GAR 76 | Healing After Loss

Marilyn Kapp is a beloved and respected Medium to many celebrities. Her impressive client list includes winners and nominees for Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, Golden Globes, People’s Choice Awards, Director’s Guild Awards, Writers Guild Awards, Outstanding Achievement in Casting Awards, and International Film and Music Critic Awards. Her new wise and profound book is titled, Love Is Greater Than Pain: Secrets from the Universe for Healing After Loss. In it she shares her keen understanding of the afterlife and the beauty in the transition from the physical to the spiritual plane, helping those who are dying, as well as those left behind.



  • Marilyn’s first experience communicating with her deceased grandfather when she was 2 years old.
  • How famed Nobel Peace Prize laureate and acclaimed author Elie Weisel became Marilyn’s friend and mentor.
  • Our deceased loved ones go through an adjustment period with a life review that allows them an expanded understanding of the life they led on the physical plane.
  • Channeled insights Marilyn has received about the pandemic.



  • Do animals reincarnate like we humans do?
  • Are deceased spouses okay with our marrying again?
  • What happens to the souls of those who commit acts of evil?






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Marilyn Kapp: Medium To Celebrities And Author Of The New Book LOVE IS GREATER THAN PAIN: Secrets From The Universe For Healing After Loss





Have I got a treat for you? Many years ago, my dear friend Betty Jampel and I traveled together to Carlsbad, California, where Betty introduced me to Marilyn Kapp and her husband Harry. They were a lovely couple with a wonderful family and an extra special perk. Marilyn was a highly regarded medium. I asked her for a reading and she graciously complied. What an extraordinary experience.

My husband, Saul, who had died next to me in a tragic car accident, immediately came through Marilyn to communicate with me. It was as if Saul was sitting next to me chatting with me like he did when he was still in his body. I was quite familiar with channeled messages because my book, They Serve Bagels in Heaven contains channeled information from Saul.

What impressed me most was how accurately Marilyn conveys Saul’s personality, intimate details about our life together, awareness of my life circumstances, and most important to me, Saul’s incredible, colorful sense of humor. Marilyn even validated information I had received from Saul for my own book. It was an incredibly special reading from me, providing me with many smiles and tremendous comfort.

Fast forward to now, my friend Marilyn is now a beloved, respected medium to many celebrities. Her impressive client list includes winners and nominees for Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, Golden Globes, People’s Choice Awards, Directors Guild Awards, Writers Guild Awards, Outstanding Achievement in Casting Awards, and International Film Music Critic Awards.

She has channeled for New York Times’ number one bestselling authors, producers, directors, actors, television network executives, entertainment lawyers, agents, managers, and casting directors. She’s no snob. She also does makeup artists and hairstylists, internationally known authors and artists, and world-renowned physicians, including those with Patient’s Care Awards and Compassionate Doctor Recognition Awards. If this all isn’t impressive enough for you, she’s also channeled Albert Einstein, Lucille Ball, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, and Elie Wiesel.

Now, Marilyn has come out with her own wise and profound book titled, Love is Greater Than Pain: Secrets from the Universe for Healing After Loss. In it, she shares her keen understanding of the afterlife and the beauty in the transition from the physical to the spiritual plane, helping those who are dying, as well as those left behind.

By the way, here is a fun fact from Marilyn’s past. She has danced with tap dance legend Leon Collins and shared the stage with Gregory Hines, Savion Glover, and many other tap masters. I have no doubt that Marilyn’s wonderful, loving insights are going to dance their way into your hearts. First, let’s take a quick minute to show some love to our sponsors.

I am so proud to introduce you to my friend, Marilyn Kapp. Marilyn, welcome to the show. It is so cool to have you here with me.

Thank you so much, Irene. We’ve known each other for years. I’m so excited to be a part of the work you are doing because what you are doing is raising the vibration, offering healing on so many levels. Thank you. I’m delighted to be a part of that.

Thank you. This is the coolest club you could belong to, people who care about people and want to see people heal. I’m so humbled by it and it’s wonderful. I get to be friends with people like you. How great is this? I want to start our interview with this first question. Please tell us about your first experience communicating with your grandfather when you were only two years old, and how this communication continued throughout your childhood.

When I was two and a half years old, my grandfather lived with us. He would get up every morning, do his ablutions, and get ready for the day. One day, it was unusual. He got back into bed. He was dressed and shaved, and he went to lie down.

How old was he at this time, Marilyn?

He was about 81 or 82. I went and I stood at the side of the bed. All of a sudden, it looked like he was rising up. He rose up and he looked like he did, except his body was still lying there. I didn’t know that that wasn’t normal. I watched him rise up and I could see him ascending. He turned and waved at me. He assured me that he would be back. I wasn’t scared. I wasn’t sad. I don’t think I even had a chance to miss him. Within days, he was back and sitting in his usual chair, using his usual teacup. I would talk to him and we continued our relationship.

It got a little confusing when I would talk about it and my mother said, “I know he’s here. I can feel him here, but I don’t quite see him or hear him the same way. Can you translate for me?” In other words, she’s like, “Tell me what he’s saying.” I was very puzzled by that. A couple of years had gone by. I thought everybody did this. That was surprising. She mentored me that way and normalized it. Until I was older and in school, I thought it was very normal. He continued to be in the house, talked, and be my grandpa.

How cool is that? “Honey, I need to make this decision. Ask Grandpa what he thinks.” That would be so cool.

It’s interesting because when I was thirteen, we were planning to move. We had a little family meeting with my parents and brother, and my mother said, “Ask Grandpa what he thinks. Will he move with us?” I heard my grandpa laughing and saying, “I’m here with the people. I’m not attached to the house. I’ll go wherever you go.” We moved and he came, too.

You were lucky that your mother was so understanding because a lot of people have gifted children, but they shame them out of it.

All kids or most kids see. When you’re holding a baby, they’re always looking up over your head. I feel they’re looking at the people who had them in arms before they came in. If you can see out-of-body people, you see the entities that are going to come in and the family members holding them. If it’s encouraged, it doesn’t need to go away.

Here’s another amazing connection you have. You had your grandfather and then while you were pursuing a Bachelor of Arts at Boston University, you studied. Doesn’t everyone study with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and acclaimed author, Elie Wiesel, who becomes their friend and mentor? Please tell us about your relationship with Elie Wiesel and how he influenced your work.

On PBS, I saw a play that he had written called Zalmen: or, The Madness of God. It was putting God on trial and asking God. I already understood at that point that love continues and life continues, but you look around and there’s so much grief and pain. I was having trouble with that, and I would question God, and here was this play. I thought, “This guy has the same questions I have. I’m going to need to talk to him. I need to know this man.” Shortly after that, Harry graduated. He got his Master’s at BU before he went on to law school somewhere else. Elie Wiesel was the keynote speaker at the graduation and announced that he would be teaching in the fall. I was going into my senior year, so I was able to sign up and take a class with him.

That man is amazing. The first semester, it was a great big class, a big lecture with about over 500 people. In the second semester, he had between 12 and 20 students. The second semester was always a small group in his office. Usually, there were doctoral students or rabbinical students, yet he allowed me to take it. I went and I talked to him and he said yes. Whenever he would come in, I would see all of these out-of-body people, these light forms, these beings around him and it was constant. When I studied with him in the smaller group, things started to get interesting. I started to pick up on his physicality, things that were going on for him.

One day, he walked in and my throat started to hurt. He said, “I have a sore throat.” Mine went away. I had a couple of things like that, and I thought, “I have to talk to him about this and I don’t know how to approach it. He’s going to think I’m crazy.” I made an appointment and I mustered up all my courage. I told him all about the out-of-body people. I had a line all set so that when he told me I was crazy, at least I would make him laugh.

I said, “You have to take better care of yourself because you’re killing me.” I was picking up on his physical stuff. He did laugh, but then he said that he knew all about this stuff. It wasn’t that unusual. It could be used to help people and I should develop it. This was the big part, that it wasn’t an affront to any religion if you used it to help people and for growth and for expansion.

I went on to grad school elsewhere, but he let me audit his classes for years. It wasn’t like we hung out outside of class, but he was always there. It’s interesting. In one class, you had to be fluent in a couple of other languages because the books were not all in English and I didn’t know. He’s like, “Don’t worry. I’ll help you after class.”

He knew your light. Your light probably even was good for him at having you there.

I’ve come to understand now with the communication that’s happening since he has passed that he did it, too. He told me, his mother, and his rabbi. They all knew about these things. It wasn’t unusual to him. He didn’t think I was crazy or weird. He was so encouraging. That was the turning point. It wasn’t scary anymore. It wasn’t weird anymore.

It’s so amazing, he gave you permission to develop this gift.

For so many of us, the things that we think are weird, that we’re embarrassed about, or that we hide about ourselves when we’re older, we realize that they’re assets that we would never trade for anything.

GAR 76 | Healing After Loss

Healing After Loss: For so many of us, the things that we think are weird, that we’re embarrassed about, or that we hide about ourselves when we’re older, we realize that they’re assets that we would never trade for anything.

Do you think that people who you saw who were around him were people who had passed in the Holocaust, loved family members, or a combination of that? What did you think you saw?

He always had an entourage. Some were family members and the rest were people that were supporting, raising the vibration, and wanting his work to get out there, the way it has. It was a real combination. I realized that even after I told him what I saw, he was so comfortable with that. It’s like, “Okay.” That blew me away. It was so kind, inclusive, and accepting.

If he wasn’t enough, you met this other guy who was a Qigong master and a healer, Dr. Cho Wong, and you had an apprenticeship with him?

It happened very spontaneously. I went to him first for some healing work, and he would do qigong for about four hours, and then he would do hands-on.

For those of us who don’t know, please define qigong.

Let’s see. It’s an energy practice. It’s learning to concentrate your energy. Through movement, it’s absorbing high vibration and then uses it to heal, whether you’re using it within yourself or outward. I don’t think I have the official definition, but that’s what it felt like to me.

It’s an Asian culture?

Yes. I don’t even know if harnessing is the right word, but allowing the flow of energy to come through us for healing and to manifest healing. I would watch him. I’ve seen other healers do it as well. They would do hands-on, pull tumors out, and do all of these amazing things. This was in Boston, and Harvard was studying him. I talked to my doctor at Harvard. He said, “We all know about it. We pretend we don’t. It’s not mainstream, but we know about it.”

What happened with us is that I could see the auric field around somebody when they came in. My job became to do a diagram of the auric field and sit in the other room while he worked on them. I could feel in my body what he was doing. Come back in, describe how the auric field changed, described what happened in my body, and then I could see the changes. I was a conduit. I couldn’t do what he was doing, but he didn’t see.

There were Harvard researchers who were trying to figure out how to teach this. It’s an amazing thing. They were trying to figure out how to identify it through the senses and I learned a lot. The amazing thing that happened is that I’d be standing there and all of a sudden, I’d be looking at the auric fields, but I’d see a man’s father, let’s say. The man’s father would start communicating. I’d say, “By the way, your dad wants to say.” Everyone was like, “Stick to medicine.”

At the end of the day, when I would go downstairs, there would be people waiting and saying, “What did my dad say?” That’s when I learned how I wanted to manifest what I do. When you’re open this way, you can do it in a lot of different venues, as you know, what you have done. Direct channeling was the most comfortable for me. If medical stuff comes in, that’s great. I love when that happens and it often happens. I love being the conduit of the love between the people who are out there who are with us and it’s such a joyful thing. I know it sounds weird, but for me, channeling is joyful.

I must tell everyone that when Marilyn channels for you, it is joyful.

That’s the thing. Every single kid I’ve channeled for their parents has made their parent laughs. The session itself is so joyful and that’s how the name of the book came about. I could jump right into that and share how that happened. I was channeling for a mom whose son had passed. It was the fourth anniversary of his passing. He was 32 when he passed.

An amazing young man, so full of life and still full of life, even though he’s out of body. He’s channeling and chatting away and he’s laughing. His mom is laughing. All of a sudden, I stopped. I said, “It’s unbelievable. Life doesn’t end. Love doesn’t end it. It’s continuous. It goes on. Yet, while we are here, there’s so much pain and grief. It’s such a dichotomy. I’ll never understand why.”

This young man looked over at me and he said, “I can tell you why.” I went, “What?” He said, “It’s the secret to the universe.” I channeled it. I said it out loud to his mom. He said, “We go through it to learn that love is greater than pain.” He turned to his mom and said, “If you didn’t love me as much as you do, you wouldn’t be in so much pain.” She said, “That’s right.” He said, “It’s the love and you have to constantly choose the love.”

He then went on to say, “Would you pick another kid or someone else that you could keep longer or would you still choose me even though I’m out of body now?” She was like, “I wouldn’t change a day.” He said, “You have to honor that we have a different life now. You’ll always miss the physical form. I miss the physical life, no question, but we have something different that we can do now and it’s continuous and real.”

When you’re in pain, honor the pain. We have to allow our grief. We have to cry. We’re in the physical body. We have to allow it. The real thing is that we grieve because we love and we choose love. The amazing thing is that everything is vibrational. We vibrated certain frequency. What’s been channeled in over all the years is that people who are out-of-body are as viable as we are. They vibrated at a higher frequency. They’ll lower their frequency a bit to communicate with us and bring us signs. I’ll meditate a little bit and get my frequency up.

When you're in pain, honor the pain. We have to allow our grief. We have to cry. We grieve because we love and we choose love. Share on X

If we want to have signs and communication, it’s about raising our frequency. While we have to honor the grief and pain and allow it, we have to cry, carry on, and hug people when we’re allowed to, without a pandemic. We need to honor all of that. The higher vibration is what leads to more communication with those we love out there. What is that higher vibration? All of God’s bounty on earth, babies, kitties, puppies, sunsets, the ocean, nature, art, and music. It’s such an amazing equation that divine consciousness has given us. When we embrace the beauty of the physical world, we raise our vibration to have more communication with those who have passed. That’s perfect, isn’t it?

It is perfect. People want to know, “How do I raise that vibration?” We’ll get to that. Marilyn, you talked about in your book that every deceased loved one goes through an adjustment period with a life review that allows them this expanded understanding of the life they led on the physical plane. Can you please share what a life review is that everyone has to look forward to? What is this newly increased consciousness that they’re saying, “I thought it was perfect as I am? You mean I’m going to get better?” What’s that all about?

There’s always room to grow and expand our consciousness. Don’t forget, I ask every day that everything would be on the highest frequency for God’s healing and in God’s will. I see a certain amount. I’m sure there’s much more going on out there. It seems that when we pass, we are surrounded by loved ones. If anyone has ever been in a room with someone who is passing, there’s all the physical stuff and the grief we’re feeling.

There's always room to grow and expand our consciousness. Share on X

I know I’m jumping into something else. If you’ve been in a room where a baby is born, that frequency, that energy, it feels the same when somebody is going out of body. What I’ve learned is that when somebody goes out of body, they set the table out there to welcome us. There’s a receiving party. Everyone is there. We do go through light and we’re received and it’s all about love. Anybody who’s had a near-death experience when they’re ill. I have as well, too, not that very long ago. It’s such overwhelming love.

What happens is we’re offered this life review. Most people are well-intentioned. Most people are kind and good. Yet, when they watch a life review, what I’ve heard from people is that they’re critical of themselves because, “Maybe I wasn’t conscious enough or I didn’t answer this enough.” It’s an opportunity to understand the motivation and to have more self-love.

Watching the life review, what I’ve learned is that we break down patterns. Let’s say, a person passes and maybe they had something in them that was abusive. They watched that and they’re horrified. Maybe they weren’t conscious, so they tried. When they’re hating themselves, seeing this, it shows what happens when they were a child. They back it up to childhood and they see that maybe that was a pattern that was passed down. They’ll have a knee-jerk reaction to want to go and hold the child, protect the child that they were. The door is open to self-love again. Maybe if it was the dad who passed that pattern down, they get to see his life review, where it happened for him.

While we are all held accountable, it seems that out there, when we’re looking at a life review, it’s all about compassion, love, and understanding the motivation. That’s where the healing happens because the next step in a scenario like that is this man who’ll look and see. Maybe he has children. That pattern he perpetuated is rolling downhill as they say. He will do anything to break the pattern and work with his children so that it doesn’t keep going. They are desperate to help us, desperate for healing.

When somebody has a life review, they want to heal themselves. It’s interesting. If somebody is resistant, it isn’t like they were devils and pitchforks, at least nothing that I’ve seen. The motivation is if you’re too ashamed to look at it, if you do it, you’ll be able to help your loved ones who are still on the physical plane.

I’ve yet to meet anyone who didn’t take the bait and do their work because the love is bigger than the pain. Whatever shame or not wanting to look at themselves in an effort to love, in an effort to help heal the pattern, even if they didn’t create it, but that they perpetuated unknowingly. That opportunity opens people up to do their work out there. If you think they’re a pet therapist here, we call them guardian angels. We call them all kinds of things, guides. Divine consciousness is filled with entities to help us, love us, and help open things up. In turn, we can help the people that we left behind on the physical plane so that they can heal with us.

I have a personal vignette about that. When my husband first died, I saw a medium. She was describing someone waiting to talk to me and it wasn’t my husband who I wanted to talk to. It was my extremely abusive father who I was scared to death of. I was so afraid of my father who was so difficult. When he was dying, I was afraid to sit on his deathbed without Saul, my husband, next to me. She said, “There’s a man here.” She described him.

I said, “Dad, get out of here. I don’t want to talk to you. What are you doing here?” He’s begging me to listen. I said, “What is it?” She said, “He’s telling me that he is so sorry. He now knows what he did. He now knows what a bully he was. He now knows everything. He’s saying that as you heal, he’s with you, and he’s starting to also heal. I had a brother who was very ill.”

At the time I said, “What are you going to do about your son?” He got very quiet through her, and he said, “Some of that is my fault. Please don’t stop talking to him. You’ll be able to help him one day,” which happens to be happening now. That is exactly what you’re talking about, Marilyn. I still wouldn’t invite my father to sit on the couch and chat, but I’m no longer as afraid. I realize that I’m helping him also and he’s helping himself by doing all this. It’s a perfect example of what you’ve talked about.

It’s beautiful. Saul is saying, “You can trust him now. You’ve known that part for a while.” It’s something because they’re interacting and learning and they help each other, too. Saul has helped your father quite a bit.

This is one way and what are other ways? Communicating with us through a medium helps both us and our deceased loved ones to lift suffering and accelerate healing because we’ve talked about what’s happened to me. The people in our audience lost someone. They’re thinking, “Should I find my father, my sister, my brother, and my husband through a medium?” What’s that going to do for me? What’s that going to do for them? How does that help?

It’s a good catalyst. I love being a conduit. I love it. I get to witness such beautiful healing, but I truly believe that all of us have the capacity. You know the old adage, “Rather than give a man a fish, you teach a man to fish.” When you go to a medium, you get to have the experience of what that high vibration is. I’m all about empowering people so that they can do it themselves. It’s all about raising the vibration, whether it’s a medium or whether they go to compassionate friends and meeting for parents whose children are out-of-body. I’ve gone to those and the children are all there. They’re networking with each other about how to get through, and they will find ways.

For me, I recommend finding whatever it is to help as a catalyst. If you want to ask about dreams, all you have to do is ask. It’s funny that you bring up your dad. There’s a story in the book about a man whose father had never been accepting of him. He had a different orientation and the father never accepted it. He tried and tried to get his father to love him, and his father died angry and would never open up. When I met him, the first session we had together, his father came. He came in for the session and this older man came in and he said, “I want to talk to my son.” He said, “I don’t want to hear from him.”

This beautiful younger man came in and he said, “Will you listen to him? He has something good to say. I’m with him. It’s worth it. Please listen. When he gets out of the way, I’ll come in.” This younger man was the man he was looking for. Unfortunately, his significant other had passed. His father came in and said, “Do you remember six years ago? You went into a room, you thought you were alone, and out loud you said, ‘Dad, I can’t carry this anymore. I need to love you. I forgive you. I love you. I hope you can love me, but I can’t carry it anymore. I want to be loved.’”

This man did do this. He thought he went into a room and did it for his own healing. His father repeated every word and said, “You gave me permission. I’ve been watching over you. I’ve been wanting to help, but I’ve been holding a boundary because I feel I didn’t deserve to be a part of you. When you did that, you opened up everything so I could come in and help you.”

We’re very powerful mediums. It’s wonderful to go to a medium. We can channel for you, but every single person can look up and go, “Hi, there. I’m open. I forgive you.” You put out your intention. The one thing I recommend is doing a mantra. I ask for protection and state my intention. I can tell you what that is that I do every day or before a session.

Tell everyone. Can you say it?

You could use I or we, but we’re together. We clothe ourselves in a robe of light, composed of the love, the power, and the wisdom of God. That’s the protection part. We wear it not only for our own protection but also so that those who see it or come in contact with it will be drawn to God and healed. That’s the intention part. That everything would be for the highest good for healing. If there’s any negative energy that we don’t want, it’s not allowed in. It has to come up to that higher vibration.

Let’s say, I’m channeling for you and let’s say your father wasn’t in that place of healing. I wouldn’t pick up on him. Unless his intention is good and he’s healed enough to be about healing and love, I’m not going to channel him, not because of my choice, but because of that mantra. I recommend everyone do it and replace the words. If you don’t like God, say Divine Consciousness or Nature, whatever vibrates or whatever works for you. That’s asking that everything be in the high is good. After that, you can open your heart and door and allow. It might be dreams. It might be signs.

It’s nice to go to a medium because we can download. I talk fast when I do it. We download very quickly. We record it, then you can unpack it later. It’s a catalyst. I hope it’s a catalyst for all of us to be able to do it. That’s the excitement. We all have the capacity. I want to empower through the channeling that everybody has this ability.

We’re going to get to that because I’m sure people are going to want to hear your tips as to how to do that. I want to ask you first because this is a fascinating concept that you talked about that love is greater than pain. That a person’s entire soul family rises in consciousness along with that person and that healing takes place on the other side. That’s about what’s happening with my father, along with loved ones on this side. We’re talking about this. With this concept, can you explain to everyone what a soul family is exactly? If one of us is healing, how does that affect the others in our soul family?

There’s so much out there, but what I’ve downloaded and learned is we’re pack animals like wolves. A soul family can be six people. It could be 40 people. It usually is a group that is going through incarnations.

GAR 76 | Healing After Loss

Healing After Loss: We’re pack animals like wolves. A soul family can be six people. It could be 40 people. It usually is a group that is going through incarnations.

Are we souls who all came in together?

It seems from what I’ve seen that there are always people out-of-body and in body at the same time. Sometimes our children or our parents. We are in and out-of-body at different times. It seems like we have a theme of what it is that we want to work towards. Somebody in the soul family could be someone you meet once who’s a trigger to open you up and get you on the path. Others can be family who are so difficult, like your dad. He’s saying it has to do with loving kindness and learning for him. He’s saying, “It was learning to love the self.” He had self-hatred. He had so much anger and fear that he had to keep control in any way possible because he was totally terrified of vulnerability.

He had told you he was a child.

It makes sense then that he was so tough so he built walls. When somebody like that goes out-of-body, they’re horrified because that wasn’t their intention. Very often, children come in in the same soul family to help. You’re at a place where you have a love for him now, where you’ve learned how to release angst and pain and let love be the driving force. That’s something that you did, maybe much easier than your father was able to do for himself. You’re working together to do that.

It doesn’t mean we’re coming in looking for trouble and angst, but we come to the earth plane to have challenges and to learn who we are, and to expand. It makes perfect sense. We affect other people. It seems like there’s a core group in the center and then there are other groups as we go out and we interact with each other and maybe people come and grow from this, that was a little Freudian slip, come and grow instead of come and go, from the soul family.

It’s fascinating how we’re all in whatever the theme is together. What I’ve learned from the souls that are out-of-body is once a group and most of the people are out there together on the spiritual plane, they’ll decide what to do next, where to go next, how to bring it to the next level of healing and expansion, and how to best affect others.

What you do with your parent in this life, you may come back. Now, you’ll be the parent or you can switch roles depending on what you’re trying to learn.

Let’s face it. You’ve become energetically the parent to your dad in forgiveness, understanding, and looking at his vulnerability and whatever way you’re able to comprehend. Releasing your pain is such amazing personal growth, but it allows him to not feel as dastardly. That was the word he used. He felt like he was a villain. Your father’s very funny, by the way. He said he looked at his life review and he was like, “I’m that guy.”

That was a persona he took on. I wouldn’t even use these words. He says, underneath, he was soft as jelly. He couldn’t let anyone know that he had so much fear and defensiveness that he had to be tough. He had to lord it over everyone because he felt so weak. When you are able to understand that even when he’s out-of-body, aren’t you parenting him?


It can happen technically and in our own lifetime. It’s all about releasing and loving.

It’s amazing. Love is greater than pain. Now that we’re speaking about people, what about animals? Do they reincarnate as we people do? What about people right now reading who are grieving their animal friends? What guidance and comfort have you got for them to tell them?

Right beyond the computer, my husband is petting a kitty who has been here before and other incarnations. Animals do incarnate as we do. The thing is that animals, because their life expectancy is so much shorter, will come back 2, 3, or 4 times to us and they will find a way. Everyone is like, “How will I know?” All of a sudden, somebody offers them like the kitty that Harry is holding. Sarah, our daughter, had a couple of kitties she was very close to. They were both out-of-body. They channeled in exactly what they would look like, but they needed to be rescue kitties because that’s how you get into our house. Before you knew it, all of a sudden, somebody was offering us exactly how they channeled in, what they looked like, and their temperament. Now the kitties are here.

They do it. There’s so much networking going on. We don’t have to clutter our minds about how to do it. We need to allow our vibration to go up to receive and put out our intention. That’s all we need to do. They’ll do the rest. That’s the whole thing. It took me years and years to ask for help. I thought of something to share.

When I first met you, I always felt guided by divine consciousness. I had never prayed for a channel for myself. I had never done that. It never crossed my mind. I was diagnosed with cancer. I was told, “The prognosis was not good. Get your things in order.” All of a sudden, I looked up because my kids were looking at me and I thought, “I better figure this out.” I looked up and asked for help for the first time, personally.

Everything changed. I’m a better conduit and medium for other people now that I’ve incorporated it. You have to allow yourself to be part of the equation. I was amazed at how simple. I looked up and I was like, “I need help. Thank you.” They were like, “It’s about time. We’ve been waiting.” The invitation is always there to help us.

It’s a lesson enough for you that it happened to you. Now you’re paying it forward. Look at all the people who are listening to this.

It’s scary but we’re allowed to look up. I know that some people feel we’re not supposed to annoy them out there or we shouldn’t bother them with our troubles. I’ve heard from every kid out there and everybody, “Heaven isn’t heaven if we can’t be with the ones we love.” One kid went into a conversation with his brother, who was still in-body about who is winning on one of those singing shows, American Idol. They were talking about the exact same conversation they used to have every week on the couch. It’s amazing. It’s beautiful when you realize they’re aligned with us and they want to help us. They know it’s hard for us and they’re grieving with us. Our well-being is their business.

When we allow them to help, we’re co-conspiring with them for healing. We’re doing it with them. We’re helping them. That’s a big thing that I wanted to share in the book. When we allow them to help us, we are helping them because it’s very frustrating for them to look at us. They know we’re grieving, but it’s very frustrating for them when we’re so shut down. If we open up, even if we need to honor the grief and cry, of course. If we look up at the sky and open ourselves up, they’ll come right in and help us. They want us to ask.

They’ll bring us someone who can help us. When my husband died next to me, I had three major surgeries after the accident. I was needy and a good friend of mine showed up. She said, “What can I do?” I was like, “I need help letting go of my need to control and having to be the main act of everything.” I couldn’t anymore. I had to let it go. You’re right. People started showing up for me and helping me. That was the lesson also in letting people gift me with their love to help me that way.

That’s why we have the opportunity to be on the physical plane. Out-of-body, we have all the help we need. We don’t have challenges. We don’t have fear. There’s this beautiful schoolhouse earth to come to where we have doubt and fear and it’s scary. What are we going to do with that? Are we going to incorporate what our soul knows? Who are we going to be? It’s a way that we get to challenge ourselves and grow.

GAR 76 | Healing After Loss

Healing After Loss: Out-of-body, we have all the help we need. We don’t have challenges. We don’t have fear. There’s this beautiful schoolhouse earth to come to where we have doubt and fear and it’s scary.

You have a lot of stories about how deceased loved ones continue to be with us. Are they okay with our marrying again? Are they cheering when their loved one walks down the aisle with the new guy? Are they also the ones that sometimes got them together?

It is amazing. I’ve met so many couples where the person that they were with for a long time has passed and then they meet someone else only to find when they are channeling, that their loved one who has gone out-of-body is the matchmaker. They vet out there who we see. They put things together. They fix us up. The analogy that comes in very often is that if you light a candle, you have so much light in the room. If you light the candle next to it, the first one doesn’t get dimmer. It doesn’t go out.

That love is still there. We’re capable of having it be brighter. The people that love the most are the ones that help fix us up and they want us to be happy. They report that. We’re in the physical body. We need to have arms around us sometimes if that’s what we choose. We need to have what we have on the physical plane and continue to grow in that way if that’s the most beneficial for us. They want to help provide that.

It’s interesting. There’s one couple in the book. This woman’s husband had passed quite suddenly and she finally go to a bereavement group. She picked the day. All of a sudden, she had the weirdest feeling not to go to the one in her own town. Not because she didn’t want to show her face. Everybody knew she had lost her husband. They don’t like the word lost either. Her husband had passed. They’re not lost. They’re with us.

She got this incredible urge and she doesn’t think of herself as psychic in any way to go to a meeting in a different place, in a different town. She went there and met this man and they hit it off immediately. It was like they knew each other forever. They started talking and seeing each other. They came for a session together. Her husband’s right above her head, his wife is right above his head, and they’re chatting away about how they fix them up and they’re going to get married. Now, they’re engaged and they bought a house together. It is amazing. Not only do they bless us for moving in that direction. They help us.

Is that the story of Maggie and Barry or is that another story you’ve got?

That’s that one.

I love that story. For people who want to know what happens to the souls of suicide terrorists and people who commit evil, what goes on with them? They can’t flop on over there and they got a life review.

If it’s because somebody is mentally ill, they go into a form of rehab, where they can understand what happened.

Do they come in as mental illness sometimes? Do they choose that sometimes? Do you know?

That’s a whole can of worms, but I believe yes. In fact, in the book, one person’s son was schizophrenic. He’s since passed and he talks about why he went through that. He wanted to feel unconditional love. It wasn’t easy what they went through. At the time of his passing, he and his mom were doing very well. He learned unconditional love from his mom. His dad couldn’t hang in there, but his mom did. He achieved what he wanted to. That was unconditional love. While it opens a whole big bunch of questions, I do believe from what I’ve seen, from what I’ve heard out there, that we manifest in the line exactly what it is that we need to challenge ourselves for the highest good.

We manifest in the line exactly what it is that we need to challenge ourselves for the highest good. Share on X

What about all these evil people who cross over? If they were suicide terrorists, they got on a plane and they purposely bomb.

I never thought to ask about that. After 9/11, somebody asked, because I channeled in this man, what floor he was on, and what was going on. I could smell the smoke, taste it, and all of that. They asked, “Where are the souls that caused this?” Guides came in and they said that the souls who perpetuated these events, who caused these events, don’t even know that they’ve survived death. They’re so unconscious at this point in time. What came in was that during their physical life, they were disengaged from their mind. They were brainwashed. There was no logic in what they were doing. They were heart washed, so to speak. They were disengaged from their heart. They had no compassion for the stranger.

What we do to another, what we do to ourselves energetically and with love, in terms of understanding humanity, but also on a gut instinct. They were separated from their own gut instinct in that they didn’t value their own breath. The breath that’s mouth-to-mouth resuscitation with divine consciousness. They died in order to accomplish what they felt they were going to accomplish. Because they had disengaged from all of these, they were in a very dense energetic space. After I had this experience, I read that other people have too. It feels like they’re in this lack of light. Again, it’s not devils and pitchforks.

It sounds like it’s a very low-lying plane.

It felt like black Jell-O. It was viscous. It was heavy and there was no light. I wasn’t immersed in it, but I was able to see it. It was like the camera pulled back and I saw all these entities, angels, guys, whatever you want to call them, waiting. They said, “At any point in time when they’re ready to come to consciousness, we are waiting for them and we will help them.” Now I know they’re going to have to deal with what they’ve done. There’s no question but they can stay in that darkness as long as they like. They’re not out running around out there hurting people. It isn’t like horror movies out there. The love and the light are waiting for them to reconnect when the soul is ready.

How interesting is that? It would’ve taken some cases, probably centuries.

I was told that for most, it would be at least 100 years our time. That’s how disengaged. Imagine once the soul recognizes the depth of what it’s done, imagine. That takes time. Divine consciousness is compassionate. Again, it doesn’t mean we should tolerate any of that. We have to have boundaries, be good, and help other people be good. This is what happens. I was blown away by the compassion of the entire system. Also, I was quite relieved that they’re not running around out there.

Divine consciousness is compassionate. Share on X

I want to get out of the way of that. This is a big question. You advise that love is greater than pain. We can each raise our personal vibration to increase health, joy, and the ability to receive channeled information and love. Give us some tips, Marilyn. I know we have to read the book to learn more, but can you also give tips for us?

It’s as simple as looking up and saying hello. It’s as simple as asking a question. It’s as simple as doing the protection and the intention and saying, “I would like to expand my consciousness.” They’re waiting for us. The right teacher will come. A book will show up. As soon as you ask, as soon as you open yourselves up to it, they’re waiting to bring it in. Start noticing. Say hi to grandma who liked birds. Next time you go out, a bird’s going to come pretty quickly. You’ll notice that they’ll bring birds and butterflies. Birds and butterflies are very high vibrations. They’re easy for our loved ones to play with.

It’s interesting because electricity is a higher vibration than we are. They might flick the lights. It’s easier for them to play with higher vibrations. They might use electricity to get our attention. Now that there’s digital technology, that’s a whole other can of worms. As you know, with orbs in pictures, they’ll show up. They can play with technology.

They pose for their pictures. It’s amazing and incredible. I have a lot of people who love birds and butterflies. Don’t butterflies stand for transformation also?

Yes. Look what they go through. They’re a great analogy for what we go through in this life when we come into consciousness. It’s interesting thinking about the life review. If you come into talking about coming into consciousness, when you raise your awareness, like what you’re doing now, the work you do and communicating with your dad and the forgiveness, that’s all the work that most people would do at their life review. You’re doing it here so that when the time comes in 120 years, you’re looking at your life review and Saul has his arm around you and your dad has the other arm around you. You are looking at it and you’ve resolved all those things because you’ve done them here. That’s a magnificent thing that’s coming into consciousness.

It’s lovely. One of the hardest things is when you channel someone and they say, “If you want to know what hell is, it’s looking at a life review when you weren’t conscious when you weren’t aware.” How they would love to come back. Their kids might be tugging at them when they’re busy and want to show them something, “I don’t have time.” Granted, we live in a busy world.

Right now, we have a lot of time. Some of us aren’t in healthcare or are on the front lines. We realize how we weren’t conscious or available. We wish we could go back and do that over by raising our awareness. We do it here so that our life review won’t be hard for us. That’s exactly what you do. That’s what you’ve done with your dad.

It sure does with so many people. In fact, I have to say, since we’re talking about it. I told my mother from what I knew, from what had happened to me and what I had learned that I talked about in my book, I said, “My father died.” I said, “Mom, you can change the legacy of this entire family.” There were abandonment issues. There was a lot of pain and a lot of different things had gone on, which I now know were expressions of my father’s rage and pain.

My mother said, “What do I have to do?” In her 70s, she’s now 95 for that generation, she went to counseling. She paid for a counseling session for my brothers and their wives and me. My mother has made peace with her entire family and changed the legacy of the entire family. Now, she has relationships with her children and her grandchildren.

Now that she’s at this stage of her life, everyone is gathering around her with great love. In the past, people weren’t talking to each other. They were hurting each other. They were suing each other. From all of this, she was able to heal. It came from me because I said to her, “Mom, I can help you if you want,” and she made the choice, “What do I have to do?”

That means when she has her life review, think of the rejoicing, the happiness, the joy, instead of beating her breast and going, “Why didn’t I?” It’s opening. She opened herself up to be shown the way and then ran with it. That’s the beauty of why we’re here. That’s exactly why we’re here. She transformed it. She was an alchemist.

When you break the pattern, you break it for everyone. You break it for the ones that come after you, the kids, the grandkids, and everybody around you. You’re also healing it for those that are out-of-body. When they say that healing happens, there’s a biblical thing that it resonates for seven generations. I believe it does that on the earth plane, but also on the spiritual plane, as well. The grandparents heal. There’s so much healing. We’re all a part of this.

GAR 76 | Healing After Loss

Healing After Loss: When you break the pattern, you break it for everyone. You break it for the ones that come after you, the kids, the grandkids, and everybody around you. You’re also healing it for those that are out-of-body.

A tip on how to do it, having the intention, tuning in to this show, having a conversation with your friend, talking to the cat about it, if you’re sequestered, or whatever it is. That raises your vibration right there. It isn’t mysterious. It’s talking about it, looking at the sky, and wondering. Taking the initiative and actively choosing love over pain. That’s what you did. You chose love. When you do that and other people take it up with you, it’s magnificent and then the whole soul group heals.

I’m filled with gratitude that I was the catalyst for this and I’m watching all this healing going on. As we talk about all of this, it helps so many people who are in tremendous pain right now with being sequestered and COVID going on, the civil unrest, and all of it. What are you getting from what you’re channeling about what this is all about? Are you getting a higher purpose for all of this? Is it going to be a happy ending?

For so many people who have people transitioning, I can’t diminish that pain and grief in any way.

When they transition, they’re not alone. Even though we can’t be with them necessarily, their loved ones are all around them to bring them over.

The loved ones are always there. No one ever passes alone. Everybody’s there. It’s like being born. Your mother’s there. Somebody’s there. Out of body, they’re all lined up. They’re all with us. It’s interesting because I’ve come to understand that so much of the book applies to the pandemic. I didn’t know about it. My joke is that I didn’t have a ghostwriter.

The loved ones are always there. No one ever passes alone. Everybody's there. It's like being born. Your mother's there. Somebody's there. Out of body, they're all lined up. They're all with us. Share on X

I write longhand, but my ghostwriters are real ghosts who are channeling in and telling me what they want to tell us and what they want us to learn. With the pandemic, there is a bright side, but I want to say it with acknowledging the pain for every individual who’s going through loss and suffering because we can’t negate that at all. We don’t want to look the other way and look at the spiritual aspect.

The spiritual aspect is right now this is unprecedented in recorded history. We have media that we can communicate with each other all over the world. People are suffering and scared all over the world. Around the world, people are looking up and asking for help. Even if somebody was never religious, they’re still looking up and saying, “Why? What’s going on here?”

The spirit world wants to help us. They’re coming in closer. Our need is raising our vibration. Our need is allowing them to come closer. All we’re separated by is a vibrational frequency. If our vibration is going up in our need and they’re coming in closer, I’m being told and it’s channeled in, that if we want to have spiritual communication, this is the most fertile time to do it.

Our need is so great. We have access to it. Also, it feels like everything is sped up and accelerated. If we have anger in us, if we have fear in us, everything is being triggered. We’re accelerating our healing. We need to understand that even the people who are going out, all that stuff that’s going on here on Earth, it’s real. We need to grieve and allow all the pain of that, but they’re so close to us.

Anything we didn’t get to say because we weren’t allowed to be with them, you can look up right now or after the show and say, “This is what I wanted to tell you. What is it you wanted to tell me?” Somehow, some way it’s going to come in. It will come in somehow. Another thing that’s fun, talking about digital technology. You can play with iPods and with MP3s. You put it on shuffle and say, “Tell me something.” I’ll ask my mom a question. She’ll cut off the song that’s on and bring in the song that answers it.

That is cool. That is worth my learning how to operate an iPod, to do that.

It’s a quick way to do it. The ability to make contact now is the highest it’s ever been. Our potential to do this matches up with our needs and desperation. That’s the unfortunate part. We are accelerating spiritually at an incredible pace. Look at this. This is mainstream now. When I was a kid, I couldn’t talk about this. I hid it. Again, it was Elie Wiesel who told me, “You can talk about it and use it to help people.” I kept it at bay because I didn’t want to be weird.

I didn’t dare talk about my experience when it first happened with Saul. I couldn’t at all. Now, here I am with a show and interviewing you. It’s totally different.

Isn’t it joyful to share? As painful as that experience was, you’re allowing the love to an expansion to help with the pain with what you’re doing with it and that’s our potential. That’s why we’re here. We have a constant choice and it’s always choosing the love over the pain while we still honor the pain.

We have a constant choice and it's always choosing the love over the pain while we still honor the pain. Share on X

We’ve answered this, but Marilyn, from your heart of hearts, which is a huge heart because I know you personally, what would you like to share with our readers about the importance of healing in this lifetime before we go to the other side? Why should our audience go out of their way, maybe to tune in to the show, to see who they’d like to work with, or whatever to try to heal their issues while they’re here?

That’s a great question because people dig in their heels and want to remain in fear. It’s pretty uncomfortable to be in that place. You don’t know that when you’re in that. You hold onto it as your security sometimes. A person might do that. When you release it, everything opens up. The thing is that if we don’t do it here, it isn’t about punishing. When we see our unconsciousness, that is the closest to hell that I can imagine.

Again, it doesn’t mean not having boundaries. It doesn’t mean not taking care of other people and ourselves and not allowing negativity in. We need to be vigilant and look at the flip side, the healing part, and look at every opportunity as, “What is this offering me in terms of healing? Why is this coming in that way? Why is that happening?”

It’s very interesting because I was not surprised when Elie Wiesel passed from his physical body on the anniversary of my father’s passing from his physical body. That wasn’t surprising. The day the book came out, we put marketing on hold because it was the Black Lives Matter Day of the media blackout. I feel him hugging me, so aligned with Elie Wiesel because I remember him talking about the Holocaust. A lot of people associate him with that because he is a child of the Holocaust. In fact, he coined the phrase, I believe. There were problems in Darfur when I was his student. He taught that wherever it was happening, he said, “We have to be vigilant and take care of everyone. It isn’t about one group or another group. We have to take care of each other.”

It happened to be Africa at that time. A lot of attention and work on his part was to help heal that. The synchronicity that my book dropped on the day that we’re not going to advertise. We’re part of this healing. I felt it resonate. That was beautiful. It’s looking at things for what they are and what the opportunity and the beauty are and what’s being offered to us. It’s our choice to look at things a certain way and be part of the whole.

It’s beautiful. Everybody now wants to buy Love is Greater Than Pain and they all want to connect with you for reading. How do they get ahold of you, Marilyn?

The beautiful young man who channeled in Love is Greater Than Pain, his favorite color is green. That’s why I’m wearing green.

They say that green is healing. It’s the energy of healing.

It’s very healing. It’s fertile in terms of expansion. He’s a real nature guy. He was into the trees and all of that and he still is. You can reach me through my website,

On Amazon?

It came out through Penguin Random House and it’s where ever books are sold. It’s everywhere. My fantasy of seeing it on the bookshelf will happen someday. Everything is as I pictured it.

GAR 76 | Healing After Loss

Love Is Greater Than Pain: Secrets from the Universe for Healing After Loss

It’ll be online.

Maybe while people do Zoom interviews, I’ll see it on the bookshelf. Everyone has a bookshelf behind them, so that’ll be nice. I have this fantasy of going to the bookstore and there it is. It hasn’t happened and that’s okay. I’m happy it’s out there. Again, realizing now how much of it applies to what we’re going through, there’s so much in there about, “What if you can’t say goodbye? What if you’re not with them?”

I realize how clever they are, not me. I didn’t know what they were doing. I realized that divine consciousness was downloading stuff and figuring it out and figuring out the timing. That’s beyond my comprehension. I trust and when you trust that way, it seems like constant synchronicity and a state of grace and that’s beautiful.

Marilyn Kapp, what is your tip for finding joy in life?

People like you. I’m all psyched. Being with people with a higher vibration, being able to share this openly, being able to grieve with people because the pain is pretty terrible, and then finding an opening for joy. Laughter is one of the things that brings that vibration right up. It’s not about being in denial. It’s about acknowledging and looking at it. It’s exactly what you’ve done.

Know what’s there, feel that deep pain, and feel that grief. Even if it’s only a tiny bit and in increments, choosing joy and understanding that the love doesn’t end. They love us. They care about us. It feels like we’re kind of holding hands and skipping together through this, as we expand. They tip us off to what they’re learning. We do it back. If you go to a meeting, you get to hear about it. The beautiful thing is it’s happening all the time.

That brings to my mind something my son said when I went through the accident. I was so devastated, hurt, and injured. I went for all of the healing that I did. I had all of these experiences. My son, one day, said to me, “Mom, there’s been nothing worse than watching you deep in despair, and nothing better than seeing you being able to have joy again.” I always say to everybody, “Heal, everyone. Come on, you can have joy again. You got to.”

Look what you’ve taught him. You taught him how it’s done. Many years from now when you are out of body, he’ll have your wisdom and he’ll pass it on, too, and that knowingness. Again, we have to cry and carry on. When you know that, when you showed him that the choice is love and growth, even with the pain incorporating and understanding the pain, you gave him that gift and he’ll get to carry that forward. That’s what it’s all about. It’s the domino effect of joy and love.

It’s true. This is the perfect place for me to go to an ecstatic conclusion here about what a pleasure and a blessing it is having you on the show. I mean it truly from my heart. I encourage each of our readers to read your entertaining and enlightening book, Love is Greater Than Pain: Secrets from the Universe because it does provide important proof that physical death does not end a relationship or the love it held. Thank you, my dear friend, Marilyn, for spending this precious time with me and our readers. Here’s a reminder, everyone. Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. To be continued, many blessings, and bye for now.

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