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Tune in to hear an incredible and very informative interview with psychic/medium Kat Baillee, who helps people heal emotional issues and supports parents who have lost children. As the UK affiliate leader for Helping Parents Heal, she helps to support over 400 parents in the UK, in addition to supporting a larger audience of over 12,000 parents in the USA and globally.


Kat describes herself as “neutral on religion” while simultaneously believing in the power of prayer, the power of the divine, the power of the universe, and the life force. This interview will add to your spiritual knowledge and warm your heart. You can’t help but love Kat!



  • How souls who have committed suicide transition to the Other Side
  • What mediumship is and how it transforms and leads to healing
  • How holistically handling her own PTSD opened Kat to increased healing and mediumship
  • Messages for all of us about love



  • Is there judgment on the Other Side regarding suicide?
  • How can parents connect with their deceased children?
  • How does the spirit world work its magic through evidence and synchronicities?

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Kat Baillie – Psychic Medium, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Healer, Sound Healer






I want to begin this episode with a huge grateful shout-out to Stephanie Barnhart, my wonderful publicist and tech guru who works her magic to help me get this show out to all of you. Stephanie’s role is changing somewhat. Although she is no longer going to be on with the interview, she is still going to be behind the scenes providing the same wonderful support she always has for me and the show. Thank you again, Stephanie, from the bottom of my heart for your amazing work in the past. I look forward to working with you to bring fabulous, meaningful shows to our growing audience of readers.

I view each of you who was chosen to read as an honor and responsibility. I do not take it lightly. I intentionally and joyfully interview people we can all learn from, grief and trauma specialists who share their invaluable insights and gifted mediums who bring us comfort and solace when they communicate with our deceased loved ones, talented healers who helped to end suffering in countless ways, and incredible people who have learned how to thrive in spite of daunting challenges, inspiring each of us to also be all that we can be.

Speaking of incredible people, you will be absolutely inspired by Kat Baillie‘s work to help parents heal after the deaths of their beloved children. She is the United Kingdom affiliate leader for Helping Parents Heal, supporting over 400 parents in the UK in addition to supporting the larger audience of over 12,000 in the United States and globally. This is just for starters. Instead of reading all about wonderful, multi-gifted Kat from me, let’s learn from Kat herself. Kat, welcome to the show.

Thank you so much for having me. It’s a joy.

Thank you, sweetheart. I want to start by having you tell our readers exactly what you do to help people heal. Can you explain a bit about what those modalities are and how they help?

I am a psychic medium here in the UK working predominantly online. I do private bookings and group bookings across a number of different channels. Sometimes, I’ll do FaceTime Live so that people can see me. At other times, I do paid Zoom previews. Sometimes I do them free of charge for charity predominantly for Helping Parents Heal, which is a lovely nonprofit organization based in the States that’s now gone global to over 77 different countries. It’s incredible.

I’m also a Reiki Master. I basically use clinical hypnosis and trance mediumship to transform pain. That’s what I’m about. I deal with any kind of emotional issues. I’m looking at how to take people forward from a different space, and that can be a number of modalities. It is a bespoke service in terms of looking at where the person is at on their journey and what they need. Also, allowing the influence of spirit to come in and do that work alongside me.

I hold the space for spirit. That’s how I see my work. The clearer the channel that I can be, the better the communication and the better the support from the spirits. It’s about me getting myself out of the way more than being physically there if you like. They smile at you to encourage you, but the spirit is doing the hard work.

As a person who has had some experiences with you, you are amazing. You are so talented. The thing that I love about working with you is that you come totally from your heart. Not only are you gifted and you help people. There are some people who are very gifted that are not authentic. They’re not motivated for the right reasons, in my opinion, which is to help people to heal. They can be very gifted and they can help people, but with all of who you are, you give it your all. It’s so apparent when you have a reading with you.

It’s about coming from the heart. It’s about showing your compassion and trying to set yourself aside. That’s the important thing. It’s very important, too, that it make you feel comfortable. If somebody feels comfortable and at ease with you, you’re going to get the best level of healing because it’s going to flow between you. The measure of what we’re trying to do is find out what the situation is, what the issues are, and look at how we can transform them so that people operate at the highest potential that they can be.

Kat, you do something where you can get one-to-one mediumship readings. What is that?

One-to-one is when a client makes a private booking to have a reading with me. It’s a bit like the readings that we had together ourselves when you trialed and you tested me out. I have two approaches. I’ve been doing what’s called mental evidential mediumship for some time now. That’s trying to give evidence of the afterlife. Also, to give evidence that the consciousness lives on so that you are experiencing what your loved ones see now.

We do look back at lovely, beautiful memories in terms of validation. Once we’ve got that kind of information, then the person in front of me is absolutely convinced that I’ve got their loved one or the person of their greatest need, then we can progress. We can look at what that consciousness and spirit see now and how they’re interacting with you in the everyday. There are a few things that are slightly different about my evidential mediumship. I like to ask you who you want to hear from. That’s a major difference.

I am a great believer that there’s intelligence in the spirit world. If the spirit world is intelligent and grateful, then we should be able to ask who the person wants to hear from and what their greatest need is. The spirits don’t mind in which order they go if there’s more than one contact that wants to make contact. They don’t mind who goes first. It’s very much how we are in life if we are at a party and we are just chatting with somebody. We’ve got a few friends we might want to talk to, but we’re going to the person that we really want to speak to first and then everybody else joins the party afterwards. That’s how it is.

That’s one approach to evidential mediumship. I also allow you to ask questions, which is a slightly different approach. If the spontaneity in the intelligence spirit world is there, it should be able to respond. It’s almost trying to mimic a three-way conversation. What I often find is that when I’m working, the power that I’m working with tends to build as the reading goes on.

I tend to say to people, “If you’ve got tricky questions, ask me them towards the end of a reading. If you’ve got quite simple ones, you can ask a medium at the start and we’ll see how it goes.” I never promised to get all the answers or responses. So far, it’s been good. However, I go out there with the greatest authenticity and the hope that spirit will reciprocate. I would say 99% of the time, they can. If ever they can’t, it tends to be me the medium, the human side of me getting in the way. That’s how I see it.

What’s different about you is that a lot of mediums will say, “I can’t guarantee the person you’re asking for is going to come in. You may be wanting to speak to your mother, but Aunt Sadie has a more powerful personality and she’s the one who’s going to come in first.” That’s a very different thing that you do that you say that if the person wants to speak to her mom and she’s not interested in Aunt Sadie, you’ll find her mom for her.

I have to say that 99% of the approaches I’ve done to spirit have wildly by being present. There have been 1 or 2 occasions where somebody else steps in and, evidentially, as the readings go on, it’s been very important for them to come through because that’s the reason that background was very healing and crucial, but it’s very rare. The majority of times the person that you do want to hear from does come through and we’re able to validate that.

I suppose it’s taking that leap of faith or having that confidence that the spirit is intelligent, they are there, and having that confidence in them. One of my friends is a journalist and he is very analytical. He was very skeptical about mediumship. Being the journalist that he is, one day, he was asking me. He is like, “I’m not interested in just anybody, Kat. I want my dad. If you can’t get my dad, I’m not interested.”

He’s spurred me to use a technique that I was aware of from my training. It was a technique that I have used for a good two years but not on a frequent basis. I started throwing it out there and practicing in a group setting with my friends initially and seeing how far we could take it. That’s the thing. As human beings, we only scratch the surface of what we’re capable of doing. It’s the same with our spirit communication. I feel that we’re probably on the first part of the exploration of this.

I know from the trance work that I do, sometimes I do healings as well. A few years ago, I went to India. I had the most amazing trip. Spirit asked me to go there. Initially, I was wondering why it was sending me on a yoga trip and what that is all about. When I got to India, I took an incredible journey. I tried lots of different healing techniques while I was out there. I did have the attitude of, “I’ll try everything that’s given to me.” That could be anything from dancing under the banyan trees with the locals, doing mindfulness, trying out new massage techniques, seeing Ayurvedic doctors, doing yoga twice a day, or doing yoga nidra.

Also, looking at an amazing yoga technique called breathwork. People call it transformational breath. I had the most extraordinary experiences in India, and it opened what must have been a blocked throat. The spirit world, my trance guides came in and they literally started cleaning the whole body, all of my aura and chakras. They blasted out my throat, at which point this is incredible. I don’t think you can call it singing. I call them sacred sounds. It started with vibrato. It’s now gone into a technique called overtone singing. The human voice can actually play about 7 or 8 notes at the same time, which you wouldn’t believe it’s possible.

At first, I was wondering, “What is this sound all about?” It was a little bit crazy. Like everything, curiosity gets the better of you. You think, “If a spirit can do this, how far can they take it?” You start experimenting and seeing. Suddenly, I realized that this vibration or the sound was healing and cleansing my body. It is especially preparing me for work with parents who lost children. You might be dealing with the loss of a child through suicide. You might be dealing with murder. You might one day be dealing with you know addiction issues. You might be dealing with cancer and illness.

Each of those may come with a certain level of grief or trauma. When you’re doing work, whether it’s mediumistic work or healing work, there is always a certain level of energy that you’re taking somebody’s energy and trying to transform it. The work is not just done through the vocal work that you do or the channeling work from the spirit. There’s a certain amount of energy that goes from you towards the person and provides healing as well. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you’re over the internet or face-to-face. That energy travels.

What I found is that spirit would use this thing in the sound work not just to change my vibration but also to support the cleansing of my aura after certain readings to replenish my energy. It’s a very important thing. You have to work very hard as a medium to maintain your own level of energy, whether that’s running in the morning and getting fresh air, being out in nature, diving into the swimming pool, and making sure you are swimming.

Also, look after what you’re eating. I’ve had to change my diet. I no longer eat red meat. I do occasionally chicken, but I was finding that the body couldn’t sustain the heavier and lower energy foods anymore. They wanted more vibrant energies. It’s not that I won’t, on special occasions, eat it. Maybe a birthday or Christmas, I do make an exception, but I found in general that a vegetarian style diet with some fish or chicken would achieve that with a lot more water.

That’s so interesting because I know some people are total vegetarians, but you feel that a little bit of fish or chicken is okay.

If I didn’t have the fish, I get anxious. What the Ayurvedic doctors in Europe and India said to me is you are going to need fish to sustain you.

I was wondering about that because a lot of people say they give up fish too.

It could be what’s right for people. I’m not saying it might not be told that way. It might change. At the moment, it’s okay for me. I find that the more you do energetic work at any level, changes come in ways every six months and every year. At the moment, the spirit has prepared my transition. It was quite a big change for me. I have been eating meat all my life and to go into just eating chicken, and fish is stressful for me. It’s saying that in a 6 month or 1 years’ time, but at the moment, I feel okay on that. What I have had to do is a lot more work to look at myself in terms of doing yoga every day, even if it’s just for half an hour just spend some time on myself in order to sustain my energy.

With all that you do, it’s amazing to have a concept that you find half an hour to spend with yourself. Do you get up at 3:00 in the morning?

I don’t. I limit the amount of work I do in a day. The difference is I try to spend the morning on myself, whether that’s updating the websites or emails. I do this thing online. It’s called Messages From Heaven and Postcards From Heaven where I send out the people who can’t perhaps afford a reading or perhaps that are desperate or maybe it’s an anniversary. I look at the list of people and the names down there. I pick a person and I do a little discount for them.

I try to do that in the morning. I also try to do yoga in the morning. If I haven’t got the time, then I do half an hour of my sacred sound singing. My neighbors must think I’m an awful singer. I really blast it out at the top. The interesting thing for me is I can sing what I’m learning from doing it in a trance. However, when this started, I couldn’t sing a single note in my normal physical guide.

This is what’s been so evident and transformed my trust and faith in spirit as well because I couldn’t sing. I was born tone-deaf and found these sounds vibrating out of me. The fact that there are things like vibrato and overtone singing. My friend is a classical singer in the UK. She’s been training for years and is dying to be able to do vibrato and overtone singing but has never found the place or the ability to do it.

She was quite shocked when it started coming through trance. I was recording and sending it. She is like, “What is this? What do you call this?” It’s very authentic. I allow the spirit to do the sounds. I’m never very disciplined in knowing which chakra is that they’re clearing. I allow them to do whatever sound they want to do to demonstrate. It’s interesting because it’s evolving now and I’m starting to get new guides coming through. At first, I didn’t know what it was even though I do yoga.

I don’t often use it except for very basic ones that you might do when you sing in half notes or whatever. That was very interesting. They’re looking those up and finding out, “That’s the yoga nidra,” and things like that. That was interesting to see. Is there an Indian guide working with me? Is there somebody here who’s a yoga specialist who’s channeling this information through and being able to understand what it means?

It’s all about locking your energy. That’s what it is. It’s about changing your energy and locking in. I’ve started using that when I’m doing Reiki sometimes to work with people. I am using it for some of the parents who are great believers as well so that we can all connect while at once ourselves. It’s great to come to a medium especially somebody who is accomplished and well-trained, but there’s nothing like having the experience yourself.

You have so many modalities and it’s so amazing. What I love about you is how open-minded you are to whatever you can learn and do. Also, to enhance how you help people. Don’t you also do a lot of work with suicides?

Yes, I do.

Do you want to talk to people about that? Do people who commit suicide cross over just like anyone else? Is there no big punishment for that?

It’s just a different form of transitioning. I met parents whose children have transitioned. It’s the number 1 and 2 biggest cause of death in the UK and the USA. It is the ten biggest cause worldwide. It’s a significant player and I don’t think people realize how much it is. It hit home to me. I’m doing a demonstration online for a blog that I support for parents. We did some private readings in a group setting. Twelve people booked, which was the maximum that we were going to take. Of the twelve, ten of the parents have lost their children to suicide.

It’s unthinkable and unimaginable.

It’s crazy. It is sadly common. I then came across an amazing woman called LeAnn Hull. She is the Director and Founder of a lovely charity called the Andy Hull’s Sunshine Foundation. She lost her son in a terrible suicide. She also had to deal with other things. It is one thing to lose a child yourself but then to have to support her husband. You don’t realize the complexities of it and how it can be compounded by other people’s grief as well.

LeAnn and I sat down to see what we can do to help encourage people, whether that’s in a one-to-one situation or through doing little workshops that talk through our journeys with suicide from different perspectives. We look at the scientific and the spiritual side. We don’t influence people on our own opinions necessarily, but we tell them what to expect and what we witness as common patterns of behavior. Everybody’s journey through this is very individual. There is no one way to grieve in any circumstance.

Everybody's journey through grief is very individual, and there is no one way to grieve. Share on X

That’s interesting, too, because there are books written about how you should grieve this way and there are five steps and all of that. Everybody grieves differently according to their personality styles and their needs. Is someone who commits suicide someone who couldn’t handle certain things and they had to cut their journey short here? I know that there are situations that are so difficult when you come here. You plan to learn certain lessons. Does it become too overwhelming for them? Do you find a general trend that way or not?

It’s only individual. When I was in India, it was very interesting. I was on the beach in Goa and a lady had sent me a book, Laurie Savoie. She’s the secretary of Helping Parents Heal. She lost her son, Garrett. I was certified by Mark Ireland as a medium to work with parents. They are of a strong level higher than the level of chance and they’re able to provide good evidence. I am very fortunate that I was very high in that.

Alongside the other mediums that work with Mark Ireland and with Helping Parents Heal, I met Laurie Savoie. She sent me a book on suicide. I was reading this book and it’s funny how these instances and synchronicities happen. I sat on a beach in Goa and a girl sat down next to me. She had met me in passing the day before at a retreat, but she wasn’t part of our retreat. She was a Scandinavian girl. She started talking to me about spiritual things and she said, “I am here looking for a hypnotherapist.”

There are no coincidences.

I was like, “Regression? How strange is it?” I was like, “How can I help you?” She said, “Could you do regression work as well?” I was like, “You need to meet me here tomorrow. We could take one of the beaches that are on the side we could do regression there if you like.” That’s exactly what we did. What was interesting is that the customized regression that she experienced was that she’d been a prisoner of war in a previous life. She had been tortured and she knew her family was in danger. Therefore, she took the decision to take her own life and to have suicide in that lifetime.

What I can honestly say to you is what was interesting at the end. It implied that there are times when suicide was the right decision. It implied, in this situation, a woman and her family. When is suicide the right thing to do? When is it the wrong thing to do? I’m not saying that I would wish suicide on anybody. I found it a very interesting question to observe what the spirit world was trying to teach me, which was being non-judgmental and acting from unconditional love.

You don’t know the full perspective. Therefore, it’s not your decision to make and make a judgment about it. We will take more care of anybody, and I can honestly tell you that in this life, it is very personal. She’s very happy. It was interesting to release the pain of that experience. Some people are skeptical about past life regressions, but a lot find it a very interesting subject. I used to sit on the fence and I still do to a certain level. I say it doesn’t matter if past life is true or imagined. It heals and helps somebody. It’s the end of the story.

That’s all that matters. Releasing something that is causing you pain to your body is a very beneficial thing. In this situation, it was fascinating that the story was something very beneficial. It was about letting go of the grief and detaching to the decision to commit suicide that ended up in the incarnation. That’s something I’ve never encountered. It was a fascinating perspective, and I compared it to the book that was reading that Laurie had sent me called The Ripple Effect. It was Laurie’s book about her son and how many people were affected by his suicide and how hundreds of people wrote in and contributed to say how they were impacted by her son.

We’ve got to consider all perspectives when we look at this. I know and the work that I’m doing and every guy that I’ve worked in in terms of healing modalities is that spirit don’t judge. They look at each and every case. That’s not to say that there aren’t lessons that where we learn, help, or teach. Everything is another opportunity to learn. Nobody’s judged any differently. If you have a child and you love and care about them, you will try to get them to the growth, learning, and development that they need. It doesn’t matter how long it takes for somebody to learn those lessons or rest in any way. It’s a case where we would feel our own way.

You and I both come from the attitude that we’re here to learn lessons. For the people who have lost children, once you channel their children, are they finding out that there were certain lessons they were supposed to learn from their children’s deaths? That’s a hard lesson.

I’m not a big subscriber to soul planning, and that’s very controversial because I know that it’s very big in the state. In that respect, I don’t think we ever come to the Earth and face certain challenges or maybe lower level energies, or perhaps life has not turned out as planned or we’ve been exposed to things like serious addictions that people help choose in some as well. Perhaps we are struggling in life and we feel that we’ll get through.

There are so many reasons that cause these kinds of situations. In life, we perhaps have milestones. We come here maybe to learn about compassion, but maybe it’s a broad subject matter that we take. We may come here to learn about love. We may come here to learn about lots of different things. My thinking is that we don’t plan before we come here. That falls with us. We choose our own learning criteria and how fast we want to learn. We decide whether this lifetime has the right environment and curriculum to work through that. Also, do parents learn from the death? It’s such a hard question to ask, Irene. A lot of people struggle with it. It’s one of the most painful things.

GAR 32 | Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium: We choose our learning criteria and how fast we want to learn.


I believe it’s one of the most painful things that you can counter. To say that you learn lessons from that, it’s very hard to say or see it. It’s so individual. What I do notice in the family or communities that I work within is that a lot of people do find spirituality through the grieving and loss of the child because, suddenly, they’re faced with having been left brain thinkers, perhaps before with this conundrum of wanting to still have the continuity of the child in their life.

What opens up then is this journey to connection and exploring that in all its guises. Now, there are hundreds of ways of connecting. That’s another thing that I teach. Whether it’s channeling, writing, EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon, sitting and learning yourself through the modalities that prove inefficient, praying, music, or signs, it opens out. A lot of parents start finding having strange coincidences and strange occurrences in the house.

They start to see signs whether it’s their child’s name, birds flying into the garden, butterflies landing on them, and all sorts of things. There are lots of different signs that they consider to be in contact with their children or signs from their children in some ways. Some people have had incredible experiences as you within the community that have seen their children physically. They have photographs of them.

At one point, I had a TV camera in the house and there’s a lady in Brazil that does the most amazing stuff. It’s captured some of the children of our community on camera supposedly from the other side, but it’s very interesting. She has the images of them that match images of how they were here in the physical. For me, it is a fascinating world. You start to see and explore lots of different things. You have to be open-minded because some of these things question what you believe.

I had no idea there were so many modalities of connection and so many ways that the spirit world could communicate with us. I have been exposed to this world through these communities. It’s very hard to question some parents or the people who have come to me who have such strong validations and experiences. Some of them experience it through dreams. As you were saying, I’m fascinated by the world. I’m constantly wanting to learn.

If somebody says to me, “I need to know about lucid dreaming,” I have gone through a lucid dreaming course, and I have a really amazing people. I think, “Let’s be open-minded. Let’s see what this is about. Let’s see if it’s going to help the parents or the people within the communities they are supporting.” If it does, great. If it doesn’t, then at least I know. I can talk about it and explain it. I can share my own experiences in encouraging them with the pros and cons.

All I can do is be open-minded and try things. To also realize as well. Another thing that we come up against, which is sad in spirituality, is this. I’m neutral in terms of religion. I was brought up in the Christian faith as a child, but I have to work with so many different religions and communities that there’s no reason why spirituality or the passing of a child and the opening of this new world of connection has to change the world that we’re living in and the way that we see the world.

I feel that they can sit alongside each other. That’s what I believe. They embody spirituality in certain guises. It is embodied in every single religion in the world. That’s an incredible thing. We should be able to tap into that aspect of our culture or our faith that allows the exploration of this for the greater good. One thing I would say is when I was doing a trance demonstration in London, spirit guides gave a talk at the beginning.

The one thing that they said is we come in hope and we come from a space of pure love, and love will never hurt you. That is the most incredible and the simplest message of all. One of the things that I always say about joy in life is keeping it stupidly simple. If somebody is coming from a space of love and their intention is love and non-judgment, then how can that be wrong?

This whole world needs that message. What a different world we would have if we all came from love. When I had my own spiritual awakening and they pulled me out of the car, this voice came into my head and said, “Be loving and kind to everyone.” What a different world if we all were loving and kind to each other.

GAR 32 | Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium: What a different world we would have if we all came from love!


That’s a beautiful message. It shows it, and that’s what I mean about the evolution of the soul plan. Your impact in the way that you’ve addressed the world, how you changed your life, and upheld your life since that car accident, perhaps a little bit on that message you were withholding while you’re here, aren’t you?


That’s a plan as we do in life. We’re transforming and changing. Our soul is leading us by feeling its way. I’ve always been amazed. Sometimes when I say to my spirit guides, “Tell me what’s coming up. Tell me what I need to prepare for,” sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. The majority of the time, frustratingly enough, they don’t because they say, “If we tell you, you wouldn’t keep your eye on the task at hand. You wouldn’t deal with what we’re asking you to deal with now if we tell you everything. We give you as much as you need. There’s a certain level that we’ll support you with and there’s a certain level where you have to take that leap of faith and feel your way.”

That’s the one thing they’ve always said to me when I’ve said to them, “How does this work? Do you guide me or do I guide myself?” They’ve always said, “You guide yourself.” I said, “How will I know?” “You just feel your way.” “Feel my way is what I’m going to do.” “That’s what you’ve come here for. You’ve come here to have this journey and for exploration. It’s an amazing adventure.”

It is unbelievable. Speaking of adventures, I want to ask you two things because I could talk to you for three more hours, but everyone’s going to be like, “My lunch break is over and I can’t hear this anymore.” There are two more things I want to ask you about. The first is that I know you were a skeptic and you have an amazing journey about how this unbelievable world opened up to you. You were nothing like you are now.

The second one is that you’ve got this amazing story about a father who lost three children. I would love for you to share that inspiring story with people and then we’ll have to bring you back because there’ll be 4,000 other questions. I want you to tell everyone how to get ahold of you because I cannot tell everyone about how wonderful you are.

I would say that I wasn’t born a medium. I may have been very intuitive growing up. At certain points around my teenagers, I can think of a few things that happened where I thought, “That’s a strange coincidence and stuff.” I was open enough that my sister lost a child in a miscarriage. When she was about 26, she lost a child. I was a teenager and my mom wouldn’t let me join her. My mom took my sister to see a very famous medium in the UK at the time and it transformed my sister’s grief.

I was like, “What do you mean this medium? What do you mean this spirit? What do you mean you were talking to granddad? He’s been dead for X amount of years.” I was a little bit confused. I asked and asked until I was eighteen years old, “Please take me to see somebody. I want to understand what you’re talking about.” I was very open-minded.

I believe I had some incredible insights from readings that I had at a very young age. Until you experience it yourself, I can honestly say I realize now I truly didn’t believe because when it opened up to me, it opened up after a diving accident. From that diving accident, I had post-traumatic stress disorder and I wanted to learn about how to manage that holistically.

That’s one of the things that I’ve specialized in and why I went to train as a clinical hypnotherapist to understand how you can tackle post-traumatic stress holistically. Also, how you can do it in a safe and controlled way things like EMDR and disassociation techniques, which are amazing. Also, yoga meditation, breathing techniques, and all these things.

It took me and led me to where I met an amazing healer who took a leap of faith and decided to show me what Reiki was. At the same time, has shown me a technical craniosacral osteopathy, which is where you manipulate the fluids in the back of the neck. It changes the fluid that runs around the spine and the patterns of that. I had the most extraordinary awakening from that moment onwards.

What shocked me is the guy in question never touched me. He had his hand 10 centimeters away from my body, but my whole body control was like a snake. It was the start of what I call Kundalini rising, which is where the energy started to the rise up through the chakras. It did take a few days. It didn’t happen instantly. I started to get more and more heightened. I started to have experiences where I suddenly was having visions. I was trying to hear, see, and feel things.

I notice patterns of behavior that I’ve never noticed before. I was a little bit scared but what is incredible is the fear then escalates the energy and makes you even more heightened because the fear drives the energy higher up through the chakras. I found myself hearing, feeling, and having very mystical experiences. At the height of this, the thing that grounded me was that I saw my grandfather who had been dead for eleven years at the time. He asked me to put flowers on his grave to start with and then he said you need to go back to the farm.

The fears drive the energy higher up through the chakras. Share on X

Incredibly enough, the farm that he’d grown up on, I’d never been to before. This was quite an incredible journey for me. This is what I talk about in science. I wish I’d photographed this now because I went to the church to put the flowers on my grandfather was grave and it was hilarious. I’ve never seen the church ever under renovation, even though it’s an old church. There was this massive billboard. It says, “Please take the alternative path.”

It wasn’t talking about the path through the church and he was so adamant. “Please go and put flowers.” He told me this story about the church which when I looked it up on the internet, it checked out. I was a little bit gobsmacked. That’s the start of the evidence that started seeping through. I also had these incredibly mystical experiences where I heard a woman’s voice say, “Look how beautiful.”

She still showed me this vision of light reflecting water and said, “Isn’t it beautiful when light reflects on water? Your body is 60% to 80% water. All you have to do is reflect back my light.” I was like, “Who are you? This is amazing.” She then showed me two horses in a field. The male one was blindfolded. She said, “The masculine is blind to the beauty of the feminine.” I was like, “Who the heck are you?”

“Can we have coffee together?”

I’m in the middle of a churchyard and I’m like, “Now, what do I do?” I got messages every day and I took the leap of faith. Long story short, I followed the messages and I felt, “I am crazy. I’m going to find nothing. However, if I’m not crazy and I take this lead faith.” That’s why I say, you see the signs for them. The spontaneity causes these lovely synchronicities and coincidences all of them over a nine-day period. I ended up in a town I’d never been to before in search of postcards.

All I knew about these black and white postcards is they’ve got a hay bale on them. My granddad said they would be off the farm and it would be about hay bailing and harvest. The photographer would be someone with the name of Sutcliffe. That escalated my fear quite a bit because in the UK, in Yorkshire many years ago, we had a serial killer whose name was Sutcliffe. I’ve gotten very frightened of what I was going to find.

I went to a town that I’d never been to before. My mom was with me. We went into an antique shop. We saw my granddad’s initials on a suitcase and I said, “The postcards have got to be here mom. There are his initials. There’s the sign.” When we looked at the windows, we saw these black and white postcards. Sure enough, I ran to one of them and it had hay bale on it.

I ran over and there was my grandfather’s family three generations named on the photographs. I was looking at a picture of my great, great, great grandfather and his sons. The photographer was Frank Meadows Sutcliffe. Even more incredible was I ran into the shop saying to the guy, “Have you got the book that’s attached to these postcards?” He said, “I have. I’ve only got a display copy left.” I said, “I’ll buy it for double the price.” He said, “No. It’s not for sale but if you want to go to the town where this photographer’s got a gallery then, I’ll give you the address.”

I went to that town and what amazed me even more was that when I went into the gallery, 20% of the photographs in that gallery were photographs of my great-grandparent’s family for three generations, but you just can’t make it that we’ve lived in the area all our life. We never knew the photographs existed. Even more inclusively though, that’s more incredible. This is how magical the spirit world is.

My sister’s a history geek. She had done the whole family tree and she was able to identify the people from the postcards to match the family tree. That was quite outstanding to me. That’s when you know, you’re not going crazy when you get evidence. That’s the real deal. That’s why I’m so involved in what we call evidential mediumship. When you get the facts, you know that you can’t be crazy.

I took this information and I ran with it. I went back to London. I started to research about spiritual movements. I enrolled to go see some mediums and to see if they would pick up on the postcard straight away. They say, “Have you got the postcards? Have you got the one with the bridge on it?” I have the one with the bridge on it. They knew so much with such good detail. It was incredible. It set me on a pathway of self-discovery that’s changed my life. It’s bigger and better the longer I’ve spent with it and the more time I dealt with it. I think it’s an adventure. It’s a magic carpet ride. The more you learn, the more you ask.

You are surely becoming a very interesting company to everyone who you meet. You’re fascinating. You’re not business as usual.

If you want to talk about Fred. I met Fred who lost his three children. It was the first time I’d ever gone to do what we call a platform reading or demonstration where you stand up in front of an audience. Fred had been the guy that served me the cup of tea that day. He dressed himself smartly with all the Royal China. This girl was coming from London to the outskirts of the coastline of Britain. I traveled about two and a half hours that day to this little village out of town.

Fred served a cup of tea. He sat down in the aisle of the center right directly in front of me. It caught my own. I thought, “How strange? Why is he not sitting in the allocated seats?” He was staring. He crossed his arms and he was staring right at me and I couldn’t keep my eyes open off him. Here’s the lovely thing as well. I meant to take my daughter to a farm that day to see the animals, but it had been closed so we ended up somewhere, which is a beauty spot in in the UK where they found very old things and stuff.

There was an exhibition there and my daughter said, “Mommy, look at that sword with the two snakes around it. Have you noticed it?” I was laughing because it was the Kundalini sign as well. It’s wrapping around the sword. I was like, “Yes. I’ve noticed it.” She said, “You pay attention to this mom.” When I got to the exhibition, I was looking at reading the audience. Suddenly, I see this sword with the two snakes. I said, “I can see that you’ve got lots of tattoos, but would you understand a tattoo? You were based in the Navy and you were in Hong Kong. This sword with these two snakes around it, do you understand where this fits?”

He said, “Yes, that’s my best friend.” I said, “I must have your best friend here because he’s telling me that these snakes have to cover two women’s names.” He’d put the snakes there to cover two women’s names that have been previous girlfriends I think. We had a conversation and a lovely reading. I thought I did quite well. I was proud of myself. As I went to leave the center that day, Fred’s partner, Joan, tapped me on the shoulder and she said, “Excuse me, Kat. Can I have a word?”

I was like, “I’ve done something wrong.” She said, “I’m surprised. You did such a good reading for my partner. He was the guy that sat in the aisle at the back and I sat in a different area of the center so that you wouldn’t know that we were together. I wanted to say. I can’t understand it. He lost three children under the age of five. Why didn’t you bring them through?”

I said, “What do you mean?” She said, “We’ve been waiting for years to get a message from the three of them. The two twins have come through but never the boy child. Why is that?” I suddenly realized my nervousness about presenting for the first time, as a medium who’s starting out, you’re feeling your way and you’re probably going to go for the easiest link because you want to do a good job. Probably the easiest link has not brought a child through on the platform.

His momentary meeting with Joan has changed my life because I suddenly realized with my whole heart that we can’t just bring grandparents and grandmas and granddads through on a platform. What about the friends? What about the cousins? What about the children? What about the father-in-law, the sister-in-law, and that kind of thing?

If we limit ourselves, we limit our capacity to work for spirit. Suddenly, I realized that in my ways, I was limiting what I was doing. I said to Joan, I can’t come back to this town, which is two and a half hours away, but I can meet you an hour from London in a place in Essex called Braintree. Let’s meet on Monday at 11:00. I’ll be at this coffee shop at this time. If you go, great. If you don’t, my husband’s going to kill me because I’m going to go shopping.

GAR 32 | Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium: If we limit ourselves, we limit our capacity to work for a spirit.


If this interests you, you come and meet me. I promise you, this one is on me. You’ve been waiting for years and this one’s on the spirit world. They came. I was concerned. I worry about it all the time. I emailed the secretary saying, “You should contact this guy. Make sure he’s aware I’m going to be at this place at 11:00.” He was very well-suited and booted with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. He came to meet me. He was an absolute charm. I was very nervous because you can imagine trying to bring three children through.

It’s because it comes with a level of responsibility, but my granddad had been in the car with me in the spirit world on the way. He said, “Don’t worry. I’ve got the Benz.” My granddad’s from Yorkshire so we call them Benz. I’ve got the children and I’m going to help bring them three for you but whatever you do, if he offers you money don’t take any money. If he offers to take you for coffee, go have a coffee with him.

I’m like, “What do you mean?” Here I am with this 70-year-old man and I’m thinking, “We’re probably not got a great deal in common at this stage. We’re complete strangers. Why am I going to go for coffee?” I was already quite intrigued. Sure enough, the reading transpired and it did go very well. I was very fortunate. We’ve got some incredible information. The upshot of it was that I went for coffee with him. He tried to give me money for the reading and I refused the money. He said, “If you wouldn’t take the money, will you come and have a coffee with me?” I went with him.

I’m thinking to myself, “What is he going to say? What is he going to come up with that my granddad said he desperately wants me to hear?” I’m thinking to myself, “Granddad, talk to me and tell me all about your life in the Navy and everything you’ve done because the next time I do a reading if I meet somebody from the Navy, you’ve given me the references because the spirit will only work with the vocabulary of your mind. I’m going to have some interesting stuff to share.”

The spirit will only work with the vocabulary of your mind. Share on X

He tells me about his amazing life as a chef on all these amazing ships so much so that he met Prince Charles on one of them. He’d been around the world in the most incredible places. What struck me as strange was that all the places that I traveled as a head of buying across the world were the same places that Fred had traveled in the Navy. It got to the point where we were talking about the places that he traveled. I was like, “How strange? I was there in this year. What year were there?”

We realized that we followed each of around the world. A friend then said an interesting thing to me. He said I need to ask you a question. Are you religious? I said, “It’s a really funny thing, Fred, but I have no idea why I go around church and supporting churches to keep them open and doing platform because I’m not religious. I am neutral because I want to work with this broad an audience as I can. I love all things. I take from them what I enjoy and what I like. I like to hear about them.” I said, “What’s this crazy thing?” When I was a head of buying, I used to have to do store visits.

This was before you had your spiritual awakening or you were a buyer.

Yes. I was the head of buying. I was working in the corporate world. It was completely million miles away from what I was doing now. The spirit world doesn’t mind. They want to educate you in life first so that you can work with a diverse array of people. They’re very clever. I even realized the diving accident is about learning about post-traumatic stress because so many people who stuff experience post-traumatic stress.

This is a bit crazy. They used to test me to see if I would follow orders that they’d say, “Come off the motorway and turn left.” I used I used to think, “What am I going to do? I might as well turn left. I might as well find out what is at the end of the rainbow. Is there going to be a pot of gold?” I’d always end up at church. The church that I would be sent will be St. Mary’s or St. Michaels. I think, “Why are they taking me to a church?” I suppose it’s a spiritual place. It’s a sacred ground.

They’re trying to show me the link that if I take that leap of faith and I follow them, I follow that intuition that they will lead me to that space. The minute I said this to Fred, it was almost like an alarm had gone off. He jumped out of his seat and he could hardly speak. He was shaking. He said, “I need to contact my wife. I need to contact my partner.” He starts dialing his partner Joan. Joan was shopping. She was at the Chill Point at a shopHe said, “Drop your bags. Come to this cafe. I need you now. Can you leave everything? Come to the cafe where I’m with Kat.”

This poor woman came in. She doesn’t know how the reading’s gone so she thinks that maybe the reading has not gone so well. She’s panicking. She dashes into the cafe and he says, “Tell her what we’ve done since we’ve retired.” She said, “What do you mean, Fred?” He said, “The thing that we do with the card.” She said, “What do you mean the thing that we do?” He said, “Yes, the thing that we do.” She said, “Here’s the thing.” We do this thing and we call it turn left. We turn left, we turn left, and we turn.

We’re going into a full circle. We always end up at a church. When we get to the church, we research everything about the history of this church. At which point, a download comes from the spirit world and I’m like, “Fred, have you got a connection to Robin Hood.” He said, “What do you mean, Kat?” I said, “When this thing started to me, my granddad sent me to a village. I want to know. Do you have a connection?” He said, “Funny enough, the best time I ever did, I did it in Derbyshire. I ended up at a church that’s associated with Robin Hood. It’s meant to be a legend. His bones are buried there.”

Fred’s done all the history of the church. He tells me all about the church. Suddenly, another download of information came from the spirit world and I said to Fred, “Have you ever lived in Yorkshire?” He said, “I have. I was a pub landlord in Leeds.” I was like, “You were a pub landlord in Leeds. What year were you were pub landlord in Leeds?” He said, “In the ’90s.” “Fred, have you ever done this turn-left thing in Yorkshire,” I said because I had a feeling I knew where you ended up. He said I did, Kat. I once did the turn left thing in Yorkshire.

You are telling me you did a turn left in this town where my grandfather had lived. Have you done the turn left out of this town? He said, “I have.” I went, “You’ve done a turn left and you’ve ended up at the church where I buried my grandfather. Is that what you’re telling me?” He said, “What church did you bury your grandfather in?” I said, “What church did you end up at?” He named the church where my grandfather was buried. It’s the exact one that I had my spiritual awakening and the exact one that said, “Please take the alternative path.”

Here’s the amazing thing, Irene. When my granddad was alive, he lost his father and quite a few of his friends in the war years. As a child that lost his father at the age of around eight, he was devastated. It changed the whole of his life. Although he was born into the Catholic faith, he lost his religion. I never saw him go to church except when we went to this particular church. It wasn’t the same church. He asked special permission for him to be buried in this church, but he used to take me there. Sometimes, he would be sitting in the aisles and he would be sitting in the silence.

I would say to him, “Granddad, what are you doing?” He says, “I’m talking to my friends and my father. I’m paying my respects to the ones that I love that I lost in the war years.” I was a small child. I said, “Granddad, do they ever the ever speak back?” He said, “No.” I said, “We need that. Let’s go.” I suddenly looked at Fred and I said, “Fred, did you say a prayer?” He said, “I did, Kat. I say a prayer every church I go into.” I say, “comme ci comme ça.” I pray to speak to my children.

“Do you not think it’s funny that in many years, only 1 or 2 people have brought through the twins and never Mark?” He said, “Yes, I do.” I said, “The only thing I can think is my granddad loved children, Fred, and he must have heard you saying that prayer.” He must have thought, “Would it be a funny thing if somebody just answered back?” That’s what happened.

He told me the story that granddad told me when I had this awakening. I saw my granddad and he told me the story of a fountain in that church. Fred told me about the same fountain that day. I said, “I’ve always wondered, Fred, why I had what I call this rude awakening?” I’d had a very nice life without being spiritual in any way, shape, or form. I was living life fantastically. I was doing well.

I wondered why this had happened to me. I was saying, “You said a prayer but you answered my prayer.” I said to my grandfather before he died, “If there is enough to my granddad, you better come back and you better find me. You better haunt me.” I started crying, Irene, because I suddenly realized I answered Fred’s prayer, but he’d answered mine. It was the most magical moment. It bonded us for life. We’re friends on Facebook and it’s lovely because we’re generations apart. We’re miles apart in age, lifestyle, and everything.

The beautiful thing is it takes you and you meet these incredible people and it has never stopped since then. My journey meeting Fred was the start of it because, within a few weeks, I sat in my kitchen. I said to the spirit world, “If you want me to work for you, you’re going to have to show me how I’m going to get clients. You’re going to have to show me the way.” It said, “Turn on the laptop. Go to this page. Look at Mark Ireland and contact him.” I didn’t know who Mark was. Mark is a US citizen. He’s an amazing guy. His father was Dr. Richard Ireland who sometimes pops in from the spirit world to talk to me sometimes.

I do feel that it was his father that directed me to Mark that day. I met Mark and the rest became history. I was interviewed by Mark. I then was certified by Mark. I had to do 6 to 7 blind readings. I wasn’t told who I would be reading for and they marked me out 100%. I had to hit 65% all over in order to qualify. Thankfully, I did. I excelled. I got the high 80s and 90s. That was a nice thing. I qualified. It was through being certified by Mark that I then met Elizabeth Boisson, who is the Cofounder of Mark at Helping Parents Heal. It’s a wonderful charitable organization.

We haven’t even touched on that. First of all, I have three questions. You did connect with the three children. Did all of his children come through?

Every single one of his children and they were amazing validation. You have to imagine that Fred is a big military guy and he’s tattooed from head to toe. He doesn’t look the kind of guy that’s going to have butterflies on his legs. He doesn’t look like the kind of guy. He looks tough. Suddenly, his two daughters Barbara and Sheila said to me, “Tell dad we like the matching tattoos on each leg for each of us.” I had to use my sense of humor because it was quite emotional. I said, “Fred, they’re telling me that you’ve got two butterfly tattoos one on each leg. Are you serious? A guy like you?” He went, “Just a minute.” He pulled up the trousers around his leg towards Fred’s ankles. He lifts up his trousers and sure enough, there’s a butterfly on each side.

The son came through and he said, “Tell him about the butterfly on the ornament in his bedroom that has a swing attached that starts swinging the other day. That was me.” He was like, “The butterfly ornament?” I said, “He says there’s a butterfly ornament in your bedroom and it started swinging the other day. Did you wonder why?” He went, “Oh.” The validations came. I said, “Frederick, that’s your father.” I said, “Who’s Peggy?” He said that was my first wife and the mother of the three children.

These lovely validations pulled out but that is what mediumship is for. It is the power of the healing that this can bring. It’s the energy. That’s the association that we need to make. This thing can transform when it is used for the correct purpose that it’s probably there for which is to protect, support, help, and heal. It was the most momentous thing ever. It changed my life. It changed Fred’s life. We are very good friends.

It was that moment that gave me the courage to take the leap of faith. When Elizabeth asked me if I would be the affiliate leader for the UK for Helping Parents Heal and to support these children by offering my services as a provider online whether it was for free demonstrations to show what mediumship can do, whether it was paid readings with a spirit guide. I agreed and I’ve never looked back, Irene. I’ve got some incredible stories.

We will have to do this again. I have a feeling maybe often again because your stories are amazing. I’m going to ask you to tell everyone how to get ahold of you and then I’m going to ask you for your tip about joy in life.

My website is or you can find me on Facebook as Medium Kat B. If people want to put their name down for postcards and messages as well, they can. You can find me on the Helping Parents Heal website as well. I’m there under the providers list. I’m down as the affiliate leader for the UK as well. If you look at the affiliate list, then you can see my story there.

Do they have to go to Helping Parents Heal UK or is it Helping Parents Heal in general?

The website is You can go to the Affiliate Leaders page or the provider’s page on top of the provider’s page. You can look for me and my colleagues as well. I’ve got some amazing colleagues who are alongside me there as well. They’re also certified. I’m very much about going with where the energy takes you to the right person. You’ll be attracted and drawn to the right person. We’re all there to share. That’s what I say.

I do believe as well. I know a lot of people are skeptical of mediumship but there is always the right medium for you. If they are certified and they are recommended, then even better because you’re going to get a good quality of service. You’ll find as well with a lot of the mediums that support Helping Parents Heal that they’ve also got a lot of skillsets whether that’s life coaching, craniosacral therapy, or basic behavior therapy.

These people are constantly learning like me and trying to find every guide possible so that the broader your experience, the more the spirit has to work with you. If you are packed in the healing capacities, that’s a joy. That’s what I would say. That’s how you can contact me. The quickest way is to message me on my Facebook site at Medium Kat B.

GAR 32 | Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium: The broader your experience, the more the spirit has to work with.


What is your tip for people reading to a joyful and wonderful you about? If they go through trauma and different things, what’s your tip for finding joy in life?

Be open-minded. Share with the community. Don’t suffer in silence. Reach out and find others. We often say the word to find your tribe and it doesn’t matter what other people think. Enjoy the experience yourself. Have a journey of self-discovery. Keep things stupidly simple. Don’t overcomplicate things. Spirit works very simply and sees the joy in everyday life whether it’s in nature.

Be open-minded. Share with the community. Don't suffer in silence; reach out and find others. Share on X

I also believe that spirit knows that we’ve got busy lives. They don’t want everybody to be mediums. They don’t want everybody necessarily to work in the spiritual guides, but everybody has the ability to connect. A medium is not gifted differently or more intelligent or less intelligent than anybody else. They are just the person like each and every one of us. It doesn’t make sense to me.

It does help though to connect and heal yourself so you’re less blocked. That’s what healing is all about because the more you resolve your issues, the better the spirit can come through you.

That’s what it’s about. It’s the ascension codes. That’s why people often see the 111s or the four elements of space and time. We are trying to open ourselves and ascend for us here on the Earth plane in order to get evolution over there in the spirit world as well. Enjoy everyday things. Spirit will come to you and your everyday life. You don’t have to be a medium. You’ll be fine.

You have feelings. If you follow the coincidences and you take that leap of faith, I encourage you to take the leap of faith because the journey that I’ve had is magical. I wouldn’t change it for anything in this life. It’s about having fun. Spirit wants us to have fun. They want us to enjoy life. They want us to be happy and that’s why they’re guiding us, supporting us, or popping in. They’re coming from a place of pure love and love never hurts.

The spirits want us to enjoy life. They want us to be happy. They're guiding us from a place of pure love. Share on X

That’s the perfect way for us to conclude this interview with so much love to you, Kat.


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