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Kerri Hummingbird Sami is a Shamanic healer, a Mentor, and the author of Inner Medicine: Becoming One with Mother Earth for the Survival of Humanity. She is the Founder of Inner Medicine Training, a Mystery School that shares potent ancient traditions from the Andes and Himalayas for owning your wisdom and living your purpose.

As a Shamanic healer and mentor, Kerri catalyzes mind shifts that transform life challenges into gifts of wisdom, noting that people operate through differing lenses of perception, therefore we must all be careful about what we give our power away to.

During this enlightening and highly transformative interview, Kerri shares how she overcame trauma, found healing through nature, and now serves as a channel for other people to all dimensions of time, space, and consciousness. She also brings us insights about the important planetary Wake-Up call that is on its way to all of us.



  • How the violence in Kerri’s family system and childhood inspired her to pursue radical changes in her own life
  • How Kerri set herself free from a negative mental diagnosis and abuse by taking the road less traveled.
  • The important Wake Up Call that is coming, that will open our hearts and lead us to a new way of living.
  • The fog that prevents us from seeing ourselves and others clearly.
  • The pathway forward to a New Earth of sovereign humans begins with each of us.
  • The Luminous Warrior within is able to let others be true to themselves because she is true to herself.
  • The false personality that is constructed in phases of childhood development.
  • Kerri’s private mentoring, shamanic healing, illumination healing, and discovery sessions.
  • Why it is essential to slow down, soften our hearts, and open our hearts to what is right in front of us in order to heal.



  • What was the trauma you experienced in your childhood, the diagnosis that put you in a proverbial cage, and the abusive life you created for yourself?
  • What is your story about the magic of a hummingbird visiting you on a Vision Quest in the woods?
  • Is the seismic Wake-Up Call associated with the rise in vibration on this planet from 3D to 5D?
  • What is “The Smokey Mirror,” and how can we heal ourselves by working with it?
  • What was your motivation to write your book Inner Medicine: Becoming One with Mother Earth for the Survival of Humanity?
  • What is the ancient Earth wisdom that we must remember that will save humanity?
  • How are deep healing and forgiveness connected?
  • What was your own personal Wake-Up call that transformed your life?
  • In what ways do people operate through different lenses of perception, and what does that have to do with giving away our power?

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Kerri Sami: Why Healing And Transformation Starts With Your Connection With Mother Earth






I could not be more delighted to have this opportunity to interview shamanic healer and author, Kerri Hummingbird Sami, whose newest book is titled Inner Medicine: Becoming One with Mother Earth for the Survival of Humanity. Kerri will be speaking to us from Cedar Park, Texas. Kerri is a medicine woman, a mother, and a mentor who is the Founder of Inner Medicine Training, a mystery school that shares potent ancient traditions from the Andes and Himalayas for owning your wisdom and living your purpose. As a shamanic healer and mentor, Kerri catalyzes mind shifts that transform life challenges into gifts of wisdom.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kerri about her number one international bestselling book, The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama on the show a few years ago. I will be talking with her about her remarkable new book titled Inner Medicine: Becoming One with Mother Earth for the Survival of Humanity. Kerri is also the author of Love Is Fierce: Healing the Mother Wound and the host of the Soul Nectar Show, which inspires people to lead their lives wide awake with authenticity, passion, and purpose that positively impacts others.

I’m looking forward to talking with Kerri about the diagnosis she received from Western psychology that led her to the road less traveled, shamanic healing, the ways people operate through different lenses of perception, the wake-up calls that are on their way to all of us, and much more. This is surely going to be an enlightening and highly transformative interview for all of us, as all of Kerri’s interviews are. Get ready, everybody. Here she comes. Kerri, welcome back to the show.

I’m so glad to be back. Thank you for that beautiful introduction. I’m so excited to allow spirit to flow through me exactly what everybody needs to hear right now.

This is an important interview because I’m interviewing all these people and everyone and books are coming out about the vibration of the planet, it’s going from 3D to 5D. For those who don’t know what that is, what does that mean? You and I are going to talk about that, and that’s going to change all of our experiences on the planet. Let’s begin from the beginning of Kerri. Tell us about the trauma you experienced in your childhood, that diagnosis that puts you in a proverbial cage, and the abuse of life you created for yourself.


GAR 224 | Mother Earth


As many people that have struggles later in life, I had some difficult beginnings in my childhood, and so those ACEs scores were high. I had some violence in my family system. I had a time from 1 to 5 when we were living with the first stepfather I had, and he was a violent alcoholic drunk. He had a reaction galore. He didn’t do very well with little children in his environment. He was not adept at handling that. What happened was that he would beat my mother if I irritated him. That set up a very strange relationship, a trauma bond between me and my mother because she would try to get me to be quiet and pinch me or whatever she had to do to try to get me to not act out in order so that she wouldn’t be beaten. It is a very sadistic little game that was going on there.

Your mom went down to protect you. She was trying to control you.

She was trying to help me by helping herself. At that time there, it was difficult for a woman to earn a living and support a child at the same time. There was not the support that we have here now and there was no income. Women were not earning the income to do that. My mom was a staunch advocate for women getting to have their own income and jobs, and mostly because of this experience, be able to protect themselves monetarily from this abusive situation. Going forward in my life, my mom left him. She got a lot of friends to help her leave him. I immediately met my third father, who was amazing. He was the best dad ever. I went from the worst father figure to the absolute most amazing.

Did she go through healing or something? Did she learn how choose better?

She got lucky. The universe went, “You need this one right here.” I met my dad first. I was on the steps of the apartment we were living in with dad number two. I met my dad number three, who was my dad for most of my life, and he met me first. He was like, “This child is scared. This child is not sure. This child needs help.”

When he saw me walk into the room with my mother at this divorce party that mutual friends were having, he was like, “That’s the little girl I saw and that’s her mother. I like this woman.” It was like instant love. It was like an angel came down and said, “Here, you need help,” but that doesn’t take away even though I had the best dad ever. For most of my life, from five years old until he passed away in 2017, he’s always still with me, as we all know, so I always had my dad’s support. That didn’t take away the patterns in the brain and the early childhood traumas that happened, and that set the pattern for how my brain put things together.

During your most formative time, you had this trauma.

That needed to be healed because by the time I hit sixteen and I started getting those hormones and all this stuff. All that stuff triggered this past experience, and I started acting out and reacting and being wild. Teenagers can be wild, but I was pretty wild. All of that, my mom and my dad were like, “This is from that early childhood stuff.”

They were smart and they knew. They got me in with a good psychiatrist. Back in the time when I had my psychiatrist, psychiatrists were psychiatrists. They were deep, wise, and knowledgeable. They were like the expert you went to. You didn’t go to the psychologist. You went to the psychiatrist like somebody that knew, but they didn’t back then.

He said, “I’m not going to give you any medication,” because back when I was doing it, they didn’t do that. Now, all they do is sit on a little computer or type in some stuff for five minutes with you and give you a pill, which I don’t agree with. I don’t think that’s the right way to go, and for my journey, I can tell you why.

First of all, if they meet with you for five minutes, how are they going to give you an accurate diagnosis? They don’t know you at all. All they know is some little questions on their computer that they are filling out. That is not an accurate assessment and that also is not enough to know about you in order to give you a pill to diagnose and give you a pill in that amount of time. It’s not okay.

Medical professionals these days simply sit on a computer, type in some stuff, then give patients pills. This is not the best way to give an accurate diagnosis. Share on X

The way I feel about it is that my first psychiatrist didn’t give me any diagnosis. He said, “I could give you a label. I could say manic depressive, I could say bipolar even, but I’m not going to do that to you. You are going to start on your journey and learn some tools and I’m going to send you some good tools.” I had a good person to start out with, but that didn’t take away the journey because there are other initiations, and you go through initiations.

I went to the motherhood initiation, and that threw me for a loop because my body hadn’t done any healing on that early childhood stuff. Now I have got a baby to care for, and what often happens is that projection. It’s like you’re projecting and you don’t even know you are doing it, but as a mother, you are projecting onto the child like your inner child. Unless you have healed that, that’s going to be automatic.

That’s what happened. I started my journey of being on those medications and being in postpartum depression. I had very severe postpartum depression. The baby was very colicky. All those things set in motion that deepening part of my journey. I don’t think it’s a problem because now I see it. It’s like the shadow journey. At some point in our lives, we have got to go down into the shadow journey.

We have to feel our feelings. We have to get into our bodies. Motherhood is a great body initiation because you can’t help but be in your body. You are feeling all this stuff. When you get into your body, you are going to feel the stuck traumas that got stored in your body in different places. You are going to feel that and you need to heal it. You are going to have emotions come up that you don’t even know where they came from. I went through that metamorphosis and that process. I still tried to be productive and all of this, but it was overwhelming.

You must have been suffering and in emotional pain all the time.

I was in total emotional pain all the time, and I was trying to word it off with the pills. By the time I was 38, things hit the fan. By the time that happened, I got my diagnosis. I said, “You are borderline personality and you have early childhood abuse. You are going to be this way the rest of your life and you are going to have to be on these medications. It’s never going to change. Very few people can get out of it,” and all that stuff.

Number one, my first reaction was I don’t want to be broken and this tells me I’m broken. The second reaction was, “If I’m broken, I’m not responsible for my actions and behavior, so I can keep doing the stuff I’m doing and even get worse with it because it’s not my fault because I’m a victim.” I got stuck there for a while and decided, “I don’t like this storyline.”

They gave me a label and labels are terrible. Labels are cages and are very disempowering and they are a victim story. When you give somebody a limited opportunity like that, you basically put them in a cage and say, “The rest of your life is going to suck and you can’t do anything about it except cope and take a pill.” That’s what labels and diagnoses are.

They are boxes, in a way. I don’t want to project that this is what psychotherapists do, but I know as a healer when I became a healer after all of this nightmare, it is vulnerable to need individual clients in order to maintain your personal income. When you get a client that’s going to stick around week after week for a very long time is nice because you can settle into a rhythm and know you are going to get paid every week.

I think that subconsciously influencing some of this behavior on the part of psychologists is to get that steady income to keep coming in. I understand that, but we need to look at that shadow and see if there are other tools we can be helping people to get well quicker. One of those tools is to toss out these labels and instead of focusing on how you are broken and all this stuff in a fixed position, start to look at how I can help this person change their story. That’s what I did. I finally got sick of my own story and I said, “I’m out of here.”



How did you change your story? Did you change your story before you became a shaman or after you became a shaman? Once you become a shaman, you are helping others transform your lives and change their stories. What’s the segue with that?

The segue was I was either going to commit suicide and leave my children motherless because that’s how far down the black hole I went with this diagnosis or I was going to claim responsibility for my life.

How old were you at this point?

Thirty-eight. My kids were in elementary and going into middle school.

They were traumatized already brought up by all your stuff.

By everything going on since they were born because I was traumatized when my first son came. This is like, “You have to take radical responsibility for your life.” I said, “I’m a smart woman. I was Smith College educated. I know I’m smart.” If you do the same thing for twenty years and none of it changes, that’s a sign of insanity.

I said, “I’m going to do everything differently. I’m not going to go to psychotherapy. I’m not going to take these pills. I’m not going to be married to this person. I’m going to get out of here. I’m going to start over and I’m going to see what life has for me,” and that was my major decision and I got lots of little spirit signs about to do that. Immediately upon leaving, I felt better. That first night in the bathtub with the candlelight, I was instantly peaceful. I made the right choice.

Starting with that, people started coming into my life. Teachers, yoga, and then I had a first shamanic program and then I had another teacher. I started this swarm of teachers that helped me to transition many fundamental things that were inside of me that weren’t working. You were talking about how did I transition that. The first thing I chose to live. I chose to live and not let this suppress me anymore and not let this drag me down. The choice to live is the first choice.

Then I decided I would try anything that came my way that made things better and I wouldn’t have any ideas about what that was. I would do whatever came my way that would make it better. Everybody that came my way, I said, “I will try it out. I will try yoga and shamanism. The Four Agreements, I will read it, I will do it, and I don’t care.” I got The Four Agreements book. I read it 40 times, front to back. It was like, “I’m memorizing this. I’m going to reprogram my brain because it does not work incorrectly.”

This is another key thing that helped me. As my illness was mental, it helped me in a funny way because I had all these crazy labels. I said, “If I’m crazy and my brain is malfunctioning, then I’m not going to believe what my brain tells me. I’m going to go to another source.” It was pivotal. I was like, “I’m going to go to something bigger than me and start trusting that instead.”

I went to the earth. I got grounded. I went to my body. I started feeling my body. I got in my body. I went to my heart, I started listening and tuning into my intuition and my womb and my heart, and that got me out of my head, which had some faulty thinking in it from this early childhood. I had to start untangling that and unweaving it. That was a long process. It took me twelve years to get from there to here.

It’s a big process and it’s worth the journey. It’s the path less traveled because it was my unique thumbprint journey from my soul to guide me back home. Everybody has a unique thumbprint and everybody has a journey. Stop thinking some expert knows what’s right for you or some standard government issue thing is what’s right for you. No, you have to take the journey into the mystery with your soul to find your healing.

What’s so beautiful about you is that you have taken all of this and are now using it to help others transform their lives and peel away their soul’s truths layer by layer, which is so amazing. You talk about a hummingbird visiting you on a vision quest in the woods and you call yourself Kerri Hummingbird Sami. Tell us about that story with the hummingbird.

It was a couple of years before that happened. I was buying this house I’m in right now, and I was taking a drum journey and the hummingbird came to me unexpectedly at the end of the drum journey. It was a moment of awe in this rainbow light in my vision. I was like, and then immediately, the real estate agent called me and said, “The house is yours.” I was like, “That is connected.”

That’s why I changed my name. I changed it in shamanic circles because when you go on a drum journey, they ask you what your name is and usually, an animal ally comes up. I was Kerri Hummingbird. I started changing it on social media after that vision because I’m like, “I’m obviously Kerri Hummingbird.” It just came to me.

By the time years later, when I had that journey in the woods, I was learning at that time, I had been learning for a while that when I open sacred space and I call in the South, West, North, East, and Earth. I call in hummingbird and I call in all the allies that are showing up for me. They are right there. The ancestors, when I call them in, they are right here with us. When I call in Father Sky, the great spirit is right here with us.

Do you see these beings when you call them in or do you feel them or sense them?

I’m an empath, so I feel more energy coming in. I feel it. If I’m taking a shamanic journey, I can get some visions, but a lot of the time, most of mine is feeling sense. I’m feeling them. I feel their presence. I will get chills on my spine or I will feel the room is very crowded, and then other people tell me they see it. They are like, “You see this room? It’s all filled up.”

I called in lots of allies but I was having a hard time trusting because I couldn’t see that they were there. At this retreat that I was on by myself in the woods, I was like, “I’m going to go sing on this rock.” I’m going to sing this healing song, and I’m going to call in all the allies and have fun because I have nothing else to do. I sat up there and I called in the mountains, trees, plants, and everything I could think of.

All of a sudden, this little giggle happened inside me, and I called in hummingbird in the song. Out of nowhere, this hummingbird flew, and it came right in front of my third eye like a foot away and hovered. My eyes were as big as saucers and my mouth hung open and I thought, “Gosh.” It was there a good 30 seconds to a minute and I’m staring at it and it’s staring at me. I was like, “I think you are trying to tell me that whenever I call you come.” It literally nodded his little head and then it flew off. From that moment, I trust. When I’m in a healing and I call in source, spirit, and all the allies and the people that help me in the healing, the medicine people, that they are there and it works. The proof is how it feels and how the person feels.

You also talk about a false personality constructed in faces of childhood development and that we can free ourselves from that false personality, which you experienced yourself. Do you want to tell everyone about what that’s about?

As you can imagine, little children are so imaginative. We have such amazing imaginations. That’s how they create games on the fly with each other and they flow creating all this stuff. We are returning to innocence that way. That’s the whole spiritual path. In order to get there, you have got to get through the monster that your child created to protect itself.

If your child was, confronted with scary things, as most people have some scary things at least, then your child creates this monster to protect it and it’s a defender. In order to reconnect with your inner child and do healing with your inner child, you have to get through the defender and the protector. The way to do that is to realize that there are aspects of you inside of you. You are not one solid thing.

To reconnect and experience healing with your inner child, you have to get through the defender and protector you have created as a kid. Share on X

You are aspects of a self, and to start getting in touch with those aspects. Shamanic journey is helpful for that because it’s in the imagination space, and we go to the 5D and I bring people to the 5D in a sanctuary. Then we ask the child to come forward to who that trauma happened to and to do some healing work with that child.

Tell us when you say you go to the 5D.

The imagination space is the 5D. When we go into our imaginations, we are in an environment that is timeless, that means that anything can be accessed in that environment that ever happened at any point in time right now. It can be called up right now. It’s like a universal library of you or any other you ever were in any other past life or anywhere else. It can all be called up in that 5D space. I call it the sanctuary. I have a certain construction I have created that allows people to meet me in there. In that space, because it’s in the imagination, it’s in the 5D. It’s in the higher realms of our consciousness

It’s amazing how that space, bringing ourselves into that space. Clients that can’t do this on their own can suddenly hear, see, and experience themselves or ancestors, past life, or their inner child. Holding that space open is what I’m good at. That’s what I’m here for. I’m what they call a psychopath. I am a channel to all dimensions of time, space, and levels of consciousness, and so I can open up the space for that to happen. That’s how the healings happen is that the healer energies from the higher realms come through me to perform the healing, and sometimes it’s medicine people from Earth that come through me for the healings and because I’m a psychopath. That’s what my design is.

In your book, you talk about a smoking mirror and then we can heal myself by working with the smoking mirror. We haven’t gotten quite to your book yet, but I love these concepts. Could you tell us about that smoking mirror?

It’s a tool tech concept. It has related to what we talked about with the aspects of self. What happens is that we come into this human vessel and it’s pre-programmed and conditioned with points of view that we inherit from our ancestry, from our mother, and from being in the mother’s womb. From our early experience, it just keeps adding on to that lens that we see through. The lens can get super foggy and difficult to see through. It’s like if you took a hot shower and you look at the mirror and there’s all that steam on the mirror, you can see yourself behind that steam, but not really. You have got to try to wipe it away to see yourself more clearly and then it covers over again. That’s how the ego works.

What we want to do is be aware that we are seeing through a smokey mirror all the time, even if we think it looks crystal clear like, “I know what happened. X, Y, Z,” and you will see that people start telling the story first, “This happened and then this happened.” That’s all smokey mirror. That’s what you think happened. If you put two people in the same room, they will tell a different version of the first, “This happened and then this happened,” because of the smokey mirror. Even if you had a camera in this space, it still wouldn’t be clear what happened.

How do we clear that smokey mirror to eliminate the pathway? You talk about a pathway forward to a new earth of sovereign humans. That’s deep. Do you want to explain that to us? How do you do that?

I define sovereignty as living as your real authentic self underneath all of that smokey mirror, layers of protection, and the conditioning at the core of you is your real true self. What we want to do is we want to bring that real true self higher and higher into your being until it’s looking right out your eyes and seeing with clarity. In order to do that, we have to release layer upon layer of victim consciousness, belief systems, and identity.

Does this take a long time or is this done in a ceremony?

It can happen pretty quickly. I did my first lives, by the way. On another show, I did my first live support and I’d never done that before, and I was even amazed. It was some big deep stuff for every person was clearing in a matter of a few minutes. It doesn’t take that long. It’s you have to know how to access as the healer. You need to know how to get in, see the person’s core real self, which is an art to see through all the smokey mirror and into the person’s core true self and bring that more to the forward kike keep bringing that light out. As you bring that knowing and that light and that realization out and, as the witness, you are seeing that person’s real deep core. What happens is that the layers of falseness clear on their own because they are revealed is not true.

A lot of it has to do with the body. The body stores. The Body Keeps the Score is a great book, but the body is holding onto all this trauma and all these beliefs and all these emotions and never got to express, and a lot of stuff that if you can bring yourself to feel it, you will heal it, and that will bring that next layer out.

We are rising. A lot of people want to know how I can be fixed and then love my life for the rest of my life. It’s not like that. Switch your mentality into curiosity. How can I learn more and more every single day that I didn’t know already that will lift me to a place of greater and greater joy, happiness, prosperity, and deeper wisdom?

How can I keep myself open and curious to continually release what I think I know, listen, and embrace realization? Let that embody and let me be lifted to higher states of consciousness. We are evolving into homo luminous, which is the divinity in the body. Right now, we have a duality in our DNA n strands, but we are going to the trinity in the DNA strands.

That means that we are co-creating with our soul and our very vessel in our body, and so a lot of this surrender is a surrender of the false personality that the soul created anyway to have an experience, but now we are dissolving that. The soul is the one inhabiting the body fully and that was going to be homo luminous. You can imagine once we are doing that, there’s no more lying, pretending, deceiving, doubt, and uncertainty. All that stuff is in the shadows. It goes away because now you know who you are because you are conscious.

You are not taking things personally if you are in this luminous mindset. You are now seeing things in a totally different way, I would imagine.

You are seeing things as how is this for me by my soul through me for my actualization, rather than why is this happening to me because it’s uncomfortable and I don’t like it. That’s victim consciousness. It’s like, “Why did I create this for myself to experience so that it would bring me a realization that I need for the next part of my journey and whatever’s coming next that I’m doing in the world, I guess.”

As people peel away all of their layers and they become more and more authentic, that benefits the planet.


GAR 224 | Mother Earth


It does because the planet is here for us to discover ourselves. She’s holding space for us. She’s the greatest sacred witness ever. We are made of Mother Earth. She is our body and vessel. She is aware of everything we think and feel. There’s no hiding from Mother Earth. She knows it all. She’s the greatest teacher because she mostly stays silent with you until you go off on a track that’s not so beneficial, then your stomach will cramp, throat will get tight, or something. She will let you know, “Not there. Not that.” We have to learn to listen to Mother Earth. That’s how we listen. We realize she’s been talking to our body and the whole time

Sometimes she acts out. That means you write your book because your book is called Inner Medicine: Becoming One with Mother Earth for the Survival of Humanity. Two questions about that. What was your motivation to write this book and what is that ancient earth wisdom that you say we must remember that will save humanity? Could this humanity take some saving right now? Help us with this.

My whole life changed when I learned about shamanism and I found the medicine will. I learned about the four directions and that Mother Earth is alive in my body. As I said, the faulty thinking in my brain was what was preventing me from living of grounded, happy life. When I integrated with Mother Earth, my heartbeat aligned with Mother Earth’s heartbeat in a human resonance. Mother Earth’s resonance is changing right now because she’s going through a different part of the galaxy. That resonance is shifting.

Explain that to everybody. I know that’s true and I have heard that a lot. That’s part of that 5D thing that the Earth is in a different part of the galaxy right now and the vibration is higher.

Everybody thinks that our solar system is stuck in the middle of space and is not moving, but we are always moving. We rotate around the sun, our whole solar system rotates around a galaxy and then everything rotates. Everything is going in a spiral, spiraling. We are in constant motion. As we spiral, we move into different energies, frequencies, and vibrations.

There’s a lot of spectrum in terms of levels of consciousness, energies, and frequencies that we could be experiencing. Mother Earth has been hanging out in a dense frequency for a long time in 3D and she’s moving herself up because she’s kept herself there so we would all have a chance to learn our lessons before she moves because she’s extremely caring, like empathetic.

She can determine this as a consciousness of Mother Earth or this is happening as the spirals are going on. It’s like a natural thing or a conscious thing.

That’s a good question. What came first, the chicken or the egg? I think that consciousness is always deciding what’s next and everything is reflected in the stars. Consciousness is always metamorphosing what’s going to happen next. That’s why there are all these various timelines that we could be participating on.

From my meditations with Mother Earth, what I got was that she was doing her best to stay in this frequency as long as she could because her creation of humanity was struggling to lift its consciousness out of victim consciousness. Struggling for a long time. To assist Mother Earth in being sure that her creation survives, many of us across the galaxy, as part of the second wave, said yes to being here on the planet at this time, inhabiting as humans and lifting the consciousness from the inside out.

Mother Earth has been doing her best to stay in a steady frequency. Her creation of humanity was struggling to lift its consciousness out of victim consciousness. Share on X

If you are reading this message, that’s probably you and you might be getting chills right now in your body to confirm it. If that’s true, then what’s happened for you? This is the 2nd wave, the 1st wave and Dolores Cannon talks about this in her work. She’s interviewed thousands of people. She’s passed away now, but she interviewed thousands of souls in subconscious meditation and confirmed this.

If you feel this is true about you, you might even know what planet you come from. You might be aware that you are a star seed and what planet you come from. A lot of us came to the planet at this time, star seeds, master magicians, and people who could get in there and modify the human genome. We all decided, “Yes, we will come and we will help with this human species.”

At the same time, as I say that, I don’t want to make any special differentiation because every single human at this time on the planet can claim homo luminous for themselves. It is not reserved for star seeds. Any human on the planet can claim homo luminous, and it requires a release of identity and it requires a release of a lot of conditioning and a lot of ways of thinking about things. A lightening of the load to allow the self to shift into the higher vibrations.

We are supporting that every human can do this by the collective effort of the 2nd wave and the 1st wave, and now the 3rd waves are starting to come in on the planet, even lifting it more. That lifting of elevation is supporting every human to claim it. In the process of being lifted into these higher vibrations, it looks like chaos, turbulence, or mess.

It looks like my life is falling apart, my health is going down the tubes, and my relationship has broken up. It looks like I feel weird all the time. It looks like my brain is not working the way it used to work. It looks like all that. That’s the beginning invitation to the journey to wake up. That is your knowing and we are all collectively doing it on the planet at this time.



The choices, do you sit in that suffering or do you start to heal and work with your stuff so that you can age yourself to move forward.

It is and it doesn’t have to take a lifetime. I want to say that I want to encourage anybody reading who’s in the psychotherapy industry. Please learn quantum tools for helping clients to shift because this does not have to take twenty years on a couch. We don’t have that time. Please learn quantum tools for shifting people’s states so that people can heal much more quickly.

They access themselves for a quantum tool.

They need to pick somebody to learn from, like me or anybody. I don’t care. Pick me or pick anybody, but pick somebody that you have to resonate with their message. Start educating yourself. Read all these episodes on Irene’s show. Pick somebody that you resonate with and go for it, and don’t quit until you master it and then start sharing it with your clients. That’s what needs to happen.

We don’t have any more time for this reading every single week to the victim story. What we want to do is help shift people out of that book of fate which they inherited for themselves or soul picked it out of that book of fate into their book of destiny. Book of destiny is where we all want to be working right now because that puts you in the mode of being the sacred dreamer of Earth.

What do you, as a sacred dreamer, want to call into being seven generations from now on the planet? There’s a lot of us already doing this sacred dreaming together, but we could always use more help. More people that are lifted to the 5D can do that sacred dreaming and manifest those potentials. The more of us that are doing that, the quicker the manifestation happens and then that supports all the other people that are struggling with making a leap.

Everyone is doing this deep healing and they are moving forward. You state in your book that on the other side of deep healing is the forgiveness that releases all souls from the contracts that keep suffering in place. You talk about the new important wake-up call that’s coming. Address those two items. Are they connected or is one a result of the other?

Forgiveness is one thing, but forgiveness assumes that something still was done that was wrong. This shift in consciousness is the total radical acceptance of everything that happened in your life as completely necessary for your soul’s evolution, completely necessary to bring you to home luminous, and home luminous is the wake-up call because we are moving out.


GAR 224 | Mother Earth


It’s just like what happened long ago when the Cro-Magnon appeared on the planet. The Neanderthals were still on the planet for a while, but they died out. Cro-Magnon became the new standard of human and then homo Sapiens and now homo luminous. You don’t want to get left in the dust. You want to carry your genes forward, your family’s. All your ancestry that has worked so hard to survive and to thrive, you want all that ancestral wisdom to make it into homo luminous. You’ve got to do that through your vessel, through your body.

You’ve got to do it. That’s the wake-up call is homo luminous. Once we hit homo luminous, those of us that are hit getting close to it, everything changes. Life is completely different in homo luminous. It is not even the same thing. We transcend the human drama. Now, if we engage in some, it’s for fun. It’s not to tear you down into a little shred like it has been happening.

Define homo luminous for us. If someone says, “I wonder if I’m homo luminous,” what are some traits of homo luminous?

Let’s say Buddha had the rainbow body. The rainbow body is homo luminous. Up until now, very few individuals like Jesus Christ. Every so often, there’s an individual that inhabits the rainbow body that inhabits home luminous.

Define the rainbow body also.

The rainbow body is your auric field, which is filled with the rainbow. The rainbow is the truth. We are all on the rainbow bridge. The Vikings were correct about that. We are auric field. When you see somebody who is inhabited homo luminous, their auric field has a rainbow all around the outside of it. You can see it. You can capture it in photos. There’s a Curandera medicine woman from the Qero shamans, the medicine people on the high Andes, who has this.

I have a picture of her in one of our gatherings. We have a picture of her by the fire, and you can see the rainbow body all around her auric field. This is a person who exemplifies compassion. All this acidic high frequencies. This is a person who pretty much lives at the acidic frequencies, the high frequencies. Once you bust free from the matrix, all there is is the truth, and you are in the high frequencies all the time. You don’t struggle with judgment anymore. You don’t struggle with all that.

You don’t get into drama and judgment. What about if people are very toxic or drama is going on? You lift yourself. You separate or you detach from it.

I have to back up and clarify something because I don’t want to set a false expectation. For many of us on our way to the rainbow body, we have to walk the middle way. The middle way is embracing all the shadow and all the light, both the whole spectrum. As we embrace all the shadow and all the light, we are walking the middle way, which is what Buddha did. Walk the middle way. As we walk the middle way, eventually, the whole matrix disappears.

The rest of it falls away.

You realize the whole thing is a construct.

Did you have a personal wake-up call that transformed your life that kicked all of this in motion for you?

It was suicidal ideation. The thought of like, “I wouldn’t be there for my sons if I don’t get myself together and figure out what to do for myself because the external solutions were not working for me.” I needed to find my thumbprint journey. What was going to bring me to the place of solid grounding and be able to do what I always wanted to do, which was what I’m doing now? I always have wanted to be of service to people. I have always wanted to be a helpful light in the world.

I was suppressed under a lot of darkness for a while. I had to make my way through it in order to find my way here, but it was my path I had to chart. When I teach people the tools and strategies that I learned, I’m also in full recognition of their inner wisdom. They already have inner medicine. All I’m doing is helping people recognize their own inner medicine and see themselves in that and then move through the embodiments of it.

You see who they are aside from all the constructs.

I can see through that because I know what a lot of those constructs are, so I can see through them.

There are so many ways that you help people. You have got private mentoring, shamanic healing, and illumination healing. You have got an upcoming retreat in Peru and you do discovery sessions. Where do you want to start? Tell them all about how you can help them.

I would like to start with the Inner Medicine book and you can get a free chapter of that at the website. From there, you will launch into the mystery with me. Pick a starting point if you like what I’m saying and go get the book and participate. When you go there, if it’s before April 22nd, 2023, you will get to participate and live with us. If not, you will get a replay of the sacred ceremony we are doing to honor Mother Earth and experience what that’s like to be in ceremony and ritual, which we need to reawaken at this time our ancestors. This is how they survived and brought us here. We need to return.

GAR 224 | Mother Earth

Inner Medicine: Becoming One with Mother Earth for the Survival of Humanity

If they read your book and now they want to work with you, and they want to grow and heal and all of that, what’s the first step? Is it a discovery session?

Discovery session is a good way to start because then I can talk to you and see what’s going on in your life and get a sense of where you are going and what you might be interested in because I have a lot of different offerings. If you feel like you are a healer and you are meant to be here as a light to others and to support others as a leader, teacher, or healer in whatever capacity you are, then Inner Medicine Training might be what you want. I do train healers, but we start with the self. We start with self-knowledge. The Inner Medicine Training is a program that gets you through all the aspects of yourself to ground your own medicine and then we start talking about how you could be a healer for other people because you got to start with self.

You have an upcoming retreat in Peru you want to tell people about.

I moved it to 2024. It’s plenty of time to hop on board with that. We are going to spend two weeks in Peru. We are going to go to the Sacred Valley to work with the shamans out there and go to many sacred locations. There’s nothing like putting your body in the actual space of the temple. In your body, in that temple space where people have prayed and done ceremonies and honored the Earth for so long is so potent.

I like to go to all those spaces and then we will do some plant medicine for people who haven’t done that. It’s a good experience. A very general medicine. We will be going to go to the Holy Mountain. One day at the Holy Mountain Ausangate to say your prayers directly to the mountain. Mountains are a big deal in the Qero medicine. Then we are going to go to Lake Titicaca for a few days and experience the highest lake out there in Peru and the birthplace of the Inca.

You get to heal, but you get to have amazing experiences and meet marvelous people.

It’s a mystery to a ride. It’s an adventure.

I want to ask you because the passion for this show is healing. Why do you say it’s essential to slow down, soften our hearts and open our hearts to what is right in front of us in order to heal? Why Kerri Hummingbird Sami is important for each of us to heal?

I will start with the second question, which is when we heal ourselves, we heal others too because we are in a closed ecosystem. We are all connected, just like the mycelial network of the mushrooms. Even if we think we are separate, we are not. We are part of one large body called Mother Earth. We’re a cell in that body of Earth.

By becoming a healthy cell in Mother Earth, you help the whole body to heal. What we want to do is take that journey to heal. It’s very important at this time. Take that journey to heal yourself. By healing yourself, you are also going to heal your family system. The second wave has a chapter on this from Jennifer Hough, who’s a friend of mine and a physicist. She explains how this all works.

When you become healed, healing is an ongoing process, but everything you heal in your body becomes part of the light you emit. As these photon packages of light becomes part of the light you emit everywhere you go like me sitting here right now, everything I have done. The only way to heal is to get still. If you don’t get still, there’s a rock concert going on in your head and you can’t hear the subtle messages from your guides, your soul, and mother earth that are here to help you. If you got a rock concert in your head, you can’t hear the birds outside. You can’t hear the messages.



I have experienced it myself.

Sometimes I sit and think I’m being still, and then I get more still and suddenly, I hear the birds. It’s like, “My mind was active. I didn’t even realize I was being busy.” Then I got still and now I can hear the wind blowing. It’s in that presence that Eckhart Tolle talks about in The Power of Now. That’s the presence that heals. The presence does the healing. Although I’m a medicine woman and I do healings with people, what I do is I call on my own presence and I get still, and then the heart resonance of my heart creates heart coherence with the other person and they get more still, and then the presence does the healing.

The presence is a very subtle, so you will have to be still to be able to perceive it and heal it.

When you drop into the presence, it’s not subtle at all, but you have to drop into that ocean of presence to realize all that’s going on in the subconscious that needs some shift, and then you can feel it moving in your body when you are in presence. It’s not subtle at all when you are in the presence. It’s very loud. It’s like, “This is going on.”

People smell tobacco, and I’m on the phone with them from I don’t know how far away. They can smell it when I blow it. They can hear messages, see themselves inside the sanctuary, and their loved one or inner child. They can feel the energy moving through their body. All of that happens in presence. That’s the 5D.

What is the Kerri for finding joy in life?

Open your heart and keep opening your heart. Anything you can do to keep opening your heart. The more you open your heart and the more you open that sun that’s in your heart, the more joy comes into your life. It’s not that challenges stop and you are like, “I have arrived. No more challenges.” It’s not like that.

It’s that you feel joy. You can feel joy at the same time as grief, and I know you have experienced this. You can feel joy and grief, and you can hold them both at the same time. That’s the awakening I was talking about. That’s what happens with ascended masters. That’s what happens with Buddha. That’s what happens with these master teachers. They hold all of it. They hold the joy right next to the grief, and they are willing without any resistance, to feel all of it. That’s the awakening.

I’m sure that it’s also associated with gratitude. The tremendous joy. Now all of a sudden, instead of focusing more on those things that are pulling you down and the suffering, you are open to all the good things and the blessings, which you couldn’t hear and perceive before because of the circus that was going on. Would you agree with that?

I do. Gratitude was one of the first huge hurdles for me was to become grateful. The ceremony that we are doing on Earth Day and that I do periodically for people, the Despacho from the Andes, helps create that swelling of gratitude in your heart because we set aside that sacred time and presence to consider all the blessings that you do have. Focus our mind on the blessings and on gratitude for the blessings. It’s so easy to focus on the problems, on what’s not going the way you want, and on the pain.

It is easy to focus on the problems and everything that are not going according to plan. If you want to feel at peace, focus your mind on blessings and gratitude instead. Share on X

What’s more of an invitation to change your life is to focus on the gratitude. What is going well? What is beautiful? “I have my breath. I feel peace right now. This little part of my body feels good for a second. That’s beautiful. I have this wonderful person in my life.” You could say anything in your heart. You are getting ready to go watch your grandkids play baseball. That opens your heart in so much gratitude. You get to see every little win that they have. That’s what makes life so special. When you are on your deathbed, and you want to make death your ally, you look back over your life and you go, “That was well-lived.”

I met it. I lived it, and I’m so grateful for everything. Kerri, the intention of your remarkable book and you are remarkable. Your book is Inner Medicine: Becoming One with Mother Earth for the Survival of Humanity. Your intention with the book is to awaken us to our divinity and to inspire and encourage each of us to courageously heal and become our real authentic selves, and what a role model you are for that.

Thank you for being such an outstanding role model as you inspire others to be true to themselves as you are true to yourself. I thank you from my heart for sharing your enlightened insights once again on the show. You are wonderful. Thank you so much. Here is a very loving reminder, everyone, make sure to follow us, and we know you like us, on social, @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram and Facebook, and wherever you get your social media. As I like to say, to be continued. Many blessings. Kerri, what a pleasure to be with you again. Thank you.


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