GAR 114 | Love Never Dies


Lisa Wilcoxson is a spiritual evidential medium, a psychic, a mystic, and a mentor. As a tested and certified medium who is a recommended provider for Helping Parents Heal, she is renowned for delivering detailed evidence and stunning connection in readings. She compassionately provides undeniable proof that the bonds of love are unbreakable, there is no death, and our lives are forever intertwined. With both of her children in spirit, Lisa has overcome great personal trauma. Her mindful and inspirational guidance and connection have helped bereaved people across the globe. And she also dedicates much of her time to Helping Parents Heal as an affiliate leader for two groups. One dedicated to parents whose special needs children have crossed, and one for parents who have lost all or their only child.



  • Lisa’s connection with spirit as a child 
  • Losing her two sons and her mother appearing to her in a closet three days before her second son transcended 
  • Lisa’s eye-opening experience at a grief retreat 
  • Communicating with deceased loved ones 
  • What is a mystic and how do you become a certified medium? 
  • Some miraculous validations of the afterlife Lisa received 
  • Lisa’s wisdom and insights about grief and the afterlife 
  • Lisa’s gallery readings for Helping Parents Heal 
  • Psychic versus medium 
  • Lisa’s tip for finding joy in life



      • Would you tell us about your eye-opening experience at a grief retreat in a Dao Buddhist Center when you were awakened by a young girl dancing at the foot of your bed? 
      • Can you explain how you communicate with these deceased loved ones and these children? 
      • What do you do to become a certified medium? 
      • What does a mystic believe? What makes you a mystic? 
      • Is there any wisdom you’d like to share with us about grief and the afterlife? 
      • Do you do both psychic information and mediumship information together or do you separate them? What is the difference? 

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        Lisa Wilcoxson: ‘Love. Never. Dies. Neither Do We. I’ve Been Shown.’ Lisa’s Inspirational Guidance And Connection Has Helped Bereaved People Across The Globe.






        Healthy Parents Heal assists bereaved parents in very significant ways. It provides personal and specialized support, tips, and tools for finding hope for those parents whose children have passed. It offers much-needed peer support, which aids in the healing process, going a step beyond other groups because it supports the open discussion of spiritual experiences and evidence for the afterlife in a nondogmatic way.

        Everyone is welcome regardless of religious or non-religious background, allowing for open dialogues for those who wish to share their personal afterlife communications. I’m truly both delighted and honored to have been asked to interview some of the enlightened presenters who are at this conference. These insights provide uplifting interviews, comprising a special new series on the show that will illumine the wondrous healing work of Helping Parents Heal. The organization’s sole mission is to help other parents who have also lost their precious children, ensuring them that they need not walk alone through their profound grief.

        Our next inspiring interview in this series is with Lisa Wilcoxson, who is a spiritual evidential medium, a psychic, a mystic and a mentor. As a tested and certified medium who is a recommended provider for Helping Parents Heal, Lisa is renowned for delivering detailed evidence and stunning connection in readings. She compassionately provides undeniable proof that the bonds of love are unbreakable. There is no death and our lives are forever intertwined.

        With both of her children and spirit, Lisa has overcome great personal trauma. Her mindful and inspirational guidance and connection have helped bereaved people across the globe. She also dedicates much of her time to Helping Parents Heal as an affiliate leader for two groups. One is dedicated to parents with special needs, children who have crossed and one for parents who have lost their only child.

        I am looking forward to talking to Lisa, who is facilitating two events in addition to conducting private readings during the Helping Parents Heal Conference, about her spiritual awakening after her son, Anthony, transitioned, how she connects with our deceased loved ones, and miraculous validations of the afterlife. She has received more for what is surely going to be a touching, informative, and illuminating interview. Hi, Lisa.

        Irene, thank you so very much. What an honor it is to be here.

        It is my pleasure. It’s wonderful to have you here. This is going to be a marvelous conversation. You have such an interesting light and an amazing journey that brought you to where you are. Let’s start with when you were a kid. Your experience is connecting with spirit when you were a child, including a message you received that said, “You are not ready yet. We will return.” How old were you when that happened?

        I was thirteen years old. It was very interesting. I believe it was eighth grade. I was in bed, and suddenly, there were four spirits up in the top of the corner of my room and I could see them. There were 2 men and 2 women. They were dressed in somewhat 1800s-era clothing. The women had beautiful velvet hats. The men had Derby. I could hear them talking to each other but I could not hear them. I simply pulled the covers up over my head.

        They stayed in my room every night for about 10 days, and on the 10th day, 1 of the men showed up. I was certain that I was crazy. Truly, I thought. I told no one. I was the basketball manager for the junior high basketball team. We were in the gym and one of them appeared, and then I was certain I was crazy. I ran into the locker room and he said to me, “You are not ready yet. We will be back.” I never saw them since, except for my aunt who has told me about two aunts that I had in history who were also in the spiritual realm of being able to deliver evidence.

        Your path was set but you didn’t know it yet.

        I had no idea.

        They chose a fascinating place to let you know.

        They did indeed but that was evident in and of itself that it was not my bedroom and woo-woo. It was in plain sight and plain day. They told me what they were doing and then they disappeared.

        The memory of that message, “You’re not ready yet. We will return,” you forgot about it. It faded away. Now you get married. One night, you’re getting ready for bed. You come out in your closet and explain to your husband, “I saw my mom. I don’t understand. There’s no crying in heaven.” Tell us what that was all about.

        I need to back up that. In 1988, my first son was born, Michael. He was a beautiful baby. At the age of one month, he got his first DPT shot. He had a severely toxic reaction and immediately started having seizures. His seizures got so bad that we had to remove the occipital lobe of his brain and do a corpus callosotomy separating the lobes of his brain.

        For twelve years, that sweet boy had a very difficult life. He never walked and talked. At the age of twelve, he got aspiration pneumonia and transcended. At that time, I turned everything into my second son. He was my son and my moon. When he was eighteen, he, too, transcended. Three days before that happened, I was in my closet and that’s when I saw my mother who died four months before my first son.

        I was shocked to see her. Not only because she was crying and I was still of the belief that heaven was harps and angels on clouds, as Rumi says, but when I saw her, I don’t know which shocked me more. Three days after seeing that, I recalled having seen her in the closet when I got the call that Anthony was on the ventilator. He didn’t survive that.

        What caused Anthony to transcend?

        He was a freshman in college. It’s interesting because his soul knew. When he was four years old, he told me. I looked in the back seat in the car seat and he had big old crocodile tears running down his cheeks. I said, “What’s the matter, baby?” He said, “Mama, when I’m eighteen, I’m going to leave you. I’m so sad. I’m going to miss you so much.” I said, “When you’re eighteen, you’ll be a big boy. It will be okay. You go to college.”

        Two months before he left his body, he told me, “Mom, I drank a whole bottle of vodka and I thought I was going to die. I’m so afraid I’m going to die, Mom. Will you watch out for me?” He was a freshman at Arizona State University. He went to a party. A synthetic drug was administered in his nose and he immediately had a heart attack and died.

        Did somebody purposely put that drug in his nose?


        Were there any consequences?

        The gentleman that did that served two years in jail for that. That’s been a challenge in my life. It is a very big challenge in the area of forgiveness.

        After Anthony passed, you had an amazing eye-opening experience at a grief retreat in a Dao Buddhist Center when you were awakened by a young girl dancing at the foot of your bed. Would you like to tell us about that?

        I would love to, but first, I need to give you the preface to that. My husband had started a job in Sedona, Arizona, so at the time, we had a home there. I was in Sedona and I was angry. Sedona is one of the most beautiful spiritual places in the world, and I wanted no part of it. I felt as if God had dropped me in this beautiful place because the rug was about to be pulled up from under me. It was after Anthony had passed.

        I lay in bed one night and it was so painful to me. I fragmented and I heard a woman wailing. I thought, “Who is that poor, pathetic woman?” I started clawing myself out of my own skin. It hurts so bad. I had blood and skin under my fingernails. My husband grabbed my arms. He said, “Lisa, you have to stop and get help.” I said, “Rick, I’ve mutilated myself.” The next morning, I woke up, and I had not a scratch on me. I still had blood and skin under my fingernails. That was my first realization that there was something bigger. Truly, there was something carrying me through this dark night of my soul.

        GAR 114 | Love Never Dies

        Love Never Dies: Truly, there was something carrying me through this dark night of my soul.

        How long after that did you go to the Buddhist Center?

        That’s when I found the wonderful Dr. Joanne Cacciatore, who is an internationally acclaimed child loss and grief specialist in Sedona. She and I became very close. I went to a Dao Buddhist Center there where she was having what she called Selah. I was in my room, and there was nothing in there except for a chakra chart. I had no clue what a chakra was at this point. I was waking up. I was in that liminal space. I went between sleep and awake.

        Suddenly, a young girl appeared out of nowhere at the foot of my bed. I could see through her in opacity, and yet she had a beautiful ring of white flowers around her hair, a white tutu, and white tights. She appeared to be maybe eight years old. She was spinning and smiling at me. She then vanished, and I thought, “What in the world just happened?”

        We went into the retreat center. It was the last day. Everyone was taking their children’s pictures off of the altar table. I said, “That’s the little girl I saw.” In the picture, she was fifteen years old and in a wheelchair. I thought, “What do I do? Do I say something to her mother?” I knew her mother’s story because there were about 60 women but I hadn’t met her mother.

        We were all in a lunchroom, getting ready to leave. All of a sudden, like in a movie set, the entire lunchroom cleared out and only she, her mother, and I were left. I went and sat next to her. I said, “Can I tell you something? I woke this morning and this beautiful little girl showed up at the foot of my bed.” I described to her what I saw, and I said, “I know it was your daughter.”

        Tears came to her eyes. She grabbed her iPad and said, “I haven’t shown anyone that picture.” She scrolled through real fast. She had adopted her daughter from Romania. She explained to me that she loved to dance when she first got her before she became spastic and was in a wheelchair. She said, “Look at this picture.” It was her at that age with a white tutu, white tights, and a white ring of flowers around her hair. I said, “Your daughter is dancing now. I saw her. She’s perfect and she’s dancing.” It was truly a story and an awakening for both of us. At that time, all the children started coming to me.

        Tell me about that. No matter where you were, were you starting to see deceased children?

        Mostly, it was at the grief retreat. I would be doing yoga, and all of a sudden, I had a little boy panting like a dog with a puppy dog mask saying, “Horsey.” I thought, “Who is this?” He was a little guy. We broke up, went to breakfast, and came back. The woman who had been doing yoga next to me was standing next to the grief facilitator showing her a picture of her new horse. I asked her, “Did your son have a puppy dog mask?” She said, “Yes, it was his favorite toy. Right before I came here, the dog chewed the nose off it. I was so upset.”

        I said, “He’s here with you. He’s happy. He’s right at your feet.” The way I see the children all the time is no different than if they were in their physical bodies. The essence they show and what they are able to communicate in so very few images, words, or whatever it is that I hear, whether it’s clairvoyantly, clairaudiently or clairsentiently, is phenomenal.

        Can you explain how exactly you communicate with these deceased loved ones and these children? Is it clairsentient or clairvoyance? Do you get an image? How does that work?

        In the beginning, it was clairvoyant and clairaudient. I would hear and see them. At the point that I realized I was getting messages from children, I decided I wanted to learn more. I went through a couple of instructors until I found the world-renowned Grand Dame of Mediumship, Mavis Pittilla, whom I’ve studied with for almost five years. She and Jean Else are very near and dear to my heart. She took me and stripped me of everything I knew. She taught me a better way to develop my clair so that I can use them all fully and blend them for the divine God source and to be able to do this work.

        You’re a certified medium and you also describe yourself as a mystic. For all of us who need to know, what do you do to become a certified medium? What is a mystic?

        My certification was mainly through Helping Parents Heal because they are an invaluable resource for bereaved parents. I went to a medium myself early on. It was a far less than a loving healing experience. It was very traumatizing.

        In what way?

        I would prefer not to even say. The information she gave was not only incorrect but she drew conclusions. My son Michael, who was in a wheelchair, the sweetest, most innocent, and saintly child there was, never walked or spoke. He was like an infant for twelve years. She told me how he was sorry for all the terrible things he did in his life. Nothing resonated. I could tell and feel that this was not my child.

        She was like making it up.

        The information she gave me was harmful. At that point, because I had been seeing what the children gave to me, I thought, “This isn’t right. There has to be ethics in mediumship.” The children in spirit know my heart and the hearts of those who truly come to work on their behalf because we’re merely the channel to deliver the evidence. It’s evidence-based so that we know that this is our child. The evidence is typically something that’s so specific and, at the same time, shoots that arrow through our heart that we know, “That’s my child.”

        GAR 114 | Love Never Dies

        Love Never Dies: The evidence is typically something that’s so specific and at the same time, shoots that arrow through our heart that we know.

        That’s how a person can identify when someone does not have integrity and mediumship if it doesn’t resonate.

        Your soul will know.

        There are charlatans in every field.

        It’s interesting you use that word because that’s the word that I typically use for the person I was describing. However, I chose not to, to honor all people on their path, and yet that is truly how I felt at the time.

        Tell us all about a mystic. What does a mystic believe? What makes you a mystic?

        I can tell you the definition of a mystic in Lisa Wilcoxson’s mind. The definition of a mystic is when you become awakened and you start seeing the connection between all things. You start seeing the glory in sacred geometry, the Fibonacci spiral, pyramids, numerology, and ancient times. It’s so much more divine than any of us could have even imagined.

        I called the time before my children crossed My Innocence of Illusion because that’s when going along this life in this 3D plane was merely illusioned. Now, I’ve been broken open like the phoenix, which is why my children told me to coin myself The Phoenix Medium in the representation of all those who have broken hearts and become awakened. There’s so much more. It’s truly such a gift and joy.

        We’ve heard a few stories of the evidence you’ve received about the afterlife. Do you have any other good stories you can tell us about miraculous validations of the afterlife you’ve received?

        There are countless. I’m going to go to the one that was brought back to my mind. Here at this conference, there are 900 attendees. I’ve been able to meet so many of my beautiful clients whose children have touched my life because with each validation I do, it’s more validation for myself as well that my children are with me.

        I was in the restroom right next door here. A woman walked in and introduced herself, “I am the toothbrush.” I said, “I’m so happy to meet you.” I did a reading for a woman in Hawaii, and she’s a veterinarian. As soon as the camera turned on, I said, “I have to tell you, I typically do an introduction, which I’ll get to, but the very first thing I need to tell you is I’m seeing rainbows all over you and animals everywhere. These animals feel such incredible love for you.”

        She told me, “I’m a veterinarian. I sometimes have to euthanize animals. I euthanized a cat who’s in a refrigerator right next to me.” I was like, “That cat wants to thank you for your compassion and care.” I began my introduction and I said, “I’m trying to speak but I have a young woman here who is waving a toothbrush frantically.”

        She braced herself, got big tears, and said, “I’ve waited ten years. That’s my daughter. Before my daughter crossed, we made a pact that if anything ever happened to either one of us, what would our sign be? My daughter said, ‘I will move a toothbrush.’ For ten years, I’ve had a toothbrush sitting on my counter in my kitchen. I tell my family, ‘Don’t touch that toothbrush.’ That toothbrush has never moved.” I said, “There you got your toothbrush.” It’s those things that you know without a doubt that you are communicating with your loved ones.

        How could you know that? I’m also getting that you communicate with deceased animals.

        Absolutely. My very own dog, Clyde, who was a rescue dog, was on my pillow two days after he crossed. I’ll tell you what, there’s nothing like knowing that we merely leave our bodies. My husband and I had to put down one of our rescue Boxers. She was my husband’s love, little Lexi. She had a massive brain tumor. She quickly and suddenly became very ill. They couldn’t stop her seizures. He’s been in such grief. I have to tell you that for the first time, as dearly as I love her, it was as if I saw her walk out of this broken body. I know she’s okay and fine. I know she still exists and is still with me.

        Your husband is still grieving her. Even though he has this miracle that he lives with, who is his wife, he still needs his process.

        That’s interesting because I too have waves of grief over my children. I am a mother. I’m in a human body. I still have days where I think all of this is baloney. None of this is real. I cry for three hours and then some miracle comes to me. I remember all of the miracles I’ve seen, and I think, “I am not that good to make this up. This is real.”

        You speak beautifully. You go to public events and talk about grief in the afterlife. Is there any wisdom that you’d like to share with us that you share with others about grief in the afterlife?

        Grief is all-encompassing and natural. We think grief is wrong. However, grief is like being hungry, lonely, angry or tired. Grief is going to come when we feel that physical separation. I shared with my parents in my gallery reading. I was very nervous so I went through some notes through the years. I was drawn to that by the kids. I read a note that I made that came from meditation quite some time ago.

        Grief is all-encompassing and natural. We think grief is wrong. However, grief is like being hungry, lonely, angry, or tired. Grief is going to come when we feel that physical separation. Share on X

        It said, “I now know my children are stardust. They’re beautiful stardust, and yet, it is when I realized that I too am stardust. I was truly able to meet them and be with them for infinity. I’m merely having my experience and they are right here with me.” Science within, maybe not my lifetime but like The Jetsons and the TV screen that used to pop out and here we are all on Zoom, I truly believe that within a matter of years, we are going to be able to see our loved ones. It’s just a matter of time.

        Isn’t there a project with a soul phone and things going on that people can go to?

        That’s so interesting because I know there’s a soul phone project, and yet at the same time, I’m thinking we need no device. All we need is our clairaudience and to be able to tap into what the ancients have. We are on native land. The natives knew this. The natives have the symbol of healing in the palm of their hands, which I was shown in a meditation. I was able to see through and see the blood flowing through our hands. Even if you go back into religion, the laying on of hands and the power of hands, it’s the energy. It’s our life force. We have a life force whether we’re in a body or outside of a body because our life force is vibration and who we are. It’s magnificent.

        GAR 114 | Love Never Dies

        Love Never Dies: We have a life force whether we’re in a body or outside of a body because our life force is vibration and who we are. It’s magnificent.

        Many people are able to see that life force and identify us for it. It’s so wonderful. You’re doing gallery readings for Helping Parents Heal.

        I’m very much looking forward to it.

        You do privates. Would you explain to everyone what gallery reading is? Is it an art show?

        Gallery reading is from the word gallery, which was coined in the 1800s when you would go into a gallery setting. You have the stage and then the gallery. It’s more of an antiquated term. However, it’s stuck. It’s the same as called demonstrations. They would call them demonstrations of mediumship. It’s public reading. A medium will be on a stage or walk through the audience and give public readings to random individuals depending on whose loved ones come through. Everyone’s loved ones are always with them. There’s courtesy and compassion in the spirit world as well.

        Do you mean the noisiest personalities?

        Not necessarily the noisiest. It’s the one that they know that their loved one’s heart needs to be touched the most. A lot of times, I’ve realized that just as if we were to go to a party in a room full of people, our loved ones are there when we gather. If per se, you and I start talking about quilting, and someone’s like, “I love quilting. What quilt store do you like? What patterns do you like? Did your grandmother quilt,” a message will come through for a granddaughter whose grandmother made quilts that will resonate with many other people because of the similar quilt or something like that.

        Their loved ones are together and they’ll say, “You’ll be our spokesperson and then we can touch all these hearts.” The message for the individual is uniquely for that individual, and yet at the same time, they’re able to be able to touch a wide array of hearts. With private reading, more personal information will come through because it’s one-on-one. For example, both of my sons would tell me things in private that they wouldn’t tell me in public. It’s no different than in life.

        If you want to talk about like, “I’m struggling, Mom, with my Math teacher. I’m having a hard time relating to my Math teacher,” that’s going to be something that would come through in a private reading just as it would be a private situation. My son is not going to stand up in the middle of Safeway, grab the microphone and say, “Register three. I’m having a problem with my Math teacher.” This is the difference between the two. A gallery reading is nothing more than a public demonstration. Not everyone gets a reading but everyone will be touched.

        A gallery reading is nothing more than a public demonstration. Not everyone gets a reading, but everyone will be touched. Share on X

        You’re a psychic, also. Please explain if someone wants to get ahold of you. Do you do both psychic information and mediumship information together or do you separate them? What is the difference? The psychic gets different information than a medium.

        Psychics read your aura and soul. My soul to your soul. I can look at you and find out how I feel. What I would do is go into your past so that I can validate what has happened in your past. I can see what could be a possible roadmap for things that may be in your future, knowing that you have all responsibility for your soul. I always tell all my clients, “Don’t let me or anyone else tell you anything that doesn’t resonate with your soul because our souls know but it will help provide guidance.”

        For example, if you think you look good in a red dress but don’t know, you come to someone who’s a fashionista and say, “You do look beautiful in that red dress.” In the same way, if you’re going to take a new job and you go to see a psychic and think, “I’m not feeling real comfortable about this job,” merely the psychic is going to help explore what they see in your soul.” Mediumship is speaking with real people who have crossed. Psychic would be if you were to have a reading and your guides or archangels would come through.

        People would come to you for career or love advice and all of that. If a deceased loved one comes through, too, it’s a bonus.

        In my readings, I’m open to psychic or mediumship, so I do both. That’s up to the client to give permission for whichever one.

        Tell us about private mentorship.

        Mostly I do that with parents whose children have transcended. I’m also an affiliate leader for two groups in Helping Parents Heal and also a caring listener. There are times when people say, “I want to learn more. I need to learn more.” They want to get together in a one-on-one setting. We set times. It has nothing to do with my affiliate groups or my caring listener but through that, it comes out that they do want to learn more.

        To learn more is they want to learn more about how to connect with their children?

        Yes. What all mediumship is for is to prove that there is no death. We all have these senses so we can all connect with our children, not to the level of a professional medium. I’ve worked and studied. I’ve spent countless amounts of time honing this ability to connect. At the same time, it no more means that you can’t connect yourself. It’s just a validation. It’s the same as being a track star. We can all run but you have to have dedication and talent. You have to have a God-given physique to be able to go and stand on the podium with the gold medal.

        You have a personal transformation towards a joy-filled life from what you came from and what you’ve been through. Would you like to share that with us? Do you have a tip for finding joy in life? You found it.

        Accepting my grief was the door that opened me to joy.

        Accepting grief can be the door that opens you to joy. Share on X

        Acceptance is the magic word for that.

        Although acceptance is the one word I would never do. People would tell me I had to accept that my children were dead, and I refused to accept that. The very first time I meditated, the first thing I saw was an ankh, which means everlasting life. I learned that my refusal to accept they were dead was the truest thing I ever could have done because they were not dead. Also, accepting that I need to learn how to be in this new relationship. My children are close to me and so with me right now.

        I tell the story about the shoe. I pulled into the garage years ago and there was a box of old shoes. It was Vans tennis shoes, worn, size 11, and I lost them. I grabbed one of those shoes. They were Anthony’s. I stuck my face in it. I fell into a fetal position. I rocked and ugly cried on my garage floor, missing my son so deeply. Knowing that I speak with him and I see him and other children, the grief still comes.

        As I was rocking on the floor sobbing into this sweaty old shoe, I realized, “Wait a minute. I never took his shoes out of his closet.” I had a memory of my stepson, Cody, bringing a box of shoes to me to take to Goodwill before he went to the Navy. I went, “Gross.” They were holding those shoes and I’m sucking the sweat out of Cody’s shoes.

        Immediately at that time, Anthony appeared to me. He looked down at me and said, “Mom, you’re pathetic.” I went from a fetal position ugly cry to rocking and laughing so hard. The tears went to laughter tears and that is exactly my right in life. I was in there crying and watching Dr. O’Driscoll and Jeff Olsen speak because they were so moving and touching.

        I’m still in this body. I still get to experience these emotions, and yet at the same time, I can stand up and say thank you for bringing me here to this beautiful place. Thank you for introducing me to your beautiful soul, beautiful work, and amazing audience. With every viewer you get, you are awakening hearts, minds, and souls. That’s what we’re all here for. We’re here for love.

        Also, to make a difference and show people that they can heal and move on. You’re a role model for that. Lisa, it is so true that love never dies and neither do we. You are a blessing. You bring incredible solace and hope to those grappling with profound grief. You connect with their loved ones and spirit while, at the same time, you role model that it is possible to turn an unthinkable loss into a new beginning, which is what this show is all about. We’re perfectly synced in this mission. It’s so wonderful. Thank you so much from my heart for this wonderful interview, for all the help you do for Helping Parents Heal and helping people who are grieving, and for such an illuminating, inspiring interview.

        Thank you so much, and thank you to your wonderful audience.

        I love you.


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