Katharine Branham

Psychic/Medium Katharine Branham has conducted over fifty thousand psychic readings in the past eleven years. She has incredible gifts that seem to have been inherited at birth and several that she learned along her spiritual journey. As a Psychic Medium who is also an Open Channel, Katharine can tap into the Spirit World without blinking an eye. Her many Superpowers include remote viewing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and energy healing, plus she is a medical intuitive. And she is also the author of a newly released, inspiring memoir titled How I Found my Superpowers: An Introduction to the Spirit World. It describes Katharine’s traumatic childhood filled with abuse, the “otherworldly” friends who came to help and support her, and the many ways she later began using her superpowers to help people.


  • How Katharine’s ability to read auras helped her during her childhood that was sadly filled with trauma and abuse.
  • Reading Katharine’s memoir will raise the vibration of anyone who reads it.
  • We choose the spiritual contracts with the main people in our lives, and some don’t read “the fine print.”
  • Humanity’s natural blueprint and what it means to awaken from within.


  • Must people who take their lives by suicide re-do their entire lifetime?
  • What impressive spiritual information do you have for us that no other intuit or psychic has brought to the public?
  • What would you like to say about integrity in the spiritual world and your own code of ethics and integrity?




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