Kyomi O'Connor

Kyomi O’Connor is a retired Pediatric Dentist, a Buddhist leader, and the Author of a wonderful debut memoir titled “A Sky of Infinite Blue – A Japanese Immigrant’s Search for Home and Self.” In it she shares her very authentic and touching personal story about the intense emotional difficulties she experienced within her family of origin, her uplifting, healing marriage to Patrick, the love of her life that culminated in a fierce 3 year battle after he was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic melanoma in the brain, how Kyomi’s dedication to a Buddhism practice fostered her spiritual growth, and the ways writing brought light to the dark places inside of Kyomi, helping her to break through her emotional armor to reach a Blessed place of peace, healing and Rebirth.


  • Kyomi’s heart wrenching childhood, during which she developed what she calls her “armor.”
  • The way Kyomi and Patrick, a charismatic British cancer researcher, fell in love.
  • The ways Buddhism fostered Kyomi and Patrick’s spiritual growth.
  • The spiritual vision Kyomi received that caused her to no longer fear the unknown.


  • What were the very meaningful words Patrick said to you just before he died?
  • How did you eventually find healing and closure with members of your family?
  • How have what Buddhism calls “the four sufferings” applied to and transformed your life?





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