. You can heal these issues. Many people have been brought up in dysfunctional lives and have been judged, criticized, and abused verbally, mentally, physically, and emotionally. You can learn to heal this. You can then get rid of these wounds and move on to live the life you were meant to live. We weren’t put on this earth to walk around as wounded individuals. We were put on this earth to work through lessons and then move on to the next, not to hang on to everything and not to have to believe the negative things that people have shared with you over the course of your life because that’s their projection onto you.

The reality of it is there's no need to walk around as a wounded individual. You can heal these issues. Click To Tweet

They projected it onto you, but then by holding onto it and non-healing yourself, you’re busy projecting yourself onto other people.

It’s a cycle.

I agree. Tell us all the ways our audience can connect with you and where they can buy your book.

They can reach me at That’s where they can email me. My website once again is They can either order the book online at my website or on

How could they ever forget the name of your book, My F*cking Long Journey To Loving Myself: A Guide To a Shorter Path? With that said, what is your tip for finding joy in life?

Absolute gratitude. When you can be grateful about everything, even the perceived negative things, and I say perceived because of the negative things that people are projecting on you, happen to you, or the things you say or do to yourself, it’s all perception in reality. It is how you take it in because I could say something to someone and they’ll think nothing of it, but somebody else could say the same thing and they could get their panties in a tight twist. Also, by being grateful for it because everything is growth. You can be grateful for the learning process, whatever it is that is a stepping stone to the next level of learning and your personal growth.

Instead of taking offense, if someone’s very abusive or does something, you can use it to say, “Thank you for the lesson that I’m going to take from this.”

You can send them blessings. Blessings are always good. Bless the situation because it diffuses it on an energetic level. Also, being grateful for the lesson in it. You need to stop and say, “Why is this happening? Why am I experiencing this? Where’s my growth? What do I need to learn? What do I need to do?” I use it all the time. I have a situation you and I spoke about earlier, and it’s like, “What am I supposed to do?” At a certain point, I even ask spirit for guidance. “Help me understand, show me what to do to diffuse the situation, and change it to something positive.”

Bless the situation because it diffuses it on an energetic level and then be grateful for the lesson in it. Click To Tweet

That’s the key to everything. It’s all about a choice to choose to heal, to choose to get something positive about it. Marla, your mission is to inspire, motivate, and educate people, and moving them to enhance or shift their life circumstances mirrors that of this show, which is to encourage people to heal and pay it forward by being both a role model and helping others to know that they, too, can heal. I applaud you for living your truth, writing My F*cking Long Journey To Loving Myself: A Guide To a Shorter Path, and this very inspiring interview. Here’s a reminder to everyone to please be sure to like Irene Weinberg and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Thank you. Thanks again, Marla. As I like to say, to be continued. Bye for now.


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