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Kerri Hummingbird is a Soul Guide who inspires people to live their lives wide awake with authenticity, passion and purpose that positively impacts others.  Her third book is the international bestseller titled The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama. Kerri, who has served as a social activist, a leader and philanthropist, is also the Founder of the Skills Not Pills Movement and the Host of the Soul Nectar Show.



  • Why being empathetic is a super-power.
  • The personality crust covers up the truest self, called the Divine Spark and how they are both integral to transcending the human drama.
  • The 3 waves of volunteers described in her book The Second Wave, and why Second Wave people have a serious interest in self-help.
  • What the triangle of Disempowerment is and the differences….and similarities…. between the Victim, the Rescuer and the Perpetrator.


  • You say that a New Age is dawning.  Is this all part of the Age of Aquarius?
  • Why do you state that The Second Wave is for people who have always felt like an outsider, the black sheep of the family, felt a pull to return home to heaven, or feel a deep call to lift the planet with their gifts?
  • How did you become aware that part of your deceased dad’s essence has joined yours for the next part of your soul’s journey?



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Kerri Hummingbird – Author And Soul Guide, Healer, Spiritual Artist And Show Host





Our very special guest is coming to us from Cedar Park, Texas. This seemingly upside-down, chaotic world we are all living in seems to be bringing the potential for healing all sorts of issues front and center. Kerri Hummingbird is a soul guide who inspires people to live their lives wide awake with authenticity, passion, and purpose that positively impacts others. She has created programs to catalyze mind shifts that serve to transform life challenges into gifts of wisdom. She has written three books titled Awakening To Me, From We To Me, and the third is her international bestseller titled, The Second Wave: Transcending The Human Drama.

Kerri, who has served as a social activist, a leader, and a philanthropist for over three decades, is also the Founder of the Skills Not Pills Movement and the host of the Soul Nectar Show. I’m honored to announce that I will be a guest on Kerri’s Soul Nectar Show. After I finished reading her book, The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama, I became a fan and have been gifting the book to others. This is going to be one terrific and interesting interview.

Kerri, welcome to the show. I could not put down your book The Second Wave: Transcending The Human Drama, and I related to so many parts of it. Let’s begin our interview with this question. Please share who you were before your divorce and how you reinvented yourself and awakened to your true purpose after your divorce.

Thank you, Irene. I want to say thank you so much for having me on the show. I’m so glad to be here. Who I was before? I worked in high tech. I was a marketing and technical communications writer, which seems geeky and like, “How does that relate to what you’re doing now?” It does. It’s fun because what I was doing then was taking technical information from experts and translating it down for people who are not experts and people who are trying to figure out how to use this software or whatever. I’m doing the same thing now. It’s just that I’m listening to somebody different. I’m not listening to programmers anymore. I’m listening to ascended masters.

They still seem to be coming from outer space.

They’re all weird. Programmers are weird and ascended masters. I was in a marriage for twenty years as well, and that marriage was a beautiful and exciting experience. Also, all of my inner triggers and all of the stuff I needed to work on were in that relationship. My deepest core wound is totally in that relationship. I had to learn how to be with myself and figure out things. The way that I was doing it was what was given to me, the psychotherapy and the weekly talk therapy.

I did it with gusto. I went every single week for decades trying to solve it. I even took the happy pills, but at the end of the day, that relationship was touching on my wounds but not healing my wounds. The psychotherapy was letting me talk about how I was being traumatized, but it wasn’t helping me resolve the core issues or heal at a deep level. I eventually went a little bit crazy. They were calling me crazy anyway, so I just go ahead and be crazy. Why not?

I acted like I was crazy and went out and did a whole bunch of stuff that people would feel very ashamed of in their lives. I cheated on my husband. I took off on art shows and did whatever I wanted to like a young kid. I had two young children at the time, so this was not so great. Essentially, it forced me into a dark night of the soul. It forced me into a space where I had to decide, “Do I want to keep living?”

It’s because the way I’m living is going to end up in some pretty big brick walls, or do I need to stop and revamp the whole thing? I chose to revamp. I said, “That’s not working.” I got this download finally. I had those times on the bathroom floor just like in Eat, Pray, Love, where I was crying and like, “God, please help me. What am I doing? Why is my life so messed up?” God would come down and touch me and stop the tear spigots. I was like, “Just breathe.”

Were you getting messages that were coming through?

I felt the presence of God.

It’s because I talk about it. In my book, I got messages also, and they came through to me in a certain way. How did these things come through to you?

I was a very crusty human at the time. When I say crusty, I was stuck in my stuff. I was super fogged up and I was not connected that there was anything outside of me that was helping me. It was the devastation that I was bringing myself to, the inner devastation that finally brought me to my knees on the bathroom floor. I was like, “God, help me. This is awful. I don’t know if I can survive this. It’s too painful.”

That’s when I started feeling the presence of something bigger. It started becoming something perceptual rather than a cognitive idea. It wasn’t only an idea now. It was like, “I feel something’s here.” I would then stop crying and I’d be like, “I stopped crying. Something came to help me.” I would be looking in the bathroom mirror. Sometimes, I’d be looking and talking to myself in the mirror because talking on the couch wasn’t enough.

I’d be in the bathroom mirror, talking to myself about how awful it was. At some points, I would catch this glimmer of something deeper. Something expanded or something more than just me. It’s like some deeper part of me or some loving presence or something would come through my eyes, and I’d be like, “I remember that part,” but then it would go away because I’d be back in my story.

When I walked out of that relationship, I burned down the forest of my life. I kept my kids with me, but that was it. Everything else, I trashed. That was a devastating process for a lot of people in my life, yet it led to exactly the unfolding that I’m experiencing now. I very quickly, within about six months, got introduced to yoga by my first teacher, who was a shamanic practitioner who started teaching me about this awesome book called The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I love that book. If only life was that simple.

If only people had the integrity of their word.

It’s so simple, but it’s not easy. I read that book and thought, “That’s the key to life.” I went out to go do it, and I said, “I already messed up,” in the first hour. I read it 30 times front to back to reprogram my brain. That was my journey. That’s how it started. I know you’re going to ask me some other questions, so I’m going to leave it there.

I want to know about your first experience with spiritual healing and what inspired you to become a soul guide. What’s a soul guide? Some of the people are scratching their heads and going, “A soul guide?”

The soul is that big part of you that lurks. You can sense it. If you ever feel like there’s something looking from the back of your head through your eyes, you can feel the presence of something right in the back of your head, and you can feel it looking out your eyes. That’s your soul. It got you on like a mask. You’re the mask. You’re the costume, and it’s the one looking through your eyes out into the world and feeling through your body and you. That’s your soul.

GAR 79 | Soul Guide

Soul Guide: If you ever feel like there’s something looking from the back of your head through your eyes, that’s your soul.

A lot of times, we feel like it’s there, but we can’t see the back of our head or it is all invisible. What is the soul? I don’t know. It’s more of a feeling, but we can get to know it more. What I help people do is to guide them to know that more, that aspect of self that’s bigger than you in the physical body Also, to be more in touch. I get to hear messages and be guided by it more clearly. That’s a soul guide.

Was your first experience with spiritual healing?

My first experience with spiritual healing was with that teacher I told you about. His name is Gerry Starnes. He is a shamanic practitioner, is what he would say. He would do healings using a drum journey. I’m in his class and I get a healing that’s part of the class. I’m lying on the floor and my brain’s chattering, “I got downgraded. I used to be on a couch. Now, I’m on the floor. This sucks. What’s going on? I’m demoted.” I’m lying on the floor. My brain’s chitter-chattering away and he’s drumming. My mind’s saying, “It’s not working. Nothing’s going to happen.” I said, “For a moment, let’s suspend disbelief and say that it works.”

At that moment that I decided that, he stopped drumming. I felt a presence coming over me that was more loving than I’d ever felt in my life. He started taking things out of my heart that were there since I couldn’t remember like shame, grief, and pain. He took it out of my heart. He flicked it, and I could feel it leaving. At that moment, I said, “What’s going on here? What is this?” I started remembering that I’m not only one thing. I’m all this collection of experiences and feelings.

What’s better is that at the end of that 45 minutes, I felt a shift. I felt different. I felt better. I felt lighter. I felt more healed. After a decade on a psychotherapy couch with very little progress, I felt more healed than I felt in a long time. I said, “Whatever this is, I don’t even care. I’m going to learn how to do it. That’s what I’m doing. I’m going to do that.”

My story is a little bit like that in that when my husband died next to me in this car accident, which our readers know my story. I was so devastated. Aside from this intense spiritual thing that was happening to me, I was going to a life transition coach. She was helping me tons, but I also added an energetic healer to the mix. That’s how I healed between the two of them, which is very similar to your story.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m interviewing you now and I’m interviewing people who do these things because I know that they’re so important to getting over your drama, healing your grief, and all of that. I need to ask you as a soul guide. You channel guidance from ascended master White Eagle, and you also prefer rainbow light healings, to which our readers are going, “Huh?” Please tell us about White Eagle and your work with him. Describe what rainbow light healings are and tell us how you train to do all of this. It’s fascinating, and you were only sixteen years old. It’s amazing.

When I started my healing journey several years ago and I burned down my life and started over, I started getting guided by this Native American-looking guy, a medicine man kind of guy.

Could you see him?

I would get visions occasionally of him. I got one in the bathtub one time. I was doing a drum journey in my earbuds, and he came in at the end of the drum journey through this periscope. He was from far away and closer and closer, and then there he is right in front of my face with his feathers and everything and headdress. He is like, “Open their hearts,” and then he leaves. I’m like, “What does that mean? You need to explain that.”

I started getting these messages and crazy random things that started to happen with this White Eagle. I then ended up integrating energy. I was looking to find my Cherokee roots. I’m part Cherokee, but I didn’t have a third-dimensional connection to the roles because my great-great-grandmother was full-blooded Cherokee and she could pass the rites.

She changed her name and she disappeared. I wanted to get connected and thought, “If the drum journey thing works and I get healed and everything, maybe some shaman can connect me with my ancestry.” Anything’s possible at this point. I went to the Smoky Mountains and in the second year I went, I found someone to help me. I got integrated with an energy that’s ancestral energy but also potentially me in a former life or White Eagle. The whole thing gets confusing when you start to think multi-dimensionally about what all these aspects are and how it all relate. It’s too much for our minds to understand.

All you logic-minded people are like, “This doesn’t make sense.” I’m with you. It doesn’t make sense to me either, but I know that it happened. I started experiencing a past life like it was happening now. I started feeling the grief of the Trail of Tears. I felt it. I would cry the minute you would bring it up. It was so much healing that happened. This aspect of me has been coming in more and more, embodying and integrating. When I’m hearing as higher self this aspect of me that’s more ascended, then that aspect comes through and is the one that I channeled the book from.

What are these rainbow light healings?

Rainbow light is a high-frequency vibration. There are legends about the Rainbow Bridge and Viking culture. You can start looking up like, “What is the rainbow bridge? What is that?” It’s not only Kermit the Frog that knows about it. It’s a real thing. This rainbow light is very healing. A lot of reiki uses different colors of the rainbow. When you start to look at actual healing modalities, they all talk about different colors having different frequencies of healing. I work with all the frequencies. I work with the whole rainbow, and you can get the whole rainbow in the healing, and there’s a waterfall of rainbow light through your whole body. It feels great. It helps to clear.

Does it release the blockages and all that?

I also use my rattle because I do shaman healing. I also use my rattle to get in there and scour out all the stuck energy that’s in all your chakras stuck in your body and you feel stuck everywhere. I get my rattle in there and shake it up. I bring in some tobacco smoke to clear that out.

That is not like tobacco in a cigarette, right?

It’s different. It’s sacred tobacco. This is not the kind you would smoke and inhale. It’s not like that. It’s more of an incense. It’s a healing vibration. All of these are to prepare for the rainbow light to fully get into the cellular membranes of your being and upgrade you to a lighter, more conscious way of being than you were gifted in your life. Maybe in your life, your body wasn’t gifted with some of these activations that younger people’s bodies are. There are newer models. With the rainbow light healing, we can get some of the activations of the newer models. They know stuff that we don’t know.

Is it like the Indigo Kids?

Yes. They have crystal bodies and all that so you can go through the process of working with yourself to give yourself adequate nutrition and to decalcify your pineal gland. Also, clear out your chakras and start receiving some of these activation codes that you are born with. I was like, “Come in,” and they are sprinting new with all the new codes. You can be in the habit and in the process of your spiritual practice of keeping yourself upgraded. You’re not going to be as new as them, but you’re going to be able to come along.

Does a person have to be physically present to you, or can you do this online with people also? The healing can come from a distance.

It’s distance healing because there is no time or space. I’m able to do that. I’m a powerful empath in the sense because of my early childhood experiences. I got good at starting to exercise that empathic muscle to figure out what was going to happen. That serves me well now. The empath is a shape-shifter. I can transpose myself over somebody else’s body and feel what they feel. I can help them clear the energy.

The empath is a shape-shifter. They can transpose themselves over somebody else’s body and feel what they feel. Share on X

Your dad’s essence has joined yours. Is he with you now?

No, he passed away. I was working with my guides a few years ago, and I was like, “I’m ready. Take me out there. I know I’m supposed to have big work to do. Let’s get going with that. Stop delaying. Why are all the delays? I’m ready. Send me in, coach.” I was going to a retreat. I didn’t need to go to this retreat, but I was learning another healing modality.

I was all the way in New Mexico. I live in Texas. My mom called me after this powerful meditation I had where I was like, “Send me in, coach. Stop delaying.” I heard them conferring. When I say them, I mean my spirit guides. I felt like there was a conferring going on or something. They were deciding whether that was going to work.

All of a sudden, I start driving back to my healing journey. My mom calls me. She’s like, “Kerri, you need to come home now. Your dad suddenly is in the hospital and he’s not well. He’s only got one quarter and one lung functional.” I didn’t put two and two together, but I’m like, “I need to go home.” I turned right around and drove for fifteen hours back home. I got to his bedside at 4:00 in the morning. I spent a few hours with my dad by his bedside as he was struggling to breathe. I was connecting with my dad psychically. He was doing a life review with me. He was, in my mind, guiding me on this life review.

You have that ability and you could take part in that with him since he was still in body, but his soul was already on the other side.

His soul was already moving. It was because I was so exhausted from the fifteen-hour trip, I was more receptive. My ego was out of the way because I was so exhausted that I was lying by his bed and I’m curled up in the chair. He’s taking me on all these memories, the things I’d forgotten. He’s like, “I can’t believe you forgot about this. What about this? You forgot that too.” We were having this for hours. Every time he would start to pull away, I’d be like, “No, dad. Come back.” He’d tell me some more things.

Eventually, the next morning, he passed away. I was grief-stricken, but also as we were holding hands around his body in the ICU where he passed away, my brothers, my mom, and my children, all of a sudden, I hear my dad say this thing he used to say around Thanksgiving. At Thanksgiving, we’d all hold hands around the table. My dad taught us this. We’d all do it together. It’s a little sacrilegious for people who are religious, but we’d all yell, “Grace,” at the top of our lungs so God could hear.

All of a sudden, I hear him saying that, and he’s wanting us to do it. I get this giggle inside of me. I look over at my brother and he looks at me like he heard it too. We start looking at each other because it was so powerful. We’re all like, “He wants us to yell grace. We can’t do that now. It’s not going to work well in the hospital.” It was so amazing, the power of my dad.

About a month later, I had a big healing retreat. In that retreat, one of the healers said, “There’s this powerful masculine energy that is an honor. He wants to integrate and help you have more masculine strength because you’re a little weak in that area and you need some support. He’s going to embody with you. Is that okay?” I was like, “Yes,” and then I realized it was my dad. He came in and helped me to be stronger. Ever since, that has started making me way stronger in my life than I was before.

How does a guy look at you when you tell him, “Excuse me, but you’re not only kissing me, my dad’s here too.”

My husband has gotten used to it. I remarried. My husband’s like, “Your dad’s around.” I’m like, “Yes.” Our ancestors are always with us. That’s the truth. They never leave our sides. You have to ask for privacy if you want some.

I related to this, but why do you state that The Second Wave is for people who have always felt like an outsider, the black sheep of the family, felt the pull to return home to heaven or feel a deep call to purpose, to lift the planet with their gifts? Is your book meant to be a guide for healers and lightworkers or everybody?

GAR 79 | Soul Guide

The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama

Healers and light workers and members of the second wave will resonate very strongly with the material in the book. The people who are part of the first wave will probably also resonate with it but to a lesser degree. They’ll be like, “This feels right,” but it’s unique what we’re doing here. People that are not part of the waves might be like, “That’s fascinating. I want to know more.” Maybe that’s part of the awakening.

I want to say briefly. The second wave, first wave, or third wave are all waves of volunteers to the planet that have come here for the ascension of our human consciousness into a species that could stay on the planet and keep growing because five times now, we’ve gone extinct. It’s because we have abused ourselves on the planet to the point where Mother Earth had to kick us off.

What are the five times that you’re thinking? Are you thinking about Atlantis?

There are five points in human history. We had great floods. We had great fires. We’ve had earthquakes. There’s been these. Now, we have this opportunity to transcend that and to bring humans into a space of human consciousness where we can coexist with other beings on other planets and they won’t have to coordinate us off from the rest of the galaxy because we’re so destructive.

The goal is for us to be less destructive. We have to start by taking care of our home planet. If you can’t take care of your home planet, you can’t go anywhere else. That’s your first lesson. We’re all connected. We’re all part of this planet. Dolores Cannon is the one who started realizing or finding information about the waves of volunteers because she has a deep hypnosis technique called QHHT or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

There are practitioners out there doing this now under the tutelage of her daughter. If you’re interested in past-life healing or connecting your soul, that’s a good modality. When the people were under hypnosis to the level that she could communicate with their souls, she started asking them questions. They then started telling her information like, “I’m part of the first wave. I’m part of the second wave.” She started tracking it and taking a survey. That’s how we know what we know. She’s got a book on Amazon about it. It’s Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth for those people who are interested.

Are these three waves different periods of time or are we coexisting on the planet now with first-wave and second-wave people and all that kind of things you’ve got?

Time is an illusion, but in the linear time construct, yes. There have been first wavers that probably started right about the time of the Civil Rights Movement. Think about Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King is not your average human to have achieved what he achieved. There are humans that supersede our expectations and they were here to create big change and to disrupt the systems.

There are humans that supersede our expectations and they were here to create big change and to disrupt the systems. Share on X

Those people like Martin Luther King in the ‘60s, you could think of those people as first wavers. It is the people who started disrupting the systems and disrupting the patterns by their actions to create change. This is all based on transformation. If you think about that band that did the song The Age of Aquarius, that’s a galactic song.

It feels like that’s where we’re going now to The Age of Aquarius.

We are going to that kind of vibration where a song like that is normal. It’s because we’ve been in some dense vibrations. If you look at music, we have some dense vibrations in our music that can be very penetrating and very low vibratory patterns. Whereas that song, if you compare, it’s super up there. It’s super happy and joyful. We can get there.

We’re doing our best. These are leaps in evolution that are being facilitated now through the reactivation of ancient paradigms of healing that have been known by indigenous people for a long time. Now, Western consciousness and people are waking up to this because we’re a key part of healing the planet. We are responsible for the innovation that has led to the destruction of a lot of the planet and people.

Even though we’re super innovative and it’s wonderful that we’re so innovative, we need to start innovating with sustainability in mind. This is the integration. There’s a Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor where the eagle will be more like us, more like Western civilization in our innovation, independence, our drive to succeed, explore, be curious, and understand things.

Also, the more of the path to the heart, the path of the condor, and the path of knowing that you’re part of the web of life and everything you do affects everything else. We need to integrate these two themes within each one of us. Every single one of us needs to integrate the eagle and the condor so that we can be full human. The prophecy is now. The indigenous people predicted it and this is what we’re in the middle of.

GAR 79 | Soul Guide

Soul Guide: Every single one of us needs to integrate the eagle and the condor so that we can be full human. The prophecy is now.

Speaking of threes, what is this triangle of disempowerment that you talk about?

This is the triangle that most of the population lives under. It’s a very stuck triangle. If you’re on any corner of it, you’re disempowered. It is the victim, rescuer, and perpetrator paradigm. The interesting thing is that many people think they’re victims of life circumstances or victims of other people’s actions. That is a big trap because what it does is it makes you disempowered to take action in your life. You can’t take action.

You can only take action and forward progress in your life if you claim responsibility for whatever it was that happened to you. It doesn’t mean it’s your fault. You’re not to blame. It means you’re the only one that can respond to the thing that happened. You’re the only one that can choose. If you don’t claim that power, then you stay stuck. You’re resentful, angry, pissed off, and blaming somebody for the rest of your life.

You can only take action and forward progress in your life if you claim responsibility for whatever it was that happened to you. Share on X

If somebody abuses you or whatever, you can stay in that victim mode that this happened and give this person all that power, or you can change the way you’re looking at it and change your attitude. How does that work?

There are a lot of energetic patterns and ancestral patterns that need healing and clearing that facilitate you getting out of that triangle. There’s also conscious effort. You have to practice what you preach. You’ve got to take steps with every relationship to notice and become aware of when you’re falling into the trap again. Also, to pull yourself out of it by claiming your power and being sovereign and saying, “That sucks, but I’m going to take responsibility for this.”

This doesn’t mean being a doormat. This is about having clear boundaries, knowing what’s yours, and what someone else’s, discerning that, and taking responsibility for only the piece that’s yours. Don’t rescue people. Let them do what they’re doing. If they’re going to fall into a hole by themselves, then they’ll figure out their way out of it.

This is getting rid of that paradigm. Americans we’re so entranced by superheroes. Everybody wants to be a superhero and be the savior of all people. They are like, “We’re the ones that are the smartest.” It’s totally an ego trip. It’s like you only want to be the smartest one with all the right answers that everybody loves. Who doesn’t want that?

The thing is it’s so disempowering because if you’re a rescuer, that means somebody has to be a victim. If you’re a rescuer, you’re automatically saying, “Somebody has to be a victim in order for me to feel fulfilled. Somebody’s got to be a perpetrator perpetrating violence on somebody in order for me to feel fulfilled.” That’s crappy. The truth is, in any relationship where somebody’s saying that they’re the victim and the other person’s the perpetrator, the perpetrator person is also saying, “I’m the victim and you’re my perpetrator.” Everybody’s saying they’re the victim. Nobody says, “I’m a perpetrator and I’m proud of that.”

The perpetrator is picking on the victim because he feels victimized.

Victimized by who knows what. Victimized by his own thoughts. Victimized by, “It’s not my fault. It’s my parents’ fault that did this.” Everybody’s a victim in this paradigm. This is where we learn about perspectives. I used to think that there was this one capital T truth of any situation. If everybody watched the video back of it, they would all see the truth, but it doesn’t exist. There are only perspectives. That’s why we get so frustrated trying to come to the same viewpoint because we can’t.

We’re always looking through different eyes. There’s no way we’re going to look at the same viewpoint. We might overlap like the Venn diagrams on a piece, and that’s validating, but the rest of it, we stopped feeling aligned because we’re like, “You’re not totally like me so I can’t trust you.” Nobody’s totally like anybody else. We’re all unique.

It’s about appreciating the uniqueness in each other, and that has to do with acceptance and non-judgment, which is another big thing. This lays me to, “Why do you call being empathic a superpower? If that’s true, then I am superwoman.” Let’s talk about that.

I was always told that I was too sensitive.

I have been told the same thing.

“You’re too sensitive and emotional. Get tougher skin. Stop crying or being upset about that. You’re taking it too personally.” Part of this is true. The Four Agreements teaches us to don’t take it personally. There is that part. You need to have good boundaries to know what’s personal and what’s not personal. However, the sensitivity part is a beautiful gift. It’s a refinement of perception.

GAR 79 | Soul Guide

Soul Guide: Sensitivity is a beautiful gift. It’s a refinement of perception.

A sensitive person and empath have a refined sensitivity to things that, to other people, completely goes right over their head. They’re like, “I didn’t even know that it happened or that.” You weren’t even upset. You just don’t know. The empath person has the ability to grow that muscle and to learn how to trust themselves and realize that somebody that has less refined sensing abilities can never validate what you sensed.

They can’t because they don’t have that same gift. They have something else. They have some other gift, but they’re crusty in that area and they don’t have that gift. Looking for validation from somebody like that is going to be very frustrating. It’s going to lead you to doubt yourself and gaslight yourself. That’s what usually happens to empathic people. They are paired up with somebody who has less feeling ability and is not tuned that way. We can get angry at them because they’re so heartless or whatever, but the truth is they’re not as refined in their empathic ability.

We have an extra super-sensitive antenna or whatever. Also, they think we’re too sensitive because they don’t perceive it the way we do, but what we perceive is very accurate and right on often. I’ve experienced that a lot.

They’re not aware of it. Even with a person who’s out of touch with their own emotions, when you’re an empathic person, you can feel all the way to the center of them into the part that’s still jiggly and not so hardened. You know it’s in there. You could feel all the way to the center of the Tootsie roll pop, and you know that. They don’t know it. They still don’t know it even though you can feel it, but they might feel you poking at it and then they might get mad.

They probably take objection to you because you’re bringing things up that they don’t understand and they don’t want to know about. Maybe it’s better to say you’re too sensitive and to get rid of it.

It pokes at something vulnerable because most people get crusty that way because of being hurt. They put defenses and walls up to shield that part that’s vulnerable to hide it in there, and then here comes this empathic person whose shields don’t matter to them who goes all right to the center. That is extremely frustrating for somebody who’s trying to protect themselves, that vulnerable spot within with all these shields and walls that you can go penetrate all those walls, go right to the center, and know exactly what’s going on.

It’s their facade, their illusion of perfectness.

It’s their illusion of control.

Now that we’re talking about a personality crust and a divine spark, you got to explain that to people who are like, “What crusty? Do you have to put a special bread on me or something?” Let’s talk about the personality crust and the divine spark.

I think of the crust as all the layers that we put on top of our vulnerable selves to protect ourselves from hurt and harm. Those can be strategies to avoid getting hurt. The pleaser strategy is a big one, but every single time you please somebody, if it’s not authentic, underneath, you’re resentful. Now, a layer of crust goes on around your heart because you’re resentful about that thing. Also, you didn’t let go of the resentment because now you can’t admit that you feel resentful because you probably don’t like people who are angry and resentful.

You want to disown that part of you. Now, you’ve got another layer of crust over your heart because you can’t admit that you get resentful and angry. This is how it gets formed with all these layers. Anything that you don’t deal with, any little thing that comes up that you step over and you’re like, “I don’t have time to look at that right now,” so you harden it and stuff it, it becomes crossed.

You’re saying it’s like people who compartmentalize.

Compartmentalize, just shove it down and say, “I can’t deal with that now.” It’s not always pertinent. Especially in the Western world, if you’re at work and you get upset by something, you’re not supposed to cry. You’re supposed to hold it in and stuff it down. Unless you go back and intentionally open that back up again, let yourself feel it, let the emotions be released, honor yourself, listen to yourself and the messages, and take an action in support of yourself, the thing that made you upset or whatever needs a new action.

If you do that, you release it. However, if you don’t take the time to do that, it becomes more crust that you haven’t dealt with. Taking those happy pills doesn’t stop you from feeling. You think they’re stopping you from feeling. All the crust is building up while you’re taking those happy pills to numb your feelings. They’re still happening.

Would you say releasing it could be going to a therapist or an energetic healer or whatever and they’re releasing the pieces of that crust? As you release them, is that what you call transcending the human drama?

It’s an aspect of transcending human drama because it is a lot of what causes us to react in a situation. Let’s say a situation deserves a reaction like a little molehill but you react like a mountain. It’s because of the crust. It’s because of all the stuff you never spoke about and the feelings you never expressed. It’s because of all the times you abandoned yourself and kept going. That’s why it becomes a mountain.

Part of transcending the human drama is we have to do a review. We have to go into the body. The body holds all the information. Everything is stored in the body. We have to go back into the body and feel all the tight areas. Any place you have a disease, that’s because there’s unprocessed stuff you haven’t dealt with. You got to go into that and release the emotional energy.

There are all kinds of modalities for doing that. The modality doesn’t matter as much as the fact that you’re going into the body. You’re revisiting things. You’re reviewing things. You’re being honest with yourself about your state of healing with regard to relationships and things that didn’t go the way you wanted. You got to do a review of everything you did until you became conscious as it comes to you for healing. You don’t have to go make a list. You can let your higher guidance lead you to the things that are most important for you to address. Also, in the addressing of those things, it usually clears up a whole lot of energy. It’s energy healing, acupuncture, and process.

Also, working with Kerri.

Anything like that is helpful. It’s layers and layers. That’s why you hear people saying, “It’s like layers of the onion.” That’s why they say that because you’re decrusting one layer at a time and you’ve got to assimilate the decrusting of that layer because now it’s more vulnerable, which means it feels more sensitive even though it’s more healed and you’re stronger. You’re less numb, so you’re feeling more things. It feels more intense, but the stuff you’re clearing is less crusty with each layer. Notice how the onion has a thick outer crust, but then it’s thinner and thinner.

When you release these things that make your life more effective, the things that are blocking what you want to do and bringing good fortune or whatever it is into your being, you don’t have as many shields.

You don’t have as many walls. With every layer or wall that you take out, you get more vulnerable, you get more present with your feelings, and you listen to yourself so you understand the reason why that wall got put up. You then go, “I need to be aware of that. I’m not okay with this kind of treatment. I’m not okay with somebody yelling at me in the face. That’s not okay with me.”

All the times that you allowed people to do that to you, now you’ve got to clear the crust where you abandon yourself and let that happen. You go, “I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. I love you and thank you for tolerating that before I knew how to say no and put a boundary.” It’s those loving actions that you practice going forward. You cleared all the energy of letting yourself be abused that way. Now, you’ll get a spirit test. Somebody will come and do it to you.

That’s a perfect thing to talk about. Now, you’ve cleared the energy and someone comes around. They insult you a new insult and you feel yourself triggered because it’s going back to your old stuff. How’s the new way you respond to it? There is no compartment anymore.

The new way that you respond to it might look very much like taking a deep breath or three deep breaths to be present at the moment, putting a hand up, protecting your inner child, your inner self that experienced that when you were younger and then going, “That’s not okay with me. Why don’t we revisit this conversation when you’re able to be civil?” It is putting a boundary and saying, “No, I’m not okay with that.”

It’s detaching from that person and saying, “I’m not going to accept what they’re putting on me.”

“I’m not here right now for that. I’m happy to have a quiet and calm conversation with you a little bit later, but that, I’m not okay with.” It’s taking action to protect yourself and say, “This is what’s okay with me. This is not okay with me,” and then taking the actions to make that your new way of being so that it doesn’t have to come from a place of resistance, pushback, blame, shame, or anything like that. It’s a neutral knowing of, “Nope. I’m not available for that.”

I relate to that. Now, I want to ask you. You say 10% of the population. How did you come up with 10% of the population?

That’s the number that came to me.

Ten percent of the population is part of the second wave and a new earth is dawning. Why can’t we use it, Kerri? Is this all part of the beginning of this Age of Aquarius? Exactly, what does this mean, both in general and relationship to the wonderful time we’re all having on earth now?

We are. Does anybody doubt that we’re approaching something big on the planet? They think, “This is just business as usual. The whole planet shut down for a virus that’s infecting everybody and all commerce stopped. Everybody has to stay in their homes for the first time on the planet ever in our lifetimes. That’s normal.” No, it’s not normal and it’s not over. This is the gentle wake-up call.

I wouldn’t call it so gentle.

This is the gentle path. Think about how it could have been if it wasn’t the gentle path. We have had raging fires and floods on this planet before that destroyed humanity except for a few they kept to start over again. I want to be some of those few they keep to start over again. Hopefully, we’ll all be able to go forward. The truth is not everyone’s going to make it. That’s the truth. The truth is that everybody’s prepared to go into the transformation that’s going to have to happen to turn the planet around.

We have a lot of difficult choices to make. We have to change our way of living. We are going to have to make all new choices about commerce and how we interact with each other as people across the planet. We’re going to have to make all new choices about resources and how we make decisions about tearing down rainforests, jungles, and things like that. We have to make new choices.

Also, tearing down monuments or different things.

We have to make different social decisions to create a socially just world. We need to make new choices around practices that we will and won’t allow. If fracking is extremely dangerous to the environment, we need to make choices around not allowing that anymore. It’s like, “Nope, we’re not going to do that anymore.” We have to make choices about who has the ultimate say. A handful of people making a lot of money and corporations making a ton of money and taking advantage of indigenous people around the world and other cultures, or are we going to do things differently?

We need to wake up to a lot of things. In America, because we’ve been perpetrating a lot of things around the globe, we’re the consumers and we’re the ones that have voting rights. We need to be the ones that are the wisest, wake up, and start changing things. Our young people know that, but we need to know it. We need to come out of the dream. It’s been very comfortable to live in America, and we need to be a little uncomfortable now, which is one of the reasons why all these things are happening.

This is all being orchestrated for us. It’s not a punishment. It’s a redirection. The more you can get out of the victim story, “This is a punishment and I don’t deserve this,” and into a redirection, “We need this redirection. Thank you,” you then start thinking along the lines of, “How can I be in service in a good way toward the redirection of the planet Earth and how we’re handling it so that we can have a new Earth that’s built on a solid foundation of all the things we say we admire.” We say we admire freedom. We say we admire equality. We say we admire equal opportunity. We say we admire a generous heart. We need a foundation of our world that agrees with that.

We say we admire freedom. We say we admire equality. We say we admire equal opportunity. We say we admire a generous heart. We need a foundation of our world that agrees with that. Share on X

I would say we have to finally walk our talk.

We got to walk it, and we might have to make sacrifices.

It’s making some people very angry because they don’t want to change. I personally feel that the only thing in life that doesn’t change is that everything changes.

Everything changes. Also, this COVID thing, a lot of people are like, “This is an ingenious solution,” because it could have been a lot worse. As I said, it could have been a flood. It could have been a war. It could have been a lot of things. It’s COVID. It’s a little virus that is affecting some people tremendously, but it’s doing a lot of work.

I’ll tell just a little insight into that. In Chinese medicine, we know that the lungs process grief. Grief is related to trauma that is unforgiven. It’s when we hold grudges or we’re not able to let it go because of so much grief or expectation. You can imagine that human history is filled with things that people can’t forgive. As a matter of fact, some people are fighting and battling for thousands of years against each other and training their children to do the same thing.

Over the same piece of land or whatever.

Also, not ever trusting or never forgiving and moving beyond it. This virus goes into the lungs and it purges content. It’s a purge. It’s releasing content that you won’t let go of. It’s bringing you more into your humanity because if you’re afraid for your life, your priorities change. Now, we have situations where a lot of people are afraid for their lives. Their priorities are changing now. They’re like, “I don’t need to go shopping. I need to get some vitamins. I don’t need to go buy Nike. I need to go buy vitamin C. I need to get some exercise. I’m eating too much sugar because if I’m diabetic or if I’m compromising my immune system in any way, I know I’m going to beat in a great risk.”

How about the people who have never paid attention to relationships? Now, they can’t see their loved ones so easily. It changes your friendships and everything. Maybe you value people.

You might be more appreciative.

You can die tomorrow and you don’t know.

Also, you might be like, “Why did I let this relationship go on so long? I need to leave this relationship. I need to get out of here. I can’t tolerate this. I could tolerate it when I was at the office from 9:00 to 7:00, but I can’t tolerate being home all day with this person. This is not right for me. I didn’t set boundaries because I didn’t want to reach into the conflict. I wanted everything to go away. I drank my wine. I took my happy pills.” I’m not judging that. That was me. I drank my wine. I took my happy pills. I went to a therapist.

I related to those, too, Kerri, I’m not judging either.

Now’s the time to wake up. We’re giving that wake-up call. It’s because if you’re still using the solution of pharmaceuticals and alcohol to solve your problems, that virus is going to be a problem. You got to take it seriously. It’s going to get more intense because this is the beginning. 2020 is the year of clear vision. It’s always simple. We always know 2020 is a clear vision.

The spirit is extremely direct with messages. We knew this was going to be the year of clear vision. When I wrote this book, that’s what I channeled. 2020 opened up in January, and I was all excited. I was thinking we’re going to waltz in a new Earth and it’s going to be beautiful. Even I got taken by surprise. I channeled the book, but I still got taken by surprise because 2020 came along in February and went, “Wake up, people.”

I love the analogy of 2020 as being the season of clear vision. That’s a great way to look at it. The people can come to you now that you’ve told them that they have a crust and that they have all these things interfering with your abilities to move forward. They certainly want to survive and become part of the second wave or whatever. You’ve got programs called Reinvent Yourself for individuals and groups and you have a Butterfly Circle Group Mentoring. Could you tell us what that is? Perhaps people reading would like to take part in some of this.

I’ve had a lot of training in reclaiming my sovereignty, being in my personal power, getting off that triangle of disempowerment, dealing with my feelings, expanding my ability to hold myself through big emotions, and expanding my emotional capacity. These are all the things I teach people on how to open your channel and how to tune into your intuition.

How to become aware that your ancestors are supporting you along the journey? How to open up that you could have direct knowledge of that? These are the things that I help people with. I do it through a series of teachings that I channel from White Eagle called the Reinvent Yourself Program. I’m Kerri Hummingbird, so I work with hummingbirds, which is a messenger. I also work with butterflies or mariposa.

It’s the second wave. That’s because you know it. We’re here to transform those. Not every single lineage of humankind is going to go forward to the new Earth. There are some lineages that have done good work in the ancestry. They’ve applied themselves. They’ve learned their lessons. They’ve done the hard work. They’ve tried their best to love, forgive, have compassion, and all the things that matter. They’ve done that.

Those are the lineages that the second wave came into to help ascend the consciousness of the lineage so that it could survive and go into the new Earth. Most of those lineages have some element of Earth-based spirituality in them. It’s either Celtic spirituality which is connected to the Earth or a Native American or in Africa or wherever you’re from. It is some history in the ancestry of connection to the Earth because that’s what matters the most.

We’re at that time now where we have to make a choice. We’ve got to choose. Do we want to go forward into the new Earth and do we want to bring our best or not? This program is for those people who want to change. They want to heal their ancestry. They want to step into their power. They want to open up their psychic gifts because psychic communication is a thing. It’s what we’re stepping into in the new Earth. If you want that, you need a mentor. That’s what this program’s for.

What’s the difference between the Reinvent Yourself and your Butterfly Circle?

The Reinvent Yourself is a program that I’ve downloaded. It’s a collection of videos. It’s so comprehensive. People don’t get all the way through it. It’s a lot of information. There are a lot of different aspects, tools, resources, meditations, healings, and clearings that are all in the program. Everybody who’s an individual client of mine in that program, or if you’re a part of the Butterfly Circle, that’s group mentoring, you get access to the course and the teachings. It’s a course and then you either get access to it by being an individual client of mine or by being a group mentoring client.

One leads to the other, basically.

Yes. It’s all the same stuff if you want to work with me individual or in a group.

I am sure you have an important message for readers about the importance of healing. Take it away, Kerri, especially while we’re here on the planet in this lifetime.

What’s coming to my mind is do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? Being right or thinking you know everything and how the world is doesn’t lead to happiness inside. I had to be willing to release my identity in order to get something far greater than I thought was possible for me in this lifetime. The invitation of every person is to let go of life as you know it and be willing to trust that there’s something greater here for you that wants you to succeed and that, at the very least, all of your ancestors want you to succeed because you’re their hope.

GAR 79 | Soul Guide

Soul Guide: Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? Being right or thinking you know everything and how the world is doesn’t lead to happiness inside.

You’re the latest in a long line of ancestors that have lived and done their best and given you everything that they know, all their wisdom and some of their traumas. You’re their hope. If you want to be in service to your ancestors and you want to experience all the good stuff that’s coming, then you got to do the healing. You have to do the work. There is no spiritual bypass. You cannot bypass the work. There’s no easy button. There’s no pill. There’s no weekend workshop. There’s just you discovering yourself and doing the daily spiritual practice that leads to a beautiful life. That’s the truth.

It is the truth, and I can attest to that. It’s an amazing freedom within yourself. It’s incredible. How does our audience who now want to take your classes, read your books, and all connect with you? Also, tell us about your Love Mastery Game offer.

You can connect to me on my website. It’s From there you can find my books. You can find little ad hoc series that I do of healings, channelings, and things like that that come up throughout the year. You’ll find the Butterfly Circle. Also, you’ll find the Soul Nectar Show. You’ll also find my Love Mastery Game. If you go to, you’ll find the Love Mastery Game.

It’s an Oracle game, but it’s not the Oracle game that says when things are going to happen, like some big prediction. It’s more about understanding why the thing is happening, “What is this happening for?” Also, to let you know that you are on Earth, and because you’re on Earth, you have certain support. You have allies to help you on your journey on Earth. They might not be the allies you thought. Everyone realizes, “I’ve got angel allies.”

You also have allies of the elements on Earth. You’ve got allies in the mountains. You’ve got allies in animals, the animal spirits. You’ve got allies in the birds. You have so much help. You just don’t know you have it. This game is to help you understand, “What allies are here to support me with this challenge I’m having and what’s the medicine that they bring me?” They bring you medicine. It’s not the kind of medicine you take in a pill. It’s spirit medicine. It’s deep healing medicine. They bring you that medicine.

You are also going to get some insights into, “What am I trying to learn here? I’m working on a state of being. Maybe I’m working on being still.” That’s a hard one. “This challenge is helping me be still. Maybe I’m working on learning how to forgive.” That’s a big challenge. It gives you that insight, “What am I learning how to do?” That game is fun. I like to play it with twelve-sided dice. It’s fun because you feel like you’re rolling the dice. Isn’t life like rolling the dice, anyway?

What do people do?

They get on the website and they print out the sheets. There are four different sheets to it and the little sheets that you fill out your question. You roll the dice and you enter in, “I got tobacco as an ally,” or, “I got Earth as an ally.” You write down all the results and then you sit. You be with that information and intuitively guide yourself to what you’re feeling. Now that you know all this, what do you think is going on with you in this challenge? You’ll get it. You’ll be like, “That’s what this is about.”

Is there a charge for this?

No, it’s free.

Any of our people reading can go to, find the Love Mastery game, and get insights into their own being.

It costs your email address. That’s it. You’ll be on my list, but then you’ll get more offers and stuff. I will do a nice gifty version of it at some point. I’ll do like a gift-style version of it with little goodies in there, but I’m not there yet. I’ve got so many projects on my plate, including my next book. I’m like, “I’ll get to it when I get to it.” For now, it’s free.

Kerri, what is your tip for finding joy in this life?

It’s connecting with your soul. I can’t even tell you. I love White Eagle so much. In this next book, I’ve been working with White Buffalo Calf Woman and I love her too, but I just love White Eagle. When you get connected that way to that higher aspect of you, it’s so nurturing, loving, kind, supportive, generous, and compassionate. When you can learn how to open this up for yourself, you’ll get connected with that aspect of you that’s like that, that healed aspect of you that’s ascended. the soul version of you that knows all this stuff and it’s taking you through an experience. It’s so beautiful. The beauty way is being in harmony like that.

It’s so cool. Thank you.

Thank you.

Kerri, my heartfelt thanks to you for joining me on the show. I especially love this quote from your book, The Second Wave. “If you bring the energy of fear into your life, the world around you will respond with fear. If you bring the energy of love into your life, the world around you will respond with love.” I know this to be true from my own personal experience.

Thank you for an incredibly enlightening and fun interview about soul-guided living. I encourage our readers to read The Second Wave: Transcending The Human Drama for many more terrific insights. You’ll become a fan just like me. Make sure to follow us and like us on social @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. As I always like to say, to be continued, many blessings, and bye for now.

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