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Maria Verdeschi is a psychic medium, an author, a Master Reiki Practitioner, a Pranic Healer, a workshop leader and a speaker who has a passion for letting people know that our loved ones who have crossed over are still with us and want to help us.


  • The difference between a psychic and a medium.
  • How Maria’s mother’s death inspired Maria’s book titled There is No Death, Only Life and helped Maria discover her soul purpose.
  • How our loved ones who have crossed over help us and guide us.
  • The signs of reassurance people receive from the Other Side.


  • How did you discover your gift of mediumship as a young child?
  • What are some of the amazing experiences you have had with people in a coma?
  • What is it like to live on the Other Side?


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Maria Verdeschi: Psychic Medium, Author, Master Reiki Practitioner, Pranic Healer, Workshop Leader And Speaker






It is my pleasure to introduce our readers to Maria Verdeschi, a highly regarded Psychic Medium, Author, Master Reiki Practitioner, Chronic Healer, Workshop Leader, and Speaker with a great sense of humor. She has a passion for letting people know that our loved ones who have crossed over are still with us and want to help us. Maria, welcome to the show. I know this is going to be a fun interview filled with insights.

Thank you so much, Irene. I’m happy to be here.

How did you discover your gifts of mediumship when you were a young child? Please share your personal history of coming in touch with your many gifts.

It all started when I was about 3 or 4 years old. It was when we were living on Long Island in Northport. I can remember going into my parents’ room and saying, “I’m hearing people. There are people in my room.” They were like, “Okay, Maria.” They went into my room. They were like, “No one is here.” I was like, “No, there is.” I made them look under the bed. We looked in the closet. They left.

How did you see them? Did you see them as holograms?

I didn’t see them. I could feel the energy and hear it. It wasn’t until later that I could see. It was a couple of nights later when I called them in again. They were like, “There is no one in there.” I learned quickly, “I better shut my mouth. Not everybody can hear this.” I never said a word to anybody again after that until later in life.

When I was in the house, I wouldn’t see things, but when I was outside on Long Island, I would see things and have a knowing of things around me. My father worked for NASA and Grumman. Grumman was doing layoffs. He decided he was going to go for an interview in Michigan. The whole family ended up moving to Michigan. It was quite a traumatic experience. My mother went into depression for two years.

Later in life, she told me that she would stay in bed all day and not get out of bed until before we were going to get home from school. It was a hard move. I shut everything down. I didn’t sit there going, “I’m going to shut all this down.” It is something that happened because of all the trauma we were going through. I did not reopen those gifts until later in life.

Were you afraid when getting these messages, or did you know it was okay? You didn’t have anyone as an adult in your life to say, “That is cool. Not a problem.” I have heard before that people have these experiences with children. Sometimes parents also have those gifts, and they encourage it. Other times they were not encouraged, but were you afraid, or you knew, intrinsically, that it was okay?

I was terrified. When I was outside, I was not afraid. When I was in my room at night, I would run to my bed and jump every night because I could feel those energies. The closet door had to be closed. I could feel the energies of other things in there. I was terrified in my room.

On top of the trauma, you had more trauma. That was tough. Now that you have honed your gifts, you know how to turn them off and shut them down, but you didn’t know in those days. They knew you were available.

The funny thing is I now will hear my mother walking around my house. I have the dog look exactly where she is. I will start laughing. I will go, “Mommy, how’s it going?” Anybody else would be out the front door, and here I am. “How’s it going?” I will hear her going up and down my stairs sometimes. My daughters and I like to vacation at places that are haunted. We all have fun. I have come a long way from my room in New York.

Do your daughters have your gift also?

I got a son and two daughters. I believe that they all have the gift. I had their astrology charts done. I don’t do astrology, but I find it fascinating that it is in people’s charts when they are a psychic medium. With mine, I also have this death aspect. I am drawn more to helping people with a loved one in a coma. I’m able to pick up the messages to help that person cross over. I found that interesting when I found out that I have that aspect in my chart, not only the psychic medium. I have the chart of a psychic medium and this death aspect.

For our readers who don’t know, you say you are a psychic medium. What is the difference between a psychic and a medium or people called a psychic medium? What is the exact difference between that?

How I interpret it is psychic is more of what I’m picking up on in the future or with a loving person. That is more psychic. Mediumship is called a medium because a spirit has to bring their energy down. You have to bring your energy up. You are meeting in the medium point of it. A medium connects you with spirit. They are able to talk to your loved ones and bring messages in from them.

A psychic picks up on in the future or picks up on with a loving person. A medium connects you with spirit. Share on X

If someone is talking with you, you can also tell them what you see for them and their future.


How did your mom’s death inspire your book title, There is No Death, Only Life, and help you discover your sole purpose? What are some insights our audience will gain from reading?

GAR 74 | Mediumship

There is no Death Only Life by Maria Verdeschi

My mom passed in 2009. Before she passed, I was already taking classes. I was already starting to open things back up. I look back and say, “I wish I would’ve talked to her about it.” I know my mom had gifts. I know from doing the charts that it was on that side of the family. When I have had different readings, every medium has picked up that it is on my mom’s side of the family.

Here I was, years before she passed, I was taking classes, but I never talked to her about it. She had readings, and she loved astrology. In 2009, she had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She had treatments and went into remission. She never told me it came back. I would ask, “Mom, how are you doing? Everything good?” She was like, “Yes, everything is good.” She ended up in the hospital. I think it was just a cold. I’m talking to the nurse. I said, “If it was your mom, would you calm down?” I could feel something was off. It’s hard even if you are a medium when it’s your mom to pick up on things. She said, “Yes, I would come here.”

My parents were in Florida. I got a plane ticket that night. I flew in the next day to the hospital. I have no idea. I think she is in there for a big cold. The doctor tells me she has ten days. I looked at him and said, “Does my mom know this?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “Does my dad know?” He said, “Yes.” That is how much in denial they were. I said, “I swear my mom doesn’t know.” He said, “No, she knows. I have told her. We have talked about it. She is in denial.” I said, “What do I do? Do I talk to her about it?” He said, “No.”

I had to go with a gut feeling on that. I said, “To honor my mom, I’m not going to talk about it because that is what she wants.” As odd as that is, I did the right thing by not discussing it with her. I made sure I got her out of that hospital and back home the next day. What I did was I was almost in robot mode. I have to get everything perfect for her.

My mom had 100 dolls in the room. She had this huge collection that she loved. I said, “I got to get my mom back to her room to her dolls. That is where she is going to want to be.” I made sure I did that. When hospice was mentioned, her eyes popped out of her head. She looked at me and said, “What’s going on?” I said, “You are okay, Mom. Everything is going to be okay. We need some help. That’s all. They are going to help us.”

In no way, shape, or form I lie about anything because we did need their help. They were going to help, and I knew she was going to be fine. As soon as I would say things like that and be reassuring, I could see the whole energy would calm down again because I was the person that she looked for. The day that my mom passed, I was not there. I was there up until the day before.

This was also a gift that I gave my mom. We were connected. If I had been in that room with her, it would have been difficult for her to leave. People will have readings saying, “I got this guilt. I wasn’t with my mother.” I always say, “No, it happened the way it was supposed to happen. You guys were connected, and you gave her a gift. By not being there, that was a gift.”

I intentionally did this. I did get back there and went back and forth on it because that morning, I had my dad put the phone up to her ear. Even though she was in a coma, I knew she could hear everything. I said, “Mom, I’m flying back out there now.” I was going to be back out there that day. I also had a feeling she was passing that day. After that phone call, she left an hour after that. She did not want me in that room when she passed. She left.

She is my biggest guide on the other side. I like to get the birthday reading, or something is going on. She is funny because I will be getting a reading, and they will be telling me something, this is what I’ll hear, “No, that is not going to happen. They are wrong about that” I’m sitting there going, “Mom, please, this is my reading.” She is sitting there going, “No on that too. Sorry, sweetie.”I start laughing. I’m like, “Okay, Mom.”

That is her way of letting you know that she is there. She comes from exactly who she is.

My mom started out as a nurse when she went to college. When we came to Michigan, she went back for her Master’s. She was a well-known family therapist. She is going to come in the readings and say, “No, it is not going to happen.”

She is still in control. She may be on the other side, but she still got it together. How did she get you in touch with your sole purpose?

I started out doing journeying. It is almost like meditation, but you are going into a world. The person is guiding it. Everybody would come out of it with, “I was on the beach. I saw my guide. It was beautiful. The water was so blue.” I come out of it going, “I got nothing. I saw nothing.” After the third time of that, before I went in, I silently said, “I swear, if I don’t see anything this time, I am done with all this. If my guide does not show up, I am done.” I go into it. I got this Native American. I said, “You better be clear with who you are so I can see. Otherwise, I’m done with all these shenanigans” He clearly showed up. He got a braid in the front. It was a Native American that I could Google. I sat back and went, “No kidding. I’m in. I will continue.”

GAR 74 | Mediumship

Mediumship: Journeying is almost like meditation.

Your mom’s death inspires your book, There is No Death, Only Life. What can our readers learn from reading your book? Why should they run to the stores or Amazon and get your book?

My mom was in so much fear when she died. I thought, “I don’t want people to be in this much fear.”
That is something I carried over through the years as I was developing my mediumship. As I was developing my mediumship, I knew this was my sole purpose because it kept opening more and faster. The more that I said, “Yes, I am 500% in this. I will do this. I will take on more.” My gifts kept opening more.

In the back of my mind, I knew I wanted to do some book to help other people so they would not be afraid of dying. When people come to me for reading, I always point out, “I wouldn’t know that. Your loved one is right there with you.” Other things come through. I got client stories in the book of either readings or experiences they have had that show there is no death. There is only life. Your loved ones are always here. They love you. They want to help guide you. They are always giving you messages.

Your loved ones are always here. They love you and want to help guide you. They are always giving you messages. Always. Share on X

That is great for people to know.

The book was for my mom because of this fear she had of dying. It is dedicated to my kids and mom.

Maria, how does a master Reiki practitioner help people? What is chronic healing? Do you ever use them together? What sorts of issues do these two modalities help to heal?

Reiki and chronic’s energy work. Chronic is taking out things. Everybody has chakras. What I do with the reiki with the chronic is I will go down and balance the chakras out. I can do things long distance. I’m also able to see lines to things. For a quick example of that, I had a friend that wanted me to work on someone else’s front. I always have to have the okay. This friend had said, “She went through chemo. She is all done. She got her clean bill of health. She is good.” I stopped because I saw lines spreading. I said, “It didn’t spread to the brain.”

He said, “No, you are not hearing me. She is all done with chemo. They already did all the tests and had a clean bill of health.” I stopped and said, “It didn’t spread to the brain.” By now, I have irritated him. He goes, “Can you work on her?” I said, “Yes, I can.” The first time this happened when I was working on someone, and I heard, “Stop,” after working on him for a little bit. Her cancer had spread. It had spread to her brain. I could see it. Even though he kept telling me no, I kept seeing it. It was confusing for me, but when I was working on her, and I heard, “Stop,” I was like, “This is validating what I already know.”

The stop would be that there was no more you could do. She was going to die.

I worked on her again the next day because they asked me. I told them what happened on the other side, and it was her guide. This was someone spiritual that I was working on. It was her guide. I would get in about five minutes of working on her, and I would hear, “Stop.” I listen. If I’m told to stop, I back off immediately, and I’m like, “Okay.”

Why do you think they told you to stop?

It is because it wasn’t going to do anything. What I did was make her comfortable, but anything else wasn’t going to do anything. That is why I was stopped.

For people who think that they have health issues, you can help them from an energetic perspective. You can move the energy around. You can help with conditions in the body. That can complement Western medicine or sometimes take the place of Western medicine.

I have helped people that had migraines and stomach issues because a lot of that is stress related, when you have a lot of stress. If I can go and balance everything and balance out the energy, you are relieving some of that stress. They are going to feel better, that migraine is going to go away, and their stomach issues are going to settle down.

Your reiki and the chronic work hand in hand together.

For me, they do.

In addition to your ability to connect with deceased loved ones, you are also able to connect with the person’s teachers and guides, which I love the idea of this because there are people on our show going, “I have a teacher and a guide somewhere on the other side.” What is that about? Who are these teachers and guides? Do they always come forward along with a deceased loved one during a reading?

Teachers and guides do not always come forward. I have experienced it more with readings that I have been giving to people that are spiritual and more open. You don’t have to be super spiritual and be like, “I meditate every day.” It is being open to this reading and this experience. You are a little bit more on that spiritual side. To some people’s surprise, a lot of times, our guides are our loved ones. It could be a great-grandmother, mother, or father. A lot of the guides are those guides. Some guides are way down the family line ancestors. There are all different kinds of guides.

GAR 74 | Mediumship

Mediumship: To some people’s surprise, a lot of times our spirit guides are our loved ones.

They are there to help the person. The person needs to be open enough to hear that and get the messages. It is wonderful that you can say to them, “These are people who are working with you on the other side.” How do our loved ones who have crossed over, and sometimes our guides, guide us? Is it thoughts that come into our heads? How does that work? Do they help arrange synchronicities? Do you know what it is like for them to live on the other side? Have you gotten that information?

They are going to give us messages. When I’m doing my classes, people will go, “Maria, how do I know if it is from a loved one or a thought I’m having?” What I always tell people is, “Your thoughts are going to come and go, but a message is going to stay and keep circling. You are going to hear it. It might go away for a second, and it is going to come right back.”

You are going, “I’m still thinking about that.” No, that is a message. Let’s say you are a teenager. There is a bunch of kids getting in the car, and you keep hearing, “Don’t get in the car.” You got this feeling in your solar plexus, which is the stomach. Listen and don’t get in the car. That is a message from your loved one on the other side.

From all the readings you do, do you ever get any hints about what it is like on the other side?

How I have seen it is there is no hell. I have heard from my mother, other family members, and people’s loved ones that there is no hell. I do see different levels. I don’t see that everybody is on the same level. It is almost like stairs. There are different levels where people are and where they are getting different lessons before they come back for more lessons here. That is how I have seen it.

I think that there is healing there. It is an advantage. You are doing a lot of your healing here before you get there because if your goal is to evolve, you want to keep doing that. I have been told that for a lot of people who are traumatized or have had problems in a lifetime, there are healing places they can go.

Here is the fascinating thing from what I have seen with suicides. When I’m doing a reading, and it doesn’t happen all the time, but a lot of the time, their energy is not flowing as much as someone who died naturally. By the time the reading is done, that energy is speeding up and then they are able to move to the next spot. It is the most fascinating thing. There is also a healing going on with the person I’m giving the reading to. There is this huge energy wave going to them on the other side for healing also.

Maria, you are a bridge. There is so much healing from both sides. Talk about a beautiful sole purpose that you have to help people like that. People always want to know what kinds of signs I should look for. How do I know my deceased loved one is trying to give me a sign? Do those signs get fewer as the years go by, or do they stay around and still want me to know they are with me?

I feel that they still stay around as long as you are still looking and open for them. Lots of people will get birds like cardinals. Some people will get coins. I had this gentleman at my house for a reading. He came with a friend. I stopped, and it was his father that was coming through. I said, “There is something with coins and quarters. Does your dad show you quarters?” What’s up with the quarters?” He is not stopping with the quarters. He pulls out this little baggie, and it has quarters in it. It was the quarters that were in his father’s pocket when he passed. He does see quarters.

I got another client. Her father is amazing with nickels. He did that in life. “I will bet you a nickel.” On the other side, the family finds nickels everywhere. It’s crazy. The father now considers me part of the family because I give just about the whole family readings. If I have something going on that I’m worried about, I will see a nickel in the oddest place that was not there before. I tell them, “I know it is going to be okay. Thank you.”

I am fascinated by your experiences with people in a coma, the stages the family goes through, and how you help the person in the coma and the family. Can you share that with us, please?

A lot of clients ask me, “Maria, they are in a coma. Can they hear me?” My answer always is, “Yes, they can hear you.” I had one where her brother was in that transition, and even the hospice people were like, “We don’t even know how he is still here.” The hospice people were telling her, “There is a reason why he is still here and not crossing over.” The doctors couldn’t even explain why he was still here.

At some level, he was waiting for something.

She had been scheduled for reading the next day, and this had all happened. I said, “You need to come over tonight. This needs to happen tonight.” As she was sitting here, I stopped. She is probably the only one I have gotten this with because everybody is different on what they need to cross over. With him, he didn’t lead the best life and thought he was going to go to hell. She stopped and said, “When he was still talking, he said something about that.” I said, “He is telling me now. He is afraid he is going to go to hell. He is not going anywhere. He is staying. We need to get some bible verses.”

I go up to her, and I’m like, “We need twelve bible verses that say he is not going to go to hell.” She said, “I’m on that, Maria. I got it.” Five minutes later, “Here you go.” Her mother, father, and sister were on the other side, so I was communicating with them, going, “We need to get a plan here, what we need to do.” I got all that she needed to say.

She wasn’t with her brother too. This is another thing. He was four hours away, and the wife was with him. The wife would hold the phone up to his ear. She quoted the bible verses and told him, “It’s okay to go. You are not going to go to hell. I love you so much. I forgive you for everything. Nobody is mad at you. You are forgiven. It is okay to go.”

This all happened by 11:00 at night. I was fairly certain that by 1:00 the next day, he would pass. I don’t ever tell anybody because I’m not God. People will ask me, “When do you think?” If I have a feeling, I will say, “I have a feeling it is going to be tomorrow, but I’m not God. There can always be divine intervention. You never know..”

There can always be divine intervention. Share on X

She did call me the next day, and it was by noon the next day that he had passed. We went by the script of everything I had gotten. She had another reading the same day that he passed. The energy was night and day. He was so happy. There were things that validated more that it was him, things that I didn’t know, and more about her parents I didn’t know were coming through.

Maria, now everyone wants to know about the workshops you offer. Do you offer them online? What do you offer? You also do house clearings. Can you do that from afar? Could you explain that to people?

You can do house clearings from afar. I always like it when my client has white sage. They can sage while I am doing the energy work on the house.

Are you clearing it from spirits in the house or negative energies?

What people think are spirits are not spirits. It is a big energy ball. If you are in a house where you have fought with a spouse, a child, or someone over and over, and it has been a little bit of an abusive relationship, that energy is going to form. It is almost going to feel like there is a spirit there. It is breaking it up. That is what I do, and I can do that from afar, or if I go there, I can do it. I can pick up from afar what the heck is going on, where someone is going, “How did you know it was in that room?” I was like, “I don’t know. That is where I was guided. That is what I kept hearing.”

I would think if someone was moving into a new home, they would want someone like you to help them to clear out. You don’t want that family’s funky energy living with you or whatever happened in that house you don’t know about.

I always recommend it. I have had realtors approach me because they have had houses sitting for several years. I will go in there, clear it, and set the intentions of the family coming in. I’m not kidding. Several days later, it sells. I am in no way, shape, or form going, “Look at me.” I’m always amazed. I will go, “That is so cool.”

That happened in my family when my brother and sister-in-law wanted to sell their home, and it wasn’t selling. They did find out that there was something funky going on in their basement. Someone cleared it out for them, and the house sold a week later. Tell us about your podcast. You have a podcast, Hello From the Other Side, and a radio blog you are starting. Would you like to tell everyone about that?

In my podcast, Hello From the Other Side, I interview an astrologer and someone that use the hand and the lines on your hand for doing a reading for your life purpose. I like to get unusual things. I have also interviewed people that have had experiences with loved ones on the other side with signs. My first podcast was on signs. It was from one of my families that gets an incredible amount of signs. It is amazing.

Reading The Signs Talk Radio is something I started with an astrologer because it is fun being a medium and working with an astrologer. I will be picking up on something and say, “I’m feeling a relationship mid-June. Can you see what is going on in mid-June?” The astrologer will look and go, “They got relationship aspects all over the place right in mid-June.” I find it fascinating and fun.

Would you like to share with our readers the importance of healing, that they should do it while they are here and not wait to do it when they get over there? Who would you like to tell them about that?

It is while you are here. It is important because you want to have the best experience here that you can. I’m human, so I have those days where I hate everybody, but I’m able to pull myself out of it the same day because I do live in joy every day. I find humor in almost everything, which helps. I can laugh at myself easily, which helps.

Living a joyful life is going to help you on the other side because you are going to bring that joyful higher vibration energy with you when you are going and getting some lessons there. You are not going to have to bring a lot of crap back here when you come back again. You will have gotten through some of those lessons here, and being joyful helps you get through some of those lessons.

GAR 74 | Mediumship

Mediumship: Living a joyful life will help you on the other side because you’re going to bring that joyful higher vibration energy with you.

You remove a lot of the blockages. You can advance more quickly also. Everyone wants to connect with you. How do they get ahold of you, Maria, and where do they find your book?

My book is available on Amazon. I’m supposed to do a few book signings at some different bookstores, but I don’t know if that is going to happen. You can get the book at any bookstore. They can order it for you because I have it set up that way. I have a website, You can book a reading and a house clearing there. I put my classes there. Any special events that I’m doing, I put on the website. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What is your tip for finding joy in life? I’ll bet it is a goodie.

My tip in life is to do something and keep your life fun. Keep fun things in your life. I also have a dog, Lucia, a King Charles Cavalier. She is the quirkiest dog. I love her because she is, and that helps me with joy. Being outside, do things that you love so you can keep your energy at a higher vibration so that you are open to great things that come into your life.

Keep your life fun. Share on X

Sometimes people miss these great things coming in because their energy is lower. Get the energy up. If you are feeling depressed, get help. You can get energy help. There is a lot of help out there. You can get that vibration back up. You can see all the awesome opportunities your loved ones are presenting in front of you.

Everyone, you can get all these wonderful healers. There is someone there who can help you to release some of those problems and to get to that place that Maria is talking about. Maria, thank you from my heart for this enlightening interview that reveals that our loved ones who have passed are much closer to us than previously believed and that they want to help us. I agree that they have continue to live in a different way. Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Thanks again for joining us, and as I like to say, to be continued blessing and bye for now. Thank you, Maria.


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