GAR 235 | Akashic Records

Did you know that you’ve lived before, that there is a library of all your past lives, that you made a soul plan for this life you are living, and that you can change your karma? 

Tune in for this powerful interview with Lisa Barnett, the internationally recognized author, teacher, and healer who has devoted her life as a Divine channel of the Akasha, the library of each soul’s journey, that helps people connect to their soul guidance. 

Her empowering new book, titled “Your Soul Has a Plan: Awaken to Your Life Purpose through Your Akashic Records,” guides us to embrace the path our soul has laid out for us by finding the core truth of who we are. This incredibly insightful, enlightening, and transformative interview is not to be missed!



  • What it was like for Lisa to be born “consciously aware.”
  • The library of each soul’s journey is known as The Akashic Records.
  • How the Masters, Teachers, and Beings of Light keep track of our thoughts, feelings, actions, and deeds from each lifetime.
  • How losing her two best friends as a teenager ignited Lisa’s soul path to become a healer.
  • The way the Akashic Masters came into Lisa’s life and the profound information they conveyed to her. 
  • Why most of us forget our life plans as soon as we are born. 
  • How each soul path is created.
  • The difference between our soul and our larger Oversoul.


  • Have any of the Akashic Record Keepers had human lives? 
  • In what ways do the Akashic Masters assist you with the healing work you are doing? 
  • Do we have soul paths regarding the different types of relationships in our lives? 
  • Is there good and bad karma? 
  • How do the messages of our soul help us to feel clear, move forward, and be excited about our lives? 
  • Does a person’s business or career have a soul?
  • How does working with the Akashic Records help a person to find true love, improve existing relationships, and detach from toxic relationships?

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Lisa Barnett: Each of us has an intricately planned soul path. Through working with a person’s Akashic Records, which is the library of each soul’s journey, Lisa empowers individuals to find greater fulfillment, happiness, abundance, health, and ease by helping them to align with their soul path.





I’m delighted to have this opportunity to interview Lisa Barnett, who will be speaking to us from San Rafael, California. Lisa was born consciously aware. She began studying spirituality when she was fourteen years old and continued with Philosophy in college. After college, she had a supposedly perfect life with a great corporate job and a happy marriage. On the inside, she felt lost, chronically ill, and unable to function efficiently at her high-pressure job.

Lisa turned to many healing modalities in the intuitive psychic arena. She was guided to dig deep inside herself to find her answers. One of those answers came in the form of the unconditional love, guidance, wisdom, and expansive information transmitted to her from the Akashic Record Keepers, those beings of light who convey guidance about a person’s life path via the library of the soul’s journey, known as the Akashic Records.

Lisa is now an internationally recognized author, teacher, and healer who has devoted her life as a divine channel of the Akasha, helping people connect to their soul guidance. She has authored three books, The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records, From Questioning to Knowing: 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life, and Your Soul Has a Plan: Awaken to Your Life Purpose through Your Akashic Records.

Lisa is also the Founder and teacher of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom, an internationally recognized school where she has taught thousands of students worldwide and has helped to train and certify dozens of Akashic consultants and teachers. I’m looking forward to talking with Lisa about the Akashic Records, who are the Akashic Record Keepers, how she helps individuals to align with their soul path, the ways our soul’s plan is connected to our soul contracts, how the Akashic Records help to transform karmic patterns and vows, and much more for what is surely going to be an incredibly insightful, enlightening, and transformative interview.

Full disclosure, everyone, I personally have healed physical and emotional issues, addressed karmic carryover from past lives, and I received enlightening clarity about the mission of this show by working with the Akashic Record Keepers. Lisa. A warm welcome to the show. What a pleasure to have you here.

GAR 235 | Akashic Records

Thank you, Irene. I feel so honored to be here with you. Thank you for all those beautiful words. I appreciate you.

Talk about a person with a soul purpose and a plan and how you’re helping everyone. Let’s begin with this question so people can get to know Lisa from the ground up. What was it like for you to be a little girl born consciously aware, who knew at the age of three that there was another place called home? How has that memory informed your life? Most people get amnesia.

You have grandchildren. Imagine that little three-year-old with her hands on her hips going, “I want to go back.” I used to tell my mother, “I want to go back. I want to go home.” My poor mom would be like, “Honey, you are home.” I’m like, “No, I’m not.” I was a bit of a rebel, let’s just say. It gave me a knowing. It gave me wisdom from that memory.

I remember when I had that experience, even at three, and looking at my hands and thinking, “I’m trapped back in a body.” It was scary and a little startling. I felt trapped. There was a whole trapped aspect, which has been a bit of a process I’ve had to heal myself through around that feeling like, “I don’t want to be here. I’m trapped in this body. Why am I back here?” It did get me to start studying very young, which is why I started to read all the spiritual books I could get my hands on when I was a freshman in high school, around fourteen years old. It’s always been a driving force, which has been a great gift.

The other thing that is interesting is as a soul, you chose to come into this body. You got to your body and said, “I don’t want to be here.”

We are just a whole dichotomy all the way around.

Let’s start because a lot of people reading this don’t know what an Akashic Record is or who the Akashic Record Keepers are. Let’s talk about who they are and who the Akashic Record Keepers are. They’re also known as the beings of light or the Akashic Masters. Have any of them had human lives? Could you tell everyone about this library of each of our soul’s journeys known as the Akashic Records?

Let me start with the Akashic Records are the recording of your soul’s journey through all lifetimes, all places, planes, and dimensions. Not only our hundreds of lifetimes on planet Earth, but our thousands, millions, or billions, because we don’t have time and space, it’s different in the quantum field, of lifetimes in other worlds. It’s interesting.

Part of what the Record Keeper said to me many years ago is, “We’ll tell you what we’re not and then we’ll go from there.” Over the years, my clients have said, “Is it my grandmother? Are the Record Keepers my family members who have crossed over? Are they part of my Akashic Record team? Is my ascended master? Maybe I speak to archangels. Are the archangels part of the Akashic Records?”

The Record Keeper said, “We are none of the above. We are not ascended masters. We are not archangels. We’ve never been human,” is what they want us to know. “We’re no one who has actually crossed.” Even ascended masters, they say. They went through that whole human path from asleep to awake.

What they explained to me was that they are pure source energy. They are souls that individuate from source and then they chose to spend time in this information arm of source or this divine energetic aspect of source that records everything that ever happens. They’re very pure. They have no judgment because they’ve never been human. We get a lot of judgment down here.

They really hold us in the pure love, unconditional love of source. They are here to guide us, help us, and support us. We all have a team, it’s not just one. There are beings of light. There are Akashic Teachers, Akashic Masters, and Akashic Lords. That sounds like four people, but there are many of them. They often say, “There are at least a dozen of us who are actively working with you at any time in your life,” and then they’re more.

I had an experience when I was getting a reading once. I was dealing with a physical problem that I had, and I assumed that the cause of it was something. The answer was, “No, dear child. In 812 AD, you had this experience and the energetic imprint followed you.” They were very objective with no judgment, just reporting on what the situation was. It was so helpful to me. These Akashic Records, people describe it as a library in the sky or the cloud. Would you agree with that, Lisa?

Yes. The easiest way to imagine it is that each and every one of you has your own personal library. My library is very beautiful. It’s all stone. It’s got marble steps. It’s very gothic looking. I walk in and there are thousands of books in a big fireplace in a comfy chair and a gorgeous garden in the back. That’s the way I imagine it. It’s part of the quantum field of source. It’s not physical, but we get to imagine it however we would like. It holds the etheric energy of everything you have ever been or done in every lifetime anywhere. It’s a massive library if you think about it. I see shelves upon shelves of books.

Every one of us has our own personal library. It's not physical, but we get to imagine it however we would like. It holds the etheric energy of everything we have ever been or done in every lifetime anywhere. Click To Tweet

It’s going all the way back to when you were a caveman or something.

Yes, longer. Even further. It is having a whole team to answer those questions for you. Could you imagine if you had to go into the library and, even with computers nowadays, you’d still be running around looking for books? As a rule, when I do a reading for someone, they may ask me a question. I was working with a client. She said, “I feel like I have blocks to abundance. Can you tell me where that comes from?” The Record Keeper said, “Part of that comes from her ancestral lineage. Part of it is from her childhood. Another big piece of it comes from a variety of past lives where she took vows of poverty, where she was a nun or a monk, and other past lives in which she died because she was very wealthy.”

We sometimes take vows. We say, “I never want to be rich again because that got me killed,” or, “I never will take money for my God-given gifts,” when we’re a nun, a priest, or a monk. Layers upon layers, that one question opened ancestral doors, childhood doors, past life doors, and other past life doors. We’re very complex souls.

You helped her heal those things. The masters helped her heal so that those energetic imprints are not with her anymore so that now she can start to see abundance or have abundance in this lifetime.

Correct. To me, the great gift and blessing of working in the records are that because we are in this quantum field of all where there is no time or space, we literally can go pluck that past life out, give it healing, put it back in changed, and now that change ripples all the way through to this body, time, and place here and now.

You’re an editor. You’re editing some of those past life experiences to craft a better outcome for a person. If you’re recording every single thing that happens, like in this lifetime, everything that we’re thinking, everything that we’re feeling is being recorded, is that what we see when we have a life review, when we cross over, or when we are looking at our life that we just left?

Absolutely. The Record Keepers are saying it’s a little more general. They don’t make you go through every minute. That would take some time even if it was in that non-time space continuum. It is very much about what did I plan to do, what did I actually do, what lessons did I learn and grow from, and take that wisdom and share it with the world, and what parts did I miss or what parts were I unable to learn from.

It’s fascinating. Sometimes, I’ll have clients who come to me and they have great hurt and pain. Sometimes, it’s from a childhood, abusive parent, relationship, or marriage that was very traumatic. I say, “The Record Keeper suggests you do the forgiveness prayer for the next 30 days. Let’s do some healing work around forgiveness.” They’re like, “Nope, I’m not ready to forgive them.” All you can say is, “That’s part of the process. Come back when you’re ready or next time around.”

Let me ask you this. You lost two best friends when you were a teenager. What did the Akashic Record Keepers reveal about the rabbit hole of pain and denial you suffered due to those two pivotal losses? How did that experience ignite part of the soul’s path of yours to become a healer? That was quite a few years ago. You’ve been doing this for quite a while now.

It was a couple of years ago when I lost my first best friend. When she became ill, she had a brain tumor. There were three of us that were best soul sisters, best besties. The one was in the hospital. She had just sent me a letter by mail and had said, “I’m in the hospital and I’m in the children’s wing.” She was back in Chicago. She said, “I’m looking out over the lake, and the little kids are so cute.” She was enjoying her moment there with the children.

A day later, I get a call from my other friend who was also back in Chicago. We had moved to California, and my friend said, “Marsha’s in a coma. She had a brain tumor and they did surgery on her. She hasn’t woken up yet.” What it did was it triggered in me the past life memories of having been a healer. I thought, “I’m supposed to heal her. How do I heal her? I don’t know how to heal her. I know nothing. I’m thirteen years old.” It’s that memory.

Were you able to help her? I’m sure you’ve communicated with her since. Is she still here or what?

The next day, she crossed over. It was a trigger for me to remember who I was and to start studying. It was after that that I said, “I’ve had these memories, this clearer awakening again. I need to read stuff. I need to start to study. What does that mean to be a healer? How would I be a healer?” The interesting thing is my parents were very agnostic. I thought, “I don’t even know how to pray. I don’t even go to church.” That was interesting. What these things do with you, in the same way, is they trigger us to do something different. They wake us up and we go, “I now know something I didn’t know.” Her crossing woke me back up to a greater truth of who I was and why I was here.

That was part of her soul purpose that is probably connected with you to do that for you as happened with me with Saul.

The other side of the conversation with the Record Keepers is that, for me, there was part of a soul contract about awakening and triggering me. I also know that she had her own personal reasons for coming in and coming into the family and leaving when she did. I don’t know what they are because I can’t go into her Akashic Records without her permission. The Record Keepers have said, “It’s not all about you either. Yes, she came in to awaken you, remind you, and trigger you to start to study again now that you’re old enough to start studying and reading.”

It’s painful. I was traumatized when she crossed, thinking I should have been able to do something. The Record Keepers of this pure love are like, “It’s not your fault. It’s not your responsibility. She had something for her that she as a soul wanted to do.” Sometimes, we choose a short life for our own variety of reasons.

That’s a really important thing you said that many people do not understand. Sometimes, a shorter life is planned for the lessons that will be learned around it. Saul died in his 50s. The message I got was Saul has to go and many lessons will be learned from his death. Sometimes, there are reasons that happen.

GAR 235 | Akashic Records

You’ve been talking about how the Akashic Masters came into your life and the profound information they conveyed to you. How have they assisted you with the healing work you’re doing? Did they work with you as you go to heal someone, they’re right there, and the teams change depending on who the person is and who you’re working with?

Yes, absolutely. It’s been a very long process. I’ve been on this path. I always love to say it’s not always very direct. I start knowing I had come to be a healer when I studied energy healing for six years in the beginning. That was the first place I went. Right back in the ‘80s and early ‘90s, nobody talked about the Akashic Records. It was not a common thing at all.

I was studying healing and doing energy healing, intuitive readings, and things like that. All of a sudden, I started to get this big expansive information and think, “That’s wow. I wonder who that is.” I didn’t know that the Record Keepers would talk to you. It wasn’t a thing back then. It took some time for me to realize that this is actually who was talking to me.

I was taught to go up to the gates of the Akasha and ask for energetic healing for my client after I’d already done healing and cleared out a lot of energies, then I would go say, and I didn’t even have names like Record Keepers for them, “Please sir, would you fill my client up with their highest Akashic information?” I could see it come in like a waterfall or sometimes there were symbols. I’d be like, “That is so cool.”

That’s so amazing. Have they told you why you were born consciously aware when other people are not?

It’s a little appalling of an answer. They said, “You’ve been on this Earth for over 1,000 lifetimes. That’s why you came in pretty conscious.” I thought, “Seriously? A thousand? No wonder I woke up at 3:00 and thought, ‘Again? Are you joking me?’”

That’s amazing. That reminds me of when I had an experience when he was three, one of my grandsons got out of the bathtub and announced that he was remembering a life where he was a caveman with his brother. He must have been alive a long time to remember that also. Children do sometimes remember.

I remember one of my earliest lifetimes was I was a whale. I come from the Dog Star Sirius as a whale. I love this planet and the deep waters. I made a soul contract with our dear Mother Earth, Gaia herself, because as a whale from Sirius, I knew that we were infinite. “I will be an Earth guardian. I will guard the Earth. I will be here in support to you. Our Earth is a sentient being.” I’m contracting with the Earth herself, saying, “I will be here helping to support you and humanity.” That’s why they’re like, “That’s why you keep coming back.”

That’s another conversation for another time, Sirius and Gaia and all that. I want to ask you for everyone reading. Each of us has an intricately planned soul path. How is each path created? Everyone reading this has had a soul path for them created that they’re not aware of. They’re in their earthbound life, but there is an overview. How do you empower individuals to find all of this greater fulfillment, abundance, happiness, health, and ease by helping them to align with their soul path? The big one is, do we also have soul path regarding the relationships we have in our lives? That’s huge. People are like, “It’s driving me crazy.”

We really do. If you imagine, the Record Keepers are pure beings of light. They’re very funny on top of love, compassion, and service. They give me these silly stories and they say, “Imagine that you have decided, as this infinite soul, to come back to Earth. You call a meeting with all of your soul family members and other people you’ve had lives with that maybe you have a little bit of completion or maybe you’ve got an old karmic pattern you want to work on. Imagine you’re in a high school gymnasium with those little squeaky floors. There, you’re all packed in this big gym and you’re like, ‘I’m going back to Earth. Who wants to get married?’ Someone says, ‘Me.’”

“Different souls will pop up and they’ll be like, ‘Remember, we had that great lifetime. We just were so happy, but it got cut short. Let’s go back and have another loving marriage.’ Someone else says, ‘Remember we were married once and you were an alcoholic. You left me. We never finished that.’ There’s some old karma. There’s an old pattern. Karma is never about punishment, it’s about soul growth. I say, ‘Okay, I’ll write a contract with you and you.’ We all come to Earth and then we move around a lot on this planet now. You might meet that person that you had the karmic pattern with, but maybe they’re already married.”

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You go on, and we set up at least a good dozen soul contracts for significant partnerships because the best we can do, they don’t always line up. If you heard those stories about people who were together in high school and then they re-meet twenty years later. They’re both divorced after being married once and now they get married. That’s the story of me and my husband who has been married for 33 years.

We met in high school and we both got married and divorced. We’re complicated. We’re not boring, which I always think is so interesting. We write all these soul contracts for people to have parents, children, best friends, soul partners, business partners, and all those gifts and talents you want to share with the world. We say, “I’ve been around for 1,000 years. I have some gifts. I have some talents I’d like to share with the world.” We plan those in as part of that contract or as part of those bigger purposes.

What about the people who do us bad? Do they sign up to be our nemesis to learn lessons from them?

Yes, absolutely. Imagine here we are in that high school gym with all of those hundreds or thousands of people trying to figure out who wants to go back and who wants to be what. Maybe I say, “I had a past life where I was not very nice.” Let’s go with my old alcoholic past life. Maybe l left my family, I ran off, I left my poor husband with the kids all by themselves, and maybe I ran away and then died and disappeared.

I say, “I would like to have that experience. I want to learn the whole aspect of that story. Who wants to be the abusive alcoholic husband for me this time?” Someone says, “I’ll do that. I haven’t done that side of the story. I’ll do that for you.” They do, and there we are in that marriage thinking, “How in heaven’s name did I ever marry this person who has become an alcoholic, is verbally abusive, and breaking my heart?” We often feel like a victim. The Record Keepers say, “It’s all about the soul growth. We’re never a victim. We made the plan.”

Someone going through that can see you, find out about that path, and maybe heal that part of yourself and heal from the abuse or whatever, or make the choice that you’re going to get a divorce or whatever you’re going to do, and you’re going to learn lessons from that experience. This is school.

The easiest thing to do is to think of it as Earth school. It’s true. I would say that probably half of my clients come to me, women or men, who have been in a fine relationship for 20 years, 30 years, or 40 years. They’re like, “We’re just going down different paths. Do I still have a soul contract? Is it okay to get divorced? I don’t want to create karma.” We can go into the Akashic Records and ask their Record Keepers, “What did they write? Do they still have a soul contract? Is it still valuable and viable? Is there something to do to heal it, or is it time?”

Sometimes, contracts are complete and it’s good to know that. I have tons of clients who are in that place. Sometimes, even though it’s been a good life and maybe they had the family, that’s what the contract was about, having the family, raising those beautiful children, and then sometimes going off on your own path.

You have more growth that’s planned for you in other ways. Please also explain this to everyone. I know the answer to this, but many people reading are not aware that we have a soul and a larger oversoul. We’ve been talking about soul contracts and the way our soul’s plan is connected to our soul’s contract. Can you describe for everyone where our soul is inside of us and where’s our oversoul? What is all that about? All of this goes to the other side. We lose our Earth bodies. When this lifetime is over, we cross over to the other side to meet up with our oversoul.

Sometimes, it’s so complicated. I’m not sure if I can even wrap my brain around it because we’re even bigger than we think we are. The acute analogy that the Record Keepers give me is just imagining your hand. The oversoul is the palm, and all of these fingers are aspects of you that are embodied. There’s a me here in California, there was a me from 100 years ago, a me from 200 years ago, a me from 500 years ago, and me from 5,000 years ago. They’re all connected to me, the big soul. We have our lives, we experience our experiences, we learn, we grow, and all of that information becomes part of the information of the main oversoul of that big huge aspect. That soul would not fit in your body.

That information with the oversoul also informs source because our experience informs source also.

It does inform. Here’s a little bit complicated part. Because there is no time and space in the quantum field, we are always living those lives in some way in quantum field, which means that when we go into the Akashic Records, and now I have certainly been blessed with being taught by the Akashic Record Keepers, and remember I had probably ten years as a healer before I even accessed the records, they would say, “We want you to use your healing gifts through the Akasha, through the quantum field, so that you can go outside of time and space, heal people in past lives, and then bring that healed energy into this life or this body now.” It is because it’s all connected.

If I heal this trauma from when I got killed as a witch, then I’m still afraid to talk about my spiritual life because I’m afraid I’m going to get killed again. If I go back and heal that lifetime where I’m still in the quantum field being that person who gets killed, when I heal it, that life shifts in the quantum field and I don’t get killed, I don’t have the fear, I don’t have all of those beliefs and those vows. That energy becomes part of my oversoul and, eventually, source going back into the whole body or into the whole oneness, unified field. That healing ripples out throughout time-space continuum into source.

It’s amazing. I’ve experienced it myself. I’ve dealt with past lives and different things that are so interesting. It’s fascinating. The other thing I wanted to ask you is you state that most of us who are interested in spirituality and, most significantly in the Akashic Records, have lived at least 400 lives on Earth. I know that I’ve lived at least 400 lives on Earth. Does a soul mostly come to Earth to learn? How do you know all this to be true that someone interested in this has had at least 400 lifetimes? That’s fascinating. Other people will see to this and say, “I’m learning about this. Does this mean I’m a young soul as opposed to an older soul?”

The interesting thing about young and old is because we don’t just live on Earth. You could be a newer soul on the planet, but you might be a very old soul in general, living in other places, planes, and dimensions. Maybe you were out there working in the angelic realm, helping people, seeing Earth, and learning from a different place and perspective from that angelic realm. You finally said, “I’m jumping into a body. I’ve learned enough. I get the story. Now, I’ll be human.” Maybe we’ve only had 100 or 200 human lives, but we’re very wise because we’ve been studying this forever.

It’s the same thing that they told me, “We want you to help us anchor the Akashic Records back to the Earth for humanity.” I said, “I have three toddlers, why would you ask me? I’m some mom in the suburbs.” They said, “You were one of us. You were a Record Keeper.” I was like, “Is that possible?” What we start to realize is when we work deep in the records, it’s whole energy. It’s a whole feeling and energy of truth. For most of my clients, I bring them into the Akasha with me when I do a reading and do a healing. They feel it in their body. They resonate with the information. If I say, which I would say to you, Irene, is, “I’m hearing that you’ve been here closer to 600-plus lifetimes. That’s why you are as aware and as awake as you are with the mission that you have.”

I’ve lived 1,000. Many of us say it takes almost 600 to 800 to complete the soul growth. That learning aspect, that karmic aspect, and those patterns that we get stuck in very often take us almost 500, 600, 800 lives to work through that and then come in a more pure way. No matter what, we always are learning and growing as a soul.

There have been certain experiences that I’ve had in this lifetime that are now informing me because I had to heal from them. That is feeding what I’m doing on the show. It wasn’t fun when I was going through it, but I can see how I set certain things up. You make choices as to how you’re going to respond to it.

My second soul sister, who I had been best friends with since I was four, we met in a little swimming class and then her parents moved across the street from my parents. Our parents became best friends. She and I were best friends. Our brothers were best friends. That was about fourteen years we were embodied as soul sisters and best friends, probably thousands of lifetimes and soul family members, which is a whole other thing.

When she passed, it derailed me. As awake as I was, I started studying when I was fourteen. I’m studying Philosophy at university, and now I’m nineteen years old when she dies in a car accident. I thought, “Two best friends, two children, and two teenagers, dead. I am not happy with source, with the divine. I am not happy with this life or this world. I’m just going to go pretend I’m human. I’m going to try and be normal no matter what I know. I’m going to take whatever that is. I’m going to stick it in an etheric shoebox. I’m going to shove it up on a shelf. I don’t want to do this.” It was so heartbreaking. I did that. I had a good career. I worked in advertising.

A traditional life.

I was working in corporate. I’m in advertising, doing that traveling, all that kind of stuff, making money, getting married, and getting divorced. I was being pretty successful at forgetting, which was the interesting thing. It wasn’t until I got sick with chronic fatigue. It’s helpful for people to realize that, often, it is illnesses and accidents which are our triggers that wake us back up again. Marsha’s death was a trigger for me. Shobe’s death was a trigger for me. In an interesting way, when I look at it, Marsha woke me up at thirteen, and then Shobe almost put me back to sleep at nineteen. We have to know that divine timing and this bigger purpose.

Many years later, now that I’m chatting it up with the Akashic Record Keepers every day, I said, “Did I totally goof up? I was so awake at nineteen. I could have gone on and just about been a spiritual teacher at twenty. Did I really mess up? I’m in my 30s. I wasted all those years.” They laugh at me because they’re just pure light, joy, and love. They said, “You would not be who you are today if you didn’t have all of those experiences. You wouldn’t have the compassion, the love, and the understanding.” I did everything. I was out there in California, having a very good time in the ‘80s.

You were experiencing people’s experiences, their life paths, all of that. Once you got back on the road, you had a deeper understanding of where people are coming from to be able to help them.

I could never judge people. I always say, “I was out there. I did everything. Who would I be to judge anyone or anything, honestly?” For me, that was just a huge blessing, to be able to see the world from having been in it and to be able to understand the challenges, traumas, and pain that people go through.

That is so true. I don’t judge people either. Who am I to judge? I know that they’ve had their own path and their own ways that they’re learning. The Akashic Records help you to realize that. I want everybody to learn about your wonderful book. It’s called Your Soul Has a Plan: Awaken to Your Life Purpose through Your Akashic Records. It guides its readers to embrace the path their soul has laid out for them.

We’ve talked about the core truth of who each of us is and how the messages of our soul help us to feel clear, move forward, and be excited about our lives. Through the records, we are connecting with our souls. What else would you like us to know or for our audience to know about your wonderful book because they’re going to go right out and get it?

I channel these books. When it came up and they gave me the table of contents, it goes something like this. Chapter two says, “Why am I here equals you have a soul plan.” Chapter three, “Relationships equals soul contracts, completed karma.” Why do I have these challenges? What about karma? It’s about your soul’s growth. “Gifts and talents.” I brought a lot of gifts and talents, what does that mean? These are your purposes, not just one purpose.

“All your past lives equal so much wisdom for you.” Interestingly, the trauma we experience also gifts us so much impetus to create freedom for ourselves, to move through the trauma, to clear the blocks, to understand the reasons, and to move into a place of freedom. All of this information and all of these gifts equal abundance as were our soul’s plan.

The trauma we experience also gifts us with so impetus to clear the blocks, to understand the reasons, and to move into a place of freedom. Click To Tweet

The Record Keepers often say, “Your soul plan is your purpose. Your purpose is not just a little job description. It’s not a business you’re going to start or a job you’re going to have. Your purpose is to complete your soul’s plan as best you can. That means understanding all these contracts you wrote, understanding, seeing, and activating these gifts and talents you have, going forward with so much of the wisdom that you have, and the support and service that you’ve come to bring to humanity.”

GAR 235 | Akashic Records

When I wrote the book, it came through also to put in an exercise for reflection. There are questions for people to reflect on each chapter like, “How does that relate to me in my life? How can I see that and understand that so it’s helpful for me to understand?” We added usually about three of the Akashic healing prayers that I’ve channeled. I channeled a book of 73 healing prayers.

In each of these chapters, I’ve added 2 or 3 of these healing prayers to help support people. It’s not just a lot of information. There are reflections. It helps you take it into your life. There are healing prayers that you can use for yourself every day, all week, or however you’re called to use them. They made it a very interactive book, which I feel is very helpful. I get to say that because I’m just the vehicle. I get to download, channel it, and put it into the book.

You see yourself as the vehicle and I see myself as the bridge. We’re both just doing our purpose. We’re both living that. What surprised me very much is that even a business has a soul and even a career has a soul. Is that a contract also? Is that part of a person’s soul purpose? I know that this show has a soul and there’s a lot to this. For people who are working, like she’s a paralegal in a law firm or whatever, or someone who just started a new business, do those paths have souls and are planned?

Yes. The interesting thing is that when we have honed certain gifts and talents to a point where we are called to create our own business, that business has a soul. Like your show and the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom, it has its own path and purpose. It’s very useful to open my own records and then I open the records of my business. I open the records of Akashic Knowing and ask, “Is it in my highest and best interest to write these books, to work with this person, to take this trip, and to share these gifts on this podcast or that tele summit?” There’s so much information in there.

If you are working more in a job and it’s not your business, that business will have a soul and a plan, but it would belong to the owner of the business. When we create our own business, it can be very profound as you’re starting to write your business plan. You write that business plan and then you’re like, “Get an Akashic Record reading and find out more about the plan that your business has for this.”

I would imagine it also is very helpful if someone gets into a business and they go, “I’m not resonating. I don’t feel right here.” They can check with the records to see, “Is this where I’m supposed to be? Is this intuition that I’m getting that this is not right for me? Is there a different path?”

Yes, so perfect. Sometimes, we get in our own way. We’ve got these big brains and we think, “This is what I’m going to do. I can make a lot of money at this,” and then it doesn’t work out. You can go in and say, “How can I realign my business to be aligned to the soul plan of my business? Maybe it’s me personally too and the business.” There might be a small shift or a large shift. Maybe we misheard, or it was our ego, money desires, or whatever it is, so we’re a little bit askew.

I have seen that help many businesses over the years to go into that and what that purpose is. It might be about writing the book first before you’re creating the program. Maybe it’s about working with someone else that you have a soul contract with, to partner with, and to be a team for that business. It’s phenomenal, especially as we’re starting out with our own business or career.

It’s a wonderful resource. It’s like having a cheat sheet to your life. It gives you a step up to understand what is meant for you. You usually resonate with it. I got to ask you, Lisa. For all those people who are looking for someone for love in their lives, can the Akashic Records also help them find true love?

In a way, we write a lot of soul plans. Most of us, as I was saying earlier, write at least half a dozen to a dozen soul contracts for significant partners. What I will often do with a client is ask if there are still soul contracts that are available and viable because some of my clients are in their 60s or 70s. They’re like, “Is it possible there’s still someone out there for me?” We can do that. We can activate, realign, and reactivate that contract and do healing work and clearing work on any trauma that may have shut your heart down and maybe is stopping you in some way from being the magnet to that beautiful love that’s out there waiting for you.

Often, we get a broken heart. That will block that magnetic energy from your heart. We can do heart healing around your heart, around that terrible divorce, around any of that emotional pain, trauma, or abuse that people have experienced that often makes them feel less than or unworthy of a loving, supportive relationship.

We write many support contracts with people to support each other. What you want to find in a significant partnership, is a support contract like, “I’m here to support you and you’re here to support me.” We may not even be doing the same work. We could be very different, but we have that support contract. That’s the root of that energy. It’s very powerful.

That’s beautiful. This whole interview is about the importance of healing through the Akashic Records. For each of us coming into this Earth school with all the things that we go through, why is it important for us to heal as much as we can as we go from lifetime to lifetime?

When we can start to heal, clear, and release old energies, when we can move out of feeling like a victim, when we can move out of that low vibrational energy of shame, guilt, self-doubt, jealousy, and competition, all the low vibes, as we can heal, clear, see the bigger picture, like you said, it’s like you can read your own cheat sheet. You can move forward quickly and easily. You can heal the pain and the trauma. You can see and open the doors to the next higher aspect of your life.

To me, I sometimes look at it like there’s that big block or that bolted door that’s keeping you from moving forward. You clear the emotional pain, let go of the old beliefs, and release any of the energies that are holding you down. You open that door, and not only is it one door you opened, but there’s also a huge hall filled with hundreds of other doorways, opportunities, and choices. They go up and up energetically. You’re walking those stairs and creating a really beautiful life for yourself consciously when we can see and know. We are infinite souls. We are not just silly little humans having one life. We know so much. We can create a beautiful, empowered life for ourselves.

What you’re saying is the definition of living a conscious life. Now, they all want to buy your book Your Soul Has a Plan: Awaken to Your Life Purpose through Your Akashic Records. You’ve got the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom. You’ve got online Akashic workshops and training. You’ve got meditations. You’ve got personal healing sessions. Tell us all about whatever you’d like everyone to know about all of these things that they can be blessed with to find. What would you like everyone to know, Lisa?

You all have access to your own Akashic Records. For many people, one of the easiest ways to access your soul’s plan, your Akashic Wisdom, and get very deep quantum healing, which is transformational, is to have a consultation and healing session with me. You’d find that on my website under Akashic Consultations.

As we’re beginning, a lot of times it’s easier to go to somebody and say, “Please help. Let me get the lay of the land.” Many of my clients go on to take my online workshops. I teach people with the Five Step Wisdom Prayer System that the Record Keepers gave me many years ago. They said, “Most of us humans are linear and logical. We don’t want to tell you that you have to learn to meditate for twenty years before you can access your records. Here is an energetic key that will open the door to move you into your own personal Akasha.” I teach people how to do that with my Five Step Wisdom Prayer System online. That information is on my website under Akashic Classes.

There are also Home Study products. If you want to learn to read your records by watching videos in your own time, that’s on my website. There are guided meditations that are amazing tools to call back your energy, create a column of light, and connect more infinitely using the Infinite Connection Meditation. There are lots of opportunities to access your records in so many different ways so that you can grow and access this phenomenal energy and move forward in your life.

There are lots of opportunities to access your Akashic records in so many different ways so that you can really grow and access this phenomenal energy and move forward in your life. Click To Tweet

You’re a one-stop source. Let me ask it this way. How is finding joy in life connected to accessing a person’s own soul plan and guidance?

I would say that when we start to access our own soul plan and the guidance from the Akashic Records, it’s like moving from being down, standing here in this slowly world feeling maybe a bit alone, to having a connection to the divine, to a whole huge team of Akashic Record Keepers who are in service to you, to that beautiful library about your soul, everything you’ve ever been or done, and realizing, “I am so much more. I was a healer in other lives. I’ve done this. I’ve traveled there. I’ve written books. I’ve done so many things.”

It changes our view of who we are as an infinite wise soul. It helps us to just shift into that beautiful energy of, “I am here in service. I am light and I am love. I am now able to be of service to myself, my family, my community, and my business to humanity.” It shifts our view of who we are. To me, that is phenomenally profound.

That brings you so much joy. Lisa, I love this quote from your book, Your Soul Has a Plan, “All we have to do is hold the energy of love in our hearts and we can raise the vibration globally. These simple acts will allow humanity to continue without a world war or a major catastrophe. Please do not underestimate the power of your light. Remember, no matter where you are in life, being of service to humanity means using compassion and love everywhere, at work, with your family and friends, or as you’re raising your kids. When you smile at others, you are sharing light.”

That is so wonderful. Lisa, I want to thank you for devoting your life as a divine channel of the Akasha, for helping people connect to their soul guidance, and for sharing your enormous light with humanity. I thank you from my heart for this incredibly insightful, enlightening, and transformative interview. Thank you so much. Here’s a loving reminder to everyone to make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and wherever you get the platform, including YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued, many blessings, and bye for now. Thank you so much, Lisa. It has been a pleasure.

You too. It is a joy. Thank you, Irene.

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In 2005, Lisa took a deep dive into the Akashic Field, which lead her on the most fabulous journey.

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Lisa shares with her students the unconditional love, guidance, and wisdom that comes from the Masters of the Akashic Records. She accesses this wisdom with ease through Sacred Prayers given to her by the Akashic Lords. She teaches these prayers and energy healing tools to her students to create their own personal Akashic Record connection.


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