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Get ready for a riveting, enlightening interview with Mark Anthony, a world-renowned fourth generation psychic medium who is also an Oxford educated attorney licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington D.C. and before the United States Supreme Court. He is alsothe author of the award-winning, critically acclaimed bestsellers, Never Letting Go and Evidence of Eternity.



  • Mark’s fascinating Near Death Experience at the age of four and what the beings he met looked like on the Other Side.
  • What are the different levels of existence on the Other Side and what happens to evil people?
  • Why media calls Mark the psychic Indiana Jones.
  • What Mark says to skeptics who doubt that what he does is real.


  • What does it feel like to be in Heaven?
  • What are the benefits of spirit communication?
  • How is time perceived differently on the Other Side than on this side?




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Mark Anthony— Psychic Medium, Author Of The Best Sellers Never Letting Go And Evidence Of Eternity, Paranormal Expert, Legal Analyst And Grief Expert






Our truly extraordinary guest is Mark Anthony, the Psychic Lawyer, also known as the Psychic Explorer. He is the author of the award-winning, critically acclaimed bestsellers, Never Letting Go and Evidence of Eternity. Mark is a world-renowned fourth-generation psychic medium who communicates with spirits. He is an Oxford-educated attorney licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington DC, and before the United States Supreme Court. Mark is featured regularly on television, major talk radio shows, and in print media.

He has also been a headline speaker at conventions, expos, and spiritual organizations such as Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E, the International Association of Near-Death Studies, and universities including Brown, Columbia, Harvard, and Yale. Mark and I have something in common. We both hail from Florida. Mark, it is truly my pleasure to welcome you to the show. I’m eager to share your fascinating life story and keen insights with our audience. Let’s begin our interview with this question. You are known as a psychic lawyer, a psychic explorer, a psychic medium, and a paranormal expert. Please define each and tell us how they apply in your life.

First off, I was born a psychic medium. These are abilities that run in my family for at least four generations on both sides. Both my mother and my father had the ability to perceive spirits. When I started studying my family and talking to my parents and other relatives, I was attracted back to the 1890s on both sides. The thing is, it reasons to assume and it goes back even farther than that. It’s that the people that are at first-hand experience with psychics and medians back in the 19th Century are no longer on this side. Eventually, I started seeing spirits when I was about 3 and a half or 4. It’s not unusual for children to see so-called imaginary friends, but the fact that my parents could also see who I was talking to, them realize what was going on.

My mom was excited about it. My dad not so much. My mother’s side of the family was Italian. They were Italian Catholics. My mother’s father came from Italy and her grandparents on the maternal side came from Italy. They looked at it as a gift or a vision of the Holy Spirit. My dad’s family is very waspy Pennsylvanian. My great grandfather, through my dad on his maternal side, was a Baptist minister in Pennsylvania but they weren’t the cast the first on their mind if you are doing the work of Satan Christians. They looked at it as a gift of spirit. In other words. there are more Romans 12:6-8. “We all have gifts from God if your gift is one of prophecy thou shall prophesize” as opposed to, “Mediums are not of God in Leviticus.”

By the way, if you are daughter is menstruating in a temple, she shall be put to death. You can’t take that stuff seriously and people that do, I forgive you. They are not here for all these religious fanatics. They are not even Christian, Jewish, or Muslim. They are religious fanatics and they don’t seem to understand the religions that they practice. That being said, I went to a Catholic school and I wanted to be a Catholic priest. I was always drawn toward the spiritual and that leads me to people saying, “Why did you go to law school?”

It is because I like helping people and both jobs are for about evidence. I’m an evidential medium, which means I have to produce information from the other side of the spirit to verify that this person is who he or she we believe they are and to verify that that is that person. An attorney needs evidence to substantiate his case in court so that’s what the evidence comes in and both jobs are about helping people.

Now, the next question was the psychic explorer. It’s funny because the media has nicknamed me the Psychic Indiana Jones. That has got to be the nicest nickname. I love it because since I was a child, I have been fascinated with archeology, history, ancient civilizations, theology, and philosophy. I have spent a lot of my adult life traveling to mystical and sacred sites around the world to understand this, in addition to the armchair aspect of that.

You have to read and learn about it before you go on. I’m so thankful for the experiences that I have had. In my travels and work, you learn about different phenomena. Call it a haunting or not human spiritual intelligence, and I have been on a number of ghost hunts and paranormal investigations. I have to tell everyone. If you haven’t been on a ghost hunt, put that on your bucket list. It’s a lot of fun. People think it’s going to be all scary and blood and gore and stuff. It’s fascinating to go to places where there’s an energetic vibration that could be interpreted as a spectral phenomenon or residual energy echoes. A quick funny story on that.

I was at the Tower of London and I was all by myself. I’m walking around. I’m in historical paradise there. I remember it was a cold February day and I was tired. I have been walking for about 6 or 7 hours nonstop and I sat down here. I’m in this courtyard of the Tower of London. Also, I’m thinking about Anne Boleyn. Anne Boleyn was Henry VIII’s second wife. She motivated him to divorce Catherine of Aragon and that started the whole tension and separation between England and the Catholic church.

I kept thinking, “I wonder where Anne Boleyn was beheaded because I’m pretty sure it was at the Tower of London.” All of a sudden, I looked down to my left and there was this glass sign. I have seen in the sign, “This be the spot where Anne Boleyn was beheaded by order.” I was like, “My God.” The worst part for me is there wasn’t anybody with me to share with but on the other hand, somebody was there.

You are telling us all about it now, which is amazing. Let me ask you when you get to some of these places, are there people who need you to help them to go to the other side? Are they still stuck where they are?

That’s where I differ from my colleagues because I don’t believe in the souls trapped between this side and the other side. It is my understanding and I have come to the conclusion. There are three schools of thought on haunting. One of which is that when a person dies, their energy field is in their head. They are electromagnetic quantum fields inside the brain which you and I would call the spirit of the soul. They are all the same thing.

Scientists called it consciousness. Physicists called it the electromagnetic quantum field. People of faith called it a spirit or soul. It immediately goes to the other side because energy moves at the speed of light or this energy does and they are perfectly aware of that. That doesn’t mean they don’t come back and visit locations that may have had significance to them and they have the reasons for doing it. That’s a school of thought number one. Number two is they are trapped between this side and the other side.

That’s the one I have heard a lot about so I’m glad you are going straight out about this.

That’s where the paranormal investigators and the mediums whose understanding of spirit communication is that the other side is mired in the Victorian era. The Ichabod Crane are running around and holding their severed head and all that nonsense. I don’t believe that because a spirit is an immortal living being and the second you are of the brain, you revert to a purely energetic state. I know people talk about damaged souls, wounded souls, and all these types of things. That to me is a bunch of primitive superstitious nonsense. The reason for that is because consciousness is not created by the brain. It preexists the brain. It is merely hosted by the brain, ergo, it is like the thinking of the brain as a computer hard drive and who we are the data.

A spirit is an immortal being the second you die. The brain reverts to a purely energetic state. Share on X

The programs on the hard drive and when the hard drive crashes, you get uploaded to Dropbox if you are Jewish and Microsoft Cloud if you are Christian. If you go to Dropbox, you get the bagels in heaven. If you go to Microsoft Cloud, you get the cannoli. If I will go to heaven, I can hear my relatives now. The third school of thought is that matter retains vibration. That to me is the key to haunting.

It’s like was I picking up on Anne Boleyn or was it the fact that this is where a lot of people were beheaded? In my book Never Letting Go, I talked about when I went to a Dachau Concentration Camp when I was nineteen years old and I wasn’t prepared for the energy that surrounded me. In 2018, I was in Hawaii filming a pilot and the Hawaiian priest that I was with was an adherent of the ancient religion.

It’s quite fascinating. It took me to this place near a hospital. I completely had a meltdown and I kept seeing people running for their lives, getting slaughtered, and begging for mercy. Luckily, the cameraman had to wherewithal to snap the camera and they filmed this complete meltdown. I got my composure back. I won’t even say it. The Hawaiians are all looking at me going, “Do you have any idea where you are?” I said, “Parking lot of the Hilo Hospital.” They said, “On the other side of this little ridge behind us, there was a battle between two Hawaiian armies I guess about 200-plus years ago. One Army annihilated the other and then the survivors, they boiled them alive.” It’s called Boiling Spring.

I didn’t know this but I felt the residual energy from all this death. Essentially, not only was there a battle but there was genocide committed here. It did not feel like sentient spirits. It felt like echoes. Let me explain it like this. When you look in a mirror, the reflection that you are seeing is no more a spirit. In other words, a situation like that is no more a sentient living being than your reflection in a mirror. It is you. It’s residual, and a lot of the paranormal investigators and ghost hunters fear cells. They want you to buy tickets to the tours and all that, which I highly recognize.

It’s fun, but we have to realize we are pure energy. As Albert Einstein said, we are all energetic beings and there is no death. There’s merely energy that vibrates at different frequencies to be perceptible to our senses or the physical senses. When we die and our energy field our soul, which is housed in the brain leaves the brain then we immediately revert to this higher frequency. Ergo, there is no need to be wandering around the Tower of London.

GAR 47 | Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium: We are all energetic beings and there is no death. There is merely energy that vibrates at different frequencies.

I have had people tell me more that they visited a concentration camp, for instance, and they are helping souls to cross over. Was that their projection?

That is, with all the respect for them, their ego. What’s happening is people that who do the clearings and the releasing think of the energy in a place like that. It’s an echo that continues and it will continue unless it is deflected. When you deflect that energy away, it gives the impression that you are helping that soul cross over when that soul has crossed over already.

Gettysburg is a very popular place for people. That was a slaughterhouse of Southern and Northern boys killing each other. I heard on an interview, I believe it’s on CBS, on Sunday morning or it could have been 60 minutes. This is one of them. The last surviving judge from the Nuremberg trials. This is a guy in his 90s and he said war. He said, “It’s old people sending young people to go kill other young people than never did anything to them. It is the most absurd, ridiculous, and preposterous thing. I don’t understand why humanity doesn’t get that.”

I agree with him. I am with him there. Please tell us about that near-death experience you had at the age of four.

My dad was involved very heavily with the space program. I was born in New Jersey but we moved down to Orlando, Florida when I was around three. He was working for a company at that time called Martin Marietta, which is now Lockheed Martin. Daddy travels a lot. He was on a trip and it was a summer day. I think it was late July. An epidemic of impetigo had flooded through the neighborhood and I caught it. Our family doctor said, “No big deal. Soak them in bleach.”

That’s a fabulous experience for you.

The thing is what the doctor either missed or did not know at that time was that I had an extremely severe case of it and developed septicemia, which is an infection of the blood. My fever started soaring and my mom couldn’t stop it. All of a sudden, I went into convulsions and I stopped breathing. She picked me up and she told my sister to call an ambulance. She yelled to my brother, “Get help.” She ran out of the house and my brother ran across the street.

I can’t believe how lucky we were. The guy living across the street was a fireman and he happened to be home. He was out front. His nickname in the neighborhood is Fireman Rory. Everyone loved Fireman Rory. I have vague memories of Fireman Rory. My mom runs out going, “Help me. My baby is dying.” He ran across and started doing compressions on my chest, CPR, and my sister was like, “Mommy, the ambulance is on the way.” All of a sudden, they get there. They brought me back because I remember being pounded on the chest and they put me in the ambulance. My mom jumped in the back and as it sped off, the door of the ambulance slammed shut on the ventilator.

My oxygen supply got cut off and all of a sudden, I heard, “We are losing him.” The next thing I knew it was like jumping on a trampoline except I went right through the roof of the ambulance. It was weird because I was this little kid. I was fine above the ambulance and I looked down. I was like, “There’s Fireman Rory standing in front of my house with my brother and sister and there’s this ambulance.” The weird thing is I know there are numbers on the top of the ambulance. I was like, “Why are there numbers on the top of the ambulance?” Now I saw helicopters. I was four. I didn’t know this.

It is proof that you were over the ambulance.

I’m like, “That’s interesting.” All of a sudden, I went into this flash of light and this being started emerging from the light. I know this sounds corny, but the best way I can describe them is when you see an Academy award. It’s like a humanoid figure without any real distinctive figure except they were clear. They were liquid and glowed from the inside out. There were several of them and they surrounded me but I wasn’t afraid of them because they were nice. They were like, “Fear not. Don’t worry. You are going to be fine.” I then went beyond them. They melted into the background and then I felt this presence. The voice said, “Life is eternal.” I heard, “Clear,” and then I came back.

The paramedic, fireman, or whatever they called them back then hit me with the defibrillator paddles on my chest and I got electrocuted back into this world. My mother was hysterically crying. What happened is pretty exciting because I stopped breathing and I went into cardiac arrest. I catapult out. I’m on the other side. The paramedic says, “Unless we get that hose in, he’s going to die.” My mom said, “I will do it.”

He grabbed her by the waist or something on the top of the inside and she pushed the door open, yanked the hose in, and its slingshot. They got air and he was like, “His heart stop.” That’s when he got the paddles and did the clear. When I heard that, I felt the electrical shock too. It brought me back. I remember that night in the hospital.

My dad flew back in. I think he was in Huntsville, Alabama because they have a space facility there. When I came to it, they had me on intravenous antibiotics to combat the septicemia. They said, “Are you alright?” I said, “What does eternal mean?” I remember my parents looked at each other. They go, “Tell us what happened.”

I did and the fascinating thing is what I didn’t know at that time is my father had already, in his life, had two near-death experiences. He understood exactly what I was talking about. My mother, when I was a teenager, died on the operating table and she had an NDE. I grew up in a family where we saw dead people. Mom not only could see spirits, but she could foresee future events and we had near-death experiences.

You are so lucky because so many kids were born with that ability. Their parents’ poo-poo it. They encourage them to get rid of it.

It’s ignorance and fear. I know you see this probably with a lot of the people that you interviewed. You get these people that say they are Christians and they are not Christians. They are religious fanatics because they want to cast that first stone. What we have to remember is true Christians do not judge but religious fanatics do. You must keep in mind which one are you.

I think that applies to every denomination.

You could say true people say do not judge but religious fanatics do. The question you must ask is which one are you? That came to me in a meditation. These people start yanking quotes out of Leviticus and Deuteronomy in a couple of other places. It’s against God and you are against God. The fact is the Bible is filled with contradictions. There’s a passage in Genesis that justifies slavery which we know to be the greatest of all evils.

True Christians do not judge. Religious fanatics do. You must know which one are you. Share on X

You go through and the people that are sitting there judging me. If they read another couple of passages, you are not supposed to eat pork, nothing with a clove and hoof. There is a wolfing down of sausage, bacon, and ham over their biscuits and gravy. They are judging me and then wolfing down the all-you-can-eat shrimp at the buffet because you are not supposed to eat shellfish. That too is an abomination.

It also says in those books that if your neighbor works on the Sabbath, he shall be put to death. Is that the Sabbath Saturday because that’s from the Old Testament, which is Jewish, or since Christians adapted it, does that mean Sunday so anyone who works on a weekend should be put to death? I can go on and on with this nonsense. What people have to realize is there’s a lot of good in these religious scriptures. Faith in God is about peace, love, understanding, and tolerance. Bless those who curse you.

Those who live by the sword shall surely perish.” Every major belief system, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Native Americanism, spiritualism, and Jainism all has a golden rule. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The Buddhists say do not do to people what you do not want to be done to you. It’s all the same. What happens is it becomes about ego. Ego is when you create God in your image so he gets to hate and judge the same people.

It’s all about control because religion has been a vastly controlling factor. I was studying about the Russian tsars. It was horrible the way Tsar Nicholas, his wife Alexander, and their children were machine guns to death. That should never have happened. When you look at the history of the tsars and the Russian government, they were considered God’s representatives on Earth. Religion was used as an instrument of Oppression as it is to this day around the world. I normally look at politics but these religious liberty laws are extremely dangerous because it is blurring the distinction between the separation of church and state. Here’s another reason why. The people who are trying to impose this are extremists even angelical Christians.

I’m an attorney. I have studied constitutional law in grave depth. They are creating a legal mechanism for Sharia law to be interjected into the United States. If you think that that’s ridiculous, why is it in Great Britain that the British government has allowed separate Sharia Law courts? This is not a good thing. I don’t want to live in a theocracy. Living in a theocracy is a nightmare. Theocracy is ruled by religion. You talked to people who have gotten out of Afghanistan and Iran and the Yazidi people who were butchered by ISIL or ISIS or whatever that horrible organization chooses to call itself. If you wanted to live in a theocracy, think of the year 1500 in Europe, the Spanish Inquisition.

Jews and Muslims were brutally butchered or tortured and then it becomes an extension for people we don’t like because they are against God. The founders of this country are flawed. They may be because many of them on slaves but they looked at over 1,000-plus years of European religious warfare. When they created the United States, we were the only Western country at that time with the possible exception of the Netherlands which did not have a religious head of state. In England, the monarch is also the head of the church of England. In France, a cardinal was appointed by the Pope to oversee the religion, Spain, Portugal, and the rest of Europe were that way.

That’s why Thomas Jefferson, John Adams Benjamin Franklin, and James Monroe saw the importance of keeping religion and government separate because also, the government can be used to oppress religious minorities. With the name Irene Weinberg, I’m assuming you are Jewish. the history of the Jewish people is one of oppression.

As an out group, Jews have regularly been persecuted. I hear comments about that because I was raised Catholic. I have been in countries that were not Christian countries at all and seen the bias against me and that should not happen. Anybody and everyone should have the ability to practice the religion but not use it as a moral justification with legal backing for anger, bigotry, hatred, or violence.

GAR 47 | Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium: Everyone should have the ability to practice the religion but not use it as a moral justification with legal backing for anger, bigotry, hatred, or violence.

People are murdered in the name of it.

The Jews killed Christ so the Nazis said. It’s so fascinating when you study Nazi ideology. This is one of the lectures that I will be presenting at IANDS, the International Association for Near-Death Studies in Philadelphia over Labor Day, and also at the Edgar Cayce Center on October 13, 2019. I will be giving 10th through 13th.

Where will that be?

In Virginia Beach. The Nazi ideology was hijacking Christianity. Once they eliminated the Jews, the objective was to not only conquer Europe, Africa, and most of Western Asia but to eliminate Christianity and replace it with this revised form of the ancient Nordic religion based on the Thule Society. The Germans or the Aryan people came from the stars. They did not evolve from apes.

They had their version of an Atlantis but it was essentially in the Arctic then they were going to eliminate Christianity. Once again, there would be a religion that was an extension of the state. Our founding fathers were extremely wise in realizing that church and state must be separate. You should be able to go to the synagogue of your choice. I should be able to go to the church or the temple of my choice.

Also, do what you do about having a child and all that type of thing.

Do so without fear. I know I normally never say anything political but as a legal analyst, I’m watching these developments. To me, both parties are abysmal failures. Both the Democrats and the Republicans have failed the American people. It’s turned into a tug of war about who’s going to be in control and have the White House. We are in infrastructure. I’m sorry, but infrastructure is not a political thing. It has safe roads, airports, bridges, and schools.

Democrats and Republicans have failed the American people. It has turned into a tug of war about who will be in control and who will have the White House. Share on X

It’s used to blackmail people and control people some more. It’s terrible. I agree with you. You talk about spiritual situational awareness. How does that inform and teach people? What is that? What do you do?

I touch upon that very heavily in Evidence of Eternity and I’m going even much deeper in the book that I’m writing.

I can’t wait to read that one. You will have to come back.

I’m enjoying writing it. You wrote a book. You know how it is once it’s going to be out. First, after writing, and secondly my agents got to get me that.

I checked it all. I have all these people to see in Colorado. I have a few other things to do.

I’m already booking a year from now. I’m going to be all over the US, Mexico, Canada in 2020. Hopefully, you are up as well on my tour. Situational awareness is a skill used by first responders and people in the military. It’s having a 360-degree awareness of what’s happening around you. When you walk into a room, who’s where? Who’s what? Where is everybody? Where are their exits? In other words, you are aware of what is around you and this is a life-saving skill. Let’s say there’s a fire and instead of running around in panic, you already have a plan on how to escape because you know where the nearest exit is to you. People in the military talk about situational awareness like being aware of what surrounding formations.

For example, you are in the military and a jungle environment. You are approaching a bunch of trees in the distance, but you don’t hear anything. Normally, in a jungle or a forest, you are going to hear birds in the trees. Something or someone must have frightened them away. That’s something to be aware of. If you have a prompt into that, you can be walking into an amber. Those are an example of situational awareness. It’s a 360-degree sphere all around you that you pay attention to. The problem is, in this day and age, there are earbuds and cell phones. People can’t ride a bike without having to listen to music.

You need to pay attention to the world around you to hear that dog running up to bite you or the car swerving off the side of the road because the person is texting while they are driving. Spiritual situational awareness takes that beyond the material world into spiritual vibrations and picks up on the spiritual influences around you because spirits can and will make contact with you. Not to control you, frighten you, or harm you but to guide you. Spiritual situational awareness is the logical extension of situational awareness. If you think that sounds silly, talk to anybody in the military, any police officer, first responder, firefighter, or paramedic. They will also tell you, “If you don’t trust your gut, you will die.”

Give us an example of a spiritual situation awareness you walk into. How do you perceive what’s going on in that particular way that it’s not about the bird and the tree?

Walk into a situation and there may be somebody that you meet and get those cold, chills, and tingles that this is not a good person or somebody you should be associated with. That person may be charming, handsome, beautiful, or whatever but they could be a very sinister or dangerous person. My mother was so big on this. I remember she was at an airport one time and there was a DC-9. She would not get on the plane. She said, “I’m not getting on. I got a bad feeling about this.” She started throwing a fit in the airlines.

She stuck to her guns and my dad backed her up. The airlines grudgingly got them to schedule another flight. Within minutes of the flight, there’s a bit of taking off. It had to have an emergency landing because of equipment failure. That’s an example of spiritual situational awareness because all of a sudden, a message came to her, “Don’t do this.” Mom has always been big about, “If in doubt, don’t do.” That doesn’t mean that you should hide under a rock and not take any chances with your career or personal advancement.

When you feel that visceral gut feeling, the reason you feel it in your gut is because your solar plexus is an extremely complex bundle of nerves. It’s the second most complex bundle of nerves in your body outside of the cerebral cortex. That’s also a psychic receptor area and where the emotional impulses are received. That is a form of spiritual communication. For all parents, when your child is going to go do something, you have a feeling that he or she should not be doing that. Follow that. I’m going to ask all the parents out there. How many times have you A) Are happy that you overruled that impulse or B) Regretted it?

You are going to get people a lot to think about. Let’s continue with this question. What determines who comes through to communicate through a medium to a grieving loved one? Do our deceased loved ones retain their personalities on the other side, and are they eager to connect with us on this side?

If people want to see that up close and personal, I’m headed to Colorado on Friday, August 2, 2019, and Saturday, August 3, 2019. I will be at For Heaven’s Sake bookstore in Denver for an evening of spirit communication and then the following weekend, I will be at the Journey of Life Center in Arvada for an evening of spirit communication where I will be connecting with random audience members with loved ones and spirits. We are calling it the Mark Anthony 2019 Frequency Tour.

It’s because what I do is tune into the higher frequency of the other side so I will be making connections for people in spirit on the other side. I always meditate and pray before I do my events to ask God and the divine power to send forth spirits to bring messages of love, healing, and resolution. If people want to find out about that, please visit my website, because that has my calendar of events. Tickets are going fast. I will also be going to Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, and somewhere else by the end of 2019. Sign up for my newsletter.

Everyone should sign up for your newsletter because it’s obvious that you travel all over the United States and everywhere else that at some point, they can catch you.

It’s such an honor and so humbling to be able to connect people with their loved ones. If you are doing the work of Satan, it’s a demon in person. A demon wants you to feel happy and relieved that your loved one has moved into the light, is connected with God, and the true teachings of your religion, faith, and belief system are true. I’m sorry that that is of the light and is a gift from God. I’m merely a custodian of that ability.

What an honor that you are a custodian of that ability and how special it is that you have that. You can help these people. I know that when my husband died, after two months, I had an amazing reading with a medium and it turned my life around.

It does. Before we get into the question you asked, one of the benefits of spirit communication is that it lets you know that the person who meant so much to you did not disintegrate into nothingness and that you will be reunited with that person in the light of God. You have to think about it as they went on a vacation to Siberia. Let’s send them somewhere nicer. You are not there yet. Now and then, you will get a text from them.

GAR 47 | Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium: One of the benefits of spirit communication is that it lets you know that the person that meant so much to you did not disintegrate into nothing. You will be reunited with them in the light of God.

It’s very important to know that life is everlasting and life is eternal. That was the strange message. For a four-year-old, in my near-death experience, life is eternal. You think, “That’s a pretty heavy-duty message to give to a child. Why would God do that?” It’s because God knows I wasn’t going to be a four-year-old forever.

That is something that is going to be an integral and visceral part of my entire life. There’s a period of time after a reading with a medium from an after-death experience where a loved one will come to you and give you a message or you will have a profound dream, which is a visitation. I call it the unfolding. The unfolding could take hours, days, weeks, and even longer for the full impact of reading to make sense to people. I did a reading for a lady in 2018 and I get a lot of medical information. Spirits gives me a lot of medical information about the people that I’m reading for. She was firmly convinced that she had ALS. The spirits kept telling me, “No. She did not but someone close to her is stealing from her.”

She goes, “I think I got ALS because I have got these cramps.” They said, “No. There’s something else going on with your body and you need to get to your doctor. It’s going to be good news, but someone very close to you is stealing from you.” As it turned out, she was pregnant and didn’t know it. She was getting all these strange pains because of vitamin and mineral deficiency. She went back to the business center she and her husband own and she said, “I talked and met with this Mark Anthony guy. He keeps telling me that somebody close to me has been stealing from me.

Now I have to look back.” She always wondered why her bookkeeper sat back in her chair and her eyes were wide. She is digging now. They found out that that bookkeeper had stolen over $400,000 from their business. They wanted to thank me because when they found out she didn’t have ALS, they had an account and started going through things. They are like, “There’s money getting funneled off in little bits to these other accounts.”

What was great about it is I didn’t know about this. They came back to me for a reading a year later and they told me. I do the reading. I can be what I can be. Your question was who determines who comes through. We are all energy. This is not philosophy. This is physics. Love is energy and a spiritual link to us. They know that you are grieving and they will come through. Sometimes in a reading, other people may come through as well, and sometimes people that you don’t expect. I was on a radio show and it was being broadcast to almost 40 states. It was 38 or 39 states simultaneously. The host of the show was a cop. He goes, “Why don’t you do a reading on me?” I started describing this woman who came to me. He’s looking at me and I see the look in his eyes.

I see the color draining from his face. He goes, “We are going to a station break.” He hits the button and the commercial starts playing. He goes, “What are you doing to me?” I go, “What do you mean?” He goes, “My wife is into that stuff and she’s listening tonight. The woman you described I had an affair with. She died of a heart attack, exactly the way you described, three years ago.” I’m like, “It’s not my fault that you cheated on your wife.” That turned him around. He certainly was not expecting that. I guess he was expecting his parents or something. I don’t want to discourage anyone from engaging in spirit communication because they come through not because they are trying to embarrass, humiliate, or control you.

There were unresolved issues between that woman and him but the problem during readings is the no-no-no syndrome. That’s where people when I say, “I’m getting something. This makes sense,” “No-no-no,” and they start shooting everything down right away. You have got to be careful about doing that because I have had people as I’m getting a young man spirit. I start describing him. No-no-no and then it turned out to be the son that they wanted to talk to but they were not connecting the dots and they were jumping to no right away. In spirit communication, when the spirit comes in, they are emitting waves of frequency to me. They are trying to tune in to me or I’m tuning into them and we have to build a rapport with each other.

They may present things that may seem initially trivial. I was doing a reading for a lady and her son came through. I said, “He’s talking about a refrigerator.” “No.” “Are you sure?” “No.” I go, “I don’t fling out random kitchen appliances hoping to get help and to get a hit.” She said, “I got a new refrigerator last week. Why would you bring that up? I don’t understand why that’s important. That makes no sense. I want etc.”

I was like, “First off, I don’t know that you got to refrigerator. Secondly, why would I bring that up? Third, this is how he’s letting you know that he’s around you. Fourth, I’m building rapport with him, and fifth, you are shooting everything down and flooding the energetic field with the barrier then the spirit starts to back off.” If you don’t understand something, say, “I’m not sure. Let me think about it,” because you are slamming the door in the spirit’s face. They are going to continue transmitting more information and then we are going to start getting the deeper, fuller, and more profound messages.

I was in a gallery and I was shocked out of my mind because it wasn’t my deceased husband who came through. It was my ex-husband’s deceased father. My father-in-law who had been dead for 40 years came through to talk to me and tell me how much he loved me and how he felt about the divorce. Talk about coming back to talk about unresolved issues. It floored me but he also told me this is real. How could anyone counter that?

People say, “You Google people.” If they Google people, how do you know about your ex-father-in-law who died many years ago? It’s so funny. There was this guy with his family and I called on them. They stood up and this big guy was standing with his arms crossed and his father came through. He goes, “How do I know if you didn’t Google me?” I go, “Your father is talking about lemon meringue pie.” He was like, “I baked one of those last night. Was that on Google?” I said, “No.” “It was out on Facebook.” “No.” “How would you know that?” I said, “I don’t but your father does.”

There’s the proof. While we are talking about this, I am, pardon my expression, dying to hear you talk about the different levels on the other side. You talk about that in your book, Evidence of Eternity and I love the story you talk about with Zoe and her children. People are always asking me, “Where do people go when they are evil? Where do people go if you are super wonderful and kind? How does that work? Is there a shopping center over there? Are there healing stations? What do people do? Do they have jobs?” Can you enlighten our audience, please?

What I found is there are different frequencies on the other side like there are different frequencies on the AM or the FM dial. There are different frequencies of X-rays, gamma rays, microwaves, and so on and so forth. Let’s say somebody is negative, there’s no hell. We can do a whole show on the history of hell.

I’d like to have you back to talk about that too.

Everybody, reincarnation is real. There is no hell but there is reincarnation. There is karma that never loses an address. Follow the teachings of all religions and be nice, loving, not judgmental, and all that. There are different frequencies. For example, Mother Teresa will go to 107.9 on the FM dial and Osama Bin Laden will go to 88.1.

What happens to him in 88.1?

He’s no longer an evil. The reason somebody is like that or Hitler or Pol Pot, they were ego-driven personalities. The ego is edging God out. I don’t care if you go around saying you are an Islamic superhero. If you are perverting your faith to justify anger, bigotry, hatred, violence, judgment, and murder then you are acting out of your ego. You don’t need a devil. You have your ego.

If you are perverting your faith to justify anger, bigotry, hatred, violence, judgment, and murder, then you are acting out of your own ego. Share on X

When the body dies, the brain dies. The brain is what creates the ego. His spirit is free of that but is aware of what has happened. It can work as a spiritual influence to help other people, maybe in this world. Pretty much, everybody does until you are done with this material plane, you reincarnate. If you are a horrific monster in your last life, there’s a Law of Physics. It says, “For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction.”

Is that once you reap, one sow?

Yes, very much so. Book of Corinthians, the Law of Karma, Hinduism, and Buddhism. What you do will come back to you. It’s amazing how the Laws of Physics and true spirituality have this harmony. Someone like Bin Laden may come back being the type of person that he persecuted or coming back in some horrific mentally or physically disabled deprived state. It appears that we go through a succession of lifetimes and we are having experiences in the material world that we can’t on the other side. Here, we can experience pain, grief, sorrow, disability, and all of these severely incapacitated emotional, mental, and physical experiences whereas on the other side, when you are pure energy, it doesn’t get old, sick, or die.

It appears based on the thousands of readings that have been done that what you do in this life and the experiences you go through seem to have a direct relationship to the frequency you go into the next life. Someone like Adolf Hitler used to the point where it’s almost nauseating but he was such an example of evil. Let’s take Joseph Stalin. He’s evil a few miles East. He’s an extremely talented person. Evil people can be very talented and charismatic. That’s how they get where they are. That doesn’t mean they are deep philosophically spiritually and they are certainly devoid of compassion.

When you encounter sociopaths, they are not always the grisly creatures coming through the bedroom window at 4:00 AM with a hatchet. They can be the Bernie Madoff in the pinstripe suits and telling you everything that you want to hear and how life will be better if you give him your life savings. They can be extremely talented, charming, and engaging people but what you will see with them is everything is me. It’s a complete me as the center of the universe or me as the focus. Whereas when you see a person like Gandhi, Buddha, Saint Francis, Jesus, Moses, and Mother Teresa, it’s all about giving to others.

When Mother Teresa reincarnates, will she necessarily or has she reached a level that she doesn’t have to reincarnate anymore? How does that work?

That’s the theory but maybe she will come back. Maybe there’s something that she needs to accomplish here or she will come back to the super billionaire who’s philanthropist. You never know. We are getting into a discussion of reincarnation, but the Hindus believe that your next lifetime could be what you and I consider to be the past, which is fascinating. It’s because when you start working with spirituality on the quantum level and if you take quantum physics, meaning on the subatomic quantum level, there is no time.

That’s what Einstein, Max Tegmark, and other great physicists have talked about space-time. It is that from an energy standpoint, what happened yesterday is happening today and will happen tomorrow. In other words, it’s all going on simultaneously. Of all the religions, Nikola Tesla said, “I wish I’d been introduced to Hinduism earlier in my life because this is more what it appears to be.” That’s why your next incarnation could be what you and I would consider to be 200 or 300 years ago.

GAR 47 | Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium: Great physicists have talked about space-time from an energy standpoint. What happened yesterday is happening today and will happen tomorrow.

That wouldn’t be necessarily progressing forward, would it? Maybe it would.

It would but it depends who you are.

Why are people so obsessed with time on this side if there’s no real big deal about time on the other side?

It’s because we physically aged and it’s part of living in the material world. I know a lot of the spiritual types stop worrying about time. Sometimes, in practicality, you have to climb off the high horse of holier than thou and realize that we are born, we grow old, and we die. There comes a period in your life when you stop getting invited to weddings but you are going to funerals all the time. Also, it’s because we are in a physical body that decays, grows old, and dies eventually. We also reckon things by the Earth’s rotation around the sun because, as physical beings, we have to sleep. We divide things into periods of light and dark that we call days and based on the Earth’s rotation around the sun years. It’s a matter of practicality plus everything that we know has limitations.

We have a finite perception so we believe that time moves in a linear fashion. If you go to a blackboard or whiteboard, you put a dot on it, and the dot moves from left to right in one vector. That’s childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, middle age, old age, and death can happen sooner. We believe time is linear because that’s how we perceive things and there’s nothing wrong with that. Perhaps, that may be another reason why we are living in the material world because, on the other side of spirits, that doesn’t exist. Now we can come and experience linear time.

Do you believe people choose their exit points?

No. I believe there’s a day we are coming in and a day we are going out. The only choice we have is what to do at the time in between. That’s where the choices are. If you stray too far, you get directed back to your path. People say, “He would have done this or he would have done that.” There was an athlete who collapsed and died. I’m always telling people about their health and that’s what comes through from spirits. They say, “He had a healthy life. Maybe that was his exit point.”

You do believe in an exit point if that’s his time.

That was his time period.

He could have set that up.

He could have set that up ahead of time.

He could set up his exit point.

Let’s say you are going to live to be 90 years old. You want to eat sugar, salt, and fattening food. Some people have a good constitution and it’s not going to matter. They are going to live until 90 and then drop dead on that day. Other people may have a stroke and live in a disabled capacity until that day, but they had a choice to change their habits, eat the right things, get exercise, and not have a stroke, and they would still die on that day. How many times have you heard someone say, “He was jogging and got hit by a car? All his bones were broken. If he wasn’t in such good shape, he would have died.” I’m going to think he is as well if he wasn’t jogging when he got hit by the car.

That sheds a lot of light on it for people. You didn’t tell us a story about Zoe and her kids. I think that’s a fantastic story about those planes of existence.

I’d like people to read that in Evidence of Eternity.

I recommend that to them.

I spent so much time not only doing the reading but constructing that. I don’t think me verbally rehashing it would do what I wrote justice.

I will say to everyone that you should read it because it’s an amazing story. That shows you what the planes of existence are on the other side and how they are affected by how you have lived your life. Are there any other short stories you’d like to tell us about what the other side is like? If someone comes over there very damaged, they had a terrible life, were very wounded, or whatever, are there places they go to heal? Do they continue to evolve and learn once they get there? Do they hang around us and learn? How does that work?

I don’t buy the whole wounded soul thing. I know that there are mediums and philosophers who disagree with me and that’s their choice. Once again, as soon as you are out of your body, you go into that light, you encounter the love that is God and the peace, and you have reverted to your true self and immortal living state. When we have this discussion, you and I understand this and we get it. I would say that most of the audience do. For the people who are tuning in who are in a profound state of depression and are having suicidal thoughts and ideation, we are not, in any way, encouraging you to attempt to take your own life in the hopes that the other side will be better.

Living in the material world is not easy, even the people that you look at and you think, “Isn’t their life wonderful?” One of the most profound things my mother ever said to me is when you feel depressed and sad and your life isn’t worth living anymore, think of ten people that you know. Not movie stars, celebrities, politicians, people you see on TV, your reading in the paper, or online, but the people that you know and ask yourself would you truly want to be any one of them. Do you want their problems, pain, issues, illnesses, or families? I started thinking that. My mom was very wise. I think it was Bruce Springsteen who came out with how he has struggled with depression his entire life. We are like, “The Boss? Bruce Springsteen?”

GAR 47 | Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium: When you feel depressed, think of ten people you know. Ask yourself if you want their problems, pain, issues, illnesses, and families.

He’s supposed to be immortal.

He’s a rock star and he grappled with depression. That shows that whoever you are, you can be coping with depression. Gandhi used to complain about depression, but he realized it was all part of his journey. Mother Teresa went through a profound state of depression. They said for something like almost seven years. She stopped believing in God. She said, “How could there possibly be a God?” Again, without a doubt, how can you have faith?

Explain that again. Without a doubt, how can you have faith?

Look at the Book of Job. It’s a beautiful metaphor. Everything in Job’s life was great. Satan doesn’t exist because this is a metaphor. This was a philosophical discourse. All the wonderful things in Job’s life were taken away from him. His health, fortune, and loved ones, and yet still he maintained his faith because the lesson there was that true faith and true happiness are not based upon external factors but upon your attitude in what you are going through. People go through depression and sad times. It’s part of life.

The reason I wrote Never Letting Go was in the wake of the death of my mother. That was the most painful period of my life. It also dawned on me that some of the greatest works of art, literature, music, and sculpture were all the result of people expressing their feelings through creativity. I have always liked writing, painting pictures with words, and bringing a person into a situation or a place so that you can feel it, taste it, smell it, and experience it.

You drew well by the way.

Thank you. I appreciate that. John Lennon was from a broken home. His father abandoned him. His mother died at a young age. He started writing songs. You can take the pain and do drugs. You can act out, victimize other people, or turn to rage and anger. That’s very normal for a lot of people to do. Your grief will lead you to commit crimes which ultimately inflict grief on someone else. Also, being a drunk driver. You don’t wake up one day and go, “I think I’m going to kill somebody when I’m too drunk to drive.”

Why are you an alcoholic? It is because you are depressed or sad. Depression is anger turned inwards, and perhaps, you had a death in your childhood or formative stages and it wasn’t resolved properly. You are self-medicating because drinking, snorting cocaine, crystal meth, or whatever drug you turn to dulls the pain. That behavior leads to you killing or hurting someone badly. Grief leads to crime which leads to grief. It’s about breaking that cycle. For the people who are out there tuning in and I talked about how wonderful it is to be a spirit in the energetic state, realize there’s no rush to get there. We are all going to get there at some point.

Depression is anger turned inwards. Share on X

If you don’t learn the lessons, you are meant to learn. You are going to be back anyway. Our deceased loved ones are always around us even if they reincarnate. Is there a part of them always around us knowing what’s going on in our lives?

They can be whenever they want to because people tend to think that spirits are invisible humans with the same finite limitations and slow mobility. As pure electromagnetic energy, they move at the speed of light. They can pop in and see what we are doing and then do whatever it is that they are doing. They are growing, evolving, learning, and communing with the collective consciousness of God and then be back to us in the time it took us to pour a cup of coffee.

Do they have schools and everything over there?

They tell me that it’s learning growth of the soul and spiritual development. Yes, but not in the sense that you are sitting at a desk with a number two pencil.

Does this apply to each one of the planes?

I think that it does because I have asked them. I said, “What do you do there?” They go, “You can’t understand.” “You are always telling me you can’t understand.” The growth of the soul is expanding your consciousness. It’s learning things and it’s evolving. There have been incidents in my life where they have allowed me to feel what it’s like to be there, which I can only handle for a few seconds. I don’t even know how to describe it. It is the most euphoric, all-encompassing, loving feeling. You feel like you are a part of everything everywhere. The way I describe it in Evidence of Eternity is like being a single wire and suddenly, all the electricity going through Manhattan hits you. It’s like zap and when that happens to me, I’m simply exhausted.

What they are also letting me know is spirits are not alone. They are linked to other spirits meaning they are part of the collective consciousness. Think of your soul as a drop of water and when you leave the body, you plunge into this eternal ocean and then you go to different levels, deeper farther away from the light. It’s cooler and closer to the surface. It’s lighter. There’s more color and activity. You can look at it that way but when you are a part of the collective consciousness, we are all cells in the body of God. This ties into quantum mechanics that the most basic level is electromagnetic energy. We are all interconnected. That’s why they are never depressed, sad, wounded, or screwed up because they are patched into this infinite intelligence network.

GAR 47 | Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium: We are cells in the body of God. We are all interconnected. That’s why they are never depressed, sad, or wounded because they are patched into an infinite intelligence network.

I know you gave the example of that guy who said how would I know that. You did this or that but skeptics think this is all hogwashed. Do you care? Do you say, “You will find out when you cross over?” If they are hostile to you, how do you handle it?

They are hostile. James Randi is the king of the buzzkills. He’s a miserable, cantankerous, horrible person who was a magician. He thinks that everything is a trick of fraud and deception because that’s what made him famous, I guess. He created, “I will give you $1 million if you can pass this test.” It’s funny because I have seen a mathematician analyze a test. First off, he’s the one that gets to determine whether or not you have passed it or not. Secondly, it’s my fellow Star Trek franchise, the proverbial Kobayashi Maru, the unwinnable scenario. It’s everything about him. It’s a farce. Some people simply won’t believe that’s part of their journey and sometimes skeptics are extremely intelligent.

Normally, the field of science has been overtly hostile toward the field of faith except in the last century with the advent of quantum physics. We are beginning to see that what people of faith have believed, at least in the energetic sense and the continuity of life, does not violate the Laws of Physics. There appears to be now a melding of bridging the gap between the scientific and the spiritual. We have got a long way to go. There will always be people who don’t believe. There will always be naysayers who are always negative people because that’s part of living in the material world. My best friend was an atheist and a skeptic. I met him when I was eleven years old. He’s in Evidence of Eternity and the chapter on suicide because he is a victim of suicide.

He took his own life. It was so upsetting when I found out. I was practicing law full-time. I told my assistant, “Cancel everything. I couldn’t be at work. I had to go home.” I was sitting in my living room at home crying. He’s my brother. We grew up together, went to college together, and traveled through Southeast Asia. I even performed his wedding ceremony. You don’t get another friend like that. All of a sudden, my mother appears in my living room. She goes, “I brought someone,” and there he is. He goes, “I guess you won that argument.”

I became a victim of my doubts. This is tied to the field of faith. Did I want this to be him? Sitting there wondering in about an hour, I was beaming at the collective consciousness so much. I got a phone call from a friend of mine who’s a very well-known medium. She was going to be teaching a class in a week or so. She asked if I would assist her. We were talking on the phone and she’s like, “I’m picking up on this blonde hair, blue-eyed gentleman spirit connected to you somehow. He keeps repeating, ‘You won the argument.’”

I realized what a validation it is. He’s gone about some argument that I didn’t want. I didn’t say anything to her about it. For those of you who are skeptics, you can be a skeptic until the day you go into the light. God exists despite religion, not because of religion. Whether or not you believe in an afterlife, it’s there. In fact, in near-death experience studies, atheists who have NDEs come out of it believing not only in an afterlife but in God.

With what happened to me, I did not believe at all then I had a spiritual awakening. I tell people it changed me as they were multiplying. It changed my whole perception about everything. Tell everyone again how they can connect with you because I am sure they want to read your books, which I highly recommend. They want to get sessions with you, go to your events, and on and on. Share yourself with everyone.

My website is like my book Evidence of Eternity. I have events coming up in Colorado, the Denver area, and For Heaven’s Sake Bookstore. You got to go there, for heaven’s sake. They are amazing, beautiful people, and great stores. I will be doing two nights of spirit communication on August 2nd and 3rd, 2019 and then the following week, on Saturday, August 10, I will be at the Journeys for Conscious Living in Arvada doing an evening of spirit communication. There are also some light circle events.

GAR 47 | Psychic Medium

Evidence of Eternity: Communicating with Spirits for Proof of the Afterlife

I love that. Are you coming to the North for that?

I will be. We are working on it.

I want to know about that one.

The life circles are limited to ten people. That’s where everybody is going to get a reading. The light circle events have been very popular and well-received. They are in conjunction with all my tours because people want individual readings when I’m on tour. That’s generally not possible because of the demands on my time, but with ten people, I can do that. People think that once it is a medium, it is talking. It is so incredibly draining because I have to rev my brain up the full power and get my brain frequency to a higher level. The spirit spring there is now getting a frequency match. It’s a huge expenditure of energy which I can only handle for about an hour and a half max. A legitimate medium will tell you that. People are like, “Can I get a reading with you before you go on?”

That’d be like asking an Olympic athlete, “Can you come into twenty laps at my house before you go?” That’s why we do the life circles because it’s an intimate environment where I can make sure everybody gets a connection. In the large group of events, whether or not you get an individualized reading, pretty much everybody gets a connection based on messages that come through that are multiple-meaning messages through the collective consciousness.

I may be doing a reading on you in a crowd, Irene, but what comes through will apply to 8 to 10 other people because it’s supposed to. At these events, I can explain this in greater detail. The Colorado tour is coming up and I will be in other venues, like IANDS, the International Association for Near-Death Studies, and Edgar Cayce’s Forbidden History Ancient Mysteries Conference.

Is that going to be in Virginia Beach?

That will be in Virginia Beach and then we have got other events. I will be back in Houston in November 2019. Subscribe to my newsletter. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I appreciate it.

If someone wants the pleasure of your company all to themselves, do you do privates?

I do private readings. Once again, through the website,

Can they sign up for it there?

They can. Most of the readings I do are phone readings. People say, “How can you do it on the phone?” it’s because spirits move at the speed of light.

What is your tip for finding joy in life?

Treat life like a river. Flow with it, not against it. Realize that sometimes, it’s smooth sailing with cool deep waters that are calm. Other times, there are rapids and there will be waterfalls. When you flow with life and realize that it’s a journey and the journey is the adventure, that is what makes you happy.

When you flow with life and realize that it is a journey, you will be truly happy. Share on X

That’s great. Thank you. Here’s my reminder to everyone. Please be sure to like Irene Weinberg and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter because I am going to have Mark back again and you are going to want to know that everybody. More and more of you have to subscribe and tune into fabulous interviews like this. Mark, my heartfelt thanks for all that you do to help people heal through your enlightened books, your profound readings, your inspiring public appearances, and more, including this wonderful interview. As I always like to say, surely to be continued. Many blessings and bye for now.


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