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Listen in as Mark gives insight to the Coronavirus – where we’re at and where we’re heading during this shockwave we are all experiencing, the lessons we can learn from it, and the potential positive things that can come out of it.

“Every generation has its crisis – this is ours. It’s presenting the world a lesson.” – Mark Anthony



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We have a truly extraordinary guest, Mark Anthony, who is a world-renowned fourth-generation psychic medium who communicates with spirits. He is also an author and an attorney licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington, DC, and before the United States Supreme Court. Mark, welcome to your second interview for the show. For this very special grief and rebirth event.

I want to begin by chatting with you about this shock wave we are all experiencing that is affecting our entire planet, the lessons we can learn from it, and the potentially positive things that can come out of it. After our interview, you are going to offer some wonderful complimentary readings to our audience. Let’s begin with this question. Please tell us about your background and what inspired you to focus more on your spiritual gifts than your legal expertise.

Getting where I am certainly is a life journey that can be said of everybody. The afterlife, spirit communication, and near-death experiences have been part of my existence from day one and since before that because both my parents were also mediums. Both of my parents also had near-death experiences. My father had 2 NDEs before I was born when he was 16 years old.

He was in a horrible car accident. He said that the next thing he knew, he was floating above it and saw his body on the ground and all these people running. They were pounding on his chest. He said, “This is great. I’m floating. I feel so happy,” and then he goes, “I’m dead. This is great.” He said that he saw this light coming or he was going to this light and a voice filled his head and said, “Not now. This is not your time.” I will never forget the way Dad explained it. I heard him tell the story so many times. He goes, “The next thing I know, I’m back in my body and it hurt like hell.”

He went through the war. He was a Navy SEAL. When he was in his twenties, he was a US diver. My father dove with Jacques Cousteau, the legendary inventor of the Aqua-Lung, oceanographer, and Marine biologist. My dad was off the coast of New Jersey with the US divers. He was in 150 feet of water and his regulator jammed. He started aspirating water and was drowning.

He said, “There I was in the light again.” There was that feeling and that same voice returned. It is not the voice you hear in your head, but that voice. It said, “It’s still not your time.” He said, “I don’t know how it happened,” but all of a sudden, his regulator started working and he was able to clear his mask. Here’s the thing. He was such an expert diver that it would have killed anybody else. I remember when I was going for scuba lessons. Dad said, “No way. There’s no margin for error.” That’s the one thing I haven’t learned to do that I wanted to.

About sixteen years after that experience, I came into the world, but I wasn’t breathing when I was born. The doctors told my mother, “We are very sorry.” My mom had given birth to me. She goes, “You work on him. You hold him upside down. You put your finger in his mouth.” The doctors did this to humor her and all of a sudden, I started coughing and came back.

Both mom and dad were able to see spirits. Dad was a Navy SEAL then he was a NASA engineer. My mom was a commercial illustrator and a fashion designer. They didn’t do mediumship professionally by any stretch of the imagination. Around the age of three and a half, I started seeing spirits. Dad was like, “He’s got it.” Mom was like, “He’s got it.”

I had a near-death experience when I was four years old. I’m not going to go through all that because I’m doing that on the ions of Zoom. If you want to find out about it, go to my website, Long story short, I realized at a very young age that not everybody’s parents were like mine and not everybody’s family could see spirits.

I went to a Catholic school and thought, “Isn’t that what we do?” They take a very narrow view about that as do most religions, which is almost hypocritical. A lot of my friends are priests. We have had many discussions about this. They said, “What do you think the saints were?” When you look back through history, a lot of religious spiritual leaders were what we now know as psychics and mediums.

I was always drawn to the clergy. I’d considered going into the priesthood. That’s not unusual for a medium because we are drawn to the spiritual, but for me, it was too confining. There are too many rules and regulations. There is too much of a narrow view of the afterlife and God. My mother and I, even though we were Catholics, eating dinner, talked about maybe St. Jude, Gandhi, Buddha, and Krishna all in the same sentence because we always took an interfaith approach. I decided that because the priesthood would have too many rules and regulations, I went to law school, which was like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

There’s not that much of a difference.

I like helping people. I like the evidentiary aspect. I like public speaking. I like the intellectual aspects of it. I have tried over 300 jury trials. I have served as a prosecuting attorney for the state of Florida where the police arrest criminals and it would be my job to present the evidence to a jury to convict them. I then switched over to criminal defense and complex civil litigation.

As I got older, my abilities began to intensify. When my mother passed, that turned everything around for me. What happened was about a week after she died, I was driving my car and I was overcome with these searing waves of grief. I was feeling this tingly sensation so I pulled over. I pulled over into this parking lot because I knew I wasn’t able to drive.

There was this flash of light that went off. I turned to the passenger side and I saw the silhouette of my mother in this beautiful silver-white light. Her voice filled my head and she said, “You have been given the gift of mediumship so that you would not be crushed by grief, but now, you must help those who are coping with theirs.” Talk about a life-changing, defining moment. From that point on, everything in my life changed. Within a year of that, I wrote my book, Never Letting Go. From that point on, I left the practice of law to do what I’m doing being a spiritual teacher and author and practice mediumship to facilitate communication between people here in our world and on the other side. I’m giving you a shortened version of it.

GAR 71 | Coronavirus

Never Letting Go: Heal Grief with Help from the Other Side

Let me get the cliff note version. I want to ask you. For those people here who would like to read your books, what would you like to tell them about each of your books and what they can learn from each of your books?

Thank you. Both my books Never Letting Go and Evidence of Eternity are in several different languages. They are both on audiobooks. You can find them on my website, That will link you to the Amazon sites. Plus, they are in Barnes & Noble. I understand they are even on Never Letting Go is a guide on the journey through grief. It is inspirational in that it brings forth messages of love and healing from the other side. It will teach you how to recognize when your loved ones in spirit are near. It is healing in that it is a guide through the lifetime journey of grief. It’s recommended by hospices and grief counselors around the world.

When I was on the Never Letting Go tour, people kept asking me very profound questions about reincarnation, the existence of God, the repercussions of suicide, and whether animals have souls. What I started doing is I began compiling a list of those questions. That became the genesis for writing Evidence of Eternity. It bridges the gap between the spiritual and the scientific by explaining how afterlife communication or after-death communication, the afterlife itself, can be explained on the basis of quantum physics, hard science, human physiology, and faith and evidence. It bridges the gap between the two. It’s been very well-received. It’s been endorsed by the top three NDE researchers in the United States. Also, it was a Pulitzer Prize, which is very humbling.

I loved your book. It’s a wonderful book. It’s like a reference book almost. It’s a marvelous guide.

It’s what I have done with Evidence of Eternity. I have studied mediumship in England at the Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Psychic Science. There are some funny stories there, too. Arthur Findlay was a British aristocrat during the heyday of the British Empire. He was very good friends with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Lady Doyle, both of whom were mediums. We know Sir Arthur Conan Doyle because he wrote Sherlock Holmes. They were very interested in mediumship.

When Arthur Findlay died, he left his estate to found the Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Psychic Science. I decided I needed to go there because it’s the Oxford of mediumship. I fly to London, take a train to Stanstead, and get off the train. I remember hailing down a taxi and the taxi driver going, “Where are you going?” I said, “Arthur Findlay College.” He looks at me and goes, “Spook School.”

I get in this cab and we are going through the English countryside, which is beautiful. All of a sudden, I see a redwood forest. Arthur Findlay brought over redwood saplings from California many years ago. You have got these 60 to 70-foot-tall redwood trees growing in England. It was like, “gosh.” When I drove up to Arthur Findlay College, I looked at it and it was a cross between Hogwarts and Downton Abbey. I’m like, “gosh.” I got in and they said, “We are going to sort everyone into their groups.” I’m like, “This is very Hogwartsy.”

How do they know what group you belong to?

There were 40 people in the program and I was the only American. When we went into the Great Room, the head instructor came out. I will never forget her. She’s great. Her name is Val Williams. She was wearing these little wireframe glasses like a very prominent English woman. They don’t call it a stage. It’s a rostrum. She steps into the rostrum, looks at all of us, and says, “Welcome to Hogwarts.” Everybody starts laughing. She goes, “Spook School.”

What I love about the Brits is they have such a great sense of humor. Also, the reason I went there is because the British believe as I do that evidential mediumship is key. In other words, when conducting a reading, you, being the medium, have to bring forth verifiable facts to guarantee and identify who the spirit is and things that I couldn’t possibly know.

In other words, it is getting away from these generalizations of, “Your grandmother’s here and she loves you.” That’s all fine, well, and good, but let’s find out what did Granny look like. What did she die from? What was her favorite song? What are shared memories between you and her? In other words, facts and evidence. Being an attorney, certainly, evidence is important to me, and being a medium is as important.

Now that we have gotten that background, and it’s fascinating and I’d love to hear more, can you tell us all about any insights you have gained during the shockwave we are all experiencing together?

I was on a Tour of Texas in February 2020. I was in Houston and then I flew back to Florida. We were in Palm Beach. That’s when we started hearing about this pandemic. I had a bad feeling about this. I told my manager, Rocky, “There’s no way we are going to be able to do the rest of the US tour.” This was the Mark Anthony 2020 Visionary Tour. I said, “Something is going on here.”

I don’t mean to be flippant when I say this, but the best way I can describe what I was sensing and still do is it is like in the original Star Wars movie when the Death Star blows up planet Alderaan and Obi-Wan Kenobi says, “There’s a great disruption in the force.” That’s exactly what I felt. There’s a great disruption on a planetary basis.

What’s happening is terrible. This is a pandemic. I’m aware of all the conspiracy theories. I have been on several shows. We can talk about those if you’d like. Whether this is a man-made virus or whether Bill Gates, China, and all those are conspiracies. The fact is human history has been plagued by pandemics from day one. Every generation has its crisis or its dilemma. This is ours. It is presenting the world with a lesson. What we have to look at is as horrible as this is, and I’m not taking away from it for one second the pain and the loss people are going through. This is not a hoax. This is real. If you want to believe in conspiracy theories, this is the United States. You have a right to believe what you want, but the fact is this is real.

Every generation has its crisis. This is ours, and it is presenting the world a lesson. Share on X

On the other hand, the universes want a balance. There’s a flip side to this. For the first time in human history, every scientist, medical expert, and biologist in the world is working together, sharing their data. There is harmony among our scientists. This is unprecedented. This has never happened before. Typically, our scientists are working for nationalistic or company-driven objectives, or to develop technology to blow each other up. For the first time in human history, our intelligentsia, our brain trust, is working together.

Not only that, it is not only nationally but internationally.

It’s worldwide from South Korea to Scotland to Argentina to Australia.

This goes everywhere.

There are 102 different vaccines either in trial or about to be. This has never happened before. Normally, our scientists are figuring ways that we can blow each other up and kill each other and this is no longer happening. This is unprecedented. The thing about scientists is they like sharing information. They like working together. Scientists, by nature, aren’t political. When you go back throughout history, the German physicists prior to World War I liked working with the Americans, British, French, Italians, and Russians to share information, not to destroy each other. It’s politicians who want to do that.

What we are being presented with is that if we let our scientists work together, not only can we cure this disease, but we can cure other diseases. We can cure population issues. We can cure food production issues. Look what else is happening. There is another lesson being presented. For the first time in 500 years, dolphins have been spotted in the canals of Venice because the water is so clean.

For the first time in decades, people in Mumbai, India can see a mountain range. For the first time in probably almost a century, people in Los Angeles realized the sky is blue. Our air is cleaner. Our water is cleaner. Animals are returning to national and state parks and areas that they never go to because of human incursions.

What we are being told is you can do something about this. The way you can do it is through your technology, through your scientists, and peace. What we are not being told is, “You all have to become the republic of Kumbaya. Join hands and sing.” We can still be individuals. We can still have individual nation-states, but if we stop trying to kill each other and start working together, we can make a difference and we can save humanity. That is the disruption in the force.

What you are talking about is worldwide cooperation, not competition.

The thing is we can still have free market economies and do all this, but it shows the destructive nature of fossil fuels. I don’t want to get all political and all that, but it’s simply a fact. I have been in a lot of places in the third world where pollution control is considered to be an inhibitor to economic progress. I have been in places in Eastern Europe and in Russia where the pollution was so bad I’d blow my nose at night and blood and dirt would come out because it’s so polluted. This is all from fossil fuels.

What can we learn from this? We can create alternative sources of energy, many of which already exist. We can get off fossil fuels, replace them, and still have the industrial output, the technology, and the electronics but do it with a form of energy. It’s not nuclear, but either through solar, wind, power, or wave currents. There are other techniques that can be developed and have been developed that do not pollute and destroy the planet.

When we think of slavery at one point, the Western economies were based on slavery, in Europe and the United States. We consider that insane because it is insane. At some point, provided we don’t incinerate ourselves in a nuclear war, our ancestors will say, “Can you believe the people in the 20th and 21st centuries were using fossil fuels? Isn’t that insane?” We are at that tipping point. This pandemic is bringing to life that we have the technology to solve these problems.

It makes total sense. I’m seeing how many jobs and different things could be created with this new technology and its potential. Since we are all contracting and struggling, I know you have a story about a woman who lived through the London Air Blitz. You said that we can all learn a lot from her story. Can you share that with us, please?

I can. I was thinking because I was asked to give a talk about how you cope with this. Suddenly, I remembered this woman whom I met when I was sixteen years old. Her name was Anita. She was quite elderly at the time. I know I have mentioned Downtown Abbey a couple of times, but looking back, she reminds me of Maggie Smith. She was thin and very proper. She was so English to the fingertips.

I have always been a history buff. In a polite conversation, we were chatting and it came up that she had lived through the London Air Blitz when she was 17 or 18 years old. I’m like, “Wow.” I was so excited. I said, “Tell me about this. That must have been amazing.” She goes, “Amazing? 1940 was a simply dreadful year.” She said France had been crushed under the heel of the Nazis within weeks.

We heard on the BBC that a French general who surrendered said that Britain would have her neck rung like a dead chicken in two weeks and then the bombers came. She said, “It wouldn’t stop. Every night, every day for four months, we were bombed mercilessly.” I’m going, “Oh, my God.” All of a sudden, it went from being something I read in a history book.

She said, “I will never get the sound out of my mind of the Stukas, the dive bombers.” She imitated a sound. She said, “The Germans put loudspeakers on the wings of the Stukas to make a noise of this horrific sound.” Here I am, the history kid. I go, “I read about that. They did that because it scared people.” She said, “It did more than that. It killed people,” and then I realized. She said that it went on and on, the bombing day and night. I said, “I can’t even fathom that.”

She said, “One day, I went to work and it wasn’t there. One day, I went home and it wasn’t there. Our house took a direct hit.” She said, “Thank goodness mom had been delayed at work, but she was crying watching our house smolder into ashes. My father was in the Royal Navy. We never knew one day to the next if we were alive.”

She said, “We’d scurry for shelter in the tubes or subways, which you Americans call them, huddling together. It is not very English, being tactile with strangers, but we were in it together.” She said it was horrible, especially when the lights would go out because you were waiting in the dark for when it would end. She said, “We never knew if we were going to be buried alive.”

She then said, “Lofty.” I said, “Lofty? What’s lofty?” She goes, “He was a young man I was rather fond of. He was tall and thin, and because he was so tall, they called him lofty because his head was in the loft.” She goes, “A hell of a nice guy. They never found his body after his apartment or his flat was bombed.” She said, “We lost so many friends. We didn’t know how good we had it before the war when we got together for a pint.” I said, “How did you survive? How did you do this?”

She said, “Stiff upper lip.” I go, “What?” She goes, “Stiff upper lip.” She got all very English. She said, “A crisis is no time to fall apart. I was terrified. We were all terrified, but we were in it together. We knew it would take a miracle to get through this but somehow, we believed in it.” She said, “With Mr. Churchill on the wireless every night inspiring us, we knew we would survive. We knew there would be a miracle. There was and we did.” I said, “You consider that a miracle?” She said, “The miracle was me discovering that inside of me was something I didn’t know existed. It is an inner strength and fortitude that made me realize no matter what, I had to put one foot in front of the other and trudge on.”

When people get depressed about what we are going through, and I don’t want to downplay the seriousness of this at all, we are not being asked to endure the London Air Blitz nor are we being asked to storm the beaches of Normandy or Okinawa. We are being asked to stay home and watch Netflix. A lot of people are out of work. A lot of people go from paycheck to paycheck. I certainly have my opinions of what the government needs to be doing about that.

The thing is those brave Londoners huddled together were people like you and me. They weren’t superheroes. They weren’t trained. You don’t get training to learn how to go through something like that. We didn’t get training on how to go through a pandemic. The thing is they found the courage and inner strength, and we can, too. When people say, “I need proof to believe in miracles,” the fact that you are alive and the fact that every day you draw breath is a miracle. When you doubt that miracles exist, look in the mirror because you are the miracle.

The fact that every day you draw breath is a miracle. When you doubt that miracles exist, look in the mirror because you're the miracle. Share on X

Speaking of miracles, have you got any words of comfort and guidance for people who are losing loved ones to the Coronavirus and cannot be with their loved ones as they are passing? Are they stepping up from the other side and filling in that role to fill that void?

That is probably one of the most painful things that are happening. I have got two friends who died. In both cases, their wives couldn’t be with them because both of them had some underlying health problems. It was because of their inability to breathe that it was suspected that they may have had COVID. Neither one of them did, but their wives were not allowed to be there.

I was talking to one of them. Her name is Jan. She said, “I couldn’t even be there to hold my husband’s hand when he was dying. He was in a hospital all by himself and his family couldn’t be there.” The funeral service doesn’t happen. It ended up being a Zoom session like this. This is hard for people. These rituals of funerals and wakes are very important for people. It’s a way to get together and grieve as a group. It’s therapeutic. To not be able to be with someone that you love so much when they are dying is a tragedy.

The words of wisdom that I can say is that what we have to realize is that we are not these bodies. We are in these bodies. I like to tell people to think of your soul as a drop of water. When you die, that drop of water leaves your brain and plunges into the eternal sea of the collective consciousness. As soon as you are out of your body, you revert to an immortal living being because the soul that pre-existed in the body comes into the body and then lives on afterward. We know this from quantum physics. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transferred from one form to another.

GAR 71 | Coronavirus

Coronavirus: We are not these bodies. We are in these bodies. Your soul is a drop of water. When you die, that drop of water leaves your brain and plunges into the eternal sea of the collective consciousness.

Also, we tend to get focused on the death and dying of our loved ones. That’s understandable and justifiable. That’s a doorway that our loved ones had to go through to get to this elevated level of consciousness. They are fine. We are the ones that are coping with the stress. The thing is the reason spirits reach out to us and they are doing very much so this time because they know our pain is because they want to bring forth messages of love, healing, and resolution. That’s what’s happening.

The reason spirits reach out to us, is because they want to bring forth messages of love, healing, and resolution. Share on X

Something like this is such a reassurance to people that we do go on. Even if you cannot be with your loved one at that moment of death, your loved one is not alone. There are loved ones on the other side to greet them or take them over. They are coming back to let us know that they are okay, which is wonderful.

This show is so dedicated to healing. We present healers, mediums, and people to help like with this. This is such a healing moment for all of us. What is your message about the importance of healing, especially since we are required to stay at home and may have the time to identify it and attend to some of our own healing needs?

First off, there are many resources available for healing and for healers. I have to refer people to your website, For all the readers, Irene’s website gives a list of people who do healing in the spiritual, psychological, and energetic sense, which we need. The difficult part about social distancing is depression and alcoholism is up. People are under a lot of stress.

I’m going to almost verge on politics for a moment. We are reopening too soon, in my opinion. I live in Florida and cases are on the rise, but our governor wants to reopen. The feeling I get, not just as somebody who is studying the situation but also as a psychic, is this is a catastrophic mistake. I hope to goodness that the treatments and the vaccines are available sooner rather than later because we are going to need them.

I’m not here to criticize politicians because we’d be on the air, but the thing is we have to social distance, wear a mask, and wash our hands. Protect yourselves. We saw the devastation of the healthcare workers in New York City. We are in a war. When we look at the London Air Blitz, that was a different type of war. This is our war. We are fighting a disease. It’s an insidious enemy. Unlike human beings, it doesn’t discriminate. It will kill anybody. They are finding that children die from blood clots that it forms. It seems to attack different age groups differently. It’s 10 times more contagious than the flu and 10 times more lethal. Prepare yourself.

We all are going to have to go to the grocery store, go to the bank, and do some of these necessities of life. If history has taught us anything, it is that eventually, pandemics come to an end. The question is what toll is it going to take? That’s why we are opening too soon. On the other hand, I can understand the frustration of people that out of work.

If we look back at the pandemic of 1917 and 1918, it killed 25 million Americans. It killed more people than died in World War I. If you look at the plague of 1665 that swept through Europe, the good thing that came out of it that was Sir Isaac Newton quarantined himself. While in isolation, he invented calculus, the laws of gravity, and the laws of optics. I always tell people, “Use your time wisely.”

There’s another thing about this, too. We can get depressed about it or we can take advantage of our miraculous technology. It can even come down to pick up a phone and call an elderly friend or relative. One of the most beautiful things I have seen is when I go for a walk because I’m a walker and I love to walk, and I see parents spending time with their children riding bikes and I see people holding hands and walking, I’m seeing people spending that quality time that you usually don’t see. You don’t have to create calculus or the laws of gravity, but maybe this is the time to do those things that you have never had time to do. How many out there said, “One day, I’m going to write a book.” Why not this time?

GAR 71 | Coronavirus

Evidence of Eternity: Communicating with Spirits for Proof of the Afterlife

You are talking about your painful childhood. How about talking to somebody, taking that time, and trying to work that through for yourself? That’s a relief. Get rid of the suffering. Everyone wants to get ahold of you. Is it Is that where they can get ahold of you?

Yes. It is like my book, I will be doing some readings here. Telephone readings are as accurate as in-person readings because spirits move at the speed of light. I explain all that in Evidence of Eternity. I want to extend an offer to the audience. If you go to my website and click on Book a Telephone Reading with Mark and fill out the form, if you mention Irene Weinberg and/or her show, my assistant who schedules the readings will extend to you a reduced fee for a session.

The thing is we all have to do our part during COVID. That’s what I’m doing. You have to mention Irene Weinberg and/or her show because I want to make this available for people who are coming to this site. After all, this is a healing site. What I do is healing. Irene, what you do is healing. The other people that you recommended were all healers in different ways.

That’s right. We don’t want to see people continue to suffer. We know that there are answers for them. This has been wonderful. Thank you.


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