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Psychic/Medium Katharine Branham has conducted over fifty thousand psychic readings in the past eleven years. She has incredible gifts that seem to have been inherited at birth and several that she learned along her spiritual journey. As a Psychic Medium who is also an Open Channel, Katharine can tap into the Spirit World without blinking an eye. Her many Superpowers include remote viewing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and energy healing, plus she is a medical intuitive. And she is also the author of a newly released, inspiring memoir titled How I Found my Superpowers: An Introduction to the Spirit World. It describes Katharine’s traumatic childhood filled with abuse, the “otherworldly” friends who came to help and support her, and the many ways she later began using her superpowers to help people.



  • How Katharine’s ability to read auras helped her during her childhood that was sadly filled with trauma and abuse.
  • Reading Katharine’s memoir will raise the vibration of anyone who reads it.
  • We choose the spiritual contracts with the main people in our lives, and some don’t read “the fine print.”
  • Humanity’s natural blueprint and what it means to awaken from within.



  • Must people who take their lives by suicide re-do their entire lifetime?
  • What impressive spiritual information do you have for us that no other intuit or psychic has brought to the public?
  • What would you like to say about integrity in the spiritual world and your own code of ethics and integrity?

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Katharine Branham: How She Found & Used Her Superpowers To Help People After Enduring A Traumatic Childhood






I’m beyond delighted to welcome psychic medium, Katharine Branham, who has conducted over 50,000 psychic readings in the past many years. This has been one busy lady. Katharine will be speaking to us from The Woodlands, Texas, where she lives with her two children. She has incredible gifts that seem to have been inherited at birth and several that she learned along her spiritual journey. Many of her gifts are considered superpowers by most, although Katharine likes to explain that anyone can learn to find their own superpowers.

As a psychic medium who is also an open channel, Katharine can tap into the spirit world without blinking an eye. Her many superpowers include remote viewing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and energy healing. Plus, she is a medical intuitive. She is also the author of an inspiring memoir I thoroughly enjoyed, titled How I Found My Superpowers: An Introduction to the Spirit World. It describes Katharine’s traumatic childhood filled with abuse, the otherworldly friends who came to help and support her, and the way she later began using her superpowers to help people in countless ways.

I’m eager to talk with Katharine about what she means when she says that her book was written at the highest vibrational frequency, the ways we can process and release trauma, understanding the spiritual path of victim and healer, what she has learned about suicide, how soulmates are connected to soul families, and the important spiritual information Katharine wishes to share with us that no other intuit or a psychic has brought to the public. This will surely be an unforgettable, very enlightening interview. Katharine, a warm, heartfelt welcome to the show.

Irene, I’m so glad to be here. Thank you so much for inviting me.

I’m so glad too. This is going to be a love fest. This is going to be great. Let’s begin with this question. Please tell us about your childhood that was so sadly filled with trauma and abuse, and describe how your ability to read auras helped you during those toxic years.

There’s much more to the trauma and the abuse than what I included in the book. What I included in the book was what was needed so the readers and those walking their spiritual path could understand some of the things that I could see. Many times, when I would see Mom’s energy shift and change a different color, whether she was angry at Dad or angry at something else, I knew to beeline it out of the house and find something to do.

I was out of the house from sunup to sundown for many days. It gave me some insight on when to clear the deck and to allow some of whatever she was dealing with to work through. It helped me along the way, even with friends, being able to have certain friends with an energy filled of a certain color that I knew were trustworthy people.

In retrospect, do you think your mom herself was wounded from her own childhood stuff or that there was a mental illness component to it?

I feel like there was a little bit of both. There might have been some postpartum that she was dealing with. Most of the time during childhood, when she would get mad, she would say, “I never thought I’d have a girl. Your daddy always told me I would have a boy because his whole family were boys.” When I came along and I was a girl, she thought, “What is she going to do with me?” At a young age, I had no idea.

She resented you just for your gender?

Yes. Lots of times, the abuse was there out of being a female.

She was attacking the very essence of who you were. I’ll never forget the scene in your book when she cut your hair so mercilessly and so mean about it.

Oddly enough, I ran across a few of the photos, and my hair was cut to my ears very blunt. It looked like the Dutch boy haircut. I remember my friends looking at my hair because when I’d go outside, we’d sit and braid each other’s hair. That was one thing my dad did do. When he came in from work, he patted my hair. He patted my head, and she didn’t want any of that.

It seems like she was also jealous of how pretty you are.

At the time, I didn’t feel that way because I was always told I was not attractive. I was always made fun of, even in my own house. I was still made fun of up until a few years ago with my family. My siblings, if I walked into a room, would say, “Are you expecting to flood?” They would pick apart my clothes. They would pick apart everything about me. That’s to this day. Some things don’t change. You have to change within yourself and look at the situation as if that’s them, not you.

Some things don't change. You have to change within yourself and look at the situation from the perspective of other people Share on X

I’ve had experiences in my own life where I had some toxic situations. I’m the one who went to therapy and changed me. It consequently gave the person a choice because they were no longer dealing with the old Irene. It gave them a choice of, “Am I going to relate to her in this different way or stick with my old pattern?” My attitude was, “That’s your choice, but I will not go there anymore.” I had to do my own healing and changing.

I so related to so many parts of your book. Could you tell us about your personal journey to become an open channel and a free-flowing psychic medium, a medical intuitive, and an energy healer? You’ve got so many gifts, and I know that you’ve worked on them too. You were born with some, and you’ve worked on others?

When I started doing energy work, it was to do energy work on animals. I never considered myself, “I’m going to be a psychic. I’m going to be a psychic medium.” I didn’t want to do that. I wanted a nice job, something quiet, maybe market research, something very plain Jane. Every time I tried to be open to that, the doors were closed on me. It kept putting me back in the position of meeting certain people that kept me on track. It was something I ran from.

In this journey, you took a lot of classes, and you learned from people and all of that.

I took a lot of energy healing. I took Reiki. I also learned a lot about natural herbs and medicine. Along with the natural herbs and classes, merely by holding a certain herb or vitamin, I noticed that it resonated with the energy field. When people would come to me, and they’d say, “I’ve been given this,” I would have them hold the herb, the vitamin, or the medication, and I would wait to see if it resonates in their energy field. If it didn’t resonate in their energy field, I knew it was the wrong product for them.

You had this ability to read auras and see energy. The classes and all you took refined what you were born with and gave you even more skills to use them.

It helped me understand what I was looking at. Sometimes I would see things, and I had no idea what I was looking at, why there were certain strings or markings in someone’s energy field. As I went along, God always brought a situation to show me exactly why the marking was there in the energy field. I began to bank the information. I knew it would come up. Sometimes in a reading, they take me all the way back to the beginning, and they’ll show me a situation that I witnessed. They’ll say, “It’s like this.” I’ll go, “This is what’s going on.”

Do you have specific spirit guides who work with you all the time, Katharine, or does it change?

Your spirit guides will change throughout your life. Everybody’s born with at least one. As you move along your spiritual path and things that you’re doing and you’re growing in your life, more will come on board for you. They’ll tag more in and say, “I’ve taken her as far as I can go. Come on in.” They’ll tag more in, and you’ll get some that are higher vibration.

GAR Katharine Branham | Traumatic Childhood

Traumatic Childhood: Your spirit guides will change throughout your life. As you move along your spiritual path, more will come on board for you.

It’s very rare that you’ll get someone that is a deceased loved one from this lifetime unless they’ve done a lot of work and they’re a high level. You’re not going to get Uncle Bob as your spirit guide who passed. He’d been sitting in his lazy chair all his life. He’s going to become your spirit guide. That’s not the way it works. Your spiritual walk is so much greater than you can imagine while you’re here in human form.

You talk in your book about the frequency that supports and guides you. We all talk about the source that comes from inside of us. Other people speak of God, that seems to be a source outside of them. Could you please identify what this frequency is that helps you to help other people and to hear?

The frequency is God source. Early on, I didn’t know it. I would hear the voice, and it would be something so simple as, “Move the vase that’s on the floor.” There were times I didn’t go and move it and sure enough, someone fell right into it and cut themselves across the face. As I begin to realize, this voice is only here to help me. They’ve only told me good things. When they told me to look for something, I found it. They helped protect me in so many other ways. I realized this was God speaking to me.

Now, this is not a spirit guide. This is a whole different entity.

That was God source speaking to me. When I read for other people, I listen to what their spirit guides are saying. I parrot to them what they’re saying. I don’t go by what my guides are saying or by what I’m feeling because my best cheat sheet is listening to what your guides have to say about you. They know when you’re doing stuff that’s not of your highest and best.

They’re watching you. They’re with you. They know everything. I’m trying to understand. This frequency is not necessarily your spirit guidesm or is it still with your spirit guides?

It’s God’s energy. I know when my spirit guides are talking to me because they come in and they’ll tell me this or that.

It’s a higher vibration from them.

You can tell when it’s a higher vibration, when it’s God source energy. Now, I know this is God source energy when it comes in. There’s a light that comes in almost as if it’s this giant light bulb from the high heavens to the ground of the Earth. It travels by frequency because, on the other side, that’s how we communicate. We’re not verbal.

When someone passes, and let’s say they speak a language that I’m not familiar with, I can still understand what they’re saying because of the frequency. That’s how we are on the other side. God begins to talk to us in frequency. Many people who are clairaudient may not realize they’re actually clairaudient. They may be getting the impressions of the frequency of God voice.

GAR Katharine Branham | Traumatic Childhood

Traumatic Childhood: Many people may not realize they are actually clairaudient. They may be getting the impressions of the frequency of God voice.

You’ve also encountered a multitude of spiritual beings guiding you. I read in the book, you’ve been guided by Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Mother Mary, Jesus, and many other universal spirits. Could you share Lieutenant Henry Callahan’s story and what Archangel Raphael told you about suicide? That’s so important because people don’t understand about suicide. Must people who take their lives by suicide redo their entire lifetime or the part they couldn’t accept? How does a person’s higher self prepare that person for that next lifetime? That was such a fascinating part of your book.

It was a very important lesson for me to learn because he was one of several that came forward after that day to explain as if you’re explaining to me how they would go about realigning their next life so they could take care of what they didn’t do. When I met Henry, it bothered me because every time I would turn the corner, he would be there. He’d be standing on the corner in spirit form. I don’t like to get involved with people who are standing. I never like to go to someone living and say, “Your uncle, your father, or your mother wants me to tell you this.” I stopped that years back, but I could not avoid him.

When I came to him, he said, “There are many churches teaching that when someone commits suicide, they go to hell. This is wrong. They don’t go to hell.” Hell is what you make for yourself. By simply giving up and looking at your current existence as something that there’s an issue you can’t overcome and you think the only way out is suicide, you’re wrong.

When you do take that out for that particular reason and you go back to the other side, your higher self, which is the spiritual part of you that is connected to the Creator, says, “What did you do? You had that great ticket to Earth. We found you a vessel to get you here, and yet you decided to call it quits because you lost your job and you couldn’t support your family. That’s when you were supposed to dig deeper and find the true essence of your purpose here.”

Your higher self holds you accountable, not God. Your higher yourself wants you to be the masterful spiritual being that they know you can be to pull yourself back into your original origin. Your higher self will say, “You’re going to go back and do this in your life. You’re going to be faced with a similar situation, but you’re going to have to overcome it. To help you overcome it, we’re going to show you certain lives where people were faced with similar situations and how they learned to overcome it.” They will show you someone else’s life and say, “Look at what she did. Rather than giving up, she started her own clothing line. She started her own cleaning business.” They will walk you through various things.

The most tragic thing that I’ve noticed with suicide isn’t so much the loss of the individual in the end. It’s the loss of the time period that you had already accumulated. It’s the infancy to teenager. It’s the infancy to 30s. It’s the infancy to 40s. It’s all that time period. Surviving infancy and childhood is one of the toughest, usually, time periods in one’s life.

Really? Why do you say that? Some people have easier childhoods than others.

Even in those situations, you are at the hands of another’s decisions. Whatever you consume, whatever you believe, the church that you’re walked into, whatever culture you’re raised in, you’re at their hands. Why would you want to end your life at 20, at 30, or at 40? You’ve already gone through the tough stuff. Now, it’s time to double down. Instead of giving up, you want to power through.

It sounds to me like, in childhood, you’re presented with all these things. Now, you’re starting to mature. You have choices of whether you’re going to live those things you’ve been presented with or make some modifications in your life or whatever. That’s so fascinating. Could you also explain the spiritual path? You talk about this in your book about being a victim and a healer.

As any healer, whether you’re a counselor or energy worker, there is a point in your life that guided you to that profession. It may be something that you’re seeing within yourself that you don’t want others to go through. You want to put your arm around their shoulder and say, “It’s okay,” to your brothers and sisters that have gone through similar situations and you want to help them to see a brighter day.

It’s not able to be seen until you’ve been on the other side and look at the part of you that was the victim at the time to the part of you that can see it as a situation that either you needed to experience so you could have the compassion and be able to put your arm around the person and say, “I understand. I might have not gone through what you did, but I understand the shame. I understand the hurt, and I’m here for you.”

When you find someone that has had that type of experience, it’s so much easier to open up to heal and to make the progress that you need to move forward and clear it rather than to have someone say, “I had this great childhood. I have no idea what you’re talking about. I can’t fathom, but I know what the books tell me.” It’s a different story when you’re dealing with people that have made it through.

It seems like you’re describing you and me. In a lot of ways, that’s exactly what we’re both doing. Your life mission is to help humanity return to its natural blueprint and awaken within. Please explain to everyone, Katharine, what is the natural blueprint and what does it mean to awaken from within?

Your natural blueprint is the origin of who your soul is at the beginning of time. It’s your first spark of your first lifetime, not your first spark of this life. It’s who you were in your origin form when Creator created your soul for this experience. Your original blueprint did not contain hate. It did not contain judgment of self. It did not contain the judgment of others. It did not contain separation from other living things. Your original blueprint had a love and a connection to all. Those things that we have felt, separation, judgment, hurt, and the idea that one is greater than the other, are all man-made. That’s man’s crippling upon humanity.

Your original blueprint did not contain hate, judgment, or separation from other living things. It only had love and connection to all. Share on X

With every lifetime, no matter what you’re doing in that lifetime, no matter what your profession is, there’s no profession greater than another. With every lifetime, you’re moving closer to purging out the threads that have embedded in your energy field from situations that perhaps you participated in, perhaps situations where you believed you were less than, or that perhaps you needed to have a certain cultural experience that maybe took you apart from the group.

Whatever it was that you participated in and that you allowed into your energy field, those are the belief threads that must be purged so you can return. That’s what this time period right now on Earth is about. That’s the awakening for many that’s happening. That’s why it’s happening at such a greater speed where more people are awakening to their spiritual blueprint than ever before.

It’s very interesting also when you look at the Earth and what’s happening because it’s almost like a pimple being squeezed. I hate to use that analogy, but you’re seeing all this toxic stuff coming out yet there is a groundswell of more and more people becoming spiritual. I’ve been told this is the Aquarian Age. We’re ascending into a fifth dimension and all of that. A lot of what’s going on is third-dimensional stuff that has to come out. Would you ascribe to that? Do you believe in that? Is that true?

It is true. Most of the planet is still operating in the 3D. They can’t help it. They’re stuck in the 3D because they’re continuing the cycle of what their fathers have taught them. They’re continuing that life cycle. Change, for anyone, is difficult. Thinking about your life moving forward in a different way, it’s difficult.

There are very few people as a percentage of the population on Earth that are actually in the 5D right now. If someone is on their spiritual path and you’re talking with them and they’re saying, “I’m in the 5D,” I guarantee you they’re not. People in the 5D are not telling you, “I’m in the 5D.” You would know it once you encounter their energy. Their energy has a very restful feeling that they’re good with where they are. The 3D energy carries a lot of the ego. It carries a lot of backstabbing. It carries a lot of the separation that humanity has decided to take on and embody as their nature, which we’re working to purge right now.

GAR Katharine Branham | Traumatic Childhood

Traumatic Childhood: People in the 5D will not tell you that they are in there. You would know it once you encounter their restful energy.

I want to ask you about soulmates and soul families. I have a little bit of personal experience with that and I’m curious about more. Can we have more than one soulmate? What do you mean when you say that we choose the spiritual contracts with the main people in our lives? I chose to be with some of these people and some of us are not reading the fine print. What does that mean?

Many people have misused the word soulmate. You have people that come in and they’ll say, “I need to know. Is he my soulmate?” You could have a soulmate in every major city all over the world. A soulmate is someone who is part of your soul family that you choose to incarnate with so you can work out some of the rough edges that you would like to work through and some of the things that you need to learn.

There are what they call divine counterparts or twin flames. The twin flame is usually a phrase that people use when they talk about their other half. It’s like the invoke phrase that they’re using now. For many people who do have a divine counterpart, that’s the other half of you. It’s the part of you that was connected to your original soul prior to you deciding to walk the path that has begun to destroy humanity. It’s the part of you that if you were to take a piece of paper and rip it apart and say, “Go about your way,” you go about your way. That female aspect and that male aspect go in two different directions.

What we’re trying to do is to bring our origin and our center back together. Let’s say, you have 400 people in your soul family. You’re choosing to pick 1 that will be your mother, 1 that will be your father, 1 that will be your lover, or several that will be our lovers and a few that could be siblings or friends. They are your soul family. When someone says, “Is he my soulmate?” it’s usually a yes, but there’s a difference between soulmates.

It could be one of your soulmates.

Not everybody has a soulmate that has a contract to see you through your life. With you, you had a contract with your hubby. You had a soul contract with him to be married.

What I’m thinking is we were not necessarily twin flames. We were part of the same soul family. In this lifetime, we came together. We decided to do this work.

That’s exactly it. For people who are saying, “I believe this man was my soulmate and he did me dirty. He did this to me,” that is a karmic soulmate. A karmic soulmate has to do with a past life situation that you had with this person that requires balancing during this lifetime. On the other side, in the spirit world, nothing’s left unfinished. That’s why when we’re here and you are living and breathing, it’s time for us to get our business done. If you want to live a certain way, live a certain way. You want to be with a person, be with that person. Make it the highest vibrational situation. Don’t choose to live in a relationship with someone you believe is the soulmate that treats you badly, or the soul family that treats you badly.

Don't choose to live in a relationship with someone you believe is the soulmate that treats you badly. Share on X

That may be part of the lesson that person is bringing you about empowering yourself to love yourself and change that situation. That’s interesting. When you say some of us are not reading the fine print, what do you mean exactly by that? What is in the fine print?

This is what I’ve noticed in several different readings for people who have incarnated during this time. Many people that have met are between our ages. Even some of the younger ones, I have found they didn’t read the fine print when they came down or when they chose to reincarnate to be here. Some of them didn’t even need to come down.

Some of them had made ascension at some point, but they decided, “I know what’s happening with Earth. It’s going to be one of the biggest changes in Earth’s history. I have to get down there.” We chose certain people and said, “Will you be my mom? Will you be my dad? Will you be my vessel to Earth?” We decided, “We’re going down no matter what.” We didn’t realize, “Crap. Mom’s got a mental illness in this life.”

You could have a contract with someone to come in, but you don’t realize that they have certain parameters.

It may be, “I’m so anxious to get down there. I didn’t realize I was going to be born into a family that would find a matchmaker to marry me off or sell me to another family. All I wanted to do was get down here.” There are people that did not read the fine print, and it used to not be the case. People would wait years and years before they reincarnated again. Because of Earth’s evolution, of what’s happening with humanity, more people are turning around and hurrying back down so they could be here. It’s such a joyous time. It’s like coming to one of the biggest celebrations or going to the Olympics. You want to get your ticket and go to the Olympics.

Politically, in another way, it’s not a joyous time, but you’re saying we’re heading for that so there’s good news ahead.

It actually is. Have you ever been to an event that you bought a ticket to and you thought, “I love that so much? I had a ticket there. I got to see this. I got to see that.” That’s what this is. Even though people are looking at what’s happening right now on Earth all over the world, they’re looking at the wrong side of it. What’s happening right now is it’s breaking down the old paradigm for change. Change never feels good.

When you move, it takes a few weeks to get acclimated to your new surroundings. It never feels good. Once you do, it’s right as rain. You’re where you need to be. That’s what’s happening with Earth. That’s why so many of us that understand opening spiritually and how important it is to get all our brothers and sisters on board. It’s important because when you sit in the light of the Creator and you sit in allowing, there are so many miracles that begin to happen right in front of your eyes that most people are missing.

When you sit in the light of the Creator and you sit in allowing, there are so many miracles that begin to happen right in front of your eyes that most people are missing. Share on X

That is a whole other interview waiting to be spoken. That’s fascinating. I also want to ask you what you’d like to share with our audience about processing and releasing trauma which you know a lot about.

The main thing of processing and releasing the trauma is sitting down with a pen and paper, writing down the names of the characters that were involved, and then stopping and writing down the situation. Part of it is looking at the situation as if you’re not involved in it, taking all the emotions out of it. When you are on the other side in spirit form and you look at a trauma that you went through, there are no emotions or feelings with it. You’re simply looking at it as the aspect of the learner, the student, not the victim.

When you begin to look at it as a situation of a learning experience, it changes the paradigm. We also become very honest with ourselves on things perhaps we would not have learned otherwise or people we wouldn’t have met that come across our path for either help or encouragement or to teach another lesson.

Let me ask you about your mom. Didn’t you read the fine print? Was your mom a plan to open you up to give you this compassion to understand the situation? How did this apply in your life?

It was a little bit of both. What I learned with the situation growing up, looking at it now, I feel like I was very privileged to be able to have the experience that I had because I could see it from many different levels that most people never get to experience. I also came in so I could help remind her of who she was. That began to happen for her towards the end of her life, wanting to learn more spiritually even though she didn’t get the full contract of what she needed, unconditional love. I noticed, finally the student began to listen. At that point, I felt good.

It gave you closure and resolution. That’s so great. This points to this other question that I have. Perfect timing, perfect segue. You have to get to self-love before you can accept real love. That seems like that was a big lesson for you.

It is. I was always told I was unworthy, made fun of, and beaten up at home. There were so many situations that I began to feel that there was no way that God could love me and all this stuff happened to me. It got to the point where you have to learn to self-soothe. Everything that is within you is connected to God. When you go in and connect to your center form, you’re connecting to Creator. At that point, no words and no actions can affect you because you begin to see the whole purpose of the situation and you remove yourself from victim mode.

You detach. When I come across toxic situations now, I don’t respond to them. I’ve learned not to respond to the drama with more drama. I’ve learned to fly above it and observe it. I send the person love. Now I know that you’re toxic and I will not get involved and create a drama. I will separate out from it. Is that what you’re talking about? I’ve learned how to help myself and not be drawn into the emotion of what’s going on.

You can choose who you wish to intermingle your energy with. Our body is so much different than our energy field. Our energy field surrounds our body. Whatever drama or trauma you choose to intermingle with is the drama or trauma you will carry in your energy field. That’s not the identity you want to carry.

GAR Katharine Branham | Traumatic Childhood

Traumatic Childhood: You can choose who you wish to intermingle your energy with. Our body is so much different than our energy field.

That stuff can bring you down. This brings me to my next question. You say in your memoir, How I Found My Superpowers: An Introduction to the Spirit World, that it was written in the highest vibrational frequency and it will raise the frequency of anyone who reads it. Please define the highest vibrational frequency. Explain why we would want to raise our vibrational frequencies, which we’re talking about. Describe how our own vibrational frequencies will be raised by reading your book, which means that everybody reading has to read your book. What else would you like our audience to know about your book?

I had been told over and over the years, “You’ve got to write a book,” by people that knew the things happening to me. When I sat down to write and was given the go-ahead, “We want to publish a book,” I sat there and prayed to God. I said, “God, there are so many stories and things that have happened. How do I know what makes the cut to put in this book? What is left on the table? Please, I wish this to be the highest vibrational frequency.”

At that moment, there was a lot of life that came down to the pages. It wasn’t important for me to take the readers through every inch of traumatic moments in my life. What was important was to explain the moments that were the teaching opportunities in the way that I had to learn them so that it could give them the nudge that they needed for their spiritual awakening. They could help to open up the star seeds and the people who had forgotten who they are.

Define star seeds. A lot of people don’t know what that means.

A star seed is a bean usually from another star system, or from another planet. They are usually very high vibrational energies who happen to have forgotten their gifts, what they came in for, and what they needed to be here for.

Reading your book, you get to experience this higher vibrational frequency that came in as you were writing it. Raising our vibrational frequencies is part of what we’re all trying to do, which is to evolve on this planet and grow past this third-dimensional mentality. Is there anything else you’d like our audience to know about your book before they rush out to order it, buy it, or whatever?

One of the things that I was working to get across in the book was being able to look at the situations that I had encountered as a memory or an awakening for the reader. There are several situations that many people can relate to. There are so many situations there that regardless of your gender, your nationality, or your religious faith, you see the human path that lies within the words of their own awakening.

When I say raising the vibrational frequency, it’s because it takes you out of the 3D thinking of who you think you are. It helps you to be reminded that you’re not alone. The spirit world is there with you. They’re with you whether you realize it or not. Often at times when I’m out and about and I’m looking around individuals that are out shopping, their spirit guides are with them. Sometimes, their deceased loved ones are with them. Their angels are with them. They think they’re shopping alone. It’s incredible to see that.

Which is very comforting because heaven is all around us. It’s not this place in the sky on the cloud. They’re all around us. Here’s another question for you. There are mediums and psychics who give healers in the spiritual world a bad name because they don’t have true integrity. People don’t trust this profession in a lot of ways because of those people. What would you like to say about integrity in the spiritual world? Please tell us about your own code of ethics and integrity to give us an example of what it should look like.

I’ve made several videos on how to spot a fake energy worker or a fake psychic. I get lots of emails and calls about certain situations that people have run across and they want my guidance on. I will tell them, “If there’s an energy worker or a psychic that’s telling you, ‘You need to buy sessions. You need to do this,’ you need to know they are fake.” Trust your guidance. If you sat and said, “Please bring me the highest and best people that I need on my path that will help me with this,” Creator will have these people cross your path. It’ll be someone saying, “This person is good,” and sit with it.

Don’t go by what a person is saying. Sit and feel it out. When you sit and connect to your soul essence, your soul won’t lie to you. It’s our human perception that is skewed and is off judgment. For those that are looking for someone that’s on the path of integrity, it is someone who is not only centered on looking at the healing process of the individual, but it’s someone who is also willing to say, “You may need some time to sit and process what we’ve talked about or what we’ve done. When you’re ready, if you want to talk again, fine. If not, we’re good.”

When you connect to your soul essence, your soul won't lie to you. It's your human perception that is skewed. Share on X

It’s okay. You even had a situation with a psychic network where they cheated.

All psychic networks cheat. All of them do. They have a dashboard system that collects emails, birthdates, names, and everything. If there are certain people that are reading, they will share the information with other psychics of what they’ve gathered on you. It is very interesting to see so many different people need help and comfort and yet they’re calling on someone that’s not giving them the information that they need.

The difference with integrity is it’s not in your soul that you’re having to answer to anyone on the other side. You’re answering to yourself. We’re here to polish our higher selves. If there is someone that comes in and says, “I need a session from you,” and I know I’m not the best person for them, I will refer them out. I’ll say, “You need an energy healer that does this. You need a past life regression with this person,” and I will refer that person out. It makes a difference.

Some of them say, “They take anybody,” but not everybody matches with energy. Not everybody will match your energy. You and I have the warm fuzzies. We could get together and have bagels and tea. Not everybody has that with everybody they run across. You have to find the match with the person that will take you as far as you need to be.

I would say from this conversation, it’s not necessarily a good idea to go to one of these big networks. It’s better to either go on to the show and learn these people talking and see if you feel their energy aligns with yours to have them work with you, or have someone you trust who recommends someone and you can check a person out that way also, would you say?

I would say for those that can get out and do things, check at your local community college. Often at times, they offer free classes on Reiki, which is energy work. I have found when people are dealing with trauma situations or depression, it helps to learn energy work because you’re healing as you’re learning. Your body’s becoming a conduit of that energy.

GAR Katharine Branham | Traumatic Childhood

Traumatic Childhood: It helps to learn energy work because you’re healing as you’re learning. Your body’s becoming a conduit of that energy.

If I said, “You want a quick fix that is on you,” I would say, “Take an energy course at a community college where you’re getting exposed to the basics of energy work. As you’re learning, you’re purging some of the grief and it’s much easier for that to become organic from you rather than relying on someone else to clear it for you.”

Healer, heal thyself. Katharine, your book was so fascinating because you talk about some amazing subjects that have not been touched upon, at least that I’ve seen. What is the spiritual purpose of COVID and what additional impressive spiritual information do you wish to share with us that no other intuits or psychic has brought to the public? Everyone is sitting on the edges of their seats now.

There’s so much. COVID came here so it would unite humanity no matter where you lived in the world. COVID was supposed to unite. It wasn’t supposed to divide. When it did divide, on the universal side, a spiritual world of things, they thought, “We’re going to double down. You guys couldn’t get it together down there on Earth to unite, to conquer this once and for all, so now we’re going to double down. We’re going to keep it rolling.”

Enough people will wake up to unite and release the hate and anger towards thy brother and sister and come together to fight the cause. That’s what COVID was for. Anything having to do with the lungs is about love. When people smoke, it’s taking love away from themselves. They’re sucking the love out of their body. When you have an upper respiratory, it is always about sadness coming up and out even if you don’t know what it is. COVID affects the lungs and the upper respiratory, this is about sadness for millions and millions of years of humanity’s life that we’ve carried even though our cells turn over.

A universal sadness that’s expressed.

It’s from all the lifetimes that we’ve lived here and we’ve continued to do what we weren’t supposed to be doing.

Is it going to get better?

It will, but I will tell you, for a lot of people who are continuing to hold groups apart from others where they’re feeling like they need to separate off because they feel like they’re better than, it won’t get better for them. As humanity, we’re at the time where the rubber meets the road. We have to figure out exactly what we want for all and change it, not just put a patch on it.

Will this group though that is so resistant pull the rest of it down?

They’re eventually going to be sorted out and have to recycle for another lifetime. They may not have it here on Earth. They may have to recycle for another lifetime somewhere else, but they will eventually. Those that stay around a little bit longer will become examples for those around them. Seeing how their life won’t ever quite be, they need to raise the frequency of seeing it as not the vaccine.

So many people went, “Vaccine, not vaccine. What group are you in?” It wasn’t about choosing a group. It was about uniting for everything to be halted, for all of us to pull together and go, “This is what we need to do.” There have been several things over history that things have happened and people had to unite together. People did at that time. Now, there’s been too many other factors of their higher selves realizing, “We’re on the brink of the greatest change on Earth, and 2022 reflects that.”

Is this the information you wanted to share with us? Is there other information that no other intuit or psychic has brought to the public? Was there anything else that you wanted to tell us?

The other thing is getting back to your origin. This is 2022. There are so many different ways. We can grow gardens. We can grow things in our houses and our windows. We can have outdoor gardens even when the weather’s bad. Get back to the nature of growing your food. Get back to the nature of growing your herbs.

I’ve noticed whenever I walk out into the garden, and let’s say I pick the cherry tomatoes, the aura around that tomato is there for about 12 to 15 minutes. It’s almost like that game, Pac-Man where Pac-Man is chomping it, and all of a sudden, Pac-Man lights up. When I go out into the garden and I’ll pick a tomato, I hurry, rinse it, and eat it. When you eat the vegetable while it still has a life force, it helps your body more. It helps you enlighten your body. It’s the same with herbs. If you’re going to cook something and you cut the herbs, the leaf still has that life force on it. You’re getting the freshest of the fresh. It changes your body.

In that keeping, you also said something about animals that I don’t think anyone else has heard you talk about in your book. Could you tell us about that?

The issue is COVID, but at the time that I wrote the book, I had channeled that after COVID, it will be the animal world that will begin to change. It’s almost as if the animal consciousness is tired of what humanity has done to it by putting it in the death cycle by any date given and what they’ve done to the bodies of these animals.

When I look at a human being after they’ve consumed pork, pork is the worst thing for the body. It puts a blanket over the energy field that numbs your senses as if it’s a glass of wine. That’s why some people think, “They love bacon. It gives them comfort or a pork chop.” It does because it numbs your senses. It’s like a glass of wine. It keeps you from your highest and best.

What I’ve noticed in the dairy industry and the farming industry are these mother cows that have given birth. Their calves are taken from them and thrown into a stack to be discarded or die off. The mother cows are grieving for that child and they’re hooked up to these milking machines to put a cup of milk out for people or a bottle of creamer for their coffee. These mothers will cry for 3 to 4 weeks for their babies like we would for our own children. That milk is pumped out.

We’re drinking it.

That milk is served to people at restaurants. It’s bottled up for grocery stores. Guess who’s drinking it? You. Your children. You’re serving it up to your kids. Children and depression are at an all-time high because of the meat and dairy industry that we’re feeding the children. Their sadness and anxiety are from what’s happening.

When the animals are slaughtered and that meat is prepared, those individuals are highly sensitive. More people are becoming awakened and sensitive to energies around them, and the people, they’re walking into a room and they can feel the energy. Guess what happens? When they consume that meat, they’re on an energetic level picking up the anxiety of that animal before the animal was slaughtered.

GAR Katharine Branham | Traumatic Childhood

Traumatic Childhood: When people consume meat, they’re on an energetic level picking up the anxiety of that animal before they were slaughtered.

It’s the same with certain products. When I walk through the stores of certain department stores, I will see UGG boots. I cannot touch an UGG boot. I don’t even want to look at an UGG boot because I see the animal that was tied up and skinned while it was alive for that UGG product. The animal is skinned while it’s alive so the skin doesn’t dry out and the animal’s left there bleeding out. There are certain products I won’t have in the house. There are certain products I won’t wear or touch. It’s because I feel the sadness of that animal. If I could say one thing for the viewers out there is cut the dairy, cut the milk, and watch your life change.

Do you think people should be vegan?

I’m vegan. I won’t do meat.

What about fish? Do you feel the same way about fish?

For people who are trying to break off and if fish is what you need, eat fish. If I could say stop anything, I would say try to get off the meat thing because it’s detrimental to humanity’s awakening. Sometimes, people cry for no reason at all. They don’t even know why they’re crying. A lot of the time, they’re crying because of the cut of meat they consumed.

Many people shopping at the store are looking at the color of meat and they think, “It’s rich in color. It’s a good piece of meat. It’s dark.” The darkness in the meat has to do with the adrenals that were running through the animal at the time of the death like what happens with humans. When I watch humans pass and it’s been a killing or an accident, the same thing happens. Their bodies are no different than ours.

When an animal approaches us, like a dog or a cat to pet, there’s an instant connection from their heart to ours that’s trying to touch us, that tries to wash over us. That’s what they came here to do. They came here so they could explain love and teach us love. The animal community, even the cows, are crying before they’re slaughtered like we would be if we knew we were going to be killed. People would be crying. That’s what happens with animals. Humanity hasn’t stopped it. They’ve only turned a blind eye to it. This is part of the awakening that’s happening in 2022. 2022 will be the year when there will be more vegetarians and vegans than ever before. That’s what we want. This is why this is such a crucial year for all of us.

I have two other questions. Does this apply to poultry also?

Yes, because their bodies have been changed so much over the years. A chicken is only supposed to have 12 eggs a year because each egg is her period. A chicken’s body has been manipulated in such a way that she produces dozens and dozens, too much to where she can’t even stand. When she’s so exhausted from producing all the eggs, then she is taken to slaughter. You’re eating a piece of chicken that’s spent her life producing egg after egg. Her body’s tired, sad, and depressed, and then you put it into your body.

It’s the same with the chicks and the offspring. The baby chicks are sorted out. The female chicks are kept, and the male chicks are dropped into a grinder. They’re looking for their mother. They’re coming into the world. They’re looking to their mother, and humanity decided to grind them up. Everything that humanity does, it’s not just what you and I are doing. It’s what we support. It’s about supporting a life of all in light for all because that’s what the Creator wants, for all of us to join.

Everything that humanity does is about supporting a life of all in light for all. The Creator wants all of us to join. Share on X

I’m thinking also about climate change. It feels like the Earth is crying out also.

It’s part of the ascension that’s happening with Mother Earth and what humanity has done to Mother Earth. It’s Mother Earth saying, “I’m not doing this anymore.” 2022 is a big year for natural disasters. I keep a map as I’m doing readings with various people. There are things that come up that they don’t ask me about. I keep them for my own notes. I have a map of places I would not go, live, or purchase a house in certain regions for 2022 because the houses are not going to be worth anything.

That’s another whole interview. Katharine, of all people on this planet, what are your special insights about the importance of healing that you’d like to share with us? Why should a person do their best to heal in this lifetime and face all the things they have to face to overcome the hurdles to heal?

It’s so you don’t have to do it again. You don’t have to go through it again. If you’re hurting from a broken heart or from a job or feeling that you were a victim in a certain way, heal from it so you don’t have to do it again. Once you recognize it, it’s like a grocery store list. You go to the grocery store for certain things. You come out and you think, “Crap, I didn’t get lettuce. I didn’t get tomatoes. I didn’t get any of the stuff I was supposed to get.” It’s important to get all those things done so that you can say, “I’m going to move on to bigger things.” If you make choices that are not going to be your highest and best, your highest and best needs to be the life that will brighten your energy and put a smile back in your heart, that was intended to be there.

Tell us how members of our audience can connect with you. Would you like to talk about any new projects you’re working on?

I’m promoting my book How I Found My Superpowers because I’ve had lots of people that I’ve read for that say, “How do you know this stuff? How did you learn this stuff? How did you know my mom was going to die of this? How did you know this?” It’s too much to tell them in a short time. I’ll say, “Read the book.” There are people who need to work on their own spiritual walk and perhaps they don’t have someone they can go to. I put together a TikTok channel that teaches everything. I answer questions on this TikTok channel. It’s free.

We’ve got a TikTok for Katharine.

It’s @PsychicKatharineBranham for the TikTok and Instagram, @PsychicKatharineBranham, where I will post Reels on psychic development or your spiritual walk. The new thing that I’m also working on is a workbook that will be out this year. It’s a workbook series that helps clear our energy field. It has more stories of how I know, but it also has examples.

When you go through and you’re doing the workbook, it helps you have the memory of things that we might have seen in a different way that now we’re seeing in a much better way for us to work through. I feel like that’s going to be the biggest leap for everybody. That way, they can work at their own pace and there’s not someone saying, “You need to come back to me.” For those of the readers that would like a session, the sessions are booked at

I would encourage people. You don’t need to book a session. If you like, that would be great, but please check out TikTok. If you find yourself with a spiritual question that you feel would help other people, post it as a question under one of the videos. I answer lots of them. I go back into the archives at times and I will answer questions. I have 500 videos up there that talk about life, death, and the spiritual world.

What is the Katharine Branham tip for finding joy in life?

Think about the things that you’ve always wanted to do, that you would put guardrails on, and say, “That’s not for me. That’s too childish.” Take off the guardrails that you’ve placed upon yourself and do it. There’s nothing wrong with finding the things that bring you joy. A hula hoop, a walk in the park playing tennis, do things that bring you joy. Learn to dance. Learn another language. There are so many things that are at our fingertips with technology that we can learn. There’s no way that you’ve learned everything. What I usually do is pick something every few days, read about, and learn about.

Katharine, How I Found My Superpowers: An Introduction to the Spirit World is a beautiful and powerful memoir, written to inspire people to reach for deep spiritual truths and understanding despite toxic upbringings. I personally relate to this from my own life journey and deeply resonate with the ways you overcame acute trauma and abuse to heal and rebirth yourself. I encourage everyone in our audience to read the inspiring and uplifting How I Found My Superpowers: An Introduction to the Spirit World, which will surely raise their vibrational frequencies. Katharine, thank you from my heart.

Thank you so much, Irene.

You’re welcome. This has been a deeply moving, insights-filled, and enlightening interview. Here’s a reminder, everyone. Make sure to follow us and like us on social, @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and especially on YouTube. Like, subscribe, and hit notify to make sure you will get the inspiring new interviews coming your way. Thank you so much. To be continued, many blessings, and bye for now.


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