I love this time of year in the Northeast.  The beautiful fall leaves are breathtaking and the air has an invigorating, crisp chill to it.  For me, this season is never long enough!

One of the many insights I’ve discovered since writing my book (LINK TO BOOK) is that this current lifetime we are experiencing, with its many lessons to be learned, is considered “school” for our souls, while heaven, where we will return at the end of each lifetime, is called “home.”

As I began my spiritual journey in the early years following Saul’s death, a very significant revelation came to me via a message from my deceased father, who had been a very abusive parent.  I was in Sedona, Arizona at a grief retreat. A medium there was quite busy channeling messages from deceased loved ones to the grieving participants.  When it came to my turn, I was hoping for a stirring message from my deceased husband Saul but she instead threw me a curve ball: “Your father is here,” she said, going on to describe my father down to the hair on his forearm and his mannerisms.

“Dad, get out of here!” I yelled, but instead of leaving, she stated that he was imploring me to please hear him out.

“What do you want to tell me?” I asked, annoyed.

The medium told me that my father wanted me to know that he was with me at the retreat and that he had begun learning a great deal from my experiences on my path to healing.

Then he added, “Please don’t stop doing what you are doing, for “as you heal, so do I.”

This very surprising message not only validated for me that we all survive our physical deaths, it also taught me that we continue to learn and grow after our deaths.

A cherry on the top of this proverbial sundae happened recently when my mom, thankfully still on this side, shared with me that she has found the insights I have gleaned in the years since Saul’s death to be quite helpful when she gives her friends advice!

Even though I still would not want to be back in my father’s physical presence, it makes me smile to know that he is learning and healing through his afterlife connection with me.  And when that time comes for my mom, I will be able to provide myself with some solace knowing that my journey of healing was also helpful to her.

Death is a transition from this lifetime to the Other Side.  What a Blessing to know that we can continue to heal and evolve in both places.

That’s what it’s all about.

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