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LaVonne is a Spiritual Teacher, a global speaker, and a Love Activist, who became motivated to become a Spiritual Teacher when her daughter Kiva transitioned. She assists other grieving mothers through peaceful connections and insights and has made it her life’s work to create systems of JOY in this lifetime.



  • LaVonne’s special relationship with her daughter and how she transitioned 
  • How LaVonne became inspired to tell her story and assisted so many other mothers through their grieving process 
  • Healing the hearts of mothers heals the hearts of the masses 
  • How LaVonne creates systems of joy to help people go from sadness to celebration 
  • The signs LaVonne received from her daughter and how sharing those signs bring hope to other people 
  • How Helping Parents Heal is helping grieving parents 
  • LaVonne’s important tip for finding joy in life



      • When did you become inspired to tell your story that has assisted so many other mothers through the grieving process? 
      • how does your systems of joy take people from profound sadness to celebration? 
      • How does your relationship with Kiva expand since her passing? 
      • How do you help mothers who are so deep in grief to make their personal connections with their children and master their own intuition? 
      • Can grief and joy coexist simultaneously? 

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        LaVonne Wells: There Is No Death. Our Loved Ones Want To Continue Expanding Our Relationships With Them After Their Transition.


        I’m speaking to you now from the Sheraton Grand at the Wild Horse Pass in Phoenix, Arizona, where the 2022 Conference for the incredibly inspiring nonprofit organization known as Helping Parents Heal is taking place. Helping Parents Heal assists grieving bereaved parents in very significant ways, and provides support, tips, and tools for finding hope.

        It furnishes much-needed peer support, which aids in the healing process, and it goes a step beyond other groups because it supports the open discussion of spiritual experiences and afterlife evidence in a non-dogmatic way. I’m both delighted and honored to have been asked to interview some of the very enlightened presenters at this conference. These insights-filled uplifting interviews comprise a special new series on the show that will illuminate the wondrous healing work of Helping Parents Heal.

        Our first interview in this series is with the very beautiful LaVonne Wells who earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication at the University of Utah. LaVonne, who is a spiritual teacher, a global speaker, and a love activist became motivated to become a spiritual teacher when her daughter Kiva transitioned.

        She became inspired to assist other grieving mothers through peaceful connections and insights. She has made it her life’s work to create systems of joy in this lifetime. We’ll surely be finding out much more about her systems of joy during this interview. LaVonne, such a warm welcome to the show. Let’s start with this question. Please tell us about your precious daughter, Kiva, your relationship with her, and describe how she transitioned in 2000.

        Kiva is a phenomenal daughter. She always reminds me that she will always be my daughter no matter what. She was born with a rare condition called McCune-Albright syndrome. At the time, they didn’t have much information on that. It just so happened a doctor saw her in the incubator and noticed that she had spots on her and it looked familiar. He got ahold of NIH and the NIH gave him a list of things to look for. They said to look for A, B, and C and they found A, B, C, D, E, F, G. She immediately became someone that they wanted to research. They basically facilitated her care at a primary children’s hospital.

        How did she transition? How old was she?

        Talking about the McCune-Albright syndrome, her endocrine system did not perform its proper function and created a lot of other issues. Long story short, after being on 17 medications, 5 months old, and 7 pounds, the medication was there to suppress some of her conditions, but there was no cure for her. At this point, she was on morphine and I got to go and speak with the ethics board. They agreed with me that it would be more humane to release her and let her go than try to keep her on life support any longer.

        Would you like to tell us about what you call your story when you became inspired to tell this story that has assisted so many other mothers through the grieving process?

        I’m considered to be the strong one, and I’ve always been the strong one. I’ve already had beliefs about her transitioning. I had signs and things like that.

        What kinds of signs?

        Even before her passing, I remember going home late. I was sitting on my bed and before I put my head on my pillow, I saw this immense amount of just beautiful vibrant light coming into the room. I heard these voices and it was mini voices, but they were speaking as one. At this point, I was stressed out. I didn’t know what to do. I believed that it was my job to keep the faith, to be positive, and to do everything in my power as a mother. I was exhausted.

        She had been in the hospital for quite some time. This myriad of might or beings, energy, and this one voice spoke to me and said that it was time for her to go. They told me that they knew that I had the faith and I believed that she would be healed, but it was time for her to go and it was okay to let go. They explained to me why the connection was so strong. They talked about the hearts connecting and how they interlock.

        Kiva knew that she would be here for a short period of time, but now that she’s here, she doesn’t want to leave you. That was the challenge. At any given moment, I was going to be her voice. I was going to be able to show up for her and assist her that way. I cried. I was sad but I was also grateful that I had the opportunity to have that visitation and to experience that at such a huge level.

        It was very healing for you and such a comfort. I can imagine. Your presentation to Helping Parents Heal is titled, Mom, Can You Hear Me? One of the points you make in your presentation is that healing the hearts of mothers heals the hearts of the masses. Tell us about that.

        Here’s the deal. A lot of people are talking about heal and heal. There is nothing to heal. The only thing to heal is the sense of separation and that’s global. One of the things that my daughter taught me was that you’re here for a reason and your reason is grand. You’re going to impact the world in a big way. I said, “I don’t need to impact the world in a big way. If I can do it in my little circle, I’m fine with that.”

        GAR 112 | There Is No Death

        There Is No Death: There is nothing to heal but the sense of separation.

        That’s so interesting though. This was not coming from the ego for you at all.

        The bottom line is ego won’t work in this work. Eventually, you’ll get found out or you’ll pass out or something from exhaustion trying to keep up with the persona. It’s been many years since her transitioning and I can see now what she was talking about. I didn’t know about, “Heal the hearts of the mothers. Heal the hearts of the masses.” If you think about the mother, you think about Mother Earth. You think about the womb of the mother. You think about the children, civilizations, people, places, and things.

        This aspect of mother is also represented in the fathers but what I’ve been given to assist is with the mothers, specifically. I still work with all kinds of folks. It’s not just the mothers, but that’s the main message there. When the energy of the mother is in grief or loss, the belief that in the next lifetime, it creates a static in the energy. It slows down the pulse or the vibration of the frequency.

        The mother is symbolically the head of the house. If the world is the house and the mother is deep in grief, sadness, depression, and upset, all of those are part of the grieving process and it’s normal. However, if the mother doesn’t come up from that, who’s going to take care of the house? It’s been a beautiful experience. I’m still learning and expanding in that area because before I was working with a lot of different people and not just moms. They’re showing me the importance of reminding mothers to heal the hearts of the masses because when a mother’s heart heals, she begins to speak the truth.

        Also, she’s a role model for everyone else in her life.

        However, she begins to speak the truth and it’s all symbolic in a lot of ways. When she begins to speak the truth and what is the truth? There is no death. We never die. We are infinite and eternal. We can talk about the divine father and the divine mother. The divine mother, what would she say? “My children, I’m right here. We never die.”

        There is no death. We never die. We are infinite and eternal. This human experience of physicality is but a point in time. Click To Tweet

        We keep going on and on. We are infinite. We are eternal beings. We always have been. This human experience and physicality is but a point in time. A mother represents the heart and right now, the earth can use a lot of heart. When you hear people talking about doing your internal work, it’s not about the external work. The external can give you nothing but when you do the work and you go internally, you begin to get silent. You get still, heal the heart, and allow the heart to heal naturally on its own because that’s what it knows to do.

        If your life’s work is to create these systems of joy in this lifetime, what are they and how do they take people from this profound sadness to celebration? You’re helping them to know that their child is still with them.

        They do the work.

        What is that work like?

        The personal work and the internal work. The things they’ve been avoiding and the things they don’t want to look at. It may be issues from childhood. It may be issues from adulthood or traumas, whatever is going on. The internal work is what brings joy in because joy is ours already. The moment you realize, “I am joy. I’m feeling X, Y, and Z right now. It doesn’t feel very joyful but I have access to that joy because innately, I was born with that. It’s a gift from the divine, maybe it’s time for me to go a little deeper, get a little stiller, and a little quieter.” To find joy is to simply sit in silence, listen to your heart speak, and take action on the instructions that the heart gives. Sometimes, the heart says, “Lay here.”

        GAR 112 | There Is No Death

        There Is No Death: To find joy is to simply sit in the silence, to listen to your heart speak, and to actually take action on the instructions that the heart gives.

        You probably help people through your different workshops, sessions, and different things that you do to be able to find that space.

        A lot of that is in connections and communications.

        How does your relationship with Kiva expand since her passing?

        I can honestly tell you this. It’s been many years. I don’t grieve my daughter at all. I honor our relationship so much so for me personally because it didn’t for everybody else. However, for me personally, with all the work that she’s been doing with me, on me, staying connected, saying, “Hey, Mom.” The days that I want to avoid talking to her and I feel her come into the room. I’m about to lose it and go into tears and I say, “No. Don’t come any closer.”

        Years ago, I would tell her, “Don’t come close.” I could feel her at the door and she’d want to come close but I’d say, “No,” because our connection is that solid. Finally, I had the experience of her coming forward and then I said, “Okay. I surrender.” I trust my natural process. I trust that this is bigger than me, that something’s going on here and I don’t know what it is. That’s when the ego gets to be set aside and I got to let my spirit come forth. That’s where the joy lives to let the spirit come forth.

        You told us about the first sign that you knew Kiva was with you. What are some of the other signs that you’ve received from her and how does sharing those signs bring hope to other people?

        The signs are divine. That is what I tell people. It’s divine instructions. It’s divine guidance. It’s divine like, “There’s more to your life.” “I know you’re grieving me. I know you miss me. I get it but where I’m at right now, I can see you. What I see is this vastness and this incredible spirit being that you are. I’m going to keep giving you the signs until you pay attention.” The signs bring in life expression. People will say purpose. For me, it’s an expression because you can get caught up in, “What is my life’s purpose?” No. Maybe a better question is, “How do I choose to express myself while I’m here?”

        Do you want to give us an example of some of those other signs?

        There’s been a gazillion of them like the feathers, the dimes, and the quarters. The truck on the freeway when I’m thinking about her and I’m saying to her, “I don’t feel your energy now.” The truck says, “Kiva energy.” It’s things like that and also, walking into the room or seeing the color green or seeing the color violet or seeing the color yellow or hearing the voice. It’s very telepathic with her with me. I can hear her as if I’m talking to myself, but I know it’s not me.

        How do you help these mothers who are so deep in grief to make their personal connections with their children and master their own intuition?

        A couple of things that I do. I do tell them it’s important to create a practice. The practice is honoring where you’re at. Also, honoring the emotions and the feelings, but also coming up for air. When you come up for air, show yourself kindness and compassion. Show yourself grace.

        Also, self-love.

        Speak the truth. The truth is, my child is no longer in physicality, but my child is alive and well. The presentation that I did is I go over the BGLs and that came from Kiva. It’s Breathe, Grieve, and Live. Most of the time, you’ll hear people say, “I can’t breathe.” I’ve been there. The times that I can breathe, I’m taking advantage of practicing the breath. Just a simple inhale and exhale because we know that breath oxygenates every cell in our being. It allows for creativity.

        Show yourself kindness and compassion. Show yourself grace. Show yourself self-love. And then speak the truth. Click To Tweet

        It allows moving any stuckness out of our minds or our bodies. It gives us clarity. I don’t know about anybody else, but I know there were times I thought I lost my mind or I was going to lose my mind and sometimes, it’s not even Kiva-related. I feel like I’m going to lose my mind about the world events. I breathe. Also, grieve is acknowledging the emotions that we were talking about because it’s not about spiritual bypassing because you see a lot of that going on.

        Define that.

        Spiritual bypassing is acting like everything is hunky-dory, positive, great, and fabulous, which it is and you want to be putting that energy out there, but ignoring what is right in front of your face, that’s spiritual bypassing. It’s like, “It’s all taken care of.” It’s another way of denial.

        I know that you have all these wonderful things that you do to help people to enhance their intuition and connect with their children on the other side. The first is you have a Saturday Support for Mother’s virtual gathering. You also have Connections and Insights monthly gathering, right?


        Do you also have a workshop?

        Yes. It’s a retreat.

        Tell us about those.

        The Saturday Support for Mothers is just for mothers or caregivers as mothers. It’s a gift from me to them. It’s absolutely free. I get on a Zoom call. We have people from Indonesia, Italy, India, Utah, and Jersey. We got a couple of Jersey girls. Also, Kentucky. It’s from all over. It’s beautiful. They go to the website. They click the link and they say, “I’m coming.”

        There’s a question there, “What do you want to gain?” They answer that question and it sends them the link. We just get on every Saturday morning from 9:00 to 10:00 in the morning Mountain Standard Time. They can get there anytime they and they can find the link on the website for that. I was told to give that during Valentine’s, in February of 2023, and it has been ongoing.

        It’s blossoming. How about your Connections and Insights?

        Connections and Insights is a two-and-a-half-hour session where they come with one specific question. It could be about a loved one. It could be about life. It could be any life issue that they deserve more insight into.

        It’s like you do an intuitive.

        Yes, it’s very intuitive. A lot of times, people will say things to me, but their soul is saying something else. I tend to address the soul conversation versus the human conversation.

        Do you want to talk about your retreat?

        Yes. That’s on October 1st in Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s in a very beautiful private residence and that is from 9:00 in the morning until 4:30 and we just dive in. That’s an in-person event and that’s where I teach them how to make their own connections with their loved ones.

        What else would you like to tell us about private sessions or how people can get ahold of you?

        Everything is on the website to get ahold of me. It’s All the links are there for all the events. That’s the best way to get ahold of me and I’m on social media, Facebook, and Instagram as @TheSpiritualTeacher.

        What would you like our audience to know about Helping Parents Heal and how this conference is helping grieving parents?

        I love Helping Parents Heal.

        It’s an amazing organization.

        I love that they focus on the signs from the children and how they share them from a non-dogmatic platform. I’m the same way. I truly believe it’s all love. I love Helping Parents Heal because they are helping a lot of parents. They’re healing hearts, which is key. They offer so many services. If someone just doesn’t have it within their budget to do something, they can go on Helping Parents Heal and find support. They have listening parents that volunteer their time and their energy just to talk with you and listen.

        They’ve been through it and they have a special way of understanding what they’re hearing.

        This conference is going to be and is transformative. People will walk in here and walk out of here on Sunday completely changed.

        You’re doing your presentation. Is there anything else you’re doing during the conference or around the conference that you want everyone to know about?

        I’m doing my presentation and then I’m going to be roaming the halls and loving on the mothers.

        You are sending out love and kindness.

        The parents and the moms and the dads, I’ll be loving on everybody. LaVonne, love on. I was born for this mission.

        My last question is, can grief and joy coexist simultaneously, LaVonne, and what’s your important tip for finding joy in life?

        I’m going to answer the last one first. Get quiet. Be willing to have a conversation with yourself. Be willing to have a love relationship with yourself and then everything will happen naturally. It’s finding that love and that joy in that.

        GAR 112 | There Is No Death

        There Is No Death: Get quiet, be willing to have a conversation with yourself, be willing to have a love relationship with yourself, and then everything will happen naturally.

        If you find that love and joy, you can have that even though you’re grieving and feeling miserable.

        It’s because when you start loving yourself and taking care of yourself, getting quiet, and being still, you start finding out fascinating things about yourself. You start hearing the conversations you’re having with yourself, and you can laugh at yourself. You can cry with yourself. You can be your best friend and you can say, “I’m going to show up for you no matter what. We’re having a bad day. Let’s cry it out. Now, let’s show ourselves compassion. Let’s state the truth. ‘I am a loving being. I am incredible. I am worthy. I am pure joy. I am ecstatic joy.’”

        Let's state the truth, ‘I am a loving being. I am incredible. I am worthy. I am pure joy.’ Click To Tweet

        LaVonne, I admire so much how you are actively living your intention, which is to listen, support, and offer possible systems to take people from profound sadness to celebration. When your daughter Kiva, who transitioned in 2000, gave you the message to bring additional insights about life and death to the world, she helped you to define your life expression and her message that we transitioned from one form to the next. There is no death.

        There never has been and never will be.

        It is life-changing, to say the least. Thank you from my heart for all you do to help mothers throughout the world who are struggling with the loss of their precious children, for your valuable contributions to this conference, and for this very special insights-filled interview. It’s been a pleasure.

        It’s been an honor.

        Thank you.

        By the way, you’re wearing the color of joy, which is orange.

        Make sure to follow us and like us on social @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you’re watching us on YouTube, be sure to click subscribe below so you’ll never miss an episode. As I like to say, to be continued, many blessings, and bye for now.


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