“Self-love is not some vain, narcissistic, ego-driven state. It is a state of mind wherein we value and cherish ourselves by both healing our issues and taking good care of our health as loving gestures to ourselves.” – Quote, They Serve Bagels In Heaven.

I am so very proud of Lady Gaga/Stefani. And also so very happy for her. It seems she’s had some sort of awakening as viewed in this video she released on Facebook earlier this month (click to watch):


Too many people seem to sleep walk through their lives without learning important lessons from their experiences that their souls incarnated in this current lifetime to learn. But our Lady Gaga is not one of those people. In this all important recent interview, she shares some poignant lessons fame has taught her, and talks about the boundaries she has created out of a newfound sense of self-love and integrity.

Stefani dislikes being used for shallow purposes such as selling perfume. She also dislikes sacrificing her passion and creativity to become an overworked money making machine for greedy people who have no concerns for her other than how they can use her to their own benefit.

She has become tired of being untrue to her real, authentic feelings and opinions because she is constantly being counseled to tailor her messages, online and otherwise, to others’ approval so that she will remain “popular.” She calls these communications “lies” because she is saying what people supposedly want to hear instead of what she (Stefani) really thinks about anything.

Lady Gaga has responded to the dissonance these false behaviors and expectations have created within her with healthy self-love. She has given herself permission to say NO when something does not feel right to her, and now holds on to what she believes to be true with authenticity and integrity.

Here’s another insightful quote from They Serve Bagels In Heaven:

“Take the time to be introspective. The future of your soul is dependent upon your conscious choice to evolve. It’s never a smooth journey. Like a toddler learning to walk, we will all take steps forward and backward, falling down and standing up again.

Most important is our choice to heal and evolve.”

Bravo Stefani.