GAR 227 | Healing With The Ancients


Lisa Snyder is a former engineer who was shown a Native American chief in her mind’s eye while in a meditative state during a massage. Healing sounds organically began to express through her vocal cords, and this very personal introduction to the world of Spirit not only inspired Lisa to train in evidential mediumship, but she also received evidence validating that the shared healing sounds expressed through her vocal cords are coming from the Highest Source – of Love and light. Lisa refers to these sounds as Healing with the Ancients, using her voice in this unique way to help people raise their vibrational frequency to heal themselves.

In this episode, Lisa walks us through her journey of awakening, she shares how she uses her gifts to heal people who are struggling with trauma, and she treats us to a magical mini-healing session that gives us a sneak peek into her special, unique healing gifts. Tune in and be inspired by this truly fascinating conversation!



  • How Lisa’s sensitivity expressed itself during her formative years.
  • How an angel helped direct Lisa to where her lost son was in a park.
  • Lisa received a vision of a Native American chief in her mind’s eye while in a meditative state during a massage, and healing sounds organically began to express through her vocal cords.
  • How “Healing With the Ancients” helps people to raise their vibrational frequency to heal themselves and then share that healing energy with others.
  • A magical mini-healing session that gives us a sneak peek into Lisa’s special, unique healing gifts.



  • How did your sensitivity express itself during your formative years, and what happened when you were told to shut it down?
  • How did an angel direct you to where your lost young son was in a park, how did the angel appear to you, and what did that experience teach you?
  • What do you mean by the term “Healing With the Ancients?”
  • Can you give us an example of healing you have facilitated when the ancients have used your vocal cords?
  • What happens for us when we release the internal blocks we have erected, and why is it important to release our internal blocks so that we can heal?
  • Lisa, could you please gift us with a mini healing right now? 

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Lisa Snyder: Healing With The Ancients






I hope this finds each of you so very well. I’m speaking to you from my studio in West Orange, New Jersey and I could not be more delighted to have this opportunity to interview Lisa Snyder, who will be speaking to us from Circle Pines, Minnesota. She is a former engineer who earned her Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Iowa State University.

In November 2016, while receiving a massage and in a meditative state, Lisa was shown a Native American chief in her mind’s eye and sounds organically began to express themselves through her vocal cords. This very personal introduction to the world of spirit inspired Lisa to train in evidential mediumship and since then, she has received evidence that validates that the shared healing sounds expressed through her vocal cords are coming from the highest source of love and light.

She is nationally certified in Massage Therapy and Body Work and certified in Energy Work and Craniosacral Therapy. Plus, she is an author, a trained evidential psychic medium, a spiritual teacher and a coach who facilitates intuitive healing. The healing sounds have evolved over the years and continue to expand. Lisa refers to these sounds as healing with the ancients. She also contributed a fascinating chapter about her healing journey with the ancients in a remarkable book titled Gathering at the Doorway: An Anthology of Signs, Visits and Messages from the Afterlife, which was curated by author Camille Dan, whom I have had the true pleasure of interviewing on the show.

I’m looking forward to talking with Lisa about the angel who helped direct her to her lost young son in a park. Also, the healing ancient dialects and energy she channels through the use of her voice, some of the wonderful signs she has received over the years from loved ones who have crossed over, including her beloved cat Max, how she helps people to raise their vibrational frequency and more for what is surely going to be a fascinating, enlightening and transformative interview with a lovely person for many of us. Lisa, a very warm welcome to the show.

Thank you for that beautiful introduction. It is an honor to join you here, Irene. I love your show. What you are doing and sharing these beautiful stories with all of these different people to help collaborate and bring joy and light to the world is such a blessing. I thank you so much for inviting me to your show.


GAR 227 | Healing With The Ancients

Thank you. We’re done. People need to know a lot about the wondrous person you are. Let’s get into that. Let’s start with your childhood and your early days because what you do involves such a sensitivity in your life and you grew up being told to quit being so sensitive. Tell us about how this sensitivity expressed itself during your formative years and when you were told to shut it down. What happened with that?

As many of us who are sensitive, we grew up in a generation where many people and parents didn’t know what to do with it. In my situation, when I was five, I was having a conversation with my grandfather who was on the other side. I don’t remember that conversation but my aunt told me about it.

Many of us who are sensitive grew up in a generation where many people and parents didn't know what to do with it. Share on X

Did your aunt tell you were having a conversation with your deceased grandfather like every day that happens?

My aunt was a believer. She talked to psychics and so did my grandmother. I asked my aunt. I said, “How did my mom respond?” She said she looked at me like she didn’t know what to do with it. Intuitively, I could always feel that it was uncomfortable for her because she didn’t understand it. I remember around ten years old, I remember seeing people in my bedroom. It scared me. I was the only one who could see them and because I was so scared, they quit coming around. I’m sure these were guides, angels and loved ones in spirit.

However, as far as the sensitivity is, I could always feel it. Like you, Irene, I’m very empathic. I was raised in a household with a narcissistic mother. I am estranged from my parents as a result of all of this, which is unfortunate but it’s been my path. I was raised in a household where it was not okay to share what you were feeling. Also, because of what I was sensing and feeling, my mother got very uncomfortable with that and it would be like, “Quit being so sensitive.” I would say something that would strike a nerve or a chord with her. I learned how to shut it down. I wasn’t a rebel. I conformed to what the norms were so that I could live and survive an environment where I didn’t understand why this wasn’t okay but I knew that for me to be okay, I shut it down mostly.

Your story is far from unusual. Many of us sensitives had to shut a lot down to survive until something often happens, which also happened to you. Here is this sensitive kid who becomes an engineer. It sounds like it’s perfectly in tune with what was going on and then all of a sudden, you get a calling to deepen your spirituality. Do you want to tell us about that?

The reason I chose engineering was because I was good in Math and Science because of my need to please my parents, it was like, “Get the straight As.” I was also a musician. I played the clarinet, which I love but it was important for me to be the best at that. Fortunately, I had a gift for it, which at some point helped me with the work I’m doing.

However, because I was good at Math and Science, my dad sat me down and said, “You should be an engineer.” I’m like, “I’ll do that.” Unfortunately, when I quickly realized it was not my calling in life, I had a choice. It was either you stay at that school and continued to get that degree, which frankly is a good degree but not my calling or you can come back home.

I knew that going back home wasn’t good for me so I stuck it out. It’s interesting because, in my early days of engineering, one of my jobs was to be the hatchet lady. I was brought into a company and the head of Human Resources said, “We want X number of people cut out of this department. You’re going to figure out who it is.” Being the person I am, I can’t believe I didn’t get an ulcer from that. It was a very difficult time in my life.

In my twenties, I knew there was more. I started back when it was like, “You talked to a psychic.” I called the psychic hotline when I was 23 or 24. I was so embarrassed I did it but honestly, I was on a path. I read old-school Sylvia Browne. She was on The Montel Williams Show. I read all of her books and I went and saw her in person. I had a reading with her once. I started with all of Wayne Dyer’s books. I got immersed in Hay House, deepening my spirituality.

I became a student of A Course in Miracles when my kids were young, learning how to see things from a higher perspective. I feel that all of these things help bring me to where I’m at. They always say that people who are in the healing work go through a lot of experiences. Do you remember Irene, the commercial Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.

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That mantra goes through my head and anybody who’s in their 20s and 30s has no idea what I’m talking about. Maybe even all of that but all these different life experiences and being able to still work through them, rise above and continue through and do my interpersonal work has brought me to the point in time of where I am and why we are here.

It’s exactly as it was meant to be. I have a very personal question to ask you. Are you still playing that clarinet?

I am not. I am not playing that clarinet. I have thought about it but I feel like my voice is my instrument. I will always treasure that time of my life. I didn’t realize this. I’m hearing this. Playing that musical instrument allowed me to tap into my creativity. It was my introduction to that connection in a way with the source. It allowed me to feel that and be in that place and flow. It was also my escape from, “You got an A minus. Why wasn’t it an A? You got a B plus, why wasn’t it an A?” It’s that pressure.

I was practicing. I have the same experience with my violin. I don’t play my violin anymore but for me, my violin with the dysfunction I grew up with was an incredible tool to have something to channel my emotion, my feelings and express myself in other ways.

You said something very interesting. You said channel. When I played the musical instrument, it was a way for me to channel. That’s very interesting. I’ve never thought about that before. Thanks.

It’s because I could remember being so upset and I would be playing something very exciting or something was going on. I couldn’t express my feelings so I’d get punished but that was a way for me to let it out.

We’re soul sisters.

That’s why I asked you. I have to ask you about this amazing story. You lose your young son in a park, which is enough to make a mother lose her mind. All of a sudden, an angel appears to you and directs you to where he is. What did that experience teach you? Tell us about that. What did she look like? What was that like for you?

I have never experienced a panic like that.

How old were you and how old was he?

He was four. That was many years ago. I was in my 30s. I realized that my son had gotten away from this group of moms that I was with. We were in a mom’s club and there was this big huge park. I wasn’t afraid of him getting lost. At that time, we lived a little bit closer to Minneapolis. I was afraid of what weirdo could get ahold of my son. I was so panicked.

I start in one direction. It was a wide-open park. There’s nobody around. You can imagine the panic. I’m running and going, “Please God, help me.”  I saw 2 sets of swing sets, 1 to my left and 1 straight ahead. There was nobody to ask and that was such a big panic. I looked to my left. All of a sudden, I hear, “He is over there.”

At that moment, because I was so focused on looking for him, I knew he was exactly where. What I remember seeing was the outline of a female pushing a stroller. In my mind, it’s something that would make sense that would fit in there and I wouldn’t stop to think, “Why are you here?” It wasn’t until afterwards. Sure enough, I went in that direction and he was there. He was safe and fine. I knew that it was an angel.

There is a relative in the family who is a confirmed atheist and they’re entitled to their belief system 100%. We all have our experiences. For me, nobody could ever convince me there isn’t anything beyond human experience. I love the saying, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” That’s what that angel taught me. We have so much love and support. I will be forever grateful for the support that I received at that moment because it was the deepest fear that I’ve ever experienced. It was so scary. Thank you.

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You were alone with him. You didn’t have another child with you or anything?

I had two children with me and I left my daughter with the group of moms. Here’s the thing that was so sad. Not a single one of those moms said, “I will go with you and look for your child.” I was on my own. That was the last time I was in that group because I need to be around people who are truly supportive of one another. That was an early lesson of not everybody is going to be thinking the same way and wanting to help for whatever reasons. I’m not trying to bash that group but that was the last time I went back to that group because I felt like I was on my own.

They were all very consumed with whatever they wanted. Everybody was seeing, “This poor woman is looking for her child. Let me do something.” You’ve received a lot of wonderful signs over the years from loved ones who have crossed over, which that’s so marvelous that you’re so tuned in including your cat Max. Tell us about that.

Max was my first animal companion when I was in my twenties. I always used to joke that I had him longer than my husband by the time I got married. He was sixteen years old and he was starting to have kidney failure. We knew that was time to help him cross the rainbow bridge.

For people who don’t understand, isn’t the rainbow bridge what people refer to as the special bridge for animals?


Does it look like a rainbow? Why do they refer to it as the rainbow of a bridge?

I’m going back to what other people have said, crossing to the other side. It’s like they do when they are crossing a bridge. Maybe it’s an easy thing for the animal transitioning to cross a bridge. That’s a great question. I’m not an expert on that.

I’ve heard it referred to that all the time. The main purpose is for animals.

It’s because I hear it all the time, I suspect mediums that are in this line of work more specifically and maybe that’s what they see. I love the idea of crossing the rainbow bridge. I was fortunate the vet came to the home. We were able to have him euthanized in the house. I said to him, “I know you’re going to be fine and be on the other side but if you could please send me a sign, it would give me so much comfort.”

A few weeks later, my husband and I were at a park. There was a small little pond. It was in the springtime. There had to have been 100 ducks. When I say 100 ducks, I’m not exaggerating. We’re talking about a bunch of ducks and their baby ducklings in and around the pond. We go over to this park. This was before cell phones have the video so I didn’t capture it, unfortunately. My husband’s sitting on a bench and I go by the pond. All of a sudden, they were in a trance.

All of them started to converge towards me and I’m thinking, “What the heck?” Even the ducklings and the ducks were coming out of the water and they were coming directly. They got almost to my feet and then a runner came by and broke the trance. They were normal ducks again. I knew that somehow my cat Max had coordinated this beautiful sign. It hit me over the head. You cannot ignore it. There is more beyond this life. There’s no way that this could have possibly happened.

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That’s very true. It’s like me with the messages and all. It’s like, “Hello. I believe you.”

They’ll keep hitting you overhead until you get the lesson.

Let’s talk about this amazing thing that happened to you. In November 2016, you’re having a massage and you’re shown a Native American chief in your mind’s eye. These sounds start to express through your vocal cords. How did you respond to that? How did your massage therapist respond to that?

This has been a process. I truly believe that all the work that I’ve done with my spirituality, being a student of A Course in Miracles and trying to see from a higher perspective brought me to the moment in time when I was ready. I had removed enough blocks that this work was able to come forward. Prior to that happening, I was smelling bonfire smoke in the weirdest places like in a gymnasium watching my daughter play volleyball, in a car in the middle of a snowstorm, in my office where I used to practice craniosacral therapy and nobody else could smell it.

That was my introduction to, “We’re going to start working with you.” I was working with a psychic at the time and she was explaining to me that it was spirit. They’re working with you and that was about all we knew. I was at this massage table and the woman that I was working with has a degree in Therapy and also works with emotional releases. I’m not sure what she thought at the time but I’m the type of person who can be easily hypnotized.

While I was in that relaxed state, I was in this light, almost a hypnotic place where I was so relaxed. I then saw in my mind’s eye the Native American. Prior to that, I wouldn’t say that I hadn’t seen things like that before. My hand started to want to work and do its thing. I could stop it but I didn’t want to. It was almost like it was helping to energetically open me up.

It evolved. It’s not what it is now but at that point, I started making these noises. Do you know what they say when somebody who has Tourette’s has this impulse to make a noise? I don’t have Tourette but that’s what it felt like. I had this compulsion like, “I need to let this forward.” Coupled with seeing the Native American in my mind’s eye, whom I believe is one of my guides, it started to express.

With time, training, education and going back and getting evidential mediumship training, I’ve trained with some amazing teachers. I can do evidential mediumship but it’s not my specialty. I did it to work the muscle and understand the information and how it comes through so that I knew how to use my senses. When the information comes through, I can help explain or sense what the spirit wants to share with me. I did not take a class on how to channel. I didn’t know what channeling was. I had no idea but what I did was I trusted. There was a level of trust there and I had to learn how to trust it even more. Now, I do trust it. It’s so trusted.

Is your massage therapist fine with it?

She was on her way to go back to Australia, which is where she lives at halftime. She encouraged me to work with some people in her absence. I did find more of an energy worker who’s extremely intuitive and who I’ve worked with for the last several years and who has been very supportive as I’ve been processing and learning how to work with these energies.

It’s helpful to have supportive people who understand while you’re going through this. I’m wondering also if you’ve had past lives as a Native American. That would be interesting to find out.

Yes, I have. In a hypnotic regression, I saw a lifetime as a healer.

When you call it healing with the ancients, do you want to talk to us about some of these healing ancient dialects and energy that you channel? You call them names like the Lady of the Lake, Mother Earth, Dolphin, Goddess, Cave and Wind. Talk to us about that because I bet you there are people reading this and saying, “Maybe I need to listen from the Lady of the Lake and have her help me.”

What happens is that the energy set I work with, the first thing I would like to share with your readers is I always set the intention. It’s very important to have healthy boundaries when we are working with the spirit world like anything else. You wouldn’t open your door to some random person off the street without knowing who they are.

It's very important to have healthy boundaries when we are working with the spirit world just like anything else. Share on X

When they started working and trusting, I always set the intention that I’m inviting in and working with only the highest possible vibrational frequency of the Divine Source of love and light. I’ve received evidence to validate that that is what I’m working with. What happens is during a session, it evolves. In one session, all of a sudden, I start singing in a high-pitched voice and I’ll see in my mind’s eye.

In my first introduction to Lady of the Lake, I see a lake and this female form coming out of the water or it could be the cave energy or Mother Earth. What I know is I’m shown a visual and I can feel what it is. My voice changes to reflect whatever that energy is. A person’s soul knows what they need. I could have ten different people in a healing session and because their soul is in charge of the healing, their soul knows the best of my ability because it did not come with an instruction manual whatever energy needs to step forward.

Whether it’s grief, a voice, the Lady of the Lake, Mother Earth, the Dolphin energy or whatever it is, the person’s soul knows how to integrate that healing. It’s their job. My job is to facilitate. True healing comes from within. I looked to myself as a coach. I’m able to share these beautiful energies but truly the healing comes from within.

You’re not in a trance. You’re not unconscious. You’re conscious of everything. You’re like a guide. A spirit is coming through you.

Perhaps you could consider it a light trance. I’ve heard Suzanne Giesemann even mention this before. I take a slight step back and the source takes a slight step forward, the energies, healing with the ancients, the Divine Source or whatever name you want to use. I’m able to relax and the energy flows through me. I’m hearing the dialects and the energy at the same time as the person. I can stop and start it. It is truly a collaboration. It is an honor to work with this energy. I’m very mindful of honoring. It’s an honor to work with this energy. I have an agreement with the spirit that love and light are allowed to use my voice for whatever needs to happen for the person.

The person can refer back to this for what she’s getting out of that. I also want to ask you. You say that it not only helps people to raise their vibrational frequency to heal themselves but they’re able to share that healing energy with others. How does that work? Someone comes to see you. The Lady of the Lake or whatever it is comes through and you’re getting all these messages. How does that help you to help other people?

I’ll use a private one-on-one for example. When I work with a person one-on-one over Zoom, I do record all the sessions because I don’t remember anything. It’s in one ear and out the other. I have a small pillow in my lap and I can feel so much in my hands. I feel it in my body. I’ll see things. I use all my senses to feel the session. Source and soul show me what needs to happen. What we do is it could be emotional or physical. Everything starts in that emotional field and ends up in the physical body.

The source and soul will show me what it is we’re working with and I will describe what I’m sensing and feeling. In one moment, it feels like I’m working with somebody’s abdominal area let’s say. The next minute, I might be coughing because it’s a reaction to communication, throat shock or it could be a physical thing that they have going on, allergies or something. What happens is they’re showing me what needs to be released.

The person’s intention is to be better, feel better and experience less whatever. The source and soul show me. It’s like taking off a heavy backpack. If you’re walking around with a heavy backpack and then you take it off, you feel lighter. In doing so, your light is brighter and just being in the presence of somebody whose light is brighter. We’ve all experienced being around somebody who’s gloomy, doomed, negative and so on. How does that make us feel?

We expose ourselves to certain social media or media outlets and it affects our energy. When we’re able to lift these energetic blocks off of us, the energetic box we put in front of ourselves, we’re able to bring that vibe and lightness to other people in our community. Even smiling at somebody is an energy exchange. We’re all energetic beings. We’re all connected. Being able to share that love, the light and the joy helps everybody overall.

GAR 227 | Healing With The Ancients

I want you to inspire everyone with a story. I’m sure you’ve got to have a story of someone you’ve helped to heal by doing this.

Thank you for asking. I do have many testimonials on my website. If anybody does want to look a little bit further into that, I worked with a client and I do have permission to share this because I did ask her. The testimonial is not out there yet but it will be. I have a client who is waiting for surgery and she has been experiencing a lot of pain. Being in this pain affects our emotional state and how we’re feeling. It’s frustrating. It’s a very challenging situation.

We had a 30-minute session together and I was able to tune in. The source took me straight away to her shoulder. I didn’t even need to know where we were working. What happened was the energy was shifting and moving. She reported afterward that it felt like there was a cushion of air. All of her cartilage is missing. Her cartilage is all worn down in the shoulder. She was waiting for shoulder surgery but she felt like there was a cushion in there to help support her shoulder area.

Please note, I am not a medical professional. Please seek out the appropriate medical mental health professional but this is what the energy was doing. A lot of times, it’s creating space and movement so people can feel better energetically, emotionally and physically. Also, emotionally, she reported back that because we worked with a few inner child things in addition to the physical relief, she felt like her energy felt so much lighter. We removed some blockages.

I also encouraged her to send love to her physicians and the person who’s going to be scheduling the appointment. She got her surgery scheduled and she’s looking forward to it. When I receive emails like that and I receive emails like that from my clients and people who attend sound healings or even the free things that I do on YouTube, it brings me so much joy because truly, being of service to one another is where it’s at. My heart is so full to know that I am able to help facilitate these things and help people heal themselves. Help people release what needs to be released. It’s such an honor.

You and I are sisters that way. We’re getting the same thing. This is what’s happening with the show. It’s helping so many people. I have gratitude all the time. I’m humbled and grateful. I’m so happy when people tell me how they’re benefitting. I know you’re getting the same high-vibration feeling from it. Tell everyone about your private sessions, private group circles, sound healing sessions via Zoom and anything else you want them to know.

I hold private sessions for 30 minutes and 60 minutes. I also hold a monthly group sound healing circle that is once a month. Typically, it’s the third Wednesday of the month. I do record all the sessions if you’re unable to attend the session live. The other thing I do is on Sunday nights, live on YouTube and Facebook, I hold mini Oracle readings and healings.

I’ve got two favorite decks and I will pull a card from each of these decks. I’ll tune into the person and then I do a quick two-minute healing. It’s amazing. It shocks me every single time how the information is like, “This is exactly where they need the help.” That’s a great place to start too if you want to check out the work. Those are free on YouTube live on Sunday Night.

How it works is that I set the intention. We connect. I do a little opening energetic connection and then I ask the client, “Do you have a specific intention in mind or do you want to see where the source takes us?” I would say 95% of the time they say, “Let’s just see where the source takes us.” My eyes are closed for 99% of the session. I’m not getting visual cues from the person. I always say, “If you want to give feedback, feel free,” but they rarely do. I say, “You can lie down. I don’t need to see or hear you. The information is coming from the source.”

Sometimes, the sessions are interactive, especially if they want to talk about certain things. That’s fine but truly, I have a small pillow in my lap. I’m able to feel where the source is taking us. It amazes me when I get these emails like, “That is exactly where I was feeling the pain.” It’s not me. The information and the energy are coming through from the source. It is such an honor to help people release these physical and emotional symptoms in conjunction with whatever it is that they’re doing medically.

Also, you have these group circles on Zoom every month that they can tune into.

Yes. Those are paid. Those are a nice affordable option and it’s on Zoom Webinar, which means you’re not going to be on camera but we sit in a circle. Everybody that’s in that is part of the circle. I’m the facilitator of the circle and I’ll often get channeled meditations. There may be dialect healings that’ll come forward. It is truly an hour of the circle of being with spirit. It is so beautiful. There are a lot of times when a lot of the different dialects will come through because we have more time to work with the group.

We’re talking about healing. When it comes to healing, we’re talking about releasing those internal blocks that keep us from moving forward in our lives. Do you have anything that you’d like to tell everyone about the importance of healing? They got all these resources available to them. It’s this lifetime. Why do they work? It’s not easy. You need the courage to face down your stuff but why is it important to heal, in your mind?

For one, I stuffed a lot of my emotions down as a child and conform to what was the expectation so that I could feel like I was okay in my family unit. I don’t want to blame everything on my parents. Please understand. I do not mean disrespect. I am grateful for those experiences because it has helped bring me to the place where I am.

As a result of other things, it affected my physical health. I had thyroid conditions for many years. That has gone away since I’ve expressed my truth. I also went through a dark night of the soul not too long ago myself. Also, relationships are coming and going because you become an energetic mismatch. Many of us, even if we have great parents, are human. We make mistakes. We do our best but when we do the work, we are removing the blocks.

We are the ones that put up the blocks and the filters that make it difficult for our guides, angels and loved ones on the other side to communicate and work with us. As we work through our emotional baggage and experiences, it becomes easier for the information to flow and that is why I feel that I’m able to do what I do. It’s because I removed enough of those blocks that the work was able to come through me. I also feel like this is probably something I did in a past life as well and it’s become more readily available but truly, when we do our work, we are able to spread our light even more and work with that source.

Also, enjoy our lives even more because I found for myself that with all the healing that I’ve been through, I never lived in the present moment. I was always living and trying to cope with the drama that I had been coming from, the pain that came from that and the situations. I learned because of the dysfunction that I grew up to be extremely vigilant. I was also always worried about what was coming down the pike or what drama was coming to get me. When you do all this healing, I can enjoy my present moment without thinking about the past and worrying about the future. I’m finally right here.

GAR 227 | Healing With The Ancients

I created a vision board. At the very bottom, I have in huge letters, JOY. It’s because we’re supposed to be creative, have love and create our life. It’s like, “Yes, we have these experiences but we are spiritual beings having these human experiences. We’re having these experiences for a reason like growth, expansion and being of service to one another.”

We are spiritual beings having human experiences, and we're having these experiences for a reason like growth, expansion, and being of service to one another. Share on X

Before I ask you about your tip for finding joy in life, you graciously offered to give us a little mini-healing at this time. Can we gift everyone reading this a little mini-healing?

Yes, I’d be honored. This is how I work when I work on my YouTube lives and my sessions. We’ll pay attention here to the time. We’ll do a little quick five-minute session. Let’s place our feet firmly on the ground and feel that connection with Mother Earth. Take some nice cleansing and calming breaths, releasing any stress or tension that we may be carrying here. Surrounding this session with Irene, myself and all of the beautiful readers to this show with the beautiful gold and white light.

Let’s envision all of our hearts connected and connected with the Divine Source of love and light, which truly connects us all. Also, setting the intention for this session that whatever it is that you need at this moment is what will happen trusting and knowing that the source and soul know what is in your best interest. In your sacred space, wherever you may be at this point and also for this healing session, we are setting the intention that we are working with and inviting in only the highest possible vibrational frequencies of the Divine Source of love and light. Thank you.

Where I’m being drawn, I have a small pillow in my lap and the place they’re bringing me to is the heart center. I’m going to describe where the energies are moving. Please understand that your soul knows how to integrate this into your session. These recordings hold energy so trusting that this energy knows how to work with you. As I look at you, the center of your chest is starting to glide towards your left and the back of your heart center is starting to glide towards your right.

I’m feeling a pulsing sensation here. Please take a nice gentle cleansing breath and imagine this breath is coming in through the front of the heart center and being released out the back, releasing any stress or tension here and sending those energies down to Mother Earth who will transmit those energies for you As I acknowledge these words for you, your heart center as a look at you is starting to rotate in a counterclockwise direction and the back of the heart center is opening in the opposite direction. This is an energetic movement. This is not positive or negative. It’s the way they’re working.

The front of the heart center is starting to rotate in the opposite direction and the back is rotating in the other direction as well helping to create space. As I acknowledge these words for you, my nose is starting to itch. There’s some increased flow that’s happening here on the left side of the body and we are going to be very gently channeling some energies here. This is like listening to a beautiful piece of music. These energies are here to support you on your healing journey. Here we go.

We are honored and grateful to be with you. It is an honor to be present in this beautiful show with all of you that are reading this. Please take a nice cleansing breath here in the center of your chest. Another nice cleansing breath here, please. As I acknowledge these words for you, I’m feeling the back of the heart center is starting to glide more fully towards your right and the center of your chest is providing some gentle resistance to allow whatever needs to be released and processed here. These energy energies are helping to support work with the center of your chest.

We would like to encourage you to please set the intention that you are getting out of your thinking mind and brain. They’re showing me the left brain thinking logically and analytically. We encourage you to listen to your heart center, the connection with your source energy, the love and the light. As you connect with the heart center and feel the joy in the connection with the heart center, you’ll be divinely guided. Please take a nice cleansing breath here. A lot of heat is coming off the center of the chest and the back here. Many of us are experiencing some emotional issues, tribulations and trials.

Let’s bring Mother Earth’s beautiful green healing energy into the souls of our feet. Let’s set the intention of being grounded, centered and balanced. Sending our love and appreciation to Mother Earth and the Divine Source of love and light. A special thanks and gratitude to the beautiful, Irene and love to one another. Let’s send our love from our heart center to the one, to the all, to the connectedness. Please remember, we are fully supported, protected and loved because we are loved. Thank you. Love and blessings.

Thank you so much, Lisa.

You’re very welcome.

I thank you on behalf of everyone reading this. To say the least, tell us what is a Lisa tip for finding joy in life.

Truly, it has been my experience when I can make that connection with the source energy within and when I’m able to work through, not avoid and not sweep things under the rug, even when I went to the dark night of the soul here when I was able to connect with that light and not have those blocks and those filters up preventing the source energy to work with me fully and being in that state of flow. Flowing with the love energy helps because you’re able to connect with people in such a beautiful way.

I also would like to share with your readers that if you are experiencing, I have experienced this the last couple of years where people are no longer an energetic mismatch, send them love from your heart center but it’s okay to move on. As your energy and vibration rise and as you are here to be part of the solution, you will have new people come into your life. Truly, being able to collaborate and be of service to one another is so much joy and that truly brings me joy. Thank you so much.

All I can say to that is ditto. Thank you, Lisa.

Thank you, Irene.

Lisa, here is one of my favorite quotes from your chapter in Camille Dan’s book, which is, Gathering at the Doorway: An Anthology of Signs, Visits and Messages from the Afterlife. “Our greatest teacher isn’t a guru outside of us, for our greatest teacher is within because we are all a part of the beautiful source of energy.” There’s one more I loved. “I feel honored to channel and share this beautiful healing energy. I know without a doubt that we have so much love around us.”

Lisa, thank you so much from my heart for helping people to raise their vibrational frequency, to heal themselves and be able to share that healing energy with others. Also, for this wonderful, enlightening, truly transformative and healing interview, which included that channel source energy and your wonderful mini healing.

Irene, it has been a joy and a pleasure to join you here. The work that you are doing is transformational and the way that you are connecting people. Even this book, Gathering at the Doorway by Camille Dan, I’ve met so many wonderful people, including yourself as a result of this book. Thank you for sharing and doing what you do. It has been an honor and a pleasure to join you here.

Thank you so much. I am getting a chill. You’re so humble. Make sure you follow us and I know you’re going to like us, @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook or wherever you get your show. As I like to say, to be continued and many blessings. Bye for now. Thank you so much, Lisa.

Thank you, Irene. Much love and blessings.

You too.


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GAR 227 | Healing With The AncientsLisa is a former engineer who now helps people live their best life by raising their vibrational frequency. In 2016 she spontaneously and organically started to share Source energy through the use of her voice. She knew this was a direct result of the work she has done most of her adult life to release her own energy blocks.

Lisa believes everyone has the potential to heal themselves and share healing energy with others. When Lisa works, she has a small pillow in her lap to replace the client’s body. She can feel where the energy is being directed whether it’s emotional, physical, or energetic field. Lisa is aware of sensations within her own body for the client and all of her intuitive senses are engaged.

Lisa’s mission is to help people live their best lives and remember their greatest teacher is within. When you work together, she trusts and knows Source, and the individual’s Soul will bring forth what is for their highest good. Her role is to be the clearest communicator she can be. A session may be spiritual coaching & teaching, energetic healing, and/or intuitive messages. Lisa works privately and in group settings. She also holds a private monthly group circle via Zoom webinar.



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Irene, I’ve had the pleasure of following you and watching you help so many. You have taken your own personal experiences to help others and I thank you on behalf of everyone. Keep shining your light!

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