GAR 107 | Near Death Experience

Irene hosted an amazing Gallery with the very gifted and loving Michelle Clare, who is a psychic, a medium, an angel and life guide communicator, a life coach, and a healer. Michelle and Irene chatted about Michelle’s three near-death experiences, her deep connection with angels, and how she met her three life guides during her third near-death experience. Then Michelle began to connect with audience members’ deceased loved ones.

This was an incredible evening that provided much healing for all in attendance.

There will continue to be more of these wonderful galleries hosted by Grief and Rebirth podcast, so enjoy this truly special Gallery and stay tuned for more to come!


  • The continuing connection Michelle had with her deceased grandfather when she was twelve years old.
  • What Michelle experienced, what she learned and who she met during her three near-death experiences.
  • The stunning and very touching proof of survival of their deceased loved ones that members of the Gallery audience received from Michelle.


  • Can you talk to us about your three near-death experiences?
  • Would you agree that one should be open to getting ready to transition so that you’re experiencing life to the last drop until your time here is over?

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Live Gallery With Michelle Clare: Psychic, Medium, Angel And Life Guide Communicator And Healer






From my heart, I want to welcome each one of you to the show. What a pleasure to be bringing Michelle Clare back to our show because she’s had a very special interview with us already on the show, which you can read by going to, on YouTube, or social media. You will find Michelle under the mediums there. She’s terrific. Be sure to check it out.

When Michelle was only twelve years old, her grandfather was given his angel wings. It was then that she noticed the continuing connection and communication she shared with him. This same connection continues with her other loved ones when they make their transition home. On November 1st, 2011, Michelle suffered a traumatic brain injury. A couple of months later, while recovering, she noticed her ability to commune with spirit had dramatically increased. She received an unexpected life-changing message for her son, and soon after, she began receiving life-altering messages from other people from loved ones who had transitioned.

Michelle is known for giving factual information, including personality traits, characteristics, names, and validations of signs that loved ones send. During readings, she is divinely guided by the client’s spirit team to provide comfort as well as hope to each individual to empower and inspire them. Her deep love of people and spirit shines through as she helps people understand that they are not living life alone. It becomes evident that each of us has a spirit team consisting of our loved ones, angels, and life guides who are constantly helping us from the other side.

Michelle lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her husband, three teenagers, and several dogs. She connected with one of her angels during her first near-death experience. She has met three life guides during her third near-death experience, and I will be asking Michelle some questions about this so we can all get to know her even better. Michelle and I will begin this event with this brief chat, and then Michelle will begin to communicate with as many of your deceased loved ones as time allows. Michelle, let’s talk about this. You’ve had three near-death experiences. You also received a life-changing message from your son. You are connected to your angels, and you say you have three life guides, all of this, and any of it. What would you like to talk to us about?

Let’s talk about my first near-death experience. In that one, the main experience that I had was I was shown that angels are real. I was in a hospital, my niece had been born that day, and I had a seizure. What happened then that I remember is I remember opening my eyes. I was laying in this room, and it was all white. It was like the walls were alive. They were almost breathing, and each molecule or each cell was radiating light and love. I looked up, and I was laying with my head in my grandma’s lap. My grandma had passed away a couple of years before that.

As I looked up at her, I looked a little bit beyond her, and I noticed this huge angel that was probably about 12 feet tall. I remember looking at her. In my head, I thought, “What is your name?” She answered me in my head. She said her name was Madeline. For the first time, I realized that they were telepathic too. I was in this place with this unconditional love, reconnected with my grandma, and seeing this beautiful angel. I have no idea how long I was there. The next thing I knew, I heard them yelling, “Code,” and I was back in my body.

You had two more after that?

Yes. One wasn’t enough. The second one is much more in detail. After I had my third child, my son, I had a lot of complications. I was in and out of the hospital about six weeks after I had him. They decided they were going to do a procedure called a DNC, which was go-in, it was going to be 45 minutes, and then outpatient. I would be on my way home. During this procedure, they ruptured my uterus accidentally. Instead of seeing that happen, what I saw was, as I was laying on the gurney in the operating room, this beautiful white shepherd who had also transitioned a few years before that. I saw her walk into the operating room and lay her head on the table and look at me. The next thing I knew, we were gone. We were on this amazing beach.

In this area that we were, it was once again this complete unconditional love. Everything was alive, the leaves, the cells, the water, and the air. It was unbelievable. We were just running on the beach. I could look at her and know what she was thinking. I knew she was so happy to see me, and she looked so healthy. We were just running. I noticed I never got hot, never got tired, and never got thirsty.

However, while we’re on this beach, what happens in this near-death experience is I realize my soul level, not the part that’s running, but there’s this other part of me that is called to my son, who is about six weeks old at this point in time. He was clearly at the house with my mom and dad. I was in the hospital, but I could feel him calling to me on this soul level, being very concerned that I was leaving. I remember going to him and saying, “Don’t worry, I will find a way to stay.” At that point in time, I was able to start praying or calling out for help, but it didn’t feel like calling out for help. It was more like ushering in what I knew was already there.

A lot of people would call this the Christ light. It had this energy. I remember the room filling up with light and then waking up from the surgery. The next day the surgeon came in and said to me, “Michelle, there was someone watching over you yesterday. You should not be here after everything that happened.” I knew why I was there. Once again, with this energy, with both of these first two near-death experiences, I would say my mediumship skills got better. My inner knowing got better, but I was busy and focused on life. Yes, I knew it was there, but I wasn’t ready to focus on it or make it part of my daily life quite yet.

You had a third and you met your three life guides.

Yes, I did. I was in my kitchen, and I was up on a 10-foot ladder. We have high ceilings, so I was changing the batteries in this candle. We have candles up there where they turn on automatically every night at this time. I was changing the batteries, and my younger two kids were home. My oldest was at school. I said to them, “As soon as I’m done changing these batteries, we’re going to go get your sister.” As I climbed back up the ladder, I felt when I got towards the top, it started to shift, and I knew I was going to fall.

At that moment, it was like I was yanked out of my body so quickly, so strong. I remember I was then facing it, and I could see my body suspended in the air. I could see the ladder suspended in the air, and I was standing with these three people whom I had never met in this life, but I felt like I knew them well, like family or better. We were sitting there, and they were talking. They were saying, “What do you want to do? Do you want to stay or go?” I kept thinking, “This is amazing.”

My body was going to hit the floor in one second, and I literally felt like I had forever to decide what I wanted to do. Once again, there was so much unconditional love all around me and this sense of completeness. I felt like I was perfect, exactly the way that I was. There was nothing that was expected of me in a way that would’ve made me feel like, “I should have done this or that.” Not at all.

As we were sitting there while sitting there, we were standing, and I could see my body on the ladder, suspended in the air. I saw this angel come in. It was not the same angel from my first near-death experience, but it was a different angel that came in. I knew that angel was there to follow through with my wishes. I knew that if I chose to stay, somehow the angel would interact so that I was able to stay. If not, then I would be safely where I needed to be or go home. At that point in time, I saw my son and my daughter. This all happened so quickly because I realized there was no time there. My body was going to hit the floor in a second. As I saw my kids, I decided to stay. At that point in time, I believe I was told like, “Michelle, it’s time to wake up. You’re going to go back. You’re going to be a medium.”

I believe I was told even more things that I don’t remember, but there was this part where I was told, “There are more purposes in your life than you’ve realized or you’ve wanted to open up to, and it’s time to embrace that. There are a lot of people that you can help.” I did fall off the ladder. The back of my head hit the corner, and it missed my brainstem by half an inch. That was the difference between me surviving the fall or not.

GAR 107 | Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience: There are more purposes in your life than you realize or want to open up to. It’s time to embrace that. There are a lot of people that you can help.

I hope this is the end of these experiences for you.

I keep saying my next one is my last one. I’m going home next time.

I want to share with everyone that when some of you have never experienced this before, you’re going to be comforted and amazed. It’s such a complete change of your reality when you understand that we do go on. I happen to be experiencing now that my own mom is getting ready to transition. We’re now talking about getting her into hospice. Before that, she knew about my world and what’s happened to me, and she’s been in galleries with me like you all are experiencing.

I said to her, “Mom, when that time comes, I’m going to be having mediums connecting with you on the other side. They’ll need a switchboard in the sky for you. I’ll have so many mediums calling you.” She said to me, “Give me two months to get used to my new surroundings, then you can start calling.” That makes such a difference in your ability to process what is going on because it’s not a fear of death. It’s just a passion for living life good to the last drop until your time here is over. You’ve learned what you need to learn. Would you agree with that, Michelle?

Absolutely. I love that she’s told you to give her two months because we are talking about a place with no time. I’m not sure how they’re going to calculate that exactly, but I’ve had a friend whose dad transitioned, and he came through to me that morning and told me that he had passed before I even got the phone call from her. I don’t know. I’m not a medium that believes they need a certain amount of days or time. It’s about connecting with your loved ones when they’re ready and when you’re ready. I find that they’re always ready. I haven’t had a situation where they’re not talking to you.

Mediumship is absolutely about connecting with your loved ones when they're ready and when you're ready. Share on X

That’s true. Some people take their time to communicate or to contact a medium. My brother-in-law passed, and within a month after he passed, he came right through. They want to talk with you. On that note, are you ready, Michelle? Should we go ahead and do some readings for people?

Yes. Let’s do some readings.

After when Michelle is done, she’ll let us know. Anyone who doesn’t get a reading, I know even if you do, you will probably want to contact Michelle and make a private or whatever. I’m going to say it again, but before we get started, her website is

Rachel let’s go with the chat. Is that okay Rachel?

Let’s start with Patty Cobb Baker.

Hi, Patty. How are you?

I’m doing well, thank you. How are you?

Wonderful. Who would you like to connect with?

My husband who’s in spirit.

When you see me looking down, I do write notes because sometimes I get a lot of information quickly. I feel like I need to tell you that you get a lot of information quickly from him too. He’s a very fast-paced energy. He’s got a lot to say, and we’ve got to cram it all in. We don’t want to miss a thing. This is the energy that he’s giving me. I feel like when he was connected to his body, he was a busy guy. He is not sitting on the couch hanging out 24 hours a day. This guy has a lot of things to do. He says to tell you, “I am still really busy.” There’s a real big outdoor energy. I don’t know if he likes to golf, hike, or get out, but this is the energy he’s giving me.

There is part of me that I want to tell you. He says, “This is still part of my plan. I’m still enjoying the outdoors.” He shows me sunsets or sunrises. I can’t tell the difference. I don’t know if you specifically are looking at sunsets or sunrises regularly, but I feel him next to you when you’re doing that. I also want to talk about heart shapes as being a sign from him that he’s around you. Look for the heart-shaped stone, the heart-shaped leaf, and the heart-shaped water puddle. There’s also this part where I’m talking about two dream visits from him. If you haven’t had a dream from him, you are going to have this from him.

He is showing me the number five. I don’t know how you relate to the number five. It could be May, the fifth month of the year, but I’m just getting five. I want to acknowledge that for you. I also want to talk about acknowledging either a birthday celebration or an anniversary in this timeframe. I don’t know if your nose tickles at night, but I want to say that he’s literally touching you at night. You’re going to feel it on your face or maybe your right arm because I feel him on your right side.

You also need to know that he knows when you talk to him because he says you talk to him all the time. He wants you to know he’s hearing you. He’s hearing exactly what you’re saying. He’s also showing me the number sixteen. It could be January 6th or the 16th. I don’t know how those numbers come in, but he is showing me that. I see him handing you too. I want to talk about handing you this huge bouquet of roses, “Thank you for everything that you did for me.”

I don’t know if he had an illness that took longer with his transition. That’s the energy that he’s giving me. I want to say, “Thank you for caring for me. Thank you for making the decisions. Thank you for driving me places.” He also laughs and he says he wasn’t that great of a patient. There were probably sometimes when you wanted to shake him just a little bit. That’s the energy that he gives me. He says, “That’s me being stubborn and doing my thing.”

I was saying that is so true. I have guilt because it’s how I yelled at him sometimes when he would do things.

Let that go because that’s certainly not holding him back, and he doesn’t want to hold you back at all with that. There’s no reason to carry that. He just admitted he wasn’t the best patient. That’s okay. It’s just where he was. Once we transition to this earthly world, we have a greater view of what we can see and an understanding of things that we didn’t. There was also this part of him that was mad and feeling robbed and angry that he was leaving soon. This was not his plan. He had other plans. That’s where that frustration and maybe some sense of denial would come out at times because I feel that a little bit. What you need to know is he appreciates you so much for everything that you did for him. He acknowledges not being a good patient, and he hears everything you say to him.

Thank you so much.

Thank you, Patty.

Let’s try Eva.

I’m so shocked that I was picked. I never get picked for anything. This is shocking for me.

Who did you want to connect with, or do you have a specific question?

I did lose my husband a couple of years ago, but in February, I lost my daughter. I’m grieving. I’m still in a lot of grief, and I have some remorse about things and the usual guilt feelings that I should have maybe done this or that. I’m very sad at this point. I would love to be able to, if you can, connect with her and make me feel a little bit better, hopefully.

They come in together, and they’re both around you, is the first thing you need to know. The other thing I want to say is that the human side of us is so natural for us to feel guilty after one of our loved one’s transitions, whether it was expected, unexpected, or whatever. We’re always saying we should have, we could have, and what if. This is coming from your daughter. This is why I’m being prompted to say this. They don’t want us to carry that energy because it’s not helpful for us, and it’s certainly not helpful for them. It’s very natural for us to do that.

GAR 107 | Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience: As humans, it is so natural for us to feel guilty after one of our loved ones transitions.

I want your daughter to say, “Mom, lay that down.” That’s what I feel her saying to you. I got to talk to you about the butterflies too. Paying attention to the butterflies is a sign that your daughter is around and is going to be very important to you. The other thing that I want to talk about is as you move through this, I don’t think this has happened yet, but I do believe you’re going to be getting dream visits from her.

Your husband comes in. He’s got a good sense of humor, so I feel like he likes to do funny things to get your attention. It might be like the lights turn on by themself, or the radio turns on. He feels electrical. He also feels like a very logical, smart man. I don’t know what he did for a living, but he is very left-brained as the energy that he gives me. He likes to have things lined up and organized, and he still does.

Your daughter comes in as this free spirit. She says to tell you, “Mom, you know that I lived every day of my life to the fullest.” I feel this huge heart. I want to say that I feel that she is somebody who would’ve been friends with the kid in the cafeteria that no one was sitting with. She would’ve said, “Come sit with me.” This is the energy that she’s coming in with.

She says to tell you, “Michelle, I got my huge heart from my mom.” She knows that you are a very loving person, and this is how you lived your life. She says she learned this by example, which is important for you. I don’t know if you have her fingerprint or her picture in a locket, but I want to talk about that with her. The other thing that I want to talk about with her is acknowledging one more. She has another sibling, or where does the one more come in?

She has two siblings, a brother and a sister.

I want to talk about the sister. I want to talk about her being around her sister a lot now because I do feel her sister is struggling with this on a deep level, probably more than she’s able to open up to you about it.

She keeps everything. She’s more concerned about me. She says, “Mom, I’m worried about you,” but I know that deep inside, she is. The first time she ever sought psychiatric help.

That’s the right place for her to be. This is what your daughter’s telling me. She doesn’t want to burden you with how she’s feeling, but she does need some assistance and guidance working through this. There’s a lot of guilt there, too, for her. I don’t know if she is like, “I should have called her more. I didn’t listen to her.” That’s the energy I’m getting.

I will tell you this. Your daughter is fine. All of our loved ones are better than fine. They’re amazing. We’re here on Earth. We’re fine. Know that your daughter is amazing. Know that everyone knows your loved ones are amazing, but I do want to say that she does have concerns specifically for her sister. She wants her to continue with the therapy or whatever this is because she needs that safe place, and she doesn’t want her to keep beating herself up. That’s the energy that she’s giving me.

All of our loved ones are actually better than fine. Share on X

I’m asking her what else we need to know. I don’t know how your daughter transitions, but I want to say, “Oops.” It feels somewhat unexpected the energy that she’s giving me. You don’t have to mention it, but that’s just what I want to tell you. If somehow she has some responsibility in this, I want to say it doesn’t feel like it was planned for a long time or intentional in that way.

Although she had that pneumonia, I don’t think that was the cause. I’m still waiting for the results of the autopsy. It was unexpected and shocking for me.

Was she in the hospital? Can I ask you that?

She was in the hospital two months before that. After COVID, her lungs were inflamed and everything. There were some after-effects from it, like pneumonia. It wasn’t diagnosed until she came back to New Jersey, unfortunately.

That might be the oops that I’m feeling. Something was missed. That’s what I want to go with. That makes sense to me. Here is what you’re going to find because I feel a strain on her heart. You’ll know more in the next coming weeks. There is a strain on her heart that I feel too. Her heart might have had some damage from COVID.

Exactly. She had a very rapid heartbeat that she was seeing a cardiologist here. I don’t know. She still had a problem breathing at night. I don’t know what happened, honestly. She wasn’t at home when it happened.

I’ll just say I’m feeling a strain on the heart, so you’ll find out more. I will tell you this also for you, your daughter, and your son. She sends you a lot of music, so pay attention to the songs that come on the radio, Spotify, or whatever you’re listening to. There is this wanting to be around you a lot in that way. With her brother, it’s funny because it’s like, “I want to poke him.” It’s that sibling relationship still. I would say she’s going to do things to get his attention. He’s not going to know it’s her. He’s going to be like, “Why is there a feather in my trunk?” or something like that. It’s her playing with him to let him know that she’s around.

Thank you. They were very close and close in age as well, nineteen months apart. They were very close growing up.

Thank you so much. I’m sending you light and love.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Let’s try Kesha Horsley.

Kesha, how are you?

I’m okay.

Do you have a specific person?

Yes, my son.

I knew it was going to be your son. I already felt this energy coming in. I want to tell you that he’s knocking on the door. I want to say, “Mom, I’m here.” The other thing with his energy is I don’t know if you hear a knocking noise coming inside the structure of your wall.

Yes. A lot.

You can thank him for that. It’s him letting you know that he’s around because that’s the energy that he’s giving me is knocking. I want to tell you that this is his energy, “Mom, I am around. I am here,” which is important for you to know. He’s making me want to say this loudly and clearly. “I am better than fine. I am amazing, Mom.”

I don’t know if you worry about him in that sense like, “Is he okay? Is he in a good place? Is he fine?” “Yes, mom.” Here’s the other thing I have got to tell you. I don’t know if he wore hats or not, but I want to put a hat on my head. I’m going to put that out there with the energy that he’s giving me. The other thing is there’s almost like this hat’s-off-to-you type, “Thank you for being amazing. Thank you for raising me the way that you did. Thank you for giving me everything that you had.”

From him, there’s this appreciation from you. He gives me the number one in connection with you. You were his number one. I feel like you are the person who keeps him in line, who keeps him going, and who keeps him on track. I’m also going to tell you that I think you probably look at the clock a lot, and it’s 11:11 or 1:11 in the morning or something like that. That’s him sending you the number one, too, to let you know that he’s around. Is he your oldest son also, or your only son?

He is my only.

That’s also part of that number one. That’s a strong connection. He says to tell you that you are his number one too. You’re going to see that in a lot of ways like if you’re out driving and you see license plates, and they’re going to have a lot of ones in them, or they might have other messages on them. Those are direct to you from him. I also want to talk about flickering your lights. I don’t know if you have a light bulb that’s burning out often or flickering, but if not, pay attention. That’s going to be coming up for you to let you know that he’s around. He is telling me to say June. I don’t know what June is, but I want to put June out there. There’s also this heightened energy coming in for you. I want to say there’s going to be more healing, more connection, and more release as you move into June.

I also have to tell you that he hands you this huge bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day. They’re beautiful red and white roses. There’s this part where I want to tell you that you are his number one in almost every way of his life. I feel like you knew him better, and you guys were more than just mother-son. You were his best friend. He talks about you stand in this role of number one in so many ways of his life. No one knew him better, no one loved him more, and he appreciates everything that you’ve done for him. He says to take care of yourself. I know that’s hard in this situation, but he wants that for you. I know you’re having a hard time doing that.

I’m affiliated with a group called Helping Parents Heal. I don’t know if you’ve heard of them. You might want to look into them. They’ve been very beneficial for a lot of parents that I’ve worked with. That might be a place where you find a connection because he also shows me that you feel like you are on this island by yourself, trying to navigate it and handle it, and very alone in this situation. That might be another reason why that would be a good place for you to be able to connect with other parents who are going through similar things. Here’s the thing I need to tell you from him before we wrap this up. He still wants you to live a full life. When I say full, that means he wants you to laugh when you can laugh and smile when you can smile.

GAR 107 | Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience: He still wants you to live a full life. He wants you to laugh when you can laugh, smile when you can smile, and enjoy the moments that you can enjoy.

He wants you to enjoy the moments that you can enjoy. He does. He says, “Mom, as you continue to enjoy life and have these good moments, I get to enjoy them too because I’m going to be right next to you every step of the way.” I wouldn’t even be surprised because now that I say step, I hear footprints. I hear him walking, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear him in your house walking.

It weirds me out sometimes. I hear things. I can’t explain it.

It’s funny because I feel like he wasn’t a quiet person in life. He would’ve come in and just slammed the door. I have a son. Even on good and bad days, the door seems to always slam. It doesn’t matter. That’s the energy he’s giving me. You would’ve known when he was home, the door would slam.

The door literally slammed.

Is that since he’s transitioned he slammed the door?

He slammed it like he was there, and it scared me. I was like, “What was that?”

That’s why he’s slamming doors now. He will continue to do that to get your attention, just to let you know that he’s around and he’s okay. He wants you to be okay too. He will keep doing those things. He is loud, so the knocking on the wall sound, the door slamming, all of those things. He wants you to know, “Mom, I’m right here. I’m doing amazing.” It’s the biggest message for you.

Thank you.

Thank you, Keisha. Sending you light and love.

That was great. Can we try Brett next?

How are you?

I’m well, thanks. Such a lovely program so far. Thank you so much.

Thank you. Who would you like to connect with?

I’m trying to connect with my husband who passed in November.

Take a deep breath for me because there’s a lot of emotion. This is the first thing I have to tell you and this is going to confirm what you already know. He did not want to go, and I felt that so strongly. That might have been things he was talking about right up until the end where he’s like, “I don’t want to go. I’m not ready.” That’s the energy he’s giving me.

Having said that, I want you to know that he transitions into the light very peacefully, surrounded by love. You might have heard him talking to either his dad or his grandfather, but I want to talk about loved ones in the room. That’s true for all of us. I will throw this out there for everyone. None of us die alone. Even if it is you in the middle of the Sahara Desert with no one else around you, none of us transition this life alone. It doesn’t happen. We always have our angels, loved ones, and life guides with us. That’s the energy. There is this part, too, where I feel like he is mad. He has this slower transition. He had an illness, whether this is cancer or whatever this is.

None of us die alone. Even if it is you in the middle of the Sahara desert with no one else around you, none of us transition this life alone. We always have our angels, loved ones, and life guides with us. Share on X

He had cancer.

It’s the decline that he’s giving me. I don’t know if he would get mad and yell, but I feel mad.

He wasn’t an angry person in life, and he was very positive throughout his treatment and his illness, but I could tell in the end that he was not fighting it.

Let’s go through that. That was just him acknowledging what he was going through. The big part is he needs to talk about transitioning in the light. Now he wants to talk about the signs that he’s sending you. He’s showing me a few things. I don’t know if you had leaky faucets or if that’s coming up for you, but I want to talk about dripping water. Maybe the toilet flushes by itself or something like this. There are water signs that he’s going to use to connect with you. I want to talk about dream visits. I do feel you’re going to be getting those if you haven’t already. I want to talk about him on your left side because I feel his energy on your left side. You might feel the heat, tingling, or his hand. I want to talk about the dog. Do you have a dog with you now?

We don’t have a dog, but he was very connected to my next-door neighbor’s dog. A terrier dog.

Does your neighbor have that dog still?

Yes. In fact, I walk with my neighbor. We hike up on our property around here in Connecticut. The dog is so funny. It will all of a sudden run in circles around me, and my husband used to get the dog jazzed up.

The dog still knows when your husband’s around. When the dog is doing these funny little things, it’s your husband getting him going still. That’s going to be one way, but I feel like if you brought the dog to your house, it could almost point to you which room he’s standing in. They have a very strong connection.

The dog comes up from my neighbor’s property to my property, which is a little distance away in the morning and I feed them treats.

Where does the number two come in? He’s showing me the number two. Do you have two kids? Is he 1 of 2? Are there two boys? Do you understand it in that way?

There are two boys. Him and his brother. We didn’t have children. He does have a brother, and his brother has expressed to me that he’s been feeling a lot of signs from him way more than I was feeling, but that’s great. I’m glad that they’re connecting.

I think he’ll send his brother the number two also because when he shows me the two of them, it’s interesting because I do want to talk about the two of them. They’re close. They were best friends. They weren’t just brothers. They had a great relationship. I want to acknowledge that. For his brother, he will probably see the number two often on license plates, at 2:22 on the clock, and things like that.

For you, I do feel like he’s still sending you many signs. It’s just that you have a lot of grief that you’re working through, and that’s normal. As you continue to work through it, it will make those signs easier. He also tells me you’re supposed to be writing or journaling. If you’re not already doing that, please add that. You can do that in the sense of starting to write down the signs that he’s giving you.

I have been doing that.

He would like you to expand that a little bit more. I want to tell you that he brings an archangel, Michael. I want to tell you that you need to know that you are protected, that you are safe, that you are surrounded, and that you are going to live an amazing life.

GAR 107 | Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience: You need to know that you are protected, that you are safe, that you are surrounded, and that you are going to live an amazing life.

His name was Michael.

He brings an archangel Michael, to protect you while he’s not in his body to do it.

Thank you so much.

You’re so welcome. I’m sending you light and love.

Thanks, Michelle. I’ll reach out.

You’re welcome.

Next is Pilar.

How are you?

I’m doing okay. How are you?

I’m wonderful, thank you.

I would love to hear from my son.

Can I get his first name, please?

His first name is Carlo.

Let me tell you. He comes in with a great injury. I don’t know where that came from. Did he have an injury, and that was why he transitioned?


I don’t know why he had me say injury. We’ll see because that was not where I was going. I was going to say he has great energy. I want to talk about him. He owns the room when he walks in. He walks in and everyone’s like, “Let’s go to him. Let’s go say hi.” I feel like he’s very much a dynamic personality. I also want to talk to you about him saying, “Looking toward the light.” I don’t know if you like to go for walks, and that’s when you connect with him, but there’s something about being in the light. He’s clearly in the light, but there’s something about when you’re in the light on a walk or whatever this is, he’s walking right there with you. The other thing that I want to talk about for you from him is coins. Pay attention to finding coins. You’re going to find those in your living room, in the car, and the parking lot. There’s going to be a lot of coins around.

I need to talk about something coming up in the next few weeks. I don’t know if this is a birthday, the anniversary of a transition, or whatever this is, but I want to acknowledge something that would be a celebration-type energy from him. I want to tell you that you’ve heard his voice. If you haven’t heard his voice, that will be coming up for you. I think you’re going to hear him say “Mom,” or you’re going to smell him too because he is making my nose tingle now. There’s that energy about that for you.

For all of the moms out there, all of your kids feel this way. Since I’m with you now, let me tell you flowers, balloons, and big hugs for Mother’s Day coming up, very much wanting you to know that he’s going to be right there with you. I don’t know, but I think he liked his dessert because I feel like you’re supposed to make sure you have a good dessert to celebrate, whether that’s cake or whatever that is. I want to talk about that for you. The other thing he’s showing me as a sign that he’s around is going to be heart-shaped, like heart-shaped stones, water puddles, leaves, and all of these things. There’s something else. Does he have a brother here?


I want to talk about brother. I want to talk about trying to connect with him through music. I don’t know if his brother is struggling with this now and having a hard time. I want to talk about, “I’m around him a lot. I want to connect with him in music. I want to connect with him when he is sleeping,” talking about trying to help him have peace in his heart because I feel like he does not have peace about this situation at all. That’s the energy I’m getting from your son Carlo. I want to talk about that, “It’s important, Mom, that you know I’m okay and that my brother knows I’m okay. I’m going to continue to be around you guys.” I want to talk about a car. Did he have a car? Where does the car come in?

He didn’t have a car, but before he passed, he was in the process of getting his driver’s license. He drove my car, his dad’s car, and his brother’s car.

I feel that excitement about car energy. He enjoyed working up to getting his license and driving the car. With that, you should pay attention to license plates because he does feel like he would send you messages through license plates. He’s a fun kid with a great heart. He is very kind and caring. I would say he’s empathic and very good at knowing what people are feeling when he’s around them. He could look at people and say, “They’re having a bad day.” He didn’t have to have someone tell him that. That’s just the energy that he’s giving me. More importantly, he says, “Make sure my mom knows that I am doing amazing.”

I want to talk to you about what he’s doing up there. He’s talking about hanging out with other kids around his same age, and he is helping them learn and grow. We don’t ever stop growing, whether we’re here on Earth or we’re transitioned into heaven where our souls will always continue to evolve. There’s this part where he says, “Mom, I am still growing and learning.” He just shows me the car keys. He wants you to know he got his license, which is so funny.

Whether we're here on earth or transitioned into heaven, our souls will always continue to evolve. Share on X

I haven’t had anyone show me that because I don’t know that they drive cars in heaven, but that’s the energy he’s giving me. Know that he’s still achieving the goals of the things that he was looking forward to in life. He wants to tell you that he is not leaving your side. He says, “Mom, I’m going to experience life with you every single day.” Pay attention. You’re going to hear him around you in the sense that you’ll hear him say your name. I feel like you’re going to smell him, and more things like that will pop up.

Thank you, Michelle. Thank you so much. Thank you too, Irene.

Next is Chris.

How are you?

I’m doing better, thank you.

Wonderful. Who would you like to connect with?

My son.

Can I get his first name, please? The reason I’m asking is because there are so many kids lined up now. I feel like I’ve got to start taking numbers.


Let me see what he has for you. I want to say that he had a very similar look to you because I want to talk about it from the chin up. I don’t know if he has your eyes, your nose, or your chin, but this is similar. I want to talk about Sebastian. He says you’ve been working hard on connecting with him. I’m sure you’ve gotten into this deeper on other levels because he says, “Tell my dad that he hears me, he sees the signs I’m getting, and he’s right on target.”

He’s talking about the growth that you are doing to make your own connection with him and how far that has come. I almost feel like I’ll ask him questions. It’s like you go to lunch, and you’re like, “Should I have chicken or beef?” or little things like that. He’s talking about the small talk to the big things you guys are still communicating, and you’re doing it well. Have you heard his voice?

Yes, in a dream shortly after he passed.

You will continue to, and I expect that you might hear it while you’re conscious and not in a dream. When you’re waking up or walking down the hall, I think you’ll hear him call you dad. That’s the energy he’s giving me. The other thing I want to talk about is seeing his silhouette. If you haven’t seen that yet, that’s going to be coming up. He sends you lots of orbs, so pay attention to the pictures you take. You’re going to get orbs or streaks of light. That’s important.

If you haven’t already done mediumship classes or something along those lines, those are coming up for you because he’s talking about, “My dad is such an amazing communicator. He is going to continue to get better.” This drive that you have to communicate with him. It’s going to push you even further. Someday Irene will have you on here doing the readings. That’s the energy he’s giving. I would say just know that you are spot on track with your son. I want to acknowledge another. Does he have a sister?


Well, who’s the one?

He was adopted, but he looked like us, my husband and I. That was right on.

That’s one of the first things he says. I want to talk about one other. I don’t know if you’re thinking of adopting again, but I want to talk about one other. I’m just going to put that out there, and I’ll let you figure that out. Stay open to that. It’s interesting because I want to talk about a celebration in November or December, and it doesn’t just feel like the holidays. It feels like something different. I don’t know if it’s a birthday or an anniversary, but there’s something in there that he’s having me highlight the energy on. I’ll go ahead and leave you with that. Know that you are absolutely on track with your connection with him, and he’s not going anywhere.

I know. I feel it. I have the thumbprint that you were talking about. We left. We had to sell the house that he took his life in months ago, and we just moved. It was very difficult, and I felt I was leaving him behind. I walked through the empty house, and I smelled him. I grabbed the thumbprint and said, “Let’s leave together,” and we did.

That’s beautiful. That’s a really important point that you brought up because a lot of people feel that way. They don’t want to leave a house that has good memories or where they feel they saw their loved one the last time or whatever that is. Here’s what I can tell you, they go with you. That is our human sentimental side, and I understand that side.

Your loved one, you can’t lose them. You could go to a different country, and they still know where you are. They’re still going to send you signs. They’re still connected with what’s happening in your life. Knowing that it doesn’t matter where you go and your loved ones going with you does help make things a little easier. I have to tell you, he’s going to walk beside you every single day.

It doesn't matter where you go, your loved one is going with you. Share on X

Thank you, Michelle.

Thank you, Chris, sending you a lot of light and love.

Next is Melissa.

Hi there.

Who would you like to connect with, Melissa?

I’m with my husband and we lost his sister, my sister-in-law. She’s the one we’d like to hear from.

Can I get her first name, please?

It’s Pam.

The first thing I want to talk about is to pay attention to the feathers because you’re going to be finding feathers from Pam as a sign that she’s around. That also could be in the middle of the night where your nose feels like it’s tickling with a feather. That’s her energy of letting her know that she’s around you guys. I need to say thank you. I feel like you advocated for her a lot, you supported her a lot, and you helped her along this journey very strongly. She appreciates that. I feel her energy very closely around you. I don’t feel like a sister-in-law. I would say I feel more like sisterly energy. I want to talk about friends. I feel like she was able to come to you as her friend, not just as her family, which is important for her.

She shows me the color pink, which is important, so pay attention. You might see a pink orb, or you might get it in a picture or something like this. This is a way of her letting you know that she’s around. I want to say I’m having a hard time breathing. I don’t know how she transitions, but I feel it in my chest area. The other energy that she’s giving me is to let you know that her soul quickly releases. It’s like her body, and then she’s like, “Here I go.” That’s the energy I get. She says to tell you, “The party started when I got there.” That’s the energy she gives me to tell you. I feel like, “All of heaven was just waiting for me to start the party.”

Having said that, she’s got such a sweet and kind sense of humor. I feel her around you very much. I also want to talk about flickering lights or light bulbs burning out. She’s going to be someone who sends electrical signs. I don’t know if they are emails from her. She’s just showing me an email, or if you see her name pop up on your computer or something. There are going to be electronic signs like that, that you will connect with from her. I don’t know if she’s playing with your computer and you’re having a hard time logging on, but there’s a lot of energy like that, that she’s giving me with the electrical things. Is her mom still here?


I didn’t feel like she was with her mom, but I wanted to talk about mom. Please let Mom know that she’s around her. There are going to be dream connections in that sense. Once again, Helping Parents Heal would be a wonderful resource for her mom because her mom is feeling very alone, not just in life but in grief. That would be a wonderful connection for her. The other thing is “Please, tell her mom that she is sending her dreams and dream visits.” I want to talk about their hands. I don’t know if they have the same hands or if her mom is now wearing her ring, bracelet, watch, or something like that. It’s something from my wrist to my fingers that I want to talk about with her.

The other thing I want to talk about is the ocean. I have no idea where you live, but I feel like you guys need to go to the ocean or that she has a connection to the ocean. If it’s not the ocean, it could be a lake or something like that. I want to talk about water, and there’s this connection with her and her ability to communicate with you guys when you’re by the water. Is it you or your husband that has had the dream from her? I want to talk about dream.

Maybe his mom and she’s not here.

You might want to ask his mom because I want to talk about this being solid. I want to talk about it being real. There’s going to be these words of wisdom. It’s just this different level of connection. I will share it with you quickly because she’s showing this to me. I want to say this. Since my mom transitioned, I’ve only had one dream visit with her that I remember. I remember just hugging her as solid as hugging another human.

I remember in this dream, she said to me, “Michelle, I’m around you this strongly when you’re awake too. You just don’t feel it.” That’s the energy that she wants me to give you, your husband, and her mom, that strong connection that we have in those dream visits with our loved ones where we see them and touch them. They’re as solid as the table. They are that solid next to us all the time. It’s just a matter of we don’t perceive it very well when we’re conscious. Thank you, Melissa. I’m sending you guys a lot of light and love.

Thank you.

Michelle, do you have it in you to do one more? I know you’ve done a lot.

I do. Let’s do one more.

John Manning.

John, how are you?

Good. Thanks for being here.

Thank you for being here. Who would you like to connect with tonight, John?

My son.

Can I get his first name? I feel sudden male energy around you.


He comes through with a great sense of humor. When you say Leo, I feel like this huge personality walking into my room is the energy that I get from him. He’s very thoughtful. I want to say he has this part where he wants to be organized and planned coming out. I want to say that he sends you coins, but he also does some funny things. You set your keys on this table, and you come back out, and they’re on this table, or they’re on the other side. There’s a playful energy that he has.

I want to talk to you about saying thank you for talking to me still because I can tell that you, too, are trying to grow your connection with him. He’s talking about being very thankful that you’re willing to do that. I want to tell you I have the writing energy. I don’t know if you’re writing a book, if you’re writing your experiences, or if you’re journaling, but there’s something about writing that he’s showing me for you. That’s going to be important for you if you haven’t already started that. Why do I feel like you could be writing a book or a book about his life or a book about your connection with him? Have you thought about this yet?

It’s been several months. It’s a little early for that, but I’ll keep that in mind.

Keep that in mind because, if nothing else, I feel like you should be documenting your connections with him, your signs from him, or whatever this is because I truly feel a book is coming up for you. It does feel like a book about you and him and your story with him. It’s almost like how the story continues. There’s this part where I want to say to you, “Dad, I’m not connected to my body, but my story and your story are continuing, and we are still connected.”

I’m supposed to tell you that he listens to you better now. That’s the energy he’s giving. I don’t know if you used to give him advice in life, and he is like, “Whatever, dad.” That was his energy. He says, “Tell my dad I’m listening good now.” I feel him listening to your energy now, listening to what you’re saying, and listening to what you’re thinking when you’re connecting with him.


Also, pay attention to your electronics because he’s also going to send you signs that way, whether it’s lights flickering or something coming up on your computer screen where you’re like, “How did that get there?” That’s another big way he’s going to connect with you.

I think it happened twice now.

Perfect. Thank you so much, John.

Thank You so much, Michelle.

I know that I speak for every one and thank Michelle for this incredible event. Isn’t she amazing? She’s fabulous, and she’s just such a blessing. For all of you who want to connect with her for private readings, group channeling, and more, you can connect with her at Here is a loving reminder that you can see all the interesting insights from Grief and Rebirth episodes on Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. As I always like to say, to be continued. This gives us so much joy to do this for all of you. Many blessings and loving thanks. Thank you again, Michelle. Bye for now.

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